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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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♪ and make america great. >> oh, shucky ducky. >> listen, i'm from the south and i don't know what shucky ducky means. we will investigate, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" now. >> tonight, "on the record," did she really say this? and who came up with this idea? well, attorney general loretta lynch made this promise and broke it only hours later. >> we are releasing tomorrow actually the transcripts of the phone contact between the killer and the orlando negotiators the night of the attacks. so it will be a partial transcript of those calls. we're trying to get information out. it's our goal to be as transpatient as possible in this investigation. >> transparent? well, just today the doj holding back the tapes but releasing fbi prepared transcripts of the 911 calls. the orlando terrorist made during his deadly slaughter of 49 innocence innocent. one flairing omission in the released transcripts, the
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doj edited out information about isis. hours later a stunning reversal. republic outcry forcing the doj to reverse course and issue transcripts without anything redacted, nothing edited out. that is certainly not the end of it there is still missing transcripts. the killer spent nearly 30 minutes on the phone but only a fraction of those transcripts have been released so. where are all the transcripts and where is the audio or for that matter in the promised transparency? radio talk show host and editor and chief of lifezette laura ingraham goes "on the record." what do you think about this? >> clearly a video caused this mateen to go to the club and carry out his dastardly deeds of murder. greta, this is something we have seen before. this is like, you know, you have seen the movie and you know how it ends. this narrative is an inconvenient narrative for the obama administration. a guy who is jacked up as an islamic jihadi decides he is going to go to a place that he knew well.
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he knew the layout. he knew the people. they knew him. all the people said he frequented the club. he knew it whether he had some self loathing thing going on, we don't know. but when he speaks to 911 and says i'm a soldier of islam and says a lot of other stuff that makes it obvious that his motivation was, unless is he pulling a big funny on everyone, his motivation was jihadi. inconvenient fact for a president who is now bringing thousands and thousands of people in the country who happen to also be the same faith. not all of them are going to clubs. inconvenient story. the only bad people that you really tag is bad hateful people today are trump supporters. those are the worse of the worse and all these other people bringing into the country are just good, regular old people. and i think it's really -- it's inconvenient truth. and we have seen it about. we saw it with benghazi with the videotape. we have seen it with the editing of the james rosen transcript and the state
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department. the claim of the most transparent administration ever, that thing flopped a long time ago. that narrow collapsed a long time ago. >> i thought it was stunning that she said that number one she is a lawyer. james comey is the fbi lawyer as well. they know in the courtroom you can't release misleading tapes. they feel free to do that to the american people thinking we are too stupid to notice it it's unbelievable that they would do that. >> she didn't just say that, she also said on the sunday shows she said we're also looking into the fact that it was latin night at the club. so, now, i mean, hinting, of course, very strongly that this was some anti-latino bias. i don't know if she was thinking immigration guy or he listens to talk radio? the whole thing was just a big lie. i'm sorry. >> really sort -- the fact that they tried to pull a fast one and they did admit it was edited but we thought we would accept it. it makes you. >> what else have they done?
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>> well, in the courtroom, transcripts are not enough without being authenticated. they have told us. >> wait a second greta. chain of custody. am i getting it right from law school? i think so. what is the chain of custody. >> they won't give us the video. they have told told us we accept these transcripts as correct. we now know they edited parts out and tried to pull a fast one. many people quite curious that they have put god in there when apparently he said alla. >> oh, jesus, god, allah. >> but the point is how can you trust other investigations when you are watching this unfold in front of your eye? >> dragging our feet on fast and furious. dragging our feet on the irs investigation. we are still waiting for the final benghazi report. it adds up to the same old thing. the server. well, i didn't delete any documents. classified. it's all part of the same big charade. and this plays right into everyone's hands. >> i'm actually insulted that they think the american people are that stupid.
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>> thank goodness actually journalists were demanding that the entire transcript be released but it still hasn't been. i think people have to understand that. >> oh, no. ot have the transcripts.ore no tapes. let's bring the viewers in on this. viewers at home, this is your chance to vote on twitter. do you feel the obama administration is transparent? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. how terrible is this? >> greta, i think it goes to the question of credibility of this administration to which hillary was tied and it once again confirms why people think the government today, big government is like one of the biggest problems facing america. remember that last big poll that was done. what's the big problem facing america? a lot of people believe the government is no longer our ally. the government is working to keep information from the people that would upset them or that they can't handle. and that's going to drive. i know trump is having this rough patch, but that drives
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the candidacy of people like donald trump because he says this whole thing is corrupt. i might not be perfect i might not know every answer to every question, but this city, in the way this operates is, more, you know, office skating the truth than delivering the truth that the american people deserve and victims deserve by the play. terrorism we should be fighting. they have send us down the silly trail trying to guess what's in the transcript. >> he never mentioned lbgt at all. and right now we know our borders are all as porous as they have ever been. >> all they have to do is give us the truth, give us the facts. that's not asking a lot of the american people. laura, thank you. what do the full 911 transcripts say and what was originally edited out and why. and why when the killer said allah does the doj release transcripts that say god? catherine herridge is here. catherine, allah is god in the muslim faith. but nonetheless, you know,
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it's catching a lot of people by surprise. >> the first transcript which had the edits in it used the word god when he was speaking arabic for alla. they say that this was just a simple translation. critics say otherwise. the other thing that jumps out in the transcript is that his pledge of allegiance to isis and its leader abu backer al baghdadi. drum beat throughout the tapes and negotiations with the crisis team of this pledge of allegiance. he really declares himself very effectively as a follower of the islamic state. >> are they embarrassed or ashamed or what is if? because i mean they quickly changed course. i know that it makes it look very political that they were so vulnerable to community pressure. >> i can't get inside anyone's mind. did i speak with a former fbi official before i came on the air tonight who said that just the fact that it changed so quickly tells you that it was politically motivated because if it was about the sanctity of the
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investigation they would have stuck to their guns. and the second thing is that it really raises a question about the integrity of the evidence. this person said to me that they have always known they had never seen this before and it raised a lot of questions. as to the approach and attitude at the justice department and the fbi to other ongoing investigations. >> but if you can't do something so simple as to release a tape or if you can't do something so simple to release a transcript that doesn't my massage the facts which will be inadmissible in court fight terrorism. administrative task. release a transcript. >> all i can say is that this is the most serious attack we have had in the united states since 9/11 that was inspired by. >> who is on first is apparently handling the
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investigation. >> and when we have a move to make data available to the public so they can decide, i mean, this went really poorly today to say the least. and really raises questions about the attitude of the sanctity of this evidence in a future prosecution. and the public understands what happened here. the fbi director told us over a week ago who he pledged allegiance to. so it was just not possible to put the toothpaste back in the tube on this thing. >> i don't know if they think the american people are so stupid they are not going to notice or if they are so inept at handling investigation we should worry if they can handle terrorism. >> two big take aways is that he declares himself again and again and again. it was like a steady drum beat and also just the idea that the transcript really can speak for itself. >> we didn't get the audiotapes and we haven't gotten all the transcripts. i'm taking the last word on that. catherine, thank you. you just heard attorney general loretta lynch say
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the attorney general wanted to be as transparent as possible but doesn't that sound oddly. >> it's our goal to be as transparent as poll. >> i will make our open and transparent. i want to open things up. i want transparency i want accountability. >> because the more transparency we can bring to washington the less likely it is that washington will be run by lobbyists and special interests. >> this is the most transparent administration in history. >> the "on the record" political panel is here. matt, at least they try to hide the edits, they weren't trying to tell us all and still haven't told us all and we still don't have any breeds suspicion of what else they are changing. also sort of strange the way that they were redacted i pledge allegiance to blank redacted. and james comey came out last week and sort of said
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what the redacted portion was so, it just sort of further adds to suspicion about what they're doing and why they are not telling us. >> doesn't james comey, doesn't director comey talk to the attorney general? if he told us last week and now she is cutting it out of the transcript. i mean, it's like either as i said with catherine, either they are inept or they think we are really stupid. >> it's a really bad game of telephone to say least. two blocks apart. >> you are so right. this is so perplexing when you saw this transcript redacted and information already out there. which is why i think you saw the backlash from republicans so quickly. paul ryan out with a statement right away saying this was essentially ludicrous. and i think that's also why the fbi react sod quickly. they realized they had waited. they wanted absolutely nothing to do with whether it was ineptness. they backtracked quickly. >> both of oyou are lawyers both know that a court won't let you put in a redacted
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transcript because want to it misleads the jury. happy to have a redacted transcript go out to the american people and mislead the american people. >> we're also basing our conclusions in our national debate over what happened in orlando off of this one person's motivations. and so to fully digest that you need to know what some of the redacted portions were and why he did what he did. can't handle the release of a transcript. how can they possibly investigate a terrorism attack and how can they possibly stop terrorism if they can't do anything. releasing a transcript. >> furthermore, it also further politicizes an event that has caused a lot of people a lot of pain and has caused a lot of fear. and you would think that, you know, they would want to try to put that to asuede that a little bit rather than build it up more. >> i think it's shocking that 14% of the voters so far think that this administration is transparent after that even 14%. >> there have been numerous
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things with the administration the last 8 years that makes it not the most transparent administration as obama set out to be. >> this isn't national security. they didn't have to do this. this was not to protect us from another attack. that's what's wrong with this one. that's what's so bad with this one. they just decided for themselves. >> you have to assume and hope that the investigation is being led by somebody different than handling the decision. >> redaction. >> that would be the attorney general of the united states and director of the fbi, apparently. better hope juniors doing it on not them. don't you both go away. congratulations on the cavaliers, jacque. >> thank you. >> is trump gearing his staff up to take on hillary clinton? a few hours ago a major shakeup at the donald trump campaign. corey lewandowski fired and paul manafort moves up to the all powerful job of campaign manager. what does this shakeup mean? senior advisor donald trump sarah huckabee goes "on the record." sarah, what does this mean? why did corey lewandowski
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get the boot? i have seen all sort of stories today why. tell me. >> the main reason is we are moving into a new phase of the campaign. and we are moving to focus on the general election. as we do that, we are changing direction a little bit by who is at the helm. and donald trump thought that this was a good opportunity to do that and to set his sights on hillary clinton and to focus on that and be -- building and preparing more as we grow day after day offer day and prepare for that general election. that's what this is about. moving into a new phase of the campaign and preparing for that general election battle that he has fought so hard to get to. >> problem with the new direction code in the corporate world going in a new direction that means you're fired. means we don't think you are doing a good job. give credit to corey lewandowski i did hear him say good things about donald trump today so he doesn't seem bitter it does seem curious the way it happened. would you agree to that? >> i think, again, corey has brought mr. trump and the
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entire campaign through a year long process. fought out 16 other candidates to help donald trump become the nominee. donald trump will forever be grateful for that as will the rest of the campaign team. i think there is a very deep mutual respect and sense of loyalty because of that. but, at the same time, we're moving into a completely different campaign. it's no longer a primary. it's a very different battle ahead. hillary clinton is a very different candidate than the 16 people that mr. trump has faced over this past year. and for that reason alone is he changing direction. one thing that continues to get. >> is there no other job? i mean, it's going to be a big organization on both sides of the aisle. was there no other place for him in the campaign? >> you know, i don't know about the details of that. what i do know is that there will always be a place with cory with mr. trump and that relationship having guided him and helped him and having remained loyal to him throughout this process when this campaign started and everybody said that donald trump didn't have a chance, would never get in the race. we certainly never make it
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through the summer. we never become the nominee. would never be the person to take on hillary clinton, would never get to 1237. corey was the person who helped guide him through that process. so i think there will always be that mutual respect because of it one thing that i think continues to be lost in this process is everybody is clamoring who is in control in the same person is in control today as the day that the campaign started and that's donald trump. that's why his campaign has been so successful. >> we only have 30 seconds left. so all the more reason why did he get rid of corey lewandowski if he is not even in charge? >> greta, i think you know what i mean by in charge. donald trump has been the king of this campaign for lack of a better term and kind of the person in charge, cory obviously ran the day-to-day operations and as we change into new phase and focus on the general, i think he felt like a shakeup may have been needed. at the end of the day donald trump is in charge of this campaign, has been and will continue to be until he
4:17 pm
becomes president and becomes in charge of the white house and this country. and i think that's why he has done so well is because he hasn't had a consultant heavy campaign. >> sarah, thank you. i have got to go. thank you very much. >> thank you, greta. >> this is a fox news alert. the u.s. senate just moments ago rejecting four gun control measures. four separate bills addressed changes to the background check system as well as restrictions on gun sales to people on terror watch lists. votes coming one week after the massacre. mateen legally bought guns despite being on the fbi watch list. what did donald trump say about corey lewandowski's firing? you will hear straight from trump himself next. plus rnc chair reince priebus is here. what does he think about the campaign shakeup? incredible video showing devastating wildfires burning across the west. will the weather keep fueling the flames? that's coming up.
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the donald trump campaign hit with its first major firing. a couple manager corey lewandowski is now out. what does trump have to say about the change in leadership? well, just a short time ago, trump sat down with bill o'reilly. >> with corey, i'm really proud of him. he did a great job. but we're going to go a little bit of a different route. >> all right. so different style. it's a different style and bringing in some -- >> -- it's a different style, yeah. little different style. >> now that interview airs right after "on the record" and the "on the record" political panel is back from the daily beast jackie kucinich and from the "boston globe" matt viser. you think people would learn by now and trump campaign
4:22 pm
official no sooner did corey lewandowski got the heave who he, he tweets dingdong the witch is dead and has the picture of the witch underneath the house and now he is out. what in the world is going on over there? >> never tweet. if you look at it and you think you might get in trouble, just delete it. but, the karma was swift for michael today. >> quickly, i have got to give him credit. he quickly resigned. he is out. good for him. >> very true. but, i do think was that indicative how you have a lot of staff corey lewandowski and how he treated people. it goes back further than that if someone is not very fight, that's fine when the campaign is going great. but once campaign is not going so great -- >> so, matt, he was very nice today to dana bash over at cnn gracious. nice to danna, of course. do you think he saw it coming? he was on the 8:30 phone call this morning,
4:23 pm
apparently. >> by all indications, this happened very swiftedly for cory. he himself was shocked by this. and i think for, you know, trump's campaign lost two people today for a campaign that republicans want to see grow and sort of add staff to compete with hillary clinton's ma'am mouth staff they are going opposite direction. >> all of this is interesting. only thi determine this election are the debates in october. i think the stuff seems so important today but not as important as those did he baits. paul paul manafort takes the job as campaign manager. can he beat hillary clinton? >> he certainly has a different way that he going to beat hillary clinton. he is the reason trump was on teleprompter. set reason that trump sounded a little bit more disciplined. that sort of trump could be able to attract some the republicans that are currently kind of repulsed by him. he might be a way that they can unify in a way they haven't been able to under the steady hand of corey lewandowski. >> cory always had this
4:24 pm
mantra of let trump be trump. now we are going to find out how much of trump's shortcomings, perceived shortcomings were trump's false and how much was cory's fault and how much paul manafort can reign trump n some of his instincts that may be i will advised. >> who is paul manafort? >> he has a long history and well known in washington a lot more. he has been a consultant. he has advised a lot -- including overseas some questionable dictators. >> dictators? >> they all do that managing trump and his sort of style might be interesting for paul in that respect. >> well, we're going to be watching. it's never dull and the republican convention coming up july 18th when we will hear who the vice presidential picks for the two sides, too. anyway, jackie and matt, thank you both. >> thanks, greta. >> bill asked trump about his proposed temporary muslim ban. >> you kind of are dodging my question and you don't usually do that do you believe there is a personal component inside the
4:25 pm
president's personality that sympathizes with the muslim world and doesn't want to taint the muslim world with terrorism is that what it is about? >> iran deal not wanting to mention the words ladd islam or radical islamic terrorism or other things, bill. you look at what's going on, i mean, it's not a question of what i think. but you look at facts. >> you can watch it all 8:00 p.m. eastern right after "on the record" on "the o'reilly factor." and how is the rnc gearing up to help trump take down secretary hillary clinton. rnc reince priebus is next. coming up, you will rather from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he is going to talk to you off the record. yes. off the record.
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developing right now, the trump campaign shakeup. this might be the sign of a new direction for the general election. so what is the rnc doing to help donald trump defeat secretary hillary clinton. ribs priebus goes "on the record." nice to see you, mr. chairman. >> hey, greta. >> how did you hear the news about corey lewandowski. >> i mean, look, i talk to the campaign over the weekend and talked to them on monday, today. but this is a new direction for the campaign. i think, you know, when you look at the shift from a primary election over to the
4:30 pm
general election, this is sort of the professionalization that continues, the pivot to the presidential. i think it's a good sign, i think, for the campaign. paul man for is a pro. by building the apparatus around someone who has been through a presidential campaign is a good thing. and people should look at it as a good thing. >> corey lewandowski brought him here. >> sure. >> he brought him this far.
4:31 pm
presidential campaign with competing factions and competing understandings of what the right approach is going to be and leave someone in the backseat and put someone in the front seat and a person in the backseat saying one thing. the person in the front seat saying another. it just doesn't work. there is four to five months left. i think from the outside looking in, as i'm watching this, just like you are and everyone else out there, to me when i see something like, this i see a pivot to the general. a seriousness to the general that looks good good for getting this campaign in a place that is going to be competitive against hillary clinton. >> well, corey lewandowski to his credit, he did not seem bitter told dana bash
4:32 pm
at cnn he still supports donald trump. >> so i thought it was very classy the way he handled today. that's a good sign. >> what are you doing as chairman of the rnc to help donald trump at this point because he has now got his eyes on beating secretary clinton? >> well, the job of the rnc is to build up the infrastructure the ground game the data operation for both our senate candidates, congressional candidates and our nominee. i would say four years ago, i don't think the rnc was as prepared as we are today because largely we were building an rnc from scratch. i think if mitt romney had the rnc of today he would have won. in the same sense our nominee is going to be inheriting not just a few people on the ground but hundreds of people on the ground. 500 people as of today. today we put over $100 million. >> biggest ground game as the democrats have. >> if you compare the rnc to the dnc no comparison. the problem is dnc is not our competition hillary clinton is our competition. the dnc doesn't have
4:33 pm
infrastructure and ground game. it's hillary clinton that has the freezing rain structure and ground game. when you compare the operations, we will be very competitive, and i have got to tell you, we have done, i think, a great job, in getting our operation to a place that it hasn't been in decades. and i think people when it connells to ground game data and i understand this is boring stuff. >>, no, no. is. >> these are the things that allow us to win close elections. if you don't have mechanics straight you can't win. >> former senator russ feingold against republican senator ron johnson. where is that race stand. >> i think it's great that russ feingold is running again. is he a failed candidate. >> people like him in wisconsin. is he well-liked. >> wisconsin doesn't let people that -- they don't normally allow people to come back after they lost. it just hasn't worked. retreads haven't worked in wisconsin. as far as the fundamentals go. the thing with the ron johnson brings to the table is being in business.
4:34 pm
being a guy from the outside. being a guy that says, you know, what he means and means what he says. and look at the polling. the polling is really close right now in wisconsin. that's a good sign for the general election for ron johnson. >> we'll be watching it, you and i particularly pay attention. also speaker of the house is from our state. >> you bet. is he my congressman. >> he is your congressman. he is not mine. i'm farther north. anyway, mr. chairman, thank you. >> you bet. >> and cleveland is getting ready for the republican national convention. the rnc posting this time laps video showing the quicken loans arena it is now being transformed from the home of the very new nba champion cleveland cavaliers. there are still four weeks until the rnc quection convention kicks off july 18th. video showing the first 24 hours of the rnc setup. typically the rnc spends 8 weeks getting ready. this year the rnc was busy. the rnc can thank lebron james for that massive
4:35 pm
wildfire burning across the nation. deadly heat waves fueling the flames only getting worse. baltimore judge in freddie gray case. deliberating today in court. a live report is straight ahead. if you think you've seen it all,
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and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. this is a fox news alert. massive wildfires scorching the western u.s. in new mexico, at least two fires are raging, already those two wildfires have destroyed 40,000 acres. it's not just new mexico. in arizona, another fire burning nearly 10,000 acres that wildfire is growing. and in california, a forest
4:40 pm
fire erupting just northeast of los angeles. but that is not all. in santa barbara, another wildfire is burning. and the catalyst for these fires? extreme temperatures well into the triple digits. >> there is more. at least four people are dead from extreme heat for more on record heat wave we go to meteorologist janice dean. >> hi, greta. unfortunately, we are dealing with heat already. it's the first day of summer and we are already breaking records across the southwest. we broke a record today in phoenix. we broke a record yesterday. it was 118 days and they have only got therein five times in the history of phoenix, arizona. there are your current temperatures. i mean, you cannot be outside at all in this heat. extremely dangerous, potentially deadly heat. 116 still in phoenix. 123 needles. 115 in las vegas. to see this heat so early on in the season is quite rare. heat advisories in effect until at least wednesday evening where temperatures are going to feel anywhere
4:41 pm
from 110 to 120 degrees in all of these neighborhoods. and then, of course, the active large wildfires that you mentioned. over 17 of them and every single one of those is at least 100 acres. already into the wildfire season. and it's just going to potentially get worse as we are not getting a lot of rainfall. a little bit of moisture across the southwest but not enough to really help firefighters that are dealing with the extreme heat and the dry conditions. and the heat is going to continue. the high pressure across the southwest breaking down a little bit. but it's going to move eastward. we're going to potentially see record highs across the south and centraltemperatures we 100 degrees. with the humidity, it's going to feel even worse than that dangerous heat. other big story we are watching. tropical storm danielle. fourth named storm and it's unprecedent to do see this amount of named storms so early on in the season. we are beginning beginning this tropical season early with winds of 40 miles per hour making landfall right now across the east coast of mexico it will be a flooder.
4:42 pm
it will be potentially flooding problems as well as mud slides and we wish we could get some of that moisture into the southwest, greta. but it's not going to happen mexico. we can't get it into the southwest where they desperately midwest and ohio valley. the potential for isolated winds and tornadoes. severe thunderstorm warnings in effect here. north and east of kansas city as well as in towards indiana and ohio. so, this is another big story we are going to be monitoring the heat will be ongoing for at least the next five to seven days, greta, hearts and prayers out to firefighters who are fighting wildfires tonight. >> check on the elderly in this horrible heat if you happen to know somebody in these areas. janice, thank you. >> of course. >> the baltimore police officer facing the most severe charge in the freddie gray case just was told when the judge will issue the verdict. that's next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight 10:00 p.m.
4:43 pm
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. get ready to speed read the news. he did it. lebron james ending a 52-year-old championship drought the cleveland cavaliers beating the golden warriors to win the title. lebron james named mvp broke down in tears of joys. the party is just getting started. cavs returned home this morning and victory parade which will be a big one is on wednesday. and this is absolutely horrible a freak accident killing "star trek" actor anton. the 27-year-old was found
4:48 pm
crushed between jeep grand cherokee and bring mailbox it happened in the driveway at his california home. when he was found his jeep was in neutral with the engine running. thousands of cherokees were called earlier this year over a gear shift defect it made it difficult for drivers to tell if the car was in neutral instead of park. clinton family growing over the weekend. chelsea clinton giving birth to a baby boy. born in new york city. this is chelsea and husband mark second child. charlotte was born in september of 2014. secretary hillary clinton and president bill clinton saying they are overjoyed to be grabbed parents again. and that's tonight's speed read. baltimore police officer goodson's fate now in the hands of the judge. closing arguments in the judge. officer goodson was the driver of the police van when gray suffered a fatal final injury. charged with depraved heart murder. the judge saying he will announce his verdict on
4:49 pm
thursday morning. "on the record" ted williams and griff jenkins inside the courthouse. first what happened griff today? >> this case began with the prosecution alleging that goodson gave gray a rough ride and this trial ended today closing argue. wells a frustrated williams asking the prosecution for evidence that goodson indeed gave an intentional rough ride to gray. it's bizarre in the prosecution has -- closing arguments on the fact that goodson was criminally negligent to seat belt and call for medicine. >> ted, you and i are both lawyers and we discussed before that we thought it was senator to go bench trial on last one. this one the judge decides and not a jury. this time, since it's the one who has the more serious charges. but i guess i'm surprise they'd did a bench trial and not a jury trial. >> i'm absolutely surprised that he did a bench trial. i thought that if you are going to do anything with goodson that you would at least put this in the hands
4:50 pm
of a jury. >> you have 12 people to decide the case not just one. >> absolutely. this is the thing, judge williams, i think was brilliant. i think he is going to be fair. but, boy, i still would have, no matter what the verdict is in this case, i would have put it certainly in the hands of 12 people and possibly even gotten a mistrial if anything. >> mosby show up, the prosecutor at any point? >> she was. >> today? >> she was in court as was officer edward near row sitting in the front row. >> i suppose she didn't say hi to either one of you? >> she did. she said hello to us. >> no kidding. >> we have a very cordle relationship. i'm still troubled by these charges. i thought judge williams asked some question good questions concerning the rough ride. second degree murder, depraved murder. where was the intent? where was the malice? >> what was the prosecutor's answer. >> the prosecution simply argued it wasn't one specific event but rather the culmination of all of the parts.
4:51 pm
and what was. >> depraved. >> depraved with the high degree of risk, which is the definition of depraved heart it has to be a high degree of risk. it has to be intentional. >> was in there any evidence that officer goodson could hear him being bounced around in the back of the truck. none whatsoever that he could actually hear him. although he did at one time to get out to check on him. >> where was he checked when he checked on him? >> well, he was in the back. >> weighs lying on the floor. >> yeah. >> what was significant, greta, was that judge williams pressed very visibly frustrated as i said the prosecution saying if the intent was to harm him with the ride, what sense does it make, this is according to the judge, that he would get out midway through the ride and check on him? >> see what i would argue as a prosecutor if he went back and checked on him and saw him on the floor he would have knew he had gone from the seat to the. >> the prosecution said they had harmed him beyond what they anticipated. goodson harmed him more than
4:52 pm
he anticipated to. >> why -- if he was so sure that the guy was safe in driving so safely, why we think to check on him? i mean, that's odd. >> well, it is odd to check on him. but, remember, the government had the burden of proving the case. they said that this rough ride took place when he jerked the van one way or another when he went around the corner. the judge even challenged that i thought the judge put on a better closing argument than even the defense attorney in this case. >> all right. 10 seconds left. thursday at what time is the verdict. >> thursday, 10:00 a.m. we can expect it to be very methodical and laid out as the judge has done in the past two trial. >> very tough for the judge. >> very tough. >> it's not easy. it's pad position for a judge to have to decide any of these cases. it's tough. >> absolutely. >> ted and griff, thank you both. 12-year-old rescued by police from a house of horrors. one of the girls' parents is facing charges. girls ranging from 6 month
4:53 pm
to 18 years old found in a southeast pennsylvania home of a 51-year-old lee kaplan. kaplan is accused of sexually assaulting the 18-year-old girl. in a disgusting twist police say the girl was given to kaplan years ago by her own parents. kaplan and the girl's parents are each being held on $1 million bail. and coming up, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has a special job tonight right here "on the record." what is it? find out next. struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
4:54 pm
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let's all go off-the-record. i'm giving my off-the-record segment tonight to prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he said these words about orlando and i thought you would want to hear them. >> this week's shooting wasn't merely an attack on the lbgt community, it was an attack on all of us. on our common values of
4:58 pm
freedom and diversity and choice. radical islam terror makes no distinction between shades of infidel. this week it was gays in orlando a few days before that it was justs in tel aviv. before that it was music fans in paris. veaferls in brussels. you seeds in iraq. community workers in san bernardino. christians and journalists in syria. all of us are targets. we will not be terrified into submission. we will fight back. and we will triumph. today i ask you to reach out to friends and the lbgt community. comfort them. tell them you stand together. we stand together as one. and that you will always remember the victims. tell them they will never be alone. that we're all one family deserving of dignity, deserving of life. i have no doubt that those who seek to spread hate and fear will be defeated. working together, will
4:59 pm
defeat them even faster why need to stand united, resolute in the belief that all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of their race, regardless of their ethnicity, all people deserve respect, deserve dignity. >> is he right. we all have to work together to stamp out terrorism. so, for starters, president obama as the leader of the last world super power, he needs to lead. he needs to convene world leaders now. mr. president, how about it? that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and to watch prime minister netanyahu's complete remarks on the orlando shooting. head over to my facebook page. and live twitter voting results on my screen right now. do you feel the obama administration is transparent and the numbers are 14% yes no. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. if you don't have twitter. sign up and make sure you follow at greta. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night
5:00 pm
right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next "the o'reilly factor." tonight donald trump is on with bill. good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. go to my facebook page. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. this is not about isis. this is not about any kind of foreign terror. this is about guns in america. >> i just want to slap him with all due respect. what is it going to take? do isis people have to come to your backyard? >> now, some are demanding that i apologize to congressman clyburn. why would i do that? he is misleading the nation. we'll deal with it this evening. >> he doesn't get it or he gets it better than anybody understands. it's one or the other. and either one, it's unacceptable. >> donald trump still taking heat for his comments on president obama. also, mr. trump shaking up his staff.


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