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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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up to 36. stay with fox news channel all night long for news on the airport bombing. shepard smith reports right now. ♪ ♪ >> shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> how did it happen? how, exactly did this terror attack in turkey go down moment by moment? what happened as the attackers entered the airport in istanbul? tonight, we have answers and video. and we'll show you what we have learned since the bombing happened at 8:50 p.m. local time in istanbul, 10 minutes before 3:00 eastern time this afternoon as we were preparing for our afternoon hour. new from the turkish prime minister moments ago 36 people confirmed by the prime minister dead. many dozens more wounded as many as 140 but the prime minister said just about 45 seconds ago a very small number of those who are injured are seriously
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injured. we believe fewer than 10. nobody has claimed responsibility but we have pieced together the sequence of events through the accounts, official and witness from the scene. three suicide bombers we're now told according to authorities. and we believe the first was at the initial spot in the airport. now, think of this. we are outside the airport. and right as you come to the door in the united states, you keep walking inside to get to the ticket counter. you get your boarding pass, and then you hand your luggage off to a gate agent there or i should say a ticketing agent or take it over to tsa, not here. here, just as you are getting out of the cab or out of your car and make your goodbye kisses that's when you go inside the door and immediately your luggage is checked. now this video. this camera is a closed circuit television camera from inside. watch in the background there people are milling about. it's a normal day and the explosion happens back here. that's an outside door. this is going to loop now.
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here are the people in the arrival hall. everybody just milling about. and that's outside in the back, back here and, watch, back there that's an outdoor window and that's the spot where it all began. just keep letting this play as i tell this story. we now believe that the three people had come toward this initial door. this place for initial screening that happens right inside the front door and one of them is suicide bomber. from what we have been able to piece together from witnesses in the officials it was like this. the guy had a coat around him. he opened up his coat as he was trying to get through the metal detectors there and revealed a suicide vest and pulled out a gun according to witnesses on the scene a long gun described to us as a clash cough and firing indiscriminately. i have been to this airport a number of times. right when you get to the front, there are men with big long guns at the entrance waiting for you. and many people are randomly checked. these people looked
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suspicious. there was a fire fight of some kind. this guy blew himself up. what was the evenings of that? that opens up the first security check point and apparently allows the others to enter. which leads us to this second video. you may have seen. this we are starting to get the council text on what this is. don't play it yet. there is a man who has gotten through since that big explosion happened, right? we know there are two other bombers. one of them has come into the arrivals hall. so past that first security area and before the second and according to witnesses on scene, is firing randomly. well, security forces are after him. so when we play this video, you are going to be able to see this man come running around the corner with the gun in his hand and then you will see him get shot. we believe by security officials. he will fall down and the gun will slide away. then he will roll over, open his coat and apparently detonate his vest. here, watch.
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down he goes. gun slides away. he rolls over, there is a man here over him. and this man goes running away just before he detonates the suicide vest. rolling over and there it is. so we will take this back to the beginning of this video. here comes the man running through the terminal. now, he has apparently been shooting. it appears he tries to fire see him hold the gun up and instead down he goes. the gun falls away. he is struggling. there are people all around here, see. he is wailing, he has apparently been shot here. somebody comes over to check on him. don't know. that guy realizes as he opens his coat he may have a suicide vest there and, watch, he will roll over, raise his hand in the air. and blow up the suicide
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vest. now, it would appear from this video that there are not a lot of people around him. here is how this video is shot. this is from a monitor. this is closed circuit television within the airport. they brought a reporter in. the reporter is shoot ago video monitor like this one to show this video rather than making a connection. and as you see this man go running away clearly he realizes he is a bomber of some kind and then the man rolls over with no one in our view at least at the time, he rolls over and blows himself up. now, as this is happening, think back over here, the way the man was running, he was coming from this direction, right? there are lots of people over here and they're scattering and there is a third video that i want to show you that happens from another -- we believe from another direction of that same thing. this is before the man came running down the hall, now, watch all the scrambling in the arrivals hall here. roll it audio. this is a silent video. and you can see that the
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explosion comes from over here. we believe that's the runner who we just saw. let's watch this again. it will loop to the top, i believe, and we will be able, this is after math here. people who have clearly. okay, here it is. everyone is scrambling, running away from the bomber who is way down there. and watch on the right-hand side of the screen. that's the explosion as it happened in that other hall. we know there were three explosions all together, right? three different suicide bombers, three people who blew their vests up. and the sequence of events seems to be the first one blew out the first security. it's almost like an attack in iraq where they would take one of those big armored vehicles filled with explosives. ram it into a security check point, blow up the check point, kill everybody there and then the rest of the militants can get in and go duling do do the rest of their work. it seems that's what happened today. we had reports earlier of a parking garage right across the street. think of it this way,
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parking garage, cab line, place to drop your loved ones off. front door and right inside that front door that's where the first baggage security is. you don't get to walk all over there to get your bags checked. it happens right there. first thing we believe early going blown up, the other two can get in. that explains the runner running through the hall there, blowing himself up and the one from the other side. what are people who are there at the time doing? we got lots of videos inside after this thing first went off. remember, that first explosion happened and then there was a short period of time where the runner was going. the other suicide bomber was relocating. and there were people in this airport. it was 10 till 9:00 at night. very busy time in this airport it served 61 million people a year it's the third largest airport in all of europe. and it is a last drop destination. i will tell you about that in a minute. here is what people were doing. ryan is here showing. i think this is like inside duty free shops. >> the travel -- you can see
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people crouch down, peering out, fearing out what's going on. people with children crouched down trying to figure out what may have happened at that point. >> they are all sort of flustered. some people have their phones out. sort of huddling together. they have heard all of this. but our belief is that they didn't necessarily see everything that bass going down. there was one over here where you can hear some of it and this came to us early in the 4:00 hour eastern time this afternoon. show this for us if you can. >> this is also inside the airport. can you see people are visibly upset. people are trying to get people to calm down around here. but then they pan around and you can see there is a lot of people in the hallway. this looks like it's a terminal hallway but a lot of people bottled up here trying to figure out what's going on and waiting. >> waiting and waiting. and they kept them in there for hours on end. and it's our understanding that some of them are still there. in this area where they are doing the investigating. part of the reason that the numbers were so confusing
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all day is because this scene was spread out and so large. remember, they blew out the first check point. after you blow out the first check point, then the scene just expands. so the crime scene has moved around. and there are people, apparently, who were affected. some people who have been killed in multiple locations. and authorities are trying to figure out who is wounded, who is injured. who has died. who needs immediate attention and who can wait. throughout all of this, we are getting reports united states the airport of what's happening. and authorities lead us to believe at first that there were two suicide bombers. then we learned there were three. there were reports of the explosions or the gunfire happening across in the parking garage. and then we started thinking about the context of this all. this is the largest airport in all of turkey. the third largest in europe. and it is a point of last destination for anyone traveling to the united states. it's about a 9 hour flight to ataturk airport.
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the tsa because it's a last stop airport is on scene there. they are there to protect the plane. the plane and people on it. the locals are there to protect the airport. and by all accounts, local security worked, equities september that they blew out -- except that they blew out the first line of security. that's when that second person, the runner, was firing indiscriminately and then security shot up with him and shot him in the hip before he was able to roll over and detonate his bomb. questions now. who did this? well, the turkish authorities are now saying and quoting from local police, talking to media, they believe it's isis. we cannot confirm that. it is way too early for that the prime minister confirmed the death toll just a short time ago at 36, but the number of injured remains to be scene and prime minister reminded us that this number could go up. in addition, we realize the strictist security in all of europe is not among the most
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strict in all the world. aman airport similar. way outside. tel aviv's airport. you also have exterior checks. sometimes as you drive up. but to say that this is new england the strictest in all the world is not an overstatement. much stricter than anything in thrantd or chicago or miami or los angeles or san francisco. much stricter as they backed up the place where you get checked as far as they can back it up. and that's where now the attacks are happening. so the big question for all of us is this part of a bigger plan? remember, the leader of isis said just last week, go attack during the holy month of ram dam anywhere you can. fallujah has just been taken back by iraqis on the ground, flight if they want to retaliate, they have been told now is the time to do it. it appears that we have a pattern with airports now. remember brussels? very similar.
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now, ataturk in turkey the question is has some sort of directive gone out. airports are a good place to go. and here is how you do it. it was two years ago today. two years to the day that isis established its caliphate and named abu backer al baghdadi its leader. two years ago today. 10 days left, the very end of the holy month of ramadan. very -- if you do something bad according to these teach eggs who those who are bastardized this faith reward would be the greatest. this would be have a huge payoff. and certainly the question is are others out there waiting and ready to move as they told us after brussels that they believed there were spread out across europe and the western world? those are matters for discussions with our own catherine herridge. our chief intelligence correspondent. with terror analysts who you see on this channel all the
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time. and the question was it isis? well the turkish official tells the associated press it certainly looks like it. we will talk live with our national intelligence correspondent catherine herridge coming up. and o'reilly won't be seen tonight because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel.
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there is breaking news on fox news channel even at this late hour after 4:00 in the morning there there is new information and now we know according to the turkish prime minister the three suicide bombers who caused all this death and destruction and fears around the world got to the airport by taxicab. they took a taxi to the airport and then sauntered in. that's according to the turkish prime minister just moments ago. 36 people dead, as many as 147 injured. though most of those who are listed as injured, according to the prime minister only a
5:17 pm
very few of them are severely injured. the attack comes in istanbul just one day after the state department updated its travel warning for turkey quoting: foreign and u.s. tourists have been explicitly targeted by international and indigenous terror organizations. it also advises people stay away from large crowds, including at popular tourist destinations and to, quote, exercise heightened vigilance and caution when visiting public access areas, especially those heavily frequented by tourists. like international airports. it also warns about an increased number of threats coming from the terror groups throughout turkey and like other parts of europe, terrorists have threatened aviation services. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is in washington tonight. catherine, you saw something telling in those surveillance videos, right? >> yeah. if we can go back to that video, shep. i want to draw everyone's attention to what we see happening when the guy comes into the terminal with what
5:18 pm
looks like an ak 47 or some type of machine gun from. my experience, when someone rushes in like that, they're trying to overpower the people inside that building. and then take hostages. and they have that suicide vest as sort of the last or final part of the plot. but when we see that guy go down because he is shot in the hip and wounded. that is the point that he reaches inside and he finds the detonation key. if his objective was not to immediately detonate the vest, then he just would have walked in and waited for it to happen. but clearly there was an objective to use the weapon to overpower people, i believe, to probably take hostages and then use the vest in the final stage. >> catherine, i have heard reported and read reported across the nation and around the world, frankly in the last couple of hours that this appears to be part of a pattern. that the leader of isis had said go out and attack interests and that there
5:19 pm
appears to be an airport pattern happening here. do you see any of that? >> well, i want to be careful about drawing connections beyond what we see immediately in istanbul and then what we saw in march at the brussels airport. that data point you just broke into a few minutes ago, that the individuals took a taxi to the airport that is the same m.o. as what we saw in brussels. we also saw massive explosives in sort of the soft underbelly of the airport. in istanbul we are seeing these suicide vests. what we saw in brussels were these suitcases laden with explosives. and if we can go to this image, we have some video or photos of the tiles on the floor the airport in istanbul. this is a very important element of the investigation. this is exactly what we saw in brussels. and what tells us is that the strength of the bomb was so significant it was able to free the ceiling tiles so
5:20 pm
there was an impact on the structural integrity of that terminal and then it fell to the ground. there are very few groups in that part of the world that have the technology and the capability to build bombs that strong and to build at least three and that would be isis. so this, again, is another data point that really suggest that it may well have been that terror group, shep. >> so, unless one of the agree three was the builder of the bomb and planner of the mission they may have had help. >> they may have had help. i don't want to get to door but to say that trains operatives inside of syria it dispatch missions during the period of ramadan. this may have been the case here. it may be entirely separate, shep. >> it may be. catherine herridge, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> we will go live to istanbul in just a moment where we are in the early, early hours. dawn is more than two hours away. yet, the breaking news
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continuing coverage of breaking news as the attack was happening at airport in istanbul during the early hours of last night. as it was happening, they diverted other planes to nearby airports especially the nation's capital and people on board those planes began speaking to journalists thinking about what had happened in their hometowns. one spoke with the "new york times" and quoting from the "new york times" this hour our world is turned upside down. she has been divert to do ankara and says she is analyst diverted flight.
5:25 pm
istanbul happening town, cutting edge in art and culture. kind of place that condi nas would write about. now this is middle eastern country where these things happen. turkey, she added, is trying to jump ahead but it's been bogged counsel by its neighbor. much of the world changed for those in istanbul and across that region overnight. more on the terror attack. let's bring in laura wells a freelance floater istanbul istanbul -- reporter in istanbul. tell us what you have learned. >> prime minister had a press conference recently as you said. he said this attack has the marks of an isis attack. and that is a really big change from the usual government rhetoric because usually officials are quick to blame kurdish groups and certainly they have been behind some terrorist attacks in turkey but this certainly does have a mark of isis. namely this was targeting foreign nationals. now, they have said that
5:26 pm
most of the deceased and those who are injured are actually turkish but in an international terminal you would certainly find some foreign nationals. you would also be targeting turkey's tourism ministry which is suffering greatly because of so many tourist attacks in the last year and other bad news coming out of the country. also, the use of suicide vests. isis has killed more people than certainly any other terrorist group in turkey in the past year and they usually do it with suicide vests. so this is another thing. and also there is something coming out of local media which is that one of the attackers was a foreign national and, again, that usually only happens with isis attackers. at least in the past year. >> it is true that in recent weeks, isis leaders had been telling people who were stationed around the world these sort of splinter groups and those who would position themselves elsewhere waiting to join the caliphate had told them go out and wreak havoc anywhere you can and any time you can. >> well, that's what isis is
5:27 pm
doing at this time. and they are also competing with al qaeda to be the deadliest and most feared terrorist group in the world. now, if you look back at a police report that was leaked to the public back in january 2015, that police intelligence report said there could be up to 3,000 isis operatives on turkish soil. that's a lot. and it's scary. it also warned that turkish officials need to do more surveying. also, turkish intelligence just this past week told the public that they were surveying 19 isis members between 2012 and 2014, but they never prosecuted them. even when some of their family members dime police and said my son is an isis member. police arrest him. so this is really a lapse, perhaps, in judgment of the security officials and this could be the turning point for the government to wake up to the sort of peril that isis is posing to turkey. >> you fly to the airport.
5:28 pm
look at the government, there is no denying that president erdogan has looked aside as they have come through his country and made their way into syria. this has been going on for years and years as they have issues with kurdistan across the border. >> that's true. many different leaders across the west have asked president erdogan to take this more seriously. the president is much more focused and has been for over a year on trying to target the kurdish areas, mainly the pkk which is the separatist kurdish militia which is usually in the southeast of turkey, mainly at least. and that has claimed over 2,000 lives. mostly kurdish even hundreds of civilians per many reports and resulted in half a million being displaced from their homes. that has been the top priority. there has also been bombings in northern iraq. i mean dozens to hundreds of
5:29 pm
dropping bombs on these areas. they say they are targeting pkk. but meanwhile i have tried to count the amount of times that the air force, the turkish air force has gotten involved in bombing isis in syria. and not much. i would say about a dozen times maximum since the beginning of isis is now two year history. >> laura wells reporting live early this wednesday morning from istanbul, laura, thanks very much. all the best. you may be sitting around thinking if isis is responsible for this it will claim credit. it puts videos online and shows video. not true in turkey isis has never once claimed responsement for a bombing in one of turk yption cities. for the assassination of some sort of insurgent in the south of turkey near the border with syria, yes. but never any of the attacks that they have carried out. never once did they claim responsibility because the last thing they want is the people who were just
5:30 pm
murdered to turn against them. we will go live to the white house next where the president has got a briefing on the attacks. learn about the candidates running to replace him. that's next from the fox news deck on this tuesday evening. with hydrogenated oil...
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5:34 pm
trace? two. >> years, shep, since the caliphate and 2014 since then, turkey has been rocked by a series of suicide bombings. and while there does not appear to be a pattern, the attacks are certainly becoming more frequent. today was the seventh attack this year, including areas of istanbul that are popular with person tourists. in fact, in january, at least 10 german tourists were killed in a suicide bombing in istanbul's square one of the city's primary shopping and dining areas. isis is believed to have been responsible for that attack. a month later 28 people killed in a many booing that targeted military vehicles in ankara. kurdish. detonated a car bomb bus stop turkish capital killing 37. six days later what was then thought to be a isis suicide bomberrer blew himself up killing four people. earlier this month another car bomb by kurdish rebels
5:35 pm
in istanbul killed 11 people. all of the attacks are believed to have been by kurdish rebels or ice sifs terrorists and authorities in turkey believe isis is also behind today's airport bombings because isis has primarily used suicide bombers though in the past it has taken anywhere 1 to five days for the attackers to go filibuster with their claims. consider in 2014 the bombings claimed the lives of 134 part-time. in the death toll from today's airport bombings remains at 36. the tolls so far this year is already 125, with six months to go. shep? >> wow, trace gallagher, thanks thank you. >> the white house says president obama has been briefed on the attack in istanbul. let's get to the white house rich edson is live. good evening. >> we got press secretary josh earnst he cause the international airport just like brussels airport attacks earlier this year
5:36 pm
symbols of international connections and the ties that bind us together. in that statement it says remain steadfast in our support for turkey, our nato ally and partner along with all of our friends and allies around the world as we continue to confront the threat of terrorism. now, the press here this evening at the white house, shep, hat gotten the indication, our nightly indication through the administration that we're not to expect any type of public statements or anything from the president from here. president obama will head to canada tomorrow where he will attend the north american leaders summit, shep. >> the lid is on, as they say but the secretary of state spoke on this matter, right? >> he did. he spoke earlier this evening and essentially he is saying that right now officials are still gathering information. still trying to ascertain the specifics on all of this. he then spoke about the challenges facing governments as they try to stop these attacks. >> yes. you can bomb an airport. you can blow yourself up. that's the tragedy. dash and others like it know
5:37 pm
that we have to get it right 24/7, 365. they have to get it right for 10 minutes or one hour. >> we have also heard from a u.s. department of justice spokesperson saying justice and the fbi are coordinating with other u.s. government agencies and are offering assistance to turkish counterparts as asked for. shep? >> rich, thank you. the presidential candidates are responding to the attack. they are both offering prayers for the families and the victims. donald trump says and i quote: the terrorist threat has never been greater. our enemies are brutal and ruthless and will do anything to murder those who do not bend to their will. he goes on: we must take steps to protect america from terrorists and do everything in our power to improve our security and keep americans safe. and then there is this from hillary clinton, quote: terrorists are struck again in the heart of our nato allies and all americans stand united county people of turkey against this campaign of hatred and violence. today's attack in istanbul
5:38 pm
only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadiism around the world. again that from donald trump and secretary clinton today. we're getting a first-hand account from a journalist on his honeymoon who lived through this bloody attack. and think of this. right now i have just gotten word that there are 4,000 people still trapped inside this airport. that at least one plane sat on the tarmac far four hours before being allow to do move. others moved to another airport and fend for themselves. those released al at some point from some hour from ataturk will make their own arrangements. chaos says one police official and no end in sight.
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5:43 pm
twitter, right? >> yes, he sent out a series of tweets. he said we just left the airport. my wife as injured during the attack. we were face to face with the attacker while he sprayed. i ran back, got my wife, pulled her to the store. broke in and waited in terror while he was shooting outside the store. we barely made it. we were transiting from our honeymoon tonight istanbul back to new york when the bullets were closer i hugged and kissed her. my wife was sitting at neurocafe while i was on the third floor to get food from sombrero. heard shots, ran fast toward her. people came down the stairs to see the court empty and the terrorists firing toward us. carried her arm around sitting ducks. we took cover in a closet inside a hair salon. the 45 minutes we were sitting ducks waiting to find out who will open the door. >> wow. >> just terrifying. >> honeymoon. >> honeymoon.
5:44 pm
>> heading back to new york transitioning through istanbul which americans do every day. we know there were foreign nationals. turkish prime minister said the vast majority of those who were killed were of turkish dissent. turkish origin but certainly this international terminal and vast international airport that's used as a transit spot from so many different places in the world. the third busiest airport in all of europe. searchly -- certainly there were foreigners there in the hours and days ahead we will learn more. bring in army special forces operator who has been on stand by throughout the day to give us help ben collins is with us. thanks for coming, first of all. >> absolutely. >> we are all hesitant to draw any conclusions. all we have a series of facts from today and a series of fact from previous days. it's your business to see patterns. and i wonder if you see any. >> certainly, absolutely. i think if you look at the history of the pkk and pbk the way that they operate.
5:45 pm
>> explain to our viewers what those are. >> so those are the kurdish groups that are trying to succeed from turkey trying to have autonomy. really that's been turkey's really main focus. they have been paying a lot of lip service to the fight against isis because that's their biggest fear having those kurds gain as much power as they could on the southern border. if you look at the attacks recently and in the past of those organizations for the most part they tend to target police or military. isis for the most part likes to target the civilians. you look at the complexity of this, too, if i may, you know, again, we have got to be very careful with what kind of conclusions we are drawing, if you look at just the airport, you look at paris and brussels and all the way to 7/7 in london look at suicide vests, they keep using the same components, something they call tatp something you with k. make in bathtub and have the recipe online that stuff is very, very difficult to make and it takes a professional bombmaker to put it together.
5:46 pm
and for the most part, their vests are working completely as they are designed to. that tells me that there is a level of expertise and level of planning that's there that tends to add complexity which would hearken back to the al qaeda or isis type of operation. >> these are volatile substances, stabilizing them is a difficult thing to do. when you are run and not good at it, it could explode. there are a lot of different things that can trigger it but, in these cases, they appear to be triggered only by people triggering them we have the video to show it? >> exactly. there are components to make the substance and as you say absolutely correct. friction, heat, anything can set that stuff off. it's very hard to get that to transport from point a to point b. also the exon members of the vest itself. right? i mean the trigger and all the rest of that sadly, they have almost item democratized. see saw in paris they are moving that expertise. and again unfortunately i think this is something that we have seen here and part of the reason turkey is
5:47 pm
getting this is these fighters are moving from turkey to europe and back again. it's something unfortunately that i think has kind of come home to roost for turkey and i think we are going to see more of it unfortunately. >> about 4:00 in the morning, three days after the terrorist attacks in brussels. we are standing outside. there is a light rain in front of the palace. all the sudden we get word one of the people who blew himself up was the bombmaker themselves. last one of the last group there and very famous for the region bombmaker had killed himself. unless one the three who blew himself or herself up today was the bombmaker, unless that is the case, then they had help. >> absolutely. and as you reported as well already, we have had -- there were terror attacks in turkey just over the last couple of days since the start of ramadan. i think that unfortunately, again, for turkey is the fact that it is so easy on that border so, porous to cross from syria to turkey. >> part of president erdogan
5:48 pm
will not crack down. the effort has not been made. >> no. i think from political aspect, right, for him, it's almost plays to that tune, right? i mean, you know, this is somebody who has been trying to get into the eu for so long. i don't think he is doing what he is doing with the migrant crisis out of a tender heart. is he doing this to have the leverage against europe. he has been letting that stuff move back and forth. you can almost compare it to pakistan in the way that the taliban were moving back and forth ang and pakistani governments have always played well in time it's going to come home to roost and you're going to have these type of attacks and, yeah, unfortunately, i think that that expertise is still there. if it's not, it's certainly within hours, you know, path away, you know, unfortunately i think we're going to see more, certainly in the very near future. >> when isis leaders say if you are prepared, go out and strike anywhere at any time using the guidelines we have already given you, are we to believe that that is the sort of thing that if not this one would create others like it? >> oh rg -- oh, absolutely.
5:49 pm
they get inspired when they see these type of attacks. >> this is a turn-on to other would-be murderers? >> without a doubt. there is a line -- i don't think it matters anymore whether they are isis directed or isis inspired. if you are isis, what you want most, you know, is for somebody in their own living room, sitting in an apartment in some town in the u.s., to go online and to learn how to do this, to become inspired, to learn how to do these type of attacks and just be self radicalized and do it on their own without having to send email or phone call back to isis. that's how they get caught. unfortunately i think this thing people are going to get inspired especially when there is a directive during the month of ramadan it has a high, high degree of seriousness for them. >> ben collins, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> so what is the state of the campaign against isis? where are we in the big picture? that's next.
5:50 pm
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5:53 pm
before the deadly attack in instanbul this afternoon, new york time, the u.s. representative to the anti-isis coalition spoke to congress about the fight against the islamic state. let's get an update on that from leah gabriel. he had some words of warning i guess. >> that's right. this is special presidential envoy brett mcgurk. he basically said, as you mentioned, you've been talking about how the caliphate -- this is the anniversary of the caliphate. well, he basically said that as the group loses land, they lose their caliphate, we can expect to see more lone-wolf style attacks. take a listen to what he said. >> as they're losing territory, as they're losing their central narrative of this caliphate, this kind of state that they are creating, they will try to
5:54 pm
inspire, through the internet, these lone-wolf types of attacks. and, you know, any deranged individual that wants to commit a crime can suddenly fly the banner of isil and get an international headline. they recognize this and they're trying to inspire it. >> so at this point, we don't know if this was isis. we don't know if this was essentially a lone-wolf style attack or potentially if it was isis, they could have been fighters who went from syria, moved in through turkey and committed this attack. the bottom line is he and other u.s. officials are saying that isis is losing territory. they're losing the caliphate. if you look at what's happening in mosul right now, there's an operation happening south of mosul in preparation for forces to try to take back mosul. today mcgurk did not say when they might happen but what he did say is isis' days in mosul are numbered. again, we just learned this past week that fallujah, that iraqi forces have now taken back fallujah. so what we're seeing is that land is going away, and what u.s. officials are expecting is that we will see more attacks.
5:55 pm
and they've also mentioned that we'll see more attacks on western targets. >> leah, thank you. the house committee investigating the deadly attack in benghazi released its report today after a two-year, $7 million investigation. the eighth investigation to date. the authors of the report make no new accusations and produce new evidence of wrongdoing against the then-secretary of state hillary clinton. but they do blame the obama administration, the cia, and the military for responding too slowly to that attack. quoting from the report, despite president obama and secretary of defense leon panetta's clear orders to deploy military assets, nothing was sent to benghazi, and nothing was en route to libya at the time. the last two americans were killed almost eight hours after the attacks began. today hillary clinton said the report found nothing to contradict the findings of earlier investigations. >> so while this unfortunately took on a partisan tinge, i want us to stay focused on what i've always wanted us to stay focused
5:56 pm
on, and that is the important work of diplomacy and development. that's especially true in dangerous places. >> clinton also said the best way to honor americans who died is to provide more resources and support to our diplomats. markets here in the united states bounced back in a big way today from two days of huge losses after the uk brexit vote. the dow gained about 270 points thank you. some analysts say it could be a sign that concern over the referendum is starting to fade. but other analysts say bargain hunters are shopping for deals in the middle of ang overall downtown. telling britain, get the divorce over with already. today the european parliament met in brussels. at one point lawmakers booed one of the leaders of britain's leave movement. tonight the world is remembering a true legend. pat summit won more games than any other division 1 college basketball coach ever, man or
5:57 pm
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for a quick update before o'reilly gets his entire program. yes, o'reilly will be back for the late program. then we'll be back tomorrow from the fox news desk 3:00 eastern time, and whenever news breaks out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. i'm shepard smith. breaking tonight, we are just learning that additional officers are being deployed in airports across the new york and new jersey region tonight in response to a devastating terror attack on the international airport in instanbul, turkey. an ally to the united states for over 60 years. it comes as we get chilling warnings that more attacks could be coming over the next eight days in particular. welcome to "the kelly file" and a busy night, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. earlier this year, isis told its supporters to attack during the holy month of ramadan, which ends next week. one succeeded in orlando, florida, and now all indications point to another successful isis inspired or perhaps directed attack in turkey.


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