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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  June 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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weeks and counter groups organized efforts on social media to protest the rally. that does it for us. "media buzz" is up next. >> donald trump fires the campaign manager, barely rays money goes off to the golf course in scotland and said he is getting pound bit press. >> i have been brutalized by the press for weeks and there is little difference in the polls. >> implosion of the donald trump campaign is continued good news for democrats with donald trump firing the campaign manager that no one else would have hired. >> when the baseball team is losing they fire the manager. >> c. flu 6th grader could handle a better campaign than his campaign was managed. >> the fundraising and the money
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situation which is abysmal as any in the history of our lifetime in mode eastern presidential politics, it is campaign that is break. today. >> shocking number, honestly that does not reflect well on the trump campaign. no denying that. >> but is all this more of what donald trump calls media mistilt? is hillary clinton getting the same scrutiny? donald trump is in the u.k. as britain votes for leave the european union and pressed on his role in supporting brexit the. >> it is today's vote an indicator for you that your rhetoric is --. >> i don't know, i don't think i have extreme rhetoric, actually. >> are the media mock his golf court press conferences? and a democratic sit in over gun control causes pandemonium in the house and generate as wave of coverage. >> we have to occupy the floor of the house of representatives to their satisfaction. >> the business of the house of representatives to conduct in a
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fashion representing the respect. [ inaudible ] and the decork of this institution... >> so partisan, do they usually get bad press? i am howard kurtz and this is "media buzz" today. a week that started with donald trump dumping his fiercely loyal campaign manager, corey lewandowski. then the filing that he raised over $3 million compared to $26 million for hillary clinton. he had over $1 million in the bank and she had $40 million. and two nominees in waiting blistering each other, hillary clinton unloading on donald trump's policy and donald trump on her foreign policy. >> we cannot let him bankrupt america we like we are one of his failed casinos. we cannot let him roll the dice
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with our children's futures. >> hillary clinton could be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> the week ended with the british vote to exit the e.u. and trump fielding questions from reporters in scotland where he was re-opening his golf court hours after the election result that stunned the world and forced the resignation of britain's prime minister. [ inaudible ] >> where is david cameron? [ inaudible ] all the labor party... [ inaudible ] >> what happened, i think, we have a nasty, nasty guy. >> joining us to analyze the campaign coverage is lisa boothe, republican strategist, and national political corporate and fox news distributor, and michael tomasky, columnist for the daily beast and omar mateen is with -- and mara liasson is
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with us. >> does the coverage go too far? >> donald trump would say that high has been able to counteract because he dominated social media and gets his message out and he has a tremendous amount of bad resolution, some of it could go too far as far as the negative feeling toward donald trump in the media. there are a lot of things donald trump said himself that were self inflicted. you just have to report that he went to scotland and said the dropping of the pound was good because it would mean more people would come over from the united states. or when asked, did he discuss this with the foreign policy advisors he said there was nothing to talk about. >> police; no one is saying $1 million in the spank great news for the candidate but did the media recognize he may not need $1 billion. >> absolutely. if you look at the numbers, hillary clinton spent something like $220 million to take out
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bernie sanders with a staff of 700 and donald trump has less than 100 and $50 million to defeat 16 candidates but that is not something we they are talking about but the numbers are not good. i looked at senate candidates that posted better numbers. the criticism regarding the fund raising is fair. adding some of that extra context as far as how much hillary clinton has spent to get someone like bernie sanders would be helpful or make it more balanced. >> trump said he could fund the full campaign with media skepticism. what do you make of now the 4th straight week of negative coverage? >> he got four months of positive coverage. he got four months of --. >> positive come? positive? >> it was mixed but what i am referring to specifically is all the cable net woulds cutting to his speeches, covering his speeches and preempting regular programming and showing him for 30 and 40 minutes.
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if you converted all that time, if you add it to commercial time it was work $2 billion. he get a last free coverage and he did fine. it want all positive but it was him standing there talking. he did fine for a while. here is the problem now, the press feels bad about all of that. two, they want him to prove that he can act lick a president. and the coverage will turn around. >> before we move on leashing aside that come was journalists questioning him, you are saying as in supporters it is a makeup, the press felt they were too soft on donald trump before. >> that is my gut. my gut. just my gut. >> firing the campaign manager a in before the convention is not great. what do you make of the leaks? the campaign chairman now running the whole show said
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ivanca was distancing herself unless corey lewandowski was out. >> sometimes the donald trump campaign can be as undiscipline as the candidate. those were a last leaks. you had michael capu testimony o "ding-dong the witch is dead." >> and resigned hours later. >> hery signed. a lot of looks. made it sound like a lost turmoil. something else got coverage after donald trump gave the blistering speech on hillary clinton a comprehensive cogent whether based on conspiracy or facts he laid owe the argument against hillary clinton and it made republicans feel better. he raised a last money, like, $3 million or $5 million in a couple of days. >> but the media like insults rather than substance. it is not uncommon in presidential candidates, al gore has three campaign managers, so do you think the way they portrayed it as a catastrophe is
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overdone? >> it happens all time. the campaigns shed staff and bring in new people because it is a different campaign environment. you need someone with more experience running campaigns. so it makes sense to shift from corey lewandowski to paul. the coverage of the firing shows the bias in the media. the amount of attention that it got when you have former hillary clinton staffer who pled the 5th 150 times, and new revelations on the maim -- e-mail server but donald trump firing campaign manager which is standing operating procedure dominates the headlines. that shows the bias in the media. >> corey lewandowski is a character himself, generating a lost controversy with the allegations that he man handled a reporter. >> but that was overblown.
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>> it might have been but now where all the controversy blown up he was someone who people had a last and n >> controversies regard him and not hillary clinton is the problem. >> are saying in it were a faceless campaign america they could have moved on. >> now back to trump being in scott hand, in he was to promote the golf course but he was in a position of trying to be the global statesman and got into it with a couple of reporters including a british reporter said he could be toxic. by and large they were negative reviews of trump on the golf course. was that fair or up fair? >> reasonable. a strangely timed we strip. it is okay he is a businessman, promote your golf course but the day of the vote? that seemed silly to me and incomprehensible. in it was intentional, he could have done his homework to the extent of knowing how scotland voted and not putting out the
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tweet that suggested that scotts were going crazy over this and they voted against it. >> usually when presidential candidates go abroad they have meetings with local leaders. >> he did not have that. but he used brexit and said it was a vindication for him and used that to fund raise. there is this doubt he pushed the narrative there were parallels between brexit. >> he is not the only one. do you think there is an overreach? it is a tempting story to draw a parallel between what happened in print and trump was pro brexit unlike the establishment united states politicians and his own campaign which surprised so many here and supports have been attacked as being idiotic. >> you do not want to overplay the hand. the media sees things
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oversensationallized. there are parallels with faceless bureaucrats in brussels dictating everything from poster to tea kettles and people in the united states feeling there has been heavy hand of federal overreach in their lives. some of the parallels are similar and the anti-establishment sentiment, frustration was over open borders fueling the country has gotten further away from who they felt they should be. >> you think it is appropriate for the froze point out what you see as a strong parallel? >> yes there are parallels. does it mean anything for the general election? probably not. who knows. some of the parallels that were being drawn, that is fair. >> for each of the stories i read another that said, wait, there are a lot of differences and it could not be direct of the the press coverage was nuanced. >> our colleague, george will, prize winning syndicated columnist made news say he is
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leaving the republican party. take a look. >> i left it for the same reason i joined it in 1964 when i voted for barry goldwater because i was a conservative. i leave for the same reason, i am a conservative. >> is this important in the sense of being symbolic because show a high profile conservative cammator? >> what percentage of americans know george will? it is like... >> on abc for decades. >> maybe a lot of people now the guy and he is well respected on republicans and conservatives so once he said that, others say it, too. >> we will make in secret he is doing this because of donald trump and telling the republican party, make sure trump loses and do not give him money. not saying armies people will follow him but it grabs your attention. >> conservative intellectuals and a lost columnists and he
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could be the most prominent said he is leaving the party but if you use charles krauthammer, similar sentiments so trump has not unifyied the party. >> and donald trump said george will is one of the most overrated and lot of his way long ago. >> did anyone think not do that? it plays into the narrative of disunity account republican party which obviously this is some. when you have someone high profile like george will or charles krauthammer conservatives that people respect, it does not send the right message and it hurts donald trump. >> there is a political in the going and conservative media which we talk about and george will is always an example. thank you. we will see you in a bit. katrina pierson responds to all of this with the trump campaign and, later, why did the house of representatives democratic sit on gun control get such glowing
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>> donald trump droving mostly negative coverage. and joining us from dallas is katrina pierson with the campaign. thanks for joining us, katrina. donald trump said he has been brutalized bit coverage but you would agree that hiring a campaign manager and raising only $3 million in month is fair game. >> it would be fair game for scrutiny in they reported it in the accurate context. with regard to corey lewandowski, donald trump said himself that he just wanted to go in a different direction. i was a business decision not political. they both gave interviews speaking miley of each other and corey lewandowski is still promoting donald trump to this day but the media said insisted
2:18 pm
there had to be a villain. >> we looked at fact checking of both hillary clinton's big speech and donald trump's speech and we found more media efforts to scrutinize what donald trump said and he particularly seems to take issue with the cnn fact checking saying the clinton news network is losing all credibility. do you think cnn has been fair in the fact checking? >> absolutely not. particularly last week. after his speech. the reporters at cnn did not wait in the official "fact checker," before they proceeded to defend hillary clinton after mr. trump's speech and they tried to explain away some of the criticisms that he gave, questions they will not ask her themselves. >> what explains it? >> what needs to happen,
2:19 pm
mr. trump has already stated he is going to have to continue to bypass the media and take his message to the public. the cnn fact checkers, last week they went to hillary clinton's defense and a commentators wanted to dis credit, a book that explains the corruption involved with the we clinton foundation and returning political favors while secretary of state. that stuff needs to be out there and the public needs it know. >> donald trump may is to in machine ways bypass the media but he is doing a lot interviews both with numbers and television so he is continuing what he did not primaries which is engaging the media >> he will continue to talk to the media. in they are talking they cannot say he said something he did not say. even though they will try to twist it and do what they do best, it is creating their own narratives and donald trump will make himself available to the media and the public because at the end of the day, his policy
2:20 pm
first will make all of the difference in the lives of americans. >> new, the press largely criticized donald trump for taking the trip to scotland for the golf course and after the brexit vote, saying a sinking british proud when asked, said it would help his golf course and the criticism was he made it about him. your response? >> it wasn't about him but about scotland in general. he said that. there will be a last business that goes there. that is really important. his response was a response of a success will businessman. he was very supportive of brexit because the people get to decide their fought. that is exactly what happened in the u.k. and it will happen all over the world and it will happen in the united states. we, too, have our own elite trying to tell americans how to live their daily lives and what they can and cannot eat and how much they can or cannot make that is impossible. he was stating a fact and that
2:21 pm
is that scotland will get more business. >> let me read a couple of newspaper leads, the "washington post", on uncoming cleveland convention, dozens of republican d.c.s are blocking a plan to block donald trump and to stop the businessman, "new york times", the donald trump campaign and rnc moving to head off an effort to stage a revolt at the convention. john roberts asked donald trump about in scotland. take a listen. thank you is a real campaign new among certain delegates to the convention to unbind delegates to try to top you from becoming the nominee at the convention. what do you say about what is going on? >> made up by the press. >> i cannot do -- they cannot do it legally. >> this is a small chance of getting anywhere but it is not made up. people are on the record talking about agoing against trump in
2:22 pm
cleveland. >> yes, there are a handful of people who are educated adult that want to take their ball and go home because their gay did not win. at end of the day it is a very small number. donald trump has the delegates to win. it will be an amazing convention. donald trump has brought in the most votes in a g.o.p. primary ever and he has brought in more people to the party. this is what the party has been say they needed and this is why the rnc is supporting donald trump and yes they are doing joint efforts. he is going to take his message to the general after the convention and show that hillary clinton's policies would be abysmal for the economy and national security. >> we will see you in cleveland, katrina pierson, thanks for being here. >> we will look at the fact checking of the big speeches by hillary clinton and donald trump did they both get equal scrutiny ? why the global media was shocked
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ask your doctor about victoza®. >> media outlets are surprised by britain's vote for abandon the european union although the polls were very tight. >> make no mistake this is the biggest political shock in britain in half a century. every political party here, big business, trade unions, wanted britain to stay. the people decided otherwise. >> it would be hard to overestimate the shock and the consequences of this vote. >> stunning. yesterday, people thought the remaining vote who wins because there was a president out that shows exactly the opposite of what happened. >> stunning. showing. like many journalists remained in denial about donald trump who supported r and his chances of winning the republican nomination. but many british papers
2:27 pm
especially the tabloids and antieuropean drum boat going for years. one urged "vote for independence day from the crushing brussels machine." vote leads the day. and another "nailed: four big eu lies." one against leaving europe "don't take a loop into the dark, remain." and another said in the partisan antieuropean papers they only wanted to face about faceless european bureaucrats that have riles on the size of a cucumber or british remains fighting rear guard action against a hostile continent. but recent head hypes, "bombshells the e.u. is keeping secret until after you vote." and media snout in the trough. >> but the elite favored the
2:28 pm
campaign and came under fire for becoming more guests to preserve the maim with the e.u. >> i watch bbc and never seen so much propaganda for an issue be rebuffed than i saw here. the bbc was pro-remaining. >> they called them immigrant hating yahoos and one wrote that the brexit debate made britain more racist and it was a i racist campaign." for brexit, i did not believe it could happen here. >> it did. and if you were shocked you need to examine why you thought it was unthinkable. >> cnn hires corey lewandowski after the firing by the trump campaign. really? but fact checking donald trump's speech, hillary clinton...not so
2:29 pm
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>> fox news alert, seven people have been transported area hospitals after multiple stabbings at a neo-nazi rally in sacromento, california, the scene has been cleared, but early today, counter protesters clashed with demonstrators outside the capital. the neo-nazi group was planning the rally for several westbounds and counter groups organized efforts on social media to protest against the rally. we will have updates as they come into fox news but right now that is it. now back to "media buzz" now >> the first question, donald trump saying hillary clinton was asleep during the benghazi asleep when four americans were killed. the seconds with about whether there were russian hacking on
2:33 pm
her e-mail server. what do you think of the exchangesst do you believe donald trump is fact checked more aggressively? >> in doubt he is fact mored more aggressively. it is a challenge. he says a last things that are not backed up by evidence and the fact checking departments are overwhelmed and she tends to deliver her attacks by repeating outrageous things he has said. those are easy, do you not have to fact check those. yes, he is under more scrutiny that is a classic example. he said her e-mail server was hack. he did not have evidence. i will come back to you he said. >> some outlets like "washington post" fact check both and "new york times" fact trumped the we donald trump speech and cnn does on air fact on trump. is this unbalanced? all the organizations that are doing the fact checks, if you look at the studies, during
2:34 pm
president obama second term despite i.r.s. and the benghazi controversy organizations were three times more likely to find republican statements and claims false than they were for democrats. someone would worked on campaign i know you stop responding to the facts because although the information you give them is true, the best you get is a half truth. and you look at the democratic counterpart and they rate everything true, and not very often are they rated anything "false," or certainly it is a lot of bias with the arguments. >> it is fair to attack the fact checkers but with no fact check on a major hillary clinton speech, it is hard to defend. >> there should be fact checking. everyone should be fact checked. cnn first started about the real time fact checking when donald trump spoke it is a great idea. >> i do, too. >> they should do it for much. >> let me just say, donald trump deserves a tougher fact chemical
2:35 pm
because he said stuff what pops in his head. in the speech, when he said, for example, that hillary clinton, all of the turmoil in the middle east is directly her responsible -- responsibility... >> someone like hillary clinton never in a history has a nominee faced a federal criminal investigation by the f.b.i., someone like --. >> do not go there go to fact checking. i am getting to that. given the amount of lies that she has fold in relation to the private e-mail server --. >> it has not been extensively covered? >> not to the extent of trump. talk about substantive things. trump said silly things that deserve fact checking but we are talking about credible issues that have to do with national security. those things --. >> here is where republicans i have talked to are frustrated. there is a case to be made against hillary clinton.
2:36 pm
he has said things about her server like, i asked, it was okay or others did this that have turned out to be con that ticketed. he did not put that, he goes for the wild and unfair statements. he does not lay owe the argument. >> you are not saying it is wild conspiracy. >> not all. >> a all politicians engage in fabrication. sometimes it is by omission. before we go, bernie sanders still running for the nomination last time i check asked this came up on msnbc. >> if you accept the math of case and you realize she is likely the nominee with not withdraw? >> why do that when i want to ice fight to have the best platform we possibly can? >> did the press stop favoring now he said hillary clinton will win. >> they have stopped covering him.
2:37 pm
>> it is a done deal. >> obviously he will want to do his thing up to the convention so it is news. he got 12 million votes. >> i don't think he wants to get rid of the satellite. that is not a senator that got a lot of media attention before he ran for president. >> this has been a backbencher for areas and now he has a platform. he has five people to hillary clinton's since on the party platform committee. >> philadelphia will be as interesting as cleveland, mark my words. lisa, and mara liasson and michael tomasky thank you for stopping by. >> house democrats take over the floor and in what the g.o.p. call a public mist -- a publicity stunt. stay tuned. his
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>> and after the shock in orlando wore off the agreed was focusing on gun control. the killer brought the weapons legally, and the coverage mushroomed when the senate voted down four gun measures sponsored by lawmakers on both parties and explode when the democrats took over the house of representatives floor. talking
2:42 pm
radical islam. >> sitting down to take a stand. house democrats hold the sit in to demand a vote on gun control. >> patience is long gone. >> unprecedented demonstration, dozens of democrats today calling for a vote on gun control. >> an extraordinary scene. >> dramatic and unprecedented nature of the tactic makes it the biggest domestic politics story in the country by a mile. >> but there was a lot of positive press by what paul ryan called a stunt. >> simon rosenberg this was a media coup, was there emphasis on the democrats breaking the
2:43 pm
rules? >> almost nothing. i was in a group of reporters asking questions of the democratic leaders and no one said, you are breaking the rules. is this how it is in the future when you disagree with the legislation to sit on the floor and take over? i asked the question, and i got a lecture from the minority leader of the house of representatives, saying, this is a really important issue and it justified our actions. >> get with the program. >> simon, you have to admit the media bought into the civil rights media, and john lewis "we shall over come," with the minority insisting on a volt >> paul ryan blew it because it created conflict. it allows it to escalate and democrats cause the wave by using this alternative technology, the periscope and facebooking and suddenly, it became interesting and the truth is no one has heard from the house democrats in areas. so, this was the first time in the fair and balanced nature of our town, so...
2:44 pm
>> end the house is not in session c-span does not control the cameras so this was popular on c-span. how much of the coverage in your view was influenced by the fact the subject was deadly serious subject of gun control which the media care about. >> a it is true and everyone felt it was justified. there has been in gun control action. you look at the polls and everyone wants gun control. they want to stop terrorist but no one is polled on the specific ideas offered by democrats vs. republicans. both have offered ideas. what was missing are the ideas of the republicans putting forward but the democrats have blocked. no discussion on that. just, well, there has been in action and this could be the only way to get to it. >> the msnbc was wall to wall and the huffington post said "democrats give bloody hell." so when paul rain called it a
2:45 pm
publicity stunt it was covered as an obligation and, the g.o.p. said, the democrats are doing this for show. >> again, the amaze thing is the democrats stopped. they should showed remarkable discipline. they had a good 24 hours in they pushed it further the news coverage would have turned very negative on them. >> let me push you. did they have a good 24 hours because most of the press was paying into their narrative rather than viewing this as a stunt and both pairs do stunts republicans have done things, like shutting down the government. >> republicans shut down the government. >> and a filibuster is allowed by the rules so were you surprised, i know you are pleased, are you surprised the democrats got such good press over this action? >> it has to do in some ways, it was not going to get coverage and they found the alternative ways of getting their message
2:46 pm
out. >> in not for the live streaming on periscope. all the story would have been yawn. >> yes. it was interesting. suddenly you had c respond covering things through periscope on the floor and they never did that before it became 9 manipulation of new media itself became the story beyond the original sit down. again, the democrats are not always the most disciplined crew and the fact that they called it off allowed them --. >> so republicans refused to have a vote on garland for the supreme court and cruz called them obstructionist buzz the democrats were not tagged although they stopped spending bills. >> it was framed in a very favorable light, i have headlines from when ted cruz was fishing, phone any obamacare filibuster, a hold line on a news story we have ted cruz finally releases his grip on the
2:47 pm
senate floor. >> i am all for john lewis, democrat, any political party trying to seize the moment and get coverage and be in front of the cameras but in the temperatures had gotten a vote they would have lost and the story would have been over sooner. thank you both, susan ferrechio and site -- and simon rosenberg. more on the donald trump visit to scotland at his golf course. tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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donald trump may have been in scotland just as the stunning >> trump made it to scotland just as the brenham results became nope. >> different changes to the course and we fully renovated
2:51 pm
the court, brand new sprinkler system, the highest level. been made longer and... >> join me from new york is caitlin huey-burns with real clear politics. great to see you. >> good to be here but. >> donald trump made brief comment on brexit and to the frustration of networks which cut an he launched into the glories of the golf course. the weapon report said that it was surreal ribbon cutting and did not understand the gravity of the u.k. decision. is that coverage unfair? >> it was interesting because when donald trump touched down in scotland he praised the vote and we know that scotland is one of the few plays that voted overwhelmingly against leaving the e.u. so there was criticism to be had there. and donald trump before addressing the e.u. vote launch ed into a promotion of the
2:52 pm
renovations made to the golf resort he was at >> the sprinkler system. >> the reason for the trip. high started off with that and launched into his take on the vote. it should be noted that donald trump was opposeed to the u.k. remaining in the e.u. and said it before in of interests. he was in the right place at right disciple in it was not a foreign policy expedition that presidential candidates take. >> was three lucky because he suddenly has live news conference on the decision by the u.k. because initially the reporting was, what is donald trump doing takes days off the campaign trail to go to scott lend increase a golf course promotion? >> right, a lost discussion on whether he should be going. there was discussion in the campaign and critics wondered in
2:53 pm
it was the right choice to make. donald trump went ahead with it anyway. his supporters said, look, he is in the heat of the biggest political story of the moment. from his supporters' perfective and from the campaign per expectative it was the right decision. however, it did inhave it a last criticism. first, it wasn't a foreign policy expedition. he said that he was talking with his foreign policy advisors while he was this but he said that this was nothing to talk about. >> but he did not advertise it as a foreign policy trip. now, in the hyper speed universe, the fact he was there in scottscotland does it wipe away the previous coverage on the firing of the campaign manager and the trouble with fundraising? >> that will continue because we still waiting to see what the
2:54 pm
fall out from that is. we are getting a wave of new polls today by a variety different sources and the campaign changes day to day and we will see in the firing and the new trump that the campaign has promote, he gave a speech criticizing clinton and we will see what the campaign schedule is if he campaigns in battleground states. he will have to raise money and he has shown that he is starting to raise money online and that is something they did not do. there are changes. that will help in the context. all the new polls show hillary clinton with 12 or five point lead depending which poll you are following. >> a published rumor about lawrence thomas is shot down -- clarence tom is shot down big time.
2:55 pm
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. i >> little more than a rumor, with a report that clarence
2:58 pm
thomas is "mulling retirement after the location." according to court watchers but his wife knocked it down saying unsubscribe from the false news sources and carry on with your lives it is bogus. he needs to find a phone in his life. >> whatever hands to making a phone call for comment? cnn hired a brand new contributor, corey lewandowski, seconds after donald trump fired him as campaign manager. no knock but it is a sad move by cnn because corey lewandowski handled the dismissal with class has made clear he does not plan to say a negative syllable. this is before he was hired. >> someone tuning in to watch this could think they are on another land it because you are making it seem like everything was great. >> the campaign is moving in the right direction. that is the most important thing. >> here is corey lewandowski's
2:59 pm
first interview on the cnn payroll when asked about the firing. >> do you feel angry? >> why. i feel honored. honored to have been part of changing the american political system for the rest our lives and hopefully, further. >> he said he will calls balls and strikes as he sees them but he cannot criticize trump because he signed a non- non-disclosure agreement. a lost former operatives worker for cable news channels but leaving aside cory's river relations with some reporters and the michelle fields grabbing i don't see how it helps cmn's credibility in covering donald trump. that is it for "media buzz" and we like you like our facebook payment where we post a lot of original content. we will look to consideration
3:00 pm
the conversation with you, back next sunday, same place and same time. >> i am chris wallace, a populist uprising in britain sends shockwaves around the globe. in it happened there, can it happen in america? >> british people have made a clear decision to take a different path. >> what will not change is the special relationship that exists between our two nations. >> people see a big parallel. they want to take their country back. they want to have independence. >> today, former speaker newt gingrich top trump advisor and possible running mate on whether britain's vote to leave the european union could have parallels here at home. >> an exclusive interview with hillary clinton's campaign manager. on how she will deal with a growing populist rebel beyd


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