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  The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 12, 2016 5:05pm-5:20pm PDT

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and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. how would donald trump deal with the racial divide in america? i spoke with him earlier today in chicago. so, first question for you. do you believe there is a problem between black and whites in america, generally speaking? >> sadly, there would seem to be. and it's getting more and more obvious and it's very sad, very sad. when somebody called to a moment of silence to this maniac that shot the five police, you see what's going on. it's a very, very sad situation. and hopefully it could be healed. we have a divider as a president. he is the great divider and i have said it for a long time. and it's probably not been much worse at any time. so it's very sad situation, actually. >> all right. so if you are elected president, do you have a plan to lessen racial tensions and, if so, what is it? >> well, one thing is
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spirit. we don't have spirit. the country doesn't have any spirit, bill. we can see oh gee that's just a general statement. it's not a general statement. the country has no spirit. we need a cheer leader not a divider. we have a divider. we need a cheerleader. >> there is still some black americans who believe that the system is biased against them. the american system because they're black, they don't get the same kind of shot, they don't get the same kind of fairness that whites do. what do you say to them? >> well, i have been saying even against me the system is rigged when i ran as a, you know, for president, i mean, i could see what was going on with the system and the system is rigged. >> yeah, but that's not going to lift anybody's spirits. >> we have to fight. >> if you go out and say the system is rigged, that's not going to lift their spirits. >> no, what i'm saying they are not necessarily wrong. there are certain people where unfortunately that comes into play. i'm not saying that. i can relate it really very much to myself. >> i have to refocus you
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though on the african-american experience. all right? do you think you understand the african-american experience? do you think you understand it? >> well, i would like to say yes, but you really can't unless you are african-american. you can't truly understand what's going on unless you are african-american. i would like to say yes, however. >> how do you persuade african-americans who believe america is a bad place built upon grievances in the past to put that aside and lift their spirits? how are you going to do that? >> because i do understand what goes on in life. and i do understand that the economics of our country are not the same. people making less money today in real wages than they made 18 years ago, that our jobs are leaving the country. that our educational system stinks. it's absolutely horrible. our educational system. and they are not part of that educational system to a large extent so i fully
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understand. >> you are going to go with an economic based program to try to get more assets to african-americans. okay. what about the police? now, when you see something that happened in louisiana, what happened in minnesota, where blacks are killed by police and there is videotape and this kind of thing, what goes through your mind? >> i thought they were terrible. i thought it was a terrible, disgusting performance that i saw. now, whether that's training, whether they choked or they got scared or nervous. i mean, the one man being stepped on and then shot in particular, i looked at that and i said wow, that's bad. that's bad. the other one in the car, really bad but i guess they could say he was going for his license or identification and maybe thought it was a gun. but it was bad. both of them were very, very sad. so maybe that's lack of training. mayb people. i don't know. it's such a bad thing to see
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those two sites. no question about it and then you have to go a step further. >> go ahead. >> a step further when you saw the policemen shot, i mean, how bad was that? and we can't allow that to happen. >> that's domestic terrorism, sure. >> we can't allow any of that to happen. >> as far as the police are concerned, you say, okay, these two individual things are bad. but are they symptomatic in your opinion of a larger problem with american police? that they fear blacks or that they act differently around african-americans? do you believe that's in play? >> look, it could be. you have to see it i mean, there are so many individual cases. there are certain cases where this takes place and it's horrible. i mean, somebody will meet. they will have a commission meet and the commission may have an answer, but i almost don't care what the commission says because i -- you know, i see it with my eyes. i hate what i saw, those two instances. i hate what i saw when
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somebody guns down all of these policemen and kills five miss -- policemen. i hate it. >> do you believe there is a problem in american policing whereby blacks are treated differently than whites? do you believe that? >> it could be. it's s. it's possible? >> it could be and. >> is there anything you can do about that? >> i think it's training. it's training of the police. by the way, i have to say, i think the police 99.9%, i mean, i think the police do an incredible job in this country, the problem with two instances like this which i think were terrible but they get broadcast on television. >> sure. >> show all of the good work that the police does. there are hundreds and hundreds and thousands of cases where the police do phenomenal work. i'm a big fan of the police of this country. >> okay. black lives matter. i have said it's a hate group. built upon opinion by their leadership of white
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supremacy keeping blacks down. how do you define black lives matter? >> well, first of all, i think the term is very divisive. the first time i heard it i said you have to be kidding. they can't use that they just can't. i think it's a very, very, very divisive term. there is no question about it. i have heard what you have to say. i think it's a very divisive term. >> the group itself, are they helping america or hurting america? >> well, i would say they are dividing america. i think that, you know, statements that i have seen, i saw what they said about the police in various marches and rallies. i have seen, you know, moments of silence called for for this horrible human being who shot the policeman. and i, you know, i have seen it and i think it's certainly -- it's very divisive and i think they are hurting themselves. >> finally, you said president obama is a divider. do you believe he does that on purpose? do you believe that the president says i want to
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divide the nation? i want to have strife between the races? >> i don't know, bill. i really don't know what his reasoning is. but i can tell you that i'm sitting in chicago where we have had almost 5,000 killings deaths, from the time he became president and you don't hear too much about it. and you see what's going on now, and by the way getting worse and worse and worse. i don't know. i can't speak for the president. i wouldn't want to speak for the president. i'm sure he wouldn't want me to speak for him. but, things are not going well. and i think they are going to be getting before they get better. >> all right. we will have more with trump in a moment. we will talk about the convention, jeb bush not attending. he says why. also, the vice presidential situation with mr. trump. then, later, a guest on the factor last week accuses me of being unfair on the case load front.
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if you believe like i do that the presidency is sacred ground and you have a president that upholds the constitution and i don't believe either one of the candidates fulfills that primary kind of objective, then i can't voted for either one of them. i can't vote for hillary clinton and i can't vote for donald trump it breaks my heart. >> how do you react for that, mr. trump? >> well, that's sort of simple. i watched and i actually felt badly for him. is he talking about upholding the constitution but he doesn'ty uphold his pledge. he signed an irrelevant rec irrec irrelevant rev voyeur cable pledge. >> it's a strong pledge to support the candidate the nominee. he has violated that which means that he has signed something and he has totally violated it now, i don't
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need his support. i mean i'm fine without his support. obviously i haven't had his -- couple other people's support. when you sign the pledge. i signed the same pledge. the reason they signed it because i would sign it because i'm the one they wanted to sign it i'm the one they were worried about. if i would have lost, i will tell you, i would have honored that pledge, he signed something in writing as strong as it could be and i will tell you another thing, look jeb spent more money than anyone else much, much more than me. got a tiny fraction ever the votes i got. i spent the least amount of money and the most votes. i think somebody should respect that. that's the people speaking. that's not me. he spent much more money, he worked very hard. i understand how he feels. but i spent much less and i came in number one. and they should respect that in all fairness, including jeb. >> vice president, the rumor is you are going to announce noon on friday.
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i can't believe you would do that because friday is the slowest news day of the week. newspapers on saturday nobody reads them. so you have to do it on thursday so i can analyze it. [ laughter ] or monday right before the convention. have you selected, i know you are not going to tell me although you should pause more people are watching now than any other broadcast you would go on. >> could be. >> do you know who it is right now? >> i have a pretty good idea. we have it down to five people. >> no, no, no. you. >> actually what i'm thinking about. i have a fairly decent idea. >> that tells me a guy is that sat next to you in the yankee stadium over the years you know who it's going to be. are people going to be surprised or is it one of the people that have been bantered around and predicted? >> well, bill, i'm not doing this for surprises. i'm not doing this for games. i'm doing this because i want to pick somebody who is going to help me get
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elected. >> pence or gingrich. we are doing this like i have got a secret here. remember that old show. >> yeah. very good show. >> you are older than me so you probably remember it better. [ laughter ] you know who it is. it's not going to be a surprise like you are not going to have omarosa on the ticket and you are going to acknowledge it on thursday now. have you changed your mind since the news cycle is on friday it doesn't exist, right? >> well, you are right about news cycle. i'm not necessarily saying i was going to do it on friday anyway. >> thursday would be really good time and on the factor. >> those people know me very well. >> factor live would be the best. >> we do plenty of factors. >> you do and we admire you for that and i have said that and we are hoping hillary clinton will get on the train. >> never easy but that's okay. >> now, you said earlier that you may speak every night at the convention and i said to you do you have to? [ laughter ] it's a little joke. >> i didn't i didn't say that.
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the networks want mood toe speak every night at the convention. >> for the ratings. >> the networks like ratings i will not be speaking every night. >> one keynote next thursday. >> most likely. i have great respect for the institution of the convention. i'm not going to change the wheel. we have something that's very special. could we make it a great entertainment show? maybe it shouldn't be that. we have a very good convention. we have many, many people that want to speak that we won't be able to allow because we don't have time. we are totally overbooked. we have great speakers. we have winners. we have people that aren't only political people. we have a lot of people just champions and winners and i think that's what we want because we want this country to start winning again where it's not winning, obviously. but i think we're going to have a very good convention. but i don't want to change the wheel. >> okay. and we look forward to covering new cleveland next week, mr. trump, as always, we thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you. thank you very much, bill.