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  The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 13, 2016 5:21pm-5:36pm PDT

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campaign 2016 segment tonight, the orlando terror attack will have a direct bearing on the presidential vote. so we invited both hillary clinton and donald trump on the program this evening. mrs. clinton could not make it but donald trump joins us now from manchester, new hampshire. why do you think president obama is not fighting isis as aggressively as, perhaps, he could? >> i think nobody knows, bill. i have absolutely no idea. all i know is that he should be. why he doesn't fight it and why he doesn't fight it with strength and with vigor, nobody knows. that's certainly a topic of conversation for plenty of people. but he is not too long a good job. that is for sure. >> now, if you don't know, and i don't know either, although i think that he believes that his outreach to the muslim world that the president's personal outreach deintensifies
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attention directed at the u.s.a. i think he believes that you said this morning on "fox & friends" or you implied there may be a sinister reason for him not engaging isis more aggressively. do you want to define that further? >> i can't define it i mean, nobody knows what's going on. nobody knows why he doesn't have more anger. why he doesn't have more competitive zeal. sea competitive person. why doesn't he have more competitive zeal to knock them out, bill. look at what's going on. look at what's happening? this orlando attack was just absolutely horrendous and, yet, he still doesn't even use the word of radical islamic terror. >> i hammered. >> he won't use the words. >> i hammered him in the talking points more continuing that ridiculous thing. hillary clinton has backtracked on that. in the second segment with mr. trump we are going to deal with hillary clinton i want to keep it on the orlando terror attack now. in your speech today in new hampshire, you made a lot of reference to your policy of
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not allowing muslims in here, okay, on a temporary basis. >> temporary until we find out what's going on. >> who they are. >> and what they have in mind. >> okay. but there really isn't any linkage that i can find or the fbi can find between refugees, so-called refugees, all right, women and children, primarily, coming here and violence. >> so what are you asking? >> why do you think this is a centerpiece in anti--terror fighting if there really isn't any linkage in those kinds of folks coming over? >> well, i don't think you know that linkage yet? what's going to happen two years from now? what's going to happen 10 years from now. what's going to happen 5 years from now. look at the boston bombers. they were already here. their family came here and they weren't radical when they were 6, 7 years old and all of a sudden they blew people up during the boston marathon. you just don't know what's going on here.
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you know, they listen to the internet and they fall in love with isis. bad things are happening, bill. and we have to get down to it, otherwise, we're not going to have a country at all. we're going to have this happening every weekend. what happened to -- what happened in orlando is so disgraceful and so shocking on so many levels, and we just can't have a country like this anymore, bill. we have -- we need a president that's going to show passion to solve the problem. he sit there, he talks almost like is he falling -- bill, it's almost like is he falling asleep. >> there is urgency. now, in the orlando situation, the fbi had the guy under surveillance, knew he was a bad guy, didn't have enough to charge him with anything, so they say, director comey spoke today. do you believe the fbi botched that case? >> look, i'm a big fan of the fbi. there is no bigger fan than me. look, they have had better days. let's face it they had him
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twice and supposedly even a third time they were looking or thinking about it. he was a bad dude. he was a bad guy. a lot of bad things said about him. that's the big part of my speech. the muslims have to turn people. in the muslims, you will find out, now all sorts of things will be said about this guy and people will say oh gee, why didn't we get him? we have to turn people in. >> okay. that being said, he didn't commit any crimes. he was totally free record up until the attack on the nightclub. his father is a provocateur. his father is a pro-taliban guy. >> right. >> would you do anything to had this man because we do have freedom of speech here. >> the father shouldn't have been allowed in the country years ago when he came here, right? he was trouble then and he obviously something is going on right now. even the way he did that interview. i said what's going on? this is a guy you call him a professional or call him
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something. the father shouldn't have been allow to do come in to our country in the first place. first question you talk about coming into our country. we haven't found anything. they have only been here a short period of time. what's going to happen in two years and five years? what's going to happen in 15 and 20 years? a lot of times the children there, seems to be no very good assimilation. a lot of times the children of people who come into the country become a big problem. i mean, you, again, look at the boston bombers, i mean these two horrible beasts, they came in the parents were here and brought these kids in and became radicalized later on when they were in the country. bad things are happening, bill. we have a president who looks like is he falling asleep when he talks about the subject. >> all right. now we're going to hold mr. trump over because we have some questions for him about hillary clinton and what she said today. and, once again, secretary clinton is welcome any time on this broadcast. the factor will be right back.
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continuing now with donald trump who is in manchester, new hampshire. earlier today u hillary clinton did use words she has not used before. >> to me, radical jihadiism, radical islam i think mean the same thing. i'm happy to say either. all this talk and demagoguery and rhetoric is not going to solve the problem. >> and your reaction? >> well, first of all, she didn't use the words. she said she would say the words but she didn't say
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words. and second of all radical islamic terrorism. she is trying to soften it up. she is doing that because she is afraid of president obama who has a lot of power over her future. he could put her in jail. >> she did say radical islam is possible. >> she didn't use the term. she used radical islamicism. she didn't use radical islamic terrorism. there is a difference. she didn't say it she said she would use it bill, the only reason she did do it because i have been pounding her. >> there is no doubt about it? >> if i didn't do that she would have never -- bill, if i didn't do that shield have never said those words. >> i don't know that but you are much better at that mind reading thing than i am. >> i don't want the credit. i just said if i didn't pound her on it, she wouldn't have said it. >> you hammered the secretary today in your speech for basically saying, look, you're, you, mrs. clinton, are not protecting guys because your
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soft approach to islam in general or islamic fundamentalism in general discounts the fact that most muslims, perhaps most, sharia law certainly, has disdain towards new mexicos, you really hammered her on that. was that fair? >> i think it's fair, 100 percent fair. i'm far better for the gay community than she is. she talks a lot about it and yet she will allow people in who want to kill people from the community, from that community. and i think it's terrible. the same thing with women. they want to make women slaves, knock they want to make women slaves. that's what they do. and, yet, she is fine with, you know, the women saying isn't she wonderful? she is not wonderful for women. she wants people coming. in she wants 500 percent increase in people coming in from syria that are radical islamists, okay? >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> in many cases. >> she wants to take in humanitarian under the
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humanitarian banner as president obama does, and the democratic party does. the entire party. they want to take people -- >> -- then we should build, bill. >> wait a minute, let me ask the question. >> go ahead. >> but she would refute very we hem negligently that she would ever allow any radical muslim in here. she would never do that. so is it fair for you to accuse her of doing that? >> of course. because she doesn't know who is coming in. there is no paperwork. there is no documentation. sure, they think everyone is going to be beautiful. these people, they will tell everybody how wonderful they are and they will come in and then they will blow up a club like they blew up over the weekend or they will do something else. bill, i mean, she is allowing these people to come in, 500 percent increase she wants. they hate women or certainly they want women to be their slaves openly said they want to kill gays. >> you are conflating both
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radicals and refugees. >> let me ask you this question. >> bill. >> you know, let me ask you this question. you know there are good loyal muslim americans who love this country and died for this country. >> true. true. i have many friends. >> do you believe that there is a danger now that because of your hot rhetoric about the topic and i agree with some of what you are saying, okay, you have got to vet these people from overseas. you can't let them all. in i agree. but you see that you could be contributing to a demonization of all muslims in general? is that possible? >> no. just the opposite. i really believe it's just the opposite. i have many friends. you know that. i have said it before. i have many friends who are muslims. i get many calls from people who are muslim thanking me. i have incredible friends, wonderful friends. some are very successful, some aren't. i have many muslim friends, thanking me, not all of them but many of them, but the fact is she is aloying
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massive number of people to come in and they are not all radicalized and all terrorists but it doesn't take many, bill. if you take a look, this is one young man that did this damage, 50 people killed and probably a lot more to follow. they are very, very gravely injured in hospitals right now, they are wounded so badly. so this is one man. so, it doesn't take very many. but we have many -- in my opinion, you have many coming in, and they are smart and they are cunning and they know how to get through the system. by the way, they have stolen our passport machine so they make passports better than we make passports. we don't know who is coming in and, frankly, our president doesn't know what the hell he is doing. >> one last question. do you believe muslim americans fear you a little bit? >> i hope not. i want to straighten things out. but it's so important that they -- and they're tremendous people. it's so important that when they see trouble going on, like they did in san bernardino. i mane, there were numerous
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people who saw bombs all over this apartment floor, they knew something was going on. they never reported him or her. they never reported and 14 people killed and many, many people injured. same thing here, you will find out with this savage that did this horrible thing over the weekend that many people said oh, i knew that was going to happen. they have got to report him. because the muslims are the ones that see what's going on. the muslims are the ones that have to report him. and if they don't report him, then they there have to be consequences to them. >> all right, mr. trump as always, we thank you for making the time on a busy day. and when we come right back, brit hume on how the terror attack may shifted the political landscape. then geraldo down in o