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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 16, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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probably yes, but what do you think? let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left for this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. tonight, either president obama is dangerously ignoring the obvious, or is he not talking to his cia director john brennan because the president told us two days ago that isis is on defense. but that is most certainly not what his own cia director said today. the cia director is warning us, isis is growing and has its eyes on the united states. that's really disturbing that the two are telling americans two different things about extreme danger. and in just moments, senator lindsey graham and why he says the obama administration is to blame and right now presumptive g.o.p. presidential nominee donald trump says he will be the toughest on isis. and that includes not backing down on his temporary ban of muslims entering the united states.
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donald trump's son eric trump joins us. good evening, eric. >> hi, greta, how are you? >> good. i don't usually go to the family members to talk policy but tonight i want to talk to you a little bit about your father's temporary ban because he seems to be doubling down on that. first, the news today with the cia director brennan saying that isis is growing. we are losing this war and it's growing around the planet. so, tell me your thoughts on this. >> listen, i think it fits into my father's narrative directly, right? my father has been saying they are a problem. we have to do something about the problem. we have to keep borders in this country. we can't let people just randomly come into our country. he started by saying this about the wall. then he talked about not letting hundreds and hundreds of thousands of refugees into this country which the cia was saying was infiltrated by isis. then you had orlando, right? which was an awful, awful tragedy it tears at the heart of america. how many more of these tragedies do we need to have before something is done? i mean, the president acknowledged radical islamic terrorism for the first time
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yesterday. i mean, he hasn't even spoken about the issue. it's not surprising that we are not winning the war with him as commander in chief. >> you know, look, being commander in chief is a tough job and this is a tough enemy and isis is as vicious as you can get. so i have tried to press your father on, you know, what would do you? we all agree, we're losing, except for apparently the president. he said that isis is on the defense. so he doesn't think that but the rest of us do. building a wall isn't going to stop this one this one. this man in orlando, this killer, this savage in orlando. he was born in the united states and he got radicalized through the internet which no wall is going to stop the internet. so, you know, what would your father's ban do to protect us from a guy like that. >> listen, have to start there, right? because there are tens and tens of thousands of others who want to come into this country. greta, you have to start by preventing those people to come into this country. you have to utilize our intelligence agencies. we have wonderful people. the people in the fbi are terrific right you?
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need to utilize them and go out and find these people and be very, very, very tough on these people. you need to bring the fight to them as well. listen, one thing i will tell you about my father is there is no tougher guy. he is an amazing father. he is a great person. but, believe me, when it comes to terrorism, there will be no harder guy in the world. >> i guess the problem is so, you know, in many ways so complex. >> it is. >> you have got amir hekmati, a u.s. marine in iran. >> sure. >> he is muslim. his brother-in-law who is an orthopedic surgeon and great guy, they are muslims and, you know, their children getting, you know, things that are said school muslims who are lawful. what are we going to do sort of separating out the extremists who want to kill us and the good muslims who are our friends? >> yeah, listen, i think that's-million-dollar question, right? it's a very, very hard thing. you, again, have to make sure those people aren't coming into our country. you can't let 200,000 people into our country when you know a certain percentage in that group are going to have bad, bad intentions. you have to use intelligence
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agencies to figure out who is in this country and who has bad intentions and make sure they can't strike out. you cannot have another 9/11. you can't have another brussels. you can't have another orlando. we have been hit by too many of these attacks and they simply have to stop. we have to protect the home front. hillary isn't doing that her foreign policy quite frankly created much of this destabilization in the middle east which created isis. the commander in chief isn't doing anything he hasn't acknowledged the enemy by their name until yesterday. quite frankly he didn't call the governor of the state until yesterday which is a disgrace. >> i don't usually talk policy with the family members so let me go to a family issue. this is what melania trump, your stepmother had to say about her relationship with the families. let's listen to this. >> you know, his other children, of course. >> yes. >> do you get along with them? >> very nice children. we have a great relationship, and now that we are traveling a lot for the debates and went to iowa and new hampshire, we spend
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a lot of time together. so very nice kids. >> so you are a very nice kid. what's it like being muhammad melania's stepson? >> she is great. one thing give her credit for she is amazing mom to barron. is he very young and in school. she has never taken him out of school to go on the campaign trail or use him as a pawn which you see so often in the political arena. she has always told him barron, you focus on school and your priorities. you are growing up. this is a very, very tough world. meaning campaigns, you focus on school. she is an amazing mother. she is incredibly solid person and amazing wife to my father. she is supportive. we have a really great relationship, we really, really do. she is solid as a rock. there is no one better to be by his side this whole campaign. >> we all in the media beat up on everybody. we beat up on your father and on you because you are out there. when we beat up onfather, is itr stepmother, melania?
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>> yeah, listen, i think it's tough on all of us. i love my father to death. obviously she is married to him. it's tough on all of us. you have to have armor. is he running as commander in chief of the united states. you if you don't have the armor you shouldn't be running. he has the toughest citizen skin i know. don't get me wrong, greta, there are times i wanted to jump through the tv tackle someone who is saying something so false about him. my father has been great man. he has been incredible mentor my entire life to donee, ivanka and barron. one of the best friends in the world. you take that to heart. you just have to have that armor. >> eric, thank you very much for joining us, i hope you come back. >> thank you, greta. great being with you. >> terrifying warning from the cia director our fight against isis. you will hear from him in a second. remember when president obama said this on tuesday? >> our coalition continues to be on offense.
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isil is on defense and it's now been a full year since isil has been able to mount a major successful offensive operation in either syria or iraq. >> but then today, his cia director john brennan who works for him disagreed and sounded this alarm. >> unfortunately, despite all our progress against isil on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group's terrible capability and global reach. moreover the group's foreign branches could help preserve capacity for terrorism regardless of convenience in iraq and syria. in fact, as the pressure mounts on isil, we judge that it will intensify as global terror campaign to maintain its dominance of the global terrorism agenda. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham goes "on the record." nice to see you, senator. >> thank you. >> senator john mccain said earlier today that president obama is directly responsible for orlando attack but then he clarified it a little bit later in a tweet to clarify i was
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referring to president obama's national security decisions that have led to the rise of isil not to the president on this. where are you on this. >> john is right about this. theres would be no isil. you did your job, the surge did work. al qaeda and iraq predecessor to isil was on their needs. the military add vips 10,000 troops in iraq stabilize it he pulled them all out. help the free syrian army when assad is on the rope if you don't the tear up the parm. the decision to abandon iraq and not help free the syrian army three or four years ago gave isil a foot hold in syria and iraq. the rest is history. barack obama is to blame for the rise of isil. he has dismantled the ability to defend this country. we no longer interrogate terror suspects. we read them their rights and put them in federal court. we have less federal agents
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in 2017 than 2013. in that regard i blame president obama. >> the way i look at this, going back a number of years, i look at this like cancer in the body. if you get the first little tumor before it miss as it size to the brain and lureng and everywhere else. last several years isis just not on the battlefield but beheading, charlie hebdo, paris last november 139. we have had belgium and sphwarn, -- intern. inspired by isis. >> can i add one? >> libya. this president undersells the threats. he says there is no evidence this man was directed by isil. isil is still strong in the minds of twisted people like this. they still follow ago bad daddy's call to attack in place. so, without a caliphate. without al baghdadi land and control, he would not be the win everywhere of this crazy
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guy in orlando. it was a directed attack in the sense that people like this man believe isil, they're winners. >> secretary clinton said earlier this week in her speech she said we need to destroy isis which i agree instead of contain. >> i shaw that as a reference to the president's foreign policy. >> it is a rebuke of foreign policy. his goal is to descroif isil. isil will be in iraq and libya. >> if you listen to his cia terkt this war has escalated. >> president doesn't want to escalate the war. the enemy is getting stronger and we are getting weaker. brennan is saying, despite what you hear from the president, i'm being overloaded in terms of trying to protect the nation from isil fighters, no matter what they iraq and syria. less fbi agents than they were in 2017 than there were in 2013. we are destroying defense
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budget. the presidents is not being honest with you about the nature of the threat. >> is he lying? >> i think he is delusional about the status of isil. i think he intentionally underestimates the athletic threat because he is trying to show that his policies are working when they are not. he has this model of trying to lead from behind. it is collapsing. there are going to be more attackstacks in america because when we capture somebody under president obama, we read them their rights, rather than gathering intelligence. >> so is president obama ignoring the cia director? why would the cia director john brennan say isis is as dangerous as ever and president obama say isis is on the defense? the "on the record" political panel is here. from town guy benson and from the magazine -- from "time" magazine zeke miller. why the contrast? we just heard the president say isis or irs sill was on the defense and now today. >> when you talk to the
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folks at the white house lastier and a half, we like to talk about this two different wars. you have the on the ground war so the territorial isis in iraq and syria now extending into libya. sort of what they have done on the ground. the territory they have amassed. that's where the sort of the -- what they would call the -- the air and ground war in iraq and syria has, you know, shown some progress. that's what the president is talking about how they have lot a lot of ground. second par which is influence overseas and in the united states. >> that's a big one. we had 49 people slaughtered on that big one. i feel bad for the people overs i fiesel bad for the family members in orlando. >> brennan's comments is why the when you say and this president would prefer to be talking about guns as opposed to isis which is the actual root problem here. this is not a surprise. a few weeks ago the former deputy director of the cia
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came out and fitting. a bunch of spies have come okay ought tond he would the press we had intelligence on isis that was ignored repeatedly by the white house and white washed by the administration. this has been a threat that has been consistently undersold. >> there is something bizarre. i hate to keep hitting the president over the head with this. but remember a couple years back he said that isis was jv. jv? anything but jv. we are losing to jv thawnd director. why is he doing this? >> we had a very different time messaging about this threat. >> it's not complicated. i mean, people inspired about this and they do it. very simple. rare and apparent here. >> the sims are. the question is what do they do about it. >> one of the solutions they can do is much of this is fueled by social media they have access to facebook, to twitter, they are sending
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out messages. you know, we could be a lot more sophisticated and get twitter to shut down isis accounts. get facebook to shut it down. that would be one way because they are recruiting there to what jesus christ just said complicated and complex messaging for the white house. what's ironic that's what they might say now. what they used to do is rely on simple messaging which is we have ended the where in wrawk that's why is what it is vociferously withdrew. they had a simple message for years including in the reelect we ended two wars. >> do they get it now that they are in trouble? i mean that we are in trouble. >> they certainly get it now. you remember disastrous press conference overseas after the paris attacks. that's when the president said he was short of shocked looking at the news and how it was being portrayed here. they certainly get it now. he doesn't have the answer. >> he didn't go and march with all those other leaders at charlie hebdo.
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there are some times when we are saying he doesn't get it. terrible he qunt burglar with all their other worlds leaders. for some reason he doesn't get it, anyway, now back to the campaign trail. thank you both. donald trump is taking on texas. crump is holding a bar famous for mechanical bull. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is inside the trump event. carl? >> hi, greta. clarification here micky gilley's ballroom in dallas. the place that you are talking about is gilley's in houston with the famous mechanical bull back to the urban cowboys days. trump has a big rally planned here today. potential for a little bit of volatility tonight. yesterday the dallas police and various different law enforcement federal and local went through some essentially some drills preparing for the demonstrations expected tonight. some of the anti-trump activists say they are
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expecting anywhere between 1 and 5,000 proceeds on the streets and several are closed off around us. the trump called to us point out this incident is isn't going to hold the number of rsvp they got. 18,000 people rsvp wanted and want to do come to tonight's event they are not going to fit into this room. with the protesters outside in what has been a 90-plus degree day in dallas those folk who want to come in and see trump are going to stand outside and not get in and walk past the protesters. this was a day in which trump attacked heather pick as well as the labor union endorsed her today. and touch reduced a statement saying clinton did he go the ceo of wall street. worse off if hillary clinton will be president. trump boasted he thinks he will get the majority of
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labor votes. texas is historically conservative red state. and, yet, trump's candidacy has the demonstrators in the democratic party in this state. ego eagerly thinking there is a possibility they could get real political gains in texas for one reason, particularly, 38% of the population here is hispanic. and many of them are very upset about trump's rhetoric about my grants and immigrants coming across the border and building a wall. things of that nature. he hasn't had a lot of problems with i had rally. tonight might be tension in the streets, greta. >> carl, refresh your recollection, did senator ted cruz of texas ever endorse donald trump or not? >> no, not yet. the candidates have all said that they will keep their pledges. john kasich has been seemingly the most wavering. he will say ultimately he will support of the thom knee. if there is to be never stop movement rifles. some of thifs staffs on the
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campaign trail have dib to do look for ways in which they it in be able to dump trump. doesn't think it's likely but still discussion about it. >> thank you. praising for anti-trump protests, some people have already gathered. casey stegall is live in the middle of it. casey? >> yeah, greta. i can tell you as carl was saying they were expecting protesters in the thousands. right now we are still, you know, still about 40 minutes or so from the eventually beginning. but i can tell you in this corner where all of the opposition is based, we have asked the police. they estimate the crowd at about 300 at the moment. but, again, we have got 40 minutes or so until the actual event set begins inside. i want to show you around. it has been relatively spaceful. some say no profanities, children here young and old. they want to keep it
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peaceful. just in case, there is a big police presence here as you can imagine. dallas police are on stand by. they are on the ready the barricades have been set up. and then back there you see gilley's the actual vin you where carl is inside and mr. trump will be speaking. and then look straight ahead, if you will, see that big dallas police mobile command unit? on the other side of that is a second area where people are gathering. and those are for supporters of trump. police are trying to keep the two crowds apart. they are trying to get the supporters over there who were unable to get a ticket to actually go inside and then all of the anti--trump people are supposed to be right here. now, the crowd number, as we said is relatively low. but i want to tell you this. there have been bus pickups. there are a couple of buss that are running. and there are published locations throughout the dfw area for people who could
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not make it here so buss are arriving with more protesters that could be showing up at any time, greta. >> casey, thank you. and we have brand new information tonight about what the orlando terrorist was doing during his bloody massacre. plus, orlando swat team commanders is here. also, some brand new troubles for the judge in the stanford rape
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now to the orlando terror attack. new information chilling facebook posts show the terrorist posted on facebook as he executed those 49 innocent people. fox news correspondent phil keating is live outside the terrorist' home in fort
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pierce, florida. phil? >> greta, as this slaughtering 49 people and wounding 53 others was not unthinkable enough. we now know that the homegrownrorists omar mateen was lingering around the blood and bodies for hours all while posting messages on his facebook page. all of this happening in that 3.5 hour window between the opening salvo of violence and the final gun battle with orlando police. some of the posts i pledge my alliance to isis leader abu back kerr al baghdady. may allah accept me. the real muslims never accept the filthy ways of the west. you kill innocent women and children by doing u.s. air strikes now taste the islamic state vengeance and america and russia stop bombing the islamic state. mateen also posted that there would be more islamic state attacks in the u.s. in the coming days. and per the chair of the senate homeland security committee, while survivors hid terrified in the club's bathroom, mateen also was searching these words on the
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web. pulse orlando. shooting. and intern attack. apparently checking to see if his massacre had made the news yet all while more shooting and killing was still to come. mateen also made 16 phone calls while inside the blood bath. to whom? well the fbi is tracking that down and at least one media reports says mateen also sent a text from the club to his wife noor salmon. what that text reveals we do not know. fbi sources and federal law enforcement sources tell us that she knew plenty about her husband's deadly plans but did nothing about it. but as of tonight, right now, she remains a free woman, still not under arrest. certainly not here at her condo complex but remaining in hiding. and according to her father-in-law, the father of the killer, she is no longer in the state of florida. greta? >> phil, thank you. and many law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to take down that evil terrorist inside pulse
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nightclub. >> and joining us orlando mayor buddy dyer and orlando swat commander captain mark cantey. good evening, gentlemen. and, goi, you know mikesell heart goes out to you and your community. have you had a tough few days and each day seems even worse. thank you for joining me. >> thank you, greta? good evening. >> mayor, do you have any information on where this killer was before he went to the pulse? what did he do that day in the hours leading up to this? >> no, i don't have any new information. the fbi is obviously investigating that. i probably, at this point, have less information than the general public because i don't have the opportunity to watch tv much during the day and it seems like your news organizations are getting lots of leads that get reported before we even get that information. >> captain, let me turn to you about that evening. and, you know, the utter chaos and having to make decisions so quickly and not knowing what was inside.
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there were conversations between the killer and 9 1 and others. did that have any bearing on the decision when to go in? >> it did. our goal throughout the whole thing was to try to get people out as quickly as possible. obviously, the longer something like this goes, it obviously has a greater potential for ending badly. so we -- while we were there, we prepped to get people out and i think we rescued a lot of people prior to our final breach and we just -- the goal was to try to get as many people out as possible. >> i try to put myself in your shoes and at the time, you know, i suspect you don't know how many people were inside. you don't know whether he was telling the truth about what he had or what he intended to do. and, you know, frankly, maybe, i don't know, i guess i would have thought trying to keep him talking, i might have been able to talk him out of not killing more. am i right that it's just
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incredibly difficult on the ground? >> it is incredibly difficult because you don't know what his mind set is or what his end game is. i know we have trained negotiators that were at our communication center. we have an excellent swat team. we have excellent patrol officers. and our goal throughout the whole thing was to try to get as many people out as possible. >> he spoke to 911. he made a call to a tv station. did he try to call anybody else? >> that i do not know. i think that's probably a question for the fbi as they continue on with their investigation. >> is the scene still sealed, captain? >> i believe the fbi is still working it. they have kind of taken over the entire scene. so they are working the scene and once they are done, they will clear. >> mayor, how do you deal with this in your community? have you had the singer last week. then you have 49 innocents slaughtered and now you have this poor child. yank of any community that's been hit this hard in this a long time.
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>> any one of those three things are pretty hard to handle and having them all three in five or six days, is certainly a trying time for our community and that's why we have to uplift each other. certainly sunday was the worst day we have had in the history of orlando. i cannot be proud irof how our city and residents have responded. >> indeed. in fact, i happen to coincidently know one of your surgeons there. dr. cheatham who helped save lives. captain, one last question, do you know is there any information you can tell me about this man inside, what he was saying to people or doing or where he was, any other information to advance the story? >> i don't have any information out there. what i would like to say the citizens of orlando should know they have a great police department. they have a great chief. a great swat team that their main goal is to keep them safe and we will do everything in our power to
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make sure that happens. >> captain, i actually -- i have been down there. i talked to them and i know that absolutely true. you guys work really hard i also know your sheriff. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> yesterday, the "new york times" editorial board blamed the republicans for the massacre in orlando. well, today, the editorial board is blaming someone else. who is it? find out. find out. the five's kimberly this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests
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the "new york times" editorial board is taking on the nra in the wake of the deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. the "new york times" editorial board is saying the nra is, in their word, complicit in the terror attack. senator ted cruz coming out swinging in response. >> and i think the american people find it ridiculous that in response to an isis terror attack, the democrats go on high dungeon that we have got to restrict the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. this is not a gun control issue. this is a terrorism issue. >> so why is the "new york times" editorial board going after the nra? and what about the savage who viciously executed those 49 innocents and say he was inspired by isis? co-host of the five kimberly guilfoyle goes "on the record." what do you think? >> i think this is the "new york times" doing what we expect them to do which is embracing the political
11:35 pm
ideology of the president and of the left. words like weapons of war to really scare people in to pushing forward this gun agenda. the lead everyone, every paper and news organizations should be that isis has managed to take 49 american lives unspeakable. we are not winning the war against isis because we cannot identify that this is a form of radical islamist terrorism. it's really disappointing especially when you see the comments of the president and you see "new york times" really being complicit in this as well. and, instead, attacking the gun lobby. attacking the second amendment. attacking the nra when half of them did not realize an ar-15 was not used and ar-15 is not an assault weapon and these weapons were obtained legally and even if the assault weapons ban that was in place for about 10 years was in effect, it would not have prevented the massacre in orlando. >> and i just want to add
11:36 pm
that i put on my facebook page last night and said here off-the-record that yesterday the "new york times" editorial board plamed the republicans so today it's the nra. yesterday it was the republicans. all right, let me move to something else kimberly. judge aaron persky the judge from california got booted from the rape case. stanford broke turner months for rape. he has been booted from another sex crime case. santa clara prosecutors lack confidence that judge persky can fairly rule on another rain case. as a former prosecutor in the state of california, your thoughts. >> i know a lot of the great prosecutors in santa clara county are tough and fair and doing the right thing in this case. so far they are doing what we call papering a judge with respect to a specific case and this is very appropriate and suitable because they don't want him to hear another sex crimes case. now, keep in mind that jurors have already come forward to say that they will not submit a courtroom where he is the presiding
11:37 pm
justice because they feel that they would not be fair. that, in fact, he would be biased and this is based on the wide, nationwide coverage of this absolutely outrageous six month sentence that is a slap in the face of all sexual assault victims. i would blanket him and not let him hear any cases and pushed out to civil court. >> the stanford swim steam members say they were pressured not to speak about this male swim his or her used to say incorporation unbelievable things to them. >> silencing the women assault itself. you can't come forward to say the things that are relevant regarding his conduct and inappropriate comments to females of the swim team? that's awful. would be have been helpful for the judge to hear all prior actions behaviors and inappropriate sexually laced remarks to women on the team. >> i'm anxious to see if more of these women pop up
11:38 pm
and start talking publicly. stanford, of course denied it and said they could freely speak. women on the stanford swim team disagree with the university and say they couldn't talk. kimberly of the five always nice to see you. thank you. >> get to see you, greta. >> who will be donald trump's vice presidential pick? donald trump held a closed door meeting with g.o.p. governors, including governor mary fallon who son his vp list. she is here straight ahead.
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get ready it speed read the news. a doomed voice recorder could solve mystery. recovered today from the mediterranean sea. luckily the memory unit of the device appears to be in tact. the plane crashed last month killing all 66 people on board. violence erupting at the 2016 european championship soccer tournament. 37 people arrested in france
11:43 pm
as riot police fired into british fans. and last weekend, a massive brawl broke out between english and russian fans. three of those russian fans sentence to do french prison and 20 more will be deported and that's tonight's speed read. and donald trump is courting top republicans. earlier this week held a meeting with several republican governors. head at new york's trump tower. what went on behind closed doors, mary fallon was one of the participants and short time ago governor fallon went "on the record." governor, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. how are you? >> i'm very well. so, governor, you and some other governors went to meet with donald trump the other day. who went with you? >> oh, we had a great meeting with donald trump this week there were about 6 of us governors that went to talk to our presumptive republican nominee for president about our states, about some of the challenges that we face, about solutions that we have been able to find in our own states and about the presidential election and how important it is to the
11:44 pm
future of america. >> did you learn anything new? >> i think one of the things that people need to understand about trump is he is very passionate about the issues and about america and about changing the course of america in the right direction, to build back our economy, to make sure we have a strong national defense that we support our military. we support our veterans. to certainly work on making sure we know who is coming in and out of our country. and to make our nation more friendly to business so we can create jobs and opportunities for our fellow americans. when you set and talk to him one on one in a room, it's just like you and i talking or like you would have a conversation with a member of your family. but when you get him up in front of a crowd, you know, he is very entertaining guy but, yet, he is also very serious and passionate what he is talking about. >> what do you make of the fact in light of what you just said his unfavorables have risen 10 points in a month that's really a bad direction and how does he turn that around if he wants to win? >> i think he has got to
11:45 pm
talk to the heart of the american people one of the biggest challenges we talked about yesterday is how hard it is to compete with the national media and many who do not like the republican party or who love hillary clinton. and that's a big challenge for him. i'm grateful that he is willing to put up a big fight, get out and talk about the issues that are porpoise for america. i think you will find other governors that will be willing to step forward and help him in getting our message across that we need a conservative president in the united states. and how important it's going to be to turning our economy around and frankly, greta, if you look at the polls themselves. if you look at the right track, wrong track of our nation. you will find majority of americans feel like our nation is going in the wrong track. if you want another eight years of president obama, you put in hillary clinton and you are going to get more eight years of what we just had. >> no secret, governor, your name has been batted around the media as on the short list for vice president. i read tall the time. so, tell me, did you have any sort of side discussion with him without the other
11:46 pm
governors? have you had any private discussions at all with donald trump about that? >> no, i didn't. we just had the governors talking to him about jobs, economy, and national security and certainly what happened in orlando this week and what a terrible tragedy it was. but, it's a great honor to even be mentioned to be able to serve your nation and it's something that i have enjoyed doing for the last 25 years. right now i'm just focused on being governor of oklahoma and doing everything i can, you know, to find solutions to problems facing my state and certainly making sure that we elect a conservative to the white house this year. >> i take it listening to that if you were asked that you would say yes, listening carefully to what you were saying, would that be a yes? >> well, i mean certainly anyone would consider the opportunity at -- haven't been asked to do that he has a lot of people being considered for that position. and i certainly enjoy serving our nation but as i said right now my focus is on oklahoma. >> donald trump also said that he would be a -- or he is a better friend to the gay community than secretary hillary clinton.
11:47 pm
do you believe that? >> i think donald trump respects all americans. and loves america itself. sometimes he may say things not quite the way i would say things as someone who has been in office for 25 years. he speaks his mind a lot. but, i take him for his word. and i know that he said yesterday that he had a lot of gay friends and certainly i have gay friends. i don't know anybody that doesn't have a gay friend. and, you know, the big thing we have to keep in mind is jihadist terrorists want to kill americans whether you are a woman, whether you are a christian, a jew, whether you are a gay person, we are all americans first and it's unacceptable that any american would feel threatened on their own land and their own state and we need somebody tough that's going to be president of the united states that's going to make sure that we have a strong national defense that will spend appropriate amount of money to believe up our military and we become such a super power
11:48 pm
with military strength and might and other nations that have jihadist terrorists will be scared of the united states. >> governor, nice to see you. i hope you will come back soon. thank you, governor. >> thank you. >> and a lawmaker and mother of two small children murdered. a live report on the investigation is next. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. and intellectual propertylines about bubeing stolen.g hacked that is cyber-crime.
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this is a fox news alert. a british lawmaker murdered. a member of parliament jill cox shot and stand in daylight on the street. cox the first british lawmaker killed in office in more than 25 years was a rising political star. >> we have lost a great star. she was a mp, great campaigning mp with huge compassion, with a big heart. and people are going to be
11:53 pm
very, very sad at what has happened, dreadful, dreadful news. it's right that we're suspending campaigning activity in this referendum and everyone's thoughts will be with her family and constituents. this terrible time. >> grn reporter andrew grieves is live in manchester, england. andrew, what happened and what is thought to be the motive for murdering this woman? >> i think one of the things is the police are still lag for 52-year-old. what we could know is that cox was holding one of her regular constituency -- where constituents would go along [inaudible] and this man was waiting outside when she left. and that is when this attack happened in broad daylight on the street. >> did he say anything when he murdered her or as he killed her? >> yeah.
11:54 pm
witnesses declaring that he chanted the word britain first, which is a far right group. there is some news come out tonight linked to the northern alliance or national alliance, i'm sorry, in america far right group. and he perhaps purchased material how to actually [inaudible] witnesses say homemade as well. certainly some kind of far right connotation. >> i understand she is married and the mother of two very young children? >> yeah, two children age 3 and 5. dedicated her life [inaudible] children issues and to issues syrian refugee. colleagues have described her as somebody who was massively commit to do the causes that she believed in. children now grow up without
11:55 pm
knowing their mom. >> prime minister cammeron said they are going to suspend election -- big campaign going on for this june 23rd vote whether to exit the eu or not. is this -- how long is this moratorium on the campaigning for this? >> i think what they have announceside a suspension campaign. i expect that -- most of that will be -- next thursday. both sides argue probably get back on as quickly as possible. >> andrew, thank you very much as joining us. >> no problem. >> more "on the record" straight ahead.
11:56 pm
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that's all for now. see you right here 7:00 p.m. eastern. make sure you head over to as always, like my facebook page. lots going on there, too. up next, bill, "the o'reilly
12:00 am
factor." good night from washington. welcome to "red eye." hello. i am tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. >> hillary clinton releaseses an ad blitz aimed at telling her story.i'm assuming vince for feature prominently? was the hack debbie wasserman-schulz. and another edition of "red eye." back to you, tom. >> thanks, andy. let's welcome our guest. she heard last call more than carson daley


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