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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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eastern. presumptive republican nominee donald trump will join us at 10:00. that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. see you back here tomorrow night. she said it again. does your attorney general think if she utters the word transparency over and over and over again that you will buy it? >> be as transparent as possible and provide as much information as possible. over the course of time, we certainly are open to that. >> well, after that editing fiasco of yesterday, you still don't have all the transcripts because the department of justice is refusing to release the entire transcript of the orlando shooter calling 911. there are at least 20 manipulates that the doj will not let you see or hear. what's up with that? and considering that in yesterday's released transcript the doj swapped out the word allah and replaced it with god. do you even believe that the transcript the doj did
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release is accurate? that is word from word from the audio or do you suspect some doj funny biz? well, this is if we had that promised transparency we could verify the transcripts on our own. "on the record" investigates tonight starting with lieutenant colonel alan west. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta, how are you? >> good. is this much ado about nothing or are you as outraged over this transparency suggestion? >> it is something we should be concerned about because obviously we have an administration that wants to manipulate the truth and not allow the american people to understand the nature of the enemy that inspired the islamic jihadist attack. the second largest islamic terrorist attack in united states history. why is it that they want to manipulate this language. why is it that they want to redact this language and why is it that they feel a need to change the word allah to god? it is unconscionable.
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it is nothing that no one should accept. this is truly a violation of that first amendment. >> well, this is what i don't understand is that why they are dodging on this one. why don't they just say what it is. if he -- if the killer himself says he is inspired by isis, al baghdadi the leader of isis someone he swears his allegiance to. why in the world does the obama administration dodge and duck that as though they think we are so stupid that we don't know? >> well, you have an administration that continues to obfuscate. they continue to deny and continue to lie about the nature and existence of this enemy because they want to feed us a narrative as you saw the president that they are having success against isis. don't believe your lyingiteses what you know and see to be happening. if all of the sudden they would recognize this enemy. if all of a sudden they
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would it be do something about it think of all the jihadist attacks that have occurred in the obama administration and we continue to hear their response is that we need to disarm the american people. >> well, let me tell you is happening now, colonel west. i'm obviously giving him a lot of heat and a lot of other people is, the obama administration is taking heat virtually from many for not saying radical islamic terror and today white house press secretary josh earnst hit back at those critics including me, i guess. >> the individuals who spend most of their time talking about radical islamic terrorism are individuals like republicans in the senate who voted against legislation that would prevent those individuals from being able to buy a gun and those are individuals who have not actually put forward their own strategy for keeping the country safe. using the term radical isla a counter terrorism strategy. it is a political talking point plain and simple. >> colonel, your thoughts on
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that? >> well, first of all, that young man needs to understand something about strategic decision-making, especially strategic military decision-making. we fought about against naziism, imperialism and jihadiism. he would turn attack pearl harbor just an attack against airplanes. you have to understand the ideology of enemy to strategically undermine their messaging and undermine that ideology while you understand their goals and objectives. if omar mateen had gone in with a hammer and club or sword and a knife, you know, it is not about the tool that they use. it is about the ideology that is inspiring them to conduct the actions that they continue to conduct here on our soil and all across the world. >> i will tell you another thing that me. if they flood a -- filibuster a task like releasing a transcript and at the same time they brag
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they are being transparent and redact things out thinking we are that stupid to think when you redact things out you are not being transparent. they expect us to accept that if they can't do task of releasing a transcript how can you have confidence that they any how to fight terrorism? >> well, they are not showing that they have the competence to be able to deny this enemy sanctuary. to engage in an information operation to underline their ideology. they don't understand how to attack their resourcing and material support. basically what they believe is that they can come out and do this by rhetoric and do this by briefings and that is just going to continue to embolden this enemy not just in their actions here in america but all across the world. >> of course, you know, i know it's not an easy job to fight terrorism. i'm not trying to pretend that it is. at least we should be straight with the american people. if we are going to be transparent, be transparent. let me thank you, colonel.
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turn to the viewers. >> my pleasure. >> now your chance to vote at home on twitter is it president obama to use radical islam. tweet #yes or no greta. we will show you the results throughout the show. author of brand new book intimidation game. kimberly. the left just wants to control information. kimberly goes "on the record" from new york city. good evening. >> hi. >> what's the whole business about this tape? am i making much adieu about nothing? is it something? >>. no because it's all part of the same game, greta. they want to control information. and they do that two ways. they do it in the ways you are talking about right now by censoring the transcript. cutting bits out of press conferences, censoring journalist questions. the other side of it is that they suppress their opponent speech and they do it through intimidation. that's what my book is about. these cases of the irs putting 400 tea party groups on ice for two election seasons.
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a wisconsin prosecutor waging a john john doe probe. it's all designed to people out of the political process. i can accept the truth no matter what it may be and i like transparency. they don't own the government. we lend them power. but, you know, you have got the situation where even in benghazi it was so silly for about three weeks they kept telling us the same silly story like we are stupid that it was a video that provoked it this is what i don't get if the obama administration, maybe they think they are too smart for the rest of us. if they would just tell it to us straight, we can accept the truth. but that's what i don't get is the lack of transparency plus saying that it is. >> look, they feel they need to control all the information and tell people how to think about things because they are continuing to make mistakes. look, the war against radical islam is not going well. so they don't want to talk honestly about it. >> but i think the american people -- at least for me, can i accept a mistake, you
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know, because i know it's a tough job and i know it's tough to predict how to do this. what i can't accept is when i feel like they are trying to pull a fast one on me and trying to make me believe things are true and take words out three days before the fbi director told us what the words were. that's what i can't accept. then you lose competence. >> they should just be able to say this isn't doing well and we will change course. they do it when they have made mistakes. look what happened in the irs which is parted of my book. they have been out for the last years telling everybody that this is the fault of a couple of line agents in cincinnati who didn't understand the law. the reality is that we know from investigations that we know who did this. we know who inspired it we know how it happened. we knew who was targeted and what we also know is that no one has been held to account. >> i keep going back to the thing they must think -- i don't know what they think about the rest of us if they
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peddle this stuff that's so obviously incomplete or slippery. anyway, kimberly, thanks. congratulations on the new book. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> and today secretary hillary clinton delivering a major speech on the economy while hitting donald trump. she says she is the one to reign in wall street. >> trump would take us back to where we were before the crisis. he would rig the economy for wall street again. well, that will not happen on my watch. i can guarantee you. [ applause ] we can't ever let wall street wreck main street again. >> hillary clinton trashes the banks every time she opens her mouth and yet, she made $21 million in two years making speeches to those very banks that she trashes every day. now, you tell me there isn't some kind of a game being played here? with do you think would
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happen if we could successfulry inform all of these democrat voters that she and her husband and the entire democrat party are in bed with these bankers and contrary to the democrats' rav vising these bankers and keeping them honest and all that, that they're in bed with them. >> and it's not just rush limbaugh who doesn't believe her. a brand new quinnipiac university poll of the three major swing states, florida, ohio, and pennsylvania asked do you believe secretary hillary clinton will try to reign in the power of wall street? and the majority in each state says she won't even try. co-host of the five and author of the soon to be new book wake up, america, eric bolling goes "on the record." congratulations on the new book coming out. >> thank you greta. should you ask me or should i just rip on this. it's terrible what she is doing. >> we hear so much about the banks and wall street. if you are in my hometown of
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appleton, wisconsin tonight, listening to this. how important are these banks and reigning them in for me? what does this mean? or is this just politics? >> it's clearly politics. the big business on wall street has probably as low of approval rating as wall street does in single digits, fat cat rich bankers, president obama liked to take shots at them the. and hillary clinton likes to take shots at them saying i will reign them in. what she says and does are two different things. we know she makes millions on speeches from wall street. the other area over the course of her career in campaigns of the five top donors in her campaigns be it senate, president, whatever campaign she has run, three of them are wall street firms. citigroup, morgan stanley and goldman sachs. there is another law firm from wall street. of the top ten, seven of them are wall street banks. the other one, the clinton foundation where they raise hundreds of millions of dollars, the top donors,
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goldman sak's somewhere between 1 and $5 million. barkley, citigroup, morgan stanley. bank of america, jp morgan several hundred of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars donated to the clinton foundation. you can say you are going to reign in the wall street banks and whatnot, but you're certainly not reigning in the donations that they are giving to you or the ones they are giving to the clinton foundation. >> all right. can i see the hypocrisy of that of going after saying horrible at the same time taking money from them or doing -- giving speeches to them. what i don't understand, going back to my original question, if you are just sitting here watching, are these big banks demons? are they destroying our economy? how do they need to be reigned in? what are they doing to me? >> i think what happened was in the wall street bailout, which i think was a big mistake. you picked a few banks that you wanted to save. you send tens of millions of dollars to citigroup. you sent to goldman sachs. one of the wealthiest companies on the planet propped up two different means.
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all of these wall street banks were propped up during the financial metdown and they were saved meanwhile they let lehman brothers fail and bernstein's fail. pick hog they were going to save. those are taxpayer dollars. give taxpayer dollars to the bank save the banks. some don't get saved pick and choose who wins. it's ugly thing and americans didn't like seeing it hillary clinton is using that to demonize the banks. >> i guess that i have some sort of a view that the banks in some ways is like vegas. they gamble and don't have a whole lot of product in the sense they don't make anything, they move money around. what are they making? >> they are making very small numbers. here's the point. >> i mean what do they make for the american people? >> they make liquidity, they make loans. say somebody has a great idea for business they say i don't have enough money to start this business. >> you can't get loans. >> you can but you have to pay an interest rate. here is a bigger problem with the banks. i come from that world. the bigger problem is we are literally transferring trillions of taxpayer dollars from our hard
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working americans to the wall street in the form of zero interest rates. in other words, we let a bank borrow from the government at zero and then they take all that money and they loan it to you and me at 3%, 4%, 5%, sometimes 6% for house, cower or business loan and they are making the difference. hard working americans are financing the bank's bottom line. that is where people can say i hate what they're doing on wall street pointing the finger at them. do that and that's fine but then don't take literally tens of millions of dollars from them. >> let me hold this up in case people haven't seen it one week from today. thank you, eric, for joining us. >> thank you, greta. great to be here. >> and donald trump trying to smooth feathers that he has ruffled with evangelical leaders. did it work? three evangelical leaders are here next. were two university of alabama football players with guns and drugs given a get out of jail free card just for playing
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i grew up with my bible. the bible is the best. we are going to protect christianity. i can say that i don't have to be politically correct. >> the evangelicals are with me. they know one thing about me. i'm not a liar. >> i win with the evangelicals by a lot. they know i'm legit. >> i wrote the art of the deal. >> i always say a deep, deep second to the bible. the bible is the best. the bible. >> well, you just heard it from donald trump, christians love him. today trump held a meeting with hundreds of evangelical leaders the goal to address concerns about his candidacy. so, did it work?
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a special "on the record" evangelical panel of people in today's meeting is here. reverend franklin graham, ralph reid and jerry falwell jr. go "on the record." i should note as of today ralph and jerry are both on trump's advisory board. reverend, first to you, what happened today? >> well, greta, we were asked -- i was asked to come to a meeting and to hear donald trump. and i'm glad i did. as you know i'm not supporting or endorsing anyone this year. i'm going to all 50 state capitols to hold rallies on capitol steps. i promised i would not endorse anyone. i was invite to do hear him and i'm glad i did because i think he answered everyone's questions. people that had, i think, good concerns. concerns. they were honest concerns. i think donald trump addressed most of those today. >> all right. jerry, you were there as well. you, in fact, i think you are an early endorser of donald trump if i'm correct. what did you think today?
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>> i was very impressed. he was very presidential and really showing a deeper understanding than i have ever seen before of issues that are important to conservatives and to christians. he talked a lot about his supreme court nominees. he talked about how they are all going to be pro-life. he talked about support for the nation of israel he was strong on issue that. something very important to the group in that room. he also talked about so many other issues that are so important to -- he talked about religious freedom. that was the number one concern. religious liberty because the government now is impinging on the religious freedoms of people of faith. and those were the -- those were the key issues. he was -- he went a lot longer than he promised the group he would go. i was very impressed. and, you know, i was honor to do introduce him. and i tried to point out to the crowd that we have such a simple choice this election. we can vote for somebody who
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has promised to support and defend the values that are important to conservatives and christians. and to appoint the right nominees to the supreme court. or we can vote for a candidate who has promised she will not do any -- either of the above. she will do just the opposite. so it was -- go ahead. >> now, go to you, ralph. did she say -- did he say anything, rather, did he say anything that would probably annoy some evangelicals? >> i don't think so, greta. you know, as he himself said in the clip that you showed leading into this segment, you know, he has done extremely well among conservative evangelical voters in these primaries. if you look at all the exit polls and aggregate thereof for the 27 states in which we have them. he won 39% of the evangelical vote to ted cruz's 33% and marco rubio's
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15%. this was in a field of 17 people that included two sons of preachers, ted cruz and scott w a former preacher and successful governor mike huckabee. this was a very strong and deep field. and i think he has connected with them. and i think there were two things that really jumped out to me today. i have a relationship with donald trump. we have been friends for seven years. i like him. i consider him a friend. i was neutral in the primaries but there were two things that i any really made a difference to leaders today who still needed to hear some things and have some concerns addressed. the first was when he talked about ending the irss and the internal revenue codes, a death penalty and strict prohibition on churches being involved in civic activities. right now, if a church or liberty university or a major ministry like franklin's or somebody else's spends one dime
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making a statement in the civic arena, they can have their entire tax exempt status revoked. many major ministries have been subject to harassment by the irs, to invasive audits, to ultimately harassment, and he said that he would repeal that prohibition and replace it with a standard that protected freedom of speech. i would say that's the first thing. the second thing is he reiterated his commitment to appoint conservative, strict constructionist jurists to the u.s. supreme court. greta, this is the first time in modern american history that we have gone in to a presidential election with a vacancy on the supreme court on a court that is divided and split right down the middle for -- four liberals and four conservatives. it isn't just the presidency on the line. it's the entire federal judiciary. and he's released a list of 11 names who are outstanding people, who will decide everything that we care about from life to religious
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freedom to obamacare down the line. i think that's very important to conservative voters of faith. >> all right. reverend franklin, i have seen on your facebook page all the pictures because you have gone to a number of state capitols, you are going to hit all of them eventually before november. do you get the sense, they are all coming out to pray, but do you get the sense that they are enthusiastic about the election? that they will come out to vote? because that's something different. >> they are going to come out to vote. greta, come out in the middle of the day, it's snoon and workweek. not a weekend when they can take off. this is a work day and people come by the thousands and they get there early, greta, and i'm amazed. they are not coming there to hear me. they're not coming for entertainment. they are coming because they sense our nation is in trouble and that the only hope is god. i tell them i have no faith in the republican party. i have no faith in the democratic party. my only hope for this country is god. and they get that. and they understand and we
11:25 pm
pray and we spend the first 10, 15 minutes, greta, in prayer. that's what we do. and then i challenge people to get involved. i challenge them to vote. but, i also challenge people to run. run when i say run for office. i'm talking about at the local level. we need to get the mayors. we need to get the county commissioners. we need to get the city council. we need school boards. i want christians to run for school boards. that is so porpoise. if we could get the school boards born again evangelical christians on school boards it could make a huge difference in this country for the next 20 years, greta. >> i have certainly been watching the facebook page that you have. it certainly has been busy about that. gentlemen, always nice to see you. we never have enough time. i hope you all come back as we watch this election. >> thanks, greta. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> donald trump and secretary hillary clinton trading blows today and it was rugged. you will hear directly from both candidates next. closing the stage
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this afternoon for auditions?
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brace yourself, a michigan university dropping one of the three r's. there will be reading and writing but no arithmetic required at wayne state university. the public university now subtracting math from the core curriculum. at the same time the school
11:42 pm
is proposing adding a diversity course requirement to the general education curriculum. now, we contacted the university and here's the statement we were given. temporary elimination of the uniformed math requirement is completely unreality to the diversity courses proposed as part of a new university core curriculum. we are not trading one for the other. math remain as critical component of a majority of our degree programs. we also feel in today's global connected world that diversity is necessary for a full and complete education. these are separate issues and should not be conflated. hmmm, but, if you move one requirement and add another. doesn't that signal a change in priorities? president of wayne state university college republicans andrew malik goes "on the record." andrew is for keeping the math requirement. i must say whoever wrote that press release for the university might do well here in washington writing press releases. anyway, what in the world is going on there? why do they hate arithmetic
11:43 pm
there? not hate but you know what i mean. >> thank you, greta. many people would agree that diversity is very important and important we all understand what it is. however, i don't think it's something that can be taught in a classroom. math, however, on the other hand is something that is taught in the classroom. i think seeing that the united states does fall behind internationally with math scores, i think it would be a very bad idea and a step in the wrong direction to eliminate math as a gen ed requirement and instead diversity. >> i think you should teach reading, writing and arithmetic that's how you get jobs. we have a bad situation with people not having jobs. i'm all for that. why not teach a course called unity? get everybody working together. >> um. >>um this is so -- in many ways this divides us or separates us and sort of departs from sort of the melting pot where we also need to work together. do you agree? >> i do agree. and you know, as head of gleej republicans at wayne state university i
11:44 pm
completely understand you know, the concept of working together and understanding the importance of diversity because, without it, we would not be able to do really anything and get anything accomplished. so i would completely agree with that however, like i said, you can't diversity as a requirement. so i don't think that's a step in the right direction. >> and why can't you just -- i mean, here's the other thought. i don't want to be too painfully hard on wayne state university. but why not add a requirement? why take math away when math is so important for so many jobs and so many, you know, graduate degrees. why not add a requirement. add diversity but keep math? >> right, i would completely agree with that i think this are other programs or other places where they could have cut instead of math. and i think from the classes i have taken, math could have been more useful than other classes given, you know, my major and what my major is and what other students' majors are. instead of getting rid of math looking somewhere else or adding diversity requirement without getting rid of math. >> full disclosure, if i had been at wayne state i would
11:45 pm
have been thrilled if they got rid of math. as i have grown older, i realize that people actually do need to get jobs and that they good doo need the core curriculum. one last question. most people on campus happy with this? the students? or unhappy? >> you know, i'm sure there are people who are very happy to hear they were getting rid of the math requirement. however, i think most of them would agree that shouldn't be something that should be done and that they should keep the math requirement for sure. >> and, of course, you can take it as an elective it's just that it's no longer a requirement. anyway, good luck getting jobs, everybody, at wayne state if you don't take math. thank you, andrew. >> thank you very much. >> and what do you think about this? the prosecutor let college football players off the hook for drugs and guns because they are college football players. the "on the record" legal the "on the record" legal pan bp wind farms are monitored 24/7 at our remote operations center, so onsite teams can count on early warning of approaching weather. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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two university of alabama football players cleared of minor drugs and weapons charges and the d.a. says part of the reason is because they play football. cam robertson and hooty jones were arrested after police found marijuana and two guns in their car. one was stolen. but the parish louisiana da jones cited insufficient evidence and said this i'm dismissing this case because i refuse to ruin the careers of two young men who worked very hard to obtain the ability to play a game. with us is ted williams and katie phang. katie, would you have dismissed this case like this? >> i'm not familiar with the legal concept as a prosecutor that because you sweat in a football field that that means you didn't commit a crime. you know, the amount of the marijuana, eh, if they were in colorado, they wouldn't get in trouble. the stolen handgun? i got a problem with that the 45 caliber, i got a problem with that the
11:51 pm
9-millimeter, i mean, these are serious situations. jerry jones, no relation to the dallas cowboys football owner. you know, jerry jones says he is going to take a light hand to nonviolent offenders. these are not children or juveniles. actual kids in college. it's just no secret here the fact he thought because they played football was some mitt gator. i don'tmitigator. i think he has a battle later upon he is set ago precedent like. this i would have done with jerry jones. i take my hat off to jerry jones. young people unfortunately get in trouble. you had these two athletes playing football. a lot of people have stayed out of trouble for the incentive of being able to be an athlete and play football. i was one of those people in lake charles, louisiana. i'm a louisiana boy. but what i'm simply saying is i don't blame jerry jones in this. i take my hat off and salute him for what he did. >> i actually have been -- as a former criminal defense
11:52 pm
lawyer marijuana thing very small amount. guns and drugs, young men. it's not a good combination to let them go does a number of things. unless you maintain some sort of control over them whether probation or parole, guns and drugs i can tell you is never a good combination. you have got the stanford swimmer case, have you vanderbilt recently. you have got baylor university. you have got the college player who just went to the nfl who was caught smoking a bong. did he get punished because he went from the 1st draft choice down to the 13th. got to send something to create better role models and better responsibility. and looking the other way. i don't want to hurt any young people but looking the other way. >> look, young people, unfortunately, get in trouble. >> guns and drugs. >> guns and drugs. >> guns and drugs. >> stolen guns.
11:53 pm
>> think will not get a criminal record that will follow the rest of their lives. >> in maryland getting before judgment you are under probation and under the control of the court. >> did i did i investor divergence. >> i'm not going to let ted talk anymore. >> ted, we are ganging up on you. >> there is divergence program. under that statute that deals with the possession of the stolen firearm, affirmative defense for a defendant is that he didn't know this gun was stolen. to summarily dismiss all charges without actually allowing something to happen, doesn't work here. >> i want to help these young men. i don't want to just like look the other way. ted, katie, thanks. i'm not suggesting ruin their careers with huge horrible convictions but something. coming up, do we have to
11:54 pm
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and never go to the post office again.
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let's go off-the-record. i am disappointed in our leaders, but i'm also disappointed in us. we elected those leaders and in many instances, more than once, many times we reelect them. even when they fail us we do. we don't always learn do we. now, i love the united states. i love our values. so here is more of my disappointment. i hate that we have lost the war on poverty and that we are losing the war on isis. what is with that? the war on poverty was declared more than 50 years ago. truth is we lost that war long ago. and the proof is that poverty in this country keeps growing and growing. that's proof. our politicians long ago seemed to have given up winning the war on poverty. they are satisfied to throw money at it. your money, obviously. that obviously hasn't worked. no leader has shown the leadership or the moral conscience to step up with a new plan, one that actually works. i would like to win the war on poverty. what about that other war we
11:59 pm
are losing against isis? losing that war is likewise immoral and dangerous. president obama said two and a half years ago isis was jv and now isis is bigger, stronger and now global. that's proof we're losing and you and i both know our nation should do better and we can do better. why are our leaders and why are we accepting failure? that's so messed up. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and on to the campaign flash. brand new swing state polls, quinnipiac polls of registered voters putting hillary clinton ahead of donald trump in florida. 47% to trump's 39%. but in ohio, the two candidates are all tied up at 40% each. and in pennsylvania. secretary clinton is holding on to a very narrow lead. she is ahead 42% to trump's 41%. that's tonight's campaign flash. live twitter voting results on your screen right now is it important for president obama to use the term radical islam and results are 16% say no.
12:00 am
84% say yes. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. thanks for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page. see the video of our lunch with greta welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, donald um from p says he is not concerned hillary clinton's campaign has $touter million -- $40 million more cash on hand. he's not concerned, then i'm not concerned. and hillary clinton is using her political power to encourage the cast of "hamilton" to perform at the democratic national con veption. i guess that's one way to get tickets. and leonardo dicaprio testifying in court. i hope they make him give back his oscar for "the revenent." >> let's welcome our guest. she


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