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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i am here to tell you that the truth is, nobody fully understands the challenges of the job of president until you have actually sat at that desk. everybody's got an opinion. but nobody actually knows the job until you are sitting behind the desk. everybody can tweet, but nobody actually knows what it takes to do the job until you sat behind the desk. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, sasha tweets, but she doesn't think that she's will be the should be sitting behind the desk. so you can't fully understand what it means to make life and death decisions until you've done it. that's the truth.
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but i can tell you this -- hillary clinton has been tested. she has seen up close what's involved in making those decisions. she has participated in the meetings in which those decisions have been made. she's seen the consequences of things working well and things not working well. and there has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than hillary clinton, ever. [ cheers and applause ] and that's the truth. that's the truth. >> hillary! hillary!
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hillary! hillary! >> so the bottom line is, i know hillary can do the job. and that's why i am so proud, north carolina, to endorse hillary clinton as the next president of the united states! [ cheers and applause ] now, now, i recognize to some degree i'm preaching to the choir. i know i probably don't need to tell anybody here why we need hillary's steadiness and her level headedness and her brilliance and her temperament right now. >> right now! >> right now. >> right now! >> because we've been through some tumultuous times in this new century. and we continue to face all kinds of challenges and change
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in the years ahead. and this november in this election you are going to have a very clear choice to make between two fundamentally different visions of where america should go. and this isn't even really a choice between left and right or democratic and republican, this is a choice between whether we are going to cling to some imaginary past or whether we're going to reach for the future. this is about whether we have an america that works for everybody or just a few people. and hillary is not somebody who fears the future. she believes that it is ours to shape. the same way it's always been.
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hillary understands that we make our own destiny as long as we're together. as long as we think of ourselves not as just a collection of individuals or a collection of interest groups or a collection of states, but as the united states of america. she knows that. she knows that when it comes to our economy because she knows our economy works best not when it only benefits a few at the top but when everybody's got a fair shot at success. as hillary mentioned -- look, when i came in office, things were not in very good shape, you will recall. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, pursuing, by the way, the same proposals that the republicans are still peddling. and over the past six years our businesses have created more than 14 million new jobs.
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we've cut the unemployment rate in half. manufacturing jobs have grown for the first time since another president clinton was in office. [ cheers and applause ] by the way -- and by the way, because they are only talking about these spend thrift democrats i just wanted to pont out that we cut our deficit by nearly 75%. they didn't. they did not. wages for families are finally starting to rise again. but we've got so much more work to do. because in the 21st century we're not going to -- we're not going to help families. we're not going to create jobs just by pretending that we can turn back the clock and women are gonna somehow not be in the
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work force anymore. and you know, people of color suddenly are not going to be competing and wanting a better future for their kids. we're not gonna suddenly ignore all the progress that's been made over the last 30 years. we're not going to build walls around america or put technology back in the box. we're not going to reverse hard-won rights for women or minorities or americans with disabilities to fully participate in the work force. we're not going to do that. if we're going to give working families, all families, a chance to succeed, we've got to make sure they can afford child care. and they've got sick leave and paid leave. and we've got to make sure women get equal pay for equal work. and we should make it easier, not harder, for workers to organize for better wages and working conditions. and we should eliminate the lim
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minimum wage we should raise it high enough so if you work full time, you don't live in poverty! [ cheers and applause ] each of these policies, the policies hillary mentions, would help working families feel more secure in today's economy. she's actually got a plan. it's actually paid for. you can actually look at it. now the fact that we haven't gotten all these ideas done, it's not the fault of immigrants or unions or some liberal socialist scheme. it's very simple. republicans in congress and republican governors have been blocking these ideas for the last eight years. it's that simple.
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[ cheers and applause ] so -- so, look, i just want to be clear, not everybody votes on the economy. i understand. there are other issues. but if your concern is who is going to look out for working families, if you are voting your pocketbook, if you are asking who is actually going to stand up for the guy on the construction site or the guy in the factory or the woman who is cleaning a hotel room or somebody who is really working hard, the working family -- if that's your concern, this isn't even a choice. because the other side has nothing to offer you. the other side's got nothing to offer you. >> hillary! hillary! hillary!
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hillary! hillary! hillary! >> i -- i'm going a little off script here but i just want to repeat this. if your concern is working people, then this is not a choice. i don't care whether you are white, black, hispanic, native american, polka dot, male, female -- i don't care. if what you care is who is going to be fighting for ordinary folks who are fighting for a better life for themselves and their children then i don't know how you vote for the guy who against the minimum wage, against unions, against making sure that everybody gets a fair shot, against legislation for equal pay, against sick leave and family leave, and against all the things that working families care about.
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so if you are voting for the other team, it's not because of the economy. it's not because of the economy. we've got to be clear about that. even the -- even the republicans on the other side don't really know what the guy is talking about. they really don't. they really don't. you ask them, they are all like, i don't know. then they kind of duck the other way. am i joking? no. so you can choose a path that divides us with harsh rhetoric and pits working people against each other. all the while pushing policies
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that will just help folks at the top do even better. but that's not helping working families. or we can transform our politics so their responsive to working families, so that all people of all races and all backgrounds get a higher wage and all folks get quality health care and a decent retirement, and all children in this country get a better education that lets them dream bigger than their circumstances. that's what hillary clinton believes, and that's why supporting her for president of the united states. and that's why you should, too. [ cheers and applause ] now, to me, that in and of itself would be enough to make the choice. but we've got some other
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choices. you can go the path that denies climate change is real. or you can choose a path where american jobs and businesses lead the world to combat it. over the last seven years, we have doubled renewable energy in this country. we've -- remember when we were all concerned about our dependence on foreign oil? well, let me tell you, we've cut the amount of oil we buy from other countries in half. [ cheers and applause ] remember when the other team was promising they were going to get gas prices down in like ten years and -- we did it. did it. so we've been able to shape an energy policy that good for families, good for your pocketbook. and with secretary clinton's
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help, america led ultimately nearly 200 other nations to an agreement to save this planet for future generations. now, maybe -- maybe you don't care about this. maybe you think 99% of scientists are wrong. or you can -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> you're welcome. the point is, we're not done with this. where we go from here is up to you. you can vote with the climate deniers who want to tear up the agreements we drafted and doom our kids to a more dangerous world. or you can vote to keep putting people back to work building a clean energy future for all of us. that's part of what's at stake in this election. that's one of the reasons i'm supporting hillary clinton for president. you know, hillary mentioned how we operate on the world's face.
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let me just say, i know the other guys talked about making america great again. america's really great. [ cheers and applause ] and just the other day somebody was writing about, wow, when you look at the surveys in the world, turns out that when obama came into office the world didn't think we were that great, but now they think we're the greatest. they think we're the strongest. they think we're the best positioned. we were in a hole before i came into office. but right now, the world, the rest of the world thinks we are pretty darn great. [ cheers and applause ] and by the way, you can look that up. that's a fact. that's not like just something i just made up askand tweeted. you know, there are actually like surveys done. they polled peo so you
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actually know what people think. you don't just assert it. and it turns out that's what they think. you can look it up. part of the reason for that is because we had an outstanding secretary of state. part of the reason is that hillary understood and continues to understand that just a bunch of tough talk doesn't replace the hard work of diplomacy. a bunch of phony blue jacketser doesn't keep us safe. and she understands we can't retreat from a world that needs american leadership. that's why she offers a smarter approach that uses every element of american power to protect our people and to protect our allies. she is and will be a states woman who makes us proud around the world. she'll deploy diplomacy whenever possible. but she also knows what it takes to be a commander in chief.
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and i know she will never hesitate to use force when it is necessary to protect us. and she'll know how to mobilize the world around the causes that we believe in, that we know are right, and make sure other countries pull their own weight. that's strength. that's leadership. and that's why hillary clinton has to be the next president of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm with her! i'm with her! >> i'm with her. i'm with her! you know, part of the reason why we are here is because we all share the belief that this country only lives up to its potential whenever single one of us get a chance to succeed. black, white, latino, asian,
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native american, young, old, rich, poor, turkish american, gay, straight, male, female, all of us matter, all of us share the same creed, all of us pledge allegiance to the same flag. that doesn't mean we have to agree on everything. we all have different ideas and believes, and that's part of what makes america great. but i agree with hillary, that our democracy works best when there are basic bonds of trust between us, when we recognize that every voice matters. and the people who disagree with us most strongly love our country just as much as we do. you never heard hillary clinton demonize other people. you haven't heard her not be willing to engage in folks even when they disagree with her. you ask about folks on the senate who were on the other side, they liked working with
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her even though some them did everything they could to tear her down. when she was first lady. she still worked with them. and that brand of leadership is how we are going to get things done. that's how we can protected more of our kids from gun violence. after newtown -- [ cheers and applause ] after newton the other side blocked any new gun safety reforms. after orlando, they blocked any new gun safety reforms. they are not listening to 90% of the american people, democrats and republicans who support background checks and making sure somebody who is on a no-fly list can't actually go out and purchase an automatic rifle. hillary knows how to build coalition. and she knows we can take smart steps to protect both our rights and our kids so they can go to the movies or to church, or to a nightclub, or to school. and if you believe that, too,
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then there is no choice here. you've got to vote for hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ] her brand of leadership can fix the broken immigration system so that it lives up to our tradition of a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. unless you are a native american, somebody brought you here. somebody came here. you -- you came from someplace else now. so i just want to be clear about that. and not everybody had their papers straight when they came. i'm just saying. and, you know, there are millions of striving young people whose lives hang in the balance. and they want to give something back to this country that they love. they want to serve in our military. they want to go to college. they want to be doctors.
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they want to cure diseases. and for years, the republicans who run this congress they talked a good game about immigration reform, and then they don't do anything. and now they have picked a nominee who's only plan is to build a higher wall. that's not a plan. no, no, no, no. hold on a second. he was wa i was waiting for this opportunity. don't boo. vote! don't boo. vote! dewing doesn't help. you need to vote. but if you care about a smart imgrapgs policy that controls our borders and makes sure that it's lawful but also gives everybody opportunity, then this is your candidate. you've got to vote in this election. and you know what? if you don't think your vote matters -- if you don't think the stakes are high enough,
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remember that just last month the supreme court could not make a decision involving immigration because republicans in the senate had refused to just do their job and just have the courtesy to meet with a nominee that even they admit is one of the most qualified ever to be nominate for a seat on the supreme court. won't even give him a hearing. won't even give him an up or down vote. they would rather have their nominee for president choose his own justice to fill that seat. don't boo. gotta vote. he wants to nominate a justice who views the world as he does. that's not a good thing. that's not what you want on the highest court of the land. the supreme court is no joke.
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the people who sit on that bench make monumental decisions that affect all of your rights. our responsibilities and duties to each other as citizens affects every aspect of our daily lives. this is not -- this is not a reality show. this is not entertainment. this is real. this is not a reality show. this is reality. and being president of the united states means you have to deal with reality. when a crisis hits, you can just walk off the set. you can't fire the script writer. you can't be reckless. you don't have the luxury of saying whatever pops into your head. you have actually got to know what you are talking about. you have got to actually do your home work. you can't just kick out
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reporters. you can't go to another question and if they ask you a question, you don't just kick them out, because you are in another country. you've got to apply study judgment, even when things don't go your way. you have got to make the tough calls even when they are not popular. and even when they won't pay off right away, or increase your poll numbers. you have got to be able to handle criticism without taking it personally. you have just got to brush it off and get the job done. that's -- that's some of what i've learned while serving as your president. that's some of what hillary has learned as a senator and as a secretary of state. and that's why i'm voting for hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] let me -- you know, i -- i know i've gone on too long. this is what happens. i haven't campaigned in a while.
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you start, you know, just enjoying it too much. so let me just simplify this and let me be blunt. i want to be blunt. can i be blunt? >> yes! >> let me be blunt. you know, hillary's got her share of critics. that's what happens when you are somebody who is actually in the arena. that's what happens when you have fought for what you believe in. that's what happens when you dedicate yourself to public service over the course of a lifetime. and what sets hillary apart from so many others is she never stopped caring. she never stopped trying. you know, we're a young country, so we like new things. and i benefitted from that culture. let's face it. when i came on the scene in '08, everybody said, well, he's new. they don't say that now, because i'm not. but sometimes we take somebody
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who has been in the trenches and fought the good fight and been steady for granted. sometimes we act as if never having done something and not knowing what you are doing is a virtue. we don't do that, way the way, for aaron pilots. we don't do that for surgeons. but somehow we think president of the united states, yeah, just get -- i don't know, who's that guy? come on. and so as a consequence, you know, that means that sometimes hillary doesn't get the credit she deserves. but the fact is, hillary is steady. and hillary is true. and she has been in politics for the same reason i am, because we can improve our people's lives by doing this work. and we don't care about the slings and arrows that are thrown at us because we know that's how real change and real
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progress happens and that we, if we're willing to work hard, can finish, the bring about changes that make life better for some kid out there, some senior out there, somebody who is unemployed out there. and it may take more than a year. and sometimes it takes more than a term. and sometimes it takes more than one presidency, or even one generation. and yeah, that's old-fashioned. i think she will fess up to that. but we want people to believe that their government can work and that their president cares, and that every child in this country should have the same chances that this country gave us. because we weren't born with a silver spoon. and we know that behind all the division and sometimes angry rhetoric of this election year and all the petty bickering and the point scoring and the
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punditry, the ordinary american -- americans are good. and they are generous, and they are hard working, and they've got an awful lot of common sense. and we share a certain set of common values, and hopes and dreams. that's why i plan ran in 2008. and i believe in those values and those ideals more than ever. and i believe in you, the american people, more than ever. and i am more optimistic about our future than ever. and that's why my faith -- my faith is stronger about the simple american ideal as old as our founding that people who love our country can change it for the better. i have seen it happen. i have run my last campaign. and i couldn't be prouder of the things we've done together, but i'm ready to pass the baton. and i know that hillary clinton is going to take it. and i know she can run that
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race, the race to create good jobs and better schools and safer streets and a safer world and that's why i'm fired up. and that's why i'm ready to go. and that's why i'm with her. and that's why i need you to work just as hard to make sure that hillary rodham clinton is the next president of the united states of america. god bless you, north carolina! god bless you! [ cheers and applause ] . god bless the united states of america. >> president and hillary clinton teaming up hours after the fbi says charges should not be coming down. hello, everybody, i'm charld fine in for kneel cavuto. this is your world. despite what james comey called hillary clinton's extremely careless mishandling of top secret information she is recommending no charges be made against her. a good day as she gets that news and president obama's nod. critics slamming the system, donald trump calling the system rigged. catherine harris. >> the fbi director james comey
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said this morning that then secretary of state hillary clinton sent and received classified information in some of the e-mails were marked classified at the time and that a person in her position should have known that sensitive intelligence was outside government channels. >> any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or in the position of those with whom she was correspond being those matters should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. >> director comey also confirmed that clinton used more than one server. and they were not secured like government systems. while they found no evidence the clinton server was hacked by a third party or a hostile nation comey said they would not expect to find such evidence and they are operating on the belief that a third party has all of the clinton e-mails. the fbi director said clinton lawyers never read e-mails before deleting them. and he said the destruction of
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government records was not intentional. >> although we don't have complete visibility because we are not able to fully reconstruct the electronic record of that sorting, we have reasonable confidence there was no intentional misconduct in connection with that sorting effort. >> the fbi director laid out the elements of this federal statute 18 usc 793 f custom is gross negligence in the handling of classified information. it is a statute that does not require intent. that statute, reads in part, quote, one, through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust or to be lost, stolen, abstracted or destroyed. or two, having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody and fails to make prompt report of such loss. the penalty under that statute is fine or imprisonment not to exceed ten years. there was no mention at the news
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conference or rather statements this morning about the clinton foundation. and quite uncharacteristically the fbi director did not take questions from reporters. charles. >> catherine, thank you very much. now for reaction from judicial watchers president tom finton. you see a disconnect between the fi's findings and the fbi's actual recommendation. explain. >> well, the fbi director laid out all the evidence, all the points necessary to prove a violation of law as catherine has reported on. and i don't understand how you can say essentially she violated the law, there is possible probable violations of law, but then recommend no indictment or prosecution. it doesn't make any sense. it's at odds with the facts as he has reported. how does this classified information make it onto the system, especially if it was marked. mrs. clinton asked someone to remove classified markings and send it to her.
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in light of the meeting last week tone attorney general lynch and bill clinton, today still a shadow over it and coming just a few hours before the event we just saw on tv here, boy, what a political favor to president obama and hillary clinton was the fbi's director announcement, the timing of it. a lot of unanswered questions about what he found. and now we know records have been destroyed. all sorts of reasons to suggest that the justice department which now has this case should look at it independently and thoroughly and we should expect and demand a better answer and a better accountability under the law. >> you know, to your point, tom, two words that begin with c. contradictions with the fbi's james comey's statement today in the press conference. and of course the coincidences, full, from the meeting on the tarmac to this press -- to this major event right after the fbi -- right after the fbi press conference. where do you go from here? we already see loretta lynch the
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attorney general saying she will rely on the fbi's suggestion. and also senior personnel within the department. if it's highly unlikely it would seem to me that any kind would ? >> well, that's probably true although we should demand better. nevertheless judicial watch's investigation is going to continue. we have a request pending before one federal court for mrs. clinton's testimony. we may seek additional testimony in another court. so our investigation, we're still looking for these e-mails, we now know thousands were destroyed and thousands may still be out there. so this investigation is going to continue over the next few months. i tell you it's going to continue into the next administration no matter who the president is. >> tom, i want to ask you about a piece that just came out here right after the fbi press conference. in which they are saying perhaps
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inwittingly judicial watch may have actually helped hillary clinton because so many people were called to testify, give depositions, rather, and because they were able to do this, hillary clinton was able to access that information and supposedly get her story straight before going in for her interview. >> well, the folks we talked to, cheryl mills and humana aberdeen, you need to read their depositions to know what they are going to say. one is her lawyer, another is a good friend. >> with all did you respect, comey, who puts -- if martha stewart gets in trouble not for insider trade but something akin to lying during the investigation that's a critical point. i'm not sure just how important the three hour interview was this weekend but it would seem to know knowing who everybody else said and being on the same page is helpful. >> i suggest your viewers go and look at the deposition testimony of humana abetter dean and cheryl mills and see how that
1:35 pm
could have helped hillary clinton. even aides said although we are responsible for all of this we blame hillary clinton. not much help there. frankly f the fbi thought this would enteru fear with this investigation we wouldn't have been able to talk to them anyway. >> tom, i think the american public thanks you and would like to see you continue despite what happened today. if hillary clinton wins the white house she is reportedly looking to keep attorney general loretta lynch on as attorney general. after the private meeting lynch had with bill clinton. is that a conflict? after another deadly bombing the administration says it proves ice sis on the run. really? >> i'm william due vein. right now there is a serious discussion about who our next president will be. a republican? a democrat? an independent. the future of our country is hanging in the balance which is why as a good american i'm going to do two things. i'm going to vote and i'm going
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i'm going to vote and i'm going to buy gold from the lobster and shrimp summerfest is happening now at red lobster. and if you love lobster and shrimp, ...check out all these new entrees. like new coastal lobster and shrimp... ...with summer ale barbeque sauce, ...and new lobster and shrimp overboard. overboard? nah,'s just right. so hurry in. . according to a new report, if hillary clinton wins the white house she is considering keeping loretta lynch as attorney general. now, this raises a lot of questions as lynch met privately with bill clinton just last week and created a firestorm with that meeting. the stormer state department
1:39 pm
press conference morgan ortega and test dennis cue sin itch. morgan, should this be raising even more red flags? >> it certainly does have the appearance of impropriety. the fbi director came out today as we all know to say that hillary clinton on the would be charged. but having this meeting over the weekend, which i don't think there is a person on the planet, not even bill clinton who believes they talked about golf and their ground children the entire time, having the meeting over the week before the fbi director came out with his ruling i think was just incredibly poor judgment and speaks to the larger issue we talked about many times, that the clintons feel like they are above the law. >> morgan, if they didn't talk about golf and grandchildren, was there an offer that attorney general loretta lynch couldn't refuse? >> listen, clearly, i have no insight into what happened in that meeting. the only people who know are the two of them who were on that private plane. but if you look at it, hillary
1:40 pm
clinton said if she were to win the presidency she would keep loretta lynch on. in order for her to reappoint her as attorney general, she would still have to be confirmed by the senate. i think people like condoleezza rice would not get confirmed over things that were not as big a deal. we susan rice gave the benghazi testimony republicans from so frustrated they were told not to put her nomination forward. this all depends on whether the republicans keep control of the senate. if they do, i find it hard to believe that republican senators would renominate loretta lynch to be attorney general after her very big mistake this weekend. >> when you talk about on theics, they seem to be bad against the clintons but they have had a multidecade record of scape escaping them. >> well, certainly the meeting at the phoenix airport between the attorney general and president clinton raised a lot of issues.
1:41 pm
however, i haven't -- in all the people that i know who are close to director comey, they say he is a pretty stand up guy, and he doesn't seem like the kind of person who if he was told look, this is what you have to do, he would go along with it. i think what we are hearing, for better or for worse, this is his decision. and that, you know, whether it is a surprise to people or not -- >> let me ask you. you yourself, though, you heard the press conference. you probably looked at the text since then. there are certainly contradictions within the press conference itself, aren't there, some screaming convictions? >> the biggest contradiction was in the statement that essentially exculpates secretary clinton on any -- from any criminality on one hand, but then on the other hand says that another person under similar circumstances could conceivably face prosecution. >> right, right.
1:42 pm
>> so that -- and i think that's -- that will cause some people difficulty in squaring the decision. >> well, you know, morgan, i mean, it gets back to some people are above the law and some aren't. >> you know charles, i think this is going to backfire for the clintons today. first of all, if the you are in the position -- if your party -- if the figgest thing -- the biggest thing that you have to cheer is the fact that your candidate wasn't indicted that's not a good day. i know they are breathing a sigh of relief but it's not a good day when you are cheering that your candidate isn't getting indicted. that's incredibly us from stragt. it was interesting to me, the number of people that i heard from today that were republicans on the fence, weren't thrilled with trump, weren't sure what they were going to do in november, but after this came out said you know when i'm sick of this, sick of people being above the law and not being treated equally that i'm voting for trump in november. i was shocked how much i heard that today. >> dennis? >> i would say that secretary clinton already paid a political price. over the arc of this issue, it
1:43 pm
has really undermined her trust factor. however, from this moment on, this election is moving in a direction that, hopefully, will be more issue oriented. >> maybe. maybe. listen, i know that she just had this raucous joint appearance with president. he laid it on thick. the crowd went crazy. i think the media may play that up more tonight on the evening news than the fbi's decision. we look at the underlying current in this country, and we saw what happened over in england, and even on both sides, bernie sanders and donald trump, there is this sort of edginess and worry out there about those who just seem to be above it all and the rest of us. morgan and dennis thank you both very much. really appreciate night thanks. >> good to see you. >> istanbul, bangladesh, and now the deadliest attack we have seen in years. are these seen as isis on the run?
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after isis bombs an airport in istanbul, secretary john kerry called them quote desperate. after hundreds are killed in an isis car bomb in baghdad, an administration official suggesting isis is on the run. >> they are reverting back to a different model of terrorism which were these indiscriminate suicide bombers, ieds on cars and, et cetera, and it does significant damage and it prooiz terrorizes people. but the more you take the territory away from them, the who you more you take the story away from them the less attractive they become to people around the world. >> eric bolling is out with a new book, wake up america, the nine virtues that made our country great and why we need them more than ever. >> are they tone deaf or not.
1:48 pm
>> they are saying they took all this land, killed their leaders, this is a last grasp that isis is on the run. >> obama saying they are on the run, shrinking we've got them. jan john kerry saying the reason why they are stepping up the attacks is because they are on the run. meanwhile, the homeland security department comey, telling us no, no, they are not on the run. they have active investigations. people are coming over, 3,000 fighters ready to attack the west. intel is telling you one thing and the white house is telling you another. i think i would go for intel. >> by the way. a crazy day for hillary clinton. she dodges a massive bullet. it felt like -- speaking of comey. it felt like he was going down a path of making a criminal indictment against her. >> he mapped it out. gross negligence, complete negligence. he talks about it and says by
1:49 pm
the way we don't recommend prosecution. and then he took it one step further. i found this fascinating. but no one else do this in the future because in the future you could get indicted for it. it's insane. i'm supposed to take it this way. that bill clinton talks to loretta lynch on a tarmac eight days ago. over the weekend fbi talks to hillary clinton. over the weekend president obama announced they will be on air force one traveling together and campaigning together. the no indictment recommendation out of comey in the morning and an hour later they end up in north carolina together on a stage. can you imagine if the fbi recommended that she be indicted the president of the united states standing next to someone who is going to be died? this thing reeked. i don't believe any of it. i think it was all set up. i think everyone knew, which means president obama had to be told that they were going to recommend no indictment prior to saying come on air force one. >> so this means we don't take
1:50 pm
james comey at his word then? >> let's put it this way -- i take james comey at his word but i don't take loretta lynch at her word. comey has probably said to comey has probably said we are going to recommend no indictment. she probably met with the president and said go ahead on that trip. otherwise you'll have the most powerful man in the world recommended to be under indictment. >> just gave a rocket speech. he has the crowd going. hillary has not had that kind of electricity in her campaign at all. i'm watching president obama doing exactly what he does and what the left does right. they don't like each other. the clintons and the obamas are not friendly. they don't like each other. what president obama did, he got behind hillary clinton even though he doesn't like her and the family. because he wants to promote the democrat party. the right needs to do the same thing. the right needs -- the faction that doesn't like donald trump, who is the nominee, has to get
1:51 pm
behind him and say hold your nose. he's better than a clinton. hillary clinton will change the supreme court. and she'll also change the federal judicial system as well. federal judges are appointed by the president. you'll have a liberal-leaning supreme court and liberal federal judge system. >> this trump phenomena, what led to -- the genesis of it, you were talking about this long before donald trump said he was going to run for office. >> i wrote book before anyone announced who was going to run for president. it seemed like hillary clinton was going to be the nominee. we did the trump thing. i saw that happening. it all came together. i did a couple of events in florida over the weekend. people are fired up. conservatives want their voice back. they want to be represented. and, again, that's why i wrote the book. it's a road map for conservatives and to get back into mainstream media. >> eric bolling. "the five" right after this show. donald trump's vp pick, days
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
two weeks before the republican convention. who will be trump's number two? he sat down with indiana governor mike pence and senator joni ernst over the weekend. senator bob corker will join trump and newt gingrich will join donald trump at ohio rally tomorrow. >> with trump, you should always expect the unexpected. what i'm saying is these guys are too conventional. gingrich is a little out of the box, going back and picking a former speak of the house, basically your same age, as
1:56 pm
white as trump is doesn't exactly do a demographic shift. corker is a little different. joni ernst, i could hardly think of the worst choice for donald trump than mike pence, socially conservative, normal conservative republican. he is just exactly -- cookie cutter version of that republican, republican, republican that people hate. donald trump needs to keep the shake-up going. if he looks like a standard-issue republican, he will look like a bad version of one. he needs to let trump be trump. >> drum roll, chris. give us a name or two then. >> i have been a jim web republican turned democrat jim webb all along, the single best choice for donald trump. coalition of voters that trump needs but says he's trans-partisan. he wants to attract democrats. donald trump will never do good
1:57 pm
enough with republicans. he needs the coalition better. he needs jim webb to do that. >> everyone said that doesn't make a lot of sense. they're very close on some things but jim won't make the move across party lines. vp is vp, though, right? he does see eye-to-eye with donald trump on a lot of things. >> tough on clinton about the e-mails and he could be there. the idea is -- and that's why i also mention to you, i think, not keep an eye on him. i don't know that it would happen but a smart move. bob gates. trans-partisan, military experience, serve a democrat or republican. that's the kind of is it you have that people respond to when they say enough of this red team versus blue team stuff. trump, by the way, has said himself he needs somebody who can handle washington. trump has only been here for hotel openings. he doesn't know how it works. he wants somebody who knows how
1:58 pm
it works. >> how about this one? new york post is vetting lieutenant general mike flynn. >> i like it. you risk a little curtis lamayism. when running as an outsider, didn't work out so hot. flynn is a different kind of cat. he knows the language you need to use when you ta you can about isis, when you talk about islamist, fascist tendencies, how to deal with these people. trump has no military experience, no foreign policy experience. this would be helpful. >> chris, finally, no woman. would that be seen as pandering if donald trump went after a woman? >> yes, but sometimes it works. i mentioned jan brewer, former governor of arizona. rks hate her. a lot of republicans hate her, she hates a lot of republicans. she has been a thorn in the side
1:59 pm
of her own party and democrats. but my favorite pick, my absolutely favorite pick, i think, the best choice he could make. everybody likes her. i think trump would be smart. i know this is crazy. this sounds totally crazy but i think he would be smart to pick his own daughter, put her on who are tl and say we're the trumps. she is going to run the day-to-day, i'm going to make the big decisions and it's going to be fantastic. >> might be something to it. extraordinarily popular. her favorables a lot higher than the dad's. right? >> yes! my point in all of this, a crazy election year, weird stuff is happening, you have to embrace the weird. you cannot try to fight it and go straight at end. >> we'll soon find out. really appreciate it. >> you bet. the warning of massive layoffs will be on my show tonight at 6:00 pm eastern time.
2:00 pm
murray cole, one of the last standing cole companies finally falls victim to president obama and his policies. don't miss it. he is very passionate. very serious about the damage done to his company. hi, i'm kimberly along with eric bolling. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the fbi's long-awaited decision on hillary clinton is finally in. the agency has cleared the presumptive democratic nominee of criminal wrongdoing by using a private e-mail server as secretary of state. and it recommends the justice department do the same. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring


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