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  FOX Friends  FOX News  June 13, 2016 4:01am-4:19am PDT

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may god continue to watch over this country. it is the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. we wake up this morning with 50 people dead, 53 people injured. brian kilmeade got on a plane yesterday. he is live in orlando and we have donald trump on the phone. mr. trump, thank you for joining us, we wanted to get your reaction to all of this. >> well, there's nothing like what's going on right now. there's never been anything to this extent where we have people, we don't know who they are. and there's no uniforms involved, it's war. it's absolute war, but we don't have uniforms, we don't know who it is or where they're coming from and we have a good idea. and as a country we don't do anything about it. and we're going to get smart. it's only going to get worse. >> mr. trump, you called on the president of the united states to resign because we're going to play a sound byte, here's what he had to say yesterday about the attack.
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>> there is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that let's them shoot people in a school or in a house of worship or a movie theater or in in a nightclub. and we have to decide if that's the kind of country you want to be. >> so mr. trump, also more gun control and terror and said it was a hate crime, but he did not say it was islamic terrorism, and for that reason, you say he should quit. >> he doesn't get it or he gets it better than anybody understands. it's one or the other. and either one is unacceptable, number one, and number two, calling on another gun ban, i mean, this man has no clue. first of all, the shooter was licensed. so he went through all the procedures, he was fully licensed to have a gun. so he would have passed the test that the president would have thrown up there. it's so ridiculous.
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you know, this is a, this is a mentali mentality, this is a state. and you have thousands of shooters like this with the same mentality out there in this country, and we're bringing thousands and thousands of them back into this country, and into the country every year. we're allowing them do -- >> meaning refugees? >> i'm talking about people coming in from syria where we have no idea where they are. we have no idea as to paperwork, as to where they came from. this could be the all-time great trojan horse. this could be the legend of the trojan horse. this could be it. i used to say it with a smile, maybe is it possible at the very early stages, and the more you're thinking, a thing like that could never happen. i'm starting to think it could happen. our politicians are so inept and so incapable and our leadership, especially at the top, is just -- they don't know what they're doing. and we're allowing people to come into our country that are
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no different than this maniac which, i don't know how many people are going to end up dying from this, but no different than this maniac just that just did this to us yesterday. >> mr. trump, are you saying that the president should resign and hillary clinton, if she can't say it, she should just bow out of the race? >> she's a weak person. she's weak on so many different levels. i just sigh where the secret service agent said she should never be president. almost like a maniac. and she is, she is not the right person, especially in these times. these are times when you need solid i did, you need smart, you have to have smart. but you need, you need something so much different than her. she's just following his exact line, she won't utter the words either, radical islam. she won't utter the words. he won't, unless you know the words or what's going on, you're never going to solve the
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problem. >> brian. >> donald trump, this is brian kilmeade, by the way, the flashing flights, this could be the fbi coming down the block. a and we'll see and go over to my left. i'll interrupt myself and tell you to go live. yesterday we understand donald trump the imam from the islamic center said mateen spent some of his time, the would-be killer. there are a lot of positive affects from a potential donald trump presidency, imam said he didn't think donald trump would be as scary for the people as people think. >> i think he's right. i know islams. i think aye been given a bad wrap. i did call from a zone, i'm all about safe zones in syria and building what people can live, we can't have it in or country, brian, something's going on. whether it's in the religion, whether it's outside of the religion, it's not maybe for us
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to know right now, but we can't allow thousands and i don't men thousands, tens of thousands of people are pouring into our country, and many of them are no different than this guy yesterday who created this horrible accident. >> donald, let me follow-up with in a, if you think they're trying to hit soft targets, not a military, they can't and survive, if they're going to hit soft targets, what's your message to the american people about going to clubs, going to the beaches, about going to these major events, disney down the road, where does donald trump find the balance? >> well, you go, and you don't let them disrupt you. you just have to go. and you have to be brave, but we have to be very strong with our military, with our security. we have to be extremely strong. we have to be very strong in terms of looking at the mosques. you know, which a lot of people say oh, we don't want to do that, we're beyond that. brian, that man yesterday was sick with hate. rough many, many people, thousands of people already in
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our country that are sick with hate. and people that are around him, muslims know who they are, largely. they know who they are. they have to turn them in. they know who they are. they see them. like in the case of san bernardino, there were bombs all over the floor. many people saw the bombs. those bombs weren't there as play toys. and they could have been reportsed long before san bernardino took affect. noek's reporting these people. >> now mr. trump, we traveled across the country asking people covering the primaries, why you're their favorite pick, why you became the nominee, because you're not politically correct, you say what's on your mind, but when you talk about, when you talk to individuals and you ask them, why wasn't this guy caught, many saw the red flags, they were just scared because of political correctness to come forward. and call the develop cops on this guy, what's your message now for america who has been so fearful because they didn't want to be called islam phobic. >> they have to report these people. these people are out there,
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many, many people are out there. with worse intentions than what this guy had, worse. and they're out there. and people in his community and their community, they know who the people are. in some cases, they're married to them. but they know who these people are. almost in every case. they know who they are. they brag about it, they talk about it, other people know. people knew that this guy was going to create a bad act. they have to turn him in. if they don't turn him in, we are never going to be able to get along, it's going to be an impossible situation. >> oh, donald trump, isis radio put out a statement that this particular shooter, omar mateen, who is deadliest mass shooter in american history, he was a soldier of the caliphate in america. so they're saying the caliphate now extends into the united states. and we have talked a little bit about that in the past, but given the fact that they have struck us here, should there be a military response overseas?
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>> yes, there should. we have to really increase the bombing, but you just said something that's even more amazing, isis radio. how do we allow them to have radio? how do we allow them to have radio? with radio, you know where the signals are coming from. it's not hard. how do we allow them to have radio? they have a radio station where they say what they're going to be doing and they give great praise to people that it acts like what happened yesterday. it's inconceivable that you could make a statement like that and where we're talking about isis radio. >> sure, and a lot of this is also on the internet, they can broadcast over the internet and can't tell where it's coming from -- >> we ought to knock out their internet capability. and i've heard liberals saying, we can't do that, we're talking about freedom of speech, how could you dough that? and we're talking about isis. i mean, it's the most incredible thing. we have to knock out their internet capability.
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>> where would you strike overseas? >> well, you know, they know. we have generals, and i've been with them, and i've talk towed them, we have generals that feel we can win this thing so fast and so strong, but we have to be furious. for a short period of time. and we're not doing it. i said go after the oil, hit the oil, they announce because they want the people to leave their trucks. i mean, the whole thing is so ridiculous. can you imagine general patton saying, can you please get out, we're dropping bombs in one hour. this is the way we fight. >> you're saying -- when you're saying after 9/11, we knew to hit afghanistan. that's where al qaeda is. after this, you're saying since it's isis inspired, they're taking credit for it, hit raqqa right now? >> we're going to have to start thinking about something because we cannot continue to let this
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go guaforward. look, the problem is we have thousands of people right now in our country. forget about coming in, we talked the ban. and the ban should be put in place with respect from people coming into syria, et cetera, right now you're thousands of people in this country. and you know you have people that were born in the country, like him and others, but you have people that are going to the country that become radicalized. there's something going on. and we have to -- we have to find out who these people are. they're already in the country. you know, number one we have to stop. no more syrians coming in, we don't know who they are. we don't have paperwork. we don't have anything. and you know, as far as passports are concerned as you know, isis took over our passport machines, they make passports now better than we do. >> yeah. >> so we can't even do that anymore. somebody was saying they don't have a passport, but we have to hit very hard. we have to hit very strong, and we have thousands of people in our country.
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we have to find out who they are and fast. >> well, what about -- is this the failure of the fbi? i know they do great work, but the fbi was notified that he had a link to a guy who was a suicide bomber in the beach and he had gone overseas to the middle east, he had been trained, came back here to recruit for isis, and one of those individuals that he tried to recruit went to the fbi. the fbi investigated this shooter several times and he still got away with it. he was on lists. the fbi had him red flagged and he still got his hands on guns. he went in and, you know -- >> where's security? >> i'm a big fan of the fbi, but certainly, this does not make them look good. and they had him under surveillance a couple of times, and it didn't work out. it's not easy, okay, it's not easy. but we have to. very strong. i mean, the sad part is, you have many, many, many, many people, right now living in the united states who are worse than
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him. who are more hateful than him. and people know who they are. mostly it's muslim people, but they know who they are, they have to turn him in. >> donald trump, just one thing, right over my shoulder to the right, we're blocked by a few poles, they're beginning to gather in a huddle and they're going to be walking over, come behind me and over to these microphones, but donald trump, they're getting some, you're getting backlash over a tweet that you put out, you said appreciate the congratulations for being right on radical islamic terrorism, i don't want congrats, we must be smart. people are critical of that because you're congratulating yourself -- >> no, no, no, i'm getting thousands of letters and tweets that i was right about the whole situation. i mean, i've been right about a lot of things, frankly, i was right about take the oil, i was right about many, many things, ipse right about nato with terrorism. did you see last week on the front page of the "wall street journal," they're going to start
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a terrorism division, and it's because of me. it was obsolete, exactly what i said. i've been right about a lot of things, i don't want congratulations, i said, what am i doing? i don't want congratulations, what i want them to do is be tough and vigilant. our government is led by a man who is a very -- look guys, we're led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he's got something else in mind. and the something else in mind, people can't believe it. people cannot -- they cannot believe than president obama is acting the ways he acts and can't ian mention the words radical islamic terrorism. there's something going on. it's inconceivable. >> donald trump, what he did do yesterday, he did refer to it as terror strike, he said it was a hate crime which makes sense, because islamic extremists hate gays. and they hate christians, and they hate jews, and they hate
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women. this is the first time we've seen something like this where they have specifically targeted one particular demographic. >> well, i don't think it's the first time. i mean, they're looking to -- >> first time they hit a gay club in the united states. >> what he's done to the lgbt, what he's done to the whole gay community is so, is so shocking. now at least that community is going to become come -- they have to be so strong in coming out and so vigilant. what's going to happen with that community is i think you're going to at least have now some political pressure on our politicians to do the right thing. >> right. >> that's a very large and very respected community. >> yeah. >> and it's a very large, very respected community. and i think, i think you're going to see tremendous pressure now on these weak politicians that don't know what they're doing like our president. the man has no clue. he doesn't know what he's doing and hillary clinton is going to be worse than him.
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she wants to increase people coming into our country from the areas i'm talking about, by 500%. >> brian. >> well, donald trump, a couple of things, thanks steve, if you're a member of isis and you're gay, they throw you off buildings. they torture you in the most horrific way possible. that is becoming totally clear, they are celebrating, not only the killing in that club, but killing of those people who are ho homosexuals in the club. it's going to be about terrorism. you spent the last 30, 40 years of your life in business. who do you consult into putting together your program who's going to be making up the backbone of your speech today? >> aye been doing it for weeks. we have great people. in fact, i'm going to have mbers of the team with me. i was going to make a hillary clinton speech, which is easy to make because she is not the
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right person to be president, believe me. she is a -- all you have to do is speak to the secret service agent that, you know,her and wa pressure, he said she was a total mess. a total mess. so i was going to do it an anti-hillary clinton speech, i've changed that, we're going to do a speech on terror. i'm going up to new hampshire, we're also going toe have a massive rally tonight in new hampshire, that was set up, we have thousands and thousands of people who are going to be there. and out of respect, i'm cancelling that. i wanted to do it so badly, but you can't. i think it's too soon. >> donald trump, do you have a preview of that speech? give us an idea. are you calling for more spending for the fbi? more on counterterror? looking to bolster up special ops, do you have a sense -- can you give a preview? >> yeah, i'm calling for strength, i'm calling for intelligence, i'm calling -- and one of the things we really have to focus on is our intelligence
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community. because we're not getting the right intelligence. when a guy like this who's so openly out there can just, you know, walk up and do what he did, we need more intelligence. we need a stronger intelligence community. and the only way we can do that in this case, having to do with radical islamic terror, and that's the point, obama won't do that because he doesn't want to single out this group. the only way to do that is through intelligence. and we have great capability intelligence wise. you know in new york city, we had a fantastic intelligence group set-up. when our mayor, our new mayor de blasio -- he wiped it all out. he took it all out, gone. so now we don't know what's going on. that's just one example, we need very strong surveillance, we need very strong intelligence. and that's just a part of the local level. >> real quickly, when will you ghaif hillary clinton speech? >> i believe it's around 2:00,
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it's going to be in new hampshire. >> not the -- >> excuse me, you said the hillary clinton speech, that'll be some time probably next week. i just didn't think it was appropriate to doed it. she's a disaster, what do i have to do? i don't even have to speak about her, she's a total disaster. she wants more people to come in now. she wants more people from syria to come in by 500%, and again, we have no idea who they are. and many of them are worse than the guy from yesterday that created this horrible act. so she, she would not be good for our country. that i can tell you folks. >> she also did not mention radical islam. >> and she won't because she's afraid to mention it because her boss will be angry and her boss has tremendous power over her, and you know why that is, okay. >> donald trump. his first comments live on the air since the massacre in orlando. donald trump, t