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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 30, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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and low take-home wages. >> but you have sunshine and beaches. the ugly. this may be the worst handshake in history. the canadian prime minister shaking hands with president obama and the mexican president at the same time. but it sort of ended up in a tangled mess. >> who showed you -- >> here you go. >> have a good day everyone. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. it's thursday, july 30th. we start with the fox news alert. breaking news in the airport terror attacks. they were not working alone. more than a dozen terror suspects, therm rounded up overnight and just arrested. >> good. meanwhile, listen to this. our attorney general loretta lynch is leading the criminal investigation led by the fbi into hillary clinton. so why in the world did our attorney general have a private half-hour meeting with hillary clinton's husband on board a private aircraft? >> i was landing.
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he was headed out. he did come over and say hello and speak to my husband and myself and talk about grandchildren and his travels and things like that. that was the extent of that. >> really? that's all? nothing else to talk about? >> i guess not. could be the most awkward handshake in history. president obama, canada's prime minister and the mexican president can't seem to get their hand jive working. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> we could try it here guys. ites like if you're holding a cocktail. >> suddenly, it became twister on the couch. i would shake hands. this is the kind of thing you have people for. i spilled it all over. >> it would be one of those things you should practice ahead of time.
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>> somebody to walk you through it. >> speaking of world leaders, world influencer, clayton morris. >> for sure. >> you're looking patriotic. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. you know today is national world social media day. >> good. >> you're the perfect guy to fill in for brian today. >> we have our great social media staff here on fox news. the three of us are going to take it over and turn the tables on them. >> you know what today is? today's my anniversary. i am wearing essentially the same suit. blue suit, pink tie that i got married to my wife kathy doocy in 30 years ago. >> did you get her something really nice? >> oh, yeah. >> going to do as doos on the loose and let you shop for her. >> never again. >> get her a gift. >> my wife is watching. happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary. she's so lovely. congratulations. >> thank you very much. heather joins us with the news. >> nice news. congratulations, steve and
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kathy. 30 years. good morning to all of you. i've got serious news to bring you right now. this is breaking overnight. we just got this in moments ago. 13 terror suspects have now been arrested tied to the deadly airport bombings in istanbul. three of them foreign nationals, all arrested in a series of dramatic police raids that took place overnight in that city. although we don't know the names yet, for the first time we're getting a look at the faces of the airport attackers. >> turkish media showing these. 41 innocent people killed and more than 200 hurt when they stormed the airport opening fire and then blowing themselves up. more as we get it this morning. less than 24 hours after that terror attack in turkey, the fight to take out isis from the sky is without a doubt on. u.s. air strikes wiping out a convoy killing at least 250 fighters and destroying vehicles loaded with weapons. those fighters were trying to
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leave the southern part of fallujah and iraq when they were hit by the u.s. air strikes. other brand new video just in. showing how the secret service stopped a potential bloodbath at the white house. jesse olivieri is marching past a security check point, ignoring orders, gun in hand. moments later a guard shooting him in the chest. a judge says that the gunshot was the only thing that stopped olivieri from a rampage. he now faces 20 years in prison. this we've been talking about perhaps the most awkward handshake in history. check this thing out. all right. so that was yesterday. the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau going in with his right hand to shake hands with president obama, but crossing over his left hand to shake hands with the mexican president. the whole thing ended in a tangled mess. this happened after the three
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amigo summit in ottawa, canada. try again. >> barack obama had the good sense to only try to use his right hand. >> here we go. >> she's over here. >> that concludes our quattro amigos. so this was one of our lead stories this morning. the attorney general who is, of course, conducting with the fbi, the criminal investigation into the use of a private e-mail server by hillary clinton. okay. she's running the investigation. yet, she met on monday with bill clinton at sky harbor airport out in phoenix for half an hour on a private plane. some folks from abc's channel 15 out in phoenix interviewed her and said, hey, you can't do that. that looks bad, doesn't it? did you talk about the case? here's what she said. >> was it appropriate for you to meet with former president
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clinton while he's in the middle of an investigation of his wife's e-mail servers. >> i did see the president at the phoenix airport the other night as i was landing, he was headed out. he did say hello and speak to my husband and myself. talked about his grandchildren and his travels and things like that. that was the extent of that. no discussions were held on any cases or anything of that. he didn't raise anything about that either. >> he didn't bring anything up? of course, there's a hue and cry calling for her to step aside and recuse herself. how can you have private meetings on a tarmac with the husband of the lead person you're looking into>> right. >> how many times in the e-mails, clinton foundation e-mails tied to this. he's not separate from this investigation. there are e-mails from her e-mail server they're looking into that might have gone to the clinton foundation. >> she flew into the area on a government plane. >> they met on his private airplane.
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we are to believe that, because she said this. we've got to believe her. they talked about golf and grandkids for half an hour. some have said it doesn't smell right. >> i do believe that that's what they talked about. but i believe they talked about much more than that. i don't think she's lying and saying of course they taukd about the grandkids. that's the obvious thing they talked about. >> it's to be in the presence of. >> listen, when i heard this, it didn't shock me at all. you expect this. we have to follow the law. then there's that upper echelon where i feel like they can get away with stuff. no one questions them. because they are the law. >> it's the being in front of. geraldo rivera is joining us this morning. >> an attorney. >> we're going to get your reaction to this. should the hue and cry of this, is this wrong? having a 30-minute meeting. >> those are two questions, clayton. >> good morning, steve and kathy
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and clayton. we send our love to you on your 30th. you are two of the nicest people that i've met. certainly in the half century in the news. >> thank you very much. >> our love to you. as an attorney, it stinks. the fact that we're talking about their meeting is evidence that ipso facto as they say in the law, by its very nature, it's fundamentally an unsound stinky thing for them to do. should the attorney general of united states recuse herself from the case that the justice department is proning? no. that goes too far. she's not the active attorney on the case. although -- >> she's the boss. >> beyond a doubt that politics do color prosecutions. there's no doubt about that. that happens in all administrations. this never should have happened. she should have known better. it is a gross embarrassment to her. in terms of legally, if you're asking me fundamentally a legal question, is this grounds for recusal, i submit to you that it
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is not. >> geraldo, it's like the d.a. having lunch with john gotti before a mob trial. >> that may be a little sharper analogy than i might have drawn myself, steve. but i don't disagree. i'm just saying that, while the appearance of it is really -- >> it looked like -- >> but you might have said that just because of the fact that she was appointed by barack obama. she came out of the district of brooklyn, new york. she's a democratic loyalist and has been. you could say that the fix is in when she was appointed attorney general. i think that people look at this and see it through their own political lenses. >> we want to know what our viewers think. you guys at home, send us what you think. let's move on to something else. we have fox news polls that have been released this morning, geraldo. we want your take on them. a lot of people traveling for fourth of july. the majority of americans feel
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like profiling will make our country safer. almost 60% believe that profiling should occur. carrying weapons, 41% say that that's going to make our country safer and banning muslims, 40% of our country, compared to 18 prs. >> the reason we mentioned this is john brennan, the cia director came out yesterday, geraldo, this is one of the reasons you're reporting from jerusalem, isis is likely planning a hit on u.s. soil. >> no sound bite. you talk now. >> it's my turn to speak? i can give you my opinion on profiling. i mean, it's very controversial. i believe that specific, sharply targeted profiling is a good idea. i think it is absolutely dumb to pretend that a 75-year-old jewish lady in a wheelchair represents an equal threat to someone from one of the conflict zones who happens to be 23 years old, a single male. i mean, it is absurd the way we
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try to spread around the resources of the sorely strained tsa and other security apparatus in the nation. we have to be much smarter about it. when they go after the mafia, they're going after a group who has roots in sicily or historically had. they don't go after the icelanders. to be politically correct when it comes to law enforcement or national security is a waste of resources. does that mean that every mosque gets targeted, every muslim kid gets frisked? you know, i can just remind people that during the war on drugs, me, my last name, my mustache, i was constantly being stopped at airports, particularly where i was -- countries where i was not on television as if i was a colombian drug lord. i had to have the patience to endure it as embarrassing as it was. we have to be smart how we use our limited resources.
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it's an all-out war, what happens in istanbul, in turkey was evidence of the fact that no one is safe when you have apocalyptic -- who want to cause suffering and pain to the nonsunni muslim world. >> sure. if you -- you're in israel right now. the national airline. they profile every time somebody gets on the plane. >> they actually do. i'm glad you mentioned the airlines. i made a mistake in my reporting yesterday. i said with the new reconciliation deal between turkey and israel, with turkey now sending back an ambassador, israel sending an ambassador, they're going to reopen full diplomatic relations that have been sorely severed following the attack on the relief ship going into gaza six years ago. the flights between israel and turkey were never suspended. there are nine flights a day. israelis, what they do, they fly from here to istanbul airport.
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most connect from there to asia or the rest of europe. israel doesn't have a lot of, you know, outlets. so turkey and israel have always had the air bridge that connects the two. now with full relations. netanyahu has done a smart thing. he's gother owe wan, the two -- basically in israel's corner in the big picture. that is a positive development even with the 13 perpendiculars, alleged perps being arrested. >> geraldo rivera, live from jerusalem. thank you. still ahead, the never trump group taking its attack to the next level. >> this national -- >> like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> it won't count for much and it won't last unless it's grounded in thoughtfulness -- >> will be --
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you can use whipped topping made ...but real joyful moments.. are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. in a brand new ad, a group of establishment republicans still trying to deny donald trump the nomination at the convention in a couple of weeks. using the words of ronald reagan
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against him. >> like to punch him in the face, i tell ya. >> it won't last unless it's graunded in thoughtfulness. >> i don't know what i said. >> start to go realize, i think, that we need god more than he needs us. >> i don't bring god into that picture. >> are they just handing hillary a victory in november? here to weigh in, former romney strategist and the author of a brand new book, the innocent have nothing to fear, stuart, good morning. >> good morning. good to be here. thanks. >> there are apparently a number of holdouts, including your former -- the guy you used to work with, mitt romney. who don't like trump and would like to see somebody else come in at the last minute riding up on a white horse. >> we all like a white horse. that fox poll that came out. 51% of republicans would prefer someone else to be the nominee. i don't know how that compares
3:19 am
to what it would have been four years ago or eight years ago. it seems pretty high to me. it's hydraulic pressure to me. if you think you want someone else of the party -- >> you know it's going to be donald trump. >> in all likelihood. if not, it would be ted cruz. he came in second. has the second most delegates. i never bought the idea that someone would come in from the outside. >> at the same time, when you've got mitt romney who talked at great length yesterday about how much he does not like donald trump and then you got the entire bush dynasty saying we're going to set out, doesn't that hand the whole ball of wax to hillary? >> it's up to donald trump to coalesce republicans. >> the republicans actively campaigning against him. >> you know, i put the burden on donald trump. he's 74% of republicans now. to win he has to get north of
3:20 am
90%, just like hillary clinton has to get north of 90% with her party. i think a lot of republicans have some sort of difficulty when he comes out with his trade position. would be the first nominee against nafta. that's completely against what republicans -- >> the u.s. chamber of commerce came out with that. >> thumbnail. what's your new book about? >> it's a dark comedy set at a brokered republican convention in the near future. >> is it set in cleveland in clee weeks? >> it's set in new orleans, because it's more fun there. >> stuart stevens, always a pleasure. he tried to run for mayor of baltimore and failed miserably. now a controversial black life's matter leader has a new job in the education system. people have told her their answer is inoperable. some people are told that now have a chance because of an amazing medical breakthrough.
3:21 am
dr. marc siegel tested it out for himself and about to tell us about the new technology changing lives. good luck with the meeting today. thank you. as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting. holiday inn has been a part of the team. you're on the fourth floor. it makes life on the road much easier. book your next journey at
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oh, my god. >> very close call on a cruise ship. brand new video shows a french air force jet coming within a few feet of a packed cruise ship in bermuda. it barely missed the water slide. they sat watching in horror. france is saying they're sorry for the training drill. new details about what caused egypt air flight 804 to crash down from 30,000 feet in the air. the flight data recorder
3:25 am
revealing there was smoke in the bathroom before the jetliner plummeted down into the mediterranean sea. wreckage from the plane shows signs of high temperature damage and soot. clayton? >> thanks so much, ainsley. no doctor or patient wants to be a part of. do nothing and face death or have surgery that could potentially paralyze. a brand new technology is changing the game for cancer patients and doctors alike. inoperable tumors may not be inoperable any more. marc siegel is here. truth in this? that's crazy. >> absolutely, cli ton. a -- clayton. any number of functions from motor skills to memory, but now hospitals like henry ford in detroit are utilizing a new and exciting solution. it's called diffusion technology. i spoke with henry ford's chair of neurosurgery, dr. steve cal cain is to find out more.
3:26 am
take a look. >> today i am the patient testing out the new diffusion technology on my own brain. this may look like an ordinary mri machine, but the bright matter software turns images that once looked typical into the medical land of oz. >> this is dr. siegel's brain. what are the red things. >> that brings your brain to life. those are the different tracks within the brain. >> if there was a tumor here, you would see where it was. >> we could overlay it on top of another to pick the path. >> you could show the images as you were operating on me? >> absolutely. they're projected on five different screens in the operating room. >> it's a color coded gps map of the brain. >> in the old days, we had a plain static map. if you had to go from point a to b, you figured it out. this technology tells you step by step how to get to point b. along the way, if there's a construction zone or if there's a detour, it tells you well in
3:27 am
advance where you should be going. at the end, you have confirmation that you got there successfully. >> it's giving new hope to what were just recently dire situations. >> many patients were told we can't operate, it's too dangerous, we've been able to convert some of those cases to a case that we can actually perform surgery on. >> like 28-year-old tiffany crow diagnosed with a brain tumor as a teen. ten years after her surgery, she suddenly lost motor skills in her left arm. the tumor was back. >> would i lose some of my ability in my hand, more weak yes, sir my left eye. that was the scary part. a lot of people don't realize how important they are until they're gone. you can't put your hair up in a ponytail, you can't zip your jacket or tie your shoes. >> tiffany's neurosurgeon, ian lee new this new technology was essential for a successful surgery. >> in tiffany's case, we knew the tumor was close to -- we had
3:28 am
to be ix tra cautious. by knowing where the white matter tracks are, it does give us a very good idea of where the danger lies. >> now? >> everything that they could see was removed and i don't have permanent weakness at this point. >> show me. >> i can squeeze your hand pretty tight. >> that's pretty strong. >> i can touch all my fingers together. something i couldn't do two weeks ago. >> for brain surgeons at henry ford and elsewhere, this is only the beginning. >> probably the most exciting age ever in the history of neurosurgery. the technology of tomorrow, i think we're closer to star trek than we've ever been before. >> this is very good news for the 78,000 brain tumor cases expected to be diagnosed this year. clayton, the day before surgery, she couldn't zip up her jacket. the day after, she could. >> it becomes a death sentence. i had a close friend who passed away two weeks ago from a brain tumor. there's little research and money that goes to this area.
3:29 am
this is a huge frontier. >> we need more money and someday it's going to be something we hold in our hand like star trek and look into the brain and see exactly where to operate. >> unbelievable. thanks, doc. >> good to see you. coming up here on the show, how long did hillary clinton wait before she called the benghazi survivors? . the true story comes out and it doesn't look good. a hard pounding look at the fight to protect our freedom. >> we're still alive right now. i don't know if we're going to be when we get back. but here we go. >> you know him from the champ and silver spoons. ricky schroeder joins us with the intense perspective of war that only our heroes have seen until now. come on in. first, happy birthday to your friend country star cole swindell. 33 today. what are you doing?
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yesterday, we got hitch a ride with the ghostbusters mobile. >> what are you doing? >> who are you going to call? >> of course. >> that is the car that is used in the brand new ghostbusters movie. >> it is the actual car. the promotion was through the car service. that app called lyft and through sony. if you watched on facebook live yesterday, things got a little crazy >> i want to see this. >> what are we doing here? >> we'll jump in the car and drive around the city. >> i did not realize that would happen. >> my favorite day on "fox and friends." we're riding through new york city in the ghost buster mobile. >> people taking a picture of us. >> so cool. we're about to go into times honking? >> can i climb up there?
3:34 am
oh, this is better. we're probably going to be arrested soon. ghostbusters. >> steve is going to get in the front seat, i believe. we're stuck in traffic, steve. >> welcome to new york. >> i will take care. >> who are you going to call? >> call victor. >> excuse me. heineken guy, we could use some beer in the ghostbusters car. >> who are you going to call? heineken. >> how did it handle? is it good on the open road? >> victor was in charge of that. >> that's so cool. >> we didn't know we were going to ride around new york city in it. when we got in, it was so fun. what's typical of new york, there were probably one out of every ten was taking a picture. the rest were just walking to work, not even paying attention. >> some of the great landmarks here. the new york public library down the street. >> absolutely. where they did the original. >> that was yesterday on facebook live. today is national social media day.
3:35 am
this hour, clayton is in charge of our social media. >> because we have an amazing team here. i stole the social media phone from our producers. i'm about to knock them off the computer. i'm going to start a facebook live stream now. "fox and friends" on facebook. you can watch the page. we're streaming live right now. >> in other words, they would be able to see what you're looking at right now. >> exactly. jump in. i'm going to get off the set and kick people off. >> facebook, snapchat and insta and twitter. >> no tinder? >> no tinder during the day. >> his wife hates that. >> i'm going to -- >> we have a team here in the social media team, they're on the computer most of the morning. >> we've got some -- >> this is a lot of work. >> he's going to go in there. they've got a computer set up. can you guys get off of here? >> julie from social media, if he can use the computer.
3:36 am
>> that's our green room that's actually red. >> live on our facebook live stream. >> 600 viewers. almost 700 in the last minute. >> come on, folks, let's go for 2,000 people. go to facebook. >> i think you can do it. >> if you go to the snap chat, i was drinking out of steve's coffee this morning. >> steve, did you know that? >> your coffee is lower now. >> i thought american runs on dunkin. apparently, i'm running on clayton. >> you wouldn't be the first. >> thank you all so much for logging on to social media. we're going to hand it over to heather who has some headlines. >> hello ainsley and steve. good morning to all of you. news to bring you right now. this one is without a doubt an american embarrassment. we are learning now exactly how long it took for hillary clinton to call the survivors of the deadly benghazi terror attacks. >> my son is dead because of her. i would like to talk to her.
3:37 am
>> that is pat smith, the mother of shawn smith, one of the men who died that day. she never got that call. clinton waiting seven weeks after the attack that killed four americans to call survivors. even then, she only called one of them out of 35 because her aide told her to call. from being at the center of police protest to recruiting teachers. black lives matter and failed baltimore mayor candidate has been hired by the city of baltimore to oversee thousands of children's education. he will make $165,000 a year. mccass inwas arrested several times for leading protests over the death of freddie gray. that led to the arrest -- arrest of six police officers. right now, there's a massive hunt for a grizzly bear after it mauled a mountain biker to death. we have new video of the chilling moments that police were alerted.
3:38 am
>> they have the victim of a bear attack. 35-year-old male. >> that was brad treat. he was outside glacier national park in montana when the bear attacked him on a trail. he was a law enforcement officer for the u.s. forest service. he was just 30 years old. jaw dropping video of a motorcycle losing control with a rider on it sending him tumbling over the edge headfirst. you can see a van changing lanes, leaving that rider really with nowhere to go. goodness. >> a car following behind capturing that on video. this happened on the highway in brazil. somehow that man survived the fall. he landed on a pile of metal scaffolding. he broke both of his legs but is otherwise going to be okay. thank goodness for that. >> wow. >> thank you, heather. >> time for weather and maria molina joins us live on this thursday before the big holiday weekend. >> hey, maria. >> good morning. we're tracking pretty nice
3:39 am
weather across the northeast. we're expecting a lot of sunshine and things are quiet extending into parts of new england. other areas will be more active, especially across the southeastern u.s. and also out west. we have the american monsoon season kicking off across parts of the rockies and the southwestern u.s. starting to see more showers and thunderstorms forecast for that area. you can see there is a small chance that we could see isolated severe weather across portions of the carolinas, virginia and parts of the plains. that's something to keep a close watch on. otherwise, temperatures in the southeast and the plains already very warm. many areas with temperatures into the 70s. as we head into this afternoon, they will be heating up into the 90s. heads up across the southwestern u.s., you're getting relief from the very hot temperatures in place over the last couple of weeks. in phoenix, closer to average. 100 degrees this afternoon and you should be at 80 in l.a. back to you inside. >> one of our guests lives in
3:40 am
los angeles. fans know him from the champ and silver spoons and later in nypd blue. the now golden globe winner ricky schroeder is telling stories from behind the camera. >> oh, what a cute child. and his new six-part documentary series. it tells the stories of our soldiers in afghanistan. it is from their perspective with footage from their own cameras attached to their helmets. look. >> 3, 2, 1. hit it. >> if you don't return fire, you're going to be on the receiving end of that bullet. you can know how close it is by the snaps of the bullet itself. the louder the whiz, the faster you might want to run. >> that's an understatement.
3:41 am
joining us right now is executive producer ricky schroeder. >> good to see you. >> you had a whole run of these shows before. now you're back. with about half a dozen more episodes. this is a unique point of view, doesn't it? >> yes. this is the first documentary and war series i've ever seen where they've told the story from the soldiers' helmet campers peck tiff. other war shows, vietnam in hd and world war ii in hd. they used interviews with the soldiers but b roll of the conflict. this is 100% of the footage. >> we see the war from their perspective. why this is so important, i think, is because we show how hard it is to find the enemy in the series. it's a six-hour series and we show how complicated the modern battlefield is and the rules of engagement are. if we can see the war as the soldiers see it and experience it like they experience it for a moment as a nation, we can then understand how hard it is for them to do what they do. when they thank them and we all
3:42 am
want to support them, we understand what we're thanking them for. we truly understand what they go through. the only way to understand that is to see it from how they see it. >> it's just wonderful that you've done this. i know you were embedded with them before. your firster sies. >> that's right. >> this is from their perspective. that one the camera was on your helmet. this one the camera is on theirs. you said it was hard to find the enemy. why? in other paragraphs in the past we knew owe i. >> it's an ideology. it can move anywhere it wants to in the world. it can affect any person at any time. in afghanistan, they don't wear a uniform. it's a guerilla war they fight, the taliban and isis. they look like every other farmer until they decide to plants an i.e.d. it's really hard to find them. a lot of times they walk patrols these soldiers until they get shot at. >> you feel so strongly about this, you tried to join.
3:43 am
didn't make it. >> after nech, i wanted to do something. >> you didn't qualify. >> i took the written test and the physical. the doctor said i need to know everything wrong to you. and if you lie to me you'll be in trouble. i had childhood asthma. he's like -- >> sorry. >> we can't wait to watch this. you'll take us on the frontline and show us what the soldiers go through. we see them in the airport and we see them around, we can thank them. >> it comes out july 5th on directv audience channel and digitally the next day. >> we're big fans of your work. >> thank you very much. >> look forward to it. >> we've been watching you since silver spoons. coming up, brand new fox poll shows hillary clinton is ahead of donald trump by six points. what is donald trump doing wrong? we have lisa booth here to analyze and tell us what she thinks. >> come on in, lisa. i have asthma...
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3:47 am
brand new fox news polls show that donald trump is slipping in a head to head matchup against hillary clinton. clinton has a six-point lead on donald trump. but in our poll just a few weeks ago, she was only up by 3. what does it mean and what else do we have to learn from these polls? here to explain is washington examiner contributor lisa booth. >> hi, ainsley. thank you for having me. >> let's look at the first one. it's obvious that democrats will vote for hillary clinton and republicans will vote for donald trump. this is what i found interesting. independents. more independents will vote for trump. that's good news for him. >> that's absolutely good news for him. what's bad news is he's slipped with the republican support. he's lost about 8 points since may. looking ahead at the convention, this is going to be a big opportunity to get republicans
3:48 am
to coalesce around him, to give a great speech and have republican -- to get people to support him. >> why is he slipping? >> he's facing an onslaught of negative attacks. that's been problematic for him. we've seen that in the polls and slipping in the polls since he's been under attack. it's time for him to sort of -- especially looking at the convention, one coalesce republican to get on message and to try to avoid being under attack. >> let's look at men versus women. women, they choose hillary clinton 51%. men 46% choose donald trump. >> right. so we're seeing this gender gap. that 19-point lead that hillary clinton has with women is pretty substantial. donald trump, the 10-point lead, he's slipped with men a little bit as well in the past month. that's something he needs to look at. what we're going to see from hillary clinton is she's going to try to continue to attack donald trump, especially with women voters and drive those numbers down.
3:49 am
so it's going to be important for donald trump to address those attacks. get the message out. i know he's promoted women at the top of his company as well and getting that message out to voters. >> maybe get ivanka out there too. >> look at this. 45% said that clinton cares about them. 35% said that trump does. look at honest and trustworthy, too. 30% say that clinton is trustworthy, 34% they choose donald trump when this comes to trustworthiness. why are we seeing these numbers? >> the cares about you is an important one. if you look at 2012 and exit polling, president obama won that question by an 81 to 18-point margin. it's important for voters to feel they may not like you or your policies, but they feel you care about me, you get me and my struggles. that's a problem for hillary clinton. you also look at the honesty and trustworthy numbers as well. people feel she's dishonest. that has to do with the e-mail
3:50 am
server and benghazi revelations. it's going to be important for donald trump to bring these things up for voters. >> lisa, thank you for being with us. great job. >> nank you to keep bringing these things up to voters and reminding them why they don't trust hillary clinton. rñjf li. attorney general loretta lynch is leading the investigation into hillary clinton. so was it appropriate for her to hold a private." meeting withe1 hillary clinton's husband? clinton. co-host of "the five" eric bolling has a lot to say about this. he's coming up in the next hour. when she wast( 13, her coac told her she was not good enough. today she is a gold?; medalist training for the 2016 summer olympics and inspiring5a ma of young girls around the world. american soccer star alex morgan, she joins us with her incredible story coming up nexti flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo!
3:51 am
[ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! she slimed me. which i probably should've seen coming. [ laughs ]
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3:54 am
qshe'sq an olympic gold medallist who inspired many on the field, but now alex morgan is inspiring people off the field, helping girls become more confident. >> join)' us is soccer superstar alex morgan. alex, so great to see you.lp i love your story because so many of our viewers have been toldxd they weren'te1 good enout a sport. they weren't good enough in a subject. your coach told y p!;ber+áueren't good enough to play soccer and you have a gold medal now. >> i hope she's>7!tching. or he's watching. >> he. yeah. girlsok need to stay confident. when you stay in sports, stay connected. for the one person who's
3:55 am
discouraging there's ten more who are encouraging. ñ around you. get confident and have that -- and dream big. >> follow your heart. >> this number blew me away. women ages 18 to 24, twice as likely to be confident if they played sports regularly when growing up. what is it about the team, the camaraderie do you think that adds to that level of confidence? >> well, i think it just helps with your self-esteem. it helps with -- especially in team sports for me, it gives you kind of that -- that backbone, that support system that holding people accountable. i mean, you're going -- everyone is on a team eventually. in li ] so growing up, being on the team sports, it just helps kicke1 stt that. with confidence,e1 that grew my confidence and ifá apply that o and off the field. >> that's awesome.qñi you're going to rio, we have a you better -- >> put on the shoes, yeah, tennis shoes. >> are you excited about going to rio or freak out about the zika thing? >> no, i'm okay. ie1lp am taking the precautions
3:56 am
once i geti] there i'll bee1 completely focused on rio. >> put the shoes e1on. 1> what is a normal day like fol you in training? 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.? >> this is earlier of a wake-up call thao, but a q couple of hours training definitely. >> ainsley -- >> well, i'm slipping them on. >> quickly. we have 30 seconds. >> oh, geez. >> so do our best. >> all right. spread out a little. >> i didn't sign up for this. >> ainsley. >> oh! >> there's three of you guys.e1 >> i want to redeeme1 myself. >> your turn, your turn. >> come on. come on. who's next? >> come on. >> that's awesome.lp >> good job.
3:57 am
>>e1 thank you very okmuch. >> thank you, guys. >>tk7 thank you so much. >> congratulations, thanks for repro enting ourááv well. we're proud of you.e1 coming up, attorney general loretta lynch is leading the investigation into hillary clinton so how is (' going to explainn4uj bill clinton? eric bolling is here. he's on next. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation
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hei don't want one that's hadch a bunch of ownersd car? just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at good morning. breaking news in the airport terror attack. áu people were arrested.!u the brand-new details just moments away. meanwhile, she's heading the criminal investigation into the hillary clinton via the fbi. so why did our attorney general, loretta lynch, have a 30-minute private meeting on a private jet >> i was landing, he was headed out. he did come over and say hello
4:01 am
chew on this, a bill to help our veterans being fastxdu-8 tr thisjf morning. but will do it more harm than good? >> there's nothing in the bill that substantially changes the way that the veteran receives their caret( which is what a veteran wants to change. they want accountability, they wanttçchoice. they want transparency and this )raer"át senator behind disagrees with pete and they're both here to battle it out. "fox & friends," hour two, starts right now.ñit( welcome i]aboard, folks. >> can i interrupt you?5a >> 30th anniversary today. happy anniversary. >> wow! >> happy anniversary. an amazing photo.
4:02 am
>> isn't that açó beautiful pho. >> if you drop the banner, you will see that steve's pants are we got married. we drank some champagne.w3 ande1 we got inçó the cars and started to thunderstorm. >> clearly, that is the fountain of youth. because you have not changed a bit. >> how about -- >> even your hair color is the same. >> i'm wearing the same suit. blue suit and a pink tie today. >> amazing when trends come back in style. >> i taken over your job. i'm now in charge of official media for "fox & friends" for this hour. you're in charge the last hour. >> today is national social meii day. >> i'm posting that pictuzpr on instagram. tuz you at home. if you don't have an instagram account, set one up this morning. if you have one, go to the picture and like it.w3 we'll try to like reach -- how many, how many do we want? >> 10 million. >> 10 million. >> 10 million of you to like us.
4:03 am
celebrating 30 years i]ago, #kay and steve, óomwm+#sittingoki] i #anniversary. >> look for "fox & friends," do a searchçó when setting up your1 instagram. >> it's posting. >> isçó this a gift -- >> yes, write a lovely message to kathy on there. >> she texted. you don't have to buyq her ye+÷j instagram pos >> all right. heather nauert is standing by. >> that does not count as a gift, right?ñi >> she stuck around. >> for 30 years.
4:04 am
this is the second attacker carrying something through the terminal, just minutes before all three opened fire. paking innocent people down with 42 people were killed in the attack and more than 200 others were hurt. e1well, the words on this sn held by police officers greeting tourists at the airport in rio de janeiro coming true today. human body parts have beenxd fo( washed up one1 aok beach just f fromw3 where the olympic volleyball tournament will be played. police dealing with massive drug violence there. they're concerned about the tourist safety. many of the world'st( greatest athletest(e1 already dropping of that game due to concerns about the zika virus outbreak. this is a disgusting video. the investigation into thelp vio
4:05 am
ó.t the treatment of the u.s. sailors on their knees in iran has been completed. well, forñr $10e1 you can b fake isis hunting license in the state of missouri. eric fágreeten, also a former ny s.e.a.l. selling the bumper stickers to raise money for his campaign. he says itw3 expires one week at -- at isis. >> thank you very much. eric bolling is joining us from "the five." he has a brand-new book out called "wake up america." listen to this story. on monday, it sounds like bill clinton and loretta lynch our attorney general simultaneously
4:06 am
were on the tarmac at skye,kñ harbor -- >> how convenient. >> how convenient indeed. she flew in on a f he was on a private jet. she went over to his jet and they met for a half an hour. even though she's running an investigation into his wife, she told the press out theree1 they didn't talk about hillary's e-mail or any of that other stuff.1 sráuq'. >> what's appropriate to meet -- with the former president bill clinton while you're in the middle of an investigation of his wife's e-mail servers? >>odwell, i saww3 the president the airport other night. he did come over and speak to my husband and myself ande1q talk about his grand children and his travels and things like that. so that was the extent of that. no discussions were held on any cases. he didn't raise anything about that eitaq). >> wow.e1 cries this morning for her to recuse herself. nothing to worry about. >> nothing wrong here? >> i don't know if that's anything wrong. but the factfá that bill clinto
4:07 am
boarded her private plane and they -- by the way, they both fly privately. >> right. no one can relate to that at all? >> why do it? you have this man's wife under fbi investigation at the doj who oversees the fbi, it looks bad. it looks awful.e1e1 g$+hat's the point? they wanted to chitchat about the t(grandchild? >> for half an hour? >> having small talk -- >> in a more public setting? >> recuse herself or not? >> i don't know. i think you need a little bit morelp proofok or evidence befo she can go that fart(e1 as to re herself. by the way, the fbi investigation going to turn up what it will turn up. i'm sure there's some fantastic investigators. by the way i have beene1 contending all e1along they mayr mayñr not find something on the e-mail scandal but that will pfoundation stuff. i think there's a cornucopia of corruption they can uncover through the e-mail scandal.
4:08 am
>> well, you know, it just looks like the fix is in. because hillary met with the president of the united states a couple of weeks ago. now her husbandfá, the former president, is meeting with thee attorney general who's running the investigation. it just looks fishy. >> she oversees the fbi and the éjt)hrj investigating -- and sh wants to be the president and the husband -- yeah, nbdoesn't look good. it's a mess. >> i'm sure if you go over tojf fox, we have a lot of data. and one of which we wanted to -- >> i love your poll. >> your take on this one. and what will make the country safer? and fox news poll says, will this make thelp country safer? #qçeáájjì(lc% 59% of those polled said, yes, ñ 13% said no. carrying weapons, 41% and then banning muslims 40%. >> here's what i take make of it, the number, six months ago
4:09 am
if you did the same poll they may be a lot closer. i wrote the book aboutxd pushin back against w3pc culture. people are starting to realize the world we need to stop terror. we need to stop home growner if )$r'ternational terror. the way you do it is by profiling. p &h(lc% you the only way to catch a suspect is to know the profile. you have to do it. based on facts. that's no racial aspects of profiling. >> donald trump has been attackinw2=uqthis. he's been beating the drum. >> particularly banning muslims. it sounds like it would be people in particular countries that are hotlp spots, but nonetheless, twice as many people say that they should ban muslims to make the countryw3 safe. >> that -- so donald trump said ban all muslims temporarily
4:10 am
until we figure out what's going on. now he recently changed, we started the conversation. now fine-tunes. as -- boy, if we want to goen how manyñi -- go on how many tis politicians flip-flop fine-tune thing, if there was a litmus test to pick politic -- >> why is he dropping? >> he's had theñi worst thre-@%% weeks in a year and a month since he's running an he's still t)y(it's three to one plus or m and they're tied. so with three horrible weeks not spending anywhere near the money r&lary clinton is spending, he's doing pretty okay. i think he'sçó doing well. also in swing states he's tied in ohio, he's tied in pennsylvania. he needs to work on florida. if he gets ohio, pennsylvania, florida, and the romney stat%& it's a republican win. >> what cani] he do to get more
4:11 am
women on board? >> i think you mentionede1 it before, get ivanka on the trail. the interesting -- you may not like or hate donald trump, but as a father, if mye1 kids adoree as much as they do, i'll be a successful father. get them out on the trail as much as you qcan. >> that do you make of the never trump movement and then you have ì(lc% said they -- they haven't endorsed, they're not going to endorse. the entire bush dynasty is sitting it out. is that vote for hillary? >> of course it çóis. you need everything that mitt romney won and those three e1 states. >> +x+t romney has had a full-time job ofçó blowing up trump. >>çó right now, the supreme cou is 4-4. conservative/liberal. if it's hillary clinton if you don't win this, if you don't lockxde1 this down it's at leas4 if not 6-3 in the next eight years.ñi
4:12 am
then something no one else has really talked about here. that's the supre-gcourt. y÷uñ aboutñi federal judges. the president appoints federal judges. the whole system, the circuit courts they'll be liberal. supreme court will be lib rattle. our kids andfáe1 grandkids wille a liberal judicial system for their lifetimes. if you elect hillary clinton. >>ñi i think what you're saying wake up america. >> do you know who in#fnicated this book to? barack obama. i swear it's on e1there, steve. take a look. he's the reason i wrote the book. he's dragged >> i thank her but i dedicate f0át book to mr. obama. tk all right. >> congratulations on your book. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, coming up on a ca but will do ié@hore harm than good? >> the v.a. helped write it.
4:13 am
the v.a. xdunions, fáafge helpe write it. it's a watered down veu]rjz of thee1 types of things that the . would need. >> the senatorok behind the bil disagrees with pete. they're here to battle it out. in the past ten minutes, the picture of steve and his wife is the number one post on instagram ever. so keep logging in. and clicking the little heart down at the bottom. y'all, thank you so much. i keep saying, we have the best viewer, don't we? >> we do. that's better than the picture of me and my cup of coffee. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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4:17 am
we have a fox news alert for the top priority of this 4th of july weekend, making sure americans are safe everywhere. >> this all comes after two t)áhr' istanbul and authorities are stepping up security across the >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you.e1oke1 orlando police say they're
4:18 am
increasing security because of so many events going on, first off the justin bieber concert he'su performing here tonight. near live sold out. then we havezve1+hu demi lovato chris jonas,u and cities across here in florida will be holding 4the1 of july festivities. with such huge crowds expected to come, what are theylpó[ plan on doing? they said that rest assured a lot of residents will be seeing a lot of uniformed officers. they will be getting extra help and duty. he will not -- they will not disclose au lot ofokr this. the securityçó measures but aga they will be out here, also in uniform and not in 5auniform, we'll be seeing bicycleu cops ad cops on horses as well. theokñ residents feel comfortab coming out and having a good time, considering what went pq;r)ough three weeks ago, you know, with 49 people killed at the pulse tragedy.
4:19 am
but i also spoke with mayor buddy dyer and this is what he said aboutó[ securityx >> we'll takei] our standard precautionary measures. there will be a lot of people downtown. we usually get in excess of over 100,000. but you can be sure you'll be safe in downtown orlando.ñii] >> reporter: and just a sieuç notee1 if you still want to see justin bieber, well, tickets will cost you 550 bucks.ñi back to you guys in new york. >> okay, in casew3g >> the v.a. helped to writ and the unionsñr helped to write it and it's a watered down version of the things that the v.a. would need. >> one of the senators behind that bill disagrees with pete. they are5- both here to battle
4:20 am
out. pete andw3 senator isakson. >> who scored afe
4:21 am
like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at
4:22 am
thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14.
4:23 am
no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. well, it looks like the race for the white house is a knockdown fight to the finish with hillary clinton and donald trump slugging it out on the trail until voter make their decision first tuesday in november. we're stepping back into the boxing ring with former prize fighter and political analyst ed rollins. he's also the cochair of trump's
4:24 am
super pac, this week's bout -- temperament, trade and terror. the archival images we were just looking at, you when? >> did i win? >> no, when were those from? >> 50 years ago and 50 pounds lighter. >> but you had a good record? >> i lost two fights out of >> that's remarkable. >> i remember the two fights, not the 167. >> round one, hillary versus trump temperament. >> yes. >> temperamentally unfit to be president of the united states. >> i see hillary clinton the other day. i don't like donald trump's temperament. we're watching crime after crime, problem after problem. i get along great. but you know what? it's time in our country that we
4:25 am
had somebody with a strong temperament. >> okay. round one, how do you score, ed rollins? >> she has a point. when our new fox poll show 83% think he's obnoxious and 89% think he's a hot head she has a point, but that's not a qualifier. to be qualified for the president, you have to be born in the united states, live here for 14 year, be 35. he's qualified. maybe the country needs a strong leader. we have had a lot of wimps. we have had drunks and generals and crooks and everything in between, but i think he gets the edge. >> you give round one to trump. >> he's qualified to be president. >> round two, trade. >> he rails against other countries, doesn't he? as he's for our workers. but trump's own products are made in a lot of countries that aren't named america. how does that out fill in to his
4:26 am
talk about america first? >> she has it completely backwards. hillary clinton unleashed a trade war against the american worker when she supported one terrible deal after another. wherever she went, the american worker was hurt. >> ed rollins, how do you score that round? >> trump wins that easily. he's created jobs all over this country. thousands and thousands and thousands. i don't think she's ever created a job. it's always been a government employee, he's created jobs overseas, but nowhere near the job he's done. he clearly wins the trade battle. >> round three, terror. >> . >> we have to take care of the isis situation. the americans don't do
4:27 am
waterboarding and they probably we're weak. we're stupid. we don't know what we're doing. we have no leadership. you know, you have to fight fire with fire. >> all right. ed rollins, who gets that round? >> he wins this one easily. she's given the traditional diplomatic -- let's sit down and he shows great strength. i think in the terrorist attacks he wins that easily. >> your call? >> he wins this week. no disadvantage to her because she's still doing well in the polls. leading them slightly, but a very close, competitive race. >> last week you gave one or two rounds to hillary clinton. even though you're running a super pac for him -- >> i'll try to call it the way i see it. >> well, see you back in the ring next week. >> my pleasure, thank you. congratulations again on your 30 years of happy marriage. >> thank you very much, ed. meanwhile, straight ahead, this just in. the terrorists who blew up the airport just identified where
4:28 am
they're from and who they were working for. we'll tell you what we have found out next. and a bill to help our vets is being fast tracked this morning. will it do more harm than good? >> the v.a. helped write it. >> yep. >> the v.a. union, afge helped to write it. it's a watered down version of the types of things that the v.a. would need. >> one of the senators disagrees with pete. they're both going to join us live to chat about it. could be a debate. ng day, dave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? searchingcan you help?used car? start with the millions for sale at the new! show me cars with no accidents. that's awesome. plus you get a free carfax® report. start your search at!
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4:31 am
...meta appetite control. you and temptation with... clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. breaking right now, we have just learned the identities of the terrorists who blew themselves up in istanbul, leaving 42 people dead. >> joining us now with the breaking details, fox news' amy kellogg. good morning. >> reporter: hi, ainsley. yes, we are hearing that the three bombers came from former soviet republics. one man has actually been named in various reports as valdina of
4:32 am
check check. the others are from uzbekistan and chechnya being the famous republic republic that became islamists fights. there are 2,000 chechen fighters known to be with isis, but quite rare to hear of people emanating from the former soviet union to europe or to the foreign cities to stage attacks on behalf of the islamic state. also, islamic state has claimed responsibility for this, but if he is confirmed by officials, then that would be further confirmation that isis was behind these attacks. turkish officials staging raids across istanbul and in the coastal town, rounding up suspected militants.
4:33 am
also back to these three now as the story starts to emerge a little bit about their recent past, they rented an apartment in istanbul according to reports, 33 days ago, they paid cash. they installed an extra security gate and according to some accounts, there was a strange smell coming out of that apartment which would have of course indicate -- or suggest some bomb making activities in there. these reports are increasingly widespread but we're hearing they may have come from chechnya, uzbekistan. >> thank you very much. they reported the weird smell, suggesting they were probably building a bomb. >> no windows being open. kept shut the entire time. >> curtains drawn. >> the fact they were from one of the former soviet union countries that brings in the whole country. amy said it was rare for that
4:34 am
kind of a profile. where do they go for training? >> right. also -- and isis hasn't claimed responsibility for it yet. let's hand it over to heather for some more headlines. >> good morning. this is considered a real american embarrassment. we are learning exactly how long it took hillary clinton to call survivors of the deadly benghazi terror attacks. you may remember this. >> they're dead because of her. i would like to talk to her. >> that is pat smith, she's the mother of shawn smith, one of the victims that night. she never got a call from hillary clinton. clinton then waiting seven weeks after that attack that killed four americans to call other survivors. even then we are told she only called 1 out of 35 because her aide, huma abedin, told her to call. a public university here at home giving students a break on tu its. but they only get a discount if they're from mexico.
4:35 am
new mexico state university letting people from across the border pay less tuition than american students. the going rate less than $5,000 a semester for undergrads. the university says it's trying to boost its enrollment numbers. and how safe is your hand sanitizer? that's what the fda wants to know and is asking companies to prove that those sanitizers actually do the job. cleaning germs of your skin and they're safe for long term use. they say that products aren't being called and there's no reason to believe at this time that they are actually unsafe. we'll watch that story. and a dad in texas going viral for a hilarious parenting tactic. check out his message to his 16-year-old daughter after he found a bottle of whiskey hidden in her sock drawer. >> when you get home i'd like to talk to you about this. i don't know if there's something that fell out of a sock because it was in your sock drawer. we heard a news report of people
4:36 am
breaking into houses and hiding whiskey bottles. if that's the case we need to contact the police. if you have another explanation, maybe you could explain it to when you get home. love you girl, bye. >> love you girl, bye. wow. that dad in texas, ainsley, see what we have to look forward to as parents? >> oh, my word. >> yeah. >> i'm sure he's going to do the right thing. sorry, she'll get punished for that. >> see you soon. >> thank you. pete hegseth fired up about the new veterans bill being pushed in the senate. >> the v.a. helped write it. the v.a. union, afge helped to write it, it's a watered down version of the types of things that the v.a. would need. >> the comments had the bill's author, johnny isakson writing this, and saying this, unfortunately there was misinformation being discussed and some outright inaccurate statements by your guest that i feel need your attention as this is not the first time that mr.
4:37 am
hegseth has gone on to "fox & friends" to spread misinformation about the veterans first act. so senator isakson and pete hegseth are both here now. >> thank you. >> pete, we'll start with you first. what don't you like about senator isakson's bill? >> first of all, i thank him to come on and be willing to debate. i stand behind what i said about this act and the v.a. i stand by that very comment. this is a bill that when it was originally released it went first to the unions. they made public objections and then the authors of the bill, gave in and diluted the bill. there's some new accountability for senior executives, but for 99.9% of v.a. employees, the way they are hired and fired will not change under this bill. there are no meaningful ways in which the choice provision is changed so veterans are not going to get additional choice
4:38 am
outside of the v.a. there's new spending which has not been scored. we have no idea how much this idea is going to cost the new care providers. they say they will, but cbo has not scored it. why are we sending republicans to the senate to work with unions and the v.a. to promote bills that more democrats than republicans support? there are twice as many democratic cosponsors on this bill as republicans. why is that what we get? why are we not standing strong for real reform? >> all right, senator isakson, is that true -- his complaints about it? >> it was written by members of the committee and not by the union. 12 unions have come out against it. the fact is it contains 148 provisions introduced by members of the senate. house and republican to reform the veterans administration. the most important fact is at a time when the attorney general has come to say she won't enforce the bill previously it puts enforcement in place for
4:39 am
senior executive management, reduces the merit system protection board and shortens the time in which there's an appeal, i would say there -- that's pretty good reform. >> isn't that a good thing though? the seniors have an ability to fire anybody if they're noting the right thing according to this bill? >> don't get me wrong. there are good things in this bill. but there's so many ways in which it could be so much stronger and if you have a republican majority, and republicans in the house willing to do that strong reform, why are we not working with them as opposed to caving on demands? the union that does support the bill though, senator s the afge which is the union of v.a. employees. they came out in support of the bill. any bill they support is not a bill of real accountability and reform. there isn't reform for 99.9%. the point of service employees at v.a. they're hiring and firing goes unchanged. so it a -- you can't call this an accountability bill. it should be named the unions first bill. they helped to craft the
4:40 am
contours of it. it's not something that's going to change the way vets get their care. >> senator -- you go ahead. >> pete, you have an open invitation to attend any open committee meeting we have and they're all open to see how we do our business. we take input from everybody. we don't have republicans and republican veterans. we have those who risked their life on the battlefield. by it's wrong to represent this to be a union bill or a bill that was written in the dark of the night or didn't have input from everybody. in fact, i have worked with jeff miller and the members of the house. they're asking us to hurry up and get forward and we are working together as a team to improve the lives of our veterans and respond to the problems of in the veterans administration of which there are many. >> pete, are you willing to do that, go to washington and help them build a bill? >> of course i have been to many committee members. the reason i'm out against this bill, i know a lot of people involved in the process that have pulled the curtain back and of course there are no
4:41 am
republican or democrat veterans. we want to do well by vets, by but a reason that senator mccain called this a bad bill, there's a reason why senator rubio and others oppose it. while this would pass with democratic support, because it doesn't do what would be necessary, if the unions support it, then it's not a real accountability bill. i think normally you'd agree with that. but we're trying to get something through to say we did something. but it doesn't bring accountability for the majority of the employees. why not pass the v.a. accountability act? the bill that's pending right now in the senate, the mcconnell and you could help push through and the one man who blocked it, senator blumenthal, on your committee who helped to craft this bill. why are we not holding this up as a referendum? >> can you work with our army veteran, pete hegseth? >> i'd love to -- i have met pete before. >> i'd love to. >> kathy mcmorris rodgers got him introduced in the senate. but pete needs to on the same courtesy to me that i have been
4:42 am
willing to do with him. we're working for veterans not each other. he's written about being in the arena, i think this is a good piece of legislation. i'll work with anybody. pete hegseth or anyone else, you're wrong to represent that it doesment enhance choice. first payment and primary payment, private pay to improve the participation, this does a long way to do what we want to do. i want to work with the men and women who risked their lives for america. >> we encourage all the people at home, especially the veterans to write in and tell us what they think of the bill. senator isakson, hats off to you for coming in and talking about this and pete, excellent job to you. thank you for serving the country. thank you for honoring our veterans. >> happy anniversary, steve. >> i'll tell him. he says thank you. coming up next an outrageous attempt to censor the press. democrats on the federal
4:43 am
election commission voting to punish fox news. that's next. and we showed you the video, a suspect learns the hard way you can't outrun the chopper. what was he thinking? the cops who took him down. he'll join us next. think yotry nexium 24hr.'s best for your heartburn? now the #1 choice of doctors & pharmacists... for their own frequent heartburn. get complete protection with nexium 24 hour. at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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americans are buying more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the us postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the us postal service. priority: you oh, my god. >> on a close call on a cruise ir force jet coming within a few feet of the packed cruise ship in bermuda. the wings barely missed the water slides. freaked out the passengers on the roof deck watching in or report. france said sorry for the
4:47 am
training drill. the air force is not caving in. man and air man is staying, despite women being able to apply for all military jobs. the marines are switching over titles. basic infantrymen are now marine. the navy is reviewing 20 titles as well. well, fox under fire, we learned members of the federal election commission considered punishing fox over the first republican debate. >> this is the first time that the fec has ever voted to take that kind of punitive action. >> garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. good morning. >> reporter: steve, ainsley, clayton, good morning. the fec they have looked at presidential debate rules in the past, but this is the closest it's come to penalizing a news outlet. last month, the three democratic members of the federal election commission voted to punish fox news for changes it made to the criteria for the august 6th debate. at the time, there were 17 candidates on the gop side and
4:48 am
in order to accommodate that large field, fox added a second earlier debate and expanded the criteria to include any criteria who had shown up in the national polls. the early debate had seven. well, the three democratic members determined that by expanding the debate field, fox violated election law by essentially making an illegal contribution to the seven candidates in the early debate. two of the democratic commissioners voted to penalize fox. both moves were blocked by the fec three republican commissioners who voted against the decision which resulted in a 3-3 tie. now, if it sounds strange though to punish fox for allowing more candidates to take part in the debate, you're not alone. lee goodman is one of the
4:49 am
republican commissions who voted against the decision. he told he said it was a move to censorship. he said all press organizations should be concern when the government asserts regulatory authority to punish and censor news coverage. the fec will release the decision later on today. interesting to see what's in there. >> looks political. garrett tenney, thank you. well, we showed you the video, a suspect learns the hard way, you can't outrun the chopper. what was he thinking? the cops who took him down, join us next. first on this day in 1973, george harrison was topping the charts with this hit -- you give me love, give me love. now everybody sing. ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
welcome back. take a look at this. looks like a scene out of hollywood, but real life, a crazy takedown. cops pursuing a suspect, and a police car clipped the guy who had run into a field. look, he gets hit here. then, well, then it led to the helicopter. the helicopter tried to chase him into custody. when one of the officers jumps out and then wrestles him to the ground and tackles him. that officer, the helicopter pilots, they're joinings now. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> so just a normal day at the office. you're watching this guy -- you know in the news business, we watch the pursuits happen all the time. you never outrun a helicopter. ever. these guys think they can do it. and here's a perfect example of it not happening with you guys landing on the ground.
4:54 am
when you were watching this unfold from the air, stephen, what did you think you'd do? how did you come up with this plan? >> well, we had been chasing the suspect for quite some time. and he had gotten to the field that i had told jeff -- the pilot that if he got to the adjacent field we have to get him. once he got to the adjacent field he'd get away. so at that point, when he made it through the field we had discussed previously when he started to run across the field, jeff came down on the suspect. we tried to push him in another direction back to the officers. then finally, jeff sat me down, as soon as i saw him running i put a bead on him and tackled him and tried to slow him down for the other officers. >> jeff, had you ever done this before? >> not the landing part. it's happened through the division. it's kind of rare, but it just worked out that the field was so big and it really looked at the
4:55 am
time that that was the only way to get this guy in custody was to land and let sarge out to take care of business. >> so we see them of course he gets hit by this car. gets clipped by that one. but you guys decided to do this, because with there aren't a lot of additional police help in the area. other cars weren't available, right? >> yeah, it was kind of a restricted access to the location. when i saw the tahoe, i was surprised it made it back there. it was good to have backup. our main focus is not to let the bad guy get away. >> as we see him, it looks like you're circling him. i don't know where to go, i'm in a wide open field. is that what you were trying to do, box him in a little bit? >> yeah. pretty much. just keep him at bay. like you said, the ground units were pretty far away. they were on foot. so i thought we could just hold him at bay until we could get some help. he was going to end up running through the field it appeared.
4:56 am
>> he had a friend, a second suspect, he was later arrested. what did this guy do? >> we originally received a call that he was a possible burglary suspect and spotted him about a block north of the location. he immediately got into the car that pulled up into the location. made a hard u-turn. ran over some debris in the roadway. as soon as the unit got behind him, it turned into the car chase. >> there you go. i think michael bay is on the phone. he wants to hire you for the new "transformers" movie. great job, guys. >> thank you. coming up, breaking right now, the identities of the istanbul terrorists revealed. a group uncovered after more than a dozen arrests overnight. the man who shot osama bin laden, rob o'neill, says he's not surprised about it. he is joining us here at the top of the hour. and attorney general loretta lynch is leading the investigation in hillary clinton's server scandal. so how is she going to explain her secret meeting with bill clinton on a tarmac at phoenix
4:57 am
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they provide a thin, flexible layer between your shoes and foot pain. so you can move with confidence. new dr. scholl's cushions. good morning. i'm steve doocy. breaking news on the airport terror attack. the three suicide bombers have just been identified. we now know who they are and who they were working for. and it is not what we expected. attorney general loretta lynch is leading the criminal investigation into hillary clinton, so why did she meet with bill clinton for half an hour? >> i was landing, he was headed out. he did come over and say hello and speak to my husband and myself and talk about his grandchildren and his travels and things like that. so that was the extent of that. >> should she recuse herself from the case now? and it could be the most awkward hand shake in history. president obama, canada's prime
5:01 am
minister and the mexican president they can't get their hands together. "fox & friends," hour three, starts right now. welcome to "fox & friends" for this thursday, clayton's in for brian. we have learned the identity of some the terrorists who blew up the airport -- blew up the -- their bomb belts in istanbul as the death toll rises to 43. apparently, these particular terrorists were tied to the former soviet union. turkish police hunting for the terrorists tied to the attack. we now know they were members as i said, apparently from a cell in the former soviet union. apparently, we are also learning that they had been renting an apartment in istanbul.
5:02 am
they had been paying cash. apparently there was a security gate. they paid extra for it, which is unusual. this particular apartment that they were paying cash for, the curtains were always drawn and neighbors said there was a weird smell coming out of it which would suggest they were brewing up some bombs. >> we were sort of surprised by this, but do you know who is not surprised by this is rob o'neill, former navy s.e.a.l. who killed osama bin laden. just reading through your note, you weren't surprised by this at all. >> no, good morning. i'm not surprised by it all. again, this is an ideology and it spreads through uzbekistan, kyrgyzstan, we have seen them on the battlefield before. i have been in gun fights where i had people shooting at me that look like me, guys with white hair and beards. it doesn't matter the nationality, but the ideology.
5:03 am
they have been part of daesh or isis or isil, they have been part of it since the beginning and even before the establishment of the islamic state two years ago. >> who are they? >> these are just islamic extremists. you know, the two bad words that a lot of us don't want to say. but these are our enemies. they have been, you know, ever since -- well, i mean, you know, for decades. longer than that. but these are people that are raised by a certain ideology, a certain brand of radicalized islam. once they establish the islamic state, they were joining the fights in kosovo, in the balkan wars. they were fighting in chechnya, trying to separate from the russians. they fought us in afghanistan. they were fighting against the russians in afghanistan. fighting against the russians, that's where the mujahedeen and isis got their street credit. >> this is on the terrifying side because as the cia director said that isis would try to pull something here, a lot of people think, you know, i kind of -- you know, i'm not -- i'm being
5:04 am
practical. i think i know what the bad guys look like. i think i know given the history of these terror attacks on the united states, what not, i think they know what they look like. but then you have the guys, who just said could look like you. that makes everything more complicated. >> it makes it complicated, that's why we need to be profiling the people we're not talking about racially profiling. that's a label that gets thrown around because they want to label everyone as a racist. it's behavioral profiling. you find out the people who are acting funny -- you use the intelligence. it's not having people take off their shoes because there was a foiled shoe bomber several years ago. you need to find the source and eliminate it. it's an ideology. and yes, they look like us. you won't see that covered in the media, oh, you're just targeting brown people, that neat the case at all. we're targeting an ideology. >> how do you do that? how does el al do that?
5:05 am
i know they ask series of questions before you get on the plane. >> they talk to them. >> they interview everybody before they go on their trip. >> i mean, that's when you're at the airport. trying to travel. and you need to further move the perimeters. but you know, they have proven the other day in turkey and again, they don't need to get on the plane. they can attack the places where people are landing our taking off, attack gathering. the way you do it, especially here, we have our federal law enforcement, the fbi, nsa, people that find stuff, coordinate closely with state and local law enforcement. i mean, you get people in the mosques. you find out where they're being radicalized -- >> the operative word is here. it's not just iraq or afghanistan, but happening here in the united states. >> it's a global jihad. and that's -- it's a war against everything -- everyone that doesn't believe what they believe. >> right. >> i mean, the first way to do it -- i mean, if you want to get rid of the problem in iraq, you take out isis and syria and you
5:06 am
get rid of the divine capital of the caliphate. iraq goes away and you lose a lot of the way they're recruiting. but if we fight it the way they have been fighting it, you hear the term whack amol mole, which what we're doing. we have candlelight vigils and pretend like it never happened. people are not talking about orlando at the night club, they're talking about turkey. it goes away, because people says it's contained. >> this is a huge piece of the puzzle we have been talking about here. amy kellogg said this is the first time we have seen this moving into europe out of chechnya, uzbekistan and kurdistan. and that isis has asked people to stay at home and carry out the attacks. does this signal a shift? >> well, i mean, this isn't the first time it's hit europe. look at what happened in paris, look what happened in brussels,
5:07 am
look at what happened in turkey. these are nato allies. because -- i mean, we unfortunately live in the age of technology in the united states. we used to be protected by friends on the north and the south borders and two big oceans. now we have social media and isis, they're evolving and seeing what we do and not only do they think we're stupid and weak, they change what they're doing. we won't -- i hope we won't see people on airplanes but people will be attacking groups outside of airplanes. and they're recruiting them because this is the cool stuff to do if you're an islamic extremist, find a spot where there's a lot of people, kill as many as you can, make sure it's on camera so it can be replayed again, martyr yourself and go to heaven and then you get all your virgins, your family is taken care of forever, it's spectacular. they don't lie to us. they'll get there any way they can with fake passports, they'll get there, because everyone so benevolent about the migrants we're bringing in. even though you see pictures with 90% of fighting age males
5:08 am
coming in, there's no way that's isis and then they're laughing at us because we talk about how bad our guns are, in our citizens' hands and how waterboarding is worse than decaptization. >> thank you, rob o'neill. the terrorists that struck the airport in istanbul were from russia. >> they're suicidal. >> thanks, rob. >> they're suicidal. they're brainwashed and they want to kill other people. >> absolutely. all right, meanwhile, let's switch gears. we all know that hillary clinton is under a criminal fbi investigation. the person who heads up actually the boss of the fbi is the attorney general of the united states, loretta lynch. isn't this curious? on monday, loretta lynch went into bill clinton's private jet. she had just flown into sky harbor in phoenix, they had a half an hour meeting. what did they talk about? did they talk about hillary or e-mail servers? she was asked this yesterday. here's what she said.
5:09 am
>> what's appropriate for you to meet with the former bill clinton while you -- you're in the middle of the investigation of his wife in the e-mailer is germ. >> well, i saw the president as he was landing and i was headed out. he came over to speak to my husband and myself and he talked about his grandchildren and travels and things like that. that was the extent of things like that. no discussions were held on any cases or anything like that and he didn't raise anything about that ooetder. >> earlier, we went on facebook live, we asked you live the questions should she recuse herself, overwhelmingly it was yes. we asked you on twitter the same question. arthur had this to say, all public officials have the duty to avoid the appearance of impropriety. it's outrageous. >> definitely an injustice. think of what a republican had done this with another republican who was under investigation. the mainstream media would be talking about it nonstop. >> you're right. sabine on facebook, does anybody still believe hillary will be in any trouble? she is and always will be above
5:10 am
the law. we have not had an honest attorney general in a long time. >> it does appear tone deaf. you know, like when rudy giuliani was going after the mob, this is like rudy giuliani having lunch down the street with fat tony salarno. it doesn't look good. >> tony doesn't appreciate you calling him fat tony. >> he's either in prison or deceased. >> i don't think she's getting indicted. let's hand it over to heather. good morning to you. a fox news alert to bring you right now. the twists just keep on coming. boris johnson who was behind the brexit campaign is not going to run to replace cameron. he said he's not the right person to reshape britain's relationship with the european union.
5:11 am
his ally in the eu leave campaign, justice secretary michael gove has entered the race. the words on the sign held by police officers greeting tourists arriving in rio de janeiro and they seem to be true. reports now that human body parts have been found washed up on a beach just feet from where the olympic volleyball teams will and the games will be played. police there are dealing with massive drug violence and they say they're concerned about tourists' safety. that's of course in addition to the concerns about the zika virus that's had several of the top athletes withdrawing from the olympic game. a massive hunt is on for a killer grizzly bear after it mauled a mountain biker to death in indiana. the chilling moments that the police were called. listen. >> a victim of a bear attack. 35-year-old male. >> brad treat was that man.
5:12 am
just happened outside of glacier mountain park in montana. the bear attacked him on a trail. he was a law enforcement officer, and he was 30 years old. this is the most awkward hand shake in history. you have to take a look. [ laughter ] oh, boy. a little confusing. well. that's justin trudeau shaking hands with president obama, but then he crosses over the left hand to shake hands with the mexican president nieto. it ended up in a tangled mess. this happened after the three amigos summit. >> there was a song about it, blame canada. >> this is what you should do this. >> the fist pump. >> you're not caught up in the web. >> blame canada.
5:13 am
thank you. >> that was actually heather nauert singing that. >> good job. >> genius. >> thank you. coming up on a thursday, brand-new fox poll show that more than 59% of americans want us to profile the bad guys, so is donald trump on the right track? lisa boothe is here to do some analyzation next. a biker ends up going over the side of a bridge. >> whoa! >> ouch! i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these,
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fox news alert. we have learned the identities of the terrorists who blew themselves up at the istanbul airport a couple of days ago. they have gotten apparently ties to a russian cell. so what was -- what should we be doing to make sure that something like this does not happen on american soil? to answer that, we have brand-new fox news polls about what you're thinking. here for some analysis is lisa boothe. >> hi, steve. >> apparently, tied to the former soviet union. here's a question we asked before we knew this. will profiling make the country safe, about 60% said yes. 40% double.
5:18 am
say that banning muslims would make the country safer than less safe. what do you think about that? >> well, we have seen it's been as high as 50% that nearly half the country agrees with the temporary ban. i think what we're seeing is a disconnect between what the obama administration is saying and their policies and what the american people want and what they're feeling. the reality is that americans are scared right now. they're concerned about terrorist and concerned about being kept from isis and potential attacks. this is the weakness of the president feeling like he's not doing enough to keep us safe. >> and we had the navy s.e.a.l. who killed osama bin laden, he said profiling is a good idea, that i do it around the world. people think we can't profile because then we would be racists. he's saying it's not about racial profiling but about behavioral profiling. >> which is what we're doing, but the administration wants to
5:19 am
label everyone as islamophobic, but in reality, people want to be kept safe. >> the big question -- who do you think is winning the war on terror? about 45% feel that the united states and our allies are, but that is actually down 5% from the last time this -- we did this poll. look at this, up 10%, 10% more feel that the terrorists are winning. up to 41%. we're going the wrong direction on that. >> we are going on the wrong direction on this. it's difficult. when you see terror attacks in orlando, here at home in the united states and you see terror attacks in turkey and belgium as well, it's very real. i mean, the threat of isis especially when you have the cia director speaking before the senate intelligence committee telling us that our attempts to try to hamper isis not working, it's not hampering the global reach it's scary. >> one final poll question. describe the candidate, which of the candidates cares the most about you? as you can see right there, cares about me, hillary clinton
5:20 am
45% and donald trump 10% behind. >> this is important because if you look back to 2012 and look at exit polling, president obama actually won this question by 81 to 18-point swing. people prepared mitt romney's leadership and vision, but they felt like that president obama cared about them. this is a problem for hillary clinton, they feel the disconnect, she doesn't care about the struggles they face. >> interesting fox news polls out. lisa, thank you. all right, meanwhile, police say he grabbed for an officer's gun while trying to assassinate donald trump at a rally, but we have just learned he won't be facing charges for that at all. you have to hear this to believe it. we have it next. and they go completely on trace, and could be lurking in your neighborhood and causing your home value to go in the toilet. now, there could be a solution to zombie foreclosures.
5:21 am
the property guy, bob massi, live with what you need to know next. good morning, bob.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
some headlines for you from leading protests against police to recruiting schoolteachers, black lives matter leader and failed baltimore mayor candidate, deray mckesson, he has been hired and he'll be making $165,000 a year to find the right teachers. and getting body slammed by a tourists, but officers say he didn't do anything wrong. that's how he should have
5:25 am
shandled the situation on bourbon street. he has been cleared of wrongdoing. clayton? >> thanks so much, ainsley. zombie foreclosures have haunted homeowners across the country for years but just last week, a new jersey lawmaker proposed a bill to combat this real estate nightmare. here to break it down, the host of the show "the property man," bob massi. good to see you. >> good to see you, buddy. what in in the world is a zombie foreclosure? how is it different than a traditional foreclosure? >> you and i have talked about it over the few years that's a foreclosure that's basically just the lenders have done nothing to foreclose on the house. people abandoned the house, thinking it would be foreclosed on, people thought the house was gone, now they don't have to worry about, they have left the home. nobody is doing anything about it. we don't know the reasons why they're not foreclosing, but some of the proposed regulation we'll go over, i think it could
5:26 am
be good. >> before we get there, are they receiving anything in the mail to lead them to believe that they're about to be foreclosed, that's why they abandoned the house in first place or kind of silence? >> no no. in what we call nontraditional foreclosure states they get a notice of breach and an election to sell which triggers the people from leaving. on the other hand, you have in judicial foreclosure states like florida where you go through the courts they're served for whatever reason and it never fulfills its. as soon as people get it, they run from their home thinking it's all over. there you go. it just sits there -- i have a client for example it's been nine years, nine years -- they still have not been foreclosed on and that's not uncommon. >> this legislation, bob menendez, new jersey senator, number one, take us through the owners -- they may remain in the home. >> yeah. that's number one. that the services -- i have my
5:27 am
glasses on to go through this, but the servicers they -- they have to let the people know, look, you the stay in the house, even though it will be foreclosed on. they have to make it clear that the homeowner understands they're responsible for all the taxes, their insurance, hoa fees and they require them to notify the borrower and the municipality that they're walking away. here's what happens, clayton, let's say there's a servicer that starts the foreclosure. what happens, then the loan gets sold to another servicer. once that servicer starts foreclosure, if they go to transfer the lien on the house must be removed. in other words, the mortgage is gone. that is a good part of the proposal. i like that part of it. the one thing i think they need to do to go a step further, i would like to see credit restoration for those people who were led to believe that their
5:28 am
house was going to be foreclosed on or they filed bankruptcy, their credit has not been restored, because the lender sat on their rear end and did nothing. people should not be penalized forever on their credit because lenders don't exercise their rights to foreclose. that needs to be put into the proposals to protect those homeowners who walked away thinking they could move on with their life. >> well said. bob massi, catch bob on "the property man" show, saturdays and sundays at 3:00 p.m. eastern and noon pacific. that's a new time. thank you. >> thank you. >> putting the zombies to rest. the plane flying just feet from a cruise ship packed with passengers. how in the world did that happen? the stars of the new tarzan movie reveals all sorts of behind the scenes details.
5:29 am
>> did you really spit in his face? >> yes. i said to him, i was like i don't have to spit if your face and he said it was fine. >> kevin mccarthy will have more from his exclusive sit down. there he is. oh, hi! hi!
5:30 am
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♪ today is national social media today and this hour, i'm taking over all of the fox news social media platforms. clayton did it the first hour. ainsley did it the second hour. something new, in addition to joining us on twitter and facebook -- >> and instagram.
5:33 am
>> instagram. we're also going to be on snapchat. i'm learning how it works. i'm looking at -- look at this. >> that's how you can -- >> hey, you kids, get off my lawn. stuff like that. >> that is so weird. that doesn't look like you. >> let's see if i do this filter. oh, i'm a dog. hi. >> cute. cute. >> a little crazy. >> they say when your parents get on the social network -- >> it's over. >> it's over. >> i'm a pirate. >> i know how do this. aaaarrrg! hello. i'm going to post that on my story. like that. so joining us on snapchat. >> through you go. >> facebook and instagram up and running. fun day. >> how did you do your faces -- >> there's an app called boomerang. you can take a few quick seconds and basically -- >> then you post that video on
5:34 am
any of your social media. >> it will save in your library of stuff. i posted it to instagram. the reason i knew how to do this my daughter sally showed me how to do it last night. >> learning from the kids. >> they're so smart about that stuff. >> heather nauert was a look at your headlines. good morning. good morning. do you remember the illegal immigrant who tried to assassinate donald trump at the las vegas rally? he's facing charges this morning, but not for what you may think. michael sanford is facing weapon charges nothing to do with the assassination plot though. police say he tried to rip gun right out of an officer's belt in order to try to kill trump. the 20-year-old told investigators he had been planning this plot for a year. jaw dropping video of a motorcycle rider losing control sending him tumbling over the edge. watch this. you can see him tailgating a van that tried changing lanes, leaving the rider with nowhere to go but over. a car following behind capturing that ordeals it played out on a highway in brazil. somehow, that man managed to
5:35 am
survive the fall. he landed on a pile of scaffolding. he broke both of his legs but is otherwise going to be okay. well, say bye-bye to bikinis. the miss teen usa pageant ditching the swimsuit for the fitness one. it's set for july 30th in las vegas. no plans to remove it from the miss usa or from miss universe. i like this idea. nice. well, if only she could turn back time. ♪ ♪ if i could turn back time if i could find a way ♪ >> well, some fans outraged after cher shockingly used a bomb emoji next to the tweet reading we all pray for innocent people at the turkey airport. people said she was insensitive
5:36 am
and immature. one said, really, cher, bomb emoji, grow up. >> cher said she was moving to jupiter if donald trump wins the election. >> the planet or the place in florida? >> i don't know. well, 4th of july weekend is almost here. lots to do and even more to see. but will the weekend's highly anticipated films cause fireworks at the box office? we'll ask kevin mccarthy. >> that's right. he's the founder of when he's awake. but first, kevin -- >> hi, kevin. >> let's talk about steven spielberg's new movie. >> yeah. right, this is a huge film opening up this weekend. the newest film based on the book from 1982. basically deals with a huge gigantic big, friendly giant who becomes friends with a young girl. about their adventures. it's bfg. it does a great job of balancing comedy and drama and action.
5:37 am
mark riley plays the giant in the film, actually performed the character with dots on his face and they created a giant from his performance. he won the academy award for "bridge of spies." this is his best film since "bridge of spies" in munich. great comedy. see it in 2-d. save yourself the movie on the 3-d conversion. i had the chance to talk with steven spielberg which is a huge honor as a film nerd. we talked about this movie and the book came out in the '80s. how would he have done it in the '80s, so i flipped the question and i said, okay, what if you did "jaws" now? would you use the cgi shark or would you still use the animatronic shark you used in 1974? watch this. i know there was a lot of issues when you were making "jaws" but would you do it cgi today? >> yeah. [ laughter ]
5:38 am
it would have saved a lot of us our sanity and we would have -- we would have come out of that with good memories, but i think that -- i think that the lack of shark because of the technical breakdowns of the shark in 1974 really forced me to find another way of telling this story in a more suspenseful way. so if i had more of the shark, the film would not have been as effective i believe. >> guys, that was steven spielberg talking to me about "jaws." >> tears flowing down your nerd tears? >> you were so tired after the interview that you couldn't stay awake to review the next movie that that we wanted to talk about. what happened -- "legend of tarzan." >> i saw it a couple of weeks ago, i missed the first 30
5:39 am
minutes of it. so i don't feel ethically right to review it. so i'll see it this sunday. i did interview the stars, alexander skarsgard and margot robbie, about a scene in the movie about where margot robbie spits in the face. as a hard journalist i want to ask the hard questions so i wanted to know did you really spit in his face? watch this. i love the scene when you -- you're spitting in his face. >> mm-hmm. >> i have to know, did you really spit in his face? >> yes. and i said to him, i was like i don't have to spit in your face, he said, no, it's fine. >> actually do it. >> i can see him saying that. >> quite a few takes. he said it's fine. >> how many takes did that take? >> quite a few in the end. then in fact when i watched it, i was kind of disappointed with how much spit there was and i actually asked david if we could cgi more spit going in his face. i was like, i kind of wish there
5:40 am
was more spit now. can we add that in cgi? and he didn't. >> i want to say -- yeah, i'm one of those guys who will never go to the bathroom during a movie. there have been times where i have missed three or four minutes of the film and i have gone back to see it again just to review it. just something that i have kept as an honor code over the years. if i missed 30 minutes because i was too tired i can't give it a fair review. i'll review it next week. i'm seeing it on sunday night and i'll put it on the twitter and facebook page. >> i bet you woke up in a panic, didn't you? >> maybe i wouldn't see it sunday night. maybe you should see it sunday early. >> right before the early bird special. >> i'm going early sunday morning. no, that was probably the second time in the 11 years that's ever happened to me. >> i'm glad you take your job so seriously. thank you so much, kevin. you do a great job.
5:41 am
>> see you later. straight ahead, it's public hillary versus private hillary. peter johnson jr. breaks her down next. the last time that lenny dykstra was at "fox & friends," this happened. [ laughter ] >> do not do that again. >> so is that why brian didn't show up to work today? >> maybe. >> what kind of trouble will we get ourselves into this time find out when he joins us live, straight ahead. >> that is just not right.
5:42 am
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a close call on a cruise ship, brand-new video shows a french air force jet coming within feet of a packed cruise ship in bermuda.
5:45 am
terrified passengers standing on the deck watching in horror. france saying they say sere sorry for the training drill. and what caused the flight 804 to come down, there was smoke in the bathroom. high temperature damage was found and soot. well, donald trump continues to attack hillary clinton painting a grim picture of her and her character. >> hillary clinton and as you know she -- most people know she's a world-class liar. just look at her pathetic e-mail server statements. >> so is that just campaign talk or are the latest benghazi and e-mail revelations making trump's case that there are two different hillarys? the public hillary and the private hillary. here to break it down for us is peter johnson jr. >> good morning. revelations about the e-mail server and benghazi and exposing public and private hillary, different sides. different faces of hillary clinton. it's quite, quite revealing. let's talk about the e-mail
5:46 am
scandal first. here's what hillary clinton said about the e-mail server in march of 2015. >> i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> but then private hillary, what did she do now? >> let's look at what's revealed now. the e-mail between hillary clinton and huma abedin her top aide about the e-mail set-up tells a difference story. i have just realized i have no idea how my papers are treated at state. who manages both my personal and official files? i think we need to get on this asap to be sure we know and design the system we want. so publicly on march 2015, yeah, we want to do this to simplify and now in the e-mail being exposed that allegedly had been deleted, yeah, let's figure out how to do this. let's be strategic about that. so public and private hillary on
5:47 am
e-mail. >> we can't forget private hillary sent that e-mail to chelsea. >> absolutely true. that comes into play with regard to benghazi on the night of the benghazi attack. at 6:49 p.m. clinton called libya's president and said al sharia is claiming responsibility, but public hillary on the night of the attack, 10:08 said some sought to say it was a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. the united states deplores any effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others and then private hillary, an hour later as you say, ainsley, she e-mailed her daughter chelsea, two of the officers were killed in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. then the next day at 3:04 p.m.
5:48 am
called the egyptian prime minister and said, quote, we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack, not a protest. so how do you reconcile public hillary and private hillary? that night saying, video, unplanned attack, but at least three contemporaneous statements talking about this. something to think about. >> thank you. he's proven you can knock him down and he can get back up again. both here and in life. lenny dykstra is here dishing stories you have never heard before. like meeting the head of the mexican mafia behind bars. but first, martha, and find out what's at the top of the hour. >> thank you very much, ainsley. breaking news this morning on the identity of the bombers in
5:49 am
turkey. and the cia raising new tensions here at home about our airports. the curious meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch as the country waits for a decision on whether to indict hillary clinton. lots going on this morning. we will see you at the top of the hour. because i'm a woman... do you think i'm gonna crack under pressure or conquer the field? defy expectations any day with always infinity. made with flexfoam. absorbs 10x its weight. rewrite the rules. always. bp wind farms are monitored 24/7 at our remote operations center,
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5:52 am
a public university giving students a break on tuition. but there is a twist. they only get the discount if they're mexican. new mexico state university letting people from across the border pay less tuition than american students. the going rate -- less than 5 grand a semester for undergrads. the university said it's trying to boost the enrollment numbers. a dad in texas is going viral for a hilarious parenting
5:53 am
tactic. check out his message to his 16-year-old daughter after finding a bottle of whiskey hidden in her sock drawer. >> and when you get home i'd like to talk to you about this. i don't know if there's something that fell out of a sock. because it was in your sock drawer. we heard a news report of people breaking into houses and hiding whiskey bottles. if that's the case then we need to contact the police. if you have another explanation, explain it to us when you get home. love you girl, bye. >> the worst feeling when you know you're in trouble. >> someone must have put that there. >> well -- >> fireball whiskey too. >> delicious. >> it is good. all right, you can knock him down, but he's going to get back up again, both here at "fox & friends" and here in life. look at lenny dykstra. he's here to dish stories you never heard in taking down brian. honey, did you call the insurance company?
5:54 am
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♪ now he's telling all in his new memoir, "house of nails." >> joining us right now is lenny dykstra. >> good morning. i rushed over here. >> getting ready to do combat? >> the last time you were on the show, brian tackled you for some reason. >> brian happens to be on vacation? >> yeah. >> he's gone today. >> he knew i was coming back for him. >> pay back -- >> what in the world were you thinking when he tackled you? >> well, i pulled a hammy. like he wants to go. what are you doing? so then -- i mean -- >> like a bench clearing brawl. >> he's not here today. you know? >> tell us about -- >> sorry about that. >> i grew up watching you, philadelphia phillies fan. when i was a little boy playing little league on the back of my baseball card they asked who was your favorite player, lenny
5:58 am
dykstra was the name on the back of my baseball card. i would sit in bed listening to the phillies games when my parents thought i was in bed, you played for the mets and the phillies. a long storied career. what is the book about? >> about my life and this ride that is really unimaginable and almost unreal. but it's about like, again, i basically had planted the flag on mount everest. i slept in death valley. it's about -- there's a bunch of legal stuff in there. it's about women. it's about strawberry's hammer. everything. winning and losing. >> going to two world series. >> yeah. it's about life. >> crashing down. >> yeah. i mean, look, i kind of -- i kind of -- what helped me be so successful on the field, the drive and like no one is going to get in my way. what does that mean for flying
5:59 am
my own jet. >> you went to the world series, you went to prison too. >> i did. in fact, i read my first book in prison. i didn't read when i played. because i thought it would hurt my eyes, you know? billy beane, my buddy, probably the best general manager to -- out there. i would see him reading all the time. i said, dude, what are you doing? like -- >> watching the seams. >> he read too much. so i have lived it and i got my boy jack nicholson on the back here. what does he say? >> as far as sports autobiographies go, nails nails it. >> can you stay with us on the "after the show show" live? >> sure. >> we'll have a longer interview
6:00 am
with lenny dykstra. see you guys tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. join us for the "after the show show." >> see if we can find brian. >> i don't think -- your message to brian by the way? >> boo! >> all right. that's it. have a great day. now time for "america's newsroom." martha: breaking news in the istanbul terrorist attack. police say two terrorists came from russia and the third from the czech republic. they warn everybody that you should not think this could not happen here. leland: i'm leland vittert in for bill hemmer. the number of dead


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