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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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eastern. my must see interview with a controversial imam who say is link to do the terrorist. he denies it. go to my facebook page and like it. good night. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check 24 with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. high five trump. >> nobody is seeing you do that dumb thing. are you not on camera. they promise to talk to the nra about gun control. and america's workplace policy still looks like they are straight out of mad men. hear shillue lament the fact that that is not true. and impersonating her elderly mother so she could take her driving test for her. i'm telling you right now, mom, do not get any ideas., tom.
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>> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she loves joey lawrence and hates jennifer. obviously sexist. joanne nosuchunsky. it is such an honor to have with us the male voice of my gps. the national review staff writer charles cook. always a groom and never a best man. comedian kyle grooms. and he is the closest one on the panel to having an italian sub named after him. sitting next to me, the comedian and master beardman. we begin with guns. the secretary of homeland squatter says gun control is now a critical element of protecting our country. here is jay johnson on cbs this morning. >> meaningful and responsible gun control has to be part of homeland security as well given the prospect of homegrown and home born
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violent extremism in this country. >> johnson also said we should address the issue of people on the no fly list being able to purchase a weapon in the u.s. as expected, donald trump cooperate disagree more with johnson and the owe paw ma you administration. he tweeted i will be meeting with the nra who has endorsed mooy about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list or the no fly list to buy guns. wow. okay. i guess they see eye to eye on this one. joe? >> they got to him. they got to trump i guess. >> do you think he will have any influence with the nra. they like him. >> it is not like nra's platform is let's get terrorists a lot of guns. that's not something they are in favor of. jay johnson said it was time for meaningful gun legislation. i agree with him. they need to stop promoting stuff that will not save anybody. there is a plan that the republicans put forward a -- awhile back that instead of the watch lists and things like that where there is no due process, if someone thought you were a person who
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is likely to commit a terrorist act, they would be required to get a warrant. that to me makes sense. i would like to see if trump would talk to the nra and come away with something like that. if you are on one of these lists, you don't mow why you're there. there is no appeal. if they put in something with more due process most people would agree with that. >> i don't know why they have these lists. why don't they arrest all of these people? i don't like just having lists. i want to do something. >> there is nothing wrong with a list per say. if you then use the lists in a civil context and whether it is stopping people from getting on a plane or much more importantly taking away their constitutional rights which is what is at stake here. the nra is right to oppose this. the aclu opposes this as well. this is not a right or lft wing issue, and it opposes it on second and fifth amendment grounds. if you don't have enough evidence to arrest somebody you shouldn't be depriving them of their rights. goes for freedom of speech and
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freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. the left is worried about donald trump. they think he is a hit list figure. and they hold a list of names and say we should restrict rights based on it. could we pick a side? >> charles is always making these good points. joanne, i think obviously you hear about different people, celebrities, senators, being on the no fly list. we have to shrink the list. >> homeland security should focus on people more than the gun situation. they are trying to put a restrictive solution on what is essentially an i'd logical canundrum. by not addressing that fact, any other things you try to do as far as rules and regulations go will be for not. the problem still exists. everyone wants a quick fix
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when something awful like this happens. that's just not the case. unfortunately we will have a lot more discussion before anything is done. >> is this a thing for homeland security? should they stay away from the gun issue? >> it is a homeland security issue. getting an assault rifle should be harder than getting a driver's license. i lived in the country for years. i know people use the guns like a tool. my grandfather used to like use his gun to go grocery shopping. it was part of the culture. there has to be a way for crazy people not to get guns. like you get points on your driver's license and points for being crazy. >> republicans want to bring the gun sales to suspected it terrorists. only if the federal prosecutors could demonstrate probable cause within three
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days of the purchase that seems unnecessarily come law it kad to -- come law it kad. >> i don't think it seems strict enough. the phrase he used was terrorist suspect. that's not how we deprive people of their liberty in the free country. you don't say you are a suspect therefore you don't exercise your right. you convict people. there are probably someways of using the judiciary. it is not private judiciary. itit is not rubber stamped to issue the warrants. there is some compromise that can be reached. we are absolutely no where near it at the moment and nor should we be. >> is the tsa, is that private judiciary? it is, isn't it? >> there is a difference because you don't have to go into an airport. when you choose to go into an airport you give up part of your right. this is is a constitutional question. this is your constitutionally numerated right. there is no choice here.
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>> let's talk about the "new york times," shall we? >> is that a rhetorical question? >> the "new york times" has figured out who is responsible for the orlando terror attack. hear them out. it is republicans. in an editorial called the corrosive politics that threatened lgbt the rampage is unclear and it is evident that mr. mateen was driven toward hatred against gays and lesbians. the motive of someone who pledges allegiance to isis is unclear. the editorial board goes on. hate crimes don't happen in a vacuum. they occur where bigotry happens and where people are scapegoated for political gain. tragically this is the state of politics driven by politicians who see prejudice as something to exploit. it is not distinguish. i would read more, but honestly, what's the point?
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joe, this is not a parody of the "new york times." it is the "new york times." >> it is almost as if someone were to have the punch line. a muslim terrorist walks into a gay bar. whose fault is it? donald trump. it makes no sense. it is horrifying. the guy made a call from there to say i pledge to isis. he is just as likely motivated by the evangelical christians as he will to take time off for rob huh sean gnaw. look at the laws in the muslim countries. there are 10 muslim countries where homosexuality is punishable boo i death. -- by death. and in 80% in other countries they think homosexuality is punishable by death. if you can't see the difference between someone not wanting to decorate your indicate and killed on an order of god, i don't know what else we can say to you. >> uh the -- a lot of people on the left are complaining
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about trump coming out and poe lit sizing the -- split sizing the the -- split -- politicizing the attacks. did you see the press conference where he went off on republicans? >> no, i didn't see it. >> one of these times -- what do you think the "new york times" -- i mean how disconnected are they to use this as a -- to essentially blame republicans. >> it is like scapegoating. it is like how can you blame them for what that crazy dude did. ii think i know where you are going with this. i would say, charles, the guy in florida was -- they are saying, okay, he is homophobic and republicans are homophobic and why not tie them together? >> it is unhinged and i home everybody here is stunning by -- and i hope everyone here is
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st nu g by bees. >> i disagree with the republican party. the reality here is that most of the things that we are now debating are i'd logical. they are not to do with gays per say. for example, when it comes to baking cakes. the question is the free association versus government pre elion. when it comes to the transgender question, the question is what the bathroom policy should be for those who are transitioning. now if you think those can be put in the same box as taking a semi-automatic rifle and murdering 49 people you need your head looked at. and third is everybody who reacted to this. it is a horrible uh bomb bomb -- uh bomb nation by blaming the national rifle association and the governor of north carolina and those who disagree with the marginal tax rates. it is a disgrace from the beginning. >> a lot of people came out and they started with the anti-gun stuff and they talked about the nra. when trump came out to speak
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they said how dare you paw lit size this. they were already doing it, krct? >> sometimes it is hard to look in the mirror. to joe's point, i think what the article was trying to do was say essentially that communities here especially may beacon serve tiff one -- may be conservative ones and points of views that are bigotry and it can then, i don't know, affect a person's outlook on life. maybe an immigrant or someone who has immigrant families or whatever. if it is an argument for -- if it is not true there are obviously countries where joe is saying that we are so inclusive and welcoming as opposed to a lot of other places, but if it is an argument about communities, then definitely that is important. people in this crazy community saw red flags. they were reporting them and nothing was done about it.
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>> who do you blame? the people who didn't -- the people did report it, but the fbi let it go, right, charles? >> well, there clearly was not enough evidence to prosecute which is another reason he was deprived of his rights. i think the great problem here for the "new york times" is the argument is there is a latent culture in america that affects people and some of them go on and do things like this. you can make that argument. i think it is a real stretch. you can make the argument. within the same piece to ignore the fact that he said i am the shooter. it is me. i am doing it for isis. i am doing it for the islamic state. it is ridiculous. what you are saying is these very, very small cultural enclaves lead him to do it. let's not listen to that. i mean, it is so selective that it is farcical. >> at the last minute -- they made it seem like a last-men
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conversion to isis. >> he said why am i doing this again? let me think this out while i'm on hold. what is friesenning is -- frightening is his particular kind of islamic-based hatred was so confused that oometimes he said he supported a shiite terror group and sometimes he said he was a member of terror groups that are sworn enemies. he didn't even know why he hated it so much. the scary part is he had a variety of groups to choose from to match his hate to. >> and also, don't shiite terror groups and sunni terror groups agree on one thing, they hate americans. >> you didn't go through a a presbyterian phase. >> what i am saying is he had a variety of radical islamic groups to choose from. that's not a good sign. >> it is a mad, mad, mad men world out there. at the first ever united states of women's summit, president obama wanted to make one thing very clear. >> i did want to stop by and
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make thing very clear. i may be a little grayer than i was a year ago, but this is what a feminist looked like. >> sorry, women. we have taken feminism away from you too. the president went on to man-splain things we have done for the fairer sex like marriage and giving you children. he reminded us when it comes to corporate america we have a long way to go. >> those guys when the average family was a dad who went to work and a mom who stayed home and did the unpaid labor, that's not what our economy looks like anymore. household and work arrangements come in all shapes and combinations and our workplace policy still looks like they are straight out of mad men. >> you know, he as absolutely right. my all male staff spends all day drinking bourbon and ordering our secretary to pick up our dry-cleaning. the
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president went on to say he supports equal pay and paid ma maternity leave and blah, blah, blah. what work spaces are like mad men some i want to work there. >> i am curious how he would know because he wouldn't have an actual job. maybe pressing the community organizing field there. it is so retro grade. >> obviously they didn't in that field. >> well, he is right that it no longer resembles that family. the husband is out of work. i shouldn't say the husband. the couple with the children aren't married anymore. thehusband the unemployed -- the husband is unemployed. they certainly are not. they certainly have -- it is a wonderful world we are in now compared to those anti- deluvian times. >> can you blame the president? he was speaking to a bunch of ladies and he will butter them up a little bit. >> i don't blame him and times are changing. our economy is bad and more people have to go to work. the workforce has changinged. some of the laws are like the time of mad men, but we are
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living like we are on the show "good teams." "good times." >> do you think more has to be done? have you been in any -- i don't know the last time i worked a temp job, but the last office i worked in it wasn't like mad men. >> that's why i think women are running -- women are running the break rooms and running everything. >> thank you. that's it. >> what's happening and women are running the world and what can we do to stop this? >> he is quite patronizing and the equal pay he is talking about was passed by congress in 1963. we don't need to pass it again. it is still on the book. what he is proposing is a law that would allow women to sue their companies if they think they are being treated unfairly. >> also they can do that now. they can sue, but what is this knew thing? >> it would make it easy and
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it would lead to frivolous lawsuits. for every dollar a man makes a woman makes 77 cents you should stop listening because they are lying to you. the difference is not accounted for by prejudice. it is not accounted for by inequality. it is different decisions that men and women make and it is different fields they go into. there are also natural inequalities and natural differences between men and women. one example is women are doing better than men academically now. i don't hear people complaining about that and nor should they. they are more diligent and more likely to get advanced degreeses. this is a pandering of the worst kind. jay joanne, you -- >> joanne, we eat our sandwiches on the rebar. we sit down and eat our sandwiches. do you do that? >> i sit and eat my salad. >> that's why you are doing well. >> you know, this is why the presidents can't binge watch tv shows. obviously he has just gone through seasons one and two of
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mad men and that is going to every area of his life. like you said, there are already laws in place. >> by season four. >> exactly. to dismiss all of the progress that was done in the 60s and 70s, it is to diminish the significance of the feminists who work so hard and are there still voice clubs? yeah, i think so. a lot of the women don't want to be a part of the boys' clubs. to each their own. >> it is so true. he was attacking the people he was speaking to. what happens when a trump hater live tweets a trump event in i am guessing it is not all negative. i am pretty bad at guessing though.
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live from headquarters. details of what omar mateen was doing moments before he killed people. his victims laid dead on the nightclub floor. it said i pledge my -- the real muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west. a frightening new assessment from the cia. he is expected to say that isis is training to deploy operatives in the west. in prepared remarks he says isis will rely more on gorilla-style tactics to compensate for the territorial losses. heartache at disney world where diverses found the body of this 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator. the orange county sheriff
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deputy department released this picture of the toddler identifying him as lane graves of nebraska. he was attacked on monday night at the edge of the seven seas lagoon. a local sheriff delivered the somber news to the family. >> a message along with a priest, a catholic priest. of course the family was distraught, but also i think somewhat relieved that we were able to find their son with his body in tact, one. and two that he was located so that they can come to grips with what has happened. >> a large wildfire threatening homes in santa barbara. the so-called sherpa fire grew to more than 250 acres after night fall. mandatory evacuations are in affect this morning. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines. log on to fox
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i have to tell you -- by the way, is there any better place to be than a trump rally? in all fairness, right? is there any better place to be? there is so much love in the room. it is true. there is so much love in these rooms. it is incredible. >> that's donald trump of course at one of his rallies. all he sees is love. but is that really all there is? i wish we could get a more objective look at a trump rally. luckily jarod yates sexton recently attended a trump rally in north carolina and live tweeted his experience. we will be live tweeting from trump's rally in greensboro tonight. i'm sure it will be measured and thoughtful. that's good. he appearses to have an open mind and an objective view . let's get to the observations. crowd consists of people who like a car wreck because it breaks up a long drive, and people who never learned to
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love. sensing a little judgeyness there. the crowd is chanting, build that wall, build that wall and that's because they have to build a wall on the border. that's what they want to do. they like that idea. when that was over, good god that was chilling. i understand it can be chilling seeing people chanting something you don't agree with. it is very chilling. what else? this is soul crushingly awful. they just keep getting worse. it is hard to maintain empathy against so much awfulness. i wouldn't worry about maintaining empathy. just got told i don't look right. maybe it is the expression of abject terror and maybe the carefully crafted look that says academic dude who wouldn't attend a trump rally. and then post rally. everyone is passing with these evil little grins.
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there is so much ugliness. i keep saying it, but it is true. what exactly is an evil little grin? i think what you are seeing is people smiling. you see it as evil because anyone who disagrees with you must be evil. >> it seems like he went in with an open mind. >> they didn't make a convert this time. it is so close. >> they are palping. the actual violence when it breaks out is directed at the people. we are hearing about the trump events. there is a lot of violence there. when i go there i become violent. >> why don't you control yourself and stop blaming other people. if you are going to demonize people you have to turn them into demons and that's what they do. >> joanne, he wrote an article in the new republic following
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the tweet storm that went viral. the article was entitled "american horror story" a donald trump rally is a massage miss -- massogonistic nightmare. >> i want to read that and have nightmares. >> his half empty glass is going down the wrong way. you spend that whole time tweeting how do you change anything if you are on your phone. >> he kept saying things that people, that people are staring at me the wrong way. obviously he was making some judgments of his own. he said there was a lot of pushing, but i don't know if it was the protestor or the buddy. >> everybody has a narrative. when you tell a story you embellish because it sound a whole lot better especially when your job is to tell a story. ii think that's what a lot of
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that was. >> are you surprised his twitter rant was picked up by 400 publications? >> no, i am not. one thing i thought was interestinging but there were -- interesting, but there were no examples at all. it was just all mood. these people have grins and it is horrible. this is a horror show. >> he did mention i can't even put it into words. >> he must have given up on punk few water. -- punctuation. if i had gone to a rally that i was that bothered by i would explain why at some point. if you go back to the tweets you will see there is no explanation at all. >> thin on the details. >> kyle, did this match up with the trump rallies you have been to? >> yeah, usually i go to trump rallies rallies and it is a nice, wonderful festival. this seemed like a racist bonneroo.
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if you go he will give a shoutout. >> you are saying there is a whiter version than coachella itself? >> it is clanchella. >> i gave away my trump tickets. >> they fetch a good price. >> coming up, andy levey corrects the record and speaks the truth only the way he can. the only way, you know what i mean. half time is next and don't forget the "red eye" pod cast is back. subscribe on itunes and fox
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welcome back. time to find out what is going on at the "red eye" news desk. >> new pod cast is out. >> we did that this morning? >> we did. >> it feels like just yesterday. >> they talk about not giving guns to terrorists. this is true. the nra believeses terrorists should not be allowed to possess firearms, period. >> no matter how long they wait. >> you say there are lists, like the terrorist watch list. what about secret lists though?
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>> they write down people they are interested in, but the problem is if you act on them. >> what about listicole. if the terrorist department called it the terror listical people would be less upset. that is a good idea. charles, i completely agree with you. i am tired of people on the left including president obama and the future president clinton. talking to citizens because they put their name on a list. >> that was a great piece in the new yorker. i say great but he said he was a direct threat to liberalism
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and they allow them to own firearms. one of the statements is untrue. >> getting a -- an assault rifle is harder than getting a driver's license. >> yeah, it takes you at least eight hours to get a driver's license and then you can get a gun in seconds. >> you can't really though. i mean i know a guy who can get uh driver's license in 10 minutes. we need to hang out together. i mean, there is a reason many more own driver's licenses than rifles. >> we have someplace to go. >> keep it simple. >> they write the dumbest piece in history.
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>> a man walked into a gay bar and kills uh bought of -- kills a lot of people. i was expecting the aristocrats. >> there was not a republican within 500 yards of that place. >> i they talked about obama's press conference and you said no, i didn't see it. >> oh man, i should. >> i can do a pretty good obama. change for a dollar. anybody got change for a dollar? >> charles, you hope all who wrote this get stunning by bees. >> what are you going to do?
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>> i hope you get stung by a bee . i am just afraid it means something more significant. >> it is not an odd boarding school thing. i'll e-mail you later. >> joanne, you think what the times piece was trying to say is some communities have bigotries that can affect the outlook on life. you're right and it can affect a religious person's outlook on life. the times sort of forgot to mention that. >> they have a lot going on. >> they are very busy. >> it slipped their minds. >> charles, you said the times ' attitude is the one thing he says is let's not listen to that. they don't mention it in the editorial. >> they also said that it is unclear why he did it.
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>> right. >> he didn't just say it once. he called up a local tv station and he called 9-1-1. in other words it recorded twice. plus he posted it to facebook while he was on his spree. he wanted this to be known. >> and you wanted people in the club saying he said it. he basically made the same demands as the shooter clan. >> his motives were still unclear. >> president obama said some workplaces are like mad men. >> he is curious how he would know that workplaces are like mad men. i think he was talking about biden. >> you are seeing them around too close.
12:39 am
>> you are saying all they do is sit around and gossip? >> is that what they said? >> it is 2016. >> i watch "mad men" too much. >> it dismisses the hard work of the feminists who make it all possible. thank you. >> what waive is he? >> what waive? >> what waive of feminist. first, second. i am 9th waive. i am one of three other people in the world who are 9th wave. >> you should tweet at him later and see if he responds. >> perhaps i shall. >> the trump rally, it is interesting you did this story after the "mad men" mostly sunny. "mad men" one.
12:40 am
the first line of the piece was i think did done drapper a lot. >> who doesn't? >> i thought that was weirdly interesting. lastly you pointed out that in all of these tweets he gave no example of any of this other than his feelings. i saw that this was being passed around all over twitter and every place last night. like you, as much as i dislike trump i don't care what this guy is tweeting about. >> i am not entirely sure that he saw anything. i am not entirely sure he left his house. >> i don't disagree with that. i am done, tom. >> do you and the other 9th waive feminists hang out together? >> we shouldn't be in the same place at one time in case something happens. there has to be one of us separate. >> facebook is predicting the end of the written word. take that written word. first, "kennedy." >> hi, "red eye" freakersers and tweakers. charles cook
12:41 am
and jimmy falah join the party panel. i will read through your mail. it is so hateful. -- hateful.
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live from america's headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. president obama will beheaded to orlando to meet with survivors and the victim's
12:45 am
families. they are telling lawmakers it is time to rise to partisan ship. the president will be accompanied by vice president joe biden. the senate is burning the midnight oil overnight. connecticut democrat chris murphy is starting a filibuster to the floor. after more than 14 hours murphy announced that the senate leaders agreed to work on moving both amendments to the floor for a vote. one bans anyone on the terrorist watch list from being able to buy a firearm and the other would expand background check. wal-mart is cutting as many as 1500inging and other -- 1500 accounting and back-office jobs out west. the wal-mart said they will be offered other jobs at the company. a company spokesman says the goal is to get the workers out of the back rooms and on to the selling floor. and if you were affected
12:46 am
by cheating scandal at volkswagen you have to wait to learn the details of the proposed settlement. a federal judge in san francisco is extending the deadline for a final settlement to june 28th will. it was quite the sight on london's thames river. a fleet of boats campaigning for and against them staying. they will cast leave orie main votes. polls 1r given an edge to the leave side. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. video killed the radio star, and now it is about to do the same to writers. yes, facebook is predicting the demise of the written word. at a conference a facebook
12:47 am
exec was asked where will the social network be in five years? >> it will be definitely mobile. it will be probably all video. >> i bet if you were to have a bet, would you say video, video, video? >> yeah, if i was having a bet i would say, video, video, video. >> facebook might want to change its name to face video. she explained why video is so much better. >> it commands so much more information in a much quicker period. actually the trend helps us to digest more of the information. >> but the facebook exec added you will still have to write for the video. yes, that will always be true. you will have to write for videos. for instance we obtained this script. it is for the youtube video cat can't handle flower. a cat sits on the couch content and tatiana is singing, this sound fan it is a tech.
12:48 am
fantastic. let's see it. ♪ >> you didn't see that coming, did you? that's why you needed a screenplay. >> definitely. >> is this the beginning of the end for the written word? >> no. >> what? >> there aren't enough beautiful people in the world. that's the thing. the ugly people need to write. beautiful people do video. no one wants to read. that's the issue. >> i disagree with that. >> whenever i am looking for news articles in the morning and they have the video at the top, i never watch the video. it pisses me off. there is always an ad that begins. think of the ads that
12:49 am
are gonna be all over the place or you have to pay. you have to watch the ads and i am not paying. >> i have never -- that makes sense of the i hate videos too. i just want to rapid fire read through the words. >> i i think it is this show -- >> i don't know if you have been on facebook recently, but i am not sure if she needs to predict the end of the written word. it is pretty pup already here. >> just from the post you are seeing? >> steve jobs was saying this before he died. it is over and no one reads anymore. >> is this a gutsy prediction we are becoming more and more ironic. pretty soon facebook will be like slot machines. first it is a distraction where you pull the lever and then that was too much work and then you push the thing. it will be retinal scans and you look at facebook and it is three minutes of fart noises and colors and you will be
12:50 am
delighted. >> this is what the promise. remember the kindle? it was going to bring back books. jay people are reading and writing, but they are all negative comments in the comment section. reading pages and pages of negative comments. >> we post one dumb video and there is like five minutes of tom shillue stinks. what would you do to help your grandmother get a driver's license? a special bedtime story when we return.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" gavin mcginnis and luis j gomez. >> in canada the favorite country to the north a woman dressed up as her elderly mother to take a driving test. the 73-year-old woman was supposed to take the test and a younger woman showed up wearing a wig and glasses and clothing suited to an older person. the examine neither was -- the examiner was suspicious. her mother was nervous about taking the test. they both now face multiple
12:55 am
life sentences in prison. canada is rough, isn't it? >> canadian justice. >> don't mess with them. >> i would love to see video of this. how much did she really try and sell it? was she wearing an adult diaper and leave her signal on the whole time? did she give them werthers and they weren't originals? they were counterfeit? jay a glass container. >> and they were stuck together. >> you told me old people hospital be allowed to drive at all. is that what you said? >> not when i am on the highway. at least let me get home first. >> is this a high crime? she said it wasn't because the woman couldn't drive. was becaus nervous. >> put them in jail. fraud. >> i don't know if i should admit to fraud, but i used to dress up like an old man to buy alcohol before i was of a drinking age.
12:56 am
>> a little fedora. >> look at my picture. there is a picture of me as a younan. and after the make up what did i look like? not bad, right? that's all baby powder. what do you think? should they be arrested for this? >> he was saying earlier how much more difficult it is to get a driver's license. she should have bought an assault rifle. >> if you get a license with that imagine what you would get for falsely buying an assault rifle. >> impressed that i bought beer when i was 18 years old? >> oh yes. super impressed. >> i appreciate commitment to a role. that's obviously what this
12:57 am
woman did not do or she wouldn't have got caught. >> if i got served she should not be served. >> special thanks to my entire panel. i am tom shillue and join us on "red eye" your favorite show. is up next.
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donald trump doubles down on his immigration stance. but opens the door to gun reform. this is "special report." association, to talk about keeping people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns. the nra opposes such legislation. but also backs the gop presumptive nominee. senior national correspondent john roberts reports tonight on what could be a


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