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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  June 18, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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fund. they generally outperform the s&p over time. >> good choices and happy father's day. that's it for forbes on fox. thank you for watching. keep it right here. the number one business block continues with cashing in. donald trump and fellow republicans blasting the president for his refusal to utter the words, radical islamic terrorist, even after orlando and now, we're learning just days before the tragedy, the department of homeland security urged officials to avoid use using words like jihad and sharia. why? so muslims don't get offended, but is being too pc putting us in danger? welcome to cashing in. our crew this week -- welcome, everybody. now, rick, tart with you. is the administration putting its pc push above everything else and is that making it more dangerous here in america? >> yeah, i think we saw the cia
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director call out the president and say that all of his language saying that we've defeated this jv crowd is just wrong. i don't know why that the media and others are allowing the white house and the national security council to totally be political. with our national security. turning the shooting, this terrorist attack massacre at an orlando gay club. specifically -- ludicrous. i don't understand why we don't we have a public debate. but we're led by a president who makes this all about -- >> i respectfully disagree with
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richard. president obama said he will not use that term, radical islam. i think it does a favor to the muslim community to make that distinction, we have to remember, eric, this did not start with president obama. this was set by george w. bush post september 11 saying he felt that was important around protecting american safety. >> one big difference. george bush was e unequivocal in going after the terrorists. the reason he was bifurcating muslims and making sure that the muslim community was hearing that he wasn't going after them, is because he was really tough on the islamic terrorists and there was a concern you don't mix those. he went out of his way to separate them. >> let me just jump in here, get mercedes in, but for the department of homeland security to say don't use words like sharia because it might offend muslims, that is the definition
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of pc. >> i disagree. i was speaking around the president's statement this week about explaining something a lot of us were confused. why be so reluctant to use a term. radical islamic terror and he explained his reasons. i told you, i disagree. i think it helps them to make that distinction. >> and in orlando, president obama, he held the victim's families, held the first responders an then went to the podium and made a speech that had a lot of gun talk to it. >> well, you have to remember, eric, that the president has been focused on pushing forward strict gun control legislation for a long time and this unfortunate tragic incident gives him ammunition to move forward. we know the reality here. we have to look at the threat and what it is. it has radical islamic terrorism. you can change the terminology, move the words around, but it is
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about the radical elements of an extreme ideology that has been taken out of control. gl so, i said on tv, i said you know what, i'm a radical isl islamophobic. meaning i am phobic of radical islam because they're dangerous. especial it's dangerous. we need to focus our attention on radical islamlamists. gl that's important. what we call it i think is so far less important than to your point, identifying the threat and coming up with a comprehensive plan to get it because i don't think any american left, right, black, white, purple or green wants that type of terror, whether abroad or home grown, continuing to pose a threat. >> rick, okay, say president obama is able to aradical islamists and hillary clinton as well. as you point outside b, what they're doing is far different than the bush administration to the obama administration.
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>> i think it does matter. articulating who the enemy is. this is not just aboutling link. this is about nowing exactly who you are fighting and this has policy implications. for the obama administration, the reason they're not saying radical islamic, they can't work with the arab or muslim world. you look across the entire middle east. there isn't a country in the middle east that's better off after eight year of barack obama. and it's really offensive. to see this whole issue turned into a political issue by the gay community. let me be very clear. the near universal support for gays and lesbians that's come out of this orlando attack has been completely manipulated by the gay leaders. they've turned this into a hate crime issue. they've turned this into a gun issue and the gay community is firing back. there's a whole host of people who are starting to hash tag called back.
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they want the gays to understand they can be armed. i've run a commercial in california that is simply about how gays and lesbians are targets. that they should absolutely arm themselves and should not wait for the government or for this information to stop isis because isis is coming. san bernardino, orlando. it's coming to a community near you. >> rick, i've said progressive left is the single greatest threat to the lgbt community, based on antigun stance and they're willingness and desire to open border, bring in people. who frankly, want to kill americans, but specifically, gay and lesbian people. >> dave reuben is doing a great job of changing the progressive term into regressive tactics because that's exactly what they are. it's regressive. not progressive. it's not liberal. it's really going backwards and it's telling the gays to just sit tight.
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and to be a minority, get back in the box and don't protect themselves. that's why the shoot back hash tag is truly becoming a big deal in the gay and lesbian community. we just saw in west hollywood, there's a bunch of ions saying gays and lesbians how old arm themselves. we have gun ranges that are now trying to prepare gays and lesbians by giving them free training. >> that's great. >> this is important. >> how about all american, too, while you're at it, but specifically that community that's being targeted by practicing a radical muslims. merced mercedes, last word, is there an opportunity for the republican party to embrace the gay community based on the danger that the progressive left is creating among their community? >> i believe so. absolutely. i mean, i think that there has been the issue of primarily been between social conservatives and the gay community mostly on the marriage issue. i think we can all agree as americans, gay or straight,
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republican, democrat, that the most important thing is american national security. it's a fact that we want to be able as americans to protect our loved ones. to protect ourselves and that's why we have the second amendment. and i think it's critical to understand that if we can come together, unit as a country as we did after 9/11 and realize that the real threat is radical islam, the real threat eliminating this home grown terrorism and deal with the problems in our country to eliminate that, it's critical and it's not about gun control and about dividing our country on these issues. it is about dealing with the primary target. >> we're going to leave it right there. excellent way to wrap up that one. coming up, while the nation still grieves over the orlando terror attack, some in the media are playing the blame game instead of shooter.
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so, who's the media blaming for the orlando terror attack? the "new york post," now the new york daily news. that paper sarcastically blaming the nra and this op-ed from "the new york times" blames republicans for the terror attack. now, ebony, a lot more blaming the gop and nra than terrorists. gl i'm actually completely offended by both of those covers. my profession as a criminal defense attorney is about holding people culpable and
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responsible for their actions and i think the victims here have to be disgusted. they're not interested in this blame game. to say it's the nra's fault, it's irresponsible and gross to me, but people are saying it's the far left because they let these people in the first place. no, no, no. this isn't one person's fault. the intentional bad actor that took 49 lives. >> your thought on the two ways that the media's treating this. >> well, you know, i am an nra member and i know many members who are very offended by the media coverage and blaming the nra as being the culprit of this terrorist attack. so many of our nra members are veterans, military, who have fought against radical islam abroad. they're simply law-abiding citizens who want to ensure they can defend their families and themselves. here's the deal. the media, everyone gets so emotional. they want to blame someone. we got to look at what the
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fundamental problem is. we keep talking about it on the show about the radical islamists. you look at mateen's history and who he was associated with. the online courses he was taken. there were plenty of red flags for the fbi and law enforcement to ensure that man would have stayed on terror watch list and guess what, if he would have, the fbi could have investigated him. he wouldn't have been able to purchase that dwun at the moment of sale. >> unbelievable, rick. just blown away, the amount, "the new york times" specifically saying it's the gop, it's the republican prejudice that could have caused orlando and other terrorist attacks. >> "new york times" is really imploding. in europe during the attack, i just got back. and the international "new york times" has trump exploits terror fears. that was the headline. this is in the news section. this is not even in the opinion section. so, "the new york times" has completely thrown out the book when it comes to journalism. they decided to let opinion take
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over the front page. and they've gone after trump and said he's exploiting the terror concerns that we have. really is objection. >> there was a point this week that john mccain said president obama is directly responsible for the orlando terror attack. now, he walked that back, but boy, it goes both ways. >> it goes both ways, but if you look at exactly what he was talking about sh he's talking about policies that afgt us. and look, the president of the united states was just called out by the cia director for saying that you know, the we're beat iing isis, rolling back. david ignatius from "the washington post" on "morning joe" literally compliment iing e president of the united states for rolling back isis only to find a few hours later, the cia director coming back, we're not winning. to me, when mccain said it's
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obama's fault, so me, it's no different than the left saying it's the gop's fault because they're talking about gun policy. no, let's not blame policy. >> security council, then i would agree. but the gop many times are against certain gun control. that's their prerogative. that does not make them responsible for bad actors. >> real quick. >> can i just say obama has created a false sense of security. you can talk about san bernardino, ft. hood, he goes back to the gun control talking point. there is no substantive action to be taken on how you minimize the self-radicalization here in the united states, so i believe that americans feel less safe. 27% of americans. and the fact -- that's where obama has no real answers. >> we've needed a strategy.
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president obama hasn't had the strategy. we're going to have to go now. coming up, a horrific al gator attack at disney. do parents need to worry about taking their kid to disney now? you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price.
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fox news alert. good saturday morning to you. overnight, police arrested 12 people in brussels saying the summits required immediate intervention. the searches however did not turn up any guns or explosives.
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authorities say they have been trying to aggressively prevent the next terror attack before it happens. the country's prime minister and others are receiving special protection after unspecified threats. and nasa welcoming home three of its finest today. >> the soyuz is home. >> nasa streaming it live. 18 days. an american and his two colleagues made it back the earth. welcome home. see you at the top of hour for america's election headquarters as we go live to orlando. we know the horrible story. a 2-year-old attacked and killed by an al alligator disney this week. are you reluctant? >> no, i'm not to go to disney
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world. i think that you know, this was very much a tragic almost freak accident. and it's very unfortunate. they had signs up saying no swimming. disney moving forward and putting additional signs about alligators in the water. i am from florida, where there's canals, lakes, there's a good chance there's going to beal gators and that's something that unfortunately, many people don't realize that could happen. they have to take precautions. god only knows i've probably lost one of my kids asking about, have you lost a kid. but i think at the end of the day, parents are going to be fine taking their kids to disney world. >> so now the feeling at disney, it's a very controlled environment. you feel safe. a false sense of safety. is there, do you feel there's a liability? >> i think there could be.
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to mercedes point, she's from florida, my family's from southeast louisiana. you know you have a broader understanding of the dangers. but if you're from the midwest, the west coast, you don't know. so i do think that disney's signs were a little inadequate. they didn't properly address the full scope of danger. doesn't point out how dangerous it could be. >> you know what else is dangerous in florida? snakes. there's probably a spider that can bite you and kill you. are these companies now going to be forced to put beware of snake, spiders, al gators, crocodiles, lions? >> here's a distinction. when you talk about no swimming, they put that there for a reason. that's an awareness on disney's part there is a danger. >> okay, what about you? your thoughts on this. is disney responsible or not or just an unfortunate, unfortunate
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accident. >> it's a freak accident and really terrible. i think now though the safest place to make sure you're not attacked is going to be a disney park. they are going to take this very seriously. they are on top of it. you see their statement. they are one company that is taking this extremely seriously. i think most people can feel very comfortable about going to a disney park. >> i agree. they're going to definitely take precautions because they don't want this to happen again. big liability. >> i think it will be the safest and happiest place again. coming up, making sense of the new wave of terror attacks here in america. investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed?
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wealth management, at charles schwab.
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imt to say thanks to our crew for joining us. time to wake up, america. ready for your head to explode? john brennan, director of the cia, just said what i've been saying since the beginning of the isis crisis.
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terrorists will use every way, shape and form to come to america and slaughter innocent americans. listen. >> the group is probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives into the west including in refugee clothes and legitimate methods of travel. >> hear that? refugee program? i've said a it a hundred times. president obama has another idea. here's what he said. days before the attack and his stance hasn't changed since. >> i'm trying to get more refugees admitted. >> omar mateen killed 49 americans in orlando. his father was a refugee. continue to place blame on gun, houf. "the new york times," "the washington post," and th commentary. to the liberals watching and the boston globe, the ar wasn't the
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killer. the radical islamist terrorist was the killer. the ar 15 was a single shot long gun. it wasn't even there that night. the rush to judgment is only exceeded by your failure on the facts. here are the grim facts. mateen yelled allah akbar as he shot in orlando. mateen studied the teachings of imam, the same imam as the ft. hood and san bernardino terrorists studied under. he cheered when the planes flew into the trade center on 9/11. a terrorist killed 49 americans, not a gun. if quou don't e believe me r, try telling the cop who just pulled you over it was the car's fault. come on, liberal, wake up. speaking of waking up, i'm going to be doing a live signing for my new book called wake up
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america, this coming thursday night, 8:00 p.m. you can call in, e-mail. live hope you'll be there. donald trump set to speak to supporters in vegas this afternoon as he pushes back hard at the media and republicans who are distancing themselves from him. we're going to talk to a surrogate who says his candidate is doing just fine. plus, major terror raids overnight in belgium leading to 12 arrests. authorities there say an immediate intervention was needed. that nation still on high alert after deadly attacks back in march. and a final good-bye today to sochl the victims of the orlando nightclub terror attack as congress plans to debate gun control next week.


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