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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 17, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> good morning. we are almost there. it is friday morning. good to say that. >> thank you for starting your day with us. panic around the world this morning. >> rock legend meat loaf rushed to the hospital after collapsing on stage in front of a packed concert hall in canada. >> those scary moments captured fans as the grammy winner fell to the floor. he was performing his 1993 hit
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"i would do anything for love." >> he was taken to the hospital, but right now there have been no updates. >> according to his facebook and twitter pages he was having health issues cancelling shows earlier in the week due to illness. >> fans and music lovers are waking up to the news referencing him praying for meat loaf, heaven can wait. >> he has 7 more shows through july 2nd. no word if those will go on. >> the text to his wife while he was surrounded with dead bodies. >> the fbi may have missed a huge warning sign. >> what is the very latest. good morning. >> during his terrorist attack
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here at the pulse nightclub omar mateen got a text from his wife. she said where are you? he said do you see what's happening? she said no. he replied, i love you, babe. >> salman knew of her husband's violent aspirations but that exchange suggests she may not have known exactly when he planned to attack. there is new word from a gun shop owner who called the fbi a month and a half ago when he came into a shop and asked questions about high end body armor. when mateen was told he couldn't buy that kind of armor in the shot he made a phone call in a foreign language and then inquired about firearms. grainy footage was taken.
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it is sad we had him that close. he was that close we could have gotten our hands on him. >> they visited first responders yesterday. their focus was on healing and gun control. >> we can't anticipate or catch every single deranged person that may wish to do harm to his neighbors or friends or co-workers or strangers, but we can do something about the amount of damage that they do. >> a new record from mateen's time as a security guard show he was a very skilled person, very skilled shooter with the kind of gun he used earning perfect scores on every test that he took with a semiautomatic hand
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gun. >> chilling details. >> isis is more dangerous than ever the blunt warning from the cia director. garrett tiny enney is here. we are hearing two different stories it seems. >> yesterday was a bit of a reality check where we stand against isis. in a rare open hearing before the senate intelligence community john vernon said despite the anti isis campaign in iraq and syria, the terrorist group is working to infiltrate the fighters in the western countries with the goal of increasing terror attacks around the world. they are looking at how the assessment compared to the roseyer picture president obama painted this week. >> this continues to be a difficult fight. we are making significant
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progress. >> can hes piet the battle the efforts have not reduced their ability and global reach. >> sis sill's ranks are shrinking as well. their moral is shenging. >> the number of firefighters far exceeds what al qaeda had at its height. >> this comes in the backdrop of the orlando shooting where they pledged their allegiance during the attack. it was largely to blame it on the lack of gun control. yesterday a group of republican senators pushed back hard on that argument. >> i think the american people find it ridiculous in response to an isis terror attack the democrats go on high dungeon we have to have the rights of gun
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owners. this is not a gun control issue. this is a terrorism issue. >> the senate is set to vote on several gun proposals. on monday there are not any indication that any of those proposals will gain enough votes to pass. heather? >> they pushed the democratic agenda all week. executive director of the nra chris cox says irresponsible politicians are trying to distract the public from the repeated failure to keep americ americans safe. >> a jihadist carrying out a request for martyrdom isn't absurd it is dangerous. we have them in other parts of the world. we have them in california. they have done nothing. at the end of the day it is a distraction away from their abject failure and failure of the policy to keep us safe.
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>> 1 in 4 say terrorism is an issue. >> which issue matters most to you. log on to "fox & friends" for a live debate at #keep caulk talking. >> drugs and nazi propaganda found inside of a home. he is facing weapons and drug charges. >> today's search warrant may have prevented a deadly violent incident than the one we saw in orlando. >> among the items found a black binder filled with instructions on how to make a bomb rifles next to a framed photo of adolf hitler. a shot gun, four wiefls and more than 40,000 dollars. a teenaged girl now under
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arrest ar drying up a hit list at her school. they are contacting the families of the people threatened. the student is charged with 29 counts of breech could be ex ex pelled. a member of british parliament is shot and killed in broad daylight. joe cox was attacked outside of a library by a man armed with a gun and a knife. this picture capturing police arresting a 62-year-old man identified as thomas mayor. they are not looking at a motive the attacker was heard shouting britain is first several times. they have been campaigning for britain to stay in the eu. >> more corruption fallout three months after he was caught in the moving pay scandal. the top guy in charge of veteran's benefits is walking away scot-free. danny pupil mel was fired for forcing ranked employees out of
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their jobs so they could keep their high salary. he is now retiring. >> the campaign sign is damaged vandals. this as the local advocate continues to get threats. what's next it has been getting gradually worst. in the last few attacks it has been getting extreme. >> they knock down the sign in front of tara mech am's place. he is not denying the allegations this is not the first time he has had to deal with the political backlash and no charges have been filed. the vermont senator says he is not planning to suspend his campaign nor is he supporting clinton but he will work to
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defeat trump. >> the task we face in the next five months is to make certain donald trump is defeated and defeated badly. i take my role in the process in a very short period of time. >> can you believe this guy doesn't give up? you got to give him credit. he doesn't give up. we could have used a guy like that four years ago. >> meantime the largest federation afl cio is endorsing hillary clinton is a blow to trump who has been work to go get their support. it is going to take seven games to determine this year's champion. leb bonn franes and cleveland cavaliers keeping it alive with a 115 to 109 victory. james scoring 21 points for a second straight game. fouling out the game with less than 5 minutes left.
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he throws his mouth piece into the crowd. he could face a fine for that one. >> i don't know if i want that. >> the deciding game 7 this sunday. >> i can't wait to watch that game. >> the time is now 10 after the hour. a car burst into flames feet from a gas pump throwing the driver to the ground igniting his clothes. what sparked this explosion. >> they will use an a plane and fly it into a building. they don't need a 15's. >> howard stern on gun control. >> remember the guy who went viral for his hot mug shot? he's back and looking better than ever. that's our opinion. >> first we look at the weather across the country.
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>> disney world reportedly knew about the alligator problem but looked the other way to satisfy high end guests. a 2-year-old boy attacked by an alligator died from a combination of drowning and traumatic injuries. they are adding dangerous reptile warning signs around the waterways and parks and resorts in orlando. this comes after outrage for only having a no swimming sign but not one single alligator sign before the deadly attack. tidz knee releasing a statement saying quote we are conducting a swift and thorough review aof al of our process and protocols this includes signage and
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warnings. a fire burning out of control at a facility. the fire spreading to 1400 acres. hundreds of people have been evacuated at this point. rising temperatures and dry conditions worsening in western states as well. in new mexico a state of moj is now in effect as a dog head fire burns 12,000 acres. the fire also triggering evacuations. eastern arizona dealing with a major firefight with more than 8,000 acres burning and people forced to evacuate there. >> an emotional reunion between a nightclub owner and a police officer who saved his life. >> my name is omar delgado. i am one of the ones that helped you get out of harm's way. i need a big hug. >> wrapping his arms around his hero. he was shot three times but survived after officer delgado dragged him to safety.
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>> i was so happy. i have sonlife broadcasting network wanting to meet the man that got me out of that horrible place. >> you only get one life. now he can be with his family and live the rest of his life. >> cologne was rescued 25 minutes after the shooting began. >> howard stern using his platform to destroy the logic with hypothetical story. >> the military -- i don't mean this in a derogatory statement. they look at the public as sheep. we are sheep. most of us sit around all day, don't know how to defend ourselves. we are in a flock and we basically think everything is okay. except isis and terrorists. it happened on 9-11. what did they do? they said this is great. we will kill the sheep with box
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cutters. they will use box cutters or airplan airplanes. they don't need ar 15's. >> he is upset but duds not support tyking away people's rights. >> liberty and drug tests for all. >> they want them to submit a clean drug test to the irs. similar to a mandatory drug test. one saying we might save money protesting folks on wall street who might have a little cocaine before they get their deal done. seth curie's wife taking to twitter to bash lebron james. not only is she taking on the cavaliers she is taking on the entire nba.
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>> leonardo dicaprio is being questioned under oath. why he is heading to court? claer clear
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>> welcome back. take a look at this video.
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sends a man flying at a gas station parking lot. it happened in rochester new york where a man put a container of gas in his trunk. something sparked a fire causing the car to blow up while the man was getting into the driver's seat. he's now recovering from third degree burns. a man is hailed a hero after evacuating a woman from a sinking suv. the woman drove right off the bridge and plunged into the water. the hero says he briefly panicked when the door wouldn't open. >> it wouldn't open at first. propped my leg up saw no one was coming for help. popped lie meg up pulled it open and grabbed her. >> the police applauded the rescuer saying the women could have drowned if he didn't run into action. it is unclear what caused the woman to jump the curb. s parents around the country defending the mom and dad of a
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toddler killed by an alligator. sirius xm 115 with the story that has everyone talking. >> good morning ladies. a chilling image is going viral this morning. a massachusetts mother posted a picture of her young son standing right where the alligator attacked and killed 2-year-old lane. he was standing by the water's edge 30 minutes before the boy was killed. she said judge less and pray more. she wasn't thinking about alligators when she letter had son play by the lagoon either. she is one of many parents sharing pictures of their young children playing in the same area of the attack. >> karla, everyone is talking about it. jennifer wivenditti will be joining them on "fox & friends."
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>> an interview you don't want to miss. >> moving on, seth curie's wife going on a rant. >> now she is apologizing for that twit errant following the game six loss. i lost all respect. sorry this is absolutely rigged for money or ratings. i am not sure which. i won't be silent. just saw it live. sorry. she later apologized again saying she was angry because police profiled her father at the game and she wrote the tweet in the heat of the moment. honey, why did you tweet that? >> talk about the hot convict. back with an instagram pick. >> good looking. >> sure is. remember his social media dubbed him the hot felon. look at those blue eyes after
2:26 am
the mug shot went viral? he's back in a series of new instagram pictures taken while he's finishing out his sentence at home. he is hoping to put his criminally good looks to use. he landed a modeling contract last year. i don't know, ladies. i think he's got it. >> he is pretty darned cute. >> isn't that crazy how that happened. >> crazy is also why we love it. >> always good to see you. have a good weekend. >> the time is almost 25 after the hour. former governor mike huckabee unleashing on president obama for dropping the ball. >> chinese military parade. >> why he says the administration won't go after the orlando shooter's wife. >> o.j. simpson agreeing to take a paternity test for kardashian. but there's a catch. >> live look where craig morgan is getting ready to rock the summer concert series. can't pate for th-- wait for th.
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>> this is a fox news lart. we had him the gun store owner they tried to buy body armor and bulk video. >> it was that close law enforcement let him slip through the cracks. >> omar mateen during his massacre. >> legendary rock star meat loaf collapsing on stage as we learn about his condition.
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>> what if i feed to walk? >> listen up. the new warning to all women who work long hours. i know a couple of these here. >> it is good to be alive. look at that beautiful gorgeous sunrise over the city. >> it is almost the weekend. good morning. i am abby hunts man. >> i am jackie ibanez. panic and worry. this morning's rock legend meat
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loaf rushed to the hospital after collapsing on stage in front of a packed concert hall in canada. ♪ >> the scary moments captured fans as he dropped his microphone stand and fell on the floor. he was doing an encore of "i would do anything for love." the singer was taken to the hospital but right now there have been no updates on his condition. >> according to his facebook and twitter pages he was having health issues cancelling shows due to illness. >> prayers are certainly pouring in all over the globe as fans and music lovers wiare waking u to the shocking news. one tweeted praying for meat loaf, heaven can wait. >> he has 7 more shows planned through july 2nd. no word if the shows will go on.
2:33 am
breaking details about the orlando gunman's chilling final words to his wife sent as he stood among dozens of dead bodies. >> the height warning sign they may have missed about the attack. peter? >> jackie and abby. a month and a half ago a gun shop owner said he contacted the fbi about a very suspicious customer. the way the story goes according to the gun shop owner somebody came in trying to buy body armor was told it wasn't available. when he found that out he made a phone call in a foreign language and attempted to buy ammo in bulk. surveillance footage was grainy they never got a name and since the man was turned away before buying anything we don't know who he was. the owner says he thinks it was terrorist omar mateen. >> here's an example of trying to do the right thing and we got so close to it.
2:34 am
unfortunately he slipped through the cracks. this is where we are at. everybody takes it that we are not heartfelt because we saell guns that couldn't be the furthest from the truth. >> another piece of the puzzle comes to us from text messages. he exchanged with his wife during his deadly attack on pulse. they say they knew of the violent aspirations. there is new doubt whether she knew exactly when he would attack. texts show she wrote to him on sunday morning. where are you. he said do you see what's happening in she said no. he said i love you babe. there was less focus on the terrorist's background here in orlando. they are more focused on healing. biden and the president visited first responders and made a call for more gun control. if we don't act, we will
2:35 am
keep seeing more massacres like this. because we will be choosing to allow them to happen. we will have said we don't care enough to do something about it. >> a new report suggests omar mateen was constantly in trouble at school suspended a total of 48 days in the martin county school system in florida. >> peter doocy live in orlando, florida. thank you. >> that brings us toth look who is talking. former governor of arkansas and fox contributor mike huckabee says the fbi simply dropped the ball. >> there were more red flags at a chinese military parade. somehow one of the co-workers four times tried to tell people this guy is trouble. the employers and supervisors said don't rock the boat. the president will rock the boat when it comes to telling states
2:36 am
they have to have transgender rest rooms. they will invade people's privacy when you wire tapped him and his parents. this is an administration that doesn't want to offend muslims. they will offend everybody in america except the muslim population. the question is why? they prosecuted whitey bulger's girlfriend she went down for 21 months in prison. this is stunning. >> take him out. that's what dozens of u.s. officials are calling on the obama administration said to do. they want targeted military strikes in order to assess a cease fire and have peace talks. they are pushing for the action. >> a navy seal facing murder charges for allegedly beating and stabbing a man to death. it happened about an hour after the two were involved in a fist
2:37 am
fight. he is accused of killing chris anderson. police were called to the peer to break up a fight between the two last saturday but no one was arrested or hurt in the incident. anderson was found laying from down the peer. krau is being held on $2 million bail this morning. the man died. leonardo dicaprio being called to testify over the academy award nominated movie "wolf of wall street." >> take it off. >> a new york man, andrew green is suing paramount pictures for defamation. lawyers say the film portrayed him with a bad hair piece. he co produced the movie. it is unclear when he will take the stand. >> o.j. simpson agreed to take a paternity test to see if chloe
2:38 am
kardashian is his daughter. the star would need to visit him in prison. simpson is consenting to a mouth swab but wants kardashian to quote show him a little respect by stopping by the correctional center. >> that would be a twist in the whole story. almost 40 after the hour. the clinton xiecontroversy how nominee is using the orlando massacre to fund raise for her presidential campaign. >> father's day is this weekend, abby. the last minute deals for your dad. you don't want to miss it next.
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>> hillary used the campaign to raise money for presidential race. she talks about the shootings and call for gun control
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measure. we will need the resources to take on donald trump and the nra. chip in $1, let's do this. >> words of discouragement from pope francis for those of you looking to tie the knot. most modern marriages are invalid because most young couples don't understand the sacrament is meant to be permanent. it was an off-the-cuff response to the question about a growing divorce rate. many young people see themselves as individuals which poses a threat to lifelong relationships. philadelphia is now the first big american city with a soda tax. the tax is on sugary and diet drinks. they will be passed on to consumers. they estimated $10 million and new tech schools will go to
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schools and wreck serec centers. >> the hottest thrill ride. 1200 foot high free fall tower rides on top of madison square garden as part of the revamp. let's do it. it would be called the hey low and it would be the world's tallest. the structure would feature 11 parallel rides with varying speeds with the fastest up to 100 miles an hour. count me out. each sets you back 35 bucks. >> father's day weekend right here. for all of those who are procrastinating like me we have gift ideas for you. we have the top deals for dads. we need your help. what do you have? oo here are some ideas of last minute gifts for dad. maybe consider a monthly club membership to dollar shave club
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beer bacon. that's a dad's dream. >> i love that. i like the hot sauce idea. my dad would love that. >> sorry dad. the time is almost 15 minutes to the top of the hour. are you tired ladies? the frightening health warning to women who work long hours. >> they are big harry kids. this giant bear enjoying sprinklers just like us. kind of cute and kind of scary. >> also a teddy bear, steve doocy is with us to tell us what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up on friday's "fox & friends," geraldo rivera will be with us. he joins us every friday. brand new dials. how they think president obama hillary clinton and donald trump have responded to the terror attack in orlando. we will have the latest from orlando. we are learning more about the shooter's wife, things we didn't
2:46 am
know. plus john stossel, dr. keith ablow and our summer conference series. we have a busy three hours that kicks off about 13, 14 minutes from now. the channel you trust for your friday news. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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i used to like that song. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." it is a big weekend at the box office hitting the big screens. fox news contributor and the founder of no always good to see you. >> good morning to you. how are you doing today? >> good. i am excited. i love this movie.
2:50 am
>> the first one in 2003, finding people mow is an absolute classic. pixar, this is the 17th pixar film the released over 9.5 billion have been made by pixar films over the years now. the idea is you are dealing with ellen de -- degeneres. you have a cast of katelyn olson and ty burel. it works for kids and adults. my favorite movies in the pixar universe is "up" and "toy story iii." it is one of the best films i have seen in a long time. i gave it a 4 and a half out of 5. the short before the movie is incredible as well. i recommend getting there early so you can see the pixar short. animation is amazing. i sat down with ellen degeneres.
2:51 am
when i was first starting off in this business, the first eight years i did movie reviews i did it as a freelancer. i was trying to get a full-time job as a move he of a reviewer. she would write letters to the ellen show trying to get me on the show as a movie reviewer. fast forward i am sitting in the room with her i had to tell her the story about my mom. this is how she responded. watch this. >> hello. tell your mom, look at you now. i am on your show. >> what would hank andal bundy talk about? i have to see the movie. what would they discuss if they could hank and al bundy talk about if they meet together? >> they would have a lot to talk about. you finally get to the cleveland and your owner is hank -- it al bundy. >> yeah. >> they would have a lot in common. in the beginning, especially. direct. >> i love you guys.
2:52 am
>> thank you. >> tell your mom, hi. >> ed o'neill by the way his character plays hank in the movie. that's why i asked about his character hank meeting al bundy. 4 1/2 out of 5 in that movie. >> you had to be so nervous in that interview. i love that. is nemo in this movie and nemo's dad? >> 100%. that's the cool thing. nemo is voiced by a different actor this time. the original actor is now grown up so his voice changed. they had to get someone who sounded just like nemo to cast in that role. nemo is in the film. albert brooks, and dory is looking for her parents. i really enjoyed it. >> we all love "finding dory".
2:53 am
there's another movie coming out "central intelligence" with the rock and kevin hart. two of my favorites. >> this movie is one of the most hilarious but most action-packed movie i've seen in a long time. the beauty of the movie is while it's insanely funny and action-packed, it's also got an anti bullying message. it shows the importance of anti-bullying and it can affect someone's life. 20 years later the rock's crack is given -- character is getting kevin hart to be part of this international espionage. i think this is the best movie of the rock since the rundown. kevin hart, the chemistry is
2:54 am
fantastic. there's amazing cameos. the rock shows a great range as an actor. he really does a different type of role here. this is one of best things he's done in a long time. i saw it for a second time last night. i really enjoyed it. i gave it a four out of five. highly recommend seeing that. that one is pg 13. if you are looking for a more family friendly movie, i recommend "finding dory." >> thanks for joining us. it's almost five minutes until the top of the hour. disney world was warned about the alligator problem but they ignored it. and what happened inside walmart that had shoppers running scared, but first a look at the weather across the country. ♪ ♪
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and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. before you leave the house, here is what is happening today. >> rock legend meat loaf rushed to the hospital after collapsing on stage in p canada. no word yet on his condition. >> singer cristina grimmie will be laid to rest. she was shot and killed by an
2:59 am
obsessed fan. and warning signs were ignored by disney world about the alligator problem. employees said they told management. they were told to put up alligator warning signs all around the park. this after a two-year-old boy was killed by an alligator it's time now for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. pure excitement. check out the bear getting a little bath, spraying the sprinkler on the big grizzly bear on a farm in montana. he's so cute. and next the bad, putting greater hours in at work lead to greater risks of breast cancer. an explosion in aisle five. fireworks going off in walmart.
3:00 am
shoppers making a run. don't go away. craig morgan is getting ready to perform right behind us in the all american summer concert series. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good weekend. >> bye bye. good morning to you and your family. it's friday. you made it. it is june 17th. i'm ainsley earhardt are. did you see this? meat loaf collapsing on stage overnight in the middle of a performance? fans capturing that frightening moment on video. the breaking news on his condition coming in. stung new developments in the orlando terror attack investigation. a gun store owner who tried to warn the feds something wasn't right. did it twice. >> this is odd having that conversation and asking for body armor. >> new questions this morning


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