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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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freeway. how this chase ended. it is all "happening now". but we begin with a fox newses alert from america's election headquarters, donald trump taking the stage in colorado. as you get ready to begin your 4th of july week week. i am jon scott. >> and i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. colorado may be a hurdle for trump and he hired a state campaign director this week. >> elizabeth harington is a staff writer from the washington free beacon and john harding editor for opportunity lives. welcome to both of you.
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elizabeth, it is a tough state for trump, but hillary clinton has problems of her own in colorado. >> i think trump has a opportunity in colorado. hillary clinton is not a strong candidate. colorado are concerned about p gun rights and terrorism. and trump can capitalize on them. and bernie sanders easily defeated hillary clinton there. he won by 19 points. she will have a hard time really picking up and getting the bernie voters to support her and trump has an opportunity there and they are so independently minded. >> jon you say it is more important for trump than the convention. how do you mean that? >> the gather are nothing colorado is all factions of the gop.
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the convention is the trump show. and the never trump crowd is represented here. his challenge is to unite the party. those who are concerned with trump are not the elot or establishment, they are principled conservatives who have concerns and now trump is the elite and establishment and i spent a lot of time working for tom coburn than trump and palin. and to dismissive is hard if you want to unite. >> who will win. who comes out on top? >> it is hard it say. hilary only has a one point lead over trump even though she spent
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throw million. trump has not campaigned there at all. this is the first event in colorado. there is a lot of time for him to come out on top really. when you look at the polls, the voters are not happy with the candidates and you look at hillary numbers and what the election is about, it is about bringing change to washington. trump is beating hillary 62 percent to 28%. and he has a huge advantage in that regard. and they think he is an insider and same reason they like bernie sanders it would be trump in the end. but it will be close. >> you can see the trump campaign making the same mistakes that romney campaign makings. >> that's right. barak obama defined romney in the summer months before the campaigns gear up the ads and hillary clinton is doing the
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same thing bringing up all of trump's past mistakes. and trump could preemptthat and apology and giving full apology to racist comments that would go a long way to address the concerns that people have about trump. >> stay here. we have an update to a story out of washington. we want to get your reaction. attorney general loretta lynch fully expects to accept the recommendation of fbi and career prosecutor who investigated hillary clinton use of private e-mail. the decision coming in the wake of criticism in her private meeting with bill clinton this week. catherine herridge is joining us from washington. what did she have to say. >> reporter: based on her
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statements in aspen, she is waiving her right as the top law enforcement officer to grown light or block charges in the hillary clinton investigation. >> i don't have a role in the findings or making those recommendations of how to go forward, i will be briefing and accepting their recommendations. >> reporter: the meeting between lowerita lynch and bill clinton only came to light after a local reporter. bill clinton seemed to orchesterate the meeting and not lynch. >> they wait for her to land and can people step off of her plane and the former president steps in her plane and they speak privately and the fbi on the tarmac instructing no photoor pictures or cell phone. >> lynch insisted her plan was
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to go for recommendations, but she had to go public. >> before president clinton boarded your plane in arizona, had you already made the determination that what you are announcing is what you are going to do? >> yes, i had already determined that was the process. >> reporter: first reported the investigation has looked at the intersection of clinton work may have violated laws. and bill clinton could be a witness in that investigation, heather. >> what was the response from the fbi. >> reporter: this morning the fbi director blew past reporter's questions. >> any reaction to the doj response on the e-mails?
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and they say it is way beyond bad appearance and they see it as a pattern of political interferrance and the president's own statement that the use of e-mail was careless even though the legal standard gross negligence does not require any kind of intent for the handling of the e-mails and even from the white house spokesman that the investigation was not pend -- trending in that direction, heather. >> and catherine, thank you very much. >> and for more reaction, we'll bring back elizabeth haring ton and john hart editor in chief of
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opportunity lives. >> we heard the explanation of the 30 minute mystery meeting on the tarmac. does it pass the smell test? >> no, it does not. bill clinton demonstrated poor judgment whether he orcheferated it or not. he's smart enough to know it would get out. and if his plan was to intimidate it back fired. lynch will have a harder time not accepting the fbi's recommendation if they are to indict. it is poor judgment and it back fired now. >> you think he thought it would get out. no pictures allowed and people were told to keep camera phones in the pockets and bill clunton walked on to her plane in the
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tarmac in the phoenix airport and sounds cloak-and-dagger to me. >> sounds like he didn't want people to know he was meeting with the attorney general but he did. and the idea they were talking about grandkids for 30 minutes is ridiculous. and the legal standard for recuesal is the appearance of impropriority. and democrats said the optices of this is bad and she should recuse herself. she gave herself wiggle woom with. i fully expect to it accept their recommendations. i don't see why she doesn't recuse herself and get away from the controversy. >> i fully expect to accept the recommendations. there is wiggle room in there. thank you both.
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>> you bet. >> >> officials say he was convicted of weapon's smuggling in 2008. and the turkish government blaming isis saying that the killers would end up in hell. no group has accepted responsibility. benjamin hall has the latest from this. >> reporter: more evidence that it was planned by isis and coordinated long in advance and by people outside of turkey and in syria they came from uzbekistan, and kazakhstan and russia. and one is said to have crossed over from raqqan in syria the mastermind is a known isis recruiter from chechyna. and he was convicted of
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smuggling weapons into sweden in 2008. his fate and wheres about are ungown. one of the attackers wondering through the department shooting as people tried to flee. this echoes the carnage seen in paris. and turkey seeks to roundup terror sells. and the suspects were in contact and providing financial recruits and support is. >> the country is mourning the 44 people who died. turkey vowed to fight against the terrorist and the president said they were not muslims but had secured their place in hell. and the explosives used were military grade and not the home grown variety and that suggest it came from syria. and the big question, what is to stop fighters and weapons
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getting further into europe. that is a grave danger. >> and video of the terrorist smiling as they attacked people there. thank you. president obama expected to make major announced all about drones. and a wildfires out west. high winds fuelling massive flames in oregon. the latest on the battle to contain the fair. >> my understanding the fire started along the freeway and thek wind blows it every direction. al so, nojust any beef goes into it. oh, honey! oh! here, have some of ours. oh! hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust.
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we are expected to learn the number of casulties since the u.s. droeb strikes. here's more on that. >> reporter: in the past half-hour josh earnest would not go into detail about the executive order but will be released by the director of national intelligence. this comes of the back drop of the obama administration reliance on drones in the war in terror and along with that criticism from folks who say there is an increasing number of civilian deaths as a result of the strike. how often and what extent that happens is hard to say. the u.s. government is not open about the rules of engagement for the drone strikes and how victims are calculated. the white house is viewing these
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as kind of things they would not have said existed. >> it is important to establish a structure to guide how the é( remainder of this administration but the next one and establish a regular mechanism for bringing transparency to the efforts and that includes transparency around those occasions when the outcome not as good as we expected. >> this release according to the associated press includes an admission that 100 civilians were killed by 500 drone strikes since 2009. the president will issue an executive order that protecting civilians a part of u.s. strategy with drones. >> we talked about the fact,
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when there is news to release that washington doesn't want to attention to paid to they dump it on a friday afternoon. this fits in that category. >> reporter: it certainly would. snieshgs firefighters battling a wind- driven wildfires. look at. that all evacuation notices have lifted in the height of the fire. this is major roads closed and ten structures were threatened. the cause is under investigation. and authorities are not taking chances this weekend. it prompted bans on fireworks in the western part of the state and others. >> well, it has not been smooth sailing for a large cruise ship. a child nearly drowns on the
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royal caribbean anthem of the seas. we'll have an update on his condition. >> and loretta lynch addresses the elephant in the room. the private meeting with with clinton. here is reaction from senator cornyn. >> the clintons act like the ruleses don't apply to them and i would not have expected attorney general lynch being a professional prosecutor to make a mistake like this. it was a serious mistake. hey, honey?
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but it really was a social
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meeting and it was in that regard. he spoke to me and my husband for sometime on the plane and then we moved on. and then as i said before, i do think that no matter how i viewed it, i understand how people view it and i think that because of that and because of the fact it is now cast a shadow over how the case may be perceived no matter how it is resolved it is important to talk about how it will be resolved and make it clear that the meeting with president clinton will not have a matter on how it will be viewed and resolved by me. >> attorney loretta lynch talking about meeting with president clinton on monday night. she said it was a social conversation. we'll listen in to donald trump and see if he agrees with her.
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[applause] thank you very much, everybody. oh, if i knew they had teleprompters i would have used them. i love the teleprompters. it is much easier and i am getting great reviews with the teleprompters. when you stand up and go at it, it is much more exciting, i want to tell you. i think crowd. and the folks from colorado and they are wild f. i used a teleprompter with this crowd they would be getting out of here. this is a tremendous crowd and it was set up quickly. colorado sort of taught me a lot about politics.
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and polls came out i would win colorado and doing and i was looking forward to it. and then all of the sudden, i didn't get the delegates. i said what happened to the vote, do you remember? i started, i am a quick learner and that was an amazing week. you remember that and we had some of you folks probably out there with a little picketing and craziness and i think they will change it next year and i think you will go out and actually vote. and that's a good thing. you can see what is happening and i say the system is rigged. it is rigged against the people. it is not rigged for the special interest and lobbyist and people that want certain things. i used to be one of them. when i was running, i was like
10:27 am
an outsider. big outsider. and i am glad i did it because we have a movement going on like they haven't seen maybe ever in the country according to what the pundits are saying. and i tell the story where numerous people p. bill o'rielly, not so long ago said it may be the single greatest political phenomenon that i have sewn in my lifetime. talking about his life had time. i said that is a lot of phenomenons you have said. numerous other people said it, too. and here we stand. and you are able to sit. see we supplied chairs. no one else does that, only trump, only trump. that's good. these lights are so bright.
10:28 am
that is a good crowd of people, wow. that is great. and thank you. thank you very much. but the system is rigged and we went through the primary system and we did have problems here because it was not a vote and someone said i did well in the polls and they went to a delegate system where they appointed delegates. it is already. it all worked out well. you know what in the end it doesn't matter, here we are, right? it doesn't matter. and you have some terrific people in the the state. very good. and they are going to help us in november and before november. and i know how hard they are work nothing colorado and we are going to have a tremendous victory here. before i really get going. a couple of things. colorado, nra, they are like
10:29 am
synone mus. nra, endorsed me and we are saving the second amendment. 100 percent. and i have to tell you, the nra, these are terrific people. they are terrific people. they love the country. and they take a lot of heat and they don't have the easiest job, i will tell you, but they love the country. wayne and chris and the people in the nran and the earliest endorsement they have given under the circumstances and i was honored by. it i have gotten to know them and they love our country and second amendment and you have to remember that about the nra. what they do is not easy. not easy. and they are saving the second amendment for you. and remember that. and i am going to represent them
10:30 am
well in that regard. [applause] the other that we have to talk about is the evangelicals that are amazing to me. we had an event in new york the other day and evangelicals in the room? [applause] we had an event and ben carson called me. we love ben carson and he said you know, donald, i would love you to get with the evangelical leaders and christian leaders all throughout the united states, not a big deal take you 15- 20 meet minutes and maybe you can see them and good thing to do. i won with many evangelicals in many states. nevada and south carolina, all over the place. and the south, alabama, arkansas, all of them. and we have had unbelievable relationships and unbelievable
10:31 am
success, but ben wanted me to do it and ben did well. he was tough and a great competitor and he did well and he got out and he said, i love what is going on. you have a movement going on. this is not a normal thing and i would love to endorse you. plenty of people want to endorse you and never been that important to me. bobbi knight in indiana was important. bobbi comboit was important p. but they said i would love to endorse you. i love to meet. not a big deal maybe 150 or 200 people and they can be be here in a month in new york. it would be a great thing. all of the sudden, the time comes and my people come in. mr. trump, you will not believe it. it is packed. i believe it. it is always packed. and the largest group of clergy,
10:32 am
ministers pastors and evangelicals and christians, largest group by far. over a thousand. and they wanted to know if we could take 2 or 3 hours. ben is a great salesmen. small group 15 minute ps. turned out to be a large group, three hours. but it was an amazing event. it was amazing and i learned an incredible group of people. franklin graham. and jerry fa lwell from liberty so many friends. ralph reed. we had so many friends. and people that are helpful to me. as an example liberty college. everybody goes through liberty college and we all make a speak. one of the most beautiful auditoriums and colleges i have seen. and incredible auditoriums and
10:33 am
it holds 12000 people. and i have the all- time rerred of attendance andy got that two years ago. and i broke it this time. that is good. and they had closed circuit television because the room was too small and in all of the classrooms all over the school and we had an amazing time. and everybody that went through. every candidate went there. and because of what it are presents, such importance. in the end, jerry calls, and i want to endorse you. that is an impact. he is respected and the school is so respected and the college and university so respected. and getting jerry's support was such a great thing for me. and i wanted to thank everybody. that was an amazing day we had in new york city.
10:34 am
it was packed and it was full of love. i will tell you that. it was full of love. [applause] so we'll talk a little while about what is going on. and i am telling you the ideas and i wrote down notes in the plane because i didn't know i had this glass standing. number one, number two. that is not bad for me. i want to thank sarah palin for being here. sarah's good. [applause] sarah's a special person. and she's another one it came out of the blue, and she liked what i was saying, and she was also close with many of the other people that were running. and the word came back to me that sarah was interested and we called her and there were disappointed people that i was running against on the republican side i am talking about and they were very, very
10:35 am
disappointed. when sarah came out for me that was a big event and she's so loyal and amazing. and her husband is an incredible guy. and for her to come here again and say hello to you folk system something special. i appreciate that sarah palin was able to come. [applause] so i wrote notes. sarah has a big group. we do love sarah. wow. i am not surprised. for good reason, by the way. >> i want to give you the goals, just quickly and easily and you will understand what they are are. and the other night on television, i was looking and certainly terrorism is number two. it will probably be number one because of what is going on today in israel there was
10:36 am
a horrible killing and another one in oregon. what is going on now is unbelievable. people that shouldn't be allowed in. people that shouldn't be here and we are going to have strong borders, folks, we'll have the wall and let people come that should come and they are going to come in legally. [applause] >> and we want them to come in and they are going to come in legally. but one of the things i noticed on one of the network withes. they had them listed in order. i am number one on the economy and in fact rasmussen came out with a poll and trump is thb one. i am up four points. [applause] we are going to do very well. [applause] >> in the primaries, one after one. bing, bing, bong, bing. and people said what happened?
10:37 am
just one after another and you know, we have the right message. i am doing a good job as a mess ager. it is what i am saying about what is going on. it is getting stronger. we are are being destroyed about trade which we will talk about. we are destroyed about our are borders which we'll talk about. and allowing people coming in our country from syria that shouldn't come in. we don't know where they are from or who they are. they have no paper work or documentation and they could be isis. i used to say probably not but now i say many of them are. you can can see what is happening in germany. sweden and countries are taking them in, it is a nightmare, and i have a bigger heart as big as anybody in the room, we'll do
10:38 am
safe zones in syria. and get other people to pay for them. the gulf states have a lot of money. people don't ask them to pay and trump is going to ask them to pay. [applause] and we'll get it done. believe me. we'll get it done. one thing i wanted to say. repeal and replace obama care. health care was third on the list. and honestly, i was surprised to see it. health care, the economy, it was terrorism and health care. which testimonies you something. in texas, they go through blue cross blue shield they had a 60 percent increase. you will see a increase in november 1st. they are trying to delay it until after the election. we can't let that happen. this increase. >> a fox news alert. the western conservative summit,
10:39 am
there is another active terrorist situation under way right now. the u.s. embassy is saying that in dekalb, bangladesh 20 and 60 people are held hostage in a restaurant. americans are told to shelter in place and stay out of sight as much as possible. the state department said all u.s. citizens working under the chief of mission were accounted for but p advises those near the attack scene to shelter in place. in deca, bangladesh. we'll bring you updates aside they come in our newsroom. we'll go back to donald trump's address in the western conservative summit in colorado. >> i talked about the fact that we will save the second amendment. and we'll eliminate job killing regulations. regulations are killing us.
10:40 am
[applause] we are are going to have massive tax reform andicismification and lowering of the taxes biggest by anybody so far. hillary clinton is raising your taxes. she is raising it substantially and there will not be s simplication. we will lower taxes and business taxes. we have trillions of dollars owned by the corporations. they can't get it back in the country, and everybody agrees, republicans and, democrats they agree it should come in. they can't make a deal. that would take five minutes. there is no leadership. we have trillions of dollars. they say two and half and i say over 5 trillion. whatever it is it, it is it
10:41 am
massive. companies are leaving the united states because taxes are too high and leaving to get their money. they can't get their money back in and so they leave to get their money. we'll appoint supreme court justices that you will be be happy. such a big thing. [applause] they will uphold the instruction and fully uphold it. you know what is going to happen. i sort of get a kick. it was a tough campaign. and people who do that. it was the brutal campaign. and there is a lot of bad things
10:42 am
said. and i understand. they were really nasty to me and i was really nasty to them. and some of them can't understand the importance of a victory for republicans. and one of the best things we can say is the judges. but the judge, we'll appoint at least three. sca lia, he was great. and all of the sudden justice sca lia was gone. you have that one before you start and probably two hear. you could have had four more. and probably a record in the history of this country for a president. that could be as many as five. that is three. and that is the difference
10:43 am
between having our country. and having ven swella. believe he. you can see what is happening over there. they are fighting over loaves of bread in the street. one of the articles had, it was 211 years of experience. they added up everybody. they had 211 years versus 11 months. and look who won? isn't that good? [applause] i think experience is a great thing. experience was not working, folks. but because of the fact that i haven't been out there as a politician, people know me but i haven't been a politician, a lot of people said to me. senator sessions who is
10:44 am
a fantastic man and others. they said i wouldn't be bad. what happens if he appoints judges we don't like? i went to the federalist society that is a gold standard. hillary clinton said the gold standard of trade deal system tpp. she took that back. tpp will destroy you. and it will destroy you. and now what happened when she heard me being critical of it, she realized i was right and now she's against. two seconds if she wins. that would be bad or worse than nafta that was signed by her husband. >> you have been watching donald trump speaking live from denver and speaking in the western
10:45 am
us is david web on sirius and rick unger with forbes.comand a senior political contributor. you just said that. >> i will take it twice. >> we'll get a comment in regards to what donald trump had to say. >> i mean, he's at the western conservative conference and addressing the conservative points the nra, supreme court. >> evangelicals. >> i continuing is a smart move to check all of the boxes and let them know where he stands. he has to proved and demonstrate to the conservative base of the republican party i am in your corner. >> rick, he didn't get a delegate in the primaries. >> no, i took his point there. but we are are getting tired of him whining. move on. i was distressed he goes back
10:46 am
and misprepresents nafta. he renegotiated from the main deal negotiated by predecessor george bush. bernie sanders did that, too. they try to lay things on nafta. >> hillary clinton did do a reversal. >> she did. because berny and trump have convinced everybody that nafta is responsible for all of your il ills. some things are good for everybody and some aren't. but trump is not telling the truth. neither is hillary clinton by the way. >> to be fair, who signs it owns it. >> speaking of telling the truth, we thought he would make a comment on loretta lynch in terms of the meeting with with bill clinton as to whether it was a social meeting and golf and grandchildren.
10:47 am
and was her answer enough. >> it was a social meeting but it was ridiculous. johnathon had to push her. she had to be careful with the words of recusal. but i think what she is politicaling all along. there is no way a political appointee will make the decision. >> she expects to agree. >> she would accept. whether she acts or not. >> she expects to accept. >> but don't dismiss this. two airplanes don't accidentally show up on the airport and let me finish. and stay on the the tarmac and any into security teams meet and go on. i would ask why were they there. she was on the way to aspen. did she need to stop in phoenix. it is contrived and any dan and prosecutor knows to avoid
10:48 am
improprietory. >> they were are both attorneys. bill clinton was the attorney general in arkansas. >> it was stupid and ridiculously dum b. >> i am not conspiracy. >> bill clinton was in phoenix. i don't know why she went through. and it was inappropriate for them to be meeting, but to go in a world of conspirity. >> i caution republicans not to do that. what are the odds that he waits for her to it land and talk about the grandchildren. the elephant in the room. i am not saying they did. but it was impropriority. and any prosecutor knows different. you don't have lunch with the mob wife investigating her husband. >> we have breaking news and thank you for are joining us. jon? >> fox news alert.
10:49 am
there is a terror attack underway in the capital city of bang ladesh. dean colson is former assistant director of the fbi. obviously the information is coming in. and at least all foreigner ares are taken hostage. they are that is clearly. >> two times a week we have a worldwide problem here. that is a worldwide issue. and a and islam is a siing cant
10:50 am
problem. and i have serious concerns about that government to conduct the hostage rescue. we need to watch it closely. >> a couple of police officers were shot in their right legs according to the newspaper that is on whose online feed i am monitoring right now. and one witness who was the supervisor at the bakery and escaped said at least 20 people were involved, 20 people were inside, i should say. it's a bakery and restaurant that they are being held in. all of them foreigners. he says he saw two attackers, slim. they appeared to be under 30. and yes, they were shouting, he says, allahu akbar, when coming into the bakery. >> we'll have to see how this . if it's a standoff barricade hostage situation, that's one thing. if they're in fact killing those people, then there is no option
10:51 am
except to go in immediately. and that's not a great option. but it's the only good option. it's the only option you have, because you can't stand by while they slaughter people in that facility when you have people outside. it's not a good deal for the rescuers but it's their job. if it deteriorates into a rescue mission, you have to make the best of it. >> i want to read you a report from i believe it's a police authority on scene negotiating, he says to the gunmen inside, we are requesting the ones inside the restaurant to talk to us, relay us your demands. danny, you have long experience as a fbi hostage negotiator. how will that be received? >> the state of the world now with regard to these people is this. what they do is claim they want to negotiate. but in fact what they're doing is taking the negotiating time to consolidate their position
10:52 am
and kill more people. we've seen it happen all over. we saw it in mumbai, india, when they claimed, we want to talk, we want to negotiate, they said, okay, we'll talk to you, but they're making their position stronger to kill more people. they have to be really careful about falling for that. i negotiated these things, but my job, i commanded the fbi's hostage rescue team, and your job is to go in, and they've got to be very, very careful that they're not being duped into making them think that this is a hostage situation where it's not, it's just an active shooter. >> danny, stick with us, we have another guest. >> michael balbone, former homeland security adviser. thanks for joining us. in terms of this specific areas where this has happened, what do we know about that? >> this is an area that has had activities beforehand. as a matter of fact, in recent months they've had attacks, not
10:53 am
using weapons but using machetes to go after bloggers and people in media. the fact that this is a bakery that according to several news reports is frequented by foreigners, again, it's this focus on going after folks that are outside the country. and it's an incredibly disturbing trend. >> earlier i was reading something as this was just breaking, that the gunmen were targeting atheists and those that were from minority-driven religions. that would go along with exactly what you were saying. >> what we're seeing is tensions arising in this part of the world in particular. and it's really along secular lines. the question becomes, where is it going to end? is it at the beginning stages, is it at the end of it? is there any coordination going on? again, the reports are nine
10:54 am
attackers, and they've gone in with weapons. this is something new for this particular country. >> if you take a look at the population, speaking of the religions there, muslim is about 89.1%, hindu 10%, buddhists, christians, others like that are only .9% of the population there in bangladesh. does it tell you anything in reference to hostages being taken versus people being shot and killed immediately? >> i think that your prior guest lays it out very well. it is a concern now, we actually had this issue in orlando, are they really taking hostages or are they victims? will they try to get more people involved so they can inflict more casualties? that's a real question, because the modus operandi in a lot of attacks in the middle east and in turkey, they're not interested in anybody getting out alive in these situations, they're interested in creating more carnage.
10:55 am
>> there was a report, i recall catherine herridge speaking about what happened in turkey, and she said that according to some of the cia people specifically that she spoke with that have appeared, that perhaps the terrorists intended to take hostages there, because she said that it was believed that they would have immediately gone in and blown themselves up, and the first terrorists in fact did not do that. >> it's hard to read into someone's mind in the middle of a violent act and what's going on, what was the original plan. that's yet to be found out. obviously there is a huge investigation in turkey to find out who was involved and what their plans were. but leave it to the situation that when you have folks who are armed, and they're in one place, you have a huge contingent of police officers now, soldiers coming into this area. you know there's going to be violence. so whether or not the hostages
10:56 am
are going to be able to get out alive remains to be seen. >> this all started about 8:45 p.m. friday evening in bangladesh. bangladesh lies just to the east of india there. we were speaking earlier with danny colson. and danny, it's my understanding that these gunmen burst into the restaurant and just started shooting people indiscriminately, leaving two people dead. if they've got 20 hostages now, what is the point in trying to negotiate, trying to wait them out? haven't they already proved that essentially they just want to kill as many people as possible? >> no doubt. it goes back to what we said earlier. they just want to slow down the response so they can kill more people. one thing that's significant here. if in fact there are nine of them there, that's actually a better thing for the government to deal with. it could have been a disaster if they split up in small teams like they did in mumbai. this could have been even worse, because at least in this situation, that commander can
10:57 am
put all of his resources, assets right there, isolate them, contain them, and try to rescue as many as it can. i know it sounds kind of sinister to put it in those terms, but it's almost like triage, jon. you look for the best thing you can get from a very bad situation. and they're going to have their hands full. if there's nine shooters in there, that's going to be a tough situation. >> that mumbai situation went on, as i recall, for the better part of two days. >> actually three, as i recall. i think it was the third day it was finally resolved. they just ran around hitting various targets and were very, very effective against a totally inept police department in mumbai. that's what exacerbated the whole situation. >> does that change the way police departments handle that kind of terrorist attack in the same way that columbine event changed the response to school
10:58 am
shootings in this country? >> yes, that's something that my company teaches. if you put all your assets in one spot, you run the risk of having other spots hit. so what the governments have to do and the police stations have to do is go to potential targets like schools and train stations and airports and public accommodation places. and it's a really hard situation. when they do that, when they use these small teams with multiple teams, that is the worst nightmare that a commander can have. >> again, for our viewers who might just be tuning in, the capital of bangladesh, dhaka, there is a hostage situation right now. at least a couple of gunmen burst into a restaurant in the diplomatic quarter of the city late friday night and opened fire. at least two people reported dead. a couple of police officers are shot. >> the u.s. embassy there in dhaka is confirming that all americans, at least at this
10:59 am
point, they believe all americans have been accounted for. and those being held hostage are mostly foreigners. michael balbone, i want to go back to you. the nine terrorists there on locations, and the fact that they did not split up. >> so when we referred to mumbai, and the ability to move around the city, various locations, it's very hard to defend against. >> jon? >> again, it's a very fluid situation. reportedly 20 hostages at least taken, possibly as many as 60, all of them believed to be foreigners. the u.s. embassy is reporting that as far as it knows, no americans are among those being held hostage right now in this restaurant in the diplomatic quarter of dhaka, bangladesh. there is going to be more coverage, obviously, of this ongoing terror attack under way. >> the u.s. embassy also sending
11:00 am
out a tweet to shelter in place. and for folks there to monitor the news. >> it is a scary situation. it's a scary world. enjoy and appreciate the freedoms of this fourth of july. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts now. this is a fox news alert. reports of a shooting and hostage situation in the bangladeshi capital of dhaka. benjamin hall is following this from london. benjamin, what do we know? >> reporter: kimberly, this started three hours ago, 8:45 local time. we're hearing nine attackers went into this restaurant. it's very popular with foreigners. it's in the diplomatic district. they went in with explosives, with guns, and with swords, we're hearing. in the chaos that ensued, some of the people got out. we're hearing from them some reports. now these nine attackers seem to have hostages. the


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