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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the spin stops right here. a twist involving the wife of the orlando terrorist as her family tries to prove she had nothing to do the rampage. new information tonight on the investigation into orlando including a defense of sorts for the terrorist's wife. her family appears to be arguing that she could not have been an accomplice because she was in special ed back in middle school. we have more. >> reporter: we're talking about her teacher in california in the san francisco bay area where she grew up. the teacher is retired and is
6:01 pm
only being identified as susan but she claims she was enrolled in special education classes because she had relearning difficul difficulties. she said she tried hard and was sweet but she needed special help. >> she had difficulty with retention and difficulty with concepti concepti conceptionallizing and understanding. i thought she was incapable of being an accomplice. >> the family is affirming the teacher's account and they're using it as a defense, releasing a statement saying she is completely innocent and was unaware of the attacks adding she doesn't understand cause and effect. the fbi says it's looking closely at her possible connection to the attacks as well her prior knowledge. remember the feds have surveillance video showing the
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wife shopping with her husband while he buys ammunition and statements she feared he was planning an attack and pleaded with him to stop and reports that during the attack her husband texted her asking if she heard the news and she texted back i love you and tried to call him but never called authorities. the family is hoping authorities believe she simply didn't understand. >> thank you. it's important to note she has not been charged or mentioned as a possible suspect. the feds seem relukt antd to talk about her involvement in any way. >> with respect to the wife i can tell you that is one of many interviews that we've done and will continue do in this investigation. i'm not going to speculate to say as to any charges that may be brought or indeed about whether any charges will be brought in this case. >> joining me now ask the fox
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news analyst. good to see you judge. so she was in special ed in middle school. it's no accident that this teacher came forward and the family's touting it. >> i found it amazing as these facts are coming out you can see the defense team saying look let's get someone out there to make it seem like she didn't understand cause and effect. there's this whole campaign going on now and the reason they're doing that is because the evidence seems extremely strong right now. you have a woman who accompanied him and drove the shooter to the scene of the massacre to case it ahead of time. she was with him when he bought ammunition as well as i understand the gun that he used. she also is someone that he texted at 4:00 a.m. for them to say she didn't know what was going on is absurd because what he said is have you seen the news and her response is i love you. not where are you?
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what are you doing? by the way, you have a 3-year-old. what are you doing up at 4:00. >> she said i love you and he wrote back i love you. she claims she didn't find out until after 2:00 a.m. when his mother contacted her to say she was concerned about his whereabouts. whose mother calls at 4:00 in the morning to say do you know where omar is. >> as a prosecutor the first thing i think of is mamma new too. this woman had a learning disability in middle school. i don't care. maybe you could argue it's a mitigation but here is the bottom line -- >> you need to prosecute these bad guys. i'm sure you prosecuted many people who had learning disabilities. >> do you know how many people said they were too stupid to commit a crime? it doesn't fly. how did she divorce her first
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husband and meet her second husband online and marry him and drive him to pulse. >> you think the fact that they're coming out with that shows they're worried about the stuff she did do. forget whether she knew this was a plan or was aware on the night in question but she knew enough that they can get her. >> what they know right now is sufficient for the defense to be worried. they say wait a minute, she cased the joint with him and bought the weapons with him. life insurance, bank accounts were made accessible to her before the attack. the house is given to the bro z brother for quit claim deed. >> she was a witness to that. >> they know she is in the feds sights. >> next we'll hear battered woman syndrome. he did that to first wife. >> prove that. >> we'll get there. thanks for being here. no matter what happens with the
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wife, the people who survived her husband's terror attack are likely going to struggle for a long time. one of those survives spoke last week about how that felt in a message that got worldwide attention. watch. >> the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive is heavy. it's like the weight of the ocean wall crushing can like being drug through the grass with a shattered leg and thrown on the back of a chevy. it's like being rushed to the hospital and told you're going to make it when you laid beside individuals whose lives were brutally taken. the guilt of being alive is heavy. >> ladies, thank you so much for being here with us tonight. patience, let me start with you. the three of you went down to florida. it was your first trip there to celebrate a graduation from high school. she had gotten a scholarship to
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play basketball and her parents were there with you and they agreed to let you go to this club. you went in together and just tell us about the first moments you heard the gun fire. >> the first time i heard the gun shots we were in the back which i know to be the adonnis room and we finished dancing. that's when we hear the gun shots going off and everybody started scrambling and running around. >> you went down to the dploflo >> yeah. >> and amazingly you both got out. >> yes. >> then you realized you needed to go back in there and find your friend who was sitting to your left right now. was there any hesitation about returning into such a dangerous spot. >> at that time, no, there was no hesitation. everything was moving so fast anyway. so when i was on the floor i was
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moving backwards and there was an exit behind the chairs and then i saw her get up and run toward my direction. i said get down. >> so the three of you found yourself in the same stall in the bathroom. >> yes, it was a handicapped stall. we were one of the last three to come inside the bathroom. >> let me ask you, how many of you were there inside that one stall? >> i believe there was about i'm going to say 15 to 20 people in that stall we were in. >> take us back to the first moment when you heard the gunman come in. >> you didn't hear the gunman come in. you heard the bullets come in and you hear the bullets flying inside the bathroom and feeling pellets on your legs from the
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bullets hitting the walls. you heard his gun. >> did you know when you were shot that you had been shot? >> i couldn't believe i was shot. it felt like somebody dropped a 300 pound weight on my side. that's what it felt like. it didn't feel like a bullet just went in my side. i remember -- i do remember whi i got hit but it felt like somebody fell on me or something but i remember turning over and grabbing my side and i could feel the hole. i could feel where the hole was and that's how i knew and i had all this blood in my hands and i remember looking at my hands and said i can't believe it. >> was he speaking to you. >> yes, he said multiple things to all of us. >> he spoke of his motivation, he talked about how he was doing this for his country and he mentioned isis specifically correct. >> yes, that's what he said word for word.
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>> when you heard that how did it change things for you. >> it made things more real for me because i realized that he actually had a motive behind what he was doing. it wasn't that he was just crazy or that he was just deranged, i was trying to get a message out and that's what scared me more. it was nothing that any of us could say to him or nothing that we could ever try to convince him to do because he had a plan already so and that was the most scarey thing. >> because she pleaded with him at one point, didn't she? >> yes. >> she pleaded with him to let you go and she had been shot. >> to let all of us go. >> she had been slhot in her ar. >> uh-huh. >> i understand you were cousins and you were tapping each other just to make sure during the three hour wait just to make sure you were still both alive. i assume you didn't want to speak in front of him.
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>> yes. so i'm pretty sure a lot of people are familiar with mors code. that's kind of what we were doing was physically tapping each other. i would grab her leg and feel her hand go up like she was okay. and she would tap me back or she would scratch me. so it was something like just to know that she was still breathing and she was alive. we were all alive and i remember her blaming herself about being there and i had to tell her this is not our fault. this is not what we asked for. we came here to enjoy ourselves. this is not -- don't you blame yourself. >> when did the tapping stop? >> the tapping stopped right -- i'm sorry. the tapping stopped right before the shooter came into the stall
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and shot three more times and killed whoever was on the side where patience was laying. >> you three had been out to celebrate your friend's and your cousin's 18th birthday and within hours your surrounded by dead bodies, blood and have bullets in your own bodies. is there any way to communicate where you were metally at that time. >> i gave up. it was so much fear i didn't want to be scared any more so i made peace with god. >> what do you make of the police have taken some criticism for the three hours between the initial gun and the breaching of the walls. they believe the man had a bomb. he told you he had snipers outside. do you have any thoughts on the three-hour delay. >> i understand that they had to think about the best way to go about the situation, but it was
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too long. three hours bleeding on the floor is too long. three hours being held hostage with a man who could easily end your life is too long. when the plan just ended up being busting through walls. i feel like they could have came a little bit faster and i feel like people bled to death on the floor. i felt like if they did get inside just a little bit faster that some people, including our friend, would still be here. >> and then there came a moment when help did come, when you saw a member of the s.w.a.t. team reach down and pick you up. take us through that. what was that like? >> i got enough strength to get from up off the floor to put a camera on to my lap to try to wake her up, screaming to the
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top of my lungs telling her to wake up, help is here, wake up. i realized my cousin was not saying but i knew she was breathing. you could not tell me she was not still alive. >> do you appreciate the courage it took for you to turn around and go back into that club? >> at the time i wasn't trying to be a hero, i was trying to get my friends out and i kind of wish -- i said this to her mom before that i wish i would have told her to stay outside and i would have went back in there myself because at that point i felt responsible for telling us to go back inside. i felt the grass under my hands. she was outside. i looked up at her and the sky was behind us. she was outside. she was safe. >> unbelievable in the strength shown by those two young women and what an event that just happened over a week ago was
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remarkable. they did not do anything to bring those injuries upon themselves nor do their friend. it is on one man and one mon only and perhaps those who helped him and that's where the story will go now. there was also a stunning reversal by the doj today as it back tracked on a controversial decision in the orlando investigation. the former head of the intelligence agency joins us next with his thoughts. democratic lawmakers are accusing the gop of selling weapons to the terrorists. and then when news broke today that donald trump had fired his campaign manager the reporter in the middle of a new infamous dust off took to twitter. stay tuned for michelle fields. >> why were you fired? >> i don't know. i don't know the answer to that.
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a stunning reversal by the obama administration after critics accused the doj of trying to manipulate americans in the aftermath of the
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terrorist attacks. she said portions of the calls would be blacked out to protect the victims and the country. >> we'll be releasing that partial transcript tomorrow. what we're not going to do is further proclaim this individual's pledge of allegiance to terrorist groups. we are trying not to revictimize those who went through the horror. the reason why we're going to limit the transcripts is to limit the victims exposure. after 24 hours of getting hammered for that decision the doj is under scrutiny. general, good to see you. they seem to be saying we're
6:21 pm
going to hold back and we're going to release it and we're not going to repeat the message he wants to get out there. what say you? >> i don't know where to begin. this white house has a terrible track record of sending senior members of its administration out on a sunday talk show circuit to try to ba lonny or talk above the united states american public. this is just unbelievable and there's three examples of this where susan rice came out on benghazi and attorney general lynch has come on this issue. the american people are smarter than that and this attempt at ko censorship and when you're talking about something this dramatic and i just listened to the last piece you had on which makes me more irritated because
6:22 pm
we can defeat this radical group we are facing, i will tell you that one of the phrases that i like to use is the truth fears no questions and had loretta lynch come out yesterday and told the truth about this they wouldn't have had this problem and this shows a real communications breakdown between the white house and fbi and the attorney general's office. this change in the last 24 hours and frankly her going in there -- >> she was everywhere dweefendi it. >> they were trying to censor and not tell the truth to the american public. >> what is the real reason? is it political correctness. it's the same ag that says you are going to get charged with a crime if you talk about muslims and then she had to pull back.
6:23 pm
>> this is back to a narrative that the white house and frankly president obama and those around him do not want this the message of radical muslims or radical islamists are in our midst. this is another example and there will be others. we can't just keep sort of meeting like this and having these same debates and this distraction of gun control. this ought to be focussed on what this particular type of organization, they do not believe in the values that we have, which is the freedom of choice. very very little discussion about the attack on the lgbt community and the gays that are in this approximat particular c terrorists, they do not believe in that way of life. they do not believe in the way of life of someone who is a christian or jew. this is about a belief system
6:24 pm
that we can actually win this. there are ways to defeat this ideology and we have to make sure we do all the things we can to keep the focus on this issue and not some of the other things that are happening out there. it really starts with honesty. the number one word is trust. >> thank you sir. joining us now is the ceo of the sufan and integrated the world's worst terrorists. it's great to see you. >> thank you. >> was this a blunder by the administration to try to redact this stuff. >> i believe so. how can you defend something like this? first of all, they put transcript out that doesn't have isis but at the same time the fbi director already had a press conference and he said that during the 911 call he pledged
6:25 pm
allegiance to isis. >> and the victims heard it. >> and i called the tv station and said it on the tv station so it's kind of like very sillily a and i have no idea who came up with this thing. >> they say they didn't want to revictimize the victims which i've never heard them say that before. >> i don't understand it. we already know that he pledged allegiance to al baghdadi. he said he's a member of isis and he said it to so many people. officially the u.s. government and the fbi director told the american public about that. so it's kind of like very -- >> we could understand if he was reciting the recipe of a bomb. do we print the stuff that the bombers use to make a bomb. there is a responsibility that
6:26 pm
you have but this one seemed like a no-brainer. >> we know that isis is trying to kill us. we didn't censor stuff from 9/11. he said al qaeda and bin laden did the embassy bombing. we said who did san bernardino. so it's not a secret that we're fighting this threat. >> it doesn't make muslims who are not radical muslims hate america. >> no. absolutely not. i mean, look, i think youened a i and it radical islam but i think people when they are inside the u.s. government and are dealing with countries around the world and dealing with 1.5 million muslims around the world they have to watch the terminology they use. >> so you're okay with the president's reluctance not to use that particular term.
6:27 pm
>> i'm okay with that but i'm more concerned about this concern. on the eve of 9/11 we had thousands of thousands of people around the world who believe in the narrative of bin laden. muslims in syria have more members that bin laden ever dreamt of having. >> we're going in the wrong direction. >> yeah. you look at yemen which is probably one of the most dangerous affiliates of al qaeda, last year they had 1,000 members. today they have 4,000 members after the war in yemen. i think we're going in the wrong direction and the narrative of bin laden is spreading like wildfire. isis is part of bin laden. isis is a poisonus branch from
6:28 pm
is that tree that was planted back in 1996. >> thank you. when trump campaign manager corey lewandowski was accused of roughing up a female reporter his boss backed him through it. why did donald trump fire him now? answers are next. plus as congress works late tonight on a series of gun measures democrats are coming out with allegations about republicans and terrorists. more right after the break. >> terrorists today are using assault weapons rather than ieds or airplanes to attack americans. real cheese people,
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talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. washington has taken up the gun debate and in the last couple of hours the senate rejected four different gun control measures and the democrats are going so far as to claim the republicans want to give guns to isis. joining me now is dana lash the author of the book "fly over nation". great to see you.
6:33 pm
the republicans want to give guns to isis. that's the latest tweet. >> that's the accusation that's coming. i think it was chris muffy was the first one. >> is it a bridge too far. >> it's definitely a bridge too far. the administration was the one, this administration and the doj, they were the ones that armed mexican drug cartels. they walked guns across the boarder. if they want to have that conversation, we can have that conversation. this is about due process. there are legal options there for them to exercise this they want to bar terrorists the right to purchase, they have a legal recourse to do without infringing on the rights of innocent americans. >> what do you make of it. >> one of the votes was about due process giving if you are on that list that terror watch list, then you have four days to go through a due process. that was a republican sponsored
6:34 pm
bill. the problem is is that you have 58 republicans who voted against this and they have all received $36 million from nra. in 2014 alone $40 million went to congress. nine out of ten americans, 71% of nra members agree that we should close out the terror loophole. >> how do know that? because the nra membership list isn't public. >> phone calls. >> i trust a poll that's been taken by michael bloomberg. 72% -- >> bloomberg, nbc polls. >> what should be done to stop the terrorists. >> bring charges. if you're already on a watch list it's going to be flagged if you try to make a purchase. the watch list -- >> private sales. >> if you sell a firearm to a
6:35 pm
prohibited possessor that's a felony. >> he wasn't marked, but he was investigated by the fbi three times. >> they let him off because of political correctness. >> they let him off because florida has the loosest gun laws in the nation. >> i want to talk about this. i understand the gun laws. >> can you see what this is. >> that's my single action -- >> you can't run a country you've never been to. i feel like a lot of viewers understand this because they feel like the west coast and east coast want to run their lives without understanding this. >> there are so many millions of nra members and this misunderstanding of gun law is exactly -- i have a chapter about guns in this book. people don't understand what our gun laws are. you can't be barred from legal purchase and have someone sell a
6:36 pm
firearm to you. it's a felony on both counts. my stepdad is on a watch list. the first time he flew on vacation internationally he got pulled aside and enter gatd for two hours because he was on a watch list. there was an 8-year-old cub scout on this list. there are a lot of air ors within there so many options for democrats and republicans to take to make sure this doesn't happen but follow the laws on the books and i get into all of that in mine. >> you might enjoy this book. great title too. >> thank you. coming up four americans are dead already and new warnings on the way as the dangerous weather pattern starts spreading across this country. donald trump says you're fired to his campaign manager and up next we have the story behind the story.
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presumptive republican nominee donald trump fires campaign manager corey lewandowski in his biggest campaign shakeup to date. corey lewandowski says he has no regrets. watch. >> i've had a great relationship with the family and i think i continue to do so. i think what you have is a transition in the campaign from a very very successful 37 state primary victory process to look to a bigger picture and that's okay. >> you're painting a nice picture of the trump campaign. if it was that great why wouldn't you still be the campaign manager. >> i'm proud of the campaign. i really am but i also understand the reality of building an infrastructure coupled with the rnc's 500 people on the ground. >> why couldn't you be the person to do it? >> i don't know the answer to that.
6:42 pm
>> biggest regret? >> on this campaign, nonprofessionally. >> it's good news that when reporter michelle fields filed a police report on battery after she says corey lewandowski grabbed her arm which the video shows him doing. joining me now is michelle fi d fields. great to see you. what's your thought? what was it upon seeing him fired? >> i'm not going to say that i was happy to see someone lose their income but i really really love this country and i think having someone like corey lewandowski in the white house would be detrimental to this country. this is someone who has pushed reporters and who yanked my arm and who has said awful thing things to women.
6:43 pm
>> had allegedly using threatening language to hope, trump's press secretary. there's a long history. however he was in trump employ for a long time so what do you think it tells us that he's gone. >> i think the trump campaign is trying to professionalize the campaign going into the general election. corey lewandowski was great at organizing trump's huge events where he would draw tons of crowds during the primary, but now they need to move into general election mode and i think that he is not the guy. put aside his personal issues and the way that he manages, trump needs is people who understand how to run a national campaign and he's a pretty much a body man. >> he grabbed you even though he denied it, but then you filed the charge because they sort of bated you into doing it saying if it happened why don't you
6:44 pm
file charges, the prosecution decided not to pursue it and then he said he felt vidicated. do you feel vidicated today. >> i do? i think that when you're a bad person you do bad things eventually there are consequences and i feel like there's finally consequences for what he did. he lied and he really shook my life. i lost my job. there were lots of threats. so i'm happy to see that there is some justice. >> your book is about outsiders, trump and corey lewandowski, do they count? >> no, but i think that trump does a good job as mass car raiding himself as an outsider but someone who is giving money to democrats and republicans is not someone who is an outsider. it's not motivated by ideology.
6:45 pm
he's motivated by power and money. if you look at his history with lobbyists this is not someone who is an outsider but i think this they've done a great job trying to portray themselves as that. >> good to see you. hope you're well. while mr. trump did not offer specifics on why he axed corey lewandowski, trump is polling worse than romney and mccain. the ap reports that the campaign has about 30 paid staff compared to clinton's more than 600. fourth, at this time in 2012 the romney campaign spent about $38 million in ads in swing states and trump has spent zero in those states. joining me is the editor and chief of the daily collar.
6:46 pm
cnn puts 4-1 resources on fox news. we run a lean operation and we're number one. we win and win and win. is trump on to something with the lean staff? >> it worked in the primaries. i think in washington we overstate the value of paid campaign ads and of paid campaign staff because that's what we do and so all my neighbors -- we have a vested interest in pretending that central to a campaign's success. overly it's not. >> but the corey lewandowski separation is a big moment for the trump campaign. >> he was never the campaign manager in a traditional sense. he traveled with trump. you can't manage the campaign if you're on the road. he was bag handler and i think the wrap was probably true he
6:47 pm
reinforced trump's worst instincts. he reminded me of the cop who pulls you over to steal your beer. >> most cops don't -- well, we'll leave it at that. ben, your thoughts on what this means for trump. >> i think this is a critical moment for the trump campaign. it could turn out to be one of the best decisions he's ever made. it's one that was reported as being urged by his family and children for some period of time. moving from a small tent to a big tent experience in a general election campaign requires somebody who can lead a lot of different personalities and bring different organizations together in order to mount a winning effort. you had this gorilla effort that stayed in the small tent during the primary but he was never able to make that transition as more people came to factor into the campaign? if this turns out to be the most disruptive day for the trump
6:48 pm
campaign going forward that bodes whole for the fall. >> one of the greatest things trump has going for him is his daughter who has seemed to be a voice of reason for him from the beginning and she didn't like the way corey lewandowski spoke to women and she was pushing trump to go with paul manafort and cut loose this loose cannon who may have been loyal to mr. trump but perhaps did not serve him as well as the candidate believed. >> i think that's right. apparently her husband was pushing for that. he is one of the people maybe the person on the campaign who vets a lot of the hires and a smart guy. it's not just the trump campaign running for the white house. there's an entire republican party whose fortunes are tied to the success or failure. >> where are they. >> they believe that trump is discredited in the republican
6:49 pm
party but they don't understand that what happens to trump will have a direct effect on him. it may be bad for them if he wins but it will be worse if he loses. >> today was the day whe attempted to stop the bleeding if you will because the poll numbers have been sinking, he has no money and he's not spending on ads and the rnc is not spending to support him so he has to turn these things around. >> it's not accident that the fcc reports were due to show they had the money to mount a campaign. this is the kind of decision that could determine the outcome of how this campaign works with the rnc going forward. >> paul manafort, he knows what he doing. >> he's a tough character. >> he is a tough character. >> the last guy was a tough character too. tough might -- >> a little less smooth.
6:50 pm
>> we need more things besides toughness as it turns out. good to see you. up next, new warnings about the weather system that has killed four americans and is now threatening many more. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e350 for $499 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. it's more than a nit's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network,
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already deadly heatwave is threatening more than 40 million americans and also helping feed a dangerous series of wildfires. trace gallagher in the studio for us tracking this. >> megyn, you know it's hot when phoenix breaks a 50 year heat record. previous high in phoenix was 115. tomorrow could be 120. so hot at sky harbor airport in phoenix a united flight was turned back because regulations say you cannot land or take off if the runway is above 120. the heat is blamed for at least five deaths in arizona including four hikers and a mountain biker and not helping the growing fire danger in california, arizona, new mexico and utah. some progress was made against the massive wildfire near santa barbara, but a fire near the california/mexico border got bigger forcing more evacuations and a 28 square mile fire in new mexico that destroyed 24 homes is still totally out of control. if you are not among the 30 million or 40 million people who are sweltering on the first day
6:55 pm
of summer, the odds are you will be. listen. >> high pressure is going to break down a little bit but move eastward. potential for record highs across the central and southern plains tuesday and wednesday with temperatures well above 100 degrees. and with the heat index, it's going to be oppressive. >> oppressive and the southwest will bake for at least another four days. could go as long as a week unless that high pressure dwindles away. meg megyn, glad i'm here and not there. >> what are you doing in new york? nice to have you. >> i came in to fill in for shepard and of course to see you. >> excellent. been a long time. i was telling, trace, viewers at home, it irritates me he doesn't age. look at him. >> check the hair. >> i've known you for 12 years. pisses me off. great to see you. i mean, great to see you. we'll be right back. it's late. i can say that, can't i?
6:56 pm
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feedback already on our guests at the top of the hour, patience carter and tiara parker. if you'd like to see the entire unedited interview, we'll be posting it to kehllyfile in a moment. those two young ladies are remarkable. thanks for watching. tonight -- >> they're shooting back and forth. >> -- the doj reverses course and releases the full transcript of the orlando terrorist call to 911 so why did they try to censor it in the first place? plus -- >> we have to look at profiling. we have to look at it seriously. >> donald trump suggests america should consider profiling. dr. sebastian gorka will weigh in on it all. and the national rifle association ceo rips democrats for focusing on gun control and not islamic terrorism after the orlando massacre. >> what happened over this past week is the president, the whole gun ban movement said, hey,