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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 15, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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shy welcome to "red eye." hello, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck to find out what is coming up on tonight's show. >> president obama delivers a fiery speech against his beggest critic. i wonder who that could be. plus scientists say climate change is making small rodents extinct. bad news for our small rodent viewers. and a new study says kids don't trust ugly people. those are are smart kids. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. host of risk and reward on fox business network. and the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and the fox news contributor.
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democratic strategist and sitting next to me, comedian andrew schulz. let's start the show. president obama is unleashing his fury at the enemy, donald trump. on tuesday after meeting with his national security team, the president delivered a bitter saw lil law we on live television with the presumptive gop nominee. here is part of it. >> have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee of the united states to bar all muslims from el grate -- immigrating to america. will we treat all muslim-americans differently? are we going to start subjecting them to spent surveillance? are we going to discriminate against them because of their faith? do republican officials actually agree with this? >> the president rejected criticism from trump and other republicans for his refusal to use the term radical islam.
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>> there is no magic to the phrase "radical islam." it is a political talking point. it is not a strategy. if we fall into the trap of painting all muslims with a broad brush and imply that we are at war with an entire religion, then we are doing the terrorist's work for them. >> there is so much i want to say about this press conference and this speech, but, ambassador, you said a lot on "outnumbered" and you had a lot to say. how would you rate this as a speech comforting the mace after a terrorist attack. >> this is the low point of the obama presidency will our president is head of state and head of government on the one hand and the head of a political party in the other. we are on the midst of a national tragedy. 49 innocent americans were murdered in cold blood. it is the job of the president at a time of tragedy like that
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to bring the country together and to say what he is going to do to prevent other innocent americans from suffering the same fate. instead for two-thirds of his speech today we got a partisan attack on the opposition. there is a role for the president to do that when he is acting politically and not as president of the united states. this was inappropriate and unpresidential. >> after newtown i thought we would see this coming to stuff, but he really attacked the gun lobby after that. he used it as a political opportunity. he does this repeatedly, does he not? >> he does, but usually he is more calm and cool in his delivery. today i felt the energy. he was really irked, whether you agree or disagree, he was visibly angry. and then saying do all republicans agree with this? i felt like that was a wedge and i know there are some republicans who don't agree, house speaker paul ryan and others and i will try to put
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that wedge in there. >> obviously i think he is. jessica, for political purposes he is trying to drive a wedge between republicans. is this the time to do it? >> well, yeah. we have an election coming up and we know who the candidates are now. he implied that president obama was on the side of the terrorist which was one of the most insane things i ever heard out of donald trump's mouth. >> he implied it. what did he say exactly. >> he didn't imply that -- it wasn't that he was a terrorist. they were happy to discuss it in full. he said you know he has something else in mind and this is what donald trump does. he plays these mind games where he leaves long pauses or puts in extra words that don't have to do with what is going on that allows his supporters and those watching what to infer.
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he miss spoke and said oh he is afghani -- or no his parents are which is what he did two weeks ago. she mexican -- mexican heritage. these are americans. donald trump is playing with america's future. i am not saying it was not partisan and political and it absolutely was. what i would say is donald trump has made this personal and he made it it political, and he used his speech where he could have laid out a plan that wasn't a violation of our constitution. he didn't take that opportunity at all. someone else should speak. have i been going on long enough. >> i want to go to you right now. what did you think to her saying she respects them greatly, but ignores you completely? >> i thought it was bull [bleep]. i felt disrespected by that. >> i am upset about this. >> i am taller than molly.
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>> hi, how are you doing? i am on instagram. >> president obama, what did you think of this. he was irked. did you think it was a bit of a performance? i did. i don't think it was a performance. i think he was irked and he paw lit sized it. why are we surprised? >> that's what everybody is doing. the second we have a tragedy, people attach their agenda to the tragedy. the gun lobbyists go, okay, we should absolutely have guns so people should defend themeds. they say we should have guns and if you don't like cats you will find a way to stick cats -- you find someway to stick cats in this thing. >> you are saying it is just politics? the man has two jobs. one is quite important. he is helping with the election, but he has a job to do and that's president.
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maybe he should save it? >> save what? >> save his political attacks. >> the last i checked being president was politics. >> it is not just that and i will do it really fast. >> please. >> yikes. >> the p oi nt is the argument he would make is he was being president by saying to all-americans including muslim americans that he is standing by them and he is protecting them and their right to worship and their right to be here. donald trump is talking about these plans banning muslims and banning immigration from countries that are hotbeds of terror. that includes a lot our european allies. >> this really is getting a little out of hand. if we have a country that has a particular disease we ban immigrants from that country until the disease is resolved. the reason the trump proposal that has been modified to what senator cruz says is we have a legitimate safety interest for this country not to allow
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people in that may endanger their lives. one reason you treat applicants different from applications from immigrants from iceland is not because icelanders are christians and not because icelanders have blonde hair and blue eyeses and syrians don't which is what the president is implying, but because it is not a source country for terrorism. it is entirely rational to look at threats to the united states and base your immigration policy accordingly. >> we sawule -- saw all of those tacks in the city of colon -- cologne on new year's eve. they attacked something like 400 german sit soans new year's eve. >> if you want to criticize trump's program you should criticize it on the merits like the ambassador instead of calling him racist. president obama is ambivalent about putting muslims under
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surveillance. one former new york mayor is not. rudy guiliani said mosques should not impose government surveillance if they have nothing to hide. >> there is no minister, no rabbi in this city nor are there some imams that object to having police officers in their congregation. they want them there. they want them to learn the message. it is enlightening for them. if you've got nothing going on there but a beautiful, religious service, why not? why in his name would you not want to have a police officer there? >> a great point. what do you think? >> his or her name, boom. i actually see the mayor's point and i think he did have that program when he was mayor of new york city. arguably it worked. i am with him. if there is nothing shady going on, why wouldn't members
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of the police force want to be there? >> why did we -- jessica, why do you think mayor de blasio -- what is your reason that mayor de blasio ended this program and doesn't want people doing security in these mosques? >> because it lead to no actionable evidence or results. de blasio and bill bratten have spoken about this. he said we got no results from doing this. so that's why. >> is it security or just community out reach. >> i think you are right, but the distinction is not being drawn. ted cruz said survail and protect. newnew york city had the program and they said, holdup, wait a minute. >> to me this is like a beat cop. if you are serving in a particular neighborhood it is good to know that neighborhood. >> there you go. i like cops in the churches and the mosque. >> it was not bratten's program. the fact is i think that the
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knowledge that the police were in the mosques also had a deterrent effect. i think that benefits the overwhelming majority of muslims in this country who are law abiding. nobody is talking about infringing on freedom of religion here. quite the contrary. i think the loss of the program has had detrimental effects. i fear what happened in orlando is the beginning of a new wave of terrorist attacks. >> do you think it pushes ks team mists to be in need somewhere else? >> i think they will do that themselves. we do still not understand fundamentally how this message is communicated. i think isis has demonstrated a mastery of internet communications that we have not caught up with, but it is more complicated as we can see from what is unfolding in the investigation of orlando. we are way behind the curve on this56j)j+).n÷÷ and the notion e are not entitled to protect ourselves in a law enforcement matter, but an attack on the country means other innocent
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americans will suffer. >> forget the cops. i want the spies in there. >> i want to respond. i don't think it is that complicated. the idea of isis and the idea of terror is that anybody can do something in the name of it and they will claim it. i don't think there is an elaborate internet scheme that is telling them you have to attack the pulse bar, this, that or the other. >> i think the spontaneous examples of terrorism amplify the fear they are trying to instill. isis global headquarters is not a bunch of guys in suits sitting around with a corporate organization truck. >> and the orlando killer praises isis and also praised another group, another terrorist group which is a complete enemy of al-qaeda will to your point it is not consistent. >> let's be honest about the guy in orlando. he is a guy dude. he grew up in a culture that does not accept homosexuality. it says it is wrong. he felt probably immense
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trauma growing up in that and tha why he targeted a gay bar, right? >> are you dr. filling -- dr. philing this guy a little too much? >> if you ask me in this situation we have to hold a little responsibility for the anti-homosexual rhetoric and you can say -- >> including that of his father. >> and in christianity and everything. when you see these things happen, and it is not specific to islam. when you see sexual repression happen, nothing positive comes with it. there is no terrorist attack in pew rare toe rico -- in pew rare toe rico because they are having sex. >> how about you? >> i think i got lost in this conversation. clearly the attack on the pulse nightclub had an anti-gay or lesbian motivation. we have seen this before in the assassination of tim fortune and the anti-muslim political leaders. it is surprising to me there
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hasn't been more. we have evidence from this guy's wife that they cased out disney world. this tragedy could have been a tragedy where he went to disney world and killed 50 children too. that would not have been motivated by anti-gay anna mists. i think we will learn a lot more. the motivation here was clear and it was driven by the radical i had law mists. the radical islamists. >> and what tipped it off is when he called 9-1-1 and said he pledged the attack to isis. >> it is easy to pledge anything to isis. it is harder to get a costco card than it is to pledge to aye sis. to isis. >> let's continue here. like guiliani donald trump is calling for mosque surveillance and a ban of muslims entering the u.s. and his combative tone is worrying top republicans. michael mccall who is the chairman of the house
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committee told poliico you have to be careful with the rhetoric. you don't want to inflame the. not all republicans are conflicted about trump. here is senator mike lee. >> you are not endorsing president to be donald trump? not endorsing president to be donald trump? >> maybe he is just a little con flected. >> he had jet lag. >> that was made last move. we hear it all the time about the rhetoric. >> i think terrorists are terrorists. they are not really listening to if we phrase something correctly. i am not sure that -- i mean you could make an argument that obviously language frames
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a certain conversation, but they have a mission and they are not worried how we phrase things. >> exactly. ambassador, president obama was talking about how all words matter so much of the we have to watch our rhetoric because it is going to cause recruitment. why do we have to be so sensitive with our words if moderate muslims are so moderate how do we turn it into rhetoric? >> he was expressing disdain for people and muslims around the world. when people talk about radical islamists, the adjective is important. the president seems to think that if you talk about radical islam, those peasants in the countryside discard the word radical without thinking and they only talk about islam. like wide-- likewise they have been victims. king ab bull -- king ab --
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abdullah, the keep ares of the the -- the keepers of the mecca say it is a civil war within islam. if it is good enough for king abdullah why not for barack obama? >> that's the thing. they keep saying that it has nothing to do with islam and you have the radicals and the pod -- moderates. if they are so separate, why is there such a hair trigger that rhetoric will cause them to be terror. >> we saw hillary clinton use the term. all right. it is time. i can say i will use the words now, but it does -- doesn't change the argument. he eventually used the term. >> he said war on terror and it drove you crazy. >> it didn't drive me crazy. it is the only thing about george bush that didn't drive me crazy. so i think obama's poimt is a sound -- point in so far as they are talking about the
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young people who are in the process of radicalization. they are sitting alone in their rooms and they are disgruntled, whatever it is. maybe they are inching toward that and the fact that we are drawing this big divide and calling out muslims and that is what i think donald trump is doing and not what the president is doing could throw them over the edge. that's the argument he is making. at the end of the day president obama is digging in his heel. this is something he does. he has an argument and he will stick to it. >> the consequence was to throw hillary clinton under the bus. as you say dragged into using the phrase and now the president has attacked her. i think hillary is in a difficult position. i think she would be well advised to disassociate herds from obama's remarks. >> she is up 12 in the latest bloomburg poll. arguably donald trump had a bad couple weeks. i don't think he will benefit at all from what has gone on. >> she is not so much gaining, but he is losing. >> the impact of gary johnson
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inching up a couple points there. whatever it is, hillary clinton is ahead in these polls. i am not saying that is how it will stand, and his endorsement is incredibly meaningful. he is over 50% approval rating. >> that's because people haven't been talking about him recently. >> wait until this show airs tonight. >> i defend them all day long. >> it is time to take a break. sick and tired of the juvenile level of discourse in this election? so am i. stick around. i will call out the company pean next.
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live from america's news headquarters. i'm jackie ibanez. they are convening to
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investigate the wife of the orlando gunman. authorities have spoken to her in -- and a federal lawsuit said she knew of his plans but did not stop him. she could face accessory to murder. loretta lynch spoke about the investigation. >> we will bring all resources to bear. everything we have to this investigation. >> as we focus on this response to the terrorist attack, and we will respond, let us never lose sight of who the victims were. >> investigators have also seized the gunman's phones. the fbi has been able to access them, but they are now going through all of the data. a massive search is underway at disney world resort in orlando where an alligator snatched a 2-year-old boy and dragged him into the 7 seas lagoon. the father ran into the water to get his son and he was too late will law enforcement are
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there searching for the child. >> the night, the morning if you will continuing this search until we are able to have a peaceful and successful resolution i should say for the family. the family here is vacationing from nebraska. there is a mother and father and i believe three children who are here. so for that family we are very hopeful we are able to locate the child in a reasonable period of of time. >> the incident happened near the floridian resort and spa. the family of five was visiting from nebraska. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." a website that supports hillary clinton is selling t-shirts showing her holding the severed head of the presumptive republican
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presidential nominee. look at that. it is pretty gruesome and it is pretty silly and par for the course in this election. hillary and her supporters called her opponent everything from unstable and unfit for the presidency to making juvenile attacks about his hair and skin color. the press seems to love every insult no matter how petty. last week hillary tweeted, delete your account. itit is a popular if over used social media jive, but the press went wild. there were thousand of articles written about this one tweet. triumphantly announced the first burn of the general election has been scored. hillary backer elizabeth warren went on a twitter tirade against the pre sum testify nominee insulting him with word like lame, weak and pathetic. thousands of articles praised her bravery and wit. 9 democrats of course have been doing this for years. in the last election mitt romney touted his success saying he had biebders --
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binders full in his office. obama supporterses were snickering like bevis and butt head. do you get it? you would if you were in middle school. the question is what to do this year. democrats have been using reality show tactics. taking political opponents out of context and deliberately using innuendo to slander character. what should this nominee do? what can he do? it should be interesting to see. >> what do you think? what can this republican nominee, i forget who it is. what can they do in the face of the attacks. >> he doesn't have much angst defending himself. i will say the t-shirt holding his head is a little too much for me. if you flip that around and had him holding hillary
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clinton's head which i noy was not the biblical story it refers to, but it would have a louder cry than what is going on. >> i have been looking at these operatives for years. the chorus in hollywood and the press, it is juvenile attacks that they have always used and then you are supposed to be upset when the other side does it. >> i guess. conservatives you are supposed to be better than this, right? you are not pc. it is a joke, it is a metaphor. the one unrealistic thing is she is holding his hair. that's the only thing that bothers me. somebody would grab him and the rest of the body falls off. >> who cares? they are attacking him the
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wrong way. you must agree that both sides engage in juvenile attacks even though the republicans have only been doing it for a couple months now. they are joining the democrats in playing their own game. do you agree? >> it is just one person. it is not the whole party. jay this crooked hillary thing is working. it is not real presidential when he is trying to give a teleprompter speep. he lasted two minutes and then dives into those insults. the polka -- pocahontas thing, i have a lot of hillary clinton flare and i would not wear it. >> you don't like the t-shirt? okay. i think what happens with the democrats is she has been huffing and puffing. >> i think the whole thing is overstated on both sides.
12:29 am
think back to the glory days when glover cleveland was in the white house and campaign ads included a silhouette of the white house with a picture of a mother and baby carriage and the caption is mama where is my puck? gone to the white house, hahaha. i say let 100,000 flowers bloom. >> i i guess this mom intoe is more like -- this nominee is more like the great abe lincoln. andy levey is coming up to deliver the hard truth.
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welcome back and time to find out what we missed. >> how are you? >> good. >> i don't know why i said good. you didn't ask how i was. >> i know you are good. >> president obama knows who the rool bad guys are. >> you said this may be the low point of obama's presidency and after a tragedy like orlando it is time to bring it together. >> it is election season, man. >> that's true, but you should be able to distinguish the role of president and the healing function that he is. >> i am agreeing with you.
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>> this is another first. >> it is weird when it happens. >> it is very weird. you said the president was visibly angry. yeah, in the minds of a lot of people, that's part of the problem. he gets visibly angry at terrorists or at republicans, but not at terrorists. >> well said, andy. >> in fact, here is donald trump's response to what obama said. he said, quote, he was more angry at me than the shooter. the level of an -- anger, that's the anger he should have for the shooters and the killers. it shouldn't be here. jessica, regarding the complicit thing, the thing -- the weird thing trump said about obama, he he said, quote, we are lead by a man that is not tough, not smart, but there is something else going on. there is something going on. he doesn't get it or he gets it better than anybody understands. it is one or the other and either one is unacceptable. >> thanks for cherry tieing that. disoosh -- clarifying that.
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>> i wish i could tell you what he meant. >> don't ask the "washington post" what he meant. >> you don't have to. they make things up and put it in a headline. >> tom, tom, you are hurting me. >> jessica, on the other hand you brought up trump saying the terrorist was afghan as he said. i do think that was legitimately reading the prompter wrong. he did correct himself saying it was his parents who were afghani. >> yes, i watched it the same way and then i remembered him doing the same thing. i know that he likes to benefit from these kind of instances. he doesn't want to talk about the fact that these guys are american. >> and we have reporting today that mateen said in his call to police his opposition to america bombing his country. if that proves to be true it tells you what he thinks his country is. >> and i would like to say as a new yorker when we are referring to where we are from in a multi-cultural city, we always refer to our ethnicity.
12:36 am
if you ask me what are you? it is not i am an american. it is no [bleep], we are all here. i am scottish. what are you? german. >> scottish. >> oh, okay. >> she is russian. >> i knew i liked you. freedom! >> andrew, i agree with you that none of this is surprising because everyone makes tragedy about their pet cause. you are right about that. >> cats. it is about cats. matter of fact, i have a cat that i am trying to give away. if anybody would like it, just contact me. >> do not look at me. ambassador you said the reason you treat syrian refugees differently than people from iceland is iceland does not have a terrorism problem. it is an issue of safety for americans. i am curious though, do you agree that there should booy a temporary ban on letting there be a ban on muslims imigrating here?
12:37 am
>> i think it is over inclusive and under inclusive. it doesn't address all of the problems and it addresses too much. i think we should take in refugee applicants from people that isis has been persecuting, christians and others. i think we have a legitimate humanitarian need to do that. >> rudy cruel yawn knee said -- rudy guiliani said if mosques have nothing to hide they shouldn't be opposed to surveillances. >> you do it for all or none. >> but they are not doing it for all. >> not anymore. >> or ever. >> that's my spin on it. >> ambassador, you said nobody is talking about impinging on the freedom of religion. you don't think the government surveillance has no chilling affect on freedom? >> i think it depends on the way it is conducted. guiliani has said when he was mayor and indeed when he was at the u.s. justice department there was extra surveillance in the
12:38 am
italian communities for the organized time. that's where the organized crime was. the main thing is cooperation with the religious leaders. it is not done without their knowing about it. it is done with their approval and cooperation will that's what the new york plan was. >> you sound so reasonable tonight. >> i feel like i am going to wake up at any minute. >> you said it is harder to get a costco card than to pledge allegiance to isis. >> not trying to pledge ally inteligence to isis. i tried to get a costco card and they would only give me the cold membership. >> what is higher than that? >> i don't know. maybe a ruby. >> platinum. >> are you making this up as you go along? >> it is like american airlines i'm assuming. >> the rhetoric stuff. if you stay radical islam they discard the word radical and think you are talking about
12:39 am
islam. >> i agree and what you are doing is the opposite. you are drawing a distinction between peaceful, moderate, call them what you want muslims and radical isla masists. you are making the distinctions. >> it cuts against his own argument. what he is worried about is the peasants don't have his capacity to understand this point and therefore they will get reved up and overreact. a large part of the explanation is that he thinks the american response, the self-defense makes things worse. i think that is flatly wrong. i think that's his view. >> jessica, you noted that we saw hillary clinton just a day or so ago say fine i will use the term radical islam. why do you think she is cool with it now when she was not in the past? >> i don't think it is because of donald trump. he took credit for that one. she realizes that she is running for president right now and we have had an attack on american soil.
12:40 am
this is a point the right continually uses against her and democrats and it is important to address it. some people actually think just because you won't say those word you won't have a plan of action. now she said i have a plan of action and i have said the words. hop on board. >> can i ask you a question? >> quickly, yes. >> what is the difference between calling something -- if you don't like something -- i don't like cilantro, if you call it radical cilantro i will still not like it. >> it is a specific thing with a specific meaning. >> it is bad people that use islam. if you don't leak extremists, regardless of what it is, i would assume these muslims do not like radical islam. that's the uh uh-huh -- assumption. >> i don't think there should be anything off 10 sivment if are -- offensive. it doesn't matter what it is called. you don't like it.
12:41 am
>> but it has a specific meaning. so that's the name. i don't know. i am being told we have to go. >> thank you, andy. what caused the extinction of this cute little guy? turn up your air conditioner and get comfortable and i will tell you when we come back. shear what is coming up on the next "kennedy." >> hi there, "red eye" rebels. on the neck "kennedy" kt mcfarland with a response on the orlando shooting. and a celebrity chef stirs up yummy summer cocktails. let's have some together.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. dozens of police officers in florida are searching for a boy snatched by an alligator at a disney world resort will the family was playing on a beach while enjoying a movie night. witnesses say the boy's father tried to save him after he was taken, but the gator was able to swim away. deputies say they will continue their search until the boy is found. a grand jury will investigate the wife of a gunman at an orlando nightclub. sources say she knew of her husband's plans, but did nothing to stop him. she could face 48 counts of accessory to murder. president obama is preparing to visit orlando and the family members of the victims. a club will re-open and donate all profits and tip to the
12:46 am
workers of the pulse nightclub while it is shutdown. egyptian officials ruled out an explosion as the cause of the crash of egypt air. it suddenly veered off course and then plunged into the sea from 37,000 feet. all 66 people on board were killed in that crash last month. nay a california judge at the center of a recall campaign from his handling of a stanford university sex assault case has been removed from a new sex assault case. judge aaron persky has received widespread calls for his removal after he sentenced a former stanford swimmer to six months in jail for assaulting a woman on campus. many criticize that it is too light for the crime and prosecutors were hoping for a term of several years. the removal of the judge comes after potential jurors said they couldn't serve on a jury in his courtroom because of his sentencing in that previous case. i'm jackie ibanez and now back
12:47 am
to your headlines, log on to fox welcome back. we are expanding our bolton heavy panel. dierdre bolton and john bolton we have the current warden of the north, ramsey bolton. and michael bolton. >> and i am told this guy is the evil figure and i just want to say i recent having this. >> we are not related. >> i never watched game "game of thrones." >> you have to check it out! >> the world has lost a tiny, tiny creature. no, not greg. he is still on saturday night at 10:00 p.m. i am talking of course of the
12:48 am
bramble-k. they are the first mammal to go extinct. they say extinction has gone hand in hand throughout the history of the world. yes, we killed this wonderful creature. it is amazing. here is video of the final moments. >> i don't think climate change was the problem. that was a hamster. >> climate change killed dinosaurs. >> i don't know if it was -- >> it was definitely climate change.
12:49 am
there was climate activity. it worked out well for us. if it is up to me, turn up the heat if it will kill the rodents. i don't like rodents. if it takes out the small cats, not the tigers, they are cool. if it takes out the cats, i'm cool with that. >> i think schulz makes a good point. i think if people see this, they are thinking that's all? that's the climate change catastrophe? >> republicans will be winning off this one. i are you sen customer. i surrender. >> they are make tupg. >> what do you think? should this have an effect. the climate has never been stable and the earth does not have a correct temperature.
12:50 am
even if there is global warming and it is caused by human activity what i object to are the things that centralize control. >> kill all of the humans. >> it is a problem where global cooling and these people would be proposing the same responses because they want the same control. >> how often do you think about climate changing? >> ♪ always, always >> she thinks about it a lot. >> we have to go. we'll keep talking about it. coming up, a bedtime story.
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trust no one who is unattractive. youngsters trust good looking people more than unattractive ones. yes, they are as shallow as adults. researchers asked 8, 10 and 12-year-olds to look at pictures of adult men and rate their trustworthiness. and then a month later rate their attractiveness. it shows the older a kid gets the more he or she judges you on your look. >> those judging toddlers. where do they get off? >> i think it makes sense to
12:55 am
me. i think that's why villains -- kids are honest. they say, yeah, i don't trust that person. >> all right, or i guess maybe kids are willing to be cared for and back to your evolutionary theories and the race gets better looking? ii am grasping at straws here. >> i think it has been true throughout history. if you look at the statues of the roman emperors they look more alike the farther you get from rome because they are intended to convey a certain authority. when we moved them to the television age people who were not good looking had trouble as political candidates. ask richard nixon in the 1960 debate. people thought on radio he had won the debate when they watched on television. they thought dashing jack kennedy. >> poor nixon was sweaty and jfk was there with a little powder. >> you don't trust donald trump and he is extremely attractive. >> melt down.
12:56 am
>> let me take a moment and collect myself. >> he is attractive. >> thought of an attractive guy in his younger days. >> i have seen pictures of him from the 80s. >> he is an attractive butter nut squash. >> he is a good looking guy for 70ing isn't he? >> no. >> doesn't it make sense -- >> why does he need to be good looking? kids aren't voting. >> kids trust people who are good looking. kids probably like you. you are a handsome guy. >> thank you vep p i don't know if kids like me and i don't ask them because that's creepy. hi, kid, do you like me? is everything fun? >> you have to do it with a clip board in your hand and pen. >> that's more scientific? i realize this about kid, everything that kid find funny is violent. do you ever realize that? if someone falls, ha, ha, ha. a cartoon as an anvil drops on road runner. these are sociopaths.
12:57 am
>> joke for a kid, go like that. >> special thanks, and that does it for me, i'm tom shillue and see you next time. p?p?h of "the five."
12:58 am
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"special report" is next. a passionate president obama defends how he talks about terrorism as investigators into the orlando nightclub attack turn their attention to the terrorist's wife. and what she knew. this is "special report." >> good evening, welcome to washington i'm bret baier. eel speak live with homeland security secretary jeh johnson in just a few minutes. but first an update on the war on terror turns into a war over words. today president obama launched a fiery response to republicans, and specifically donald trump, over the president's refusal to use the term radical islamic


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