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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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assembly line, 63 years ago today. it's a beauty. i like the original t-bird better with the port hole. >> the american public should expect to see this july 4th july 4th weekend an enhanced security prepares at airports, train stations and other transit centers. >> beefing up security over here after a deadly airport terror attack over there. >> it would be surprising to me that isil is not trying to hit us both in the region as well as in our homeland. >> welcome everyone. i'm in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." 43 million people are expected to travel this independence day weekend. more than three million of them will be flying and as we learn more about the suicide bombers
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in turkey, that's why officials are scrambling. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest. >> reporter: the cia director said he would be surprised if isis wasn't targeting american airports. >> isis' ability to propagate its narrative as well to as to incite and tear out attacks, we have a ways to go before we're able to say that we have made some significant progress against them. >> it would be surprising to me that isil is not trying to hit us both in the region as well as in our homeland. >> reporter: the growing body of evidence points to an isis directed attack launched from syria with the identification of the three suicide bombers this morning as foreign nationals tied to russia. the homeland security secretary told senators there is a clear and direct and immediate impact at home. >> the american public should
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expect to see this july 4th july 4th weekend an enhanced security presence at airports, train stations and other transit centers across the country. by tsa and state and local law enforcement as well as security personnel. >> reporter: visibility security at major airports focused on pickup and dropoff zones before screening. secretary johnson is considering whether to expand airport security perimeters on a more permanent basis. >> thank you so much. homeland security secretary jeh johnson getting grilled by senator ted cruz today over whether his agency is scrubbing any reference to radical islam from its reports. watch. >> you have not investigated whether your department ordered documents to be modified in 2009 to removed refer repses to jihad, radical islamic terrorism and the muslin brotherhood. you have not vented that
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question. >> no, i have not taken the time investigate what mr. hain nonsays, no. we'll get nowhere in our efforts to build bridges with muslim communities, which we need to do in this current environment right now, that includes home-grown violent extreme-its -- >> mer secretary, my time -- >> hold on. they all tell me that isil has hijacked my religion and it's critical that we bring these people to our side. >> you're entitled to give speeches other times. my question was, if you were aware that the information has been scrubbed. >> senator cruz saying when you erase refer repses to radical jade it impact -- radical jihads it immigrant pacts the response to red flags. national security analyst agrees and joins me now. jim, welcome. >> hi, trish. >> explain to me the rationale. how does that change the
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behavior of law enforcement? >> here's the problem. there seems to oh if have been an argument what we'll call the enemy. don't care what we call them. care what our law enforcement and security officials are trained to do as far as investigating them. if they're not allowed to use the term the enemy uses to describe themselves how can we expect them to find the enemy when he is hiding among us. right now we have among us infiltrators from isis and from other extremist groups and we also have mosques that are preaching hate and jihad and sharia happening right here in the united states, and the homeland security department has not only refused to investigate those but they've refused to even use the terms in their training or in the investigation. >> isn't that delusional? there may be people that want to bury their head inside the sand and pretend it doesn't exist and want to think that islam is absolutely perfect, but the reality is, there's a radical
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element out there that is quite dangerous to us. and it seems sort of mind boggling why we just can't admit it. >> it's political correctness gone mad, trish. right now, if you look at polls worldwide, over 30%, up to 50% and more of muslims support sharia, the totalitarian ideology that motivates jihaddists, including in the united states. if you refuse to acknowledge that you can't look for the warning signs that allow to us interdict these events before they happen. it's great to put more security at the airports. it would be much better to catch these people in the planning phase and to stop the places where they found to hide among us. >> that means profiling. >> okay, great. don't have a problem. profiling is what every law enforcement official does when they look at a particular group of people and identify
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characteristics that leads them to commit crimes. sharia and jihad are identifiable characteristics we can use to look at a smaller group of people -- >> i have 30 seconds. does that threaten freedom of religion in any way? that's part of what the administration would say in terms of pushback. we don't want to profile someone just because of their religion. their response. >> slump is a religion. sharia is a to toll tarean -- totalitarian ideology. >> there was a time when we recognized communism, right, for it political ideology. and in this case, radical islam seems to have taken its place. thank you, jim good to see you. u.s.-led airstrike taking out up to 250 isis fighters outside fallujah in iraq bit the real problem in syria? reports that three suicide bombers at the istanbul airport
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entered turkey from syria a month ago. is that where we should be targeting our fire power? general, good to see you. what would we need to do in syria right now if we're serious.stopping isis. >> very interesting because this horrible incident at the airport may be the catalyst to get president erdogan turned against isis for the first time in his presidency, and if the turkish army of 900,000 would just march 80-kilometers south of their borders, rack -- raqqa would fall. so maybe by some twist of feat the turks are finally focusing on their real enemy, which is syria, buttered want has been reluck -- but erdogan has been reluck opportunity but of assad. i think this has been a
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game-changer and hopefully in the weeks and months ahead, the nato alliance and our allies will finally be able to stand up and take the ground that isis -- remember, the psychological and emotional and religious capital of isis is raqqa. and if raqqa falls, then the whole house of cards, this -- >> general, that's it. you have to destroy the caliphate do you not? >> right. at the end of the date out all about holding ground. isis is in the imagination of young radical muslims but if they're heartland is gone this capital is gone, if we say their center of gravity is defeated. most people believe isis will fall. take rack car disease destroy raqqa, with the help of regional allies, in particular turkey, and whole game is over. >> let me talk to you about
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assad. we want isis gone. turkey are obviously in direct opposition of assad. and you also got putin out there, who should also share with us this common enemy of isis. we know that three of the suicide bombers spoke russian. how can we bring the world together in this environment where we at least all have one common enemy and that is isis. >> here's what is so interesting, trish. what you have just described from a military perspective is actually achievable and can be done quickly, but to do this from a political perspective, where we have to literally sleep with the enemy in his case, russia or maybe even assad, isis isn't going to fall until we build a coalition youch can't build a coalition without the russians. assad is a lesser evil than isis. we have to come up with a strategy, game plan, that includes everybody in the middle east who has -- who is against
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isis and get it done, and maybe this horrible incident in istanbul may be the catalyst that allow us to get it done. >> we have had strange bed bed fellows before. when you have a common enemy sometimes calls for pretty surprising things. >> right. here's the thing. this is in putin's best interests as well. putin has a far larger islamic terrorist problem than the united states does because they live within its borders. it would be in his best interests to join with us to take isis on. destroy raqqa and isis falls. >> general, so good to see you. general scales. fox finishing out a rocky month inch the green, some good news. brexit not holding stocks back. the dow up 235 points as though brexit never happened. lori has a look how we finish
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ode out the month. >>o i this is mind boggling how far we have come in the last week. we have made up in termed of the dow and the s&p 90% of what we lost post-brexit vote last friday morning. so let's look at the major averages averages for the month. the dow up almost a full percent. the nasdaq, if you have tech expose sure, you may have had a little damage in the last month. the month of june. the nasdaq down 2.1%. so for the year, we're halfway through the year. an important milestone today. the dow up three percent. the nasdaq down 3.3%. the s&p, the gauge, the broadest gauge we have and that's up more than two and a half percent. as for the year, utilities up 20%. an interesting story. interest sites -- interest rates
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so low. so that's why you of seeing a pop in utilities. materials round out the best performers so far this year. let's look at the other side of the copy. the losers. financials, obviously, still some concern about brexit exposure. you saw the nasdaq down as well. particular members of the dow. verizon up 21%. exxonmobil, we saw the price of crude oil touch $50 earlier this week. so, no surprise that stock is a big gainer and united health care up 20%. on the downside the loser, goldman, off 18%, american express, of course, two financials here, down 13% nike shares 12%. so that's where we are. >> thank you. secretary of state john kerry getting a lot of flak for saying, isis is desperate.
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the attorney general admits she and bill clinton just had a private meeting. that's all. and let's just say the questions for the white house, well, they're not stopping. lots of questions. watch. >> is the white house concerned about even just the appearance of political influence because of that meeting? >> well, listen, i'm not going to second-guess the way this investigation should move forward or should be handled. >> i'm asking about the meeting
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between attorney general lynch and bill clinton. >> i wasn't there for the meetin and i -- but the attorney general was and was asked a direct question and answered. >> you're not saying, then, that the president and the white house is fine with this meeting having happened the way it did. >> i did not attend the meeting but attorney general lynch did and she spoke in directly to how the meeting came about and what was discussed. >> that answer is -- good to see you guys, rick, what is missing in here? is this is not going to pass the smell test? >> an incredible dance at the white house. there's a lot of questions whether the white house knew about this before hand. if loretta lynch asked about it. this is more than appearances. bill clinton is a possible codefendant. it was his server. hillary told us it was his server ten very minimum he is a witness, and if this type of
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interference, this prosecutorial misconduct happened in, say, kenya, or nigeria, or argentina, we would be condemning this immediately and the u.n. maybe taking action. this is not acceptable in a democracy. i don't care. >> why are people willing to give the clintons, including yourself -- willing to give. the a pass on this, joe in. >> i'm not giving anybody a pass. i'm just weighting to see what comey decides to do. we don't know if there will ever be charge made. in fact, after eight different -- >> no, no, the actual meeting. we're talking -- >> the actual meeting? there's never a charge, what is the problem. they talked about golf -- >> she is under investigation by the fbi, which is overseen by loretta lynch. feels like a conflict. >> she is not named a target -- under any investigation by the fbi. until comey turns something over 0 that says to her there's an
1:19 pm
issue here and we recommend x. there's nothing -- they had -- >> what's your response to that? >> well, look, my response is there is a lot to be concerned about because especially now, if there isn't some sort of charge, we're going to have a lot of questions about this meeting. you can garner influence with somebody like loretta lynch by asking about grandchildren, by asking about her travels there is an influence peddling going on immediately. and by the way, loretta lynch did not tell us about the meeting. she was asked, and when asked she was dismissive and said it was just grandchildren and just travel. it wasn't. it was also about a former appointee of bill clinton who was attorney general, and it was also about brexit, and lasted 30 minutes. >> look, i think a lot of people feel like where there's smoker is there's fire, and even if they didn't go near the fbi investigation, joe, shouldn't he
1:20 pm
have known better than to jump on her plane and shouldn't she have known better and said, bill, not a good time? >> i don't get this. comey, the fbi director, has to find there was a problem and then recommend an action to the attorney general. assuming just for a second -- let's just -- assuming for a second -- >> comey works for the attorney general. >> no. every one of the members of the g.o.p. folks out there, banging on this, have said, comey is a straight arrow. he'll do what is right. >> joe, you think this is completely -- >> no, of course not, nothing do with the g.o.p. >> joe trippy. >> i think -- i wouldn't have recommended the president stepping on her plane to say hello but he did. >> i'm glad you admitted that. >> she said -- well, look,
1:21 pm
trish, what did i just admit? i don't understand -- i admitted that? of course -- >> well, its sounds to me like you had -- as though you thought this is all just okay, fine, hunky-dory, and i'm just saying-hey -- >> i think all the -- >> just saying it's inappropriate -- >> all the umbrage of coming from the right right now is another political attack, and -- >> look, not just from the right, though. >> what are you going -- if comb in -- >> -- from your own party. a lot of criticism from senators on the hill. there's a lot of people uncoverrable. >> to your point you said is was not appropriate. >> i didn't say it was appropriate. -- >> number one of those -- >> i didn't say it wasn't appropriate. i'm saying from a political point of view, anybody would have known that the opponents of the clintons would jump on this like rick is doing. >> i have to good just have ten
1:22 pm
seconds left. they're going to jump on it because -- >> yes, they, injury trustworthiness is already an issue that is tremendously showing her weakness. we just saw it in the latest fox news poll. much more right after this, see you guys later. we searched billions of flight combinations to make getting here easy. because the hardest part of any trip, should be leaving. expedia. technology connecting you to what matters.
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secretary of state john kerry take something heat after saying this. >> it has been more than one year since daesh was launched a full-scale military offensive. and that's because our coalition is moving forward rerentlessly on every front. now, yes, you can bomb an airport. you can blow yourself up. and if you're desperate and know you're losing and you want to give up your life, then obviously you can do some harm. >> critics say isis appears to
1:26 pm
be getting bolder. isis isn't desperate. they say john kirby is we state department spokesman and joins me now. john, taking a lot of criticism for these comments because people feel like the administration is out of touch with what is really happening. your reaction. >> i think that criticism is absolutely false. the secretary is absolutely correct in terms of talking about the pressure we continue to put daesh under in iraq and syrian but secretary also said that we recognize that as they face this pressure in iraq and syria they were going revert and adapt to more conventional terrorric attacks and tactics which hey have done. it's not as if we hasn't adapted as well. we have moved forward, nothing they would do this as they face more pressure. we work slowsly with allies and partners, enter moll has gotten involved. 30 nations have adopted procedure to stem to the flow of foreign fighters open.
1:27 pm
we all recognize this is a dangerous group. and we all recognize they're still capable and intend to lash out at western targets and soft targets such as what we saw in recent days. but doesn't mean wire taking our -- we're taking our eye off this threat or going to stop putting pressure -- >> why do we keep seeing these -- i -- paris, brussels, turkey, orlando, san bernardino. i mean, there has just been so many over the last year, year and a half, and people feel like, this administration is asleep at the switch effectively. allowing this terror group to continue effectively unchecked. >> nobody is allowing this terrorist group to continue unchecked at all. matter of fact one of the reasons why week cease thing attack ises because we have -- not just the united states but
1:28 pm
the coalition of 66 nations has put so immense pressure on them in iraq and syria. again, we knew they were going to try to attack western targets anyway. made no bones 0 about the fact they were going to attack western targets. they only have to be right once. we have to be right 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it's difficult. but there has been numerous, attacks that have been thwarted by terrific cooperation with law enforcement, intelligence agencies and allies and partners around the world. doesn't mean we can stop every one of them. we're mindful of the threat but we're very, very focused on it. >> what do we know right now about the suicide bombers? we know there were three of them, they spoke russian. what else? >> i don't want to step on turkish authorities as they investigate this. they have made commented about their nationalities and the fact -- the language they were speaking. we also don't have a firm idea of claim or responsibility right now, although, as they have said
1:29 pm
and as we have said, it certainly bears all the hallmarks of a daesh attack put we're looking at this closely and obviously stay in touch with turkish authorities, but the threat by this group of foreign fighters is real. they still have the capable to attract recruits to their effort. matter of fact, we believe that in part some of the reason i they do these attack is is to advance their ideology and try to attract additional recruits. >> a number of people have made the point that turkey, in some people's view, hasn't stepped up enough to fight isis. we have recently been able to work with them a little bit better on the front. is this incident something that is going to cause them to really embrace this war against isis more closely with us now? >> i don't think the turks need any reminders of the threat that daesh poses or that terrorism
1:30 pm
poses inside their borders and against their citizens and this is a country that -- the fight against daesh is not some theoretical exercise. they have a long border. they are a nato ally and have contributed assistance and support to the effort against daesh, including the use of the air base. so, turkey is in the middle of this. they have concerns about certain groups in syria. we're working our way through the concerns and we understand their concerns, but they -- >> they'll continue to take the refugees in? 2.7 million refugees coming in turkey from syria. and i'm sure a lot of people are looking around and questioning whether that was a move that they should have done in light of the security concerns. >> well, we're grateful to them. you're right. they've got hundreds of thousands. more than a couple million refugees on their side of the border they're taking care of and we commend them for that
1:31 pm
effort and we're grateful and the continue to do a good job trying to help deal with that flow. what needs to happen here is we need to get syria back to being united and whole and not under the thumb of bashar al-assad so those refugees go home. >> very quickly before i let you go. tell us, where are you on the james rosen investigation? >> the james rose -- how oh, the -- >> i lost my audio here. >> are we still on? hello? i'm sorry. thought that thought we --' we're still looking into the circumstances surrounding that missing portion of video and we don't have any updates right now, but i can tell you again, secretary takes this seriously and we're looking at it. >> thank you so much, john kirby, good to see you. >> my pleasure, sorry about the
1:32 pm
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donald trump is speaking in manchester, new hampshire, to a crowd, talking about trade. new fox news poll shows the majority of americans support a temporary ban on muslims coming in.
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[shouting] [shouting] >> protesters interrupting a senate hearing today, telling homeland security secretary jeh johnson to end all deportations. this as tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of one kate steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant in san francisco. i want to go now to sheriff joe arpaio for his thoughts. this has become, sheriff, such a huge issue in this country in part because donald trump has made it very much such an issue, and of course, kate steinle's murder contributed to that. what do we need to be doing right now to really secure our borders? >> you got about five hours?
1:37 pm
one thing we have to do -- it's a complex problem. we know that. the demonstrations -- we -- i can hear it in the background -- we should stop be politically correct and if they violate the law, lock them up, throw them in jail. i'm concerned about cleveland. i'm an elected delegate for donald trump and i'm going to be watching his back. i have in concern about his safety, but this is out of line, all these demonstrations. they have a right to demonstrate but if they violate the law, throw them in jail, and don't worry about being politically correct. >> the case of the man who murdered kate steinle he had been tee deported five times. he kept coming back into the country. >> that's nothing -- i'm really sad about what happened. a breakdown in communications or politically. but i tell you what. i got 5,500 people at the jail i
1:38 pm
run that would turn over to i.c.e., and 40% have come back. to the same jail, for different crimes. so they are not deporting these criminals back to mexico. very simple. i have the facts. >> so, we have a couple different things going on here. one, we're not working hard enough to actually get rid of the criminals that have come here and, we're, two, not doing enough to secure the borders so we make sure the criminals don't come back in. >> that's been a -- >> a double whammy. >> i was director in mexico city -- i know where mexico is, after 35 years fighting the problem at the borders. it's a tough thing to alleviate, when he sauce the wall, let's put the wall up to stop the drug traffic also. not just illegal immigration. but it is a problem. i want to thank donald trump for bringing that out a year ago,
1:39 pm
immigration, illegal immigration. nobody would have been talking about it like you and i are today, year later. >> people -- clearly has really come to the forefront of everyone's concern about people say immigration has benefits. certainly from an economic perspective. and there are people that are very hard-wording good people that want to come here, got ahead and help families and pay tacks. what do we do, sheriff to bring in the good people and make sure that those criminals don't come in? >> well, my mother and father came here legally from italy many years ago. it's great to have people come into this country. whether you extend the visas, work permits, what have you, but do not come in illegally. period, and enforce that law. that's what has to -- >> if you are here illegally, what should happen? >> you go back to your country, go to jail, and if you want to come back, do it legally.
1:40 pm
very simple. >> sheriff good, to see you, thank you for joining me today. >> thank you. >> the house benghazi committee releasing their long-awaited report. we hear from a man who was the boots on the ground that night in benghazi. that's next. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
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1:44 pm
that the americans in benghazi could have been saved. imagine fighting in that battle and seeing headlines just like that one. to one of the heroes of that night in benghazi, john tegan. welcome. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> what did you think when you saw that? >> that's the first time i heard about it. >> could you have been -- do you think the team on the ground could have been saved? >> of course they could have been saved. obviously if the military -- the joint chiefs of staff, the commanders think secretary of defense, was doing their job and not having a whole entire air force base on pretty much maintenance the day of 9/11, of course they could have been saved. of course, anybody that's been in the military knows that's a bunch of bull. there's just no way they're
1:45 pm
going to shut down a whole entire base, air force base, for maintenance or whatever they were calling it. that's just -- it's -- i mean, that's -- it's inconceivable any military commander on the ground would do that. >> yet, so many people are spinning this as we just showed you to in the "washington post," as a delusion, that anything could have been done differently. what could have been done differently? what do you wish was done differently? >> for one i wish the tate department would listen to the guys on the ground. that would have stopped the attack from ever even starting. they had -- instead of being a soft target, they would be hard target but you have pencil push north america d.c., kennedy and lamb that don't know how to do their jobs because their more required about what makes them look good versus saving and protecting lives overseas in a high threat zone.
1:46 pm
this embassy needs 100 tvs and 100 generallors. let's just take the money and send it to the conflicts in the high-threat zone and beef up their security system they've been requesting for a year. >> did hillary clinton fail our, then in terms of her being your secretary of state? do you consider that -- >> she didn't fail me. she failed the ambassador and sean smith. they died because of her. they died because of the lamb and because of kennedy. and if she -- >> you blame her, then -- >> well, if she doesn't know what the situation on the ground was that night, since the security had been deteriorated and the consulate attacked twice, big hole blown in the wall. i was the that night. we weren't allowed to go into the conflict as well. we isn't dough nat prior and she didn't step up and say we need to do something because there's only two security personnel
1:47 pm
there that night, and they probably would have totally got wiped out. >> let me show you a part of an interview i did with sean smith's mother, sean smith, who lost his life that night, and his mother, who is still dealing with the agonizing consequences of all this and wants answers. i'd like to get your reaction. >> she promised you she could get back to you when they had more information? >> absolutely. absolutely. in fact i was begging them, please, please, i must know, i must know, and they just wanted to quiet me down. you poor thing, you. all i want to know is the truth. for god's sake, let my government tell me the truth. >> do you feel like you have gotten the truth, john? >> no. i mean, that's -- this whole administration, obama and
1:48 pm
clinton, just want to tell you what you want to hear and then the do something else once their outside your face. everybody -- all we just want from our government is the truth. obviously there's some things that don't need to be out in the public. obviously got keep some things top secret, but when you lose an ambassador because you're incompetent in your job and -- from the joint chiefs of staff and a base shut down on 9/11 of owl days. that's incompetence. >> well, we hope you get the truth, john, thank you very much for joining me. >> thank you. >> don't miss bret behr. a senate candidate backed by ted cruz is taking colorado by storm. he is here next. jack be nimble, jack be quick,
1:49 pm
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all right. this just in, everyone. u.s. safety regulators opening an investigation into tesla automated cars, now linked to one fatal crash. the driver killed in florida last month using the auto pilot feature. tesla says the death is the first none fatality since auto pilot was activated. tesla shares down 3% in after-hours trading. on to the senate race. my next guest is the county commissioner in colorado who just shocked the gop establishment with the help of ted cruz. he joins me right now. welcome, darrell. >> thank you for having me on. >> we did reach out, i should
1:53 pm
point out, to you viewers to senate michael bennett for an interview and have not heard back. so you're on solo here today. how did ted cruz help you in your campaign? >> well, you know, he has a grassroots campaign. one of the things that we've prided ourself on, we spent a year and a half going out there talking to people. it's amazing. people are tired of politicians saying one thing, then going to washington, d.c. and forgetting about all the promises they made on the campaign trail. captured. go to elect >> it's one of the reasons ted cruz got as far as he did and one of the reasons perhaps donald trump has gotten this far, because people are fed up with lawmakers, crony capitalism saying one thing, doing another. and they want results. so this is something that you've tapped into that seems to be
1:54 pm
happening all over the country right now. are you supporting donald trump? >> he is our nominee, and i believe we do need to support him. the will of the people have spoken. but the key issues of this administration, when you think of the iran nuclear deal, when you think about obamacare, when you think about the epa regulations, these are the issues that people here in colorado told me they're frustrated about. that's why you go to my website, because we have a battle plan on how to actually win this race. >> darryl, thanks so much. if a majority of americans want a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states, why isn't donald trump doing better in the latest polls? we report, you decide. .
1:55 pm
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1:57 pm
all right, everyone, the latest fox news poll showing a majority of americans support a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. something donald trump has been talking about. he's been calling for it. so why isn't he getting more of a bump in the polls?
1:58 pm
let's go to washington examiner brian york for more. brian, why not? >> well, this has been the single most controversial trump proposal of the whole campaign. it's been just radioactive. and remember, it hasn't been criticized by just democrats but by republicans, too. paul ryan, the house speaker, said he not only opposes the proposal, but said it's not what we are as americans. so trump has taken an incredible amount of flak on it. so to have 53% public approval has to be good news for him. >> yeah, but in some ways, has he consistently been ahead of the political curve, if you would, in that he's talking about something before anybody really wants to go there? >> it always got strong support in the primaries from the republican electorate. those are just republican voters. and in this new fox poll, 74% of republicans say they do favor it. but right now, i think you would have to say that muslim ban
1:59 pm
proposal seems to be a little bit in flux, when trump was in scotland, reporters were asking him about it. it seemed like he might be transitioning to a different idea where he would ban the entry of people from countries that had a significant presence of terrorism and not an overall non-citizen muslim ban. so we don't know exactly where the proposal stands right now. >> byron, he took a lot of flak from a lot of people, especially those in washington. it just doesn't sit well. because this is a country founded on the freedom of religion. so to tell something because of their religion, regardless of whether or not they're extremists, they can't come in doesn't sit well with a lot of lawmakers. yet according to this poll, it sits pretty well with everyday americans who are pretty nervous right now. >> public officials tend to come around to what the voters think. and you think if you can continue to see three quarters support among republicans for this, i think they'll open up to
2:00 pm
it a bit. >> okay. byron, thank you so much. >> thank you. remember, everyone, catch me on the intelligence report weekdays at 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. "the five" is next. hello, everyone, i'm eric boling. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ lots of questions are being raised about a conflict of interest after attorney general loretta lynch met privately with bill clinton for about half an hour aboard a parked private plane in phoenix on monday. you may recall lynch's agency is handling hillary's e-mail investigation. but don't worry, she says there was nothing inappropriate about that conversation. >> i did see the president at the airport. he did come over and s


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