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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. you know what? i'm going dom back tomorrow. >> please do. "the real story" starts now. we begin with a fox news alert. and jam ces comey's announcemen. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. now called to testify tomorrow in an emergency hearing on capitol hill to explain his decision. meantime republicans are blasting mrs. clinton with donald trump doubling down. we've got wall-to-wall coverage on these fast moving developments with florida senator marco rubio joining us with his reaction in a few minutes and kristin fitcher with the latest response from the white house. first let's go to fox news
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correspondent catherine herridge. >> he's demanding more details. >> i would really like to know the difference between carelessness and negligence because the director frequently referred to intent, but that's not in the statute. if you are grossly negligence in the handling of classified neverings, which clearly based on the fact pattern the director laid out, she was, why is that different and why did he use that word "careless?" extremely careless. what's the difference? >> direct responsibility for the fbi are calling on director comey to make the evidence public. senator chuck grassley issuing this statement last night. there should be extraordinary
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transparency. that means more than simply giving the public a brief summary a review of his facts. it should include the review of the factual evidence. attorney general loretta lynch was scheduled to speak next week. >> catherine, what about the response from democrats? >> a shorts time ago whip steny lewis would not say. he does believe it's a political move. earlier today they said the top intelligence officer james clapper, the director of national intelligence should consider blocking clinton's access given comey's assessment that she was extremely careless. >> you get access to deeply classified material once you
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leave the convention as a nominee on a regular basis. it's part of a transition government. with no indictment occurring but a discussion or call for administrative action. i think it's the least we can do given how she was so reckless in handling classified material and sending it on unclassified servers. >> josh earnest has just weighed in on this issue. he said this is really matter for the justice department and not for him to weigh in on the security clearances of any member of the future security, kimberly. >> catherine, thank you so much. a news briefing is currently under way. kristin fisher is live at the white house. what did he mention? >> josh earnest was askinged ab
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possible punishment in the future. essentially earnest dodged the question. then he was asked a bit more directly and he got to the heart of it. he was asked if hillary clinton becomes president should her staff security clearances be reviewed. he again dodged the question. he essentially punted to the department of justice. now, this briefing is still ongoing, so we could g getting a lot more out of earnest today, but for now the white house's response from fbi director james comey yesterday, we're hearing the same today as yesterday. that is, that there is no official reaction from the white house. they're stressing that no one at thehouse received advance notice and that no one at the white house knew what he was going to say, so they're trying to distance themselves from this investigation as much as possible. but, of course, it's tough to do when you're president obama and hillary clinton campaigning for the first time yesterday in north carolina. >> yes. quite a sight. quite a sight indeed.
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about what the president's announcement today about our troops in afghanistan? >> remember, president obama had been hoping to end the war in afghanistan. now it looks like there will be a little more than 8,000 troops in afghanistan by the time he leaves office. let's break it down by the number us because he made a big announcement today. originally he had been trying to get the number down to 5,500 but his military troops urged him to keep it closer. so this new number, 8,400 is a come proniced number between the president and the pentagon. here's what josh earnest just said. >> it represents a significant reduction in the number of men and women that this united states has in harm's way in
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afghanistan. >> reporter: republican congressman max thorns bury. he responded by saying, quote, the precision would be comical were its consequences not so tragic frontal boundary our military readiness. he wants the u.s. troops in afghanistan to stay where they are. he wants the president to back hit request. so far that hasn't happened. act fbi director james owemy heads to capitol hill to explain his decision not to recommend criminal charges for hillary clinton over her e-mail use, florida senator marco rubio sending a letter saying, quote, the state department should clear them.
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pleasure to have you on the program, senator. >> thank you. >> this was compelling. significant legal news yesterday. came quite a surprise to many when you saw the director laying out quite extensive charges and facts detailing misuse and abuse and certainly security violations on behalf of secretary of state hillary clinton and her staff. >> what people don't realize is there's state department rules. the state department has rules and it has clearly detailed there are sanctions and punishments for violating those rules. i promise you this. if what we know she and her staff did, they would have been punished to revoking their clearance violation. so whau i'm asking secretary kerry to do, this is under his
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jurisdiction, is to mang sure the appropriate measures are taken to punish them for their reckless behavior wlchl or not the federal deposit or justice finds it to be criminal, there is no doubt it's negligence and violated state department policy and he needs to carry that out and not ignore it for partisan critical reasons. >> we had former mayor giuliani on after the news broke. he said if he was conducting an investigation, just the facts yesterday would preclude her from getting any type of security clearance. how sit he's able to do that. dealing with foreign interests and other countries that would do us harm? >> it would be my argument that, in fact, this disqualifies her. here's someone under normal circumstances would not have the authority.
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she wouldever again be allowed to have access. they could be the people working for her now in the white house. so whatever the rules are in the state department for these violations, john kerry needs to apply them and i hope he will. i'm not holding my breath to be quite frank with you. >> we'll see what happens but i think the hearings are going to be significant as well. as you heard, senator, president obama announcing earlier he's leaving 8,400 troops in afghanistan until the end of january. this is more than the 5,500 he had previously promised the american people. do you think this is a good move or significant? >> two different questions. is it a good move? better than the alternative of what he wanted to do. all they can do is sit around
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and product themselves. their ability to go out and conduct operations and take on the taliban is sig enough can't by limits. here's the truth and everyone knows it. if the united states were to withdraw according to the schedule they created. the taliban will throw the afghan government in less than a year and half. that's one of the things that helped him make this decision. >> it's certainly important to maintain protection of our troops overseas as well that are fight and serving. but you have on two front as resurgent taliban and isis coing on the march, but you have secretary kerry saying they're desperate and in retreat. they don't seem to coincide at all with the facts. >> they're conducting operations now. obviously they try to inspire
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home grown extremism. they're moving into an organization, but they have expanded their ability to conduct external operations that they direct and they inspire external operations in places like orlando a few minutes ago. >> senator marco rubio. thank you. >> thank you. as he now gets ready to testify before congress. eric bolling from "the five" will explain how this all plays out. that's coming up. >> i truly believe it's a matter of time before we get the photo in front of the right person that's fouj go able to identify
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this is a fox news alert. as investigators in texas are searching for clues right now after a helicopter crash in ellis county just outside dallas. officials say two people were reportedly killed before noontime. the chopper suddenly went down and burst into flames. we're going to keep an eye on this developing story. and the clinton e-mail controversy not even close to other as fbi director james comey getting ready to testify tomorrow before the house oversight committee. even though comey said hillary clinton was extremely careless in storing classified information on her private
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server, something she has disputed in the past. >> i never sent or received any classified material. they're retroactively classifying it. >> 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determining by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received. >> well, it was allowed, and the rules have been clarified since i left about the practice. >> none of these e-mails should have been on any kind of unclassified system. they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. >> it had numerous safe forwards. it was on property guarded by the secret service, and there were no security breaches. >> we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to secretary clinton's personal e-mail account. >> joining me now, eric, co-host
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of "the five" and author of "wake up america." it's a fantastic book and very timely. let's talk about comey. >> sure. >> many people so surprised about the decision not to charge her with criminal charges, that he felt he laid out the case saying they were extremely careless and that foreign actors would be able to gain access to that. >> scary, right? not only foreign actors, but hackers. at one point comey said the e-mail serve scherr was using was less secure than g-mail. what did he do. he spent ten minutes talking about the extreme carelessness, but we're not recommending a grand jury or indictment. i've been thinking about the last 24 hours.
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he did something very important. he gave the republican as whole lot of talking points yochl u really do see she lied on several occasions about what actually happened. i think that was a win. he also by not recommending an indictment the democrats are going to have to stay with hillary clinton. a candidate who has a 0% disapproval rating, maybe 50% but untrustworthy. had he recommended an indictment, likely they would have pulled her and put somebody else in like joe biden. i think donald trump would have had a tougher time with joe biden or bernie sanders or ee liz bent warren than he will with clinton. he didn't mention anything about
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the clinton foundation. that's just lying there. >> that has no resolution thus far, just with respect to the e-mail server, so perhaps that's on the horizon. >> we know there will be -- prior to hillary clinton being secretary of state, bill clinton was still a former president. he was doing speeches in the neighborhood of 200, $250 thors in states. she would come back, get a deal with boeing or something and then those same companies and countries that got the deal would pay bill clinton double, $400,000, $500,000 for an hour's speefrp. in some cases they would send money to the clinton foundation is an e-mail to track that to say, hay, track that.
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pay to play and quid procrowe. >> you see republicans going on on with tajjing pounds. >> you have two islands, mainland china and the o'island and you need a ferry. >> wake up, everyone. get the book on amazon. >> you're doing a great job. >> thank you. police hunting for a person of interest against homeless men in san diego with two of the attacks turning very deadly. the latest incident happening today with the homeless man set on fire and not expected to survive. this attack is not attacked to the laetsest. which including the murder of two homeless men and a stabbing of a third.
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take a look there. wearing a baseball jacket and baseball kachlt they describe him as being between 30 and 50 year ofrs age. who's on donald trump's shortly v. pchlt list and what do they think? we'll get that live. a deadly police shooting now becoming a federal case. what we're learning from the cellphone video. keep it right here. >> certainly the footage of the video that was made avam. [ guitar playing ]
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a deadly police shooting in baton rouge outside a convenience store where officers appear to have him pinning to the ground. the officers calling the cellphone video, quote, disturbing. the justice department says it will hold a civil rights investigation into the shooting. casey stegall has more. what led up to this shooting? >> reporter: there was a 911 call made reporting a disturbance of some sort outside the baton rouge convenience store. they say there was a man outside selling c.d.s and he had threatened somebody with a gun. two white police officers responded and confronted the latin american suspect who is alton sterling. you can hear one officer yelling get on the ground. another is seen pulling sterling's left arm down, his
11:26 am
right arm not visible in the video. then you hear somebody saying, he's got a gun, and seconds later, gunshots. police say he did have a firearm but wouldn't elaborate further. only promising to get to the bottom here. >> at this point like you, i am demanding answers. like you, all my prayers are with this community and especially the family and loved ones of mr. sterling. >> reporter: today the governor of louisiana says the u.s. department of justice and fbi have now joined this investigation. kimberly? >> all right. casey, has sterling's death sparked protests and outrage after seeing this video? >> yeah, absolutely is. people have taken to the streets. we should note the protests up to this point have been peaceful. there's another vigil tonight and leaders are calling for no
11:27 am
violence to get their point across. they're gathering not far from the scene of the crime. the activists calling for complete transparency of police. the mayor of baltimore calling to offer support and resources and some have called for the chief of police of baton rouge to step down, something the chief of police says he will not do. again, another protest vigil planned for tonight. >> thank you. growing concerns in brazil ahead of the olympic games on top of the zika virus, polluted water and bodies washing up on beaches. this as brazil suffers its worst recession in decades. they're declaring a state of financial disaster but the olympic officials say the problems will not affect security for the games. and hillary clinton blasting
11:28 am
donald trump's businesses yesterday. what she's saying about his hotels and merchandise. and what does donald trump think about all this? he will join us live just minutes from now. >> if she wins, she's going to consider extending the attorney general. and you know what? i'm not saying -- i'm not knocking the attorney general. i'm saying, how can you say that? it's a bribe. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am her best friend. i am her ally. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine,
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the 2016 race turning into battle along the shore. hillary clinton blasting what she calls donald trump's failed business record. jennifer griffin is live there with more. hi, jennifer. >> hi, kimberly. well, hillary clinton spoke about donald trump's 3,500 lawsuits and how his products are made overseas. >> trump lamps are made in china, not altoona, pennsylvania. if he wants to make america great again, maybe he should start by making things in america again. >> reporter: hillary clinton stood in front of the faded sign for trump plaza casino that she said went ba bankrupt not far from the trump may rina hotel
11:33 am
which she said he sold for a huge loss. marty is one of hundreds of contractors who sued mr. trump for not paying his bills. >> just down the boardwalk is the trump taj mahal. donald once called it the eighth wonder of the world. it filed for bankruptcy in 2009. things got so bad the new management canceled workers' health insurance and pension. >> reporter: she then visited the hotel workers who are on strike right now outside the taj mahal which mr. trump used to own. they had their health benefits canceled by the current owner. she did not, however, answer repeated questions by reporters traveling with her about the fbi case against her on her e-mail. she responded publicly to comey's announcement yesterday, kimberly.
11:34 am
>> jennifer, thank you so much. as they ramp up their attack on presumptive ruepublican nominee donald trump. i have mr. trump on the phone with me. hello, mr. trump. >> hello, kimberly. >> she ramped up against your business record. how do you respond? >> first of all, she wanted to get off the subject of the lies she told to the fbi and the public because that's a disgrace what's happening. other people were punished severely and she wasn't punished at all. as far as atlantic city, for years and years i created success. i left atlantic city seven years ago. most of the hotels are bankrupt. cease caesar's is bankrupt.
11:35 am
they mad a lot of horrible decisions on the airport and convention. i saw the bad decisions. i got out of there. frankly as you know, i made a lot of money. i left atlantic city seven years ago and it's sad what happened to atlantic city seven years ago. >> yesterday you say president obama campaigning with hillary clinton, also taking the podium. you mention thad in your speech last night. your thoughts on the tag team approach against you. >> i think it's ridiculous. he won't use the term radical islamic tar error. ask him why some day. he won't use it and he refuses to use it, which isridiculous. if you don't use that term, you're not going to solve the proin. you ought to focus on tradal all these things.
11:36 am
i understand crooked hillary was talking about making products in other countries. that's because they don't even make them in this country. we have jobs moving to mexico. we have jobs moving to all over the world and our factories are closing up. they order thousands of television sets. if you want to order them, you can't order them in this country because they don't make them anymore. they're made in south korea and japan. if you look what we make now, it's very little because they've de valle used not only china. they make it impossible for companies to compete. any time i make a speech i say mai tais aren't made here.
11:37 am
you can't buy product here. we have been outplayed by all of these countries that have just taken us to lunch because we're a bunch of babies we have people who don't know what they're doing. >> yesterday also the big news, of course, director comey not recommending criminal charges for hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state and you have been saying all along the system is rigged. >> the system is rigged. she should have been treated harshly like general faye those who were treated honestly. it's nothing. look what they did and she did and she was so much worse the abuse ore f the system. the whole thing with the server and cleaning off 30,000.
11:38 am
30,000 tweets. nobody's ever heard of a thing like that. it's just like her husband having the meeting with her attorney general. give me a break. i've been on tarmacs all my life, kimberly. it doesn't happen that way. so i think the whole thing is a disgrace. she's crooked hillary and everybody knows it that and i had the opportunity to interview rudy giuliani and michael mukas mukasey. they say what the director laid out with the extreme carelessness amounts to the gross negligence that would be significant for the findings, and in addition rudy giuliani said it would make it virtually impossible for her to gain security clearance and here she is running for commander in
11:39 am
cheefr. your thoughts. >> she lies with information to the country. how can you possibly do it. her aides are under tremendous suspicion right now. they're like her. in fact, you look at what's going on with her aides and who the people are representing her. i don't see how you can give her confident and very important information. she's not a trustworthy person baptism the way, you speak about temperament. she's got a horrendous temperament. this would be four more years of obama and probably worse. >> and senator marco rub yo was just on on top of this program echoing the suggestions that you're suggested. he believes the security clearance should be pulled for abadin and cheryl bass of that.
11:40 am
do you agree? >> 100%. you look at what they've dane. you can't give them confident and very vital information. >> i want to ask you this. there's a lot of discussion. with the convention coming up, a lot of speculation about your potential running mate. some of the fantastic names. former house speaker newt gingrich. he's preparing to campaign with you late earn in the day. starting he remains an adviser. also reports that iowa senator joni ernst was being considered be no longer in the running, saying she's focused on it. governor mike pence and chris christie. your thoughts. >> i'm looking at ten people,
11:41 am
and three for for. they want to be considered. we're looking very, very can strongly. as you know, bob was with me yesterday and he told me everything he really would like to do and bob is a terrific guy. we spent the day yesterday. very supportive. i'll be seeing newt later on. great guy. tough and smart. >> newt still is in the running, huh? >> we have ten names that haven't surfaced. we're leading in the polls, the ras musen polls. a lot of people are calling me who you mtd even think about. they want to have narms thrown into the hat, we're looking at people. we have a lot of people
11:42 am
interested. >> governor mike pence still in the running? >> he's a great guy. >> getting a general involved to be your potential v.p. have you considered that? >> i like the generals. i like the concept of the generals. there are two of them under consideration. we were looking for the political route to get bills passed. we don't want to go the route of executive orders. that's not the way it works. i'm thinking in terms of politicians but we're look twookt generals. let's talk about governor chris christie. i know he's been with you from the beginning, coming out in strong support of your candidacy and unifying the republican party hchl
11:43 am
party. he's been working behind the scenes. is he still under consideration? >> certainly. he's a friend of mine a great guy. as soon as he was out, he called me and said you have something going on here. we had thousands of people standing outside that couldn't even get in to the arena, to the theater. and today we're going to cincinnati, ohio, and i hear the crowd is massive. it's just massive on. you know, it's getting bigger and bigger all the time. it is a movement. chris said what you've about got going is a movement. by the way, ben carson is somebody who's so special. he called up. he said, what you've got going on is a ma movement that i want to be part of it. thee are great people and they were there from the beginning, but we're looking at chris. and he's been so helpful in so many other ways. as you know, i won the
11:44 am
evangeliciva evangelical support. ben is so loved by the evangelicals. >> and also another is one to consider. thank you so much for joining us on "the real story" today. thank you for joining us on the program. >> thank you so much, kimberly. our political panel joins us next with their reaction to my interview with donald trump. stay with us.
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shepherd smith on fox news. it's not only good with clinton's campaign. i'll talk with a political reporter who said the timing of the announcement could help clinton in the long run. no matter how damning. how is that the case? the story at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." donald trump joining us a few minutes ago to discuss his vice-presidential list which he
11:48 am
says now including ten people. gentlemen, thank you for coming on "the real story" today. hi, nice to see you both. i'll begin with you, mike. what do you think of his interview? in particular his list included ten and this comes on the heels of joanie effo joni ernst and b removing themselves from his campaign? >> there's always a debate over how much a vice-presidential running mate has. certainly since donald trump has broken every rule in the book, having said they've spent time with newt gingrich. i always considered him a proverbial smartest guy in the
11:49 am
room. he's a washington guy without having the "insider" status. he's been through the battles. he understands how washington works. 's brilliant when it comes to domestic and particularly foreign policy. so frankly for what it's worth, i think a trump/gingrich ticket would resonate real well with the american voters. >> matt, you're the perfect person to have here today because as you know, the man you used to work for, joe biden, similarly praised newt gingrich saying this is a man of high intelligence that would be kind of a good compass to maintain order and have that tremendous amount of experience that's needed in the white house as well. >> so two thuings. one thing, kimberly, you made news in saying there are ten people on the list. the problem is people keep dr h dropping off that list like
11:50 am
flies. joni ernst and bob corker dropping off, there's not much left. i'm a democrat. i would love it if gingri i think mike pence from indiana might be his best choice at this point, or somebody completely out of left field. >> which frankly -- >> but i don't think gingrich is a great choice. >> trump is probably taking chances and you just blew his chances. if you like him, maybe mr. trump things that's a great idea. come on, newt gingrich is a household name status, and somebody who provides the gravitas to coin that word that say many trump needs to have -- your boss once praised him as kimberly said. >> yes. >> and someone isn't denying
11:51 am
newt gingrich is very intelligent. i absolutely don't think so. >> gentlemen, we'll have to leave it right there. and a new prison term for the blade runner, a sentence the judge just handed down. stay with us for the latest. ♪ ♪
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11:54 am
. olympic star, oscar pistorius, sentencing the blade runner to prison for six years for the murder of his girlfriend. paul is live with the very latest. >> reporter: kimberly, pistorius is literally getting away with murder, one of thousands of hostile messages of the barrage from the judge to send him to jail for only six years. pistorius, taking his last walk as a free man today.
11:55 am
the judge has been accused of racism and offering privilege to celebrity. >> the sentence that i imposed on the accused for the murder of the deceased that is riva stiancamp is six year imprisonment. >> the judge said the fact earlier he walked on his stumps in court showing house he's disabled mitigated the sentence that put down. let's put that into perspective. a person who killed a rhino got 25 years and people who steel a cell phone in one case and a single pack of razor blades in another got 15 years each, but pistorius, leaving court back to prison, fired four shots with a heavy-caliber gun into a cubical knowing it could kill someone was convicted of murder and is starting a sentence of just six years.
11:56 am
the prosecution says they've not ruled out the sentence, and they will appeal. as it stands, pistorius could be out of jamie in one to three years, kimberly. >> belieunbelievable. paul tinsley live. and handing out goody bags to passengers and what was in them, you ask? . looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's,
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this is our first time on an airplane." passengers say the babies were very good travelers. and thanks for being part of the "real story," here's shepard smith. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. in atlantic city, new jersey, where hillary clinton is trying to switch from donald trump to her server. there is no reasonable prosecutor who would bring a case against secretary clinton, but he dismantled a lot of her own excuses. we'll look at the fallout secretary clinton still faces and how donald trump is looking to capitalize on it. plus, the billion air has a headache of his own as some republicans threaten a revolt at the rnc convention. hundreds of delegates looking to deny trump their support. we'll tell you all about their tactics, and how the gop plans to deal


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