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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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3.8% but bad news if you like of cad doze. the state's drought has killed as many as sixth of their treess and crews rescuing -- we'll get to that later. now to gregg jarrett in for shepard smith. >> the attack at the airport and now we know where the suicide bombers came from and word of arrests inside turkey. plus, bill clinton meeting privately with the attorney general, loretta l., as she investigates his wife in the e-mail controversy. any issues there or just a schmooze fest? also, new fox news polls on the race for the white house. we'll see how hillary clinton and donald trump stack up. all of that and the day's news just ahead this hour. hello. the suicide bombers in the deadly airport attack in turkey
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were part of a seven are person terror cell that entered the country last month, according to a turkish newspaper. a senior turkish official saying one bomber was from rescue and the others from uzbekistan and kyrgyzstan. a different newspaper reporting the russian attacker was from dagestan, next door to chesneya. the islamic attacker came from raqqa. and the organizers of the attack is from chesney ya. an islamic state leader who is responsible for training russian speaking militants, also a wanted man in russian. turkish officials say they're working, clothe, round the clock
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to confirm the i'ds identities of all the bombers. turk eu media report another victim died, raising the death toll to 44. more 200 others were injured. john huddy is live in istanbul. what else are we learning about the attackers? >> reporter: well, we're learning about their nationalities and possibly the background here and the connection that they had with the rebel groups, as you talked about,; we're also seeing haunting new surveillance video and images from the attack at that the airport. you see people scrambling for their lives in what turn out to be a blood bath. and then another surveillance
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shot you ski a -- see a gunman shooting at point-blank range a security officer. and then you see images from the attack tuesday night. as you talked about in the intro, turkish officials say as far as the nationalities they attackers were from russia and uzbekistan and kyrgyzstan. we have been in touch with the turkish ministry of foreign affairs but there's a link between these groups and that is what officials are taking a hard look at. >> turkish officials are saying they launched a counterterrorism raid overnight. talk to us about that.a"z
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responsibility. but officials maintain this goes back to isis, but as you talked about in the intro there could be other components. that said, funerals were head today for many of the victims, 44 people now confirmed dead. that death toll continues to rise as more than 100 people remain hospitalized. many in serious and some in critical condition, and here at the airport on the second floor in the departures hall there's a memorial set up for the victims, 15 pictures of the victims and a table covered with roses and flowers. certainly this fresh on many
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people's minds and here on the ground outside the international arrivals hall, this is another entrance that has been opened. they're trying to get back to a sense of normalcy, after tuesday night's blood bath. >> john huddy live in istanbul. thank you very much. let's turn now to james jeffrey, former u.s. ambassador to turkey. ambassador, thank you for being with us. these guys are either from russia or former soviet union territory. that doesn't mean, though, that they are agents of the russian state. correct? >> absolutely not. they were selected because there are few ethnic turkish recruits to isis for various reasons, but there are many from that part of russia, these muslim areas of russia and the former soviet union but also communities of these people in turkey they can go underground in and the length with -- length -- language and
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allows them to -- >> help us understand their motivation. why would isis attack turkey, muslim country? >> well, turkey, of course, has attacked other muslim countries -- rather, isis has attacked other muslim countries and declared war an all of shia islam. the main reason is isis in turkey had a modus on operandi where the turks opposed isis but not aggressively because they that other issues, the assad regime in syria, and the pkk in turkey's southeast, and turkey didn't want another problem. it also had no easy way to get after isis without getting after all of the jihaddist groups fighting against the assad regime, some of whom turkey supports. isis used turkey as a supply
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zone, as a transit for people, recruits coming in, people going back to carry out terror attacks in europe and elsewhere, and didn't want the turks cracking down too hard. now, for some reason -- it may be that isis is under more pressure, including syria from u.s. forces operating out of turkey that isis decided the gloves are off, we're going after the most iconic symbol of turkish power, the istanbul airport. >> i would have they not claimed responsibility in. >> that's an interesting question. this is the fourth major isis attack in turkey over the past year. and none of the cases isis declared responsibility but everybody knows it's isis. i think they probably still hope that in some way turkey will not relentlessly and without mercy pursue isis. think they're probably wrong. think turkey will turn a corner here. >> this attack comes at the very time that isis is losing ground
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geographically. they've last ramada, fallujah, other territories, mosul and raqqa may be surrounded. so, is this isis' way of still trying to recruit fighters by saying, hey, we're still in the terrorism business? >> absolutely. but another thing is, any organization in a terrorist movement is an organization -- gets good at certain things and win you're faced with adversity -- it is certainly faced with adversity -- you double down on whatever you do well. what isis does well, and will continue to do well, until we take down their capital, in mosul and iraq and raqqa and syria, is to prepare these young men to carry out these horrific attacks in belgium, in istanbul. one that was just blocked at the
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last moment in germany. that's a threat that will town until we finally get rid of this so-declared state. >> violent, insidious, unprincipled. so many words to describe them. ambassador james jeffrey. former ambassador to turkey. to you for being with us. >> thank you. >> hundreds and hundreds of isis fighters are dead after coalition airstrikes blew up an islamic state convoy. the details and what military officials are saying about how they tracked down these terrorists. next. you both have a
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. a fox urgent. word a palestinian attacker has murdered an american teenager in the west bank. investigator says the man broke into a home in a jewish settlement and stabbed the 13-year-old girl as she slept in her bed. we have a photo of that girl minutes ago the u.s. state department confirmed she is an american citizen. her name aerial. the israeli forces they shot and killed the attacker. >> the u.s. airstrikes have killed hundreds of fighters-that what a u.s. spokesperson is telling fox news. the says fighter jets blasted a large convoy of isis vehicles and fighters outside the iraqi city of fallujah.
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those strikes took place overnight on tuesday, a senior defense official estimates that some 250 militants died. and that could make it one of the deadliest bombings since the u.s. began its air campaign in august of 2014. as we have reported, fallujah has been the site of heavy fighting between iraqi forces and isis militants. american fighter jets supported the offensive to take back the city and iraq declared the city liberated from isis over the weekend. shannon bream now with the news at the pentagon. >> reporter: officials tell us they had spotted through intelligence gathering and surveillance a large group of vehicles gathered southwest of fallujah, so the started to look around. it's an area isis had a presence. so there are were iraqi forces on the ground. the fighters were part of a convoy and that's when the air strikes started. iraqi air force and coalition forces went through the night
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tuesday and into wednesday, carrying out the strikes. on wednesday they became aware of another group gathering outside of ram mad day -- ramadi and they said fighters began abandoning their vehicles on foot. so it was a very successful strike by coalition standards. >> shannon, u.s. officials said concerns about citizens in the area actually affected the operation? >> well, yeah. there have been 100 airstrikes in the area since may 21st. fallujah was one of the first cities to full are in -- full under isis control and this year they say citizen is were a concern. there was a need for american aircraft to be involved because they have better precision. one reason that american aircraft were engaged here. colonel garver, a spokesman for
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the military operation, the campaign against isis, says the plan now is for fallujah to turned over, soon, to an iraqi what care calling a holing force made of up of'll police and tribesesmen, and get it back to iraqi control with the help of coalition forces. >> shannon, thank you. a double suicide bombing targeting police cadets in afghanistan, the blast killing more than three dozen people. an official says the first bomber hit two buses carrying police trainees, but also killed four civilians in the process. a second attacker targeted yet another bus, and people respond -- when people responded to the first blast. this happened 12 miles odd the capitol of cap kabul. >> the american sailors captured at gun point by iranians were not tough enough and gave away
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too many secrets. those are among the claims in a new investigative report from the u.s. navy. puts a lot of blame on its own sailors. iran released the videotape after revolutionary guards captured two navy boats in the gulf. days before the u.s. lifted sanctions against iran part of the nuclear deal. the navy claims that ten sailors should not have been there they tack a shortcut through iran's waters because they were behind schedule. the report accuses the iranians of breaking international law in how they treat the u.s. sailors. well, the attorney general, loretta lynch, says it was just a casual chit cat at golf and grandkids but even some democrats are saying, it was not a good idea. for her to meet privately with bill clinton, as the fbi is investigating hillary clinton's
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attorney general loretta lynch says her meeting with bill clinton will not affect the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server, but even some democrats admit it should looks bad. lynch says she talked with the former president on monday when they both happened to be at the airport in phoenix, according to politico. president clinton heard lynch was there and then asked to meet with her privately. one of his aide tells fox news, well, nobody really asked for the meeting. they just happened to cross paths.
12:21 pm
that's the story, at least. and lynch says they did not talk about the e-mail investigation. >> he did come over and say hello and speak to my husband and myself, and talk about his grandchildren and his travels. that was extent. no discussions held on any cases and he didn't raise anything about that either. >> texas republican senator john cornyn had already called for a special prosecutor to handle the e-mail investigation, even before this, and today he tweeted, quote, lynch and clinton conflict of interest? an attorney cannot represent two parties in a dispute and must avoid even the appearance of conflict. stacy snyder is here. she is a defense attorney. you and i both had this drilled into us. the canon of ethics. when somebody sent me an e-mail i said no way. no lawyer would be that stupid, even the attorney general. >> the attorney general made a
12:22 pm
tactical mistake in meeting with him for 30 minutes. that's the problem. it's not per se a conflict of interest from my evaluation of the ethics of it. for her to -- and christian to have a hello, goodbye, on a social call north set up in a government office, not during business hours, spontaneous meeting -- >> it's going to don't you have to say, nice to see you but i can't talk to you. if have an investigation penning. your wife is a target potentially, and so are you in the clinton foundation influence pettling case. >> and lynch should have made it short and sweet, hello, goodbye, nice to see you. but for 30 minutes to go by creates an appearance of impropriety and you don't want to be questioned about that down the road. so i'm questioning her judgment in keeping it going that long and also you have to realize is
12:23 pm
bill clinton, the gift of gab, social guy. known to do this. >> way. wait a minute. let's assume he schmoozing her. >> which is -- >> what about that? trying to curry favor with the attorney general who holds your wife's fate and maybe yours inner hands. >> that's in the eye of the beholder elm he is a natural idahoer. >> that doesn't make it okay. >> he is a social being. >> it's against the canon of ethic bum i can use up the handbook for the department of yates and it says you have to treat people, cases, impartially, and do not give me -- preferential treatment to an individual and then employees shall endeavor to avoid any action creating the appearance that they're violating the law or ethical standards and then goes on to say that's determined
12:24 pm
by what a reasonable person with knowledge of the facts would believe. isn't it reasonable here that a 30-minute sort of secret, private conversation, could unduly influence the impartiality of the attorney general? >> i think you're focusing on the key word, reasonable, and that is a standard when it comes to ethics. and sitting, taking a meeting with former president clinton for 30 minutes while all of these things are going on, then stretches the bounds of what it looks like here. it doesn't look great. she should have used better judgment. and made it quick in and out, hello, goodbye. >> there are already concerns whether a democratic-led department of justice can fairly and independently investigate the democratic nominee for president. and so this just aggravated it, didn't it? >> from a p.r. extend -- extend it wasn't a mart move. maybe she got caught up in the
12:25 pm
personality of bill clinton. he is an affable guy but 30 minutes on a social call looks funny. >> the white house was asked about it today and said, quote, lynch understands investigations should be conducted free of political influence. well, so did attorney general john mitchell and he went to prison for violating that principle. thank you for being with us. >> if the polls are any indication trump is probably happy to flip the calendar and say goodbye to june wind chill'll show you the latest numbers and check in with both campaigns coming up.
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a fox report now. more of today's headlines from the fox news deck. police are using a helicopter to search for a grizzly bear after it killed a mountain biker outside flay sher national park in montana. cops say the man was riding on a
12:28 pm
trail and apparently surprised the bear. police in miami-dade county found $24 million worth of drug money inside a home. the biggest cash seizeure in department history. investigators say they're brother and sister and worked at a garden supply store which was a front for a weed trafficking operation. and then this overlooks the 9/11 memorial. modeled after new york city's highline and elevated park built over old railroad tracks. the news continues right after this.
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washington, somebody testified 9-1-1 after seeing guys with guns at a medical building. they were just security forces doing a routine inspection. ironically the same forces who would actually respond to an active shooter on base. there was also an active shooter drill scheduled which added to the mess. an hour and a half after it began officials tweet thread was no shooter no threat no more lockdown, except for the medical building, the president and vice-president and other senior government officials fly in and out of jba all the time. vice-president biden was scheduled to leave from there this morning but that got a little delayed. donald trump set to speak any moment in manchester, new hampshire. it's streaming live on but in the meantime, trump is slipping in the latest fox news polls. now trails clinton by six point. he was up by three last month. that is a nine-point swing.
12:32 pm
the fox team coverage. jennifer griffin covering the clinton campaign, blake berman on how donald trump's new strategy is working. first, peter doocy is live in manchester. trump has been talking about trade. is that the topic today? >> reporter: it is and he told me yesterday he thinks the number one reason that he continues to draw such big and such excited crowds is because he has such a strong stance against international trade deals that he believes closed a lot of factories, like this one, former light bulb factory that shut done two years ago and caused 200 people in new hampshire their jobs where he is set to speak in a few minutes. >> want to put our people to work. we have to put our people to work. the trade deals are ripping our jobs apart. ripping our country apart. i've got it. understand it. you see the crieds i'm getting. nobody has crowds like we have and it's about trade. >> trump is stressing on the
12:33 pm
stump the importance of being tough on terror but in at bit of change from the way he reacted to the orlando attacks, i asked him if he thinks that when there's a terrorist attack overseas or here, it makes him look stronger, in the eyes of voters, he says i he done think about it like this. >> did trump say if there were big changes since switching campaign manager. >> he said he hint noticed anything in terms of operation from the way it what win corey lewandoski was charged until now. but something very intriguing just happened. corey lewandoski is here at this invite only event. they were all invited guests by the trump campaign and press. cor corries not here with the -- corey is not here with the press and he is inside where the candidate is so we're trying to get to the bottom why a campaign manager who was fired last week
12:34 pm
is here, but we hope to know why. we're digging into that and we'll let you know if we can figure it out. >> i thought security last week escorted him to the door. wonder what is going to happy today. thank you very much. how does donald trump plan to turn this around? team fox coverage continues the box innocence network's blake berman is live in washington. >> reporter: donald trump and his campaign are continuing the process of adding top advisers to their roster two in just the past week alone. veteran new hampshire operative has held key roles in the past for rand paul, john kashich and rick santorum and will not partly focus on the swing state of new hampshire for trump. trump is also filling out his staff with ted cruz's former senior communications director jason miller, despite the bitter differences that those campaigns had. a former top cruz advisor described the miller addition as
12:35 pm
a, quote, smart hire for trump. trump still very much still has a staff and spending deficit compared to hillary clinton's levels. trump does not view that as lagging in infrastructure. rather, he feels it's efficiency. listen here. >> in the old days, if i spent has and had fewer people and was leading or tied, they would say, he's a genius. now they say, hillary clinton has more people, has spent more money, and they're essentially tied. >> well, the trump campaign has beefed up its rapid response and fundraising efforts. in the past week since paul manafort took control of the campaign's operations. >> trump is getting some help on the air waves, right? >> he is indeed. get something big-time help now from the national rifle association. the nation's gun lobby, which endorsed trump just a couple weeks ago. now beginning to run television ads targeting hillary clinton, a
12:36 pm
$2 million ad by -- is running in swing states the first of which focuses on benghazi. back to you. >> blake, thank you. hillary clinton is the top presidential choice among key groups of votes clear women, african-americans, according to the same fox news poll we were citing a few minutes ago. the survey shows 51% of women and 87% of black voters say they support the presumptive democratic nominee, but 66% of voters say the former secretary of state is not honest or trustworthy. 58% say they think clinton is corrupt. team fox coverage continuing now. jennifer griffin live in washington. jennifer, analysts say there is something unusual about this latest poll. >> reporter: well, greg, hillary clinton gained three points in the last month. five point i was you average recent polls. why is this significant? the news fox poll was taken post
12:37 pm
orlando shooting this largest terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11, and typically the conventional wisdom was that if there is a terror attack that would be good for donald trump. no so according to the average of the polls. meantime, president obama and secretary clinton will campaign on july 5th in charlotte, north carolina, another key battle ground state. they were supposed to begin campaigning in wisconsin but that was postponed in the wake of orlando and the campaign just announced she will campaign with vice-president joe biden next friday in scranton, pennsylvania. the clinton campaign will start advertising in nebraska, targeting targeting targeting the capitol, ohama, where there are more african-american voters. secretary clinton just picked up the endorsement of the alliance for retired americans which has four million members. >> do we expect anything new on the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server today? >> reporter: well, we know that patrick kennedy, undersecretary of state for management at the state department, is being
12:38 pm
deposed by judicial watch, the conservative legal group. kennedy is a key player because he hired the e.t. specialest who managed clinton's server and has pleaded the fifth. a clinton spokesman reacted, quote, judicial watch represents everything that is wrong with our political system. manufacturing wrong-doing has been central to their singular agenda since their inception. they do this by clogging up the courts at the expense of tens of million of taxpayer dollars and justice is the last thing they seek. judicial watch interviewed uma abedin earlier this week. more politics straight ahead. we'll be talking with a political journalist who says both presumptive nominees have reason to be worried. that's next. hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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countdowndown to the conventions. our poll shows hillary clinton continues to wide 'her lead over donald trump. the survey also shows clinton's lead some -- shrinks by wasn't when when you add the independent candidate. a month ago trump was up by three, now down by six. so that is a nine-point swing, which in the course of four weeks is really -- got be disturbing to him and to republicans. has donald trump set a record for stumbles and missteps in the course of one month? >> stumbles and missteps and a failure hope to campaign's part to coalesce the party. we saw after he got the nomination in may, his numbers went up. he was competitive with hillary clinton in polls. subsequent controversies and
12:43 pm
missteps by the campaign led to a decline. we saw in the fox news poll, an eight-point difference in terms of republicans supporting him in may and his support now. only 74% of republicans support him now. >> i want to put that up on the screen, the 74. this number is really historically astonishing and disturbing to republicans. let's put it up on the screen. to win you have to get at least 90% of your own party's vote. trump, as you can see there only gets 74%. by comparison, romney lost despite getting 93% of republicans. when you've dig deeper into these numbers, more than half of republicans want a different nominee. seven in ten republicans -- these are republicans, mind you -- describe trump as hot-headed and obnoxious. what is he doing that is alienating a substantial number in his own party. >> a couple of different things. he has said lots of things that
12:44 pm
have offensive to different groups groups and republican lead evers in washington who have tried to expand the party. they made a goal after 2012 to improve their numbers among a variety of different groups and trump has not participate net -- in that. many say he unraveled the efforts and some say the campaign has not mortgaged the batting ground states and have not been raising money until now. the firing of corey lewandoski was seen as a big step and republican were saying we're getting serious now. but this is all coming two months after donald trump got the nomination. so, a lot of republican are saying you have wasted a lot of time. >> in the last reporting period, trump had also more than a million bucks on hand compared to clinton's $42 million. in ads, clinton outspent trump
12:45 pm
$26 million to zero. his ground organization is nonexistent. his staff is only 70 plus. hers is 700 plus. really ten to one. can he -- a republican strategist said he is running a campaign in the cave man era. >> running a campaign the way he ran the primary campaign, and primary cap payments are very different from general election campaigns. activists and base voters turn out in big numbers in primaries. in general elects, campaigns -- the races are in the battleground states and you have to turn out voters beyond your coalition. so that costs time, money and resources. trump has tried to promote the idea of not having as many staff members as clinton, not having as much money as clinton, as a benefit, not a liability, something that appeals to voters
12:46 pm
who don't want -- kind of like his anti-politician message. >> let me throw another on the screen a poll. the gender difference. donald trump, the good news for him, he leads among men by ten points. bad news is clinton leads among women by almost 20 points. now, again, the good news, in the same fox news poll, trump leads among independent voters by eight points. how does this work into the mix? >> well, trump needs to do better among women. that's an area that republicans identified after 2012 as an area to expand their base. trump has to do better than romney did or at least maintain romney's level of support among women and other groups, even if he intends to turn out the white vote in higher numbers, and even in the white vote we're seeing a difference between college educated and noncollege educated. these are problematic numbers
12:47 pm
for trump in terms of the kinds of voters he needs to too better with. >> the other thing, our polling found that more voters see clinton as reasonable and intelligence than donald trump by a substantial margin. so, when you get into the voting into -- voting booth and go, a tie with harsh rhetoric, over somebody that doesn't, does that make a difference. >> that's the line of attack the clinton campaign has been waging but they shouldn't be celebrating yet either. her negative numbers really high. she has problems with trustworthiness and honesty when it comes -- >> 66% say she is not honest or trustworthy. 58% say she is corrupt. >> uh-huh. right. so she really needs to work on those numbers and can't just rely on trump doing poorly among these verious groups. they need to improve the numbers and be competitive. more so than they are in these
12:48 pm
key battleground states, ohio and florida. >> thank you for breaking down the numbers. a dramatic development in the fallout from the uk's vote to leave the european union. boris johnson dropping out of the race to become britain's next prime minister. the bookies call him the favorite to replace david cameron. johnson's announcement coming after a close ally, britain's justice secretary, decided to drop his support and run himself. johnson decided he was not the right person to unite the conservative party. the brexit vote prompted cameron to quit after he failed to convince british voters to say the eu. the conservative will announce his replacement in september. for in the first time in the american history the military will allow openly transgender people to serve. we'll have details on the defense secretary's big announcement. and why u.s. officials are telling some folks they
12:49 pm
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welcome back. the feds warned the owners of more than 300,000 re-called honda and acura vehicles, don't drive your cars unless it's to a dealership to get your air bags fixed. the latest development in the enormous re-call over faulty takata airbags which officials linked to deaths of as many as 14 people around the world. officials with the national transportation safety board say the vehicles they're concerned about are these honda and acura models from 2001 to 2003. they're on your screen. they say new tests show the airbags in these cars have up to
12:53 pm
a 50% chance of exploding if they deploy during a crash. the fed says the inflators in the airbags can blow apart a metal canister when they explode. sending shrapnel in the drivers and passengers. for more information on this re-call, check out and historic day for the u.s. military as it lifts its ban on transgender troops beginning immediately. defense secretary ash carter says the military can no longer discharge american service members because of their gender identity. lea gabrielle is here to shine. >> today secretary carter made the announce. at a press conference, and in a jeer transgender individuals will be allowed to join the military if they meet standards and have been stable in their gender for 18 months. those already in the military well bill able to change their gender identification and receive medical care by
12:54 pm
october 1st. now, among the reasons for the decision, secretary carter saved that all willing and able americans should be allowed to serve. >> the defense department and the military need to avail ourselves of all talent possible. in order to remain what we are now, the finest fighting force the world has ever known. our mission is to defend this country. and we don't want barriers unrelated to a person's qualification to serve preventing us from recruit organize retaining the soldier, sailor, airman or marine who can best accomplish the mission. >> there are concerns from senior military leaders and others about the timing of the decision and some said they need more time for the decision, but under this policy, transgender service members will be allowed to wear the uniform with the identity they have, use the basketball facilities and housing according to the gender they identify with.
12:55 pm
>> did the defense secretary say how much impact this would have? >> he cite aid study in terms of deployment and impact on medical treatment. 1.3 million active duty service members right now, and 2500 of them are transgender, and in the reserves 1500 are transgender. secretary carter said the current policy is unfair to them. take a listen. >> most of our transgender service members must go outside the military medical system order to obtain medical care that is judged by doctors to be necessary of and they have to pay for it out of their own pockets. >> as for the unique health care needs of transgender individuals, secretary carter said that, again, according to rand, the impact would be minimal. >> a landmark day in many ways, indeed. >> thank you. we'll be right become with a closer look at the birth of one of the most iconic cars of all
12:56 pm
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it's good to be in, good hands. weight want to think twice when you're consider sneaking a bite of raw cookie dough. officials with the fda say they're warning against it out in. dozen of folks have gotten sick recently because of a strain of e.coli bacteria linked to contaminated flour from general mills. the good news, cookie dough in ice cream is safe because it's made a different way. on this day in 1953, workers finished the final touches on the very first corvette. gm made only 300 'vettes in their first year. they didn't sell very well. the carmaker thought about discontinuing it altogether. instead gm gave submit upgradeds, including a new engine and a few years later the corvette had become one of the hottest sports cars around after the first one rolled off the
1:00 pm
assembly line, 63 years ago today. it's a beauty. i like the original t-bird better with the port hole. >> the american public should expect to see this july 4th july 4th weekend an enhanced security prepares at airports, train stations and other transit centers. >> beefing up security over here after a deadly airport terror attack over there. >> it would be surprising to me that isil is not trying to hit us both in the region as well as in our homeland. >> welcome everyone. i'm in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." 43 million people are expected to travel this independence day weekend. more than three million of them will be flying and as we learn