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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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morsi tanks and money? thoughts? let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorro
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dalai lama. >> >> in moments, he is here. donald trump right here and "on the record." his muslim ban. his plan to wipe out isis and why he thinks gay voters should vote for him and not for secretary clinton. that's just moments away. but, first: this is a fox news alert. disaster at disney world. an alligator snatches a toddler at a disney resort right in front of his horrified parents. after hours and hours of a desperate search there is news tonight the boy's body has been found. the sheriff takes us inside the investigation in minutes but right now fox news correspondent peter doocy is outside the disney resort in florida. peter? >> greta, the last time that matt and melissa graves from nebraska saw their 2-year-old son lane was last
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night by the water's edge one monitor rail stop away from the magic kingdom. the alligator snatched him before father could get grip on him. he was found in 6 feet of murky water 15 feet from the shore. his body was intact. officials think he drowned. now those officials are also trying to figure out if they have already caught and killed the alligator responsible or if they need to keep looking. >> we're going to look at the five alligators we have already taken and we are going to compare things like bite marks and things such as that we don't know what we have yet. it's still early in that part of the investigation. there is a good chance we already have the alligator because we focused our efforts in that proximity in that area of where this incident occurred. and so there's a good chance but we're going to go through the process and forensics and make certain. and if we can't get a certain match we will go out and continue to look for alligators to make sure we have done everything we can and due diligence to make
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sure we have taken the al divart out. >> the orange county sheriff's office said they had more than 50 personnel involved with the search for lane that included two helicopters circling in the skies. four boats with sonars in the seven seas lagoon and 12 divers standing by for the first hint of the toddler. disney did release a statement expressing sympathy for the graves family. law enforcement officials say disney has been cooperating and the property shut down resort beaches and recreational arenas until further notice, which we hope to get an update on at some point tomorrow. the graves family also has a 4-year-old daughter here. we're told that they checked into the grand floridian hotel on sunday and found out that their son and brother was dead on the third day of their vacation, greta. >> peter, are they still there? have they left the area? returned home to nebraska? i mean, this is so unthinkable for any parents to go through. i know my heart bleeds for them. >> it sounds like, based on
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the best information that we got from the last briefing that they are still in the area. because the medical examiner here in orange county still has some work to do with lane. you just heard one of the wildlife experts mentioning it. they want to compare any possible bite marks on this 2-year-old's body to the 5 alligators that they caught and killed in the area today. and we do understand it was the sheriff and a priest here in immediate vicinity of where it all happened who broke the very grim news to the family sometime around just before 4:00 today. >> it's awful. anyway, peter, thank you. and at least 50 people, including divers, scoured that lagoon for any possible sign of that boy. the desperate search was led by the orange county sheriff's office. and orange county sheriff jerry demings joins us.
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good evening, sheriff. >> good evening. >> you and i were just standing together talking about the massacre down there in orlando. who would have dreamed that we have now gotten to this point where you have to deal with this child. i just came -- you had to notify the parents; is that correct? >> i did, and that was a bit of sad news that we had to deliver to the parents. but, at the same time, i believe some of what we said to them was a relief. one, because they knew that we had located their child and that was our commitment to them that we would continue to search for this child until we located him. >> i can't imagine anything harder for the family or you, sir, having to do that. no one wants to do that. in terms of this investigation, the child was dragged by an alligator; is that correct? >> the child was 2 years old and was just kind of wading
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within 6 to 12 inches of water. the alligator came up and attacked and took him out in to the water and likely drowned the child at that point. >> you say likely drown because the body was intact. i heard you say those words and that struck me that the body was intact. it sounds like the alligator played with him in some perverse way and the child drowned? >> well, we wanted to hope for the best for this family and didn't want to have to recover a partial body, a body part. so they were able to have the entire body recovered. and so at this point, we are continuing our efforts to make certain that the alligators that were captured we have the right one. >> you know, i know your job is law enforcement. you are not an alligator expert, but is there any explanation for the fact that the alligator just seemed to drown this child and not do more?
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>> i'm told by the experts, the wildlife experts that that behavior is not uncommon, that sometimes alligators take their prey, they drown it, in order to kill it and then they come back moments later to try to just kind of pick at whatever the prey may be. and so this behavior may not be unusual for an alligator. >> you know, i don't know how you do your work. i don't know how your department does its work. i don't know how you prepare yourself for this but your department and you sir, yourself, because you are the leader, you have had a terrible couple few days. how do you deal with this? >> well, we're professionals and well-trained here. and what motivates us is to take care of our citizens. and so in this case, even though this was a tragic accident if you will, we were able to assist this family by bringing some form of closure to them. >> and then now you go back to the other story a couple
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miles away. you go back to the 49 who were massacred; is that right? >> yes. that is still a very active criminal investigation that is ongoing where we are working in partnership with the fbi with that investigation as well as the orlando police department. i still have personnel who are relieved of duty associated with the use of deadly force from that incident. and our resources are being stretched. but i can say that the surrounding law enforcement agencies have stepped up to the table to assist us in making certain that we're able to respond to all of the calls of service in our community. >> sheriff, thank you very much. i have met a number of law enforcement when i was down in orlando. you are all working really hard. i know the community appreciates it, sir. >> thank you very much for your kind words. >> thank you, sheriff. now, the other top news story, also in orlando, florida, the orlando terror
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attack reigniting the debate over banning muslim refugees. donald trump has used a temporary ban as one of his platforms for 2016 white house run. after this horrific massacre, trump is not backing down. >> donald, let me talk to but the muslim ban that you talked about before, the temporary ban that you called for. are you still behind that? because in light of what happened at the gay nightclub, the pulse the other night, that was an american born muslim. >> well, his father came in and his father seems to be pretty radical, frankly. i have been watching that whole situation if you look at the past. he was pretty tough. i think he probably believes in things that maybe are not in our interests. i have been watching that. i have been studying that. so the parents came in. and we have a situation. we have 50 dead. almost 50 dead. we have a lot of people very badly injured and i thought it was just -- i mean, who has ever seen anything like this? and you have people all over the country right now that
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have the same kind of hate. we have many people all over the country. we don't even know who they are, where they are. we don't even know, you know, they are being placed all over the country by our federal government. the governors have told me and complained that people are put into their communities, greta. they don't even know where they are being put. they don't even explain it. so it's a real problem. >> but, no, i know it's a real problem with terrorism. but we have already got so many of those people that you would now seek to ban, they are already in the united states. what would you do? are you going to go round them up? what would you do with the people and how do you handle the fact that so many are lawful. >> greta, as you know it's temporary and you know also i have been saying this for a long time they have to report. in the case of this guy it always turns out that other people knew like his wife knew, according to everything that i have been able to see. and she knew everything. other people knew. perhaps the father knew. but they don't report it. they never report it to the authorities. so we have these
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catastrophic events. if you look at san bernardino, they had bombs all over the apartment. people saw bombs on the floor of the apartment. if you have bombs on the floor of the apartment, you have got to report that. so they are very much into their own community. they have bombs all over the floor of the apartment and other things, by the way. and instead of reporting it, greta, they didn't report it. nobody reported it. you have 14 dead people in california and you have many, many injured to this day many injured. so they have to report because if they don't report, we're never going to get to the bottom of it we're never going to find out what's going on. >> that's something different from a ban, a temporary ban or a permanent ban, whatever kind of ban is people's failure -- >> -- greta, it's not that it's different. >> people seeing something saying something. >> greta, it's not that it's different. it's all part of one. they have to report. i have many muslim friends, i have great friends that are muslim. and i think honestly if they saw something going on in
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the apartment next door or a house across the street, i think they would report it to the authorities. but the people have to report what's going on. these things don't just happen. they are planned and people see it. as an example, the one that led the paris attack, he was living practically right next door to where he was for years and nobody reported him. they got -- they found him, i guess by luck but nobody reported him. and they are supposed to report these people. here is a criminal. he was number one on the list as to most wanted, and the people he is living like almost across the hallway from where he has lived for years, everybody knew he was there and nobody even reported that he was there. this is after the attack. >> you know, just so you know, i'm all in favor of people when they see something, they say something. it's terrible when they don't. and we have the, you know, i was just down in orlando. but let me turn to another issue, president obama -- >> -- do you know what else
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they arousing? they are using racial profiling as a method of getting away from oh i didn't want to report because of racial profiling. i didn't want to say this. give me a break. racial profiling. so they are using all of our politically correct terms in order to get out of doing something where they have an obligation to do. it's a pretty sad situation. >> all right. president obama yesterday talked about the term radical islam and i think that he is pointing it directly at you a and saying labels don't work. do you have a response to the president? >> well, he doesn't want to use the term. and he didn't even use the full term. it's called radical islamic terrorism. okay? he didn't want to use the term terrorism when he spoke. he says it doesn't matter. i say it does matter. because if you are not going to degin a problem, you can't solve a problem, greta. you're not going to be able to solve the problem. he's unwilling to define the problem. and, frankly, he showed really, i think, yesterday, much more anger toward donald trump than he did toward the shooter. i mean, give me a break.
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i'm not the only one to say. this this is all over the place. but he showed tremendous anger toward me, whereas the shooter, i mean the shooter is like, he's -- i didn't see the anger. and, look, i think he has got to show great anger toward these people that are coming in to this country and killing our people. now, in this case he was born here, but he was radicalized and that happens a lot. the second generation, if you look at this, and i have done actually a pretty good study on it. the second generation can be as violent or more violent than the first when they become radicalized. it's very scary in terms of our country. right now, i'm going to speak in front of thousands of people. the place is packed. i'm going to tell you they want answers to what's going on. they want to be able to go to a club. they want to be able to go to a movie theater. they want to be able to fly on airplanes without thinking it's going to be blown out of the air, greta. >> all right. your quote is saying you are a better friend to the gay
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community than secretary clinton. why do you say that? >> because secretary clinton has taken massive amounts of money, like in terms of one country, $25 million for her foundation and his foundation from countries that kill guys. they kill them. they execute guys. and women, they treat them as slaves. so she has taken millions and millions of dollars from countries that kill guys and millions and millions of dollars from countries that treat women as slaves. okay? and, in addition to that, she wants 550% increase of people coming in over obama, of people coming into this country that don't really share our beliefs, okay? and they are people that are coming in, again, they're attitude toward guys and their attitude toward women is not compatible with the
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attitudes of our country. and i will tell you that i have heard a lot of talk over the last two days, since identify been talking about this subject, a lot of people are spartanning me that you wouldn't think necessarily with be supporting mee and they are supporting me big league. >> dnc was hacked and some of the things that they got was opposition research about you. you have heard from the dnc? have they apologized? have they told you anything about the security? do you know what was taken? you have heard from the chair woman debbie wasserman schultz? >> well, knowing her, i don't actually know it, but i sort of understand her, maybe they weren't hacked. maybe they just wanted to get it out there. no, i have not heard. they have not apologized and they probably should be apologizing. >> you don't expect to hear from them then? >> i don't know. i mean, i really don't know. they should apologize,
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certainly. >> and more with donald trump coming up. is donald trump doing a 180 taking on the nra that endorsed him? you will hear trump's answer to that next. and the orlando terrorist family is now under a microscope. his wife under intense investigation. and we tracked down the and we tracked down the terroristyou both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then.
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brand new information tonight on how the orlando terrorist became that evil mass murderer. and also tonight the
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terrorist's wife is at the center of the investigation. police say she knew about the terror plot. they even say she is telling them that her terrorist husband mentioned the attack, quote, for months. fox news correspondent phil keating outside the terrorist's home in fort pierce, florida. phil? >> greta, to that we are also have an experience getting our first glimpse at what omar mateen was like years before he became the killer in the worse mass shooting and mass murder in modern u.s. history. recall that for the past nine years he worked as a security guard. well, back in 2010, during the bp oil spill, he was assign to do secure a pensacola oil spill cleanup site. one night an undercover crew, shooting what would become the documentary, the big fix, pulled up in a cocky mateen cynically mocked those who were cashing in [bleep] >> like serve just getting out to get paid. they are hoping like for more oil to come out and more people to complain so they will have the jobs because once people get laid off here it's going to suck
11:31 pm
for them. they want more disaster to happen. >> now, the wife of mateen, nora salmon remains hold up somewhere and said by law enforcement sources to have known plenty about her husband's deadly mr. but doing nothing about it the u.s. attorney on this case declining to comment whether an arrest or indictment for her is imminent. the employer of that teach for years releasing details about its experience with him. in 2007 he passed a full background check that involved criminal history, employment, drivers license, drug and medical. in 2013 mateen passed a second background check. his security license was renewed ultimately four times and never were there any issues identified. but also in 2013 mateen was removed from his job doing security at the st. lucie county courthouse after the sheriff says he made repeated derogatory comments about women, jews, and said
11:32 pm
to co-workers that the fort hood shooter was justified in killing 13 people. and just last year down the street at the indian river community college people academy, -- police academy he was kicked out a very upset mateen contacted the department of law enforcement in tallahassee. they said there was nothing they could do about it reportedly mateen grabs his father who we have a seen so much on tv lately. they go to the school. confront the administrators and ultimately argue and yell at the administrators, accusing them of discrimination -- discriminating against mateen for the sole reason that he was a muslim which, of course, the college strongly denies. greta? >> i guess -- how many red flags do they need, phil? anyway, what a horrible story. thank you, phil. much of the investigation now includes looking into the terrorist' father. "on the record's" griff jenkins and ted williams tracked down is seddique mateen. >> my son, the innocent
11:33 pm
people, the 52 people that got injured were all victim of terrorism. why? my son called what i learned from the media that he pledged for isis. if there wasn't such a thing as isis, and especially the youngster not learning from isis all these terrible acts of horrible act this would not have happened. >> how did your son become a victim of isis? >> because this conclusion to sympathize with isis. i wish you could have talked about the son, the 3 and a half-year-old is now asking about his father, his wife, me as a father, mother, family, sympathize with me? no. we have nothing to do with that not his family. he sympathized with isis. where did he learn isis? how did he come up with isis
11:34 pm
idea? that's terrorism idea, the terrorist activity isis is the most horrible terrorism group on the face of the group or any terrorist group should be eliminated. >> do you believe that your son struggled with personal issues, possibly sexuality that made him more susceptible to the influence of isis. >> based on what i know about my son and i seen him, because he was coming and i was touch with him as far as coming to the house, paying respect and bringing his wife and his kid, i don't think that he was gay. why did he went? i think he was going for maybe scouting because he got influenced by this horrible group. person bring unity to the united states, destroy the terrorism, not to bring difference to someone they use population.
11:35 pm
donald trump, if he has extreme view, i know that i'm not running for any position in the united states, if he wants to talk about this issue, i am just a regular citizen. i would like to debate with him about this issue. let's bring what he has on the table. he come and make fun of anybody that wants to resist him and should we tolerate that? president of the united states is the highest and the most powerful chair on the face of the earth. i will tell you i have lots of energy and at the same time the worst day of my life and i don't wish this for any father. i served this community for very long time. and people of the united states are wonderful people in my -- my sad days in a way that 50 people lost, died. another 50 injured and i was thinking, thinking, thinking i came of this idea we are
11:36 pm
all victim of terrorists. as a father i did my best to raise him but what he was doing after age 18, he was responsible for his own action. none of my family. his son is suffering asking for his father. his wife. the whole family, relatives. so and i was thinking more about those 50 people they lost their loved one and they have kids. so it's a very sad news all around. i wish i did knew. i would have arrested him. i would have called law enforcement. i would have done something myself. >> and when ted and i pressed him on his daughter-in-law's whereabouts and facing possible indictment and arrest, he simply said he had spoken to her in the last 24 hours. she was doing fine but would not comment further, greta? >> griff and ted, thank you both. >> and yesterday you saw my interview with a controversial imam who police say is tied to the orlando terrorist.
11:37 pm
the imam though denies any connection to the terrorist. one of the many topics we talked about was president obama. >> how has president obama done separate us or pull us apart? >> as a negro, i'm very happy to see that we had a negro president so that's number one. number two, he has killed a lot of people, you know. and that's frightening, you know. so i couldn't say what he should do. i'm not in his position. but international politics. but on a national front, you know, we need to heal, i don't know if he can do anything because is he in his last what they call it the lame. >> duck. >> lame duck portion of thinks thing. >> as we said, this was a very long interview with the imam, but it is a must-see. it will be available on in its entirety tomorrow. and terrified club goers hid for hours inside the pulse nightclub and a survivor who played dead during the attack is standing by to go "on the record."
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this is a fox news alert. wreckage from last month wants egyptair crash has been found. pieces were spotted in the mediterranean sea. this is coming just days before the 30 day life span on batteries for the emergency signals. the black boxes have not yet been found. 66 people were on board that may 19th doomed paris to cairo flight when that plane disappeared from radar. and a 2-year-old boy dead. last night he was snatched by an alligator at disney resort. just a short time ago the boy's body was recovered. wildlife officials have seized several alligators but have no idea if they have even caught the deadly gator. so how will they make sure the ? leo goes "on the record." nice to talk to you sir. >> good evening, how are you doing. >> i'm fine.
11:43 pm
what a horrible story. tell me, they have already seized or killed five alligators and they are going to continue to search for more. why do they search for more? i mean, at this point what is the point now in light of the fact that alligators they are all aggressive. it's not like you are going to go out and find a killer. they are all killers. >> right now at this time of the year it's mating season. alligators are aggressive naturally. at that time of night, you know, when that incident took place, that is feeding time for alligators as well. alligators are like more opportunist animal. they will go in and see easy target like that child. unfortunately, such a tragic event. they went after it. one thing that's always -- you know, should have, could have, would have but the education factor on understanding different types of wildlife here in florida, especially since we have such an array of it is always helpful. >> you know, i don't want to get too graphic and gory and this is such an awful story
11:44 pm
it doesn't seem like the alligator was feeding on this child. i mean, the child, from what i understand, was left intact. and so, you know, i mean, are they just sort of like that gorilla with throwing that child around in the zoo? why did the alligator leave the child alone after drowning him? >> alligators, they have been known to, you know, take their prey under water and drown it. they usually don't feed on humans but they do feed on small mammals. so definitely being mistaken for that. it was like seriously wrong place, wrong time for this incident to happen. >> is nighttime any more dangerous than daytime with alligators down there? >> most definitely. alligators have, you know, better vision at night. their eyes detect low light visibility. so that's when they're out hunting and moving around, especially like i said this time of year when it is
11:45 pm
mating season like it is. these animals are territorial. they are more aggressive. and pretty much, you know, we have so many gators here in the state of florida. every -- my assumption, ache native floridian, all bodies of water have gators in them. if you give them an opportunity to strike or you're in a immediate area of one, they may come after you. >> i take it those jaws are so strong that if an alligator latches on to you that you're going to have a hard time getting free. >> yes. their bite is like 2200-foot pounds which means literally like a ton coming down on whatever body, you know, whatever piece of your body it takes. so, getting free of their jaws is going to be really tough if you could. >> and that water -- that lagoon down there, that's huge, so there is no way you keep alligators out. that's impossible with all the connecting waterways? >> yeah, there is a lot of
11:46 pm
canals, gators can traverse on land and go through the culvert pipes. they can move through pretty much any body of water. there is a chain of lakes nearby to that particular one. so, yes, gators can move to different territories and set up home, basically. >> well, this is just -- i mean, look, every story we cover seems like the absolute worse. 49 innocent slaughtered on the streets seemed like the absolute worse. this seems like the absolute worse. it's just all horrible. sir, thank you for joining us. >> it's been -- thank you, ma'am. it's been a tough day here in orlando. >> it's been a tough couple days. and chaos inside that pulse nightclub. one survivor who hid during the attack is next. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t,
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for three terrifying
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hours omar mateen held club goers hostage. word his wife was planning the attack for months. during the attack club members didn't know if they would live or live or die. promoteer goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> thank you for joining me. i know this has been terribly tough for you. i know you feel lucky but i know you probably know a lot of people who were not so lucky. so my condolences. >> thank you. thank you. >> tell me, orlando, when you first heard the shot where were you and tell me what happened next. >> i was in a stall in the back of the club, the adonis bathroom with a friend of mine in the bathroom stall. and that's when she was using it we were together. and we heard like pow pow pow pow. bunch of shots. she told me that must be the music. i'm like no, that don't sound like the music and doesn't sound like the dj
11:52 pm
effects that i know that he has because when he does that type of one it has like a little horn at the end i said no. we heard it again a few seconds later pow pow pow pow. we are like no, i said we are not going out there. i don't know what's going on out there, but we are staying in this stall. and that's what we did. >> and so did you ever see -- ever come close to the killer? >> well, i would say close. the only thing that was between us was the bathroom stall. >> so he walked in front of the stall or came in front of the stall? >> well, when we heard the second round of shots, we -- me and my friend, i told her let's sit on the bowl, lay sideways, keep our feet from being seen underneath so in case if he does come in he see no, sir feet underneath there and hopefully he would, you know, ignore and just move on. apparently people were already running in from the outside of the club inside the bathroom. they ran straight to the back stall which was a bigger stall made like a
11:53 pm
handicap, much roomier. and then he came walking in and he started shooting through the door of that stall they were in and we were just there staying quiet hearing all their pow pow pow pow inside the bathroom. >> and i assume people died in the bathroom then in that stall, if he is shooting through the door? >> well, i heard people injured, moaning, breathing hard after he had quitted out of the bathroom to go back to the other side of the club. and i heard people injured on the other side of the stall of ours, moaning, breathing hard. >> how did you know when it was over so you could get out of there safely? >> no. no. we were not taking a chance we figured if he came, in went out did what he did and hopefully exit the building until we get clearance. i was auxiliary police officer in new york. i know the protocol.
11:54 pm
you stay where you are at until you know there is clearance. i wasn't going to take a chance to go out there. >> that was obviously very smart. orlando, i don't know, i have been down there. i know how devastated the community is and can i only imagine how these families are, you know. what a nightmare this cruel man. >> it was. >> orlando, thank you very much for joining us this evening. >> my pleasure. thank you and have a great evening. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> and coming up, the "new york times" editorial board, well, one thing is clear, they are not going to like me. i'll explain off the record next. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology
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let's all go off-the-record. "new york times" is doing something really lame. they are using the great pain of that vicious terrorism of orlando to fuel its agenda. it's no secret the editorial page in the "new york times" hates republicans. but this in its lead editorial, the "times" blames republicans for the massacre of 49 innocents?
11:59 pm
the editorial reads in part the precise motivation for the rampage remains unclear it's evident that mr. mateen was driven why hatred towards guys and lesbians hate crimes don't happen in a vacuum. really? it's the republicans' fault? that's what the "new york times" editorial board thinks? the republicans? i got back from orlando they are blaming the killer mateen. mateen said he did it for isis. i get it. the "new york times" hates republicans and can't help themselves. by the way the editorial board made no mention and did not blame isis, radical islam or extremism. they blame the republicans. that's a bit messed up. isn't it? and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m.
12:00 am
eastern. my must see interview with a controversial imam who say is link to do the terrorist. he denies it. go to my facebook page and like it. good night. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check 24 with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. high five trump. >> nobody is seeing you do that dumb thing. are you not on camera. they promise to talk to the nra about gun control. and america's workplace policy still looks like they are straight out of mad men. hear shillue lament the fact that that is not true. and impersonating her elderly mother so she could take her driving test for her. i'm telling you right now,


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