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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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she did today? four lives were lost, 600 requests for security. nobody came to their rescue during the fight. thanks for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> it's 11:00 on the east coast, 8:00 p.m. on the west coast. 6:00 a.m. wednesday in isanbul. and time for continuing coverage of the terror massacre, bill o'reilly will be along minutes from now, first, 36 people confirmed dead. 147 others hurt aaccording to the turkish prime minister after three suicide bombers unleashed a blood bath at one of the world's busiest travel hubs. the prime minister says all
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signs says isis is to ahead you'll hear from a journalist inside istanbul right now and we'll get to o'reilly. let's go through the series of events. the attack happened just before 10:00 local time, tuesday. a suicide bomber approached the first security area at the entrance to the international terminal. it's a very modern building with some of the most intense security in the world. you can't get your bags through without going through x ray machines. that is when the suicide bomber arrived, according to the prime minister. the said said to have begun firing and police returning fire. witnesses say the bomber showed explosives and detonated them. whaté@ you're about to see is a
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closed circuit security video. in thes background, you'll see one of the entrances to the airport. that is where the explosion is going to happen. roll it. let's watch. here people are, milling about in the terminal. and watch the top. there is the explosion from the outside. people inside scramble. they'll play this again and we'll move along. we believe this is happening at ten minutes until 10:00 in the evening. that explosion followed by chaos, and that, we believe was the downing of the first security barrier. after that, the second video we believe also from closed, i should say closed circuit cameras, the second one in a different time. here, you're going to see a gunman firing shots. the first security cordon was broken down so the second suicide bomber was able to get into the terminal. he'll be shot once by police, we
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believe, in the hip, and then, again, once he's down, then, he'll detonate his vest. let's roll video and watch. the male comes running aalong this way. here he comes. he's got the long gun in his hand. he's going to get shot. there it is. we believe he gets shot again, right there. now, he'll roll over, someone stands over him, but this man will run off, then roll over and watch. he'll detonate the vest or belt right there. and that, we believe is the second explosion. so that was inside of the terminal. at the same time, we now know there was a third bomber, it's believed the third bomber never got into the building. if you're with us this afternoon, you know there are reports of gunshots being fired
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from the parking garage. there is a parking garage and a taxi lane, then, the sidewalk outside of the terminal, then, that first screener. they broke the first screener, got in. this happened and here, i'll show you from another angle. this is that same bombing, we believe. another angle from the guy doing the running. you'll see people running from right to left, then, off camera, you'll see the explosion. roll it. chaos. there is no sound on the video. the explosion happens over here, there it is. that is how it went down. you can see people getting away here, we're of the belief most of those killed died around that first security cordon. so if the united states, if you're going to go to the airport and drop off bags you go
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inside or go to a ticketing agent there. get your pass, you hand the agent your bag or in some airports you go to a screening area, but that is all indoors. not here, here, security area is backed up to the outside of the building. so it's there, we believe that a lot of these people died. there was a lot going ininside at the time. this is the third busiest airport in all of europe. >> this is video from instagram. you can see people huddled together. there is a lot of chaos and confusion. you can only imagine what is going through peoples' minds right now. just a scary situation. you can see kids in the mix, too. >> along the way we learned that people were held inside of the airport 4 to 5 hours. there were planes that landed
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about the same time it happened. people were kept on the jet, on the tarmac for up to four hours. we heard from a witness on there that said we don't know where to go. and there are people inside of the terminal at the time, many of them were told stay in place for hours and hours on end. they're working to secure the place to make sure there wasn't another attack coming because often, in these terrorist attacks, that is what happens. a first blast, then, they want to attack again with security services are there. this woman is very upset about the elevator. >> that is right. this is inside of the airport. you can see it's kind of a terminal hallway. people visibly upset. she's very upset. and then, they pan around, you can see there are tons of people here, waiting to get out. >> this is 10:00 at night. a very busy time for european airports. this is an airport of last
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destination before coming to the united states. so our transportation security administration is there, they're working to secure those planes and secure the people on board. sometimes, you may have an air marshal on board from the tsa. tsa is an all of the airports where the last flight originated before coming to the united states to say, jfk, atlanta or charlotte. there is a tsa agent there. but local security is bun by local airports. by all accounts, security there is almost anything in the world, the airport in tel aviv, the airport in jordan, both very secure, this one, as well, two, sometimes three layers of security. let's get into that now with a freelance journalist who is in istanbul. what can you tell us from your experiences about security there? >> reporter: hello, my
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experience there is i've been there many times and the airport is one of the most-secure airports actually when you first look because there is a security from the entrance, from the very beginning and also, the cars going to the airport are checked randomly. and a from the metro line, these passengers go around 500 meter was out going through security checks under the airport, actually. but they're not sure if that was one of the places that the attack occurred. because one of the attacks is not clear whit took place. as you said, flights were diverted to the cities after the attack and also, for passengers who were stranded at the
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airport, there is a big organization that started among istanbul people, turkish people to accept them to their homes and apartments so they can stay for the night because it was so terrible. very difficult to find a place to stay. they were carrying to the city center, with buses and then, they had to stay this for hours. actually, now, the airport has opened, it's opened after five hours. five hours after the attack, it's open for air traffic. they're not sure if passengers are allowed. i'm seeing from twitter some passengers we have that need to go urgently are still waiting for the flight. >> and we appreciate it. a freelance journalist in istanbul for us. we continue to watch the pictures. we can tell you flights from the united states were temporarily
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halted. those flights have now resumed aand are now headed for the airport from istanbul from the united states. and the authorities there. somehow, they've been able to reopen this airport for somewhat limited transportation needs, but nevertheless, the airport is reopened as the investigation continues. and the death toll continues to rise. 36 dead and 147 reported hurt. the vast majority only slightly injured. bill o'reilly is ahead in just minutes. we got a warning from the u.s. point man in the fight against isis. we'll hear from him from turning it over to bill o'reilly. that is next. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run.
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13 minutes past the hour. the attack in istanbul comes a day after the state department updated terror alerts, quoting here, it advises people to stay away from large crowds, including popular tourist destinations and exercise caution and visiting public access places. the warning also goes on about an increased number of threats come aring from terror groups throughout turkey. and like in other countries terrorists threatened aviation services. before the attack, a u.s. representative to the anti-isis coalation spoke to isis about the fight against the islamic state.
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>> we don't know if this was the islamic state, perhaps a lone wolf attack or fight yirs traveling through turkey's southern border, the special presidential envoy told members of congress isis is living it's caliphate and we can expect attacks. take a listen. >> as they're losing their territory, and losing the state they're creating they'll try to inspire these lone wolf types of attacks. and any deranged individual can fly to get an international headline. they recognize this. they're trying to inspire it. >> you said the islamic state's most-recent statement said the group maying losing all of it's territory, including mosul.
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he says an operation is going on now that is said will be key to taking the city back. and the first prize in iraq, the city of fallujah was taken back by iraqi forces. the islamic state group still trying to inspire attacks around the world. >> leah, thank you. of course, the islamic state nor other terror organization claimed responsibility for the attack. as we've learned the islamic state, rarely, if ever claims responsibility for attacks inside turkey. while carrying out these attacks is said to be advantageous for them, telling they have done it could cause them problems with the locals. let's turn to washington, former cia military analyst now a senior policy advisor for the counter extremism project. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> help me understand this claiming responsibility is a bad
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thing for us but bombing is a good thing if you're isis. i don't get it. >> it depends on most of the attacks, isis claims responsibility, however, in turkey, they haven't issued claims. we see groups coming out quickly with claims of responsibility. in this case, most signs are pointing to isis. there have been reports that the prime minister of turkey said it's likely to be isis. there are reports u.s. counter terrorism officials think it to be isis, it seems in line with an isis style attack and there has been a renewed focus by isis on turkey particularly on their propaganda materials. >> can you give us an understanding of what you mean by "isis style"? you say it was coordinated. this were suicide bombs and different weapons used. this is similar to what we saw in terms of the style in both
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brussels and paris, we've seen isis says these are their ambitions. they have had threats online in terms of messaging on the internet, they've had videos and we've seen a tacks in turkey, both by turkish separatist groups and we don't have clear evidence yet and authorities need to do this investigation, but signs seem to point to isis. >> any patterns you've seen? let's say paris, brussels, here, that would give us an idea, or experts an idea of how to better prevent this sort of thing? or are you seeing the kind of violence that is almost impossible to protect against? >> well, unfortunately, there is an infinite amount of target that isis are lone wolf attacks. that doesn't mean they're in the preventible. in this case, they were stopped
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before boarding an airplane, they were stopped in terms of passing through airport security. so in some sense, certain security measures did go into effect. be a territorial fighttake a and it's going to be about fighting their online messaging not inspiring individuals. and if they've traveled to syria for example, or a cell inspired, police has seen you don't need to have contact face-to-face to carry out an attack on their behalf. we saw that in orlando, unfortunately, and we've seen havoc both coordinated attacks and lone wolf orlando ones can, you know, have on in terms of casualties. >> senior policy advisor for counter extremism, thank you. >> thank you so much.
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>> the death toll stands at 36. and the number injured, 147. the airport reopened for limited travel. we'll have updates throughout the night and early morning. i'm shepard smith in new york. we're goingt"es to take a quick commercial break and then, bill o'reilly is in with the factor for the rest of the hour
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>> there should not be religious celebrations on the academic calendar, you should not say things like i like your shoes to a woman, because how you look is not important and you should not refer to a husband, wife, or
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boyfriend or girl (ed, this may offend and not include alternative individuals. the tar heel nation, all right? this is so offensive to me, i can't -- i mean, i'm, it takes a lot to offend me. i'm offended. all right? if i say and stress nice shoes, or whatever. >> i'd say thank you. >> but you can't. university of north carolina, doesn't matter how you look. juan would fit in there perfectly. >> yes. really. it's important to note this is not the university of north carolina's official policy this, is a blog some employees have. >> was this woman fired? >> no. no. >> was she reprimanded? >> not in any way because it's an open discussion. you want an open discussion about everything. and i'm all for intellectual freedom.
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if i said to you, nice tie, i don't mean anything about it. i'm not being rude or flirting. . >> i should not even wear a tie. appearances don't matter. >> i'm going to say this pc madness sweeping the country that we saw in yale when a dorm master, now you can't say dorm matter anymore, but adults working the dorm would say on hall wean, have fun. don't worry about if you're wearing a sombrero. this is what this woman is doing at the university of north carolina. >> it's not just unc, this is happening across the country. students are being coddled and not exposed to free-flowing form of ideas. >> juan says they are. >> where is the discussion? don't say you're going to play golf. people can't afford to play. >> we're seeing the left wing indoctrination in college campuses. studies have shown since 1990,
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there has been a 20% increase of students that say they're left, so i think we're seeing this indoctrination on college campuses being promoted by teachers. >> we're seeing facism. now, let's get back to your thing about this gender discussion. about what? >> i think from your perspective it's all about political correctness, but remember, bill, we live in a different world than you and i grew up in. the world has changed. you have more women in the work place, more minorities in the work place. >> has nothing to do with the work place, but what you can and can't say. >> at the work place. >> out of the four things on the screen, what do you want to discuss? you can't say golf? boyfriend, girlfriend? can't discuss that? >> no. no. i will say this. if you said let's play golf, i'd
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say i'm not a golfer, and it's a typically older white environment. >> i'll say okay, we'll go bowling. >> the university of illinois after the trump chopping now students have to take a course on minority culture, we're seeing these things being pushed. >> it's facism. >> it's happening with students. >> why are you saying facism. >> because this woman, you don't have to convince the audience, they hr know. this woman does not want what listed. she does not want you to say i have a girlfriend, boyfriend, or wife. she doesn't want it. she thinks it's offensive. that is going to creep in and has, to the campus, these kids are being misguided and taught freedom of speech is not
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important, but what we think is offensive is important. >> how are the students supposed to be prepared into the real world? the real world doesn't care if you're offended or says something that hurts your feelings. the real world is diverse and people are going to offend you and disappoint you. that is the reality of the real world. >> the world, as it was, before we had more women -- >> they've been coddled. >> more women before we had more minorities. >> i will take the last word. >> bill says it's facism. >> it is facism. on college campuses. i set up this program so i can offend as many people as possible every single day of my life. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this evening. we talk about radical muslim terrorism, you saw it in turkey today, but what about americans who have nothing to do with jihad committing terrorist attacks. we have interesting facts for you. and national parks allowing you
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to use any rest room you want. we hope you stay tuned. "o'reill
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factor". tonight, as we have been reporting this evening, in istanbul turkey, three suicide bombers blew themselves up at the airport entrance. the result, dozens dead, scores injured. we know how dangerous jihad is, but what about domestic terrorism in america? report from the national consortium identified who the main domestic terror threats are. from the year 2000 to 2012, the earth liberation front committed 59 acts of terror. the animal hib brags front, 41 acts of terror, antiabortion extremists, 15 acts of terror and the kkk, one act of terror. so how many people killed or
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wounded in the attacks, m brown? >> it varies across the different ideological movements. groups like the environmental liberation front used arson or sabotage, they attacked businesses to make their point. so those are historically not lethal attacks and don't involve casualties in most cases. when you look at the violent far right wing groups these have different kind of ideological variations. we've seen a much larger number of ideologically-motivated homicides that may not make the threshold of terrorism incident, but instead, a hate crime, still, a heinous act. >> by individuals rather than terror groups issuing a statement. now, the kkk we have one in 12 years, that you consider a terrorist attack. what happened there? >> well, this attack dates back to 2008. and in this attack, a
11:36 pm
32-year-old woman conducted an unarmed assault against a 15-year-old african american girl. she was wearing a white sheet and had letters kkk scrawled on the back of the sheet. so clearly it was an act of, premeditated act of violence, preparing for this interview, we found more up to date information, in which it turns out the law enforcement says there was a personal relationship here, this might not have been ideologically motivated attack. >> they might have used it as a ruse. it's very hard to investigate these things. getting back to environmentalists. the animal rights people and the land people and water people, they work together sometimes. right? >> yes. alf and elf are animal and environmental liberation fronts are tightly networked movements
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and they recruit one another in the movement. close friends, siblings, people in a relationship. it tends to be tightly networked and they tend to be highly active, they're in the a massive movement in terms of numbers. >> antiabortionists. have they killed anybody in 12 year period? >> there have been a number of attacks against planned parenthood facilities as late as last year, or 2015. >> killed in kansas, but that was again, a lone attack by this guy. who it wasn't a group behind him. very fascinating m brown, thank you. when we come right back, a police officer muslim suing new york city over his beard. is it legal on that case. the gutfeld on open bathrooms in america's national parks. they're here, moments away.
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thanks for staying with us. interesting story in new york city. nypd officer, 32 years old, pakistani american, has been on the force 10 years, now is suing the city in federal court saying he wants to grow a longer beard. apparently you can have a one millimeter beard in the nypd.
11:42 pm
here, kimberly guilfoyle. all of the all of a sudden he wants to sue? >> yes. freedom of religion. >> why didn't they sue 10 years ago? >> now, he wants a bigger beard? >> no. no. 10 years he's been wearing a half inch up to an inch, and all of a sudden passed by a boss, and the boss said you're not in compliance. you better shave that beard. >> what is the rule? >> there is a one millimeter rule. >> he doesn't comply with the rule. >> but he hasn't been complying with the rule. >> maybe they just cut him slack? >> so now -- >> did he know when the signed on to nypd. >> he got an exemption. >> he signed the agreement saying he would comply with that. >> so weil is misleading us, so you signed the agreement?
11:43 pm
actively? you misled everybody. you should be ashamed. >> i am not ashamed. let me finish. >> you say this man signed a paper saying it's okay to have a one millimeter beard. >> they agree but he's saying this is a violation of my rights. >> okay. >> so ten years later he's saying it's a violation of rights? >> my saying tighten it up. it looks better anyway. >> i think it's a matter of -- i don't hi it's a matter of looks. i say that is probably sincere, but he should resign. >> no. >> yes. >> go back to pakistan. being a cop in pakistan. then ushgs have a long beard. >> no. he's an american citizen. >> so what? he can be an american citizen. >> he wants to be here, he's been able to have a beard 10 years. >> he wants to work for the company. the organization says one millimeter, it's one millimeter. >> no. he's been having the beard 10 years. >> you think this guy is right?
11:44 pm
>> i do think he's right. >> they're not saying don't have any beard, just please one millimeter. >> if i'm commissioner, i say okay, you can have the beard has long as you, i would assign him to rockaway beach by himself to comb the beach. and make sure there aren't sharks. >> he has a desk job. he's not on the streets. >> i don't care where he is. he should have done this in the beginning. >> by the way, you know, he just passed the bar. >> the law, now, a lawyer. he won't be there anymore. >> a millimeter is a 5:00 shave. >> what is the rule? the new york yankees don't allow beards. >> an orthodox jewish man filed a suit. and the judgment motion said new
11:45 pm
york pd, you're wrong. >> the judge's imposed the view of the world on the cop. >> no. it's religious. look at the first amendment again. >> this tees me off to no extent. now, real quickly, governor bob mcdonald, convicted of taking gifts. >> right. >> and promoting one of his friends sleazy products. >> right. >> there nothing concrete the state did for the product. the supreme court through the conviction out, saying you have to have more than just helping a friend out. >> there is no definition they can rely on as quote, an official act. it can have a chilling affect on people trying to conduct governmental affairs if worried about being prosecuted or charged or brought up on conviction charges. >> that being said, he took money, watches. >> borrowed a ferrari.
11:46 pm
>> you don't feel sorry for him. >> no. not at all. >> his conviction is thrown out. >> they could retry him, i predict his wife's conviction will be tossed. >> she was behind it. here is what i think. i think the governor, the former governor should grow a beard. try to get with the nypd. >> oh, my god. >> bathroom change in america's national parks. the boys are next.
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girl: you're going to need me. you're going to need us. all of us. you're going to need our help with your water... your air, your food. you're going to need our determination, our compassion. you're going to need the next generation of leaders to face the challenges the future will bring.
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and we promise we'll be there when you need us. ♪ anby switching to xfinity x1. wrio olympic games show me gymnastics. x1 lets you search by sport, watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. tonight, what the heck just happened. 300 million folks are expected to visit 58 national parks and they'll find a big change when they get to them.
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secretary of the interior says anybody can use any bathroom they want to use. the question will there be unintended consequences? >> that was "jurassic park", not officially a national park, but close. so you go to yellowstone. >> appropriately called yellow. >> yes. >> this is why this time is number one and sometimes, number two. rules for the bathroom?
11:51 pm
>> here on this show? >> go wherever you want. . >> i don't identify as a human being, i identify as an animal. so i feel i can use a tree. why a banl room? if identifies are fluid, we can go whenever he want. >> normal human beings, you know, and that ex-includes gutfeld, they go to national parks with children. right? and now, you know, a little girl can go into a lady's room and there, will be an alex caris look alike, possible. >> there are certain people. and this is a problem, the problem here is that it can be abused by the federal perverts. >> how did we get by more than 100 years after teddy roosevelt established national park. didn't have problems, men, women, you know, if you're
11:52 pm
cross, or whatever, or your transitioning whatever, just be discreet, that is all. >> a solution in search of a problem. there was no problem. >> not a problem. >> bending over backwards for a tiny minority at the expense of security of women and children. >> anything last to say about this? >> i think it's a beautiful thing. >> okay. good. >> in las vegas, a very interesting american town, you get married easily there. and recently, a man married his cell phone. roll tape. >> do you take this smart phone to be your lawfully wedded wife? >> i do. >> and do you promise to love her, honor her, comfort and keep her and be faithful to her? >> i do. >> i would ask you to place the ring on the bride's finger. and repeat after me, please.
11:53 pm
with this ring, i thee wed. i promise to love you. and cherish you, all of the days of my life. >> now, the kicker is that the cell phone will not let the guy go out on the weekend. >> so this is a publicity stunt for this chapel. you can drive through and get married in 35 seconds. >> is that what it was? >> yes. >> you didn't think it was a stunt? you thought it was sincere? >> that is what i thought. >> well, look. he looks like a weird al yan yankovich, this guy. >> i take this seriously. if you're in love, i say put a ringer on it. and it's -- this is beautiful. there are all different kinds of love, bill. i just despise narrow minded
11:54 pm
people, i hope to marry my dysonv 6. something so clean never made me feel so dirty. >> you can use my bathroom. >> and marry a phone. >> okay? >> iphone becomes a me phone. >> what happened? >> let's keep going. >> no. >> come on, another segment. >> not a chance in hell. >> the tip, moments away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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factor tip of the day, the factor reading list in just a moment. very good news for my books on the pub hisher's weekly list. wow. thank you all. the childrens book off killing reagan, the day the president was shot off to a nice start. get the urchins involved in
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history, please. a paper book of "killing kennedy" makes a great beach read because it's lighter, you can put it in a little bag. now, to mail. >> that is correct, but you can stay, as long as you want. >> you're right, the main driver is uncontrolled immigration from muslim nations. >> it's incredible to me in america, illegal aliens can get driver's licenses. would not happen in japan or
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australia. tom young. >> you have to change some of them to get their attention today, but thanks for watching "legends and lies". the biggest audience of all cable news shows on sunday, tomorrow we'll have a preview of this sunday's episode on george washington. you think you know him? you don't. also, very happy 100 birthday to bernie cubani, in pennsylvania way to go. the factor's summer reading list apart from me. history buffs mike like "valiant
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ambition" about george washington and benedict arnold. also "to hell and back" about the 20th century european wars. and baby boomers might like "1984", chronicles beatles rise, civil rights and mohammed ali. paul mccartney just celebrated a birthday, 74, still rocking. that is it for us. check out fox factor website. o'reilly at, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no kvetching. tomorrow, donald trump will be on the factor, and we have something in common with donald trump about the washington post. don't miss that interview, tomorrow on "the factor".
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again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. remember that the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. i'm shepard smit breaking tonight, we are just learning that additional officers officers officers are being deployed to airports across the new york and new jersey region tonight in response to a devastating terror attack on the international airport in istanbul, turkey. an ally to the united states for over 60 years. it comes as we get chilling warnings that more attacks could be coming over the next eight days in particular. welcome to the kelly file on a busy night. i'm megan kelly. earlier this year isis told supporters to attack during the hol ea month of ramadan that ends next week. one succeeded in orlando, florida and now all indications point to another isis-inspired or directed attack in turkey. this time at one of the


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