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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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84% say yes. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. thanks for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page. see the video of our lunch with greta today. "the o'reilly factor" is next. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> donald trump has said he is qualified to be president because of his business records. he has written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> hillary clinton hitting donald trump in the pocketbook or wallet or whatever. got pretty nasty. we'll have the latest. >> christian shoots somebody we don't say a christian shot them. if a muslim shoots somebody we say a muslim shot them. >> the left continuing to deny muslim terrorism is a problem. we will continue our reporting on that also a new poll, bad news for the nra and gutfeld and mcguirk on a presidential candidate promoting pot.
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>> is that a joint, man? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the clinton/trump race intensifies. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. speaking in ohio today, hillary clinton portrayed her opponent donald trump as a charlotte ton in business and perhaps even a crook. >> he has been involved in more than 3500 lawsuits in the last 30 years. and a large number were filed by ordinary americans and small businesses that did work for trump and never got paid. painters, waiters, plumbers, people who needed the money and didn't get it. not because he couldn't pay
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them but because he could stiff them my late father was a small businessman. if his customers had done what trump did, my dad would never have made it. so i take this personally. >> strong words almost immediately. mr. trump responded on instagram. >> hillary clinton's only right about one thing, i understand debt and how to handle it i have made a fortune with debt. debt for this country is a disaster. and obama piled it on and she has been there watching. >> now, we can expect stuff like this almost daily until november. some of it will be headache-inducing. tomorrow donald trump makes a speech here in new york city and you know he's going to hammer mrs. clinton on economics. both candidates understand right now the race is fairly close and that has to worry secretary clinton. new cnn poll has clinton ahead of trump, 47% to 42%
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among registered voters. however an ohio quinnipiac poll shows the race is tied 40-40. pennsylvania is just about tied as well. clinton 42%, trump 41%. in florida clinton leads trump 47% to 39%. trump needs to win all three of those states and his polling has been going south for the last three weeks. trump remains very competitive in pennsylvania which has recently been a democratic strong hold. so that's good news for him. even though he has lost some ground in florida that state is fluid. trump won big there in the republican primary. hillary clinton know she's has a lot of work to do to defeat donald trump who has made major mistakes but still in the game. talking points believes that the conventions will not be very influential this year, meaning not a lot of minds are going to be changed there the big event will be the first presidential debate september 26th in dayton, ohio. whoever wins that debate, likely to be president. especially did they win it decisively. the other debates not going
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to matter that much. polls say about 22% of americans have not yet made up their minds. that's a very low number this far away from election day. that 22% will decide things. and that's the memo. now for the top story joining us from reaction lisa booth a republican here in the studio, new york. juan williams co-host of the five author of the book "we the people" is juan's book. all right, did you expect the race to be this close? >> not at this juncture. as you said, one, trump has made some mistakes and i thought it might even be bigger. what we have seen and i want to come back to something else you have touched on, there is only about 22% of registered voters who say at this juncture that their mind is not made up. and where we have seen declines is not that somehow hillary clinton's numbers have gone up, bill. it's that donald trump, among republicans has been in the decline. so, what we see is 48% of republicans saying get another nominee. then there is all this talk about a possible delegate
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rebellion at the convention. >> come on, juan. that's not happening. i don't even report it. >> and 40% of republicans say they don't think the party will be unified behind trump in november. >> well, is he running as a populist, not as a republican. what say you, lisa? >> well, of course the race is incredibly competitive right now. look, is he actually looking a lot like mitt romney did in 2012. if you look at these battleground states like the ones you mentioned, he is in a statistical dead heat with hillary clinton in states like pennsylvania, ohio, virginia. he is just outside of the margin of error in michigan and he is really going to be looking at some of those rust belt states to point out that these states were manufacturing. real americans that felt the impact of president obama's failed economic policy. >> real americans? what about the phony americans? i love the real americans. >> we don't like them. >> the point is that at this point the point is at this
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point that's redundant. now, n-o-w-the polls don't mean anything. the overtake. look at the mexican lawyer deal. nobody remembers that mexican judge. nobody remembers that i said two weeks from now nobody is going to remember it because of the orlando terror killings. news cycle covered that but i think that hillary clinton who everybody thought was going to be, as you mentioned, top way out in front by 10, maybe 15. man, she has got to be saying to herself what do i have to do to put this guy away? >> that's a fair point. here is the other part of this which we haven't discussed is money, trump is lagging. right now trump, to june has $1.3 million in the bank, clinton 42. 42 million. >> it's a big money difference. >> bernie sanders has 9 million bucks. >> lisa is going to donate to trump soon. how much are you going to kick in over there? >> i would donate to trump, yeah, let's talk about
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money, juan. let's put this in context, hillary clinton spent over $220 million. >> so what? she has 43 left. >> with the staff of several hundred people. >> so what? >> defeat one man, 74-year-old socialist who has been a back bencher in congress for decades. >> he had more money than >> donald trump spent $50 million with a staff less than 100 to beat 16 people. >> juan actually made a cogent point which is the staff is going did juan really make that point? [ laughter ] trump has 1.2 million, which basically is a weekend for trump. weekend, all right? and she has 42 million, and, you know, a lot of people don't like trump and they are giving to her, she can just buy attack ad after attack ad and attack ad and he can't. he can come on the factor. he can come on free media and get exposure, but it's not the same thing. >> but the point that i am making is that she has misspent her money. >> but so what, lisa?
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so what? she makes better money. she bought bad pantsuits. it doesn't matter. >> we can all agree on that. >> she has 42 million, he has 1.3 million. 30's seconds for each of you. i see this as a dead heat. right now, trump, clinton, anything could happen. yes or no? >> no. i think what you have got is republicans not yet unifying around trump. i know three states that you talk about three swing states, imagine the impact of those negative ads all being run by clinton and no counter ads. >> if people don't like trump now, i don't know if those ads are going to work or not. >> juan is talking about unification, bernie sanders is still in this race. >> he is not in the race. he is not in the race, all right? he is going to bon air and is he going to sit on that beach and is he going i'm bernie sanders. i'm going in the water.
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all right. thanks very much. next on the rundown, more far left rhetoric trying to tamp down the islamic terror threat. this time comparing christian killers to muslim killers. later no surprise the network news spending more time on trump's problems than mrs. clinton's problems. bernie bold goldberg has thoughts upcoming. closing the stage this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper? oh, miss maroney, your forehead! should not be doing anything. i just had botox. i know exactly what's happening! ah! whoa! this is a bad streaming experience. "the girlie show" is a real fun lady show. (vo) don't let bad streaming ruin a good show. don't look at me! (vo) only verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network. can your network say that? switch now, buy two samsung phones and get a free tv, plus up to $650 back. only on america's best network.
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impact segment tonight. more propaganda from the far left concerning radical muslim terrorism. >> you are seven times more likely to be killed by a white wing extremist, racist or antigovernment nut job. seven times more likely to be killed by that person than a muslim. if a christian shoots somebody we don't say a christian shot them. if a muslim shoots somebody we say a muslim shot them. i think that's starting to muddy the waters. >> muddy the waters. in jones got that phony
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statistic from the liberal think progress organization which is ridiculous to say the least. according to the new america group, a liberal think tank which studies terror deaths in the u.s.a., van jones is not even close. not counting the attack on 9/11, 94 people have been killed on u.s. soil due to violent jihadi attacks including orlando. 48 have been killed on u.s. soil far right wing attacks. doing the math twice as many killed by jihadists compared to far right wing nuts. >> i wouldn't call it propaganda. i think it's something people do believe and i think that -- but i do think the issue of the fact that people on the left side of the political spectrum and i'm going to put myself on this category. did i my column on in this week, actually, do tend to look at these attacks like the one in orlando and don't immediately go to saying that this is islamic terrorism and are more inkind to look at the underlying factors such as
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he possibly was mentally i will, perhaps he was self-loathing gay person and these other things rather than saying this is a taste attack. >> what the record showed and what his computer showed and all of that his background and father. i say propaganda and you said it wasn't propaganda because people believe it? >> propaganda is distorting the truth. van jones gets on cnn and he spouts this nonsense that you have 7% higher chance of getting killed by some right wing nut than you do from a jihadist. not true not even close to be true that's propaganda. >> propaganda dez. people to make them believe something. i don't think that's what van jones is doing. >> we found that stat in 15 minutes, kirsten. >> you know, bill is, it possible that he read that study and believed it was true? >> then he shouldn't be on television.
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you don't just read something and spout it as fact. >> read things that don't end up being right. >> you just made a false statement. every time i say something, if it's proven to be false i apologize and i can't even remember the last time we did that. the only mistake we have ever made here of any note was a secretary of agriculture when we took a piece of tape off a right wing website which had been he had difficultied which we didn't know. ran it, made the woman look bad and i apologized for that i don't say things through my hat and you must know. >> i didn't say through your hat. >> you work for the fox news channel. >> you do say things sometimes that i don't think are true. >> what you think doesn't matter. you have to prove that they are not true if you are going to make that accusation. >> why are we going down this road? >> because propaganda is what i'm putting forth as being put out. >> there propaganda is the idea is he trying to spread falsehood to convince people that it's not true. >> that's what he just did. >> i think he believes it's true. >> it doesn't matter if he believes it's true. he is spreading a falsehood. >> okay. i don't want to argue about
5:16 pm
it anymore. >> that's the crux of the story that the left so desperately wants to avoid the truth that the jihadi is killing as many americans as possible. far left doesn't want to acknowledge it that they trump up phony stuff like that. that's the crux of the whole matter. >> i don't think that's what's going on. i think that people -- it's true that people on the left are less inclined to immediately want to say it's caused by a muslim terrorism. >> why? >> well, i can't get into the motivations of people. but i can tell you that certainly people on the left are always very concerned about historically marginalized people and i think that they would see, you know. >> so they don't want to marginalized the jihadists? >> no the point the reason i'm saying that flip side if a christian did something, if a christian blows up abortion clinic. >> when is the last time a christian blew up abortion colin nick. >> you are missing my point. on the people on the left if
5:17 pm
that happens they have no problem attacking religion to it. >> jones just said. >> when a muslim does it and they actually pledge allegiance to isis, then there still isn't some trepidation. >> i don't know of any christians and this is jones said this. >> you are not getting my point. >> yes, i am. i am trying to get across to you what jones did is intentional, all right? it's an intentional dissemination of propaganda that people believe. >> no it's not. >> yes, it is. i will prove my case and give you 10 seconds to reply or whatever. when is the last time we heard a christian kill somebody in the name of john calvin who presbyterianism or pope francis. i'm going to kill all those people because i love pope francis. when is the last time that happened? >> certainly there are christians who have attacked abortion clinics and said they felt god told them to do that. >> when is the happened. >> a long time ago. you are asking me if it ever happen. >> not any christian saint or anything. >> that's what i'm saying.
5:18 pm
i don't think that that person is doing it as a christian. i think the person is probably mentally i will and obviously has some problems. >> christian religion doesn't preach violence. >> any christian would. >> the christian religion doesn't preach jihadi or holy war. i think president obama referenced that back in the day. kirsten powers, everybody. always lively. bernie goldberg on the network news spending far more time on trump controversies than hillary controversies. president candidate out promoting pot. gutfeld and mcguirk has some thoughts. coming right back.
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week days with bernie tonight. new study by the media research center. so far in the campaign 432 minutes were devote to do
5:22 pm
trump controversies by the evening network newscasts. just 105 minutes were spent on mostly hillary clinton's controversies including the big email investigation. here's what the networks were primarily interested in. mrs. clinton's email situation. trump supporters and violence. trump criticizing the american mexican judge. trump moving -- trump not listen to the kirsten powers debate. you are our media phi. van jones is a commentator on cnn. he goes out and he throws this stuff out. it's totally false. who has responsibility for that? >> i have heard this argument for a while now. are there christians who do terrible things? yes. but they don't do it in the name of christianity. >> except in rare occasions. and by the way if the orlando killer had not -- if
5:23 pm
he had called 911 and not pledged his allegiance to isis but pledged his allegiance to the christian coalition, that would be the reason he did it. his religion. but when the religion is islam, when it's a muslim who does it, the politically correct left wants to down play the religious aspect. >> but focus in on this guy jones. there he is on cnn, okay. night after night after night. he comes out and he gives you a stat, all right? and the stat is false. and kirsten said he thought it was real. no, we have a brain room here that kirsten has access to. that you have access to. everybody has access to. give a stat and throw it through the system. they actually say yes or no. right or wrong. cnn has the same thing. they have every news organization has what they call fact checker, right? he didn't fact check. he throws it out. it's like okay, fine, it's not fine. all right.
5:24 pm
forget it i'm just -- it just rankles me. i'm not surprised by this mrc study because trump is new and trump is controversial and trump says all kind of things. of course is he going to get covered more. >> exactly. this is a list of the 20 top politically controversial statements measured by minutes devote to do them by the networks. of course trump is going to dominate the list this isn't evidence or necessarily evidence of liberal media bias. it's evidence that every time donald trump opens his mouth he creates a controversy. >> and it's good for rating and that's where television news is going to go. >> right, could the media -- could the networks have devoted more time to hillary's controversies, yes. i mean delivered speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars to wall street
5:25 pm
bankers who you know want favors from a president clinton. still when donald trump does all these things that you mentioned, that's legitimate news and that's why he is. >> i want to talk about hillary for the next 90 seconds that we have with you. you say the "wall street journal," the wall street speeches for big bucks and she won't release the transcripts of the speeches. what else do we do? what else are we going to do? we can't break in the house i guess we could in chappaqua and try to get them. >> the point. >> go ahead. >> the point the media research center was making in their report, in their study, was that these things are legitimate news. donald trump does create controversy and it's legitimate news. but their point is why haven't the networks also key voted time to these other things? that's one example. that's a fair question.
5:26 pm
that's a fair question. >> i think most of them have. but there is nowhere to go with it. like the email thing. we don't have subpoena powers we don't know what happened. we have to rely on the fbi. and they haven't really put it in to top gear yet. >> can i give you one legitimate example of media bias and the media research center pointed this out. i think this is interesting. it's going to sound light hearted but it's serious. hillary clinton was on a radio program last month, and the subject got around somehow to outerspace and aliens and stuff. and the host of the show said do you believe in aliens from outerspace? and she said i don't know, but, ready? there are enough stories out there that i don't think people are sitting in their kitchens making these stories up. only abc news is the only network. >> i didn't even know that until you told me. >> to cover it, okay? and they did it in a fun,
5:27 pm
light hearted way. >> all right. i have got to go. >> donald trump, five seconds. if donald trump. >> he said it would have been everywhere. >> donald trump if he said aliens in outerspace lead story. >> what you don't know is hillary is ahead of trump in the venus polling 42-38. d-day for president obama and illegal immigration. will the supreme court slap down his amnesty play? is it legal on the case and gutfeld mcguirk on a presidential candidate promoting marijuana. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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factor follow-up segment tonight. trying to pass some kind of new gun laws. four measures defeated yesterday in the senate. the issue is really extremely partisan. very hard to get 60 votes to do anything in the senate on it new cbs news poll not good news for the progun folks. when asked do you favor stricter laws on guns. a 7% of americans say yes. 11% say they want more lenient laws. 29% want the laws kept as they are. do you favor federal background checks on all gun buyers? 89% of americans favor that. just 8% oppose. and finally do you favor a ban on assault weapons? 57% favor. 38% oppose. with us now in new york city david web radio show on sirius xm. david gallagher. 89% want registration on all
5:32 pm
firearms on purchase. >> nobody says no to that. >> i think the nra has a problem with that slippery slope. >> a solution that doesn't match the problem. >> wait. i don't want to get into gun philosophy here. >> it doesn't match. >> do you favor the federal government, all right, imposing a law that says if you, mike gallagher, go in and buy any kind of gun, they have to know you have it and what kind of gun it is? >> yes. i'm not opposed to that. >> i'm opposed to it. i don't believe we should have reaj diswris industry of gun owners. we already have background checks. >> 89% of your fellow citizens disagree with you. >> well, i disagree with them on the basis of the slippery slope but also because what's it going to solve. >> again, i don't want to debate gun control here. that doesn't get us anywhere. people are watching have made up their own minds. i want you to protect out of yourselves now. 90% of the country wants gun registration. you don't. >> this is a poll.
5:33 pm
>> do you say maybe i will rethink this because some people want it. >> no. because, in fact, cbs took 1001 adults nationwide and made a poll. that's not 90% of the country. we have processes in place we have to shore up and i'm for doing that. >> bill it, seems fair to say would what's being asked apply to what's happened in orlando? >> it's speculative. >> it's real. expanded background checks. >> those kind of questions are speculative. what i'm trying to get at is the american mood. i will grant you poet when you take a poll two days after orlando, you're going to have white hot emotion and the poll is skewed. i don't think it's 90% who want registration but i do think it's an overwhelming majority. so if it is an overwhelming majority of we, the people, shouldn't congress respect that, david? >> the congress representative should uphold our constitution not always popular response. >> they should respect the will of the people? >> the will of the people
5:34 pm
are representatives. the constitution still stands. the second amendment protects our right to own a gun not a matter of owns reasonable. >> no sane person and you hear me on "the view." no sane person would ever vote for a ban of all guns so americans would be disarmed in a nation of 320 million people. that's insane. >> a lot of those people come up with this gun registry predominantly on the left like jim clyburn and others who want to ban guns. >> i don't think they are going to confiscate guns. that's not going to happen in america. >> i call them big guns and gun nuts you don't know anything about guns, o'reilly. oh yeah? you want to draw? big guns because if you say assault rifles. it's not really an assault rifle and all that i don't want to get into that but guns that have big clips that carry lots of rounds,
5:35 pm
so you can go in and kill 50 people in 10 minutes most americans don't want those guns in the marketplace. what do you say? >> i say if you took that 9-millimeter and took those clips load at faster rate. >> you don't want to ban any big magazine. >> it's not assault rifle. that 9-millimeter has 15 rounds that it can fire. change the clip and do it again. >> america doesn't have the stomach for going down a list of the kinds of guns the government is going to ban. >> who decides? >> over and over again. >> that's a good point because in order to make this a fair debate. >> right. >> coming would have to say here's the gun. >> right. >> here's what the gun does should we have it legal or not? >> debate. >> just grenades and mortars and other things that you can't sell. >> if the terrorists had blown up the nightclub there wouldn't be a national
5:36 pm
conversation about gun control. we wouldn't be sitting around what kind of gun? >> no, no. in chicago illinois there are so many dead in the street because of gun violence and they have very strict gun laws this debate has to happen. gentlemen, thank you very much. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you, bill. >> we come right back, is it legal on whether the supreme court will crush president obama's amnesty plan for some illegals. is it legal next.
5:37 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal seeing want total. the supreme court will soon issue three -- with us now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. very briefly, president obama issued executive order that said what? >> he said that roughly 4 million illegal aliens that are living here with long ties in the united states, basically parents of anchor babies could stay here without risk of being deported and that angered -- angered about. >> the parents could stay. so the parents of the anchor babies. >> could stay here. >> if they had been here for five years. the beef is that the president over-- >> -- overreached.
5:41 pm
>> overshot his authority. that this law on immigration has to be made by congress, right? >> yes. absolutely. this was an overstep of his executive authority and ultimately. i don't think this. >> it seems like a slam dunk, doesn't it. >> we will see. >> no, it's not we'll see wiehl. it seems like a slam dunk legally if congress is writing the laws. if that's what their responsibility is. >> bottom line, it will come down to four-four on the u.s. supreme court. >> you think so? >> even the liberal judge also not see that law write sgt. function of congress. >> argued executive privilege and within obama's purview to do that not the purview of any presidential to make up laws. >> it's going to be four-four split go back to texas court taken to trial and basically what will happen is nothing will happen because obama will be out. >> amnesty. tied up again. >> kick the can and new election and depending on who is president. >> isn't it illegal to kick the can? >> no. >> i love these kick the can
5:42 pm
things. at the end of the day, kick the can. >> let's keep it pithy. >> texas, has placed restrictions on abortion pro-vishedz. that means baby doctors who terminate babies and fetus us. all right. texas doesn't like abortion, right? >> um-huh. >> what's the beef? what's the case? >> they are being sued whole women's health which is representing, i guess, a consortium of abortion providers against the texas health commissioner heller stet you cannot do this because it's onerous and undue burden on a woman's reproductive right to have an abortion. they are saying it's not undue burden it's reasonable. >> keep doctors away from the hospitals? >> all they are doing is there is a certain requirement if you are going to be a person performing an abortion you must have hospital admitting privileges because god forbid something went wrong with a hospital that is in close proximity. >> does that seem
5:43 pm
unreasonable? >> i do because it's a big state. poor women that can't necessarily get to these clinics. >> oso you should have practitioner does an abortion something goes wrong they can't go to a hospital. >> within 30 miles of a hospital. big state. maybe you don't have a physician get to a hospital within 30 miles. >> going to be four-four? >> no, it will be five three because justice kennedy was actually in the majority. >> that will be struck down. >> it will be struck down. he will side with the liberals on that one. >> affirmative action case again in texas. >> yeah. >> what's this about? >> this is about a woman who applied to the university of texas, abigail fisher, white woman applied in 2008. she was rejected. said she was rejected based on race because she was white. affirmative reaction should no longer have a place in this country. >> how does abigail know she was rejected by color. were her grades better than minority students. >> they were. >> she has a legitimate beef.
5:44 pm
>> she has legitimate beef. this is very strong case go forward on this issue. there has been a lot of criticism time and place necessary. >> what is the supreme court likely to rule on this? >> it will be four-three decision. >> because kagan is out of it, right? >> she is out of it. recused herself. four-three. this time kennedy is siding with the conservatives. >> she will be allowed. >> she has already graduated because so much time has passed. >> strike down the affirmative action policy of. >> right. >> the longhorn policy is going to get struck down don't do it again. where did this girl graduate from? where did she go? >> she graduated from st. louis. >> louisiana state university. >> lsu. >> she has a job now. >> she is not fine. she should have been able to go to the college of her choice if she was qualified to be in. >> correct. >> you know where i'm voting if i'm on the supreme court. i think after the factor i should be on the supreme court. you don't have to be a lawyer to be on it. you don't. all right, ladies, thank you
5:45 pm
very much. >> that is a frightening thought. >> i would be very fair and balanced. gutfeld mcguirk on deck. libertarian candidate for president likes his pot. the boys moments away. ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. walter!nncr: scorching heat today, stay cool out there! stop suffering with hot ac - cool it yourself with a/c pro. in just 3 easy steps, enjoy the comfort of 2 times the cooling boosters from the #1 selling coldest air. nothing cools like a/c pro.
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back of the peculiar segment tonight. what the heck just happened? libertarian gary johnson former governor of new mexico running for president, polling just under 10%. yesterday, the governor said this. >> stop smoking marijuana, my whole thing in life is health and wellness but with the legalization of marijuana now you have edible products. and i haven't had a drink of alcohol in 29 years. and, hey, when it comes to admitting that as recently as a couple months ago i had some edibles, i hope people
5:49 pm
take that as i'm a transparent guy. >> yeah, that's how i take it. here now two transparent guys greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk. pot in the white house? what do you think. >> how could it get any worse? maybe it's time. pot head sleep, in never leave the house. too relax to do expand government. government will shrink simply by inaction. get better pizza and snacks. write a book about it it"killing a burrito." is he an amazing person. >> you like him? >> i think is he great guy. >> are you going to vote for him? >> i have no idea what i'm going to do, bill. i won't even know if i will be alive by then. >> he will always have high morale. gary johnson has a lot of gary busey in him. is he a little goofy. do we want another president in the oval office for a fatty? or another one saying heck of a job brownie, except
5:50 pm
this time he will be talking to a pot brownie. it could be fun. the secret service has a code name already, puff the magic dragon. the most fun part, bill, would be trump nicknaming this guy. >> nicknaming this guy, what do you call him? loose joints johnson. the dime bag dummy? the possibilities are limitless. >> yeah, but he might carry colorado, johnson, he could do that, and, you know, there was a report that chester arthur was a stoner, did you know that? >> partied all night. >> he came out to new york and was a little -- >> i was going to sign the bill but -- >> gary johnson, he wants edibles and he wants you to vote for him for president. white privilege. we all have discussed white privilege. that is because you're white. everything comes easy to you in life and all of that. now, there are two guys on the net who have put out a bit of a satire about white privilege. roll it. >> i can yell out black power to the top of my lungs and won't
5:51 pm
nobody look at me funny at all. oh, let my boy jimmy over there scream white power. oh, the whole world is going to end. the moon just eclipsed the sun and oh my god satan has arisen from the depths of hell. >> got that right. >> i mean, it's really not that bad. so what do we say about white privilege? it looks like, if i can say something and a white person can say something, i'm the one with the privilege. >> mm. >> now, i really didn't understand too much of that, gutfeld. i know you were locked in. it's like garth and what's his other name? >> you're talking about wayne's world. >> yeah. >> i do believe white privilege exists but so does black privilege, asian privilege. the biggest privilege of all is hot privilege. if you're hot, you always win. if david duke would give his left arm to sleep with beyonce. the homely have no gandhi, bill.
5:52 pm
>> those guys made more sense than you just did. you have any idea at what the message was? >> of course, white privilege. they're saying it doesn't exist. i say it does. >> you do. >> we have the congressional white caucus. we have the national association for the advancement of white people. >> no, we don't. >> white lives matter. >> just go down to appalachia and ask any person how they're doing. anybody at a trailer park in the south, they're doing wonderful. if you wake up in the country, delay gratification, work hard, lose the chip on your shoulder, that's all it takes. in this country more than any other country. >> isn't it boring, this is a serious point, this white privilege and black[ lives matter. isn't this boring? i hate to be a kumbaya guy, but it's just boring now. >> you hit the lottery so big time when you're born in this country no matter what class, what strata, you're here. >> just because you're here, you get a shot. i know it's harder for people with bad fathers and fathers who
5:53 pm
leave. >> talk about people who are short, they have it tough. >> ♪ short people have no reason ♪ >> arrogant privilege. >> coming in here, looking down at everybody. you look down at everybody because you're tall. >> i will agree -- >> tall privilege. >> and handsome privilege. >> yes, i have that. >> there you go. we had a poll. should we give them a raise? 73% responded and said yes. >> yeah! >> 37% say no. i'm a man of my word. here's a nice dollar for you and gutfeld and you can roll that up and do whatever you want. >> there's powder on this. >> talcum. >> get then out of here, get them out. first look at the movie "killing reagan." >> make it rain. >> moments away.
5:54 pm
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tip of the day, killing reagan, the movie. in a moment. first some mail. the philippines. you said your job is not to moderate political speeches but to get answers. that's what makes the factor number one. appreciate you getting the concept, terry. some don't. that's why i have to interrupt sometimes to stop rhetoric and get some real information here. michael gates, massachusetts. bill, do you honestly believe hillary clinton will show up on the factor and answer the same questions trump answers? questions will obviously be different, but we have a respectful relationship with the clinton campaign and the secretary did appear on "the factor" during the '08 campaign so yes, think she'll come in. steve nelson, cleveland, ohio, bill, you said to brit hume that ñi whole truth about firing his campaign director. what are you trying to imply? i don't imply, steve, i say. when someone is let go, the usual practice is not to kick that person when he's down. mr. trump was noble in praising
5:57 pm
corey lewandowski. the real reason that he left the campaign will soon be known. joanne plummer, chicago, bill, you are right, the congressional black caucus is wrong, chicago is a war zone, glad you are looking out for us. i wish the caucus would join with me to pressure the feds to intervene and stop the violence and the poor precincts of chicago. this is the real civil rights issue, not some phony deal. jamestown, virginia. i teach a class on the constitution. will there be a kids book on legends and lies the patriots. children 9 and up will have no problem reading. it's heavily illustrated. perfect companion to the tv show seen on sunday nights. next episode this coming sunday ben franklin quite the lady's man when he wasn't flying that
5:58 pm
kite. chris, lake mary, florida, just received a premium member for father's day. excited to read killing reagan which came as a free gift. it's great to have you on board. you are part of the van guard. also please check out the daily no spin news for pms only. from illinois, happy 70th anniversary. wow, happy 100th birthday to world war ii vet in tallahassee, florida. i can't do all the birthdays, guys, it's got to be like three figure bs but we try to do somef them. i travelled to atlanta where they are filming killing reagan. the president being played by tim matheson who also played a vice president on "the west wing." best known for the classic film "animal house."
5:59 pm
really strong as reagan. one of the stars of "sex and the city," sin thcynthia nixon, nan reagan. here's the stunner. john hinckley who shot reagan played by a young actor named kyle. looks just like him. eer eerie, spooky. looks like it will run on the national geographic channel. i'm very happy with the project thus far. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor website, different from spout off about "the factor" anywhere. word of the day, do not be nebbish in writing to "factor." miller went wild saturday night in connecticut with global warming. some people say these animal attacks like the cougar in colorado and the bear is caused by global warming so miller's
6:00 pm
going to address that tomorrow night, don't miss it. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the nation's top law enforcement official visiting the site of the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. as her justice department faces new questions over an attempt to hold back key facts of this tragedy from the american public. good evening, welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. attorney general loretta lynch touching down in orlando, paying her respects at a memorial to the victims. while back in washington, the obama administration distancing themselves from growing concerns over her justice department's decision to release a partial transcript of the terrorist's own words. omitting


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