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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 15, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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tomorrow. >> look for lindsey graham to make a major announcement when it comes to fbi background checks and getting more funding. >> the man who killed usama bin laden will join us. we hope you too. see you then. >> what a stunning story. desperate search for a 2-year-old boy snatched by an alligator at a disney world resort. this orphic incident unfolding overnight after grant floridian officials holding out hope after searching for 12 hours. we say hello and good morning in new york. welcome to america's newsroom. >> welcome back. another incident in orlando. the toddler was waiting in this water when the gator suddenly dragged him into a lagoon. at a news conference officials say that search for the boy will
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continue. >> we will bring in some fresh eyes, additional personnel to continue with the search. last night at 9:00 pm this child was playing at the edge of the water of foot or so into the water when this alligator came up and attacked the child, the father did his best to rescue the child to no avail. >> we hope that changes. peter, where are we now on this story based on what you have learned? >> so far authorities have caught and killed four alligators in the area. they looked inside those gaiters but no evidence that any of the alligators they found had anything to do with the disappearance of this boy who was splashing around in a few inches of water.
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>> we are not focused on what is the outcome going to be? we are searching hopefully for a little boy to bring a family some comfort. >> rare for people to be attacked by alligators. very rare. >> this happened one monorail stop from the magic kingdom just after 9:00 last night. authorities worked all night long looking for the boy. when the sun came up they brought in more people to aid in the search using helicopters and pointing sonar at the man-made lake which is 14 feet deep in places and does connect to other waterways at disney world. divers are standing by if the sonar hits on anything but it is no longer considered search and rescue, it is considered search and recovery at this point although officials have a sliver of hope for a happy ending. >> the family is from nebraska.
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where were the boys's parents when this happened? >> his dad was standing right there. as best we understand from what officials say his dad tried to keep a grip on his toddler well the alligator grabbed him and tried to wrestle him away but the dead ended up with scratches on his hands and arms and that was it. his son was gone. the whole family is with counselors somewhere nearby and there are signs that say no swimming but there are not signs that warn of alligators which is something you see in a lot of places in florida. >> they often have fireworks, don't know if that was happening at the time. inside the magic kingdom, you are at a facility that is rated very high, police earlier said today that he was in the water a foot or 2 and his parents were
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nearby. what more have you gathered about that? >> there were fireworks happening, a family with young children, three young children, two parents got here on the 12th and we understand, camped out looking at the fireworks, the sun was splashing around in this lake nearby at the grant floridian as part of the landscape they designed every inch of by hand. it is all man-made and obviously the alligator came out of nowhere and their vacation took a horrible turn but they are here just hoping authorities can find their son alive. >> will police give another briefing soon or have you heard? >> we were just asking about that. there will be information given to us at a podium that is set up as it comes.
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>> back to you when we get headlines. >> we are getting new details in the orlando terror attack as we learn the gunmen's wife may face charges herself, this comes following reports that she not only knew about her husband's plan but drove him to the nightclub to scope out the area. she made her first public appearance yesterday, retrieving some of her belongings from the apartment she and the gunmen shared. she consultants correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more on the story. what more are we learning here? >> the shooter was checking out his facebook page during the massacre, he wrote about tasting the vengeance of the islamic state. two sources confirm to fox news there is evidence of significant premeditation and he did
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surveillance three targets before buying the gun a week before the massacre. we understand the surveillance included the pulse nightclub, a second gay nightclub in downtown disney. the house intelligence committee was briefed by the fbi homeland security and national counterterrorism center said he was unbalanced, prone to fits of rage where he mouth off about al qaeda, possibly conflicted about his own sexuality and layered on top with the kind of slowburn radicalization. >> he may not have fully noted himself. in previous years he would yell out, chanting about isis, al qaeda, talk about the sniper on the night itself. this seemed to be building up anger inside of him. islamist hatred, cracked at the end.
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>> we confirmed through law enforcement sources there questioning the wife, she is cooperating to a degree, she admitted she knew about the plans in advance but she did not do anything to stop the killing. this would be his second wife, second partner if you will. we are learning about some warnings from the army. >> fox news obtained this morning to army command center is a direct response to orlando just yesterday, there is no credible intelligence of a follow-on threat but major military events in june culminating with july 4th coincide with the holy month of ramadan and potential for similar attacks may be enhanced. ramadan may prevent unique incentives and opportunities for terrorists. many violent extremists claim heavenly benefits for achieving margin during ramadan especially in the last ten days. homeland security secretary jay johnson addressed the current threat level on special report. >> we will be issuing a new bulletin on or before june 16th
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when the old one expires and we will have some things to say about orlando and the current threat picture. i have literally taken pen to paper on this document and it is going to be something we will be issuing very soon. >> the army threat bulletin emphasizes the importance of identifying attackers or suspicious activity in advance of major events and that is the window where these individuals were most vulnerable and we saw this with omar mateen in orlando. >> now to the election. president obama jumping head first into the race for the white house taking on donald trump directly. trump doubling down on a temporary ban on muslim refugees in the wake of the attacks in orlando. president obama making a statement on the investigation and responded to donald trump
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this way. >> we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from immigrating to america. where does the stop? do republican officials agree with this? that is not the america we want. >> donald trump firing back. on the trump campaign what is he saying? >> reporter: a new rally at the fox theater were donald trump is expected to continue the war of words he is waiting with hillary clinton and barack obama. clinton and obama hammering on the divisive rhetoric that is absolutely inappropriate from the mouth of a presidential candidate. trump hearing from paul rhyne who said the proposed ban on muslims is not in the best interest of the country but trump is not backing down insisting he is merely pointing out doing the same thing over and over again when it comes to
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terrorism is not working. there needs to be a seachange in our approach, also suggesting barack obama's anger is misplaced. >> i watched president obama today and he was more angry at me then he was at the shooter. one of the folks on television said trump has gotten under his skin. he was more angry, the level of anger, that is the kind of anger he had have with the shooter. >> trump's most ardent supporters behind him but not everybody is that she is turning some people off with his talk. a new poll in the washington post shows 70% disapproval rating for donald trump. the only saving grace that hillary clinton's numbers are not much better, she is at 55%. >> we will wait for that report throughout the morning. i want to bring in john mccormick, good morning to you.
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there is a three way war here, trump on one side, president obama on the other. this is likely a matter of time. >> it was. in presidential elections with an incumbent president, that election hinges on whether you want more of the same or you want change and that is what we are seeing explicitly between trump and obama. great indicator who is going to win this election, with the president's approval rating is. compared to trump obama's approval rating has picked up in the last few months. hard to tell how the latest round will shake out but lately it seems as trump has surged obama has improved his image among the american people. >> you are making the case trump is making obama look better to voters. in what way? >> on the one hand you have trump making obama look better by responding to the terror
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attack, his first tweet was appreciate the congrats about being right about islamic terrorism. was not presidential or dignified. then he made cryptic comments about president obama that he gets it better than anybody understand referring to islamic terrorism. what does that mean? some ugly things. out of left field he decided he wants to know about the troops handing out cash in iraq, suggesting soldiers were stealing in a widespread basis. president obama is trying to make trump look better when he response to a terror attack by politically correct nonsense about more gun control, that is his response to a terror attack. americans want to see a strong effective response and have more confidence in our war against isis abroad, people have more confidence in obama and talk about gun control that doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. jon: we will talk to the trump
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team in a couple minutes. thank you. now the battle has been joined. >> we will talk more about it for the next two hours. security officials are on high alert. a new bulletin warning isis fighters may be heading to one particular city to carry out more attacks. we have those details. jon: using the term islamic radicalism will not change anything in the fight against isis. house homeland security committee mike mccullen answers that in a moment. jason chafe it's on this topic this morning. >> exacerbating the situation because he does not have a strategy. the president will not define the enemy and has no strategy or plan to defeat it. olay regenerist renews from within...
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of the aisle have made in the fight against isil is to criticize this administration and me for not using the phrase radical islam. would that make isil less committed? not once has an advisor said to me if we use that phrase, we turn that around. >> president obama going off script fired up, two words matter. the chairman of the house homeland security committee from washington dc, welcome back. words matter certainly, so do actions. how did he argue how actions are winning the war? >> it is not a military strategy to say radical islam. the fact is he hasn't had a military strategy for the last three years. isis is not on the run, it is on the rise in sinai, egypt, growing in tunisia, libya, making some gains in iraq and syria. it is longer to take military
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action there. from iraq and syria to bomb isis. it has taken him three years to get to this point. you have to define the enemy to defeat it. that is a military strategist axiom. churchill didn't dance around the nazis, he called it fascism. president reagan and kennedy called it communism and they defeated communism. now we have a generational threat, struggle called islamicist extremism. we need to define it to defeat it. jon: with brett last night on gun control in america. >> this environment, sensible gun control where we minimize the ability of terrorists to get his hands on assault weapons. a matter of homeland security. a matter of homeland security.
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>> nobody wants terrorists to get weapons but their weapon of choice is ak-47, 100 million of them. this man is not on a watchlist at the time he purchased the weapons so it is a red herring and the federal courts have held that the weapon is protected by the second amendment. we have to do this in conformity with due process in our constitution and jay would agree. >> the killer works for security company. he had one weapon already and he bought two more. police have alerted small extremist groups en route to belgium. at this current rate it will go on and on. it is not going to stop. >> this was the next attack in
6:21 am
the united states. the euro cup is a big target, the regional target that they converted when they became operational at the brussels airport. there is a big threat scream at the euro cup, multiple gains taking place in the same cell network from the brussels terrorist attacks targeting the cup in france. we are worried about this. i talked to french counterterrorism officials and belgium. we are all for good reason. jon: mike mccullough wrote the book failures of imagination, deadliest threats on the homeland. thank you for your time out of washington dc. we will speak again very soon. >> the democratic national committee database hacked including all the opposition research on donald trump. wait until you hear who was behind it. jon: president obama and donald
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jon: the first vote to censure irs chief john costigan and. he is accused of mishandling the tea party scandal. if passing this committee the vote would move to the entire house. we will see which way that goes. activity is underway. heather: the washington post
6:26 am
reporting the russian government hacked into the computer network of the democratic national committee and gained access to a database containing opposition resources on donald trump. more on that story, what exactly do the attackers get? >> they were able to access all emails going in and out of the dnc since last summer. that according to cofounder of the security from that investigated this breach. these hackers in the russian government have inside information on the democratic strategy for 2016 and that includes a lot of the opposition research on donald trump. yesterday the russian government denied involvement of a security firm that uncovered this breach saying they have evidence that indicates two groups tied to the kremlin, when is affiliated with russia's military intelligence arm, the other is the same group that believed to have targeted the white house, state department and joint chiefs of staff. >> what does this mean for hillary clinton? she has email security issues of
6:27 am
her own. >> one of the big concerns about a secretary of state using a private email server has been the potential to be breached by foreign hackers. whether that actually happened is unclear but here is how hillary clinton responded when asked about the most recent breach. >> i will be absolutely focused on it because whether it is russia or china, iran or north korea more and more countries are using hacking to steal information to use it to the advantage and we can't let it go on. >> the chair of the dnc says the hackers have been kicked out and their networks are secure but the information that was taken is gone for good. heather: thank you. jon: tends moments of violence at a walmart and a man holding people hostage inside. we will tell you what happened next. heather: a desperate search for
6:28 am
this toddler dragged into a lagoon by an alligator. an update on that story next. >> three children, trying -- cannot come to grips to what it must have been like to be in that situation, i can't imagine. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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jon: tragedy in florida, working for more information on this. efforts to find a toddler dragged by an alligator has become a search and recovery mission. search cruz desperately looking for missing 2-year-old boy for more than 12 hours now. pulled into the lagoon by an alligator at the grand floridian at 9:20 in the evening. grews using helicopters and sonar to find the boy, locate the alligator. divers standing by in case sonar hits anything. this is what we understand, family of 5 out of nebraska on vacation waiting in the 7 seas
6:32 am
lagoon at 9:20 last night at the same time the fireworks went off at disney. the father tried to rescue his son, clearly unsuccessful. of the report suggest the mother was in the water as well. the alligator said to be anywhere from four to 7 feet long but the exact size is not known. the beach area is part of a luxury resort, the grand floridian across the lake from the magic kingdom theme park, 50 law enforcement personnel searching that lagoon, two marine units trying to help with the effort through the night, police say the boy was on the edge of the water, perhaps, get this, only a foot or two in the water when the alligator attacked. there are signs all over the place about no swimming but when you are a foot or two in the water you probably think you are in a safe area. police described this body of water on the left side of the
6:33 am
screen, it is large. it will take some time to go through all of this. we are going to talk to the police in orange county 30 minutes from now, we will have the latest on what they are learning today, 9:33. >> treating all muslim americans differently? are we going to start subjecting them to special surveillance? are we going to start discriminating against them because of their faith? we have heard these suggestions during the course of this campaign. >> president obama firing back at donald trump after the present of republican presidential nominee proposed a ban on all immigrants from countries with a history of terrorism in the wake of the orlando shooting. donald trump saying the president's anger is misdirected. >> i watched resident obama
6:34 am
today and he was more angry at me then he was at the shooter. a lot of people have said this. the level of anger, that is the kind of anger he should have with the shooter and these killers that shouldn't be here. >> joining me now, alan calls, host of the alan coleman show and kristin anderson, washington examiner columnist, author of the selfy vote where millennial's are leading america. thank you for joining us. i will start with you. we heard president obama speaking yesterday, he was clearly angry, at times indignant, very impassioned. is it appropriate for president obama as a sitting president to do this, responding to donald trump? should someone else be out there
6:35 am
doing it like joe biden? >> president obama is frustrated with donald trump's response. donald trump's response is far from perfect and there are lots of things he has done in the last 48 hours i haven't loved but america is looking for the president to have a moment like ronald reagan had after the challenger disaster where you offer comfort to america, hope to america and what president obama has done is by going after donald trump, by not talking about the fact that this attack was caused by someone who was a radical islamic terrorist, someone pledged his allegiance to isis you are not able to make the distinction between peaceful muslims and this man who pledged allegiance to a horrible horrible radical strain. if president obama is going after people for using the phrase radical islam that is misguided. heather: he carefully did not say radical islamist or radical islamic terrorism. he in fact said the terrorist in this particular incident in orlando was not using radical religion. instead he compared this to a
6:36 am
thug. that appropriate? >> this was not about donald trump. the speech which was 12 or 13 minutes had one line about a guy who tweets and goes on cable shows, nothing other than that to do with donald trump. donald trump always makes everything about him. he talked about and he is right to say what these people are doing is a perversion of islam. it is not islam. it is a perversion of this great religion. the other point he made which is important is isis would like to make it a fight between islam and the west and by using that phrase which he eloquently described reasons for not using, by the way george w. bush didn't use that phrase either, we are playing into their hands using that phrase. george w. bush was careful too. heather: he said it was a political talking point and a distraction. if he believes it is nothing but a distraction and a political talking point and hillary clinton herself now since she is willing to use it, why not use
6:37 am
it? >> the context of that was i am happy to say it if you want need to say it but it is not relevant. that is not what the issue is. this mono mania people have about whether barack obama or democratic candidates use the phrase is absurd. as the president pointed out this won't help our military efforts, this won't help defeat isis. this isn't a strategy that will get us where you want to go. isis isn't going to surrender if the president says islamic terrorism. all right, we given. heather: every military leader that i spoke to have always said you need to define who the enemy is. >> you don't think the president knows who the enemy is? heather: michael collins said compared to kennedy or reagan who both used the term communism, churchill used the term fascism. why is president obama different? >> you mention things that are ideologies, not religions.
6:38 am
the president is very clear, as was i want to say again george w. bush did not use the phrase either, never incurred this kind of criticism against that we are using against obama. >> when someone says in the middle of -- 49 people in orlando, doing it because i pledged allegiance to the islamic state, he is using the phrase the islamic state. the islamic state says we are people -- >> should be happy he said islamic state. >> horrible her version of a religion but if you don't understand these people are being driven by religious fervor you can't have the right strategy to defeat them. perversion -- they are calling themselves radical islamists. these attacks during ramadan because it has a special meaning. if we say we are creating a caliphate, it is important to us to understand -- i don't understand why president obama's response is a talking point.
6:39 am
the sky is blue and this man killed innocent people because wedging allegiance to the islamic -- >> you think -- if i could get a word in here. heather: he called him a loan actor and also said that he was self radicalized because of the internet. >> if you think this president doesn't understand who the enemy is, he did away with usama bin laden, killed more leaders of al qaeda than any previous administration, the idea that he will only know who the enemy is if he says a certain phrase that will make the right wing happy is insanity. >> not about saying a certain phrase but having a strategy. calling them -- nothing to defeat them. heather: thank you, people impassioned on both sides. jon: certainly can appreciate the fire. an explosion rattling the neighborhood.
6:40 am
>> oh my gosh! jon: those flames breaking out at a warehouse in the middle of the night. a murder investigation. what happened inside? heather: what did omar mateen's wife know about the nightclub shooting and the charges she faces. >> we are looking for needles in a nationwide haystack. we are also called upon to figure out which pieces of hay might become needles.
6:41 am
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>> the muslim band is not in our country it's interest. it is not reflective of our principles not as a party but as the country. the smarter way to go in all respects is to have a security test, not a religious test. jon: paul ryan responding to criticism about donald trump. trump under fire after renewing
6:44 am
his call for a temporary ban on muslim refugees coming into the united states. the senior advisor to the trump team with us live. thanks for coming back. i have a lot to go through in the next few moments. the disconnect with republican leaders when paul ryan talk like that, is this highlighted more than before? is it back? >> i certainly don't think so. i think the real issue is who keeps our country safe and i think donald trump in contrast to hillary clinton is the stronger person. poll after poll has shown americans trust him on national security infinitely more than they trust hillary clinton. at a time that is critical and important as this i think republican leaders certainly would rather see donald trump, most americans would rather see donald trump in the white house been hillary clinton. jon: paul ryan is talking about a security test, not a religious
6:45 am
test. what is wrong with a security test? >> the problem is we don't have one. donald trump is calling for a temporary ban until we have a system in place that does keep our country safe and right now we don't have that and he is asking we put a temporary ban on muslims coming from countries that have had these issues not across the board, but we have to focus on keeping our country safe and until we have something in place that helps us do that and put some type of temporary -- we don't know who these people are or where they are coming from or why they are coming here but until we have a better system in place to do that, we need a better -- >> expanded to more countries this past week. is that what voters are responding to? give me a sense of the evidence that supports that. >> the support is people are tired of political correctness and are looking for a leader who is completely focused on putting american interests first, keeping our country safe, this
6:46 am
is the worst attack since 9/11. our enemies don't fear obama and not hillary clinton but they will fear donald trump. that is what we need right now. that is what we need to focus on, someone who will put that first. jon: you mentioned polling numbers, abc and the washington post. is on favorability now is 70%. she is at 55. this is an all-time high for donald trump. how do you handle that? >> the very clear answer is drawing the contrast between donald trump and hillary clinton. right now this is one of the biggest issues facing our country, who is better on national security, poll after poll has shown people trust donald trump on that issue. another big issue americans care about most is the economy and more americans trust donald trump and hillary clinton. at the end of the day they are more concerned about where our economy is and who is going to keep them safe then who they like the most of that moment and
6:47 am
as this campaign goes further and people see the contrast it will be -- donald trump will win in november. jon: if the number 2 issues, the top two wishes are the economy and national security do you think that is your winning hand? regardless of what republicans and republican leadership are saying? >> it certainly has to be one of the biggest focuses. that is what people care about not just because that is what they care about but that is what is driving our country. if people are safe here, people can't get jobs we don't have a country. if we are not safe. we can't go out on a sunday night. jon: you are banking on winning without the party behind you. >> not at all. more than the party, the american people, donald trump won in 17 person primary and is beating hillary clinton head to head in a lot of places. polling will fluctuate but continuing this campaign you see
6:48 am
the contrast between donald trump and hillary clinton there is no doubt that donald trump will beat hillary clinton in november. >> here we go with donald trump in north carolina last night, play it for the audience and get an explanation why he said this. >> iraq, crooked as hell, how about bringing baskets of money, millions and millions of dollars and handing it out. i want to know who are the soldiers that had that job? i think they are living very well right now whoever they may be. jon: where did that come from? >> he was referencing iraqi soldiers and the corruption taking place over there. there is no person in this race that has been more committed and more focused on our active military, rebuilding our military and taking care of our veterans. to insinuate donald trump is anything other than that as
6:49 am
democrats try to do. jon: he wasn't talking about american soldiers? >> he was talking about iraqi soldiers and the corruption that has taken place. >> the trump team sent an email saying he was referring to iraqi soldiers. we will see further clarification today. thank you for coming back, live in little rock, we will talk again. heather: new poll numbers between donald trump and hillary clinton. what the new numbers reveal about the state of the race. jon: tension between police and the gunmen inside a walmart. what set off this deadly experience. >> found a lady hiding, brought her around. do not come to the back of the building. e, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation
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jon: grizzly discovery after massive explosion. watch. [bleep] jon: a warehouse in california. police found five bodies underneath that building. the 20 when-year-old homeless man set the fire with intent after an argument with another homeless person. that man being held on $1 million bail. heather: texas police say there is no reason to believe a hostage situation at an amarilla walmart has any ties to terrorism. yesterday afternoon the 54-year-old suspect and four employees held his manager and another person at gunpoint in a dispute over a promotion. casey siegel joins us from dallas with more on this story. >> that is why police characterize this as workplace
6:54 am
violence. they say that man was a disgruntled employee and he showed up at that walmart in amarillo yesterday, fired at least one gunshot into the ceiling. investigators believe 54-year-old mohammed was upset because he was passed up for a promotion. cops say he forcibly took the store manager and one other employee hostage inside an office at that store. frantic shoppers and workers diving for cover and calling 911 for help not knowing what was about to happen next. >> found a lady hiding her clothes rack, bringing around with gunfire inside. do not come to the back of the building. >> the back of the building where the office was located, the government was holdup, a swat team made entry into the store, shooting and killing the armed suspect.
6:55 am
nobody else hurt. hostages were okay. authorities in amarillo, texas do not believe this was tied to terrorism in any way, just an angry employee who snapped. heather: thank you. jon: we watched that story yesterday. heather: with else going on your mind go there. jon: we have been covering this news out of orlando, now we have this out of disney as well, a 2-year-old boy out of nebraska playing in the water with his family last night, his parents were nearby during the fireworks show, at 9:20 in the evening. we were told the boy was in the water afford or two and was dragged into that lagoon by an alligator. there is a search underway and
6:56 am
they are looking through this fast water area into the lagoon that overlooks the magic kingdom. so far they located several alligators but not the boy, search and rescue operation, search and recovery, search and rescue operation, there so far has been no sign of this 2-year-old. the father went into the water, the mother went into the water to no avail. heather: they have found four alligators so far. jon: police are on the line, we will talk to orlando police and find out what they can tell us in a moment. while that is happening, the wife of the orlando killer could be in serious trouble. grand jury looking at possible charges against her. judge andrew napolitano argues she could face the death penalty for what she knew and for what she did not say. the judge will make his argument
6:57 am
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so we don't have to wad to get clean.t charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ... and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. another tragedy unfolding
7:00 am
overnight in the orlando area, a two-year-old boy out of nebraska on vacation with his family at walt disney world attacked and dragged into the water by an alligator. brand-new on america's newsroom, some of the aerials we are getting from disney world. heather, good morning again heather: i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. you can imagine if these were these parents, crews searching for the boy for more than 12 hours ba it happened at the seven seas lagoon in an area where no swimming signs have been posted. this from the police. >> is two-year-old child was playing at the edge of the water, a foot or so into the water when an alligator came up and attacked him.
7:01 am
the father did his best, tried to rescue the child, however to no avail. they are extremely shaken up. there's been some pictures we've seen, very beautiful, happy family so imagine if it were you . bill: i can only imagine. the spokeswoman at the orange county sheriff's office leaving those search efforts and thank you for your time. it's been 13 hours now. what can you bring us up-to-date on? >> during the last couple of hours, we have been able to recover for alligators from the lagoon and they have been euthanized and have been checked for any evidence of the child and unfortunately we have not found any. bill: so the search continues. can you give us a description of what this lagoon is like and how far normal patrons would be from their in the 9:00 hour with fireworks going off in the distance? >> it is a massive body of water that is behind the grand floridian resort area.
7:02 am
it is a man-made beach, there's sand and there's a shallow entrance and that lets out into a bigger body of water and i don't know exactly how many people would be in that area at that time but again, people are vacationing, they're relaxing, families are out there thinking their children are just enjoying themselves and then kids love beaches and that's the reason why they are made there. bill: give us a sense of what the authorities are doing. how many people do you have on this and what is this search and rescue or search and recovery efforts, what is it like at this time? >> well, we have multiple units still on scene and in addition to that we also have another florida agency, florida fish and wildlife conservation commission, they are out here.
7:03 am
they are the ones trying to track the alligators and we have the helicopters, we have our marine unit with their boats, we have our dive team also, they are on standby so we have a large amount of people and resources being used for the search. bill: two more quick ones. do we know, do we have a fix on how many alligators could be in that lagoon? >> we don't know. we just know that for have been recovered at this time. bill: and can you give us a sense of the family now? apparently there from nebraska and they must be under in norma's emotional strain. >> of course. as you can imagine. it's a family of four visiting from out oftown , possibly their dream vacation and they are here and or something like this to happen, it's so tragic and it's unfortunate and as the mother of two small children myself, i definitely sympathize and i can't even
7:04 am
say that i can imagine. i know what they're going through. bill: rose silva, thank you for your time. we will be in touch with you and your office today and try to figure out some answers. our best to you on this story and the family as well. thanks, four minutes past. heather: in the meantime, also in orlando investigators tracking down brand-new leads in the terror attack and prosecutors convening a grand jury to consider charges against the killer'swife . she may have known about the plans for the massacrebut may have done nothing or tried to do nothing to stop it. leland joins us live from orlando with what charges she could face, leland ? reporter: and if these charges and accusations are true, it certainly means that the tragedy and massacre that unfolded behind me was completely preventable. noor zahi salman is mateen's
7:05 am
second wife, the shooter's second wife. she could be charged with 49 counts of accessory to murder, 53 counts of accessory to attempted murder and failure to notify the fbi of a potential terrorist attack. it means that he knew of mateen's plans to carry out the attack, knew he had purchased the gun and may have even helped in one way or another, perhaps driving him on the surveillance missions either to disney world or here to the pulse nightclub. the fbi has visited her family's house out in california. what evidence was recovered, we don't know.we don't know and have been told the fbi leads them to convene this grand jury. that could take a while for the prosecutors to present that evidence, get an indictment and that when he would get an arrest. heather: at least three visits to disney world. any other red flags that could have prevented the massacre? reporter: it seems that way. early on in the investigation we learned the fbi had looked at mateen on two separate
7:06 am
occasions, one because of his connection to a person by the name of abu-salha who was the first american suicide bomber. they closed that investigation and said they didn't think there was enough a connection between the two to keep mateen on the terror watch list. it turns out now those two may have been a lot closer than originally thought and that's something the fbi is going back and looking at and in a larger sense, it begs the question were there.not connected? were there red flag that could have prevented this attack? heather: thank you leland. bill: we got this isis propaganda group raising the killer online, urging others to follow his example. they are encouraging attacks on civilians in public venues like this peter, the hospital, the amusement park. new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, on the armed services committee with me now and good morning to you area the first time we've spoken since orlando. what are we to do here and how much have we learned and
7:07 am
what can we do now? >> i think for most we need to understand why did the fbi close this investigation into the terrorist and what was missed here? we need to understand fully what was not connected, what information that we should have had and making sure we have the intelligence to prevent attacks like this though that's priority number one and if the fbi, why did they closed the investigation? were going to be meeting with the fbi director today and i look forward to hearing what confusion was there and what was missed . we can have this happen. bill: that's your first question. >> that is my first question. that's on everyone's mind here. someone they were investigating and we need to understand that because our intelligence system has to work and when the fbi has someone in their sites, they need to understand they had them on the terror watch list, took it to him off. why did that happen? had he still been on the
7:08 am
terror watch list, they would have been notified when he purchased the firearm so this is a real issue for us and i think that's number one. number two, when we look at what they're doing on social media, we've got to continue to go after isis more aggressively in the middle east and dismantle their infrastructure, have that counter narrative on social media. don't allow them to promote the success of this .bill: is it possible, in this is not an excuse, is it possible the fbi is just threat too thin and do not have enough to do the job? >> bill, i think that's a real possibility and that's a question were going to ask as well. do they need more resources. >> what do they need more agents and if they do, we need to give them the resources they need to make sure there are no gaps because unfortunately, we continue to see isis encourage attacks on our soil
7:09 am
, against our allies. they are going to continue to do that. we've got to dismantle them, dismantle their network and make sure on the ground in america we have the resources we need to stop them. bill: one thing i heard repeatedly in orlando during our coverage of the last day is that the department of justice has handcuffed the fbi. is it true and if so, how? >> i don't know. i want to get to the bottom of that as well. we don't want the department of justice handcuffing the fbi based on political correctness or maybe just, they put the rules so strictly in place that they can go after information they need to and we better get to the bottom of that as well and i think that's a fair question today for director comey. we want them to have all they need to prevent attacks like this on our country and go after the terrorists wherever they are. bill: jay johnson with brett last night were talking about how the terrorists are becoming smarter. that is not just true here, it's true everywhere and you wonder how much longer we are going to have to go with this. because it's not getting better, it's only getting worse.
7:10 am
>> bill, you're right, it's only getting worse and unfortunately we continue to face these threats from radical islamist terrorists and we do have to go after them and unfortunately with what happened in orlando, it's not getting better but we seem that obviously in san bernardino, we seem terrorist in brussels and ... bill: chattanooga, forthood. >> dismantle them, eliminate their capability and make sure they understand wherever you are you we're going after you . bill: kelly ayotte with a lot ofquestions for the fbi. we will follow up with you, thank you senator . heather: another question, what did omar mateen wife know about his plot to attack the orlando nightclub? the serious charges she could face. judge napolitano ways in next . bill: the president saying that radical islam, using that phrase will not change anything but colonel ralph peters reacts to that and a lot more. first, homeland security
7:11 am
chair on america's newsroom. >> it's not a military strategy to say radical islam read the fact is, he hasn't had a military strategy for the last three years. we've been briefed on the isis and isis is not on the run, it's on the rise. >> i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. i felt like i got hit by a train; i did. first thing he thought of was am i gonna to take care of my family? i did come across cancer treatment centers of america and i said oh, this place sounds awesome. when i got to cancer treatment centers of
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bill: we have learned a bit more about this man arrested in california with weapons and explosives in the car, being held on $2 million bail. police in santa monica say 21-year-old james howell was headed to a gay pride parade when he was arrested. they found a loaded assault rifle rigged to double its shooting capacity along with several other weapons and 15 pounds of explosives. we do not know what the motive was, if anything. the fbi also investigating how he could end up facing federal charges as well. more to come on that story, 15 past the hour.>> what i have said publicly numerous times and i think there's repeating is that when someone self radicalize, is almost always someone close to that individual who sees the signs. heather: that is homeland security secretary jay johnson on what role the life of orlando gunman omar mateen may have played in the deadly terror attack. authorities telling fox that
7:16 am
noor salman knew of her husband's plans but did not stop him. the grand jury will decide if he will face charges. andrew napolitano is the judicial analyst andhe joins us now with more. before joining us. the charges she could face, what are those? >> there's a long list of charges she could face , providing assistance to, or agreeing to participate.the highest and greatest charge, the reason i mention this is because the federal government likes to charge her with the highest charge supported would be conspiracy to commit mass murder, conspiracy is an agreement by two or more people to commit a crime. once the crime is committed and the person actually committed is dead, the remaining conspirators in this case one person we believe, is as liable as the person who pulled the trigger . heather: and she she could face what as a result? >> the death penalty. i don't know if the federal government wants to pursue that with her because by charging her with the highest crime they would expect her to plead guilty to something less which would incarcerate her for the rest of her life, get a dangerous person off the street and send a message to other bad guys and other confederates that we willcome
7:17 am
after everybody . heather: and other people in general to if you see something, say something if you tell me you're going to rob a bank, i have a moral obligation to tell the bank and probably the police but i don't have a legal obligation to tell the back but if you ask me to help you rob the bank and i help you but you actually do the robbing, i am liable as well.that's what we're facing here. we don't know, i'm surprised the fbi ... heather: all this information now coming out, how do we know the fbi, why are they releasing it. >> i don't know why they release it midstream, is out of character for them whether they are under some political pressure to show some progress perhaps, whether they want to send a message or a dog whistle to others that might be involved, this is how tough were going to be, i don't know but it's out of character for the fbi to release it. asking where the fbi agents were interrogated her yesterday are this morning, the grand jury.
7:18 am
because only in front of a grand jury, telling the grand jury what she told them, seeking an indictment on some charge that the federal prosecutor and the grand jury will agree on. heather: reportedly that questioning was a lie detector test. >> there's a lot of procedural correctness the fbi has to comply with. they have to tell her she can remain silent. they have to tell her she's entitled to a lawyer. they have to tell her silence can't be used against her. they have to tell her the results of the lie detector test can't use against her. that she doesn't have to consent to the lie detector test. the fbi is very good at donning-crossing its teeth. can be used against her so if she says my husband and i went to the club at a certain time and cell phone records
7:19 am
show she was 15 miles away, they're going to present her with a discrepancy and charger with lying to the fbi and independent crimes but if independent records like cell phone records or video corroborates what she says, then they have real, solid evidence to present to agrand jury and presumably to a trial jury . >> we do know they've been coming through at least three differentlocations , her home with her parents and their home where they live and his home where his parents lived as well. >> the fbi is the best law enforcement agency on the planet when it comes to gathering evidence in a crisis situation, gathering it lawfully, gathering it constitutionally and efficiently. sometimes they seem to gather things that fracture the head but they are looking for all the pieces of the puzzle which when put together give them the full picture. heather: so looking into her background and her family background as well. thank you so much. bill? bill: we are getting word donald trump will meet with the nra to talk about how to
7:20 am
get guns out of the hands of those on the terror watch list. it is an issue that is not that simple. this killer in orlando was removed from the no-fly list so we will give you details on what donald trumps saying on twitter about that in a moment. plus, hackers target donald trump through the dnc website. strange story. federal officials call it a breach, that is disturbing and much more. >> is a concern that we take very very seriously. and it's a concern, frankly that we rate, a deep concern. it's not the us government, the democratic national committee is a political government organization not a government organization but it's true that we be deeply concerned. >>
7:21 am
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bill: here's what we know based on a statement from donald trump moment to go on twitter. he will meet with the nra to talk about how people on the no-fly list, who checked out on the terror watch list, how the government can prevent them from buying guns. this today after a gunman killed 49 in orlando. the catch on this story however is that the killer was on the no-fly list and then taken off two years ago. senator kelly ayotte who was with us 15 minutes ago, were going to meet with the fbi later today, that his/her primary question. why was he taken off the no-fly list? what information did they have? in the meantime, we will see what happens with this meeting with the nra and donald trump. also this today. a russian hacker breaking into the democratic national committee database to dig up information not on hillary clinton but on doll trump. two different spy groups
7:25 am
believe to be working for the russian government said to have reached the dnc system which stores files of research on the republican nominee. there would have been a lot of information , the kennedy ceo trust set and a white hacker out of cleveland. david, good morning to you. it happened in late late april. can you make sentence of this question mark. >> i can. the russian government typically uses any type of information they can do about geopolitical areas that are of interest to them to act into databases to grab research on who might be the next president, where their policies may be good at this is something the government would be interested in . bill: why wouldn't they look for hillary clinton's information? >> they're probably looking at all of them, it just hasn't been discovered yet. the technique they use takes a long time to actually go and find how the hackers actually broken so hillary's information weight may have already been taken. hillary's emails were
7:26 am
potentially compromised as well so it's of interest to both of them to understand both their policies in political terms. bill: don't you find theirony here? she's under active fbi investigation about her own server being hacked . this is extraordinary. >> it is and what's extraordinary is that other governments are using acting as a method to extract that information and the techniques they use are pretty well known in advance. there's researchers like matthew graber, they did a lot of research already that the hackers already use to break into these systems so these techniques are well known anddocumented but it's hard to actually go in . bill: what are those techniques? can you describe them in sync civil language? >> one of the hardest techniques to stop is what we call spearfishing. it's a technique of sending you an email saying this is something of interest you would want to open and this soon as you open the email goes and hack your computer. there's a technique called
7:27 am
power shelf which is a method microsoft uses for communication, it's legitimate but hard to detect. these techniques are very easy to infiltrate these organizations. bill: the dnc said they knew it was happening while it was underway. they acted as quickly as they could to kick them out. is that easy?>> there's conflicting reports there. some folks are saying it took almost a year to detect the initial intrusion but they detected other entry points but they were changing their techniques of how they did it. they said they may have access to other information such as email or other communication so this might be much larger than just going after trumps information. they may alsobe looking at components around the dnc and how they are strategizing their campaign . bill: what kind of information would be there? if you're looking for stuff on trump, what would be on their database? >> all the political priorities of trump, his policies, what he may be going for, anything that
7:28 am
could be used against trump from a strategy standpoint to win the campaign. i'm sure you are aware but vladimir putin said he has respect for trump so maybe russia has different interest in actually seen trump elected that they could use to help trump in some circumstances area who knows? but it's used for intelligence purposes and military preparedness and this is something the russian government wants to access. bill: why russia? are they that good? >> there's a lot of good folks out there. china's very good, we are very good, russia is very good, iran is developing their capabilities. north korea is a little more amateurish at the top three are russia, the united states and china. it's going to happen again, right? >> it's happening all the time. bill: david kennedy, great stuff. ceo which is trust stack which is security out of cleveland ohio. thank you. heather: very interesting. democratic life rivals
7:29 am
face-to-face, hillary clinton sitting down with bernie sanders after the final primary the season. wilburn now step aside? bill: president obama says it doesn't matter if he uses the term islamic terror but the front runner disagrees. donald trump with the answer, ralph peters will weigh in also. >> the killer's afghan father supported the taliban and which believes in violently oppressing women and gays. once again, we've seen that political correctness is deadly. >> this is lulu, our newest dog.
7:30 am
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bill: more from disney, apparently they are closing all their beaches, that announced minutes ago as the search for what happened with his two-year-old boy. 13 and a half hours ago, he was in afoot or two of water and an alligator snatched him . off the beach, away from his parents as his father and
7:33 am
reportedly his mother both went into that lagoon to try to rescue their son. it is a horrific story. we've been in touch with the police down there, the sheriff department in orange county florida and hope to get more information as to where they are now in terms of the search of this lagoon that we have been told is massive. a big body of water so the beaches are all closed. disney on edge and for very good reason. 10:33 now, back to that story in a moment. we've also got this.out of miranda, the mayor talking about details on the massacre. investigators learn more about the killer and his wife. who is under extraordinary legal pressure today. mary mayor buddy dyer saying the gunman was driving around that evening, visited the locations before the massacre and he brought explosives to the hostages, causing police to peter possible
7:34 am
booby-traps. meanwhile, the president lashing out at donald trump after trump blasted the president for refusing to use the term radical islam when talking about the attack in orlando. >> what exactly would using this label accomplished? what exactly would it change? would it make isis less committed? not once as an advisor of mine said man, if we use that phrase we are going to turn this whole thing around. bill: that was a major headline, got a lot of attention. ralph peters, fox news strategic analyst. how are you doing and good morning. the address guns and labels in the fight. did he address the strategy for eradicating isis no, because he doesn't have one. i wish president obama would spend more energy protecting americans and a little bit less defending his lawn. his claim was absolutely dishonest and disingenuous.
7:35 am
the idea that the words would make a positive difference. using the correct terminology , jihad, islam is fanaticism, radical islam and its plenty others that apply. that has legal implications, it has strategic implications. it has military implications. it has no end of important meetings and let me turn around area i tried to talk about this specifically what difference it would make to call it what it is area. bill: if josh earnest were sitting here, he made this case two days ago at the white house. he said they want to carry the mantle of this religion and we are not going to allow them, afford them the opportunity to use that phrase. does that matter? >> it's absolute nonsense to say something like that. let's turn it around. we have censored our law enforcement agents.
7:36 am
we have censored the pentagon and our military that they can't teach certain things, they can't teach the history of jihad honestly, they can't use these terms. the fbi is restricted from using certain terms. i would ask mister president how does that help us? but beyond that, we have made nice not only since obama came tooffice but all the way back to 2001 , and this administration was reluctant to use terms like islamic jihad so for 15 years we have avoided calling this phenomenon what it is area and i would ask the president how has that helps? are there fewer jihad is now? are there fewer terror attacks? on the contrary. where there were a few thousand jihad east there are now hundreds of thousands and tens of millions of supervisors and we've got to stop saying that this isn't islam. if jews and christians have
7:37 am
no authority to say what is and isn't islam, muslims have that authority and hundreds of millions of muslims believe that this is at least one ... bill: i don't care what you call it, just kill it. do you think those people in florida, what they went through, or san bernardino before that or ottawa or fort hood or boston and on and on it goes. a republican from nebraska, quote. telling the truth about radical islam is a direct situation. a strategy, admitted you don't have. it is the commander-in-chief duty to identify our enemies and help the american people understand the challenge of violent islam area i would say you haven't heard enough on that at all . >> it's a matter of honesty. if you refuse to face a threat, if you refuse to call it what it is, you can't get there from here but again, we have allowed, the administrations have allowed muslim activists here to
7:38 am
block certain lectures from speaking at military schools or the fbi academy. we have allowed radical muslim activists here in the united states to control the curriculum at our law enforcement and military training schools. it is a phenomenal error and if we can't see, if you can have an open and honest debate, here from both sides about the history of jihad, radical islam, what have we come to? this is orwellian doublespeak. war is peace, peace is war. you've got to use language precisely and he has legal, military and culturally strategic implications and they matter.bill: extraordinary colonel, thank you. ralph peters in washington today. they matter indeed . heather: that hillary clinton
7:39 am
and bernie sanders hold a closed-door meeting on tuesday as the presumptive nominee wrapped up the democratic primary season with a convincing win in washington dc. sanders underpressure to endorse clinton so far . he has declined. mike and manuel life for us in virginia, that is where clinton is holding a national security discussion with veterans today. mike, what has been clinton's message on national security following the orlando massacre? what's she saying there today? reporter: this whole area of virginia is huge in terms of the military so clinton will hear from those directly affected by national security decisions made by our president about what they want from future commander-in-chief and clinton says she's not afraid to use language to describe our enemy. >> i have clearly said that we face terrorist enemies who use a perverted version of islam to justify slaughtering innocent people. we have to stop them and we will .
7:40 am
reporter: clinton said she would not demonize or declare war on an entire religion. heather question mark. heather: what do we know about last night big meeting? the summit between clinton and bernie sanders, what happened there? reporter: they met for nearly 2 hours last night in washington. you get a sense she was trying to assess what she needs to do to earn bernie sanders endorsement for president while the sanders camp, they were trying to figure out exactly how committed she is to some of bernie sanders top priority issues. clinton folks are talking about unification while sanders ahead of the meeting checked off some of his checklist in terms of what he wants from the deal. >> number one, i do believe that we have to replace the current democratic national committee leadership area we need a person at the leadership of the dnc who is vigorously working to bring
7:41 am
people into the political process. reporter: the primaries are now over after clinton's victory in washington dc yet sanders is still hanging around hoping to advance his agenda. heather? heather: he does not like debbie wasserman-schultz. bill: .comslamming hillary clinton as being unfit for office hillary clinton, especially in these times will be a terrible president. her secret service agent said she's a disaster. she talked about my temperament. my temperament is great. it's a tough temperament, but that's what we need. her temperament, she's wacky. bill: more in a moment from truck and sean hannity after polling numbers tell us an intriguing fact on this election. we will get to that in a fair and balanced debate and show you the numbers seven, never before seen surveillance video of a hero student as he ends the 2014 shooting spree at the college in seattle by
7:42 am
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bill: new video showing the moment a student shot stopped the shooting spree in seattle. footage from 2014 shows john mays confronting the gunman as he tried to reload. mays hit the suspect with pepper spray, hit him in the face and tackled him. the shooter killed one person, wounded to others at the seattle pacific university campus. that trial in that case will start in three months in september.heather: time to look at poll numbers are now, a brand-new one showing hillary clinton has opened up a double-digit lead over presumptive nominee donald trump. according to bloomberg , take a look, clinton leads 49 percent to trumps seven percent. at rollins with campaign director for president reagan's 1984 reelection campaign and chief strategist
7:46 am
of the trump super pack great america. joe trippi the former campaign manager for howard dean, thanks for coming in. let's talk about this first for the bloomberg, 12 points, hillary clinton over truck at this point. is he in trouble? >> it's only one pole but with the country this polarized with the pole being so close, we see one move into double digits like this, that could be an aberration but it could spell real trouble here and there are other polls out that are showing some of his negatives going. heather: he's running while at the same timehillary clinton's numbers are going up , and. >> she's had a couple good weeks. she won california and new jersey and close out with washington dc. the party is surrounding the nominee, which she did about a month ago. it's a long way to go. the his campaign, he's got to worry about his negatives going up. i think that's what he has to
7:47 am
be very consistent on and he's talked about the economy, talked about the jobs and not the last couple of days, he had to talk about but it's along those lines. heather: speaking of that, this goal that came out was taken before the shooting that happened in orlando. so do you think that will change his numbers? >> i think he projects and i think this is an important part of him. part of that whole, those numbers did change slightly after he was strong on terrorism. heather: let's take a look at this school and i want you to respond to it. this poll asks as the obama administration made america stronger or weakerwestmark in light of the terrorist attacks that happened in orlando . you think hillary clinton and her numbers will suffer when people look at this and they already see that america is less safe, that we are weaker under obama? >> it's not clear, that gets
7:48 am
back to my conversation about it being polarized. we are polarized, people decide one way or the other and it's a close choice as we saw in those numbers. what you're seeing is, look, both hillary clinton and trump have high negatives, we know that but trumps are starting to soar. they're starting to become ... heather: we can pull that up while you're talking about it. his unfavorable's at 70 percent and we haven't seen that number since before his campaign began. 71 percent i've never seen that number in my 50 years in politics so he clearly have to get thatdown. if people like you, they're not going to vote for you. he's got to project strength, talk about things that matter. >> hillary has high negatives to . heather: 55 percent. >> it's abnormally high but it's still in a range that we
7:49 am
are used to seeing, that we seen in the past. 70 is something, i agree with head. i've neverseen that number and i'm not sure the last few days help there. it may have helped , i understand what ed is saying but i think he tends to just overstep on things so he will make a point and then. heather: say a little bit too much. >> i think that increases his negatives even while he may be convincing people that he's strong. heather: the latest being this argument between donald trump and president obama. >> he needs a strategy and the strategy is what issues he's going to run on? economy, terrorism. heather: he has to get independence. >> he has to get independence and go run a real campaign. he hasn't done that today and that's one of the things he has to do in the next few weeks the seven call the, let him know.and, joe, thank you. bill: a busy day for you as well, john. what are you working on. jon: we are going to continue the conversation about donald trump parking outrage with his comments after the orlando massacre.
7:50 am
hillary clinton and president obama slam the presumptive gop nominee as republican leaders join in. we have brand poles on the state of the race plus, the orlando gunman was previously investigated by the fbi so is the federal agency cast with keeping america safe equipped to stop more lone wolf attacks? and prosecutors in the freddie gray murder trial calling the driver of the police than the culprit what could gray have caused his own injuries? we look into it. bill: see you then, top of the hour. an eight year veteran of the u.s. navy it's a nasty note from veterans. she's one of them. her reaction has gone viral, wewill show you that coming up.and a nine-year-old boy setting records . by going for a swim. >> i wanted to turn back but i kept on going. i believe you can do it. >> so we asked them...
7:51 am
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bill: a new female navy veteran in north carolina issuing a stern response after receiving a scathing note on a parking space. rebecca hayes is her name, finding this note on her car that reads the following: this parking spot is for veterans, lady. learn to read and have some respect. although she's an eight year veteran and now she's reacting. carly shimkus, fox news headlines 24 seven reporter on sirius xm with me. how are you carly, good day to you. give us some back story. this is a parking spot in north carolina. she's parked there before? >> she has. this isactually her first time parking there. her husband has. she really turned the tables
7:55 am
on this anonymous critic. she responded on facebook saying , i know i parked in one of the veteran parking spaces today, it was hot. was the first time and i won't do it again and i'm sorry. i'm sorry that you can't see my eight years of service in the united states navy . i'm sorry that your narrow, misogynist worldview can't conceive the fact that there are female veterans read i'm sorry that i have to explain myself to people like you. she's all goes on to say mostly, i'm sorry we didn't get a chance to have this conversation face-to-face and that you didn't have the integrity and intestinal fortitude to identify yourself. which leads me to one question. i serve, did you? bill: it's gone viral now. >> that is a droppable mic moments, isn't it? bill: what has been the reaction? >> because the responses going viral, a lot of people are only thanking her for her service, they're also
7:56 am
thanking her for reminding people there's more than just one kind of veteran and she says her husband parked in this parking space before, he only receivedthank you for your service comments so she is really shining the light on that . bill: i'd like to hear from him. >> he hasn't said anything yet. bill: it's my guess that she will do that again and she should. she has sacrificed. >> thank you for your service. bill: check her out at 1:15, carly shimkus here in the studio. p7 coming up, a fast-moving investigation uncovered new evidence as prosecutors consider targets against the orlando killer's wife. did she know about plans for the deadly massacre and did she say nothing? could she be arrested? d chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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>> this 9-year-old boys the youngest person to swim to alcatraz and back. a little more than two hours to complete the 3-hour swim. he struggled in the open water
8:00 am
because of all the waves and strong currents but pushed through. 's goal next time is to swing the length of the golden gate bridge. it is 1.7 miles. "happening now" starts now. catch you later. bill: new details about the orlando gunman and his widow. investigators want to know what she knew about the killer's plans, when she knew it and why she didn't tell the alarm before the master that left 49 people dead. welcome to "happening now". i am john scott. heather: i am heather it now or. and for jenna lee. she knew about her husband's plot in advance and a grand jury is taking a look at possible charges. we have


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