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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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non-story. well reverend, like i said before, good luck. and that is it for watters world tonight. make sure to follow me on instagram, facebook, and twitter. and remember, i'm watters, and this is my world. right now on "justice." >> look at the clinton foundation of it is a one of the great frauds of all time. >> it's general election time. eric trump is here to talk about how the trump campaign can take down hillary clinton. plus i'll tell you why hillary's so sure she won't be indicted. and she's not alone. >> looks to me like nothing's going to happen to her. because it's a rigged system, folks. then, growing calls for the judge in the stanford rape case to be removed. you will hear from this former prosecutor. my take on the case that has the whole country talking. and later -- >> did you know her campaign headquarters is right here? >> yes, i did. actually just there
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volunteering. >> street justice at hillary's front door. i show up at the clinton campaign headquarters and find some supporters and some neighbors. what floor do you want? >> i'm on the fifth floor. >> hillary, she's on the fifth floor. "justice" starts now. hello, and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. now to my opening statement. hillary clinton broke the law. and she's positive that there's absolutely no chance she'll be indicted. confidently announcing this week that nothing will come of the fbi investigation. she knows for sure she's going to get away with it. in my opinion, here's why. the president of the united states is complicit. he was aware of her private e-mail server and actually
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communicated with her on it. what am i talking about? here's hillary's response when asked if there was any possibility of an indictment. >> i will repeat what i said, that is not going to happen. there is no basis for it. >> hillary, how do you know? did you speak to the attorney general, loretta lynch? did you speak with any department of justice official? we know you didn't speak with the fbi. we know you refused to speak with the inspector general. so what makes her so sure? follow me, folks, and read the tea leaves. within 24 hours of hillary saying she was absolutely certain she would not be indicted, barack obama endorses her for president of the united states. no real surprise since last year he said her actions were careless, but innocent. and of course if there is classified, and then there is
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classified. >> i don't think it posed a national security problem. and you know she made a mistake. she acknowledged it. >> query: the president has repeatedly said there is and will be no political interference in the clinton criminal investigation. then he doesn't talk with the attorney general or the fbi about pending cases. so then, how would he know? and how did he know eight months ago that nothing would come of this? why would he double down this week and endorse someone for president who is under an active federal criminal investigation? the first time ever in the history of the united states. so if the president is sure, and she's sure, what the hell is the fbi been doing for the last 14 months? spinning its wheels? engaging in a charade for the sake of appearances? wasting our taxpayers' dollars
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on almost 100 fbi agents? if nothing will come of this, why would the feds give brian tagliano, her it guy, immunity? you only get immunity when you proffer evidence of a crime. why was the romanian hacker who said that hacker into hillary's e-mails on that private server was so easy that it was like an open io orchid on the internet. why are the witnesses who are being interviewed interviewed in chronological order in classic fashion ending with those closest to the target. cheryl mills. the other only others others on that unsecured server. uma being paid by the state department, the clinton campaign, and bingo, the clinton foundation.
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look, the federal investigation is still active. the fbi director appointed by barack obama is one of the most ethical people in washington. with a ten-year term irrespective of who's president. but the fbi does not have access to and cannot present to a grand jury. they simply investigate. and make a referral to the department of justice. once the referral is made, justice decides whether to go forward. obama could simply tell loretta lynch his department of justice appointee who serves at his pleasure either to not put it in the grand jury or make a presentation and then not ask for an indictment. in, folks, you'll never know. because if anyone talks about it, they violate grand jury secrecy and they go to jail. now, if loretta lynch were true to her charge, she would have sought an independent prosecutor months ago when her boss went on national television and
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prejudged a federal criminal investigation as one, quote, ginned up by politics, which i imagine wasn't rel received by career hard working diligent fbi agents. but the tell tale was this week with hillary's shot across the bow. without an ounce of humility she says in her ever-changing narrative -- >> everybody in the department knew that i was e-mailing from a personal address. hundreds of people knew it. people around the government knew it. >> translation -- hillary threatens the president. according to reports, there were 18 e-mails isn't by hillary from her unsecure server to the president of the united states. and the president replied to at least two of them. translation -- barack, you knew
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the one way that i communicated. and if i'm indicted, you'll be my first witness because you knew in real time as secretary of state that i was communicating on a private server. you knew, as did everyone. i dare you, barack. now, if any of you are still skeptics, try this on. she was not e-mailing the president about her ya classes or her wedding dress. the sad news is, the fix is in, folks. and i just told you why. but then you say, judge, how could the fix be in the, as you say, fbi director comey is such an honorable guy? i say it because there would be a constitutional crisis in this country if an indictment were to happen.
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and jim comey, as ethical as he is, respects the united states government too much to let that happen. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter. hashtag judge jeanine. earlier, i sat down with donald trump's son eric, an executive vice president of the trump organization to talk about his dad's presidential campaign and the scandals plaguing hillary clinton. take look. eric trump, thanks for being here. >> great to be here, judge. >> okay, now we passed the primary. we are in the general election. the president has come out, he has endorsed hillary clinton. how is your campaign going to change? >> we feel first of all great. i mean we started with 17 people. we are down to one. he is the republican nominee. special for a guy who was a businessman up to 11 months ago. now we gear up to here. there is dirt on hillary
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clinton. her foreign policy cost this country trillions of dollars. we have this thousands of soldiers who have died because she entered reckless wars we shouldn't have been a part of. she has real problems. >> what about the fact that 60% of americans think she is lying, 54% say she doesn't have integrity to serve as president? does of the matter? why is she doing so well? the polls are starting to swing even again. >> the clinton foundation is one of the great frauds of all time. hillary clinton and bill clinton between 2007 and 2014, they made $141 million. >> she was secretary of state at the time. a government employee making $141 million. think about that. all of this coming through a foundation. getting millions of dollars for speaking fees. getting tens and tens of millions of dollars from countries like saudi arabia. is this not one of the greatest
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conflicts of interests ever. >> what part of the money should go to speaking expenses as onned to the charities. >> you know good charity, 80%, 80% ideally. the clinton foundation is 10%. meaning 90% of expenses, 10% goes to the cause at hand. you see private planes being flown around. bill and hillary are being paid 300, $400,000 for a speech. if you had a cause, you wouldn't donate that speech and give the proceeds to the charity at hand? >> i hold charities as the essence of what people should be doing. we all have a charitable cause that we believe in. a 90% expense ratio. it's truly criminal. >> who is getting the salary, the expenses as well as the administrative costs? >> what are they doing? who are they taking care of? >> i think everybody needs to look into that. but there are friends of theirs
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being put on large salaries as part of the clinton foundation. when hillary came -- when bill came out of office in 2001 they came out and said they were dead broke. exact quote. dead broke. now they are worth $150 million. and she has been in public service the entire time. how is that possible? how do you go from being worth negative -- being. >> dead broke. >> dead broke. and having $500,000 in deb, how do you from that to having $150 million. >> why don't people talk about this? >> how does that happen other than mass corruption? it is really frightening. i mean it's truly frightening this is how this political system works in the country. >> elizabeth warren who is a big critic of your dad says the next president can honor the notion that no one is above the law. that will only happen if american voters demand it. ironically, the day after she says it she comes out and she endorses hillary clinton. i mean, are the democrats
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talking out of both sides of their mouth? >> i couldn't believe that. yes. to answer the question. yes, they are speaking out of both sides of their mouth. second i couldn't believe that quote. hillary is notorious for that. absolutely, then she is endorsed by warren the next day. in certain way, it was like a power play. i think warren wanted the job if hillary was indicted. the irony of the statement was incredible. >> the fact that the white house just the other day came out and said there is criminal investigation. josh earnest actually mouthed those words. and forever hillary was talking about a security inquiry. >> sure. >> do you think there is a possibility of an indictment of hillary as it relates not necessarily to the e-mails but to this foundation? >> listen, i think if government is ethical i think there will be. they have 80 or so fbi agents working on the case. to know that as a fact. the fbi doesn't appoint 80 people to work on a case if there is nothing there.
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they certainly have better thing to do. there has to be merit behind this. what does the obama administration do? do they cover it up? do they protect her? what things are happening behind the scenes. >> when the president comes out and he endorses hillary when he knows the fbi director is investigating her and when everyone knows -- just based on what's in the public domain there is a chance she could be indicted. does this mean there is no chance for justice in this country? >> i think it sends a signal to the fbi director who he backs and at this time, obama is that person's boss. i mean, it's really a tangled web that's very, very scary. i think jeanine that's why peep don't trust government. you see the games that get played behind the scenes. you see personal enrichment on the backs of, you know, everyday americans. you see saudi arabia giving tens and tens of millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. i moon think about that. if hillary went to saudi arabia
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based on sharia law, she couldn't use the bathroom in certain places. >> but she will take their money. >> but the money is flowing. i mean, it's really scary. and it's sad. and you know, i worry about the next generation of this country if we have another administration that behaves like this. >> you know, they are going to be a key part of the election this year. but we are going to have you back. and i want to thank you, eric, for being with us this evening. >> thank you, judge. >> all right. with me now is someone with a slightly different take. liberal radio show host coco sue deck. all right coco, what about the fact that hillary said to bret baier on this channel the other night that she didn't have a recollection of signing that non-disclosure that you know, she would follow the rules as it related to recordkeeping? what do you say to that? >> judge, before we talk about that, i just want to take a moment to have sort of a sisterly exchange to celebrate
6:15 pm
the first nomination of a woman to a major party ticket because i know that you are excited about that as i am. >> took a second. now answer my question. the woman that you are so happy about is under a federal criminal investigation. and we now know -- >> haes she is not under -- >> what? >> judge she is not under a federal criminal investigation. >> what's going on. >> josh earnest did not say she is under a federal criminal investigation. >> i want you to find jim comey. i want you to find jim comey the head of the fbi saying she made up she made a security inquiry when it is a criminal investigation. let's stop playing la la here. this is a federal criminal investigation. >> it's not a federal criminal investigation. >> what is it, coco? >> she didn't commit a crime. >> i didn't say she has been indicted. know your facts before you come on this show. >> judge, don't be harsh.
6:16 pm
>> i'm going to be harsh. the woman is running for the top job in this nation. >> she is going to be a incredible president. >> what are they doing, checking her e-mail for her hair appointment. >> she is an honest public servant. >> how does she make $150 million taking $25 million from saudi arabia andgetting to disclose it? >> her husband was not in public service all that time when they made this much money. she hasn't been in public service the last four years. >> but she was in public service when she -- >> and i don't see what's wrong with an american making money in america when they are not doing anything wrong. >> okay. >> this is the country of opportunity. >> do you want to know what the reason is? it's called pay the play. it's called public corruption. and i put people in jail for that. >> what happens -- >> this is what happens. the woman leaves the white house with no money. takes $200,000 worth of items she then has to return.
6:17 pm
>> she did not do that. come on. >> don't tell me to come on. let me ask the question, you answer it if you disagree with me. >> you got it. >> then her husband becomes the middle man to a foundation that conveniently forgets to put $25 million from saudi arabia. and then he starts getting $600,000 and $700,000 for speaking fees in companies that the state department is doing favors for. that's called pay to play. >> judge, when you get a clinton on the speaker's bureau. on the panel -- >> i am on the circuit. >> no. no. when you get a clinton, as the main speaker at your event people buy tickets to your event because they want to hear what the clintons have to say. >> do they buy tickets in the ukraine? do they buy tickets in saudi arabia? >> everywhere. >> really? >> wherever these guys want to talk -- if the somebody wants to hire them to talk everybody else wants to come. this is a boppo event if you can book the clintons. >> let me ask you this coco.
6:18 pm
>> yes. >> what about the fact that the president has said that although he doesn't know anything about the investigation that what she did was careless but really innocent. what do you think that does to an fbi agent on the street? doesn't that tell him you may lose your job? >> i don't think it does anything. i think an fbi agent ought to feel completely secure and isolated and independent to do the investigation they ought to be doing. and they are doing it. but they haven't come out with any type of conclusion, any charge, any accusation, any indictment. and it's not coming. she is going to be a great president. er going to love her. >> yeah, coco so beck, thanks for being with us. >> buy judge, good to see you. >> okay. is donald trump using my next guest's book as a road map to take down the clintons? i'll ask him. the author of clinton cash, peter switser, is here. and then the case in a has the nation outraged. as someone who has prosecuted rape cases and sentenced rapists, i'll give you my take on the stanford sexual assault
6:19 pm
and whether the judge should go. and laid e street justice heads to brooklyn. right outside the campaign headquarters of -- guess who. >> hillary is up there, too. did you know that? >> i do. >> what do you think of her? >> not good. >> "justice" rolls on in a minute. stay with us. men. 80% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients
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hillary clinton turned the state department into her private hedge fund. the russians, the saudis, the chinese. all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. it's a sad day in america when foreign governments with deep pockets have more influence in our own country than our great citizens. >> that's donald trump this week drawing the battle lines in the race against hillary clinton and her web of scandals. trump planning to give a major speech this monday to outline his case against clinton. so what exactly should be included in that outline? let's ask the man who wrote the book, author of "clinton cash" peter schweizer. i don't know if you heard the segment before you, but you know, i have long believed that that personal private server was
6:24 pm
set up to block any access to the money laundering that i believe was going through the clinton foundation. but you wrote the book. can you tell me how much money the clintons made in the period of time that she was secretary of state? >> well, from 2007 to the present, they have made $170 million. which is astronomical. if you look at bill clinton's best speaking fees, the largest fees he ever received, they were all during her tenure as secretary of state. so all you need to do are the numbers. i mean, you know, i understand the previous guest has her point of view but she simply doesn't know the facts. bill clinton's speaking fees did the same thing that every expresident had done since eisenhower. that is over time they slowly went down until early 2009 when his wife became secretary of state. and then he hit the jackpot. big speaking fees.
6:25 pm
$500,000. $750,000. from foreign governments, foreign corporations and financiers that were never interested in having him speak before. suddenly they have not matters before the state department and they are giving him $750,000 for a 20-minute speech. and the explanation that we get is, this is just coincidence. you know, don't look there. the problem is, these are foreign ol garks paying this unin. in places like russia and nigeria. they are in corrupt environments, oftentimes they are themselves are involved in corrupt activity. i don't believe they are giving bill clinton this nun and not expecting something in return. >> it's interesting because the foundation has as i understand it am amended their returns seven or eight times. and one thing that hillary clinton said defending herself against trump's latest attacks.
6:26 pm
she said some things might have fallen through the cracks. why is it every year you have to amendment the clinton foundation tax returns? let's talk about the fact that the foundation has taken in $3 billion, b, with a b? >> yeah, it has taken in $3 billion. a lot of people are under the impression that that money comes largely from the united states or if they are getting money overseas it's from places like the united kingdom and or germany. a lot of the money is coming from the developing world, places like nigeria. >> where they supposedly have their foundation in operation. what percentage of the foundation money goes to grantees, as opposed to employees, expenses, hotel, airfare? >> they give about 10% to other organizations. they claim that the bulk of the rest of the money they use to support and enhance the work of other organizations. but it's hard to know exactly what that means. by the way, judge, the comment that she made about you know, a
6:27 pm
few donations had not been disclosed that slipped through the cracks. there were a couple of them. these weren't cracks. this was a canyon. there's at least 1100 donations that we know of that were never disclosed, including the chairman of this russian-owned uranium company that's part of this scandal where vladimir pew tin today has 20% of u.s. uranium asets. that was never disclosed despite the fact that hillary clinton promise to it barack obama in a memorandum of understand and also told the senate foreign relations committee during her confirmation hearings they they would disclose all contributions. they failed to do that. street justice from hillary clinton's headquarters in brooklyn is still ahead. and next, not the best of weeks for the trump campaign. how do they turn it around? my political panel is here and ready to go at it. you won't want to miss it. stay with us. hmmmmmm.....
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good evening. live from maesh's news headquarters i'm jackie eye ibanez. a pair of bombs going off near the syrian capital of damascus. at least 20 killed and dozens of others injured. among the victims, women and children. isis claims three its fighters were behind the blast. one bomber was in a car while two others were strapped with suicide vests. the attacks come as isis is reportedly losing ground in raqqah in northern syria. and police naming the man who killed the voice singer christina grimmie. authorities say he was 27-year-old kevin loibl of st. petersburg, florida, and that he traveled to orlando with two guns and knife to attack her. grimmie was shot and killed signing autographs outside of the concert hall she had just performed at. the 22-year-old singer finished
6:33 pm
third in season six of the voice. i'm jackie eye ibanez. now back to "justice" with judge in a mean. >> primary season came to an end this week. and the general election battle is in full swing. here to break it all down, my all star political panel, former senior adviser tom doherty. and ed espinosa. guys now we are in the general campaign. donald trump didn't have such a good week. that whole thing about the judge and the trump university case seemed to have some legs. but it's kind of disappeared. ed, is that your sense? >> maybe it's disappeared for the weekend, but i don't think it's disappeared from the campaign. i think these are lingering issues endemic of a larger problem with trump in that he seems to be an equal opportunity offender. it's something that is making other republicans uncomfortable. and something that he is going
6:34 pm
to have to address. >> aren't republicans who are uncomfortable like mitt romney republicans who hated him all along? why does he seem to have teflon? it kind of rolls? >> it really is impressive in the fact that he is able to sigh thing and just keep going, isn't it? but i think there are republicans that didn't like him. -- previously. but there are other republicans that maybe didn't know him as well in the past. specific kilorepublican voters who are still warming up to the ideas that if you are a republican, this is the face and the voice of your party right now. and i don't think everybody is entirely comfortable with that. >> tom, whatyou think? >> i mean, the problem is is that today his social media director retweets something from wayne root that basically says that paul ryan is the problem for the gop. that that's why the gop is doomed. i mean, you need unity. he needs a cohesive message of eunity. right now he is not unifying the party. to the point where even if he gets to 85. romney went to 94% republicans.
6:35 pm
he has to unify the party if there is any hope going forward. >> donald has gone to washington. again, full disclosure, you know he has been my friend for years. but he has not criticized paul ryan. donald in his inemit inible fashion, what fights back, he has been very, very cautious with washington. >> but you know better than anyone, if if you are running for local office and you have what happened with the judge this past wee and you are running for local office, it makes it very difficult if you are in a marginal district fighting for your life coming up, you need a candidate -- he did much better reading to of the teleprompter the other night. and mitch mcconnell said stay on the teleprompter. >> that's why people love him. because it's like having a beer with somebody. isn't barack obama the one who said he wanted to have a beer with a cop in that case. >> having the beer with somebody, it's not necessarily the person you want to be
6:36 pm
president. >> barack is president. >> it plays differently when you are a candidate. the standard of acceptance is different. while donald trump did not like -- he was not comfortable reading from a vicinity script. >> right. right. >> the problem is that there are a lot of other people in his party that are equally uncomfortable when he is not on a skricht. i think this is something they are going to have to address. and it's like tom said. unity is important at this point. he's got to be able to win the states that mitt romney did not win. and the way to do that is to expand your electorate. so far we haven't seen what trump has been doing to be able to accomplish that. >> but we all know that trump has gotten more votes in this primary than anyone in history and that there are more people who are going to vote in this campaign. and the campaign really is like reality television. i have never seen a nation so -- you know, enraptured with this campaign. >> i think you will find that less people will vote in this
6:37 pm
election than maybe in history. >> you think so? >> i do. because you have a -- >> the top of the republican ticket is down 24 unfavorable. the top of the democratic ticket is down 17. this is going to be a race to the bottom. it was more primary voters that came out in the republican party. they were engaged. motivated them. not new voters. that's gone. this is a general election. i think this is going to be a race to the bottom. you heard trump say all the dirt on hillary. this isn't about ideas. this is going to be dirt. >> no question. and ed, isn't that the reason that people are going to -- look, when i go out on the street, i do my man on the street, street justice coming up. i mean people are wild. i mean they are one way or the other. and it's just a very small percentage, those independents that either one of them needs to get. >>light absolutely. first of all, let me say i don't think any candidate, any entity, any analysts on tvr wise to unestimate donald trump because if that's the case, candidate
6:38 pm
hillary clinton is going to suffer the same fate as all the others that ran against trump if he is underestimated. but when it comes down to the controversies surrounding the candidates, the difference between one like trump university and some of the others, the e-mails and other issues that people talk about is that people can identify with trump university. this was a get rich quick scheme, and the only one that got rich quick was donald trump. >> paint pain ain't over yet. we are going to be doing stuff on laureate and the clinton connections on that one. that's going to be bad. it's coming up. >> fair enough. >> last question, tom, does donald got any exemptions because he has never run for office before and people just say he is not politically correct? >> i think he he has a lot of exemptions on the republican primary. they wanted a new face. that's what they wanted. >> thanks for being with us tonight. new developments in the stanford rape case. will the judge had to be removed? that's next. and then what happens when i
6:39 pm
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. growing outrage tonight against judge aaron persky who sentence 20d-year-old former stanford university swimmer turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. more than 1 million people signing petitions demanding the judge be unseated. while protests are expected sunday during stanford's commencement ceremonies. joining me now, an advise oar to the recall of judge persky campaign. good evening, john.
6:44 pm
can you tell me what the rules are in california as it relates to a recall of a judge? as i understand it he was appointed by democratic governor gray davis. but he is running for re-election and is unopposed. what's going on? >> that's right. he was unopposed in june. and when you are unopposed, you are essentially elected in california. so we have no choice at this point but to mount a recall campaign. we need to gather somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 to 70,000 signatures of the respects, voters in the county of santa cla clara. >> santa clara, right. >> that's about the case was and we need to put it on the ballot and give voters the opportunity to vote up or down on this judge. we think strongly they will vote him down. >> the sentence, the kid move cased 14 years, after a jury trial, judge gives him six months. that six months was legal. so do you see a recall when the sentence was legal?
6:45 pm
and the judge within his statutory right to issue that sentence? >> whether he is in his statutory right or not, reality is, this was a jury found brock guilty on all three felony counts of sexual, violent sexual assault. >> right. >> and the prosecutor asked for six years. the range was two years to 14. this judge went out of his way to protect the prerp traerpetra this crime. he was worried about the future of the perpetrator and not worried about the pain and agony this victim and her family suffered and sexual assault victims suffer every day on campuses throughout the united states. >> i prosecuted these cases as an assistant d.a. and i sentenced these rapists as a judge. and i ran an office where we had a huge sex crimes bureau. let me say this, that victim will live with this for the rest
6:46 pm
of her life and for this judge, you know, to say, well, you know, he has pretty much paid his price. he will be a registered sex offender is kind of contrary to what reports i've read about this judge. he has promoted himself as someone who has fought for rape victims and battered women. >> well, and that's just not the reality. and we saw this in this case. he took pains to protect the perpetrator of this crime. >> why? why did he do. >> >> he was not listening. >> why. >> well, look you can conjecture. they were both stanford alums. they were both star athletes in skoofl i'm not sure this judge would have actually made it into a jury pool let alone preside over this case. so you can conjecture. all we know is the facts. the fact is that every prosecutor, every legal expert were shocked at the leniency that this judge gave him. we need to send a message. we have elected judges in california. we have -- they have to be held
6:47 pm
accountable to the people of the state of california. to the residents of santa clara county. >> i get the sending a message. what about the fact that this woman was found outside a fraternity house with her dress pulled above her shoulders. her underwear a distance away? and she was basically unconscious? if they didn't find this kid in the act. if two other stanford grad students, swedish kids, didn't try to stop it, this would have been just a part of the alcohol fraternity culture. do you think the fact this kid was an athlete had anything to do with the judge's lenient sentence here? >> i do. i do. and i also think that we are very fortunate -- she is very fortunate that there were two bystanders who saw this happening, who got involved. we are also feeling the same thing as a political consultant with a daughter who is in college who celebrated her 19th birthday on the evening of this
6:48 pm
attack at am hurst college when this was happening at stand stanford. i looked at this and i am not going to be a spectator. we need to take the lead. >> next i'll give you my take on this case and the judge. you are not going to want to miss it. plus, street justice. stay with us. in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch, sprinkle and drip... should be as clean
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the sentence of six months for stanford university rapist brock turner is an outrage. the defendant could have gotten 14 years. the prosecutor recommended six. years, and the judge gave him six months. in order for the judge to give him six months, he was mandated by california law to find unusual circumstances. there were none. this wasn't unusual. it was a campus rape by an athlete. the victim was completely unconscious, raped on the ground next to a dumpster with pine needles all over her body. this victim will spend the rest of her life the shadow of this assault, and fear of another. and if you don't believe me, read her statement to the court. the fact that this defendant
6:53 pm
said he had feelings of remorse is countered by the way his lawyered went after the victim. the judge says he won't be a future danger, yet the defendant lied to him and hid the fact he had been sexually aggressive toward other women. there's a demand for this judge to be reprimanded or at the very least, removed from the bench. we'll be right back. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the redesigned passat. from volkswagen. cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need.
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time for street justice. this week i traveled to the brooklyn campaign headquarters of the democratic nominee hillary clinton. take a look. ♪ who are you going to vote for? >> oh, hillary clinton. >> do you know that her campaign head quarters is right here? >> yes, i do. i was just there volunteering. >> hillary is up there too, did you know that? >> yeah, i do. >> what do you think of her? >> not good. >> did you know this is hillary clinton's head quarters? >> i've heard that. >> ever see her? >> yeah. she's not here that often. she's only been here a hand full of times. she's got other things to do. >> we're in front of hillary headquarters. >> yeah, i know. >> what do we think? >> i am excited she's here. >> who are you going to vote for? >> not hillary. for trump, only because he says what he says and he means it and he don't care. >> why do you want to vote for her? >> i think she'll be good for this country. i think it's about time that there's a female president, for
6:58 pm
one thing. i think that -- i approve of a lot of her policies. >> give me an example of a policy that you approve of. >> it's hard to be put on the spot. >> here's the thing, and obviously you're going to vote for whomever you want to, but sometimes you have to have a reason besides their organs. >> certainly. >> what are you scared of? >> you know, i'm scared she might win. >> you know who really was scare? the guys that were on a roof top in benghazi. >> absolutely. >> what floor are you on? >> the fifth floor. >> hillary, he's on the fifth floor. >> who are you voting for? >> hillary. >> what's wrong with donald? >> he's a child. he's a child-man. he's not even an adult. >> right now they're down to two, hillary and donald trump, although bernie sanders won't get out. >> okay. i feel bad for old sanders boy. he seems like he's a good dude.
6:59 pm
he deserves it the most. trump gets it, that will be insane. >> why would that be insane? >> he's a racist. >> who are you going to vote for? >> hillary clinton. talk about being more inclusive and diverse, and that kind of policy and that kind of position is what we need right now. >> it's been the most entertaining election in quite a while. >> what do you think of bernie sanders not getting out? >> i don't know. i don't trust hillary, i don't like her. i was hoping for better. not a fan. >> why do you want to vote for hillary? >> she's very intelligent. >> i'm start too, but i'm not running for president. >> you should run. >> would you vote for me if >> if you're smart and intelligent. that's it for us tonight. remember to friend me on
7:00 pm
facebook and follow me on twitter and instagram. thanks for watching. "the greg gutfeld show" is next. see you next week. hi, i'm greg gutfeld. now with even more scrubbing bubbles. here's what's coming up. kenya believe it? clinton gets a key endorsement from a guy in the white house. we forget his name. trump had a rough week. will it get better, worse, or purposele? i picked purple because it's my favorite color, america. and later, joanne and kat hit the streets to talk to complete strangers. how unusual. just send us the awards now. let's get started, america. the dolcalax is kicking in. [ applause ]


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