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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 23, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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live shot on the air. fox will keep monitoring breaking news. stay with us all the updates. stay with us right here 7 p.m. eastern. bill o'reilly is up next. ♪ yes, welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. coming up on the big show. donald trump says hillary clinton is a world class liar. i'm pretty sure she will take that as a compliment. and disney princesses may be bad influences for your daughters. find out if my twin 4-year-olds jasmine and bell agree. and it promises to be the tinder of air pours helping lonely passengers hooking up at the gate. i find it is tougher to time with xanax. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she is the girl next door, but
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so is tonya harding. like all good dj's he makes the crowd say, hey! fox news contributor. like a window on a cold night she is is a breath of fresh air. tech expert and the host of the pod cast, katie linnendal. and his credits include hbo "one nightstand" and tompkins square. do you remember that show? i interest did get on it. i wanted to. >> next to me, the host, kevin brennin. let's start the show. >> donald trump delivered a speech on hillary clinton and it was hardly complimentary. she was called a world class liar and then clinton started to attack her. her campaign slogan is "i'm
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with her." you know what my response is to that? i'm with you, the american people. >> he's with us. trump attacked clinton for being an anti-american globalist or aag for short. >> we got here because we switched on a policy of americanism focusing on what is good for america's middle class for a policy of globalism and focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move their wealth and workers to the foreign countries all to the detriment of the american worker and the american economy. >> the previous day they disparaged the economic record. they call him the king of debt. 2ru78 -- trump said he is definitely not the king of debt. >> i call myself the king of debt. i am great with debt.
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i made a fortune by using debt. >> i was wrong. i thought it was one of the trump speeches. >> it was so off message attacking a federal judge for having parents born in mexico and parents concerned that he doesn't have what it takes he is doing what he has to do which which is prosecute the case. libya was a failure and syria was a failure and iran is a failure. the withdrawal created isis which is an obama and hillary deal. you are setback to the minors and not promoted to the job. i think this is an exact approach. >> you sound like a republican strategist.
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>> i am not prepared like he is prepared. >> i don't have too many. all i know is that i bet a hundred bucks that hillary would lose. go donald. >> when did you bet though? >> i bet somebody last -- what is it now? six months ago she would never win the whole thing. she was up against bernie and everybody. a lot of people were making fun of trump in november. jay i was trump all along. >> you can tell me during the commercial. what is going on? i love the green dress. look at the new glasses. >> thank you. i appreciate that. you are always so come complimentary and so kind. the interesting part is we are talking talking about how trump is attacking clinton and it has been going since it started. it is just another day in the presidential election race. >> but he has been using the silly names and all of that. i think he got down to brass
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tax with the policy. >> i think moving to the teleprompter is a huge success for him. staying on message and having actual substance is key. he can't disagree with that. >> although he is saying many more words per minute which i am not really used to. i find i have to pay attention more. the great thing is you can do something and listen to him in the background. now have i to listen. i am not used to hearing so much. >> the playbook is always the same. they call their opponents evil and racist of trump is fighting back. do you think this is going to work? >> i think so. truthfully, hillary isn't exposing anything. trump has always laid out his cards for people that's how he has run his business. with hillary though, she is
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pretending like the moves she is doing is really bettering the country when really it is bettering her and he is just pointing that out. >> he is on to two important things. we all know about benghazi and it lead to the death of our ambassador. the clinton foundation is a $2 billion lobbying racket of which she is a principal and it took tens of millions from the foreign governments and they transact while she is the secretary of state. this whole thing is brilliant. this is not about republican democrats. it is about the outsider versus the established order while i am a fan of free trade it helps the average american worker. it will get him a lot more support than a traditional republican would otherwise have gotten. >> the bernie voters. half won't vote for hillary and that bodes well for trump,
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will it not? >> yes. i think the integrity going back to lying hillary, lying hillary and the integrity behind her. $153 million in speeches she can't escape that. the average american again that's where he is really getting the attack. >> we have been talking talking about how he is out of money. >> that's not true. >> when that statement came out it was at a point before the fundraising dollars were reported. >> you're right. she is absolutely right. he reached $12 million in one night alone. he could write a $40 million check. in fact, i suggest he puts an end to the conversation that he is not going to have enough money to run the campaign. >> next month when we see the money in the coffers --
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>> he should write a super big check. >> he does everything big. >> some confetti. >> he walks to had bank with a big check. >> kids these dayses are not smoking weed like they used to. opponents of marijuana have long feared legalization would lead to more usage. the colorado department of health said marijuana use has not increased since legalization with four or five high school students continuing to say they don't use marijuana. even occasionally. teenses are not the only one smoking less weed. gary johnson said he has not smoked or eaten marijuana products in the last seven weeks. >> what? >> yes, seven weeks is a longtime for him. >> good for him. >> he promises not to smoke in the white house no matter who invites him there as a guest.
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>> i think this is interesting. we all thought -- you know, i don't though what to think on this issue. i thought when they legalized pot in colorado it would go up and young people would be taking it, smoking it, eating it and they done care. >> am i the only one who see the obvious answer to the question? it was so easy to get before legalization that legalizing it doesn't pass the use. 25% of young people who smoked pot in the last 30 days is a high number. the fact that colorado is proud of itself that nothing seems to have changed is the reason i go ski in utah and not colorado. >> kevin, you were in "half baked" right? >> my brother wrote it. >> but you were acting in it. >> i was cut out. what do you have to bring out all of the sore points? happy anniversary to you too. >> the point is that -- the
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point is kids won't smoke pot because it is legal and it is not cool anymore. i am married and i don't have sex anymore. >> by de criminalizing you made it not desirable. >> i am obsessed with poles and studies. have you ever been asked to do a polar study? >> i just read poles and studies all day. >> i would like to look at the numbers. here is the number crunching. 22% surveyed used marijuana. that's 374 people. 2015 and 21.2. it is like dropping down to 14 people. >> so you say the study -- it is meaning less. >> no one looks at these numbers. i am obsessed with the data. it doesn't do anything for me. 1700 people and it is dropping by .8%? >> you are essentially saying no change.
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it is a click bait headline. >> let me explain what we do. we act as if all of the stories are real and valid. otherwise there is no sense in talking. >> it is huge. >> these numbers are amazing. >> you want to know why it is going down? kids are doing the harder stuff instead. they are huffing. i have to be honest growing up in new jersey there are a lot of counties that have a huge heroin problem right now. and unfortunately it is almost like you wish the kids would do the pot, you know? >> why aren't you smoking pot? new england is crazy. cape cod, it is all heroin, right? >> it is awful. >> did i ask you about this issue yet? >> we talked about it and i gave you the best answer on the panel.
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>> next story. he is 48 and his dad is still embarrassing him. 5 utah man said his father took out a full page ad seeking a wife for him without his permission. the ad is placed in an idaho newspaper and even though again he had no idea. it begins i am baron brooks and i am 48 years old. never been married and i live in salt lake city. i am looking for a wife who is ready, willing and able to have children as soon as possible. i look just like my picture except now i have hair. the ad states he will be conducting interviews and the white candidates should be in their mid30s with height and weight proportional. to what they didn't say. proportional. in a section called here are the musts he says they can't be too tall. he is 5-5. and of course you must be politically conservative. if you voted for obama or plan to vote for hillary, you are not for me. he calls the whole thing embarrassing and ridiculous,
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but he also said he won't stop anyone from interviewing who shows up. the dad took the ad, but the dad will do the interview? >> the dad has taken charming of his kid's life -- taken charge of the kid's life. this is either the best dad in the world or the worst. a woman has to remember you are not just marying this guy, but you marry the dad too. you marry into the family and do you want to be a part of someone's life where everybody is so into it? >> the dad is from utah and they took the ad out in idaho. do they want to get him out of state? i had thoughts about this. this is what george castanza's father would have done. george found a girl on her own and then she died licking poisonous envelopes. i will tell you what is the funniest. the son does not think it is a
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bad idea to go through with it. he will allow the dad. i think it is a head fixing. i am so embarrassed, but dad find me a good one. >> you think it peaks him seem like a bit of a wimp, right? >> i don't know. ii didn't know he was in on it. baron is not a bad name. do you want baron? >> sounds like a rich guy. >> sounds like he has horses. i'm all in. >> what if obama had kept them on insurance. >> i want to be on my parents' insurance. do you know expensive that is? >> why do they want to cut out anyone who might be voting for hillary. >> one thing is there is a note that he is flexible.
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flexible. >> flexible about politics? >> quite a few issues. kids. it was a lit knee. it went on and on. >> i assume he is mormon. he is from salt lake city. >> but religion is not important. it can be any religion. >> he is flexible. this is mott a rigid inquiry. i would like to say that it is a catch 22 situation. as mad a is he is at his dad he went viral. there has been a lot of success with this ad. >> i wouldn't know where to begin. >> i used to say when my sister was single, and she is now luckily happily married, my parents would have put her on ebay if she hit 35 and not married. >> why do you have to be 35 and married? >> it is their standard. >> the modern era, people. >> they wanted to make sure my sister was taken care of and i
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jokingly said it is much more civilized. >> i prefer craigs list missed connections. >> craigslist is dangerous. >> how did you meet your wife? i.. >> i met her on google, but i met my kids on craigslist. that's all true by the way. >> i how do you meet on google? i think i was kidding. i met her at a comedy club. >> when you are at your most powerful, after the show. >> my powerful monologue on disney princesses. first, i want to mention that tonight is the one-year anniversary of "red eye" with tom shillue. one year. i want to thank you, the audience we have the weirdest audience and our guests, we have had a lot of great guests and our friend on twitter, the resident artist has drawn most
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of them. see how many you recognize.
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♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. this is a fog news alert. i'm jackie ibanez in new york. an extraordinary sight on the house floor continues this hour as democrat -- democratic lawmakers stapling a sit in hoping to force a vote on gun control legislation. their action triggered by the orlando nightclub masacre that left 49 victim dead.
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rebel yet democrat with pillows, blankets and food vow they will continue their protest until the vote takes place. house speaker paul ryan is standing firm. he said they won't vote on gun control legislation. instead they funded research on the zika virus. the sit in is well into the 15th hour was being broadcast until they plugged the plug. they are now using cell phones to show the nation what is going on inside. >> outside a small group of anti-gun activists are encouraging them not to give in. and dc is not the only place flirting with political history. the polls are now open in britain and they were voting on whether or not their country should partways with the european union. it is a decision that could affect the economies around the world. includes ours. that's because they are the world's trading partner.
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those who support exiting the eu say it will help restore its identity and place in the world. uh -- opponents say staying in the 28-nation block is better for the economy. they believe if cameron loses the fight he could be out of a job. traders are bracing for what may be a day of extreme volatile tee. >> i'm jackie ibanez, and now back to "red eye." log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> disney princesses may be bad for your health. a new study shows they want to interact and they showed the limiting beliefs about their
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abilities in and securities with their body. here is the surprising part. boys who played with the princess toys exhibited more body issues. the research has suggested that playing with the skinny girl dolls made them less susceptible to the stereo types in the boys toys. a lot of attention is paid to barbie's measurements, but boys are playing the -- with the unrealistic toys. look at luke skywalker and hahn hahn -- hans solo. i couldn't get hair like that no matter how much conditioner i used. if you have boys throw away the macho toys and get them spring eggs ises. or better yet, some male action figures they can live up to. did you like those
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guys? would you get yourself "red eye" dolls. >> you know it. the whole collection. >> does it surprise you that this study -- i don't want you to refute the numbers. >> i think it was less than 85 people studied in a select sample. >> does it make sense theoretically? >> i think there is a you lot of progress being made in disney films. but then we have like these moments of -- like ana and elsa are a perfect example. two powerful females leading the way. like my two nieces who are 7 and 3 gravitate toward more girly stuff. that's okay. they are coding and doing computer stuff. we will have the mix of let ea not step on egg shells. let's let kids play with what they want to play with. >> what about my theory? i think girls are doing fine because they are paying attention to the toy. we talked about coding barbie
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the other day. i think the boys need help. what do they have besides he-man. they need a shillue doll. >> they have world wrestling figurines. do the boys need the same attention? >> no. and i will address this from the performing arts aspect. they are awful because they convince girls to have a career in musical theater. not everyone can play the role of a disney princess and do the voice over. for the guys you have all of these funny, lanky guy characters with the beer and the gut. your standers are fine unless you are trying to be a superhero. even if you are ben of affleck you wear the suit with the abs. >> or kevin jails.
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kevin james. >> how many boys are in your family? >> do you ladies have children? >> i have three nieces and nephews. >> do you live with them full time? >> and i grew up in a family of four girls. >> i am one of 10 and have two kids. do i have precedence? >> do you get a prize for that? >> your nieces you are just visiting. >> do you want a contest about who spends more time with kids? >> i want you to take my kids. >> i'm smart. >> i don't know what happens with kids. my son likes trucks and my daughter, she likes doll. i was talking to tom before the show and they think if a girl plays with dolls it is too role modely. we let her get dolls, but we have her steal them. shoplifting is not princesse. it balances itself out. >> she s is -- she is not
12:27 am
getting sexism. >> it is more male or crepted. male or crepted. >> i am putting my marker down. i have four sons. i would take the trophyy. >> you are so republican. >> strapping young boy. >> i truly don't get the bad part of the study. they say if you are a boy and play with boy toys you will exhibit boy behavior. why is that bad? i think boys even stop of thinking of those type of doll other than superhero by four or 5 years old. i don't think they even have the same interest in the disney prince or princess genre. >> what do you think of the toys getting pumped up? >> i am being a politician and
12:28 am
i want to talk about what i want to talk about. one thing i learned is i had my daughter and then my son and one thing i learned is out of the box boys were boys and girls were girls. we didn't push them toward any place. he loves trucks and he is macho. my daughter doesn't like it. >> the first point i was trying to make. >> i wasn't listening. >> because i'm a guy. it is time to take a break. don't go anywhere. andy is about to speak some truth to power. i'm power. subscribe on itunes and
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hi. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey and the "red eye" news desk. >> you mentioned tonight is the one-year anniversary with tom shillue. the staff put together a montage and i haven't seen it yet. can we roll that?
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wow. i would not like to be ann coulter right now. >> good memorieses, tom. good memories. oh the trump speech. he is doing what he has to do to prosecute against one of the worst secretary of state of all time. it is when they point out bad the other candidate is and i say, oh, i agree. >> most of the american people think both of our presidential candidates are pretty bad. both are unfavorable within 58% for trump and 56% for hillary clinton.
12:34 am
he is doing what he needs to do and she will be a lot more dangerous for four more years than she -- than he is. >> she may be the most corrupt person to seek the position of the united states. maybe not the most, but the top five. >> kevin you bet $100 hillary would lose? >> yes. >> i think you are out that money. >> i will bet you. >> a hundred buck? >> i don't know if i can legally do that. we'll talk after the show. >> can you do 50? >> legally 100 he can't do. >> katie, do you have a bunch of different glasses you color coordinate? >> i have 42 pair. true story. >> thank you for asking. you are always so consider rat.
12:35 am
>> i can't see anything. >> i hear you. you said moving the teleprompter has been good for trump. i agree he needed to do it. watching him read off the teleprompter is not settling. it is not like his natural style that it is word to watch. i don't think it has been that bad. we know how hard it is to transition to a tele prompter. this is to the a slam on him for once and i am not saying he is bad at it. it is jarring because he is generally so off the cuff. >> do you think we are missing the improve moments? >> i agree he had to do it and i'm sure he will use a mix of both going forward. it is jarring and that's all i'm saying. >> fair enough. >> you said the whole globalist thing and trump is
12:36 am
making that case. you are not saying he is making a free trade case. >> and that's part of the appeal telling people. what the system is doing is not helping the average american. it is hurting the corporation. >> they have done all right for themselves. >> just don't run for president. you took a cheap shot at gary johnson. >> you know it was a cheap shot, tom. >> he is not smoking pot. >> you thought use selling would go up. so you admit you were wrong. >> according to the study which is completely accurate. >> you said it woos so easy to get weed before that it doesn't make a difference and that's what it is showing.
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>> in colorado. in this study or the report there were teens, seniors in colorado schools and they said there is no basis to their ago it access to pot. that is something we that replicate across the country. >> you are wrong. about your brother make the call to cut you out? >> he did. i said i did well, but not well enough. >> he would have teched me, but they didn't have it back then. dad places an ad looking for a wife for his son. they didn't say proportional, proportional to what. >> the height and wheut proportional. you asked why they placed the ad in idaho when they live in utah.
12:38 am
>> the son said he problem plea chose it because of that state's conservative politic as opposed to utah. you said you assume baron is mormon. oddly she is jewish. >> no wonder he is having problems meeting the gal. >> smos jewish -- most jewish girls are liberal and that doesn't work for me. 5600 jews. that's 56 more than i thought. tony i agree with you. they always planned on blaming it on the father and the dude seems excited. >> if the sun is really el beared he would have said no woman should go to these interest eus. he said the opposite of that. >> i really can't believe you
12:39 am
didn't call us up. >> i didn't what? >> didn't call us out as being fake. >> i have a new theory. i usually do think everything is a hoax. what if there is one woman they are trying to reach. it was a woman the son dated her and the parents loved her. she was always proportion at back then. >> they are trying to pin . who it was. >> isn't that the movie "frozen"? >> it is creepier than we thought before. >> i am con us food. boys can get male action body images. i feel you poo-poo. they say girls can get body
12:40 am
issues. >> this had a boy angle and it made a good monologue. >> i am saying the girls areett abouting help with it and the boys are are way out of -- >> katie, when tom asked you, you said you would get the whole set. >> just get yours, and all of the accessories. the last time you had your daughter visit. if you are mitting crime do it before 18 when they are jouvies. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> when we come back a new app that will forever change the way you wait at the airport. unfortunately it doesn't get
12:41 am
you into the admiral's club.
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this is fox news alert. i am jackie ibanez. the house democrats have been there since wednesday morning pushing for a vote on gun control measure. they say they will keep their sit in going until house speaker paul ryan schedules a vote. the dim cats -- democrats are displaying poster of the
12:45 am
children who have been victims of gun violence. 168 of the 188 house democrats have joined the protests at various times including house democratic leader nancy pelosi. as well as 34 senate democrats including massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. the house held several procedural votes, but not the vote the democrats are looking for. house seeker ryan dismissed it as a publicity stunt. shortly before being lead out they approved $1.1 billion to fight the zika virus. it is well short of the $1.9 million the president has been looking for. voters in the united kingdom are going to the polls to determine his future. they are voting to see if they should stay in the union. turnout is expected to be high.
12:46 am
leave supporters say an exit from the eu hillary store power to parl lent. david cameron has been stressing that the uk is stronger and richer. cameron getting supports as well as president obama. it gives the remain fraction a 66% probability of winning. most watchers say it will be extremely close. they have been volatile ahead of today's referendum. i'm jackie ibanez. for all of your headlines log on to fog toks >> love is in the air. actually it is in the airport. it is called tinder for hooking up with other travelers at the airport that's buffer fly.
12:47 am
>> whether you are a -- looking to make new friend before an event, it brings travelers together. users sign in and can contact others through messaging. if only a certain former senator had this and then he wouldn't have to tap his foot under the stall for attention. remember larry craig? >> from idaho. >> guess what year that was. >> 2006? >> 88. >> 2007. >> that's impressive. doesn't time fly when you are a strategist. >> exactly. what do you think of the app? tinder for finding people. i never would want to find somebody. is that you? >> did they meet in the bathroom? >> obviously they are trying to make friend while at the airport, but -- >> aren't you going to miss
12:48 am
your flight? i never know. katie, you like tech. is this app worth it? >> i am an app developer and i guess the reason why. >> there is no time to meet people. i look like a hobo at the airport for starts. the last place you will get hit on is the airport. >> you are in that movie in the air. you want to be efficient about the way you use your time. i don't think this has a user interface that the apps would have. it is very narrow. it is focused to the airport. you are telling me i have to download a new app. where is the april explosion?
12:49 am
where is the app explosion? >> they are getting it ready for taken over from tinder. >> an acquisition? >> yes, growth acquisition. >> my thought is do men and women have the same definition of hooking up? i know it is complicated in real life and if you just put something out there and say hey meet me for a drink that's meet me for a drink or for something else. it is hard to spark any meaningful relationship with a normal person. who would seek out on an app a social companion. maybe that is the idea. >> it could lead into the worst flight of your life. if you are talking to someone on there and you are both at opposite parts of the airport. and then you are on the same flight and sitting next to eep other and he just disclosed
12:50 am
his foot fit tish and all of these kaw nun drum will happen. >> i don't like to talk to people. i like a book. i want to bury my head in the book and not talk to the person next to me. don't go anywhere. we have one more story and it is full of cheese of the 1980s romantic comedy.
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we're bumped tomorrow for coverage. camille foster and ben kissle. >> if you thought cheetoes were dangerous before you are in for a surprise. the king issued a de key of an all out assault. these stick of macaroni and cheese are in a deep fried cheetoe-flavored breading that is sure to leave a mark all over your xbox controller. this match made in stoner heaven is only sold in select stores in southern california. trial phase will last eight weeks or until axel rose arrives at a participating
12:55 am
location. i didn't understand the joke, but i read it anyway. >> it was a pity laugh. >> does it mean anything? i. >> i thought everybody else knew what it meant? >> i don't get it. do you get it? >> i'll watch the show. >> first of all, we went to taco bell and i don't think we were looking for spongessers, but -- for sponsors. i got a small for my kids and they are like massive. >> the tacos? >> no, the drink. everyone thinks -- they say we are fat. well yeah because you are stuffing cheetoes. what is it stuff #ed -- stuffed with, cheese? >> people like cheese sticks. you can't stop them. >> and they like hybrid food. some of the most successful foods sold have been atta co bell.
12:56 am
>> this is burger king. you keep saying taco bell, but this is bk. >> you are missing the point. greasy cup oreo's. >> burger king has the chicken fries. >> sales are through the roof. but i won't say 33% of kids are overweight. >> it is the participating locations. you have to be a dictator and say all locations. i can't go to southern california and get these things. >> i am intrigued. southern california is obviously always going to get a lot of attention, hollywood and a big market. this is something that i theng you should bring to new york and colorado based on the fact we just did a story of how many people smoke pot there. >> i just got a cheat toes app so i -- cheetoes app so i can get them here. >> i got the app. >> i get it. >> special thanks to joanne
12:57 am
joanne nosuchunsky. that does it for me. tom shillue. that's one year. come on, give me a lift. oh yeah! this is beautiful. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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