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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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prepared and that is what happens when you are inadequately prepared. you say a series of demonstrably false things on national television including about the fbi, including conflating the video with the demonstration, including saying a handful of extremists attacked and otherwise, this is just stuff that is made up. it would be one thing if it were in the talking points. it would be one thing if it were in there and they got it wrong before she got it wrong. it is not even in their. it is just made up. so i get that that is not -- this is the person who made most of the public pronouncements on that sunday after the attack.
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>> on both ends -- >> no, sir. do we name the details or the names? we -- we tried to honor dod's request for how high up you are before your name is used publicly as opposed to using the names of people, we tried to be sensitive to that frankly across all agencies. i don't think you will see the names of the people, you will see the title, able to read the transcript if we can get the transcript for you and you will see the underlying data and that to me is what is important. you may read in the email, you may read it differently than the way i read it. i don't know how you could but you might. i want you to be able to read
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the email. i want you to see what was said during the firefight. i don't want you to take my word for it but i need a little help from the administration to clear the underlying data and the transcripts. i don't think this is lost on you. i think you all know all of the transcripts i can make publicly available are going to be made publicly available. it is not fair to piecemeal them out but they are to be made publicly available and you are to look at the underlying data and you can decide whether or not the report fairly addresses the testimony of what this says. if you read the transcript and say that is in context or not in context i don't want you taking my word for anything, read it for your self. >> what about -- >> i know that the drone was in place at the time of the mortar
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attacks. i do not know the degree of granularity and particularity that the drone video footage has but you raise an interesting point. when you speak to families privately you hear questions you would never here at press conferences. they are incredibly personal questions. these are four fellow americans to us, they are sons and husbands and brothers to the people that we talked to. at the very beginning, and the last group i talked to. the questions are very different. even though it is not in the report i am happy that we were also able to answer some of these intimate questions that were asked by the family of
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those. >> after months of investigation, congressman trey gaudi's committee has issued its final report and as you heard the congressman say, read it for yourself and determine if there is new information in that. bret baer, the host of special report, has been digesting some of it. it is an 800 page report. we haven't had time to get into it all but there are some groundbreaking bits of new information that we haven't heard until now. >> that is right and it is very detailed and people can read it on their own. to go through it. as we go through it, as you hear this press conference, you can hear a couple things that are very new that we are just
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learning about. one is the deputies's meeting that happened at 7:30 the night of the attack and in that meeting, the highest ranking official inside his secretary of state hillary clinton. there are 10 action items from the reports that rough -- roughly an hour to have to two hours, five of the ten deal with the video, the islamic video, and the characterization of the video and how the messaging about the video is going to come out. the other action items we don't have specific granularity on, but one element is military members are told to change uniforms in case they are going to go into libya so we are not seen as the us invading libya and there is concern and talk in that call about interacting with
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the libyan government to make sure there is nothing that is out of bounds as far as the libyan government is concerned which at this moment ambassador stevens is still missing. the attack is still going on, seven hours after leon panetta, the secretary of defense, ordered the military to do everything it can to move assets to rescue the people still on the ground, not one according to trey gaudi, not one wheel was moving in the us military towards benghazi. >> democrats have issued their own report, essentially saying nothing could have been done to save the lives of those four americans. the first question trey gaudi was asked suggested there was nothing new in this report. i want to play a clip for our viewers the response to that question.
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>> didn't know about any emails from sidney blumenthal to whoever he was emailing, didn't know that a single us military assets did not meet a single designated timeline. think about that but the world's most powerful military did not have a self-imposed timeline so all of that is new. >> there are things that could have been done but one of the chief conclusions we heard today was there were no military assets rolling in any way to rescue those people. they didn't move, didn't try, didn't mobilize, despite the order to go something happened and what that something is, a lot of people wanted that
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answer, the specific quote, one person. it is a very detailed report as we talked about many times with this attack, there are three parts, before, the security, lacking security before that was everyone who looked at it said it was atrocious was one person called a suicide mission at that annex. than the attack itself and what happened in reaction to it. and in their words over, and the compound where ambassador stevens was, they were under attack all the way to the cia annex, the other ways the post story. susan rice on the talkshow, you just heard trey gowdy say that was not based on talking points. he claimed the comments on the
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talk shows were made up. you see these three parts playing out in detail in this 100 page report. trey gowdy will be on special report tonight. greece john: the white house press secretary at the time one week from the attack on the benghazi compound. >> based on the information, initial information we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this is premeditated attack. it was sparked by reaction to this video. that is what we know based on concrete evidence that we have. john: it was all about this
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anti-mohammed video. hillary clinton send an email to her daughter chelsea that night, it was an attack. >> the administration, democrats talking about this attack and in retrospect say this was at the beginning all about the fog of war. what this report appears to show is the fog was created here in washington. it was crystal clear on the ground and up the chain from the people there and they were in direct contact with people in washington but the fog was created in washington by analysts who relied on press reports instead of eyewitness accounts on the ground and that is all detailed inside this report. greece john: a fascinating report tonight, bret baer, we will see
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you tonight. live interviews with chairman trey gowdy of the house select committee on what happened in benghazi coming up later tonight, special report. also, later on, we have a democrat in california, chairman of democratic caucus, possible vice presidential pick for hillary clinton, we will share his thoughts with you just ahead. now i want to bring in associate editor and columnist for the hill, white house correspondent for the wall street journal. welcome to both of you. i wanted to read a headline from the wall street journal, the website, the house benghazi report finds no new evidence of wrongdoing by hillary clinton. is that accurate? >> i think what we have learned, the revelation in this report
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shows there will be serious questions raised about her judgment, her competence and sense of accountability and honesty. as you just mentioned in the lead in, she did email her own daughter that night referring to it as a terrorist attack and goes on to talk about the video with the families who lost those four men. it will be a damaging episode for her in this campaign to have this report released and digested by the public. there are two questions i asked. one is can donald trump stay on that message of a good anti-hillary clinton message, is he disciplined enough to remain on it and the number 2 question is whether her honesty numbers which were so dreadful could even get worse?
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we will be watching. john: when those caskets came home hillary clinton was on the ground telling family members we are going to get the people responsible for this video but if she is telling her own daughter on the night of the attack that this was an al qaeda like attack that seems like a lie. >> that is certainly something she is going to have to answer to voters. this is not what she wants to be talking about at this point and it raises a host of new questions, provide a lot of new context, a lot of new details about precisely what happened in the report substantially changed the overall storyline, it doesn't lay salt at the feet of hillary clinton. it is more a broad rebuke of the obama administration but hillary clinton is included in that rebuke, she has tried to put this behind her, talk about
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other things on the campaign trail and every time she talks about the benghazi report is a day lost for her campaign. these are questions she will be facing from donald trump, voters and journalists such as ourselves. john: we are going to take a quick break and get your reaction to some poll numbers on hillary clinton versus donald trump and hillary's weakness when it comes to trustworthiness, all of this wrapped up together, we back to our guests in a moment. ..
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john: a new poll shows hillary clinton taking his unusual trustworthiness. 41% say donald trump is better at being honest and straightforward. only 25% choose clinton, 32% say neither one is good at being honest and straightforward.
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secretary clinton said yesterday the constant scrutiny of her has affected voters opinion. >> a lot of people tell pollsters they don't trust me. i don't like hearing that. i have thought a lot about what is behind it. you hear 25 years worth of wild accusations, anyone would start to wonder. john: we are back with a be started, associate columnist for the hill, and white house correspondent for the wall street journal. it was your paper that was part of a poll so let's start with you. essentially hillary clinton seems to be trying to inoculate herself against any accusations about her character by saying this has been going on for 25 years. >> that is ray. and interesting pre-bubble you heard ahead of the benghazi report knowing this was going to continue the narrative of people
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saying they don't trust her so you see in the poll that voters continue to have questions about her trustworthiness and this is not just about the benghazi report but the email server, years and years of different issues, a vision where hillary clinton has appeared to be not completely transparent or forthcoming and so that is something that will be tough to change voters minds on. as we dig deeper into the poll you see a lot of negative responses from voters to hillary clinton and donald trump. were probably donald trump's negative members are higher than hillary clinton's, the more voters see they less they like either one. john: that congressional testimony she was practically pounding the table saying what difference at this point does it make?
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it just seems like in her world, what difference does it make, more americans are dead, let's put it behind us and move on. >> it is not that she doesn't take seriously the loss of those four men on the watch but she has used this vast right-wing conspiracy line over and over again and she will continue to do so, 25 years of wild accusations republicans have always come after me. after 11 hours of testimony in october at which we learned about the email she wrote to chelsea clinton saying it was an outside out like attack she concluded her day and from that day forward saying anytime anyone raises benghazi i have answered every question, asked and answered, it is old news. that is something she uses effectively to shut people down which we saw in the inspector general report revealing 6 or 7 statements she has repeated about her emails are also not true.
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for donald trump to do well is great news, better than her on the honest and trustworthy number but they both tell lies constantly of the truth tracker, like fact checker and politically have documented a higher percentage of things that are not true, she is under fbi investigation and a bigger deal with the trustworthy issue because of that fact but both of them as the poll points out are really entrusted and that is a problem for people facing a choice in the fall. john: do voters care? >> voters care whether they like the person they are voting for and something else the poll shows is voters are looking for another choice and the libertarian candidate and green party candidate who are not household names gather cumulatively 16% of voters support because they don't like
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their choices. john: when you include third-party candidate, donald trump and hillary clinton essentially are tied in your latest wall street journal poll. we have to leave it there, thank you both. >> continuing coverage of this developing story and other headlines straightahead. you do all this research
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john: we take you to the panhandle of texas near a town called panhandle 25 miles northeast of amarillo. this is the result of the head on collision of two freight trains. collided about 8:40 this morning central time. we don't have any reports of injuries but we have a huge fireball erupted a couple dozen
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boxcars are crumples and strewn along the tracks and the fire is still burning. life pictures coming into was there. these new images just brought to us by viewers, fed over sources like twitter and so no report yet of the number of injuries but two freight trains collided at 8:40 this morning, no injuries reported. the federal railroad administration is sending investigators to the scene. >> cutting back on water usage, firefighters trying to battle that. more as it comes in. new questions about justice anthony kennedy's role on the supreme court. kennedy in the spotlight more than ever following the death of justice antonin scalia. shannon breen has that story. what kind of shift are we seeing
8:27 am
by justice kennedy? >> reporter: conservatives long admired his stand on federalism and states rights but increasingly seeing him to the left on issues like those. in the last couple weeks a key vote with the court's liberal wing on issues like affirmative action, allowing the university of texas to use race in the process of selecting which students to admit, yesterday's decision to strike down abortion restrictions, regulations that would have required clinics and doctors to meet certain medical standards. on social issues like lgbt rights he has been a voice to the left, over a year ago, to essentially legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. the judicial crisis network. >> increasingly he is willing to abandon some of the core principles of the constitutional system when it comes to achieving liberal policy goals,
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that is discouraging to see. >> conservatives and liberals alike say that shift is a prime example why this follow-up selection and filling the empty seat of justice scalia is so important. neil: 7 how could the impact on religious liberty? >> this is a case justices decided not to take, and appeal out of the state of washington, family that owns a grocery store and pharmacy understate regulations they cannot refuse to issue emergency contraceptives like the morning after pill. their convictions our life begins at conception. they believe those pills could trigger what they believe is an abortion. the courts decided not to hear the case. it would take four votes, three justices dissented and dissent by justice scalia, this is an ominous sign. of this is a sign her religious liberty claims will be treated in the years ahead, the just freedom, cause for great concern. he said essentially the way the
8:29 am
state set up these regulations, pharmacists who have religious conviction against these lytic -- you have to stop doing business in the state. neil: 7 thank you. john: candidates hitting key swing state in the race for the white house has both present of nominees take their campaigns to the battlegrounds of colorado and pennsylvania. we have live team coverage. as russia works to strengthen its influence in eastern europe, the fallout could give a big boost to nato. we will explain next.
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>> a big day in america's election headquarters with hillary clinton and donald trump campaigning in key swing states. secretary clinton holding events in colorado, donald trump in pennsylvania gearing up for a policy speech on trade just hours from now as his campaign tries to hit the reset button on trump's controversial plan to ban muslims from entering the us. live fox coverage, mike emanuel with the clinton campaign in denver and blake berman in pennsylvania with the trump campaign. >> good morning from medicine, pennsylvania, the steel mill in the heart of steel country 25 miles southwest of pittsburgh. the backdrop of this trade speech a few hours from now
8:34 am
later this afternoon, one which he is declaring american economic independence. we heard from trump over the past year he declares his candidacy, we focus on china as it relates to trade. he feels china and its leaders have taken advantage of the us and our leaders as it relates to trade. we expect him to call china, and bring cases against china to the wto as part of his trade platform. when you look at trade with two countries trump is often repeated, china and mexico, the us is certainly in the red with those two countries as relates to a trade gap, china team, 3 $67 billion deficit, mexico's trade deficit with $60 billion and anticipated to be around those figures once again in 2016, one of the top influential
8:35 am
members in trade, the head of the afl-cio, the nation's largest trade union is saying there's a contradiction between trump, the presidential candidate, and trump the private businessman, telling the washington post with an interview, look what he does, not what he says. like every other person he takes advantage of a bad system that hurts workers and helps people at the top, trump saying he is the king of doing that. another top trump issue in the forefront, the muslim band that trump first introduced 6 months ago back in december. at that time you will probably remember trump said of the ban, called for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. over the weekend when trump was in the united kingdom, scotland specifically, he refined his position saying we need to be tough on terrorist countries
8:36 am
including muslims and non-muslims. a trump spokesman, the campaign is pushing back on this being a reversal of a ban on all muslims, trump is simply adding specifics to the initial policy. >> blake berman, thank you. >> hillary clinton spending the day in another key swing state joining the workforce training facility before going to california later tonight. mike emanuel is live with more. >> hillary clinton will continue to convince the american people she understands their economic concerns. we expect clinton to talk about five big goals she has including a 100 day jobs plan, make debt-free college available to all americans, rewrite the rules so companies share profits with
8:37 am
employees, ensure the corporations pay their fair share of taxes, but families first to make sure policies me challenges they face. clinton was on the campaign trail with senator elizabeth for and in ohio yesterday. warren endorsed clinton and continued bashing donald trump and addressed one of her big weaknesses. she struggles in polls on the issue of being trustworthy and acknowledged she has made mistakes. >> political opponents and conspiracy theorists have accused me of every crime in the book over the years. none of it is true, never has been. accusations like that never really disappear once they are out there. >> reporter: clinton is trying to cut into trump's lead, we expect to see here in the next hour. >> what could be positive
8:38 am
fallout from the john boehner -- the vote to leave the european union. joining us now, admiral, a lot of people have said this is going to be a boon for russia because things in europe seem to be falling apart. you don't necessarily see it that way. >> let's get into the nuances of it. overall i agree with the vast majority of observers that this is a negative for the united states, negative for the united kingdom and negative for the idea of unifying europe. that is obvious but there is a small shred of a silver lining. if the uk does pullout and i think they will out of the european union they will have more assets and military capability that will be available.
8:39 am
the currently they are dividing their military between the european union and nato. now they put all of that capability into nato. that is a very good thing for us. on the other hand. the other point would be as we look at a competition and there is competition in the security space between the european union and nato this puts nato in the ascendancy so it unifies the efforts on security to the net good. it is a small net good in a sea of discontinuity and uncertainty. john: i was not aware there were military obligations. what are they doing militarily? >> the european union has a significant naval force, and troops in the balkans helping keep the peace, a pretty
8:40 am
good-sized contingency in afghanistan focusing on judiciary, law enforcement, counter narcotics, fairly expansive in what they do. at the moment great britain divide their military, so that will flow our way on nato. that is a plus, a small one in a larger sea of concern we ought to have about this dissolution of the european union. john: i want to talk about the battle to defeat isis. you have written about this extensively. the foreign relations committee is hearing from special presidential envoy to counter the islamic state. his testimony comes after the liberation under isis control, for more than two years. defeating isis in iraq militarily was key. >> it is. that is job one. taking falluja away is a huge
8:41 am
positive step and the reason is isis derives a great deal of revenue from these captured territories where they tax citizens, conduct human slavery and profit from it. take all the money out of the bank etc.. the next big step is the city of mosul, much harder proposition. that will be the next job. once we take away mosul, take away falluja, we will lamp up the bombing campaign against rocca and work on syrian territories of the islamic state. this will be a 12 month, 18 month process that will land squarely on the desk of the next president to get this done. john: the dean of the fletcher school, retired u.s. navy and former supreme commander, supreme allied commander. thank you. neil: 7 more fallout from the bombshell report on benghazi.
8:42 am
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>> no military assets were headed towards benghazi but what did start with the political spin. at 10:08 last night with tyrone woods fighting for his life. secretary clinton finishing, that evening. a response to inflammatory material on the internet. we know that was misleading because an hour later she told her daughter terrorists killed two people today. >> fox news alert congressman
8:46 am
jim jordan slamming secretary hillary clinton for her actions in the wake of the deadly terror attack and this comes as house republicans release a bombshell report revealing new details about the administration's actions that night, the night of the attack on september 11, 2012. four americans including chris stevens died when terrorists stormed the us consulate in the libyan city. now this brand-new report finding much -- secretary of state hillary clinton, it took place three hours into that attack. it was not on the response effort but that video cited by the white house as a possible cause of the attack. former deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration joins us to talk a little more about this remarkable news conference today. i want to get your thoughts on
8:47 am
it. the meeting took place at 7:30 and they spent the majority of time talking about this video. >> what bothers me is not only that she lied before, during and after but when americans were still under attack, we lost two and were going to lose tweet or, she was busy spinning. that is blood on your hands. how are you not having your first concern the safety of american citizens? neil: 7 it was a two our meeting taking place when we had americans in harm's way, the ambassador was still missing at the time. >> not only in harm's way, being fired upon. she condemned herself in her own words. there were repeated, hundreds of requests for additional security before the attack. during the attack, doing spin control, after the attack, back to the united states, flags draped coffins and she stands
8:48 am
over those and lies to the survivors, grieving over americans who died, it is not my fault, it is about an obscure internet video. she failed the commander-in-chief test. if you make a mistake own up to it. neil: 7 people can read this report, i encourage you to do that. read it for your self, republicans today, trey gowdy says read it for yourself and tell us if you think there is new information on what you think happened that night. >> this was not somebody talking about what hillary clinton did but emails that happened in real time on americans under attack. i worked for ronald reagan and i can't imagine ronald reagan if americans were under attack, more concerned about pr and spin control. neil: 7 democrats came out yesterday with their report in an effort before this one.
8:49 am
>> they tried to preempt it. they had some weird report, vast conspiracy and all about donald trump. it is all about donald trump. he wasn't an office at the time, had nothing to do with these issues and somehow they think they are going to shift blame from where it belongs and putting it on donald trump. i think she failed the commander-in-chief test by showing that she lied, refused to protect. neil: 7 we were more concerned about the feelings of the libyan people than rescuing our people. >> the craziness of this report, americans were on the ground, ready to do the rescue mission, stuck at the airport as the state department decided should they wear uniforms or not wear uniforms? if they wear uniforms it look like we are invading libya, we can't possibly risk offending the libyans on the ground.
8:50 am
americans were under attack. when that happens circle the wagons. neil: 7 thank you so much. appreciate it. neil: 7 greg: how much volkswagen orders could be receiving from the company in the wake of this scandal. .. african, european and asian.
8:51 am
it was great because it confirmed what i knew in my gut with a little surprise. ancestry helped give me a sense of identity.
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john: new information about the volkswagen emissions settlements, $15 billion to buy back half 1 million vehicles. david lee miller live with more. >> reporter: owners are in the money today. a total of $15 billion, installing software to
8:54 am
volkswagen and audi to cheat during emissions tests. authorities say they admitted as much as the times the amount of gluten permitted by federal law by terms of settlement agreed to by volkswagen and vehicle owners in the us justice department, there are two options to buyers of eligible diesel powered vehicles to buy back the car at a prescheduled place and the emission system repaired and recharged. no matter what option the owners choose they will also get an additional payment ranging from $5100 depending on the model car. volkswagen could pay $10 billion, the company will also pay an additional $4.7 billion to cover environmental damage 40 emission vehicles. by this settlement, volkswagen's problems are not over.
8:55 am
>> settlements did not address potential criminal liability although i can assure you criminal investigation is active and ongoing. >> proposed civil settlements must be approved before a federal judge before it is enacted. the ceo says in a news release, quote, we know we have a great deal of work to do to earn back the trust of the american people. neil: 7 sinkholes in northern california, in the hanford area just in the last week. >> the third or fourth instance of these. i don't know what the positive is. other locations in the county, be cautious when you are driving and keep your eyes open and be
8:56 am
aware of your surroundings. neil: 7 this latest incident damaging two cars, the drought appears to be a factor because the sinkholes are forming on roads that go over canals with metal water pipes underneath them. no reports of injuries. john: that could have been fatal. and 18-year-old pilot forced to crash land his plane on a michigan street after running out of fuel. it happened south of i 94 in detroit, the plane hit some power lines on the way down, ended up striking a woman who was taken to a hospital and is in serious condition. the pilot also hospitalized, no word on his condition. neil: 7 picking up the pieces, the latest on the massive cleanup effort in west virginia following the deadly floods. a look at the life and career of a basketball legend, family and friends say goodbye to coach pat summit.
8:57 am
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see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts now. harris: fox news alert. they are calling it quote, a tragic failure of leadership. house republicans have now released their long-awaited report on the benghazi terror attacks that killed four americans under hillary clinton's watch as former secretary of state. they are faulting clinton for not realizing the worsening security situation before the attacks and they are blasting her and president obama for pushing the false narrative that an anti-muslim video sparked that terror attack. that is not all. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business. today jedediah bila is in the house. glad to have us, #oneluckyguy, fox news contributor, former lieutenant governor of virginia, ceo of disruptor capital, pete snyder.


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