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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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last night i asked for your thoughts in the wake of the all of the events in orlando this week. it was quite emotional what you sent in. would love to hear more from you. on twitter @megynkelly. good night, everyone. tonight, cia director john brennan make as stunning admission about isis. >> our efforts have not reduced the terrorism and global reach. >> tonight we have reaction. >> we have to, as a matter of commonsense, minimize the terrorist's ability to get ahold of an assault weapon. and calling for gun control and the long controversial comments. >> this is not about isis. this is about guns in america. plus, liberals and the media blame the nra and not radical islamists for the attack in orlando. the nra is here tonight to
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respond. all of that, plus herman cain. tonight, contradicting the narrative that isis is being defeated. earlier today on capitol hill, the cia director john brennan issued a very stern warning about the islamic state. tonight is our very own catherine herridge. catherine? >> on capitol hill, the cia director said to expect more. >> our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. the resources needed for terrorism are very modest and the group would have to suffer even heavier losses on territory, manpower and money for it is terrorist capacity to decline significantly. >> despite gains by the u.s.-led coalition, including the reduction of isis-held territory and cutting into the group's finances, the cia director said
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isis is lashing out to get trained operatives into western countries. >> to compensate for territorial loss, isis will rely on high-profile attacks outside the territory that it currently holds. >> reporter: the isis affiliate in libya has expanded between 5 and 8,000 members and in west africa as many as 8,000 despite a drop among foreign fighters in iraq and syria. the cia director said going after the territory is the most effective strategy. >> we need to take away their safe haven because it gives them the opportunity to use these lands to train and to fight. it generates revenue not just to keep their fighters on the battlefield but also to support these terrorist operations. >> and he spoke for all americans when he said san bernardino and orlando cannot be the new normal.
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sean? >> catherine herridge, thank you. and other top officials have been warning about isis for months while the president remains defiant. earlier this week he decided to lecture the republicans about using the term radical islam. watch this. >> for a while now, the main contribution of some of my friends on the other side of the aisle have made in the fight against isil is to criticize this administration and me for not using the phrase radical islam. this is a political distraction. so there's no magic to the phrase radical islam. it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. if we fall into the trap of painting all muslims with a broad brush and imply that we are at war with an entire religion, then we are doing the terrorist work for them. >> well, mr. president, there's certainly not the jv team and certainly not contained either.
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in stark contrast to president obama, benjamin netanyahu is not unwilling to talk about the islamic threat in the wake of the orlando attack. >> radical islam makes no distinction between shades of infidel. this week, it was gays in orlando. a few days before that it was jews in tell aviv. before that, it was travelers in brussels, yazidis in iraq, christians and journalists in syria. all of us are targets. we will not be terrified into submission. we will fight back and we will triumph. >> joining us now, the author of did the "defeating jihad," dr. sebastian gorka. it wasn't that long ago, a year and a half ago, the jv team, before the paris attacks, he
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said that they were contained but meanwhile the attacks continue. my question is this. when the american national director of intelligence, james clapper, house homeland security chairman, the special envoy of obama to defeat isis and now the ci ach cia all say that isis will infiltrate the population like they did in belgium, why would he allow them here? i've been asking this question and now his own cia director talks about the threat. why does hillary support that? >> i don't think there's a logical answer possible for your question. i think you can only understand what's going on if we reiterate the president and his top level live in a bubble they manufactured this narrative that there is no such thing as jihadism.
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terrorism is a product of poverty and lack of education. and they've locked themselves into that narrative but it's stunning. john brennan, the cia director, used to carry the water for the president. he used to perpetuate this narrative. something has changed, sean. he said not only is isis still globally capable, later on in his testimony, he said in his 30-plus career, he has never seen the world as unstable. sole what does that mean about the last 7 1/2 years of president obama and hillary clinton's foreign policy? >> let's talk about the linguistic gymnastics that they've been involved with since they took over? our own department of homeland security, they absolutely forbid the use of jihad and sharia. 94 people have been killed by terrorists since 9/11. they have not dealt with the illegal immigration program and
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more middle eastern men are now crossing the border and yet we've taken in three-quarters of a million migrants that execute gays and lesbians. is there a conflict of cultures that people are afraid to talk about? if you grow up under sharia, do you want to indoctrinate or want freedom and how do you determine that? >> it's a great question. remember, we have muslims in our armed forces. we have patriots and people on the front line in the fbi and intelligence committee and people like the times square bomber, a man who came here and became naturalized, worked himself into the middle class level of american society and what does he do? he drives an suv full of ieds into times square. the question is, what is their
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value system? do they agree with the principles of the republic? >> if i grow up and tell women how to dress, tell them they can't drive or go to school or work, can't leave the house without my permission, grow up in a system where gays and lesbians are executed just for being who they are, if you grow up under that system, and you want to come here, how do we determine you want a change or you want to bring those values with you? i don't know if that's possible. >> i think the only way you know that is through their behavior, because you can only judge a man or woman on their behavior. if they grew up in a society where they say women are worthless than 50% of a man, do they believe that today? because if they do, that's the problem. >> but an isis terrorist is going to lie. they are going to be trained to lie. >> sure. right. >> since orlando happened this past weekend, 441 syrian
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refugees have come to the. since that attack this week. are we playing russian roulette? are we risking american lives? are people likely to die because the president, he says they can vet them but they didn't do a good job knowing this guy was in the system. >> it is russian roulette, sean, if we consistently allow the government to shut down those systems that keep us alive and safe. the nypd knows how to do this. this is what i said in my book. it's human intelligence. it's undercover work, surveillance. you've got to find out what that person really believes and you're not going to do that unless you have people inside the society. >> okay. you say we can defeat isis. go back to the -- >> yes. >> -- you know, the semantics of gymnastics. i think you have to recognize and identify the enemy for who they are but what is the best way to defeat them? i'd hate to see a situation where we send young men and
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women to go fight and they don't even have up-armored humvees and getting their legs knocked off and trying to weed out where these terrorists are. what is the best way to do it with the least amount of casualties for american servicemen and women? >> three things. number one, get politics out of the threat assessment. no more censorship and none of this narrative that it's not about jihad and about religion. number two, you've got to empower the muslims that are at risk in the region. they are the front line in the war. the egyptians, the jordanians, sunnis in iraq that reject isis. that's never going to happen unless we provide the spine, the backbone, the trainers, the intelligence. we have to rebuild the troughs for those nations that obama has destroyed in the last 7 1/2 years. the victory comes the same way it has in the cold war. we've got to delegitimatize
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their propaganda campaign with our muslim allies to destroy the brand of jihad because jihad is just way too sexy now, sean, from san bernardino to orlando to paris, we've got to destroy it because we are in a war for survival. >> yeah. it's a war of civilization, a culture conflict. thank you, sir, for being with us. up next on this busy news night, tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> the group is probably exploring a means of infiltrating operatives. the cia director issues a chilling warning that isis, in fact, will and could infiltrate the refugee population. now, this comes as the administration accelerates plans to welcome thousands of syrian refugees right here in america. we'll check in with herman cain. >> gun control has to be part of homeland security.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. florida gun shop owner now says the gunman, omar mateen, came to his store to buy body armor and 1,000 rounds of ammunition. mateen raised suspicions by requesting a high grade of body armor. the shop owner called the fbi. a british lawmaker killed early yes today in the town that
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she represented. jo cox was shot and stabbed in northern england. the 52-year-old suspect shouted britain first. 41-year-old cox was in favor of staying in the eu. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity". isil is training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks. isil has fighters and the group is exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives into the west including refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel. >> that was john brennan earlier warning that isis could launch new attacks against america in the west. this is the latest in top
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intelligence and national security officials to do so. take a look. >> would that pose a greater risk to americans, bringing in syrian refugees? >> it's clear andly a concern. >> the database won't have the information that we need so it's not that we have a lack of process. it's a lack of information. >> and that raises a concern. >> yes. >> i don't obviously put it past the likes of isil to infiltrate operatives among these refugees. >> we can only query against that what we have collected. if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in syria in a way that would get their identity or their interests reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home but nothing will show up because we have no
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record on that person. >> there is some fear that some of these refugees may actually be posing as refugees but they might actually be al qaeda or isis terrorists trying to sneak in to europe or the united states. what do you make of that? >> well, certainly it's a possibility. i mean, you can't dismiss that out of hand. >> we should be conscious of the potential that daesh may attempt to imbed agents within that population. >> here with reaction, fox news contributor herman cain and monica crowley. you know, it really angers me here, monica, because every single, solitary top intelligence official in this country is warning that isis will infiltrate the population. we have over 450 since orlando syrian refugees here. >> uh-huh. >> now, am i going to be playing this tape after somebody's
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killed, after isis infiltrates that community and is responsible for a terror attack here? why is this president and hillary clinton gambling with the lives of the american people? what's the point? >> sean, i hope you don't have to go back to this tape and play it and say we tried to tell you, we tried to warn you. it is commonsense whatever major head of every major national security agency who you just played has been warning about that this has been going on for quite a long time first in central and western europe and now here in the united states. it is commonsense to understand that in the so-called refugee influx into the western world that, of course, is going to be shot through with individuals who want to wreak havoc, cause terror, kill and destroy. of course that's the case and we've seen it throughout and now
7:19 pm
we're seeing it in the united states. >> we're talking about the cia, fbi director, assistant fbi director, house homeland security chairman, obama's own special envoy general john allen. they are all saying it's going to happen. but he insists on taking them in. >> stop the inflow now. and president obama and president obama has the executive authority to do that. it makes no sense. if he does not stop the inflow now it indicates one of two things or both. number one, he's not listening to his intelligence professionals. they are consistent that we run -- >> i'm going to take it a step further. if he doesn't listen to all of the people i just mentioned and isis infiltrates and they commit a terror attack on our soil, one of the refugees, he will have
7:20 pm
blood on his hands. why would he be willing to gamble like that? >> because of the possibility that he's more concerned about political optics than he is the security of the united states of america. it would make it look as if donald trump was right. >> we already know donald trump was right. >> i totally agree with her man and there's another reason and motivation for this president in going ahead like this and that is that back in 2008, he talked about the fundamental
7:21 pm
transformation of the nation. we've seen it with obama and so on and it was about retreat and retrenchment globally but also about bringing in illegal immigrants across the southern border and it's about transforming the country, sean. >> you know, for a guy so upset about the right of the american people to keep and bear arms, we'll get into this later, these are the same people that put guns without gps in the arms of gang members and drug cartel in the fast and furious case and people died like brian terry on both sides of the border. these are people who gave $150 billion to the number one state sponsor of terror, iran. and when he was president of egypt, tanks, f-16s and a billion and a half dollars. these are the people that keep releasing terrorists from gitmo.
7:22 pm
so herman cain, i really don't want lectures on guns or on the american people and their right to keep and bear arms when you are arming our enemies. >> i have often said that the three tactics used by the democrats and the liberals, which includes president obama, s.i.n., they shift the subject to guns instead of talking about radical islamic terrorism. secondly, they want to ignore the facts. all of the professionals have laid out the threat and the facts and then they want to name call. jey johnson is now saying in an article that radical islamic terrorism -- he didn't use that word, by the way -- is analogous to a right-wing extremist. give me a break. they are trying to get away from what the real issue is. if another incident happens and
7:23 pm
a radical islamic terrorist comes in as a refugee and kills somebody, it's going to be on the hands of president obama and his administration. >> and hillary clinton who supports it. thank you both for being with us. >> exactly. up next, tonight, right here on "hannity" -- >> we have to face the fact that we need more responsible gun control which has to be part of homeland security. >> homeland security secretary jey johnson is pushing to politicize the tragedy in orlando. we'll check in with louie gohmert. he has the reaction. this is not about isis. this is not about any kind of foreign terror. this is about guns in america. >> the president and hillary, democrats, liberals, the media, they can't do anything but blame guns, never mention radical islamists or a terror attack. we get more right here on "hannity." (man) oh, looks like we missed
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welcome back to "hannity." jey johnson said that stricter gun control is needed for all americans. really? watch this. >> responsible gun control is now part and parcel of homeland security and critical to public safety but we have to face the fact that meaningful, responsible gun control has to be part of homeland security as well given the prospect of home-grown violent extremism in this country. >> wow, use any circumstance to advance agenda. joining me is louie gohmert and pat bronson. this is the same dhs secretary that said that right wingers pose the same threat as radical islamists. this is the same department of
7:27 pm
homeland security that forbids the use of the term sharia and doesn't enforce immigration laws and same department of homeland security that said nothing when the united states of america has resettled 750,000 migrants. what is happening in washington. >> well, we are all affected by the people we get advice from and know that homeland security, a publication in europe when morsi was involved, they were top advisers in the obama administration and one of them was an adviser on the homeland advisory board. i kept warning about, you know, the guy has been a featured speaker proclaiming the
7:28 pm
ayatollah khamenei and all kinds of indications and they would not listen. >> but here's my question. >> they finally let him go when he tweeted out that the international caliphate is inevitable and might as well get used to it and now they have a guy on here -- actually, a girl that hates white men and america. if you're patriotic, she makes clear that america is nowhere near the best country in the world and these are people and another guy that people warned the administration about, he's a muslim brother and they don't listen. >> this is a guy that admitted he wanted to be a martyr, claimed to be affiliated with al qaeda and hezbollah. this is a guy that we're told, according to other students, that he cheered on 9/11. >> yes. >> if somebody says all of that and the fbi and department of homeland security do an investigation, how did he slip through the cracks?
7:29 pm
why did they allow such a person to get off the watch list? >> well, what happens is, there's a few difficulties. surveillance could end because other priorities come along. if he was identified as a likely jihadi, the surveillance has to be sustained. find the funds and keep the surveillance going. same thing happened with the karachi brothers in paris and the tsarnaev brothers in boston. back ground checks don't happen in a vacuum. it's all about connecting the dots. his whole life, the dots weren't connected. here's a guy, how in god's name does someone on the terror watch list, on the no-fly list, three separate federal investigations, one that tied him to a bomber, get a full carry? it took me 17 months as a detective to get a full carry z three years. good luck. >> it's ridiculous. but again, no commonsense. >> let me go, louie, back to you. because i want to know what washington is doing about this. because i had on this program one of the founding members of
7:30 pm
the department of homeland security. his name is phil haney. he's a whistle blower. he talked about in 2008 when president obama became president, he was ordered to scrub the names of muslims who had terror ties. law enforcement from doing their job and connecting the dots to protect the american people. was that ever investigated? why would anybody scrub the names that law enforcement comes up with something like that? >> he dedicated his life to trying to keep america safe. but not only would they investigate that, once he came forward with the thousands of pages that actually a bunch of his leaders had deleted, then they turned on him. they impanelled a grand jury to go after him and just destroyed
7:31 pm
his career, his life. but it put his wife in the hospital. but they made his life -- they take his gun away in front of his peers so the message is clear. you asked how these guys fall through the cracks. it's because they are not cracks. they are massive holes that are created by this administration and like, for example, we got this document that unclassified secretary joint staff action directive october 25th, 2011, this is where the military orders the purging of anybody basically that care and other co-conspirators named in the holy land foundation trial were approving -- you couldn't use somebody that the muslim brotherhood didn't like but you could use only the muslim brotherhood approved people is what it came down to and the military cleaned this up, too. they won't let them learn what they are supposed to look for.
7:32 pm
that's why they don't know when they would see it. >> unbelievable. last word, pat. >> sean, you move the ball down the court and just replace the words political correctness with commonsense. >> absolutely. >> how about erasing islamaphobia. it's informing these decisions and at the -- >> we can't say jihad and sharia because we don't want to defend people? that's so over the top. thank you. >> you're welcome. up next right here on "hannity" -- >> this is not about isis. this is not any kind of foreign terror. this is about guns in america. >> no, this is about radical islam, the left continuing to politicize the orlando terror attack to push through their agenda. chris cox will join us with the reaction as we continue. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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welcome back to "hannity." the left wasted no time in politicizing the orlando massacre and on monday, "the new york daily news" didn't blame the terrorist but the nra with a cover that read, "oh, thanks nra." and the editorial board put out a piece with the title "the nra's complicity in terrorism." even the left is ignoring the terror threat and trying to push their antigun agenda. take a look at what representative jim clyburn had to say. >> this is not about isis. this is not about any kind of foreign terror. this is about guns in america and whether or not we are going to have some kind of a moderation to the second amendment as we have to the first. >> no, it's about radical islamic terrorism.
7:39 pm
ed henson owns the gun store down in florida. by way of background, he's a highly decorated nypd, 9/11 responder, spent months at ground sgreer rzero in the wake of 9/11 and the atf has also acknowledged that no laws were broken, as i've been saying for days now. joining us now with reaction, chris cox. chris, it's almost -- if i could -- it's like a compulsion. they can't acknowledge that law enforcement and the department of homeland security failed. this is a guy that cheered after 9/11, said he was connected to hezbollah, said he wanted to be a martyr.
7:40 pm
they took him off and want to blame the weapon as though the weapon was responsible. what's your reaction to that and how they politicize this. >> what happened in orlando was both heartbreaking and it's infuriating. the truth is, we are facing a massive problem in this court and the crisis is not over the second amendment over guns. it's over the fact that we have radical islamic terrorists in this countrying to kill as many americans as we can. it didn't stop the terrorist -- >> most of my adult life, i've had a license to carry in alexander, georgia, new york, since my 20s i have been carrying a weapon. if an incident like san
7:41 pm
bernardino, chattanooga or in the case of orlando ever happens, i would like somebody like me, somebody that has been well-trained, i'm a marksman, i've learned gun safety since i was 11 years old. i would want an opportunity to maybe help save lives. when this guy dropped a clip, if there was a responsible armed american there, maybe some people's lives could have been saved. what part of that does the left not understand? >> well, sean, this is absolutely ridiculous. all of us want to make sure that people are safe. all of us want to live in safe communities. as you mentioned, bad things happen. to think that one more gun control law is going to stop a jihadist from carrying out his quest for martyrdom, it's dangerous. so at the end of the day, it's a distraction. it's a distraction by this president and by hillary clinton away from their abject failure to keep us safe.
7:42 pm
>> does it anger you these are the same people that gave guns to drug cartels, kidnappers, gangsters and fast and furious, the same people gave $150 billion to the state sponsor of iran and bother you to give mohamed morsi and bother you that these people released gitmo detainees? because it really bothers me the level of hypocrisy. those things that they did are far more dangerous than the average law-abiding citizen having a gun. >> sean, what bothers me is the fact that we all know that something bad is going to happen again in this country and we also know that this president and hillary clinton are doing nothing to keep us safe. their policies and philosophy, this political correctness and their philosophy and policies are getting people killed. the fact that we're not trusted to defend ourselves is just
7:43 pm
defying logic and commonsense. the american people are sick and tired of this bs coming from congress and coming from the political elites who surround themselves with armed security but want us to be defenseless. >> i mentioned my cousin down in florida. one of the biggest things he's involved in is gun safety and i think the nra gets a bad rap. for example, i have a liberty safe next to my bed, a fingerprint safe for my handgun. people seem to reject what the role of the nra is. isn't safety one of the biggest missions of what you do? >> sean, we've put 29 million kids through a gun avoidance program, little kids too young to be around guns. we train more people with safe and responsible gun ownership than the federal government. we take a back seat to no one not only when it involves safety
7:44 pm
but also when it comes to national security. we've had nra member who is have died in this war on terror to suggest to somehow we want a terrorist to have access to firearms, it's not just wrong but offensive, no question about it. >> one bad person gives a bad name to the millions of responsible people and i appreciate your work with safety and every wrons in a while i get a call from someone saying, what kind of gun do you think i should get? i say, which one do you want to get trained in the use of? coming up, politicians who are too politically correct about the threat of radical islam? are they putting your life in danger?
7:45 pm
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. what exactly would using this label accomplish? what exactly would it change? would it make isil less committed to try to kill americans? would it bring in more allies? is there a military strategy that is served by this?
7:50 pm
the answer is none of the above. >> all right. the president earlier this week defending his position never to use the term radical islam. is political correct putting your lives in danger. joining us now from lives in da? can you imagine not saying naziism? or -- the -- if we lived in the era of reagan's president and said evil empire or imperial japan? >> now we have a president that wants to engage in words, rhetoric in style. he doesn't want to debate the notion they've done nothing in term of fighting islamic extremism, islamic terrorism. he's going to say i want to argue with trump about these words and get involved with hillary and trump with what these words really mean. if you can't define it, you can't take it on.
7:51 pm
he's done neither. >> he did call and refer to them as a jv team. i did say days before paris that isis is contained but a bigger issue is what i mentioned earlier. this guy let go nitmo detaibes and gave mohammed morsesi tanks and gave gangsters and drug cartels weapons with fast and furious. and he can't say radical islamic terrorism? >> he's lecturing us of what not to say, lecturing us, please be sensitive about the language that you use. do not use words like jihad or islam because those are religious terms, not plain old american english terms, there has been a five-year system
7:52 pm
mattic purging from the lexicon from official training materials. last year, hillary clinton called hard liners terrorists. last august, last august, after the first debate she referred to terrorists. what did this terrorist say when he called 911? did he pledge aallegiance to smith & wesson? or to islam. >> there has been a condemnation with regards to american stewardship on taking on isis. we heard john mccain in a policy way, that there is a direct relationship between home grown terrorism and the spread of isis, and america's inability,
7:53 pm
or failure, or lack of will to contain it through this president. >> let me ask a political question on this, kelly ann. when you look at the internals of polls donald trump has way above hillary relates to the economy, does her doubling down with obama on not saying radical islam, does that hurt her? >> it will hurt her if that is the way the electorate tends to view this issue, sean, donald trump is beating hillary clinton monday men and women on who is the strong leader, she was winning on temperment now. we're going to hear more of that. you see yesterday, everybody is talking about is she beating him by double digits? the question is if the orlando shooting happened a year ago, who would you prefer to be president? trump is beating clinton 45-41. >> with regard to tolerance,
7:54 pm
america is beaten by no one in the world but within a day of the orlando massacre, hillary clinton was fund raising and lecturing her supporters they should be concerned about islamo phobia. >> wow. it's amazing how wrong they've been often on big issues. tragically wrong. people are dying. and that is going to be a bigger problem. coming up, we have a very important question of the day and need your help. that is next. (man) oh, looks like we missed
7:55 pm
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it's time for the question of the day. is political correctness preventing government agencies from protecting you, thes american people? we can't say jihad, sharia, and work place violence, you can't say radical islam, i'd say,
8:00 pm
probably yes, but what do you think? let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left for this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> despite all our progress against isil. our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. >> but that's not what mr. brennan's boss, the president, said just two days ago. >> isil is under more pressure than ever before. isil continues to lose key leaders. >> tonight, why isis is winning the propaganda war. >> this is united states terrorism. same as the guy that shot up that church. >> yeah. >> it's no different. >> the left refusing to believe that islamic terrorism is the real danger to america. but why won't they believe it? we will tell you. >> a young man feeding a nacho to another