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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 23, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> to my team, which is always women, i close with this -- i love you, support you, and if i'm ever bossy, remember i am the boss. >> tonight -- >> hillary clinton, most people know she's a world class liar. >> donald trump turns up the heat on hillary clinton and reshapes the race for the white house. >> if she ever became president, god help us. >> plus, president obama's executive amnesty is dealt a massive blow by the supreme court. >> it is my firm believe that immigration is not something to fear. >> donald trump is hear tonight to react to all of this. >> radical islam! >> then a republican representative calls out the democrats for their publicity stunt sit-in.
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the texas congressman is here with reaction. all of that, plus peter johnson jr., and judge jeanine pier row. "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> tonight donald trump reshapes for the white house with a blistering speech. here's some of the highlights from donald trump's major address. >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. she ran the state department like her own personal hedge fund doing favors for oppressive oppe regimes, and many, many others in exchange for cash, pure and simple, folks. hillary clinton, and as you know she -- most people know -- she's a world class liar. >> she believes she's entitled to the office. her campaign slogan is "i'm with her." you know what my response is to
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that? i'm with you, the american people. >> joining us now is twin presumptive nominee, donald trump. good to see you. >> thank you. >> maybe the corrupt person to ever seek the office of the presidency, world class liar, you went case and point by point, the reaction has been very positive among those that say finally a republican candidate is willing to say this about the clintons. what's the feedback you've gotten? >> well, we've had great reviews. it's been amazing actually. i've done a lot of speeches. i've gotten very good reviews. this one got really great reviews. people liked it. i think they liked the tone. they liked a lot of things about it. they liked what i said, and they know it's true. cnn, they got caught trying to say a couple points weren't
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correct, but they were more correct than i even knew. that was embarrassing for cnn right now. they have egg on their face. you people covered it very accurately. >> you did also -- we've talked a lot about immigration, the refugee crisis. you were even correct in saying hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in the number of refugees coming into the country. the list has had now gotten longer. outdoor cia director, our fbi director, our assistant fbi director, our former envoy to defeat voices, our national director of intelligence, our house homeland security chairman have all said, isis will literally infiltrate the population. we saw it in paris, we saw it in belgium. why is hillary willing to gamble with the lives of the american people, and do you think this will be at the forefront. voters' minds in november? >> number one, it's a question you have to ask her, why somebody would do this. it's the trojan horse.
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frankly these people are coming in. some of them are bad. we have no idea where they come from, who they are. they're not properly vetted. a lot of people on your show, a lot of other shows, a lot of newspapers i'm reading all over the place, you can't vet them. don't know anything about them. they have no paperwork m some cases. they're pouring into the country. we have no idea. so you see what happened last weekend, how disastrous that was. -- in orlando. you see what's going on. that was one person. we have thousands of people coming in. boy, i'll tell you what, we're being set up for something that's not going to be good. it's not going to end well, that i can tell you. >> i don't think it's going to end well. the people allowing this to happen i would argue would have blood on their hands, because they're not listening to our intelligence officials. you clearly are. i want to ask you about this. all this money, you mentioned $153 million giving speeches to lobbyists, ceos, former governments.
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by the way, over a thousand foreign donations to the clinton foundation and elsewhere. here's my question. when she gives a speech to a wall street firm, or a big bank, or financial institution, insurance company, or a foreign government, do you think she's compromised at that point? >> she's totally compromised. i can imagine what the speeches say. for some reason, you know, bernie sanders has been trying to get the speeches for six months. he can't get them. for some reason she won't let them out. i don't know what's in the speeches that can be so bad. she won't let them out. probably shame her in letting them out. i was hitting her on the term "radical islam," she said, "i will mention it, i will mention it," but i don't think she will. for whatever reason she doesn't want to give those speeches. i don't know. there's something going on
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there, because bernie sanders cooperate over a long period of time get her to give the speeches. he wanted them very badly. she made a fortune with stuff. what's the purpose of it? what are people getting for it? you look at it, and there's something very strange. the whole thing is very strange. frankly she's very strange. >> okay. i don't disagree with you, but let me ask you this question. one of the things that came out this week by the media research center, is they actually compared the media coverage of both you and hillary clinton. there's tremendous bias that they've been able to document. one of the things you brought up in your decision, you said her decisions have spread death, destruction, and terrorism everywhere she touched. you pointed out since 2009, since she was sworn in, it's a different world. you talked about libya, you talked about iran, you talked about iraq. you talked about pretty much every corner of the world.
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the russian reset, china. can you point to a single instance where you would say she's successful? is there anything you could point to? >> no. they say osama bin laden, but if they were sitting there, or if a 10-year-old were sitting in the chair, frankly, and they said, "we have a chance to get him" -- you know, the military did a good job, went in there and got him. that's about the only thing they can talk about. frankly thibodeau would have made the same decision. they walk in, say they have him. the question is, do you bomb him, go in and get him, or third leave him alone. no one is going to say that. it's a question of one of the two. give them credit for that, but i can't give them much, because i think anybody sitting in that position would have said it. maybe you would have had a long time ago. you know, he was in pakistan. we give tremendous amounts of money to pakistan. why is he in pakistan? they certainly knew about it. why aren't they telling us about
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the fact that he's been there probably for many years. why don't they tell us? you could say why didn't we get him a long time ago? that would be the only thing. i think she's done nothing well. certainly the president has done very little well. look at the iran deal, where we are. look at the world today. the middle east is just a mess, what's over there. he may not have started it, but, boy, did he did a poor job by not leaving some behind in iraq. i didn't want to go into iraq in the first place, but by not leaving some behind, just to keep it a little stable, it's a mess anyway, but the way he got out of there, sean, was disgraceful. >> we had mosul. fallujah, and tikrit under control, and george w. bush warned, don't leave too early, you'll lose it, and it created a vacuum for isis to take control. the last number of nights on the program i've been focused in on the money she's been taking.
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now, she claims she's the great champion of women's rights, the great champion of gay and lesbian rights, lgbt rights, for religious freedom. if you look at saudi arabia, where gays can be executed, women are told what to wear, can't drive a car, up to $25 million to the clinton foundation, $10 million to the clinton library, then you've got kuwait, you ae, uae, qatar. she's not making america energy independent. doesn't want coal, fracking, drilling. secondly, she's never criticized this country that have given her all this money that oppress women, gays, lesbian or jews. you can't build a temple or christian church there. what's your reaction to that, and what do you say to women's
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groups who attack you? >> first of all, give the money back. it's tens of millions of dollars. she should give the money back. she shouldn't be allowed to take the money. it's ridiculous. as far as women, some of these countries -- you know, they literally call it -- they want to enslave women. the lgbt community, the gay community, they kill gays, throw them off buildings, throw them off the roofs of buildings, and she's taking money from them. not only that, but lets them come in to the country. it's a double, taking massive amounts of money, but come in to the country at a far rate than obama is allowing. he's already breaking records. so we have a situation that is going to end in a very, very disastrous way, in my opinion. she should give back the money. how can women endorse somebody that's not only taking money, but also allowing people to come
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in to our country from these various places that believe in sharia, that, you know, believe in what they believe over there, because what's happening now, if you grow -- >> if you grow up under sharia, aren't those the values of antithesis of our great republic? is it possible to ascertain whether you want to come here because you want freedom, or create a theocrasy here? how do you ever ascertain that? >> i said in my yesterday, we want to take people in this country legally. they have to love our country. they have to really just love what we stand for, what we represent. a lot of the people coming in -- i mean, if they're into the world of sharia, you're talking about from a different planet.
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now, the way they feel about women, the way they feel about gays, the way they feel about what we stand for, and we're taking in thousands and thousands of people, not a good situation. >> let me ask you this. we saw the tragedy, the terror attack in orlando. we saw san bernardino. we saw brussels. we saw paris. we saw chattanooga. we saw what happened in boston. so there's been this mysterious reluctance and resistance to say the words "radical islamic terrorism" by both the president and hillary clinton. so my question to you is this -- so now we have this attack. they put out the 9-1-1 transcripts, and it's i pledge allegiance to redacted, i pledge allegiance to redacted, may god -- i would bet any amount of money it really said allah -- protect them on behalf of redacted. our attorney general's answer is our most effective response is
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unity, compassion and love to hatred. is that the answer to radical islam? >> as you know, they were forced to put it out because the public went wild on this one. they were forced to put out whatever he said. look, this is a maniac. this is somebody that comes from a different planet as far as we're concerned. it's a shame there wasn't somebody in there, a guard, an employee that had a gun so they could have done something that killed all these people, wounded so many people. it's too bad that an employee, a guard, or somebody didn't have a gun where they could -- you know, the bullets could have gone the other way. what a horrible situation. you know, to think that we're living in a time like this, where people can't go to a club, they can't get into an airplane, they can't do anything like it used to be, but we're going to bring back strength, bring back toughness, vigilance. you know, i'm saying we're going to make america great again, sean. that's what we have to do. this is horrible, the way we're
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all living. this is a worldwide problem being unleashed by weak leadership. >> stay right there. more with mr. trump after the break. then later, hillary clinton should be rattled after donald trump's speech. we have reaction. and also tonight -- >> we'll ask donald trump and about this confrontation with democrats during their politically-motivated sit-in last night. we'll talk more about that tonight as "hannity" continues. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates...
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man 1:man 2: i am. woman: ex-military? man 2: four tours. woman: you worked with computers? man 2: that's classified, ma'am. man 1: but you're job was network security? man 2: that's classified, sir. woman: let's cut to the chase, here... man 1: what's you're assessment of our security? man 2: [ gasps ] porous. woman: porous? man 2: the old solutions aren't working. man 2: the world has changed. man 1: meaning? man 2: it's not just security. it's defense. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark.
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all eyes are on the united kingdom at this hour as the results on the referendum whether to stay in the european union or not are rolling in. according to our sister station sky news, the leave side is ahead about 1% right now. these are still early results, and a lot could change as more s are counted. markets reacted to the results. early results out of the u.k. showed a tight race. the u.k. referendum has deeply divided the country, but we're hearing dozens of conservative lawmakers in favor of leaving, have said prime minister david cameron should stay. he's supported stay in the 28-nation bloc. for all your headlines, log on to >> the chair wishes to make an announcement regarding the
7:18 pm
decorum in the house chamber. the chair appreciates that members will differ on matters of policy and will seek to express those differences. but the chair would hope that the business of the house could be conducted in a fashion that respects positively on the dignity and the decorum of this institution to which we all belong. >> that was madness on the house floor last night. more with louis gomer in just a few minutes, but we continue with 2016 republican presumptive presidential nominee donald trump. >> they've got to win elections. right now they're not winning election, so they figure we'll protest. it's too bad. i think it's a shame. it's a shame there's not more unity. not so long ago, democrats and
7:19 pm
republicans got together a little. tip o'neill, president reagan. you know, they got along. the president, tip o'neill, they got along, could get things done. today it's not that way. that's a shame, when you see that, very sad. >> supreme court decision, the defining issue for you, which is immigration, upholds a lower court ruling that the president acted illegally, unconstitutionally with executive order, something he himself said he didn't have the authority to do, said it 20-some-odd times. it was also part of your speech today, you talked about a letter from the mother of a slain policeman. we have pictures of this guy. you were criticized when you first said that people cross the borders, they were guilty of rape and murder, some of them. you said not all of them. does this highlight the need for that border wall? do you think you can get this done with republicans? >> oh, i do, absolutely. i think that it was a great victory really for the constitution, if you look at
7:20 pm
what happened. i mean, this was an amazing day for the institution. it was certainly a bad day for obama. and we'll see how it all plays out. it just shows you how important the election is, because if the wrong person gets in, the wrong person's going to put the wrong justice of the supreme court in there, and a 4-4 will go to a 4-5 decision against. this is just one. this was on immigration. he had an open-door poll, walk across, do whatever you want, stay and enjoy your life. our country is in trouble. this is costing us a fortune, the whole immigration mess is costing us a fortune as a country. we want to be good to people, but we want people to come in legally, not just walk across and they're here, welcome to the united states. we can't do that. we owe $19 trillion, going to $21 trillion very shortly because of the budgets that were passed. we can't let this happen. this was a big victory today. it really is going to highlight
7:21 pm
how important the presidential election coming up is going to be. >> where are you in the process in terms of vetting people for high positions should you win the presidency? especially vice president. >> i think i'm pretty far down the line. i've got some wonderful people for wonderful positions that i think about that i know like it. many, many people want to be vice president. it's very interesting. i'm getting calls from people, "i want to be, i want to be," top-of-the-line people, people on your show a lot. we're getting calls from a lot of people. we have terrific potential candidates for vice president. the only people that say that don't want it were the people that were never asked. they always say, "we've decided to turn it down," but there was nothing to turn down because they were never asked. many people want that position. we have incredibly talented people that will be put in cabinet positions, various positions. you'll be proud of it. >> this is an interesting bloomberg poll, that only 55% of bernie supporters will support
7:22 pm
hillary. 22% will go to you. as you look at -- look, we could look at the national polls till we're blue in the face, but it comes down to -- right now the polls have you even in florida, ohio and pennsylvania, but it also means north carolina, virginia, maybe a state like new jersey, maybe michigan, maybe wisconsin, iowa, new hampshire, new mexico, colorado, and nevada. it always seems to come down to that. it seems that it's much harder for a republican to get those electoral votes because, look at the big prize, for example, in california. as you look at the map, you keep saying you're going to run a 50-state campaign. does that mean you're going to try to win all 50 states? >> no. we're going to run a campaign that a lot of states that were never traditionally in play for a republican will be -- i think we have a chance to get them, including connecticut. look at polls in connecticut. they look very good. no republican would go there and campaign.
7:23 pm
i love connecticut. i've lived in connecticut. it's a great place. it's got big problems. so, i mean, we're going to run a campaign that a lot of states are going to be in play that would not be in play for other people that we've beaten in the primaries. i will say, as an example, michigan, i'm doing very well in michigan. we're doing very well in new jersey. the polls in new jersey look fantastic. you saw today north carolina. i'm up two in north carolina. that's being hammered by the press. i mean, i've been hammered by the press very unfairly for weeks. they are just hammering trump. i mean, look at cnn today, where they put out false reports. >> by the way, that's not unusual. just a sidenote. >> no, it's not. no, no. i've heard this for years. i never thought it would be as dishonest as it is. the mainstream media hammers me, you know, as -- >> they aired a tape of how many breaths you took this morning. really? are they going to do that to
7:24 pm
hillary, the money she didn't take from countries that didn't criticize them, that have atrocious human rights works? i don't see investigative work on that side of the aisle. >> no. it's very unfair. i'm just telling you. look, if i do something wrong, let me have it, but, you know, to be -- i'll have days which are so good, i'll say i look forward to seeing what happensbe a very good day, and they'll take things that are so good, and skew them and turn them, like cnn did with its reporting from yesterday where facts are skewed the wrong way by them. you know, i will tell you, we're doing so well in the polls. you see even the national polls, we're very close. in the key states, certain states that weren't really -- forget about the key states, we're doing well there, but states never in play for republicans we're really doing unbelievably well there. so i think we're going to have a very, very good time of it. i think we're going to do well in november. i think we'll win in november. we'll see what happens.
7:25 pm
i think we're going to do really well. >> all right, mr. trump. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you, thank you. >> when we come back, reaction to our interview with donald trump. and later tonight -- >> have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> the trump campaign rolls out a new attack ad on their brand-new website about >> no fly no buy! >> louis gomer confronts radical democrats on the house floor during their stunt last night. the texas congressman will check in with us and much more straight ahead.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." so it's clear that donald trump is resetting, refocusing his campaign. joining us with reaction, peter johnson jr., the host of "justice," judge jeanine pirro. how are you? two things came out this week that i think are transformative for the campaign. they started a rapid response. awed all these emails about hillary started coming in. and also defending the facts in the speech, which turned out to be accurate, although other networks have portrayed it otherwise. also very disciplined speech that i gave. how important is this for him as he moves forward? >> it's crucial, sean, now that he's in a general election mode. look, donald was donald, and he got the primary, he's the presumed nominee. but right now people, especially those in the middle want to know this is a man who is different from the way hillary is identifying him. so what you see now is a more sophisticated campaign.
7:29 pm
you see a calmer donald trump. you know, i've known him, you know that. he's a hoot. but at this point -- >> i love the pitch, the tone, the tenor, the cadence of that speech. >> everything about that was presidential. >> it's obvious, peter, what the democratic strategy is. they don't want to run on issues. hillary can't run on her record of supporting obama on everything. i don't think there's one foreign policy success she can point to. the only thing she has is the temperament. donald trump doesn't have the temperament. he can't fall into that trap, can he? >> no, he cannot. they want to run on conspiracy and phony character attacks. what we saw out of trump was a refreshing speech, and really well received. he was disciplined, on message, he was funny at times in terms of being witty. >> hard hitting. >> but it was articulate. it was hard-hitting. it was fact based that will be deconstructed by the mainstream media, but very fact based. so in some ways a new trump. he's got to keep the old trump
7:30 pm
to some extent with big rallies, going out and meeting folks, being with the people and saying, as he said the other day, the difference is i'm with you. >> but he advanced his narrative. his narrative is hillary is crooked and corrupt. >> sean, it was like a criminal case. here's my conclusion. this is what i'm going to prove to you. whether he's -- first of all, he established that the woman has no credibility, she's a world class liar, and he went to every point, security, immigration, the economy. you know what i love? he talked about the infrastructure, how our roads are rotten, the infrastructure is a mess, the bridges. then you compare it to what happened with obama, the shovel-ready jobs. he's as specific now, backing up his claims. i think if they criticize this they're looking for something other than -- >> if you break it down, i would say it this way, he also -- while he was deconstructing, he also was -- this is becoming a choice election.
7:31 pm
wall, no wall. conservative justices, liberal justices. some discipline to the economy, lower taxes, energy independence, education back to the states. how to deal with isis, identify the enemy, not taking refugees if you can't vet them. there's so much -- and it's going to require another pivot. he's pivoted one way. it's going to retire another pivot. >> what's that? >> he will overcome this character and conspiracy nonsense thrown at him, but at the same time he's going to articulate a message of positive change. >> didn't he do that? >> he has, but i think he'll do it with more specifics going forward. he's saying, okay, let's get hillary out of the way in terms of who she is, who i am, and now the next step is i'm going to tell you based on who i am what i can do. that's not the clinton that -- >> then in the end, peter, it becomes not only a choice election, but it becomes about
7:32 pm
jobs. it becomes about the economy. peace and prosperity. >> you know what, when she ran for senate in new york, the first thing she said was, i'm bringing back to 200,000 to upstate new york. none of that happened. in that case, they were net loss after she became a senator. $6 million is missing from the state department during her term. no one is talking about it. the woman is corrupt. he has to keep hitting that. but also talking about his successes. they can say whatever they want, but -- >> what states does he put in play, peter, that maybe other republican candidates can't -- >> he mentioned connecticut. i thought that was an interesting state that he mentioned. i agree with him. he might do better in new york than some people might suspect. >> what about new jersey? >> new jersey with chris christie. what we saw in congress yesterday, the bedlam, the disrespect for the rule of law, that plays into trump's hands,
7:33 pm
because a lot of people say we don't need this john lennon/yoko ono -- >> they love that sit-in stuff. a man on the street today, they were in love with it. >> good to see you both. >> thank you. >> coming up next tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> the trump campaign unveils a brand-new ad on their brand-new website that's next. >> speaking of the bedlam and house floor last night.
7:34 pm
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>> this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark. the world is anxiously awaiting to learn the fate of the united injectiondom. right now it's still early to know whether folks in the u.k. have voted to pull out of the european union, but the first tally show the remain and leave sides locked in a virtual tie. according to sky news, the leave camp is holding on to a razor thin lead. the home referendum has caused a bitter divide within the country, that could cost british prime minister david cameron to lose his job, but we're learning dozens of lawmakers who voted to leave signed a letter to urge cameron to remain in his post regardless of which side wins.
7:40 pm
i'm patricia stark. back to "hannity." >> welcome back to "hannity." so the trump campaign unveiled a website lyingcrookedhillarycam,andisroll ingoutaseriesofvideosthat exposed her scandals. here's the first one on benghazi. take a look. >> have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> the next day, within 24 hours you had a conversation with the egyptian prime minister. you told him this -- "we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack." >> to think she has a shot at being our president, crooked
7:41 pm
hillary clinton. we can't let it happen. >> here with reaction are former nypd detective, fox news contributor, bo dietl, and fox news correspondent gerardo riviera. this is devastating. simultaneously she's telling us it's a youtube video, spontaneous, but telling her own daughter, the libyan president, the egyptian prime minister, it's terror. she's just a liar. >> before i give you my take on that, i have to say, bo and i were honored to be there last night, building homes for heroes. you were the man of the year, the honoree. >> thank you guys for coming out. >> a lot of people don't know what sean does. >> extremely generous man. >> i hate this part. let's go to the -- >> i mean this out of love, trump is like a shark. he's got to keep moving or he sinks. what happened with that speech is, he was moving and at his best, because he was taking the attention off himself. he had a terrible couple of weeks leading up to yesterday. he put it on hillary clinton. now, you can quibble with the
7:42 pm
substance of that benghazi ad, but -- >> not with the substance. the substance is accurate. >> maybe, but i prefer an attack rather on the fact that she lost the middle east to the west. she fractured middle eastern society by uprooting gadhafi, being in support of the invasion of iraq in 2003. i prefer the big picture. clearly there's vulnerability on benghazi, but my point is that the tactic of attacking hillary clinton is the only way donald wins the white house. >> there's another part of the ad we didn't see. the otherg to the family of one of the loved ones who died in benghazi, lying to their face. my whole thing with this also, with libya now is, that's the heart of isis right now. the things that she did, every turn she did was wrong, even what would happen with russia. russia got stronger because of things she did. the bottom line, it's for people to watch all the facts.
7:43 pm
you don't like donald trump -- one thing about donald trump is, he'll say a lot of things, but you got to listen to what he's got to say, because he's successful in -- >> her decisions have spread death, destruction, terrorism everywhere she touches. he laid it out. libya. supporting the muslim brotherhood. iraq. iran. syria. >> every aspect -- >> i was with him tuesday night, and we had a fast talk together. he said wait till morning, bo, listen to my speech. i tell you what, the best speech he's done. >> i think if he kept this speech -- i got a copyright hert here, as his positive narrative. >> and clear up the thing with mexico. >> here we go. >> i'm in, i'm in. you asked me last night, when am i going to come out for donald.
7:44 pm
i think you ask me every time we're together. we're together a lot. my wife said she likes our bromance, the three of us. the tall tales we tell. my point is he has to stay on the attack on hillary, and on the other issues. utei think he's started to modiy his position on the muslim ban. it's not the religion, but the region. >> sharia should be banned. >> wait a second. it's very simple. when you say something like what he said, we should ban everybody until we know who the hell is coming into the country. >> that's my point. >> you could have terrorists coming from paris. i'm saying ban everyone till we know. >> if you grow under sharia, it's contrary to our democratic republic values. >> now what happened in the supreme court? they refused to reverse the fifth circuit.
7:45 pm
>> donald trump, he's like -- when did you ever obama say, i'm sorry, i said something wrong? >> he doesn't have to apologize. >> come to the good side, geraldo. >> i tell you what we're going to do. somebody last night suggested bo and i go on tour, the bs tour, the bsg tour. >> the way you golf, you got a dirty ball -- >> okay. you're the only person that gets a 12 on a par 3 and says "put me down for a 5." >> it's in the cabbage patch. >> when we come back, this is next on "hannity" -- congressman
7:46 pm
louie gohmert getting into a heated debate. the texas congressman is next to talk about it straight ahead. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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>> test test. >> test test. >> test test.
7:51 pm
>> the chair appreciates members will differ on matters of policy and seek to express those differences but the chair would hope that the business of the house to be conducted in a fashion that respects positively on the dignity and decorum of this institution to which we all belong. >> talking about radical islam. >> that is the occupy wall street house democrats creating chaos on the house floor last night. joining us now is louie gomer. doesn't this represent the new
7:52 pm
democratic party? reverend right and hillary clinton? is there any moderate democrat that exists? is that now an extinct species? >> there are some. they get put under immense pressure but actually, one who is a friend, a democrat, actually, debbie dingel, she and i disagree on many issues. some, we agree on but she put her arm around my back and she encouraged me, just walk away. but there are, it's insane, though, sean. when i was saying radical islam killed these innocent victims, frank cologne of new jersey was saying you're a racist. i said he was a radical islamist. he said well you're a racist.
7:53 pm
i said he said himself he was pledging allegiance to the islamic state. >> that is what the truth is. they're trying to make it about guns but the real question is what is this saying about this party? what does this say about how far left obama and hillary aataken the party and how how far out of the main stream they are? >> it says they're willing go into unprecedented area. the congress should be. it's fine to yell. you know? to disagree within the rules. equal time. >> this ever happened that you know of before? >> no. no. some people have said when you guys took over the house floor in 2008, there was only one rule violated when we did that. i know because i started that and i did.
7:54 pm
it was violated by pelosi. she cutoff the mics and we signed up to do five-minute speeches under rule and she shuttered down. so we stayed on the floor and gave speeches anyway. we were adjourned and out owe of session and didn't disrupt anything. >> basically, it's occupy wall street on the house floor. what is the next thing? we'll have fist fights down there? who knows. louie, thank you. insane. coming up, an important question of the day, straight ahead. [pho] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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time for our question of the day. what do you think of the occupy wall street democratic party and their publicity stunt on the house floor last night? let's go to and let us know what you think. tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern we have a special edition of
8:00 pm
"hannity" and we're going to highlight the clinton scandals the rest of the media ignores. tomorrow night, right here, 10:00 eastern. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. bill o'reilly is up next. good night. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this o'reilly factor special, election 2016. let's get right to our top story. attack politics between donald trump and hillary clinton rapidly intensifying. this week the two have been unleashing a barrage of bruising attacks against each other. >> hillary clinton and, as you know, she, most people know, she is a world class liar. >> every day we see how reckless and careless trump is. >> hillary clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and even


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