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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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they're in our thoughts and prayers. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. thanks for being with us and have a great night. [explosion] >> threat from radical jihadiism has metastasized. >> this is a very dark moment in american history. >> we would caliphate. >> i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. >> blow up the pipes. i would blow up every single inch. there would be nothing left. >> americans now have to move from fear to resolve. >> we cannot continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people to pour into our country, many of whom have the same thought process as this savage killer. >> our goal is not to deter or to detain isis but to
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defeat and destroy isis. >> if we don't get tough, if we don't get smart and fast, we're not going to have our country anymore. >> welcome to an "on the record" special terror in america. isis and election 2016. from the campaign trail to the debate stage, hot button issues like muslim ban to taking in refugees to closing the border have taken over this campaign season and just this week the vicious orlando massacre thrusting terror into the forefront of this 2016 campaign. donald trump and secretary hillary clinton have wildly different approaches. and tonight we investigate both candidates and how he and she says they will destroy isis. scared. strategies could swing the entire election. we begin with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. good evening, mayor. >> good evening, greta. nice to talk to you. >> mayor, this past week it's been just awful in orlando. but it is certainly no
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surprise. in 2014 in january, president obama said that isis was jv. two and a half years later it has now metastasized all over the globe. tell me, going into november, this election, tell me how a president trump would differ in terms of handling this isis and what you predict a president hillary clinton would do. >> you couldn't have done worse than hillary clinton and barack obama. i mean, if i were donald, i would use that as my campaign slogan. i can't do worse than what they did. i mean, the reality is four or five years ago, there was an isis but it wasn't the organization it was today. when he said it was the jv, he was really talking about the isis of two or three years ago and the isis that he kind of inherited. he is the one that made it into a varsity islamic terrorist organization by number of things not intervening when he should have. john mccain and lindsey graham are absolutely right. he, by doing that made it
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possible for isis to metastasize. they were cancer already, but they metastasized under a failed hillary clinton, barack obama policy. then his 12 threats to assad and his failure to take action after those 12 threats lost all credibility for the united states and i know islamic terrorism since 1973, greta, so i know what i'm talking about. and i have read most of their major works. and the only thing you can do to stop islamic extremist terrorism you have to be on offense. if you are on defense as we have been in the last three or four years, or as we were before september 11th, when we took the hit at the coal and didn't strike back, and we were hitting east africa and struck back but very meekly, when you do that you invite the kind of attacks we are getting now. i don't know if you realize it, but they really are beginning to expand exponentially. we have had four massive
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attacks in less than a year. right? santa barbara, brussels, paris, and now this tragedy horrible attack. >> it's more than that philippines this week and isis affiliate beheaded a canadian, boko haram until isis. they are isis affiliate. >> in france. police officer, and people are talking about gun control. i mean, so if they don't have a gun, they use a knife. they don't have a knife, they use a bomb. they have a bomb they use anthrax. they are going to use dirty bombs when iran starts to make nuclear material available to them if iran isn't already making nuclear material available to them. so, i mean, the relate is that weakness in the face of this kind of insane religious ideology only breeds more attack. all hillary clinton and barack obama have been from
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the day they startside weak. taking all of our troops out of iraq. taking all of our troops out of afghanistan. leaving nothing behind. of course you aren't going to find out about the development of isis. there was nobody there to tell you about it. i mean, you have to be dumb not to figure out why this was a terrible mistake. so, what would a president trump do? here is what i would advise him to do number one, is he absolutely right, you have got to face your enemy and call them what they are, it's islamic terrorism. that is the philosophy behind the attack that went on in orlando. and in this particular case, it was focused against a group of people that are considered enemies of fundamentalists extremist muslims, gay and lesbian people. we have seen them throw homosexual men off buildings. they have sent us pictures of it just to show us how much they hate people that are gay and lesbian.
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so that adds an extra dimension to it. but this is very similar to when they take a group of christians and chop their heads off. if you are a christian, you are infiddle, if you are a gay and lesbian, you are infiddle, if you are a jew, you are infiddle, if you are not, they are kind of fundamentalist muslim and a muslim. you are infiddle and they will chop your head off. he talks about a wall but look at the vicious killer in orlando, he got his inspiration over the internet. the internet isn't blocked by a wall, the ban should be a ban of muslims coming from countries in which there are serious threats to the united states and those
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people should only be allowed in if at all if there is a vetting process that the director of the fbi is comfortable with and james comey says he is not comfortable with the vetting process for people coming in from particularly syria in this particular case. but, mainly, you are asking me about eye -- isis. the approach has to be recognize who they're and what they're. we have to commit not just bombings, but we have to commit troops to wiping them out. we should have done it five years ago. we need to create a no fly zone in syria. we have got to push assad back and we have to take those refugees and put them in syria with a no-fly zone protected by the american air force, the american military and everybody else who wants to join us. look, the president of france was willing to do this two or three years ago. i was so embarrassed when the president of france want to do take a more aggressive position with regard to islamic extremist terrorism than the president.
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the president of france uses the words islamic extremist terrorism. in fact, when the foreign minister of france used those words, the white house took it out of the tape we have something absurd going on here. we have a president committed to wiping out isis. no timetable like the stupidity of iraq and afghanistan. what war was fought on a timetable. here is the timetable when they stop threatening us. >> i never dreamed i would be saying something like this because i have fought for the first amendment in the courtroom. but one of the means that has supplied oxygen to isis for both recruitment and inspiration has been the internet. it has been facebook. it's been twitter. and, you know, these are private u.s. -- not private, public u.s. corporations. they started here is it time
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for corporations to find out some way to shut down that inspiration and recruitment. >> a president reagan or bush or a president would have called them into the white house a couple years ago and said let's cut the -- we don't need to tell anybody, but let's stop -- what do you want to be? an instrument of murder? an instrument of killing? honestly, that's not the root cause of the problem. the root cause of the problem is them and if they don't communicate through those means, they will communicate through other means. that just makes them more effective. we have to wipe out isis when franklin roosevelt declared war against naziism, he didn't put a timetable on the war, the war was when they were defeated completely when
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abraham didn't say we will be in this war three years we are going to fight until this union is kept together. this president doesn't understand. >> in world war ii it was, you know, a number of nations that joined together to fight hitler. you know, it seems to me that to fight isis, it would be very helpful if we had a real leader a super power to sort, you know, to get other ones on board. president owe alan seems like is he quite willing and president cammeron, prime minister cammeron are quite willing. who would be more likely to be respected by world leaders to try to help lead that? a president clinton or president trump? >> president trump, of course, she is the one who presided over the overthrow of qaddafi in libya. look what we have in libya. she reset the relationship in russia. look how bad the relationship with russia is since she reset the relationship. look, hillary clinton has had her chance to conduct the foreign policy of the united states and she has been, i will say. kindly a disaster. every single thing she
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touched as secretary of state, whether it was her policies or barack obama's, they are the same ended up worse. the middle east is worse. the relationship with russia are worse, eastern europe, i'm not even going to mention the south china sea and the disaster it's interesting to look at what she said this week, she said isis is not to be contained, it's to be destroyed. which i actually thought was a departure from. >> it was. i didn't know to what extent she had been a loyal sort of civil servant to president as secretary of state. >> i don't believe her. i don't believe that the public opinions polls turn. she voted for the war in iraq and then she was against the war in iraq and in favor of the timetable when public opinion turned. so, you know, she reset the relationship with russia and that was ridiculous thing to
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do and got nothing in return. i once asked secretary gates what did you get in return for the reset with russia his answer was nada. that's not negotiation that's capitulation. this woman is a complete slave to public opinion polls. so, if she were to engage in a war with isis and two years into that war, things got ugly, american public opinion changed, she would do what she did in the iraq war. she put a timetable on it we lee and we make things worse. we need a president like abraham lincoln who, when american public opinion was against the civil war in 1863, didn't put a timetable on it. when there were draft riots in new york and even though he was going to lose new york, possibly, as a state, and he needed it to get reelected, abraham lincoln didn't quit the civil war because we can only take three years of the war. well, these people have come up with this insane notion
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of putting a timetable on war. and the timetable gets determined by polls. the battle of the bulge we might have made a compromise with germany because it was so bad for us if we didn't have a president and general eisenhower who said the heck with that we will continue it and win this until we have complete, absolute victory. i do not trust her to do that for my country because she has proven to me time and time again she sun trustworthy and 65% of my fellow citizens in yours agree with me that she is untrustworthy. >> mr. trump has got some bad numbers too going in november. >> i'm willing to give a guy a chance who hasn't already shown me that he has failed at it. >> mr. mayor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and the debate is raging
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now over what to call this terrorism. is it radical islam or something else? president obama, donald trump and secretary clinton all use different words. >> we're in a war against radical islam but president obama won't even name the enemy. >> there is no magic to the phrase radical islam. talking point. not a strategy. >> radical islam is antiwoman, anti-gay and anti-american. >> what's the problem with radical islam. >> well, the problem is that that sounds like we are declaring war against a religion that to me is wrong. >> unless you name the enemy you will never ever solve the problem. >> threats on radical jihadiism has metastasized. [gunfire] >> to me radical jihadiism radical islamism i think they mean the same thing. i'm happy to say either.
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>> does the description matter? former u.s. spokesperson to the united nations rick grenell goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good to see you, greta. >> rick, an awful lot of time is being spent arguing over what we should call these hateful, ugly, radical extremists, islamists. you know, is this energy misspent or is this important? >> i think it's very important because it has policy implications. when you say that you don't want to offend islam, and so you are not going to put the word radical in front of it that means to make sure you are going out of your way to make sure you are not offending through the policy that really translates through every bureau at the state department it becomes a problem. it's why five years after or i should say four years after president obama said
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he had would have kiss calculus changed and crosses red line and start using chemical and biological weapons. we know assad did that. the u.n. confirmed it. the world confirmed it and, yet, president obama didn't want to do it because, what, he didn't want to offend faith by invading a country? he has made this political promise, i think rudy giuliani is right. he mass made the political promise before he has seen the intelligence political promise was i am not going to put any boots on the ground or send any troops. he hadn't seen the intelligence before he made that promise in iowa. >> as we look to 2016 and americans have to make a decision between donald trump and secretary hillary clinton, at what point, secretary clinton does say i'm looking at the quote right now june 13th. >>, she uses the word radical islamism. she says that to what extent does she get pinned with the statements of president obama or the strategy when she -- i mean, she does
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appear to be making some break from him. she says isis should be destroyed and not contained. is this going to poison her going into 2016 about many? she is going to have a problem with the base she only did it when she secured the nomination. then she began to do the pivot. you have to hold people to their actual work. if you go back to the 10 years of secretary clinton and you read her book, which was her chance before she was running for president to lay out her policy strategies, there wasn't one policy strategy in her book that she differed from president obama on. so she is going to have a very hard time trying to say that she is different, even though she is trying to pivot. this is going to be a third perm for obama, and she is going to have to try to articulate where she differs but she is trapped by the fact that people are then going to say but when you had the power as secretary of state, you didn't do anything. you may articulate a difference now, but in action, you didn't do anything.
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>> all right. i think -- i don't know if you agree with me or not, but i think it's important that we work with some world leaders that we lead. that we are the super power. that we lead. the world leaders seem to say more favorable things at least right now secretary clinton and not donald trump so much. especially we have heard things out of the u.k. and about donald trump. how does that factor in to the vote in november? how the world looks at our leaders or what they think? does that matter? >> yeah, it does matter. and it's a very important question. look, i served at the u.n. for 8 years with 192 countries on a daily basis all around me. can i tell you that the u.n. and the world community deals with whatever government has put before them. they don't always like these governments, whether it be in after 442d infantry carks the middle east, asia or in the united states. they always deal with them. that's the first point. the second point is countries want a weak united states. they don't want a strong one. certain countries.
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but, there is a point now where i think countries like turkey, and israel, other nato countries, france. for instance, they want to see an american president that leads. they had watched for eight years. the french president has begged president obama to take action, whether it be in mali or the middle east. he hasn't done it hillary clinton was that spokesperson. so i think it's really important that you calculate these other countries, you know, desire to have a weak opponent in certain instances so they are going to advocate for that one. >> rick, i have got to go. thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks, greta. >> and why are the president and his cia director saying different things about isis? shouldn't that be on the same page? does it make you nervous? how much risks are we in? or "on the record" special continues next.
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this is a special edition of "on the record." terror in america. isis in election 2016. and a grave warning from the cia. the cia director telling us isis is as dangerous as ever. this frightful statement coming despite efforts on the battlefield by us led forces. here is cia director john brennan with his chilling words. >> unfortunaall our progress agt isil on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global beach. preserve capacity for terrorism regardless of
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events in iraq and syria. in fact, as the pressure mounts on isil we judge that it will intensify global terror campaign to maintain its dominance of the global terrorism agenda. >> fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. catherine, that's the cia director two days earlier, the president said isis on the defense. i see this as, i mean, that the cia is trying to get out in front of. this i think that's an excellent assessment. this is testimony under oath coming isis inspired attack. what john brennan is saying. despite what's happened over the last two years, isis remains as capable to send operatives in to europe and even the united states to launch missions on its behalf. >> all right. how does this happen? i mean, you lock back in january of 2014, two and a half years ago, president obama says it's jv. >> um-huh. >> now today we hear from the president is on defense
11:25 pm
or the other day. >> um. >>um then we have the cia director say our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. is the cia saying that we have failed? >> the cia is reflecting the very serious threat that we're facing not only in the united states but also in europe because significantly what he said is that if you have between 22 and 25,000 foreign fighters in iraq and syria, we have almost an equal number now in these isis affiliates or satellite operations in north africa, west africa, and in the sinai. >> and i understand know nearby shah. >> and they have the ability, not all of them, but some of them to launch independent strikes into europe and the united states. >> all right. a lot of this is done, a lot of the inspiration is done through the internet. >> correct. >> why hasn't the president or why hasn't the cia, why hasn't something been done to at least explore how to shut that down, you know, giving them the oxygen that they have? >> you know, the internet is like pouring gasoline on the
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fire of radicalization. and one of the things that we have seen is just after 9/11 there was a view that had you to have this one-on-one contact like we are having right now the mentoring thing to get over that threshold to violence. but what we have seen in the last five years is that social media has created this almost virtual jihadi or virtual mentoring that gets people over that threshold. >> that's no secret. i mean it's fine that everybody talks about it what is doing about it is the fbi instruments freighted? why isn't somebody doing something about it? >> so much frustration what our message should be. i had a conversation with someone who works in eastern europe has to deal with russian propaganda which is the same as isis bomb bipartisan our people. they are reinforcing their core values rather than trying to figure out how to block that message which really is virtually impossible or how to combat it with something displels it is possible to shut down
11:27 pm
facebook accounts. >> they pop up again somewhere else. > i don't disagree with you. >> they are inspiring a lot of people just because it's a hard job. we don't just give up. >> you know, when you look at at a lot of this material and i would argue this is also true in omar mateen's case in orlando in 2014 he began following this american cleric. no one reads this material for professional development or self-improvement. there is no way around it. >> indeed, catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> how do donald trumps and secretary hillary clintons terrorist strategy stack up? the "on the record" special continues in just moments. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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we are back with our "on the record" special terror in america. isis in election 2016. what does donald trump and secretary hillary clinton say they will do to wipe out these terrorists? here is donald trump's strategy. >> containing the spread of radical islam must be a major foreign policy goal of the united states, and, indeed, the world. events may require the use of military force, but it's also a philosophical struggle like our long struggle in the cold war. in this we're going to be working very closely with our allies in the muslim world. we should work together with
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any nation in the region that are threatened by the rise of radical islam. this has to be a two-way street. they must also be good to us. we must stop importing extremism through senseless immigration policies. we have no idea where these people are coming from. there is no documentation there is no paperwork. there is nothing. we have to be smart. we have to be vigilant. a pause for reassessment will help us to prevent the next intern or, frankly, much worse. >> and here's secretary hillary clinton's strategy. i have laid out my plans for defeating isis. we need to take out their strongholds in iraq and syria. intensifying air campaign stepping up support for kurdish forces on the ground. we need to keep pursuing
11:33 pm
diplomacy for ending civil war and closing iraq sectarian divide. those conflicts are keeping isis alive. we need to latch one our allies and ensure our intelligence services are working hand in hand to dismantle the global network that supplies money, arms, propaganda and fighters to the terrorists we need to win the battle in cyberspace. and, of course, we need to strengthen our defenses here at home that until a net shell is my plan for defeating isis. >> would either of these plans be effective combat pilot martha goes "on the record." good evening, congresswoman. >> how are you doing, greta? >> very well. two questions. first one is, can we destroy isis? your exmilitary so that's why i posed the question to you. and secondly, you know, we have all the sort of big talk by everybody by
11:34 pm
politicians and i don't blame them because there is really -- hard to lay out a strategy nuts and bolts. how do we do it? >> absolutely we can defeat them, greta. it's going to take the resolve and the leadership and approach that goes after them militarily, has us leading in the world again. it has to be a departure from obama's failed policy. let's be clear. obama finally delivered thinks strategy to congress late. the reason he was going to veto this year's defense bill twice as long as flimsy approach as isis. we have to turn around the military crisis right now in our readiness and support our military. we have got to go after them, where they are in iraq and syria, libya, sinai and other places. we need to unleash american air power. cut their heads off figuratively. their leadership, their command and control and resources in order to stop their momentum. two years since the
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caliphate was delivered and incremental gradual approaches to this not working. secondly lead and she resolve that we have not showed in the region. we have had incoherent and contradictory policy in the region. thirdly, we have got to address the flow of foreign fighters. we have got -- had a hearing this week in my subcommittee maritime security. we have 500,000 people come into america and overstayed their visas just as an example. we have got to be able to quickly identify those that are going to be a threat. make sure foreign fighters are not flying here. those that are overstaying, those coming over our border we are addressing those and our vulnerabilities. finally combat the ideology in the homegrown extremism. we have 1,000 investigations in all 50 states of americans being raddized. we have to have a whole of society approach to address that raddization. >> i found it so disturbing john brennan two and a half years ago when president obama and i hate to keep
11:36 pm
hitting with him with this isis is jv. it hasn't gotten better, they have grown it hasn't stayed the same. they have grown. how could you not know that the strategy has failed when we are so much worse off than we were two and a half years ago. what does it take to realize whatever we're doing just isn't working? that's why i asked could we really do this. >> absolutely it's not working. again, we haven't had the leadership or resolve. our military has had their hands tied since the very beginning. we have words of horrible situations with civilians in fallujah. we allowed them to take fallujah and not take them on when they are on the march toward fallujah. now they have tunnels and booby traps. civilian hostages makes it much more complicated. if we had addressed them and taken them seriously instead of pulling out of iraq and not allowing a failed state in a safe haven we would have stopped the momentum. it's actually recruiting more foreign fighters and radicalizing individuals here at home. people want to join a wing team.
11:37 pm
this administration has failed to address this and provide the leadership, the resolve, the military capabilities the rules of engagement, things that need to close our vulnerabilities with the visa waiver program. lots of things that could be done. but it takes that kind of leadership that we don't have right now. >> congresswoman thank you very much and of course thank you for your service first female combat pilot. thank you. >> absolutely, good to see. >> you and who do americans trust when the white house phone rings at 3:00 a.m.? we have new poll numbers that may surprise you. that's coming up as our "on the record" special continues.
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welcome back to "on the record" special. terror in america. isis in election 2016. this november, americans will select our next commander and chief. and how he or she takes on terror could swing the election. well, a brand new bloomberg national poll taken on monday asks. this it was similar shooting to orlando happens next year, who would you have more confidence in as president? 45% say donald trump and 41% say hillary clinton. but, an abc national poll taken over the weekend, the answers are different. 50% saying hillary clinton would do a better job handling terror and national security compare that to 43% who picked trump. the "on the record" political panel is here. washington examiner susan ferrechio and victoria. what do you make of these polls. >> put in context. shows donald trump has a real opportunity on the terror question.
11:43 pm
but those o-the bloomberg poll and other polls show that overall his numbers are doing really badly. that people -- he is viewed very unfavorably by very large number of americans. and so the way he responded to orlando, is he sort of squandering an opportunity that's there where people will be more receptive to the republican candidate that he should have capitalized on as opposed to return to his primary positions of banning muslims. >> susan? >> well, i think you are right. it's an opportunity, right? because he does a little better than clinton in some of these polls when it comes to fighting isis. people think he go out and there definitive. take them on, do something. if you look at some of the discussions he has had -- suggestion he has had ban on muslims. two thirds of americans approve of a plan like that. is he criticized for it on the other hand, when you ask people about a temporary ban, as crazy as that may sound to some people, some people support it and think it's a good idea there san
11:44 pm
opportunity for him and the earlier you played the trump foreign policy speech, talking about taking on isis and he sounded pretty, he sounded pretty articulate there and laying out, you know, ideas and a plan. he wasn't just speaking off the cuff. i think if he does more of that he can take that opportunity and turn it in to something and help improve poll numbers as victoria said which aren't looking great this week. >> how important this week i realize a lot happen between now and november. >> i think something hike orlando shows it could be more important than maybe we were thinking previously. these moments have a way of really focusing the electorate on national security issues. and certainly hillary clinton is trying to make that a theme of her campaign in terms of trump not being having the temperament to do that. but,. >> well, you know, it's huge, huge. because of what's happening in the world, these things keep playing out here in america. of course, hillary clinton is a former secretary of
11:45 pm
state. she can promote herself as someone who is experienced and ready for the job. but trump could take her on and say, look, while you were secretary of state, what happened in the middle east? what happened in libya look where things are right now. what role did you play in the mess in the middle east right now. >> you know she is luckiest about from a political strategy point of view is that she left in 2012. although she is married to the obama administration by being there for four years, she can also at least put some distance. >> that's exactly right. >> she can could that although she was the architect of some of the things led to the mess we are in right now in the middle east. if trump is good. he would be able to exploit that if he does it carefully. lately he is always speaking off the cuff and doesn't do that well. >> interesting gallup poll on this shooting in orlando. islamic terrorism 48% think that's the reason and 41% say domestic gun violence. very interesting going in to november. thank you both. and if saying islam is a religion of peace actually hurting the war on terror.
11:46 pm
cia covert officer here next.
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islam is a religion that preaches peace and overwhelming majority of muslims are peaceful. >> islam is not our adversary -- muslims are peaceful and people. >> isis in election 2016. one former cia covert officer says it is time for politicians to stop saying islam is a religion of peace. former cia covert officer brian dean wright goes "on the record." good evening, sir and why do you say that? >> well, it has been 15
11:51 pm
years since we were first attacked after 9/11. each of those attacks from chattanooga, fort dix, count them not only the ones that were successful but those that were not, each of those cases, individuals were saying that the islamic faith was inspiring it. now, certainly true that the vast majority of folks in the islamic faith are indeed peaceful. but, to simply stop and say islam is just about peace and there is nothing more to explore, that is just ridiculous. and that should be self-evident after all of these years. we need to have an honest conversation about the sickness in some parts of the islamic community. >> you know, it's almost unfortunate that, you know, the way that muslims that they don't have some single leader like the pope of the catholic church so that there could be some sort of strong spokesperson who could speak out on this. >> well, do you have fantastic people in this country, for instance, progressive women in the
11:52 pm
muslim community trying to stand up and saying islam ought to be different. there are those voices out there. i'm giving you an example. when president obama went to the mosque in baltimore, he had an opportunity with those women to bring them front with him or point out their good work to say, listen, the woman who are in front of me, represent islam, the fact that you are pushing this other women into the back of your mosque and not letting them worship with you or you are forcing them to wear i hijab or in fact in the islamic culture gay people aren't accepted. you need to wrestle with that. the president isn't using bully pulpit to that end is a bad thing. there isn't a singular pope as it were with islam. >> as a former say officer i'm curious what you think about brennan's statements this week which were certainly different than what the president said two days earlier. >> very trouble ling. i think there were probably hand wringing going on handily and downtown. those messages are
11:53 pm
coordinated in advance. i'm not sure what transpired there. good on brennan for being honest. >> if i were president obama i would be very stressed that my cia director said something. where he said isis son the defense and then the cia director says it's worse. >> yeah. the analysts who are responsible for overseeing, you know, the trends and how things are bad and in fact getting worse, you have a community of folks within the cia and intelligence community who are continuingly this message downtown washington, d.c., the politicians that it is getting worse. and if they don't listen and are not honest about it, those folk also rise up and brennan knows that so he did what he had to do and what he should do, which is be honest with the intelligence that we have. >> all right. 30 seconds left. trump or clinton. who would be better national security? >> holy smokes you are asking me two terrible options chlamydia or
11:54 pm
gonorrhea to be honest with you. the intelligence community has been disappointed across the board with clinton's service in many respects, trump, unfortunately doesn't have the experience a lot of folks are looking for wildly inconsistent in terms of what is he going to do. >> brian, thank you very much for joining us. >> you bet. >> coming up, i'm going to say something off the record that president obama will not like. but it needs to be said. but it needs to be said. that's next. mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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family road trip! fun! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy.
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all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. let's all go off-the-record. disgraceful. more than two years ago president obama minimized isis calling it jv like untreated nuisance spot on your lung. and now that untreated nuisance spot isis has metastasized all over the globe from decapitating journalist james foley in syria to charlie hebdo in paris to the theater in paris to brussels to canadian beheaded in the philippines this week and
11:59 pm
yes, sir right here isis inspired maybe districted in san bernardino and orlando. the rest ofs have you figured it out. but president obama apparently has not. his strategy to fight isis is a failure and dangerously so. it's getting worse. even as cia director told him this week through a senate hearing president obama has only seven months but we can't enduring failing strategy for seven more months. he needs to do something. so, how about getting on air force one, go to europe, be a real leader, the last super power and lead. get merkel, cammeron,er gone, and even netanyahu and other leaders who share our commitment to security. make a world plan and do it. we can't wait any longer. waiting is very dangerous. example, orlando. think about it. he can wait too lock to start chemotherapy and i hope we are not at that point with isis. mr. president, get out of denial for our sake and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for "on the record" special terror in
12:00 am
america. election and election 2016. see you monday night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington. bill o'reilly is up next. the royale factor ♪ welcome to "red eye." >> i am tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey. >> in the wake of the orlando mass -- masacre going to a club. tom sits down for an interview with george washington. he is the actor who plays george washington on the great amc series. that's still cool. >> pretty cool. let's welcome our guest. she has gotten herself on the wrong side of the law,


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