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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  June 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> see you tomorrow. starting out with a fox news alert. democrats on capitol hill releasing a preemptive report on benghazi which claims that then secretary of state hillary clinton was not at fault in the attacks that left four americans dead. hello, everyone, i'm heather nauert, in for gretchen carlson, and this is "the real story." the white house is rejecting a request for the president to answer a list of questions about the deadly terror attack. let's start with catherine herridge live in washington. >> reporter: the democrats on the select committee issuing their reports today, finding that hillary clinton did not personally reject requests for additional security in benghazi prior to the 2012 attack. they also concluded that the crew on the ground conducted themself with extraordinary courage and concluded the defense department could not
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have done anything different to save the lives of four americans, including the american ambassador and navy s.e.a.l.s. the key thing is there are another assessment of the interviews that were done by the benghazi select committee and that is the republican report, and we could expect that as early as tomorrow, heather. >> all right, catherine, tell us about the letter. >> reporter: i have a copy of the letters right here. what i would tell people is that we're really seeing this entire issue of benghazi really come to the head, first with this report from the democrats, what we expect to be the report from the republicans, and then these letters about the communication between the select committee and the white house about trying to get some very basic questions to the president about what he was doing that evening. the president's lawyer has advised that he should not answer these questions on the basis that it's a separation of powers situation. but that certainly critics would say is not consistent with the administration's position that
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it's tried to be very transparent about all of these issues, heather. >> certainly, and about our right to know and about the families wanting to know what our officials were doing that night. >> reporter: i would also add, if i just could, what many people forget is it's not just the four americans who were killed, but if you take the size of the cia annex, which was largely unknown to many people in the u.s. government, and those who were at the diplomatic consulate at benghazi, you have upwards of 30 americans whose lives were at risk for nearly 12 hours that evening. and we're lucky in many respects because of the people on the roof of that annex to have survived and to be able to evacuate. >> catherine, you are so right about that, we're so fortunate we didn't lose more lives. catherine, we're all glad you're on this story, thank you. with hillary clinton back on the campaign trail, by her side, a powerful senator popular with bernie sanders supporters. hillary clinton is just moments
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from addressing the women's luncheon at the rainbow push coalition. she made a strong appeal to the democratic base in the swing state of ohio with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. and that is only adding fuel to speculation that she could be a possible vice presidential candidate. jennifer griffin is live for us in cincinnati. join, many people are talking about this today, that could be a trial balloon for clinton's choice for vp. >> reporter: it sure looks that way in cincinnati, heather. when senator warren took the stage with hillary clinton, i have not heard the roar of the crowd, the raucous applause since we've been on the campaign trail in recent weeks. she came out punching donald trump, mocking his slogan of "make america great again," and didn't let up. all clinton could do was stand back and smile. the greatest problem with warren as her vice president, according to political observers, is that she might outshine the candidate
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with her take-no-prisonere ers style. >> great for who, exactly? when donald trump says he'll make america great, he means make it even greater for rich guys just like donald trump. great for the guys who always want more. because that's who donald trump is. the guy who wants it all for himself. and watch out, because he will crush you into the dirt. >> i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. >> reporter: i'm told that elizabeth warren is actually not at the top of the short list, despite all of the speculation in the media otherwise, heather. >> okay, the question is who is, but i guess we'll have to get to that another time. tell us what her supporters said when you asked about warren for vp, did they like the idea? >> reporter: it's very interesting, everyone we talked to in the audience today, they were in favor of elizabeth warren as her number two, which
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was very interesting in this rust belt state where republicans are seen as being up for grabs. >> no. no, we've been almost lifelong republicans until mr. obama, and we voted for him. i think elizabeth warren would be great. >> i really like elizabeth warren. i really do. i hope she goes with her. >> she's a pitbull, she fights, she's attacks, she's not afraid to say what she really means, i like that. >> reporter: do you think the country is ready for two women on a ticket? >> absolutely. >> they've always handled two men, i don't know why they can't handle two women. >> reporter: some of those voters even suggested she choose a republican, governor john kasich here in ohio, he's very popular in these parts. >> that would be fascinating, i can't imagine he'd take it, but it's fun to talk about.
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standard and pastosxh poora britain's triple a credit rating is no longer justifiable, warning it could cut its rating further after the brexit vote. major stocks falling sharply again in the wake of britain's volt to lea vote to leave the european union. the dow now down 283 points. what's the big picture for americans? >> the big picture for americans is that -- well, for the world, to be quite frank, is the unknown. and that's why the markets are down so much. in and of itself, economically the responding action in the stock market seems out of step with reality. but it's a dark cloud to some, there is a question mark. will it be a smooth transition? remember, this could be a two-year transition.
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so right now, the things i'm most concerned about, even with the stock market, most stocks i think are going to bounce back. i do think it's a red flag that these bank stocks are down a lot, particularly british banks. and they're down huge, heather, like 2008, 2009 kind of huge, that makes you wonder what's going on. >> in 2008, 2009, it affected us all. are our banks better equipped to handle it now than then? >> david cameron gave a speech and said the banks over there are ten times more capitalized, ten times better, yet they're getting absolutely crushed. our banks are down but not to the same degree. listen, the risk isn't out there like it was before, when all the slice and dice mortgages were there. you do have to wonder. the market overall is reacting. that's one segment i'm watching closely. >> you mentioned mortgage rates, they're pretty low right now.
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>> they are pretty low. >> some are saying they could go lower. >> i wouldn't be surprised. coming into this whole british exit vote, the thinking on wall street was that the federal reserve, the folks who manage our money supply, were going to actually start to raise rates and rates would cut up. now the betting is starting to shift. >> because of brexit? >> because of the unknown, because a lot of people think, if nothing else, the hiccup will cause a temporary pause or decline in the global economy. we're at 3.56%, so that means if you take out a hundred grand loan, your monthly payment is around 450 bucks. that gets really attractive. you know, i think a lot of people -- >> it's awesome. >> it's awesome. there are a lot of people utilize theout there, who don't know that people used to pay such high interest rates years ago. >> can you tell me when people should lock in their rates if they're in the middle of home buying? >> i think you have to do it now. a lot of people have been trying
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to pick the bottom on rates, which i think is folly. it's not going to get much lower than this. if the home of your dreams is out there, snatch it now, don't try and get a little extra bit. >> you're a wealthy guy, you work on the fox business network. thanks for coming, i'll see you again soon. a big day at the supreme court, unanimously overturning former virginia governor bob macdonnell's bribery conviction. he was convicted 0 on federal corruption charges in 2014, found guilty of violate the law when he received money and lows from the ceo of a virginia-based company in exchange for official acts. the high court's 8-0 decision leaves open the possibility that macdonnell can be retried but his current conviction is vacated. the supreme court also ruling that people who commit
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domestic violence can lose their gun rights. the federal law denies guns to people convicted of violent acts against family members based in part on research showing they're more likely to use guns domestically in the future. we'll have more on the big decisions live from the supreme court in just a few minutes. it is a big day. some new polling coming in showing hillary clinton adding to her lead over donald trump but trump claims one of the polls was biased against him. so is he right? plus police say a mother shot and killed an intruder hiding in her children's bedroom, why police aren't done investigating yet. she was very have been armed. she was obviously defending herself and she uses a gun to protect herself. the right things working together
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welcome back. an investigation is under way into a deadly amtrak collision that took place in colorado. according to police, the van did not stop for the train and was subsequently hit on its right side. a 4-year-old girl is now the sole survivor in that minivan after her parents along with her three young sisters were killed. none of the 286 passengers on board that amtrak train were injured. the cause of the crash is still unclear but authorities don't believe that alcohol or drugs were involved. politics now, new national polls casting dark clouds over the trump campaign. the latest "wall street journal"/nbc news poll show hillary clinton five points
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ahead, 46 to 41. trump is behind by 12 points in another poll, 51 to 39. the author of "fox news first" joins us, chris, thanks for joining us. can you explain the difference in these polls? >> well, a poll can be statistically sound, methodologically correct, it can be right, if you will, but not predictive. pollsters have different views of what the general electorate is going to look like this year. how many white dudes, how many women of color, how old, how young. these are things that pollsters control for. so they look for a sample of voters that includes what they think will be a representative sample. and of course there are deviations within -- even if we have the same idea, when we randomly reach a thousand people, you and i could come up with different results, maybe not as different as seven points necessarily, but we'll come up with different results because
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we'll have a different thousand people. >> they were pretty different polls, one with him 12 points behind and one with him 5 points behind. there's a lot of conversations today about the abc/"washington post" poll and whether or not they oversampled democrats. donald trump coming up with a pretty vivid tweet saying that the abc poll sample is heavy on democrats, very dishonest, why would they do that, other polls good. chris, i'm sure you heard this today, our head of polling had this to say. she said, the polls don't oversample democrats and neither do we, it's just a fact these days that voters seem more likely to consider themselves democrats than republicans. so is there any merit to what donald trump is claiming now? >> we should point out that dana blanton is marvelous in many ways, and that's one of the ways, because it's a straightforward, clear-headed way to put it. when legitimate news organizations like us poll, we don't look for a set number of democrats or republicans.
11:17 am
we look for an electorate that looks like america, and then we say, and how do you consider yourself, democratic, republican, or independent. the split between -- here's the thing that republicans sometimes have a hard time accepting. there are just more democrats in america than there are republicans. in the 2012 election, on election day, when that exit poll was taken, guess what, there were 6 points more democrats than there were republicans. that's how it is in america. and that's why republicans rely so much on independent voters to make up for the gap. that's just the truth. >> just the facts from the exit polls from 2012. let me ask you about this, back to our current polling, and as you just highlighted, there are more democrats than registered republicans nowadays, but let's talk about those independent voters. when you apply the independent voters and you apply third party voters, look at that, clinton 39, trump 38, gary johnson, libertarian, 10 hers, jill stein
11:18 am
from the green party, 6%. you throw in johnson and stein and that could completely throw the race. >> that's the "wall street journal" poll. that depends on which states, which states have access, how serious they're being taken. it's a reflection of the deep dissatisfaction that many have with both major party nominees. this is why both trump and clinton are working hard right now to connect or reconnect with their parties' bases, to get their folks to the polls so they doesn't suffer from fallaway. the problem with third party candidates are people are only going to do so much with casting votes that are symbolic. but we can take that as a dissatisfaction with both major part nominees. >> in they're bernie sanders supporters, and bernie sanders is casting his vote with hillary clinton, you have to wonder what's going to happen with those people, a lot of those
11:19 am
people aren't so crazy about hillary clinton. >> i think you're on to something. >> chris, thanks a lot, you always are. great to see you. >> you bet. a mother taking action into her own hands when she finds an intruder in her child's bedroom. and people in west virginia bracing for even more devastating storms. what's it like to be in good hands?
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welcome back. a dangerous wildfire fight under way in southern california right now. unseasonable heat wave making it really tough for crews to battle the massive flames that are raging in kern county, the fire destroying hundreds of homes and killing at least two people.
11:23 am
that number of deaths expected to rise. cadaver dogs are combing through the charred homes and buildings. we're live from the fox weather center with more on when hopefully the weather will start to cooperate with firefighters. jenna? >> hi, heather. we have the potential for showers and thunderstorms for the next couple of months, which is good news, that will help the relief abilities. but bad news, dry lightning. it's no dry out here, we can have thunderstorms. and actually the moisture evaporates before it hits the ground. there are your current temperatures. we have heat advisories once again for the southwest with well over 100 degrees there. phoenix, 110. tucson, 102. 85 in los angeles. of course fire crews are still out there. the temperatures are going to remain warm. we're not going to get any relief into southern california. and the conditions remain dry for the next several weeks. back to you, heather. >> a lot of people ask how these
11:24 am
wildfires start. it could start with a spark. >> mm-hmm. >> folks have to be so careful out there. >> they really do. i've been talking to people who live out there and they're really nervous about this fire season. >> we're hoping for the best for all of them. thank you. a portland mother shoots and kills an intruder hiding in her childs' bedroom. police are trying to figure out exactly what happened as some are hailing her as a hero. trace gallagher has more. >> we know the intruder was found in the child's bedroom but the child was not there at the time. they had just gotten home early sunday morning when the mom discovered a 59-year-old man inside the home. police won't say if there was a struggle or if the man threatened the family in any way, only that the mom used her own gun to shoot and kill the man. apparently the mother then called 911. police put the neighborhood on
11:25 am
kind of a semilockdown until they could figure out if the man who was shot was alone. neighbors say before the mother and her two kids moved in, the home sat vacant for a while and some squatters had been in and out of the home. there have been a rash of minor burglaries in the neighborhood and items stolen off front porches. ported land police say this is the second homeowner this year to use deadly force against an intruder. one neighbor says you've got to protect your own. listen to him. >> murder is not anything to think lightly about. but if it's protecting a family member or a child, absolutely. >> the shooting is being investigated. and police have questioned the mom but for now she is not facing any charges. the name of the man who was shot still is not being released. >> trace gallagher, thank you. deadly floods continuing to sweep across the state of west
11:26 am
virginia. we'll have a live report from the ground. new reaction from the state's senator, joe manchin. the supreme court strikes down texas' abortion access rules. >> we're here today as members of the pro-life movement saying we will not give up. mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? no. not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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a fox news alert. standard and poors, the rating agency, stripping the united kingdom of a top credit grade just moments ago, saying the nation's triple a grading is no longer justifiable and warning it could cut it further. the dow in the united states is currently down just about 280 points. a homicide bombing in lebanon killing at least five people and wounding dozens more today. this happened in a predominantly christian village near the syrian border. no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. and the u.s. navy officially confirming the blue angels will resume performances on july 2nd in michigan. they've been on an operational pause following the death of a pilot who crashed while practicing for an air show just outside of nashville. and if you're headed out of town for the july 4th weekend, you're not alone. triple a estimates a record breaking 43 million americans will be traveling this year for
11:31 am
the holiday. a fox news alert to bring you, another one. the supreme court delivers a victory to pro-choice supporters by striking down the texas abortion law in a 5-3 decision. but that's not all the justices ruled on on what was a very busy final day of the term. shannon bream is our expert live outside the court. tell us how the justices arrived on that decision on abortion in texas. >> reporter: they were looking over the provisions of a state law there that would require surgeons to have minimum surgical requirements and doctors would have to have admitting privileges within 30 miles of where they were providing abortions. the justices said that was not a good trade-off, they said there were few of any real health benefits in their judgment for women and it was an undue obstacle for women seeking a legal right to abortion. both sides say this is far from over. >> this is a tremendous victory. and we will go forward in making
11:32 am
sure that all of the laws that are blocking women's access to the constitutional right will be overturned. [ cheers ] >> this is a moment for the pro-life movement to be even more resolute than before. we have an election coming up and the next president will appoint up to four supreme court justices. >> reporter: justice clarence thomas said essentially the majority bent the rules and former longstanding legal provisions to get the results that they wanted. heather? >> shannon, the supreme court ruling on policy, that's quite an opinion. >> reporter: it was. he also cited justice scalia, they were very close friends, and said essentially the law
11:33 am
doesn't seem to matter anymore when specific justices are trying to get to a specific result. it's a tough accusation but one we heard today. >> shannon, politics entering the fray in the supreme court, that's something else. another key ruling was the corruption case involving former governor of virginia bob macdonnell, a unanimous decision. >> reporter: he was facing jail time based on charges he had traded official action in exchange for gifts to him and his wife. the justices were so skeptical about this statute that maybe it wasn't clear enough. we predicted at that time, we thought it would be a slam dunk for macdonnell's defense team and today it was unanimous. he issued a statement saying he has been touched by the kindness of strangers, that he's learned a lot through this process. he says he never wavered on his commitment to the people of virginia and maintains his innocence. his convictions are thrown out for now. whether he faces more litigation in this remains to be seen, but
11:34 am
for now he's not facing jail time. >> shannon bream live for us at the supreme court, thanks, great work. millions of people are bracing for more devastating storms in the state of west virginia. floodwaters have killed at least 23 people. the severe weather comes as residents confront overwhelming damage to their homes and businesses. we're live in the southwestern part of west virginia along the banks of the elk river. garrett, how are things looking? >> reporter: rain is the last thing that folks here need. the national weather service a few minutes ago issued a flash flood warning. that has officials worried, because if any of these areas get more flooding, that will only add to the cleanup efforts as folks have just been starting to get out and get their lives back together. this is some of the damage out from the advent christian church here. they've been clearing this out over yesterday and today, and
11:35 am
just this past hour, the governor of west virginia wrapped up a press conference here. he says he has heard from at least a half dozen governors asking what they can do to help. he says there will now be 700 national guard troops here on the ground assisting in these recovery efforts. one of the things he was asked was, was there enough warning, did folks get enough of a heads up? he said with this kind of thousand-year flood, there wasn't a way to have any idea that it would get this bad. >> to see water this high, this quick, with this much devastation, is unheard of. thank god we have a rainy day fund. >> reporter: this area right here where we were on thursday, it was completely covered with 10 feet of water. the elk river was 14 feet above flood stage. today they're expecting 1 to 2 inches at most. so it won't be to that same extent. but folks are still worried here about what it could bring, heather. >> garrett live for there in
11:36 am
west virginia, hoping you and all those folks stay safe. for more let's bring in west virginia's democratic senator, joe manchin, who just returned to capitol hill for a couple of votes but spent the entire weekend in the state. senator, it's hard breaking what's happening in the state, the loss of lives, 23 people. what are you telling residents there to do now? >> basically the residents, their homes have been destroyed, they've been displacesed already, we're telling them to be very careful and safe. this is unprecedented. we thought we had 25 lives that were lost, then two people were basically accounted for, which was a little bit of good news, but we still have a few missing. i was in white sulfur springs, i've been all over the state, affected areas. i talked to a grandmother who had lost her husband, her
11:37 am
daughter, and one of her two grandsons. they had climbed to the top floor. i'm standing there with her yesterday and she's looking at the foundation where her house used to be. the house floated away and they did too. and then three houses collided, glass lines burst, you saw that on television. >> we sure did. >> houses were burning going down the river, that's how it happened. a lady was in the attic, she got blown into a tree. >> are you telling people to stay inside their homes? what's the safest for people to do? >> oh, no, no. when they get the warnings, they must leave. we've never seen water rise this fast. when they get that warning, we're telling them to leave now and go to higher grounds. don't worry about your belongings, get what you can, get your loved ones and take off. don't even wait, it's nothing to fool around with. you can't predict these waters rising as quick as they have. >> this is the third deadliest flooding on record since we
11:38 am
started keeping records. our fox news viewers are incredibly generous, i know they want to know what to do to help the people in your state. >> thank you all, you've done such a great job of letting the people know what's going on there. we do need help. the compassion and love people are showing is tremendous. we need volunteers, people to come down and start helping us. if they can't give money, they can give of themselves. we need people that can give resources. people can give their goods and resources. everything is needed. i would tell them this, my website is the easiest, it will tell you how to get into the category of what you think you can do. and i'm just very, very grateful for helping west havevirginia. we're a good little state, but we've been hit hard. >> good folks in that state, we want to help out. i want to ask you about the supreme court ruling today, the one that struck down the texas law that would have required more medical safety procedures in abortion clinics and would
11:39 am
have required doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. i want to get your reaction to that ruling today. >> i'll give it to you as an individual, not as an elected official. i've been pro-life, i am pro-life, i've always been pro-life. so that being said, we are a land of rules and laws. and basically the courts have decided. and you're going to live with that, you know, that's who we are, that makes us different from the rest of the people in the world, if you will. with that being said, you know, my concern right now has been with all the devastation we have right now, but i know these are very personal, they're very deep convictions that people have, and i respect that. but the court has ruled and the law is what the law is, and i would hope we all respect that. >> democrats often talk about being for women's health care. one of the things the texas law called for was requiring doctors to be able to take these women to an emergency room and accompany them there, that's what admitting privileges
11:40 am
essentially means, and having more equipment on hand at those facilities to try to save the women's lives if something wrong should happen. if democrats are for women's health care as they say they are, why not support additional protections for those women who are patients? >> well, you know, that was a texas rule, and in texas basically we still have the 10th amendment to the constitution, state's rights. the state felt that was what was best for them and they went ahead and acted upon that. i understand the court ruled that down. with that being said, i'm not sure what direction they're going to take now, but the person's life, you know, i've always had exceptions on abortions, basically life of the mother, inincest, and republica. -- and rape. you have to be careful, the life of the mother is sacred also. this is not a democrat or republican issue, it shouldn't be politically. it's who you are, how you were raised, what's inside your
11:41 am
heart. there should be some common sense too. >> when you look at the dissenting opinions issued by justices alito and thomas today, they seem to say politics got in the mix of things at the supreme court. that's a story that's not going to go away certainly. we're praying for the folks in your state of west virginia that everyone does stay safe. >> i want to thank everybody who is listening. god bless you and thank you. >> senator joe manchin, thank you so much for your time. a battle is brewing over what ads should be allowed on bus benches. across colorado springs, dozens of benches have "jesus is lord" on them. now city works is in the process of reviewing those policies after it got a complaint. the pastor who started the campaign is threatening the city with a free speech lawsuit. >> there is a lot of messages in the city that i'm opposed to personally but i don't complain
11:42 am
because i understand this is the united states of america. >> the church is told it can advertise on benches and no ads will be taken down just yet but for now no new benches containing the messages will be permitted. you got all that? check this out. elizabeth warren tag teaming hillary clinton in taking on donald trump. will warren help clinton rally the base? and then, a chilling sight. a right wing of a passenger airplane catches on fire. could you imagine if you were a passenger on that plane? looking right out that window. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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11:46 am
journalist who says americans can expect extreme market swings in the days ahead, but also an upside when it comes to mortgage rates. all the news top of the hour on "shepper the smith reporting." a new alliance growing stronger on the campaign trail. hillary clinton now teaming up with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren to slam donald trump. trump is taking aim on twitter, writing this: "crooked hillary is wheeling out one of the least productive senators in the u.s. senate, goofy elizabeth warren who lied on heritage." warrene iing any time returning fire. >> donald trump says he'll made america great again. it's stamped on the front of his goofy hat. you understand to see goofy? look at him in that hat. >> oh, my. let's check in with these ladies, a former consultant to
11:47 am
the obama campaign, and a republican strategist and a former spokeswoman for president george w. bush. ladies, can i start with the obvious there, those bluesuits, the matching blue suits, and then they call donald trump goofy. mercedes? >> let's just take a stand back here. for hillary clinton, elizabeth warren is actually an important advocate for her, because warren is able to energize the base. some think clinton is incapable of doing that whether she's wearing a red suit or a blue suit. for warren, it helps justify the fact that hillary clinton is the one she's obviously going to support, that she wants to bring in the far left to ensure that they support hillary clinton as well. this is something that without bernie sanders' pure, full endorsement, elizabeth warren is filling those shoes. >> mercedes didn't want to touch the blue suit thing. >> i'm wearing blue. >> it's a pantsuit extravaganza.
11:48 am
>> the same hair and all that kind of stuff. i want to know, how do you think they did together? >> i agree 100% with what mercedes said. what she's done is boost hillary clinton's favorability with democrats who were previously with sanders. they're now up, her approval rating, to 45% with the former sanders crowd, which is a group that trump is according to as well. everybody wants this former sanders crowd. you know, whatever it is, elizabeth warren does have this delivery, his goofy hat, people love it. it works. hillary needs that boost, she needs that energy. she's also doing her a favor because she's able to take on the trump offensive in the way her husband attempted to do but it wasn't quite as well received. i think the girls teaming up is a good move. >> hank paulson, folks will remember him here, the former treasury secretary under president george w. bush, and by the way, he used to head up goldman sachs, he's added his name to the list of republicans
11:49 am
against donald trump. he wrote an op ed today stating that with donald trump as the presumptive presidential nominee we're witnessing a populist hijacking of unfortunate united states' great political parties. he's also attacking republicans for putting trump on the ticket, enendorsing populism that troubles him as an american. let's recall a few things. he works for george w. bush. he was the head of the place when t.a.r.p. came into effect. he was the head of goldman sa s sachs, that doesn't look too good for hillary clinton, mercedes. >> there's one word there, that is elitism. his net worth is $700 million. this is a campaign where what you're seeing right now is the elite versus average americans.
11:50 am
everyday americans are trying to figure out how they're going to even provide education, pay for their kids' education, how they'll pay for their bills. i was talking to this entrey d f elitists looking down on use? because that isbo have seenw3lgmillion americans -- >> marjorie -- >> if you want toéfg5dstruggling with is thevóbfact that donald trump himself talks aboutitbtm d touts his wallet and being part of this money-making crowd. it's not a money issue. this is a party issue. and i think where we are right enough is a@br qáurjz of culture of are -- >> lady we have to leave it there. >> no a hard break.k- >> love to have you back. >> thank you. see you seven real soon. a frightening situation when w wing of a commercial airliner bursts into flames.újym ho;fefiedykm passengers watchin# the entire things fjj their
11:51 am
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the scare of a lifetime. passengers watching in here as a plane's wingq bursts intou-á fl. can you imagine that? you look out the window and see that. trace gallagher is live with more on what happened toa/s the plane. >> reporter: singapore air flight 368 was twooohours into# the flight to milan when an engine warning light came on. the pilots weapon back to singapore. the passengers clapped when it touched down but sects later the right wing caught fire. experts say it's a good bet some of the fuel that was dumped was still on the wing and a spark from the hot landing ignited it. the passengers say there was a
11:55 am
strong smell of fuel onboard the plane but they were not allowed to get off until the fire was out, which took ten minutes. some passengers say it felt like two hours. when the fire was out the passengers and crew did not use the emergency slides, instead very calmly walk down the stairs. there were no reports of injuries. now, few triple engine -- triple 7 enins have caught fire in recent years but they were made by different manufacturers. back in 2013 an asian airlines 77 crash-land in san francisco killing three people. that was blamed on pilot air, and malaysia flight 370 which is still missing was a boeing 77 but should be noted the 777 has one of the best safety records of any commercial plane in aviation history. the passengers onboard the plane that caught fire today? they're now on their way back to milan. >> i don't think i'd want to get on plane for quite some time,
11:56 am
luckily nobody got injured. thank you. >> all right. >> some almost retiring to a very emotional ending. a long-time pga golfer overcoming so much to win, and he was a class act. >> this is a guy who has never won before. >> the last two holes.
11:57 am
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youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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...what you love. ensure. always be you. do you really know what it means? no. the answer is no. because it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes, you don't have to worry about the science. you can just put it in your pie hole. planters. nutrition starts with nut. an emotional weekend for a pro golfer, billy hurley iii has been on the tour six years now but secured his first ever tournament victory on sunday at the quicken loans national. a former naval officer. he went to annapolis. that win coming nearly a year after his father committed suicide. hurley did not even qualify for the tournament but got an exemption from tiger woods. congratulations to hem. so well done and such a class act. >> even an adorable cud can't get george w. bush to eat broccoli. remember that bush hated it so much he banned it from air force one.
12:00 pm
posting a letter from a boy named cooper trying to persuade him to eat the vegetable, tweeting, quote, proud of young cooper. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep. >> it's 8:00 p.m. in london. 3:00 in new york. where on wall street in the final hour of trading we're seeing another down day for the dow after the brits decided to leave the european union. but today there are indications brexit may not be a done deal. you'll see what could stop it from ever happening. the trump campaign looking to capitalize on the brexit movement but new polls show him losing ground to hillary clinton as democrats today breaks out her not so secret weapon, senator elizabeth warren. major moves at the supreme court. including the biggest abortion ruling, maybe, since row v. wade. a major vic for those in favor of abortion rights but


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