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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 25, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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going on there and gretawire. different stuff there. "the o'reilly factor" is up next. good night from new york city. see you monday. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. tv's andy levey is off today. let's check in with gavin mcginnis. >> coming up on the big show, donald trump. this is the campaign trail to visit scotland of wonder if anyone from the mcginnis clan is available for comment. plus facebook is teaching employees to check their political biases. and here is a start. you can start by not banning me will and tom interviews one of the stars of "independence day resurgeons." it is about ridding our country of illegal aliens and making america great again. that's my kind of flick. back to you, tom.
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>> thank you, gavin. couldn't get tickets to jersey boys? who cares? we have our own jersey girl, joanne nosuchunsky. listen to his pod cast "the fifth column." you don't have to have listen one through four to get it. producer camille foster. shows a journalist, writer, comedian, habe are rdasher and mime. do the wall face. approval junky author. he has one thing on his mind. hold the door. hold the door. hold the door. comedian ben kis se l. let's start the show. >> donald trump is business in front and republican party in back. he is running his campaign and his company. critics say that's too many things to be running. on thursday, trump left the campaign trail to promote a
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golf course his company bought in scotland. the "new york times" usually in the tank for trump said his itinerary reads like a public relations junket crossed with publication. he may consider prioritizing once in the oval office. and a cnn poll shows 7 in 10 voters think trump should step down until he is no longer involved in politics. what? will trump scale back his life as a businessman? i'm sure he will since he listens to polls and the left wing media. kis se l, what do you think? >> i am not a trumper. i like bill weld. >> they are running a tight ship. >> america is a corporation and the president is the ceo and one of the major exports we have is our brand. actual looy this would help because trump is a master
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brander. the one thing he could do is possibly expand the u.s. brand better abroad. >> look, right now he is a private citizen, right, camille? i don't think anybody should make a fuss. should he give up trump stakes? >> he is running for office. no big deal. if we can strain the office of the presidency to constitutional bounds, traditional constitutional bounds he would be far more off the secretary and far less savior and the to worry about. is the president going to be enriching him or herself while in office? they always do. you get a $7 million book deal at the end of the thing. while in office you get to go every damn place in this amazing caravan with armed guards. those people aren't like us. it is not like public service. they are doing themselves a tear. >> part-time presidency. >> have a night job. >> sell lemonade on the front lawn. they can do it. in scotland trump was met with
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protest and numbered by scottish leaders. we found one scots man who is pro-trump. he joins us from a pub. they have them there. welcome tommy mcginnis. a lot of people are protesting trump and holding mexican flags and taunting him. do you agree with those people? >> scotland because of 700 years of english they become consumed with the underdog. anyone who remotely resembles an over dog. with the underdog, you know what i mean? >> i know some of what you mean. it is not all against trump. your son gavin will be on the show. do you have any messages for him? >> to be frank there is a
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bloody bampot. >> that's how we think of them too. thank you, jimmy. thank you of so. thank you so much. >> kate? >> shut your cake hole. >> he is over in scotland and promoting a golf course which he owns. it is fine. he will do a little r and r. he will golf and get him together. i think there is nothing wrong with that, do you? >> no, i mean, look, trump is a businessman. i personally think that becoming president is -- would be a full time job for anyone. we see these men, they leave office and turn gray. i don't know what that will leave trump. he will be oranger. >> he cannot turn gray. >> if he maintains one of his hobbies or businesses wouldn't you like to see him return while he is president have an allstar apprentice and use the failed presidential candidates? like ted cruz would be little
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marco's project manager and bernie sanders would have to design the lip gloss flavor together. >> working together. bernie working with ted cruz, that's pan it is a stick. >> lyndsay graham can be amarosa. >> he is already the amarosa. joanne, what do you think? he is free to be a businessman for now. >> even if he is president. the president and the vice president do not have any rules about conflict of interest in terms of their own personal businesses. they don't. he could continue doing his -- it is no president has before, but there is no law against it. i read that somewhere. that must be true. as a woman who con -- constantly wants to have it all, why can't i have it all? be the mom and do the this. as a man he should have a good work balance. if i can have a good life balance he should be able to do the two jobs and we
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shoulden curling him to. we should encourage him to. he will be a better president if he is a businessman as well. jiel he can stay in -- he can stay in touch with the american people. he is a working man. the funny thing is trump as rich as he is, he has an appeal to the blue collar people. why is that? >> they see him as something they could possibly become which is the refreshing thing about donald trump. i don't know if they understand how to make a bad steak. >> or inherit $6 million -- the equivalent of $6 million from his father. >> they split it among the family. >> a million dollars was not a lot of money back then. >> in real estate. >> i understand what you're doing. >> i get all of my news about trump from his campaign e-mail. some g mail users are claiming they are not getting them. this guy tweeted an image and said have not received images
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in awhile. check. junk folder. they have reprogramed them in spam. it is not the first case of reported bias. google was accused of search auto complete results? favor of hillary clinton. the wiki -- wikileaks founder said, quote, google is directly engaged with hillary clinton's campaign. bottom line, knowing all of this, be glad trump e-mails are not being filtered to the trash. >> i just want to say i never want to see donald's junk in my box. >> wow. >> five minute recess. >> that was worth the interruption. i like that. >> i know why she jumped on that. >> i thought it was camille. >> i want to second that. that's great. >> a lot of things get filtered into my junk
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department. i was trying to clean it up. i go into the junk and i find -- >> my junk. >> when i go in there i find a lot of tele marketing e-mails. what are fun e-mails but tele marketing e-mails. >> it is a grand conspiracy. this is precisely what happened with santorum. you are not talking about the guy who wants to be president. you will find something else. >> i think it is terrible. >> it is great. it is users in ter acting with the algorithm. some are gelting the e -- getting the e-mail and some are not. the google algorithm responds accordingly. that's what i suspect is happening. >> i am trying mott to -- >> how do you clean out your junk? >> we were talking about this
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and it is the definition of spam. there -- might as well say there is a. jeer -- nigerian prince coming to the united states. we will get a million dollars. barack obama did it to me. i signed up in 2007 for his e-mails and i get four a week and they go to the spam file. that's what it is. >> this is g mail, right? this is a g mail. i don't have g mail like you people. i have mind spring from i don't know, 19906? 1996? why? when i go to my spam folder i have e-mails from bob dole asking him to help him defeat the other clinton. and i get half price ticket to sugar ray concerts. >> that is amazing. it shows that google's filter is working. you can go in there and take stuff out. >> it is easy to say this isn't spam.
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it has to be the wording and any fundraising or political e-mail will probably get sent there because, yeah, you were saying it it is a pill to read. you don't want to get that. any person who lives for the e-mails they need a pen pal. >> don't you think trump will spin this like now there is trump spam and it is phenomenal. i know there is walk in bathtub spam and i know great walk in bathtub and asian singles who are 8, 9 and 10. >> i think he will take advantage of this he will trumpet it and the thing is it always works when you say they are against you. obviously these big tech companies are against trump, aren't they? >> i think the people who work for these tech companies are against trump. they are young millennials who come look for a job. by definition they would be. now he can't stop thinking
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about trump spam and his face on all of the covers on spam and they may be as good as trump steaks. >> it is a great company. google is just another search engine, right? dog pile, info seek? >> it is larger than dog pile. >> i switch around and use all of them. from one bias tech bow he -- paw he putt to another, they are adding ultra conservative. cheryl sandburg liens in and explains we have a managing bias class that all of our leaders and employees have taken and we focus on age bias, gender bias and national bias and we will add in political bias. employees will be taught to be open to opposing view points. the move comes six weeks after the site was accused of
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suppressing news. they hillary work the trending topicsessal go rit -- algorithm. as for a systematic bias, sandburg calls bs saying we took the accusation very seriously and did a thorough investigation. we didn't find a liberal by us why. i can sleep easy knowing the 80% of employees who donated to clinton don't think they are bias. are you bias? are you? are you? good. do you believe they have taken the necessary steps or does it matter? >> bias training is the worst thing ever. it educates people about their biases which then allows them to hone their skills. itit is a ridiculous idea. they will learn to hate conservatives more because they will be forced to sit through a lecture they don't want to be in. >> does it teach you to be better at bias? >> i never thought of it that way. check your white privilege
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with that, tom. >> i don't think facebook is largely liberal though. cheryl sandburg said there are 1.6 billion use ares and donald trump has more facebook friends than hillary and sanders combined. >> really? i think of him as a twitter guy. >> he is all over fb too. >> they love him on facebook. interesting. camille, i don't know why, but everybody is on facebook. i thought it was just harvard students. >> they changed that awhile ago. >> it is growing, right? >> it is open to all of us now. >> they have a lot of power, social media, but do you think they have a bias and do you think it matters? >> i don't think it matters. most of the bias in journalism is over done. we all have biases. biases are necessary and it is how we sort out what is important and what isn't. once you make that decision you have used bias. you should be skeptical of
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every news source and every person who tells you stuff. except for me. i will never lie to you. no one should be suspicious of this show. >> and we make you laugh while we do it. finding the funny is the hardest thing ever. it is funny how they are trying to get people to recognize their unconscious bias. if it is unconscious how are you going to fix it. you don't realize you are doing it. i will say to these people who are nasty and changing algorithms that your job can be replaced by a robot who has little bias. you better tighten up the ship there. >> big time. there are a lot of these facebook jobs that are automated. in other facebook news, the tech tycoon is paranoid over privacy concerns.
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on twitter zuk's camera and his mike jack are covered with -- mic jack are covered with tape. they say it is a smart move to prevent people from spying on your life. >> i i do not. we should all give up. the era of privacy in your home when these cameras are everywhere, you should give up. we should snap embarrassing, nude photos and once they are there we are safer. >> once you exposed everything -- >> an ex-boyfriend told me that once too. that's crazy. >> joanne, do you cover that camera? i don't. i probably should. >> when i remember to i do because i had a pageant sister who had a hacker who tried to blackmail her because he had gotten into her camera and had footage. it happens. it really does.
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people want to film so many things and then when you realize oh no, i am not in control, then suddenly it is not okay. i feel like there will come a time when everything is just going to be out there anyway. >> pageant sister? >> is that a mormon beauty pageant. >> how did you do? >> you are very close to the people you did pageants with. it is not your biological sister. >> no, we were in the same class and had the same director. >> fantastic. >> i did it. as soon as i read this article. i put to the just one, but two pieces over the camera. >> are you a paranoid type? >> i am not at all. >> but your book is the approval -- >> approval junky. >> not a paranoid junky. i went and i probably shouldn't be interruptiing you when you brought --ent --
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interruptiing you when you brought up the book. >> i have some reference for him even though he ghosted me. >> well, you know you are on and then you are are out. so why did you tape over it? do you think a hacker is going to get in your computer? >> i have a mind spring account. i don't know how technology works at all. i was like what's going to happen? i need to cover this. if mark zuckerburg does it i will do it. if he tapes his nipples i will do it. >> if they debt in your camera they will get shots of your chin and below, right? >> they will never see your face. >> it is one of the most disappointing parts of my body. i cover my camera with tape, but scotch tape so they so a bizarre shadow image they thought was the plumber. >> so you wouldn't do it? you think it is being paranoid? i don't understand. >> if zuckerburg is doing it i
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probably will. i haven't done it yet. >> my friend worked for the nsa he assured me they don't have near the man power to go into every home in america. they don't have enough people to do it. >> they care about zuckerburg, but they don't care about what you are doing, america. time for a break. is there a bustle in your headrove? led zeppelin on trial when we come back.
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hey guys lunch is here! it's on me fellas. with the chase mobile app, stephen curry can send money to more people in less time. thanks, steph! no problem. even to friends in a growing number of other banks. ya'll ready to go? come on fellas let's go! easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. live from america's news headquarters, i'm zachy ibanez. in california two are dead from a fast-moving wildfire. this is in kern county. those people were killed trying to flee the fire which destroyed 80 homes in a matter of
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hours. firefighters are are working to fight a number of wildfires sparked by high temperatures and thousands have been evacuate evacuated. $2 trillion wiped out of the world market in the first few hours since united kingdom voted to leave the eu. wall street suffering the biggest loss in 10 months closing down 600 points on friday. almost every stock took a hit with financial stocks suffering the most. cuba is saying no to some members of congress. the country denying visa applications for members of the u.s. house homeland security. members were hoping to travel there to examine security at the country's airports which will start hosting flights to and from the u.s. later this year. the military may end its ban on transgender service members. the announcement could come next week. decisions have to be made about housing arrangements for the service members. and an attorney for former
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quarterback johnny manziel accidentally texting plans to the associated press to seek a plea deal in a domestic violence case. manziel is accused of hitting an ex-girlfriend and rupturing her eardrum. he has concerns of manziel's behavior while on pre because including visiting a drug paraphernalia store and fearing he may have to submit to a drug test. "star wars" creator george lucas is calling off plans for an art museum in chicago. he is blaming delays from a parks group opposing it across from the lakefront. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." the decision has kept britain and america trans fixed for months. the votes have been cast and the jury has spoken. led zeppelin did not steal stairway to heaven. they had a song and the opening cord sounded pretty
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similar. listen. ♪ >> zepplin and the guy gym mooy page and robert plant, they were able to show the opening cords of the song were the same, but the rest of the tune is inextinguishable and unremarkable, really. those opening cords have been used plenty of times before on songs like -- george harrison. listen. chicago. that song has a lot of numbers in it. jim croce. remember him? and even mary poppins. >> wow.
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>> it is all the same cord. >> you know what it is specifically about those two songs, it is the a minor cord with the descending baseline. it has a specific sound that i think a lot of people or just those two bands would put the two songs together. there is a great guy on youtube, t.j. r or t.j. m where there is a big explanation and he says it is pretty cool. that's what music is. there are so many notes to create so many cords, but there are so many cords out there. that's why nashville is big. they say this sound like this song. let's combine the two. >> this guy randy california didn't say anything about this while he was alive. then he died and someone who is the heir to his estate. if he didn't say anything i
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don't think he has a case. >> he is not going to say anything now either. i listened to both of these and they both just sounded like the entrance to renaissance fair. it sounded similar and made me take my little boost yea. >> the opening cords sounded almost exact looy alike. but is that the song? "stairway to heaven" is not the opening cords. >> it is 5% of the overall pr form mans. no young girl has a cord progression poster on her wall. the poster of jimmy plant on the wall or page on the wall. >> and he did like young girls. >> we won't get into it. it is the performance behind the music and not just the pew -- music itself. they are right to lose the lawsuit. >> and it is the lyrics. the lyrics of the song -- i mean they don't make sense to me. i don't know what he is talking about, but it has the feels like poetry.
12:28 am
lyrics are just as important. right or wrong? >> i would say that's true, but are you all missing the point. i watched another guy on youtube named alex jones and apparently that cord progression is part of a secret conspiracy. there is a reason why it appears in all of the music and every time you hear it the alluminati is taking you a little losser. -- a little closer. >> i don't even know if he is making that up. half time with gavin mcginnis, the person andy levey chose to fill in, he said he is the only one i trust to do the job. the "red eye" pod cast is next. tune in. uh human knotty
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welcome back. it is time to see how our panel did in the first half with analysis from neutral observer gavin mcginnis in the "red eye" news desk. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> you did a good job of bashing trump for no reason. i thought i was watching rachel mad do you or something. camille, you think he will be stepping up because he will have armed guards? what does a president make 400k a year? >> i was talking about all presidents and quite frankly every federal politician, they have cushy jobs and paid real well and have great privileges. >> that's why we like trump. he is the only white guy stepping down to be president. >> are you kidding?
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he doesn't have air force 1. he doesn't have any of those. >> he has trump force 1, what are you talking about? >> he doesn't have to pay for this stuff. >> you're out of order. >> i know you talk about the 6 million he got from his dad. he is worth 8.7 billion. don't you think that is a pretty good rate of return on your investment? >> it is. he talks about getting a small loan to begin his career. a small loan of $1 million however hitter, 40 -- 30, 40 years ago. >> i am amazed these pun di ts who don't own a lemonade stand coughing at a guy who made $8.7 billion like it is nothing. >> i am not a pundit and have a kick ass lemonade stand. >> you seemed concerned about the quality of his steaks. >> they are not very good steaks and i have had many. >> isn't it true that you were in fact fat? >> that have very true,
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gavin. >> i am moving on. you liked him, right? >> for the sake of my career, trump is a great man. >> we can't like him on right wing news. >> i think he has a lot of likable characteristics. the most likable is he is not hillary clinton. >> the most likable is he will make america great again. >> byway of magic. by way of magic. >> let's jump ahead here to google. you were talking about the algorithm in google. it was complicated. it reminded me of the fact that your calculated -- calculator -- calculus teacher died. >> that is true. it is a sense testify subject for me.
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>> how did you know that? >> i understand now why. >> faith -- >> i didn't kill any teachers. >> if you don't want his junk in your box i would avoid x ray machines. if you don't want to see his junk in your box. did i ruin that one? also ben, you talked about spam with trump. you said it is the definition of spam. you sign up for those e-mails. that's not spam. >> i haven't received one from trump. at some point you signed up for an e-mail because you were intoxicated and you were trying to impress a girl and the next day you have to send it to spam. >> that's not the definition of spam. by the way you eluded later on to trumping on spam cans. and spam is a cheap food and you used to be fat. >> correct. yes. thank you. >> you were trying to impress
12:36 am
a girl by subscribing -- that was in 2007 with barack obama. donald trump has not helped me one bit. >> you said tomb they come out of no where. i signed up 230r a hillary -- for a hillary e-mail and it doesn't go to the spam bach. it is in my in bach. >> i wanted to say what the rest of the panel was saying. >> oh my lord. >> i wanted to be agreeable. >> yes, the thing is with spam is as you trash things it learns your habits and it trashes similar things. if you are in the habit of trashing, i believe -- >> and are you basing this on assumption. what are you my babysitter? you sign up for government e-mails. >> an e-mail from a presidential candidate -- >> let's move ahead. we only have a little time left. >> you are so angry.
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>> he is doing it in an english accent. >> for christ sake can you shut up for two seconds please. camille, you were talking about how we should give up on bias and we have to accept it. i see that point. facebook is not a journalist. it is a distributor. it is like a piece of paper. it has to be unbiased. >> it does not. >> it should be. will you give me that? >> no, dude. it is private property. they can kick you off and me off and give me a promotion or give me a super duper purple check. they can do whatever they want. it is theirs. >> if it is a place to get information they shouldn't be editing information. >> get your information elsewhere if you don't like how they are serving information. skepticism is the tool. you of all people should be telling the people that truth. >> don't get personal here. >> we are running out of time. i have so much to say.
12:38 am
facebook is liberal. the users are not. >> you were talking about the stakes again. >> i used to be fat. >> is it possible your past weight is affecting everything in your own bias? >> tweet me at ben kissle. >> you have to skip to the end there. led zeppelin ripped off songs all the time. and i am quoting. ♪ no sunny days ♪ >> that's an exact quote? >> is that jimmy page? he ripped it off. >> he was ahead of his time. they are sampling whatnot. >> at least they admit it. >> thanks. >> thank you, gavin. coming up, an interview with one of the stars from independence day resurgeons. and later what's up with the robot.
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cloorly -- clearly something.
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live from the mark's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. a state of emergency in west virginia. the a least 23 people are dead after flash floods drowned part of the state. some counties saw as much as 10 inches of rain in six hours. hundred of people have lost their 40e78s -- their homes
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while thousands of others are still without power. it is feared the death toll will rise as the rubble is cleared. meantime, 52% of voters in the united kingdom voted out of the european union. a majority of people in london want to stay in the 28-nation block. now some londoners are urging the mayor to declare independence from the uk. folks there took to twitter using the # lr -- londependenc. isis continues to terrorize the middle east. in the past three weeks the group has abducted about 900 kurdish civilians in northern syria president activists say those taken captive were made to fight off a kurdish lead assault. 25 were killed for refusing to follow orders. a new cdc report suggests young kids from flint michigan
12:44 am
had high lead levels since they switched the water sources in 2014. they switched from the water system to the flint river to cut costs but lead from old pipes polluted the water since they were not treated for corrosion. an officer is in critical condition after he was shot multiple times near philadelphia. the officer responding to a drug call when the shooting happened. one person has been taken into custody. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. the highly anticipated blockbuster independence day resurgeons is now in theaters. it stars liam helms worth, jeff gold bloom and my guest right here. let's take a look.
12:45 am
>> you are screwing with the wrong species. >> i had years to get us ready. >> we're going down. >> i never got a chance. >> we didn't last time either. >> we convinced an entire generation that this is a battle we could win. >> wow. it's huge. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> huge blockbuster. i know you from "had good wife" and" the wire." these were great shows. the character on "the good wife" was the pastor. >> isaiah. >> you were so peaceful and you had such a wonderful, quiet presence in that show. in this movie, tell me what you do in "yps day." -- "independence day." i play secret service agent travis. he has been out of office for 20 years and i am his detail and he has this weird
12:46 am
relationship with the aliens who were there before. me and his daughter are con -- constantly trying to bring him back. there is a lot more to it. >> i thought we vanquished the aliens the first time. >> yeah -- no. >> i was wondering if he was still president. >> is he still president? and there is this human alien hybrid technology we have incorporated. it is near future type stuff and it is cool. >> it is obviously cool from the trailer and everything. when you are working on such a big budget picture and you have done so much tv and there is no cgi in the wire. when you are working on independence day did you do a lot of -- are you in front of green screens? >> i went from not doing any cgi, even in the films i have done before to doing so much cgi. we are in these huge hangars and it is blue screen top to bottom, 100 feet up. it is wild.
12:47 am
you are shooting aliens that aren't there. >> is it an acting thing? is it like you have to adjust to that? this is what the blockbusters are like now? >> yes it is an adjust, but it is back to basics. you just go with it. even in acting if i have a relationship you have to believe it so much that it is real. say you weren't there i have to believe it so much it is real. >> most of the scenes are outdoors. you weren't outdoors at all? >> the majority of it is inside the studios. >> amazing. >> the president in this film is a woman. are they trying to send a message. it is a good ms. seng. >> if the woman is president is the world about to be destroyed? >> we need more female leaders
12:48 am
by are pa. >> it is interesting we have a woman president in the film. you worked on "the wire." i'm assuming it was low budget, but you were working and it was bare bones. when you were working on "the wire," did you know -- what did you think of the show? did you think it would be a cult classic? >> it is funny. we had great writing and we were telling amazing stories reflective of cities around the world, the demise and the rise of them, but it was a show neverring knowledged by hollywood and standard accolades. then we realized we were doing the show for ourselves which gave us the freedom to shoot the truth and play in baltimore and then later on season four, season three, did we realize the critics were responding in a way that exemplified what the show
12:49 am
really was. we knew we were doing something special for us, but then toward the end we were doing something special for those who can watch it. >> when people haven't watched "the wire" i bother them until they watch it. if everyone says you have to watch "the wire" it is as good as they say. all television is here and the wire is in a special place. >> it is a different thing. i am working with the creators of "the wire" on a show called" the deuce." james franco, maggie gylenhaal and myself. it is a period piece and takes place in the 70s. 5 precursor to the portland industry. >> tell me what's on your shirt there? >> it says long live few tunisia. we make eco-friendly t-shirts and website. >> we are >> fantastic. i want people to look you up. are you active in political matters and things.
12:50 am
you read about your political action as far as nigeria and boko haram. look it up. it is interesting stuff. i have been reading about you all day. i wish i can spend all i'm with you. >> trust me, you don't. >> i want you to not only look at his work, but look at some of the other work you are doing. >> thank you for having me. >> be sure to check out "independence day." it is in theater right now. we will be back with more "red eye." stick around.
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coming up on the neck "red eye" bonnie mcfarland and tim dillon and kristen tate. okay, the led zeppelin decision is behind us. let's get to the story that is gripping europe. should robots be tweeted as electron neck persons with their own rights? that could happen if the eu adopts a draft plan to address the growing army of robot workers. the motion claims robots growing intelligence pervasiveness and autonomy requires rethinking everything from their taxation status to legal liability. and it calls on the european commission to consider that at least the most sophisticated
12:55 am
autonomous robots could have the status of electronic persons with specific rights and obligations. are robots really that special? take a look. >> he fell for it. always a banana peel. look at this. >> okay. they can occasionally be useful. >> see, that robot had obligations, right? you have to have him do the dish. >> he has be put one dish in
12:56 am
the dishwasher. by 204550% of the jobs are going to be taken over by robots and judging by those robots service will get worse and that is sad. it was making decisions which was impressive. he didn't president what to give the beer to the guy. >> i love after he put the cup in. what happens when we are replaced by robots. the show is better or, worse? >> i am very happy when robots replace fast-food workers. >> create at the people can't be replaced, we hope. >> could they? >> could robots be funny. >> we never thought they could even do that so maybe they can learn to host a show. i am in trouble. >> so long as the browser on your computer continues to crash you have little to worry about. >> they couldn't replace you with a computer. >> they don't make faces like me. we are opening up a worm hole with these whole rights for
12:57 am
robots. are you then going to have to pay them $every 7 -- them $7.50 an hour and make sure they have breaks. >> that's crazy. >> at some point they will have. it good night and have a good weekend.
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