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  Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 28, 2016 10:27pm-10:34pm PDT

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welcome back. that is it, the final day of the dnc rally, and donald trump, he held a pair of rallies of his own today in iowa. his first time back in the hawk eye state as the republican nominee. he has taken hits this week in philly at the dnc and he dished them right back. take a listen. >> i've been watching these speeches at night, and boy, am i getting hit. ooh. i am getting hit, and they don't mean it and there's a lot of lies being told, but i guess they have to do their thing. i guess they have to do their thing. but i'll say this. we had a tremendously successful convention in cleveland. cleveland was amazing. cleveland was amazing. and they called it a bounce, but we had a bounce like very few people have a bounce. all i know is i'm leading in the polls, we're leading in all of
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these polls. and we're going to make america great again, but i watched last night, we're going to make america better than ever before, believe me, but i watched last night, and they're not talking about the real world, you know? they're not talking about radical islamic terrorism. they're not talking about borders where people just pour across. they're not talking about the crime, the kind of crime that we have in this nation. they're not talking about the fact that many people in our country are making less money today in terms of real wages than they were making 18 years ago. they're not talking about that. they're not talking about the fact that our jobs are leaving our country, that our jobs are pouring into mexico and other countries. when it's reported, the press
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never reports it the way it is. they'll say, trump doesn't like nato. you saw the headlines a few weeks ago, trump doesn't like nato, wants to end it. that's absolutely false. but i want nato and i want the countries, 28 countries, 28, and we're picking up 73%, and what are we doing? we're protecting them. we're protecting them. it's got to change. i like nato. i guarantee you, when i get in, they're going to pay. we're going to pay. we're right now -- we're right now the highest taxed nation in the world. okay? now, somebody would say, it's actually second. and another person said the other day, well, we actually think it's third. okay. we're one of the highest taxed in the world. okay? we're spending a fortune. our middle class, our middle income people are being decimated. our corporations and our companies and our small
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businesses are being decimated with high taxes, and by the way, with regulations that are putting everybody out of business. they're putting everybody out of business, including the farmers. we have to start making moves now. we can't go for another four years of obama, because that's basically what crooked hillary clinton is. we can't go. we can't go for another four years of obama. people are tired of it. people are tired of not being ab to knock out isis. they're tired of it, okay? they're tired of it. people are tired who are fighting, we don't get along with anybody, and yet they -- we don't get along with china. but they rip us off. we don't get along with russia. wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia? wouldn't it be nice? i mean, is there something wrong? and then we say, let's go get isis. let's go get isis right now,
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let's go get them, let's knock them out, and by the way, you're going to pay for a big chunk of it. and we're going to get other countries to pay for it because at almost $20 trillion already, we got to work on getting that down for the sake of your children, for the sake of the country. we have to start getting it down. but you know, if you look at what goes on, the costs are tremendous when you have these battles, many of which we shouldn't be having. they should have been knocked out a long time ago. we fight politically correct wars. we let people know we're going to be bombing -- how many times have i said, keep the oil? keep the oil. we shouldn't have been in iraq in the first place. i was totally against being in iraq right from the beginning. you know, they like to say, well maybe he wasn't -- let me tell you. right from the beginning, i said it's going to destabilize the
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middle east, totally destabilize the middle east. did it ever. but we shouldn't have gotten out the way we got out, because that was a total disaster. isis formed, nobody knew isis -- remember our president said they're the jv, no problem. well, we're going to make them the jv. we're going to make them the jv. by right now, they're not the jv. right now, they're not the jv. so, we have a lot of things to do, and they can be done. >> for more on the trump/clinton speeches, we tourn senior editor. you just heard donald trump and we can contrast that with hillary clinton's speech. what do you think? >> well, i think donald trump needs to be careful. he doesn't want to play into what one of the key lines of hillary clinton's speech today was you don't want someone who can be baited on twitter into kind of rants like he might -- you've seen some of the statements he said there in the control of nuclear weapons.
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now, some of the stuff he said was on message, but one of the clips that wasn't shown that he kind of went off, i guess, michael bloomberg calling him a very little guy who he's going hit very hard because michael bloomberg, the businessman, former mayor of new york, made a speech attacking him. so i think the key for donald trump is to stay on message, say some of the things that we saw him say, that hillary clinton will be just another four years of obama. and not get distracted by going off and kind of ranting against people because they attacked him a little -- what he considers unfairly in some of these speeches. >> well, you're right. in the speech, she said that trump loses his cool, but he's calling her corrupt, says she's unleashed destruction and terrorism, and that's clearly a reference to isis and her libya policy. >> well, you know, on that, he has a point, obviously. hillary inton certainly was the person in the obama administration who pushed for libya to occur. obama was actually a little hesitant. hillary supported that war and what we've seen today is that
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libya today is basically a safe haven for terrorists and a threat to destabilize the northern african region and a threat to america, a terrorist training ground. so on that, that's staying on message, and i think that will work for donald trump. the only problem is, donald trump is on record at the time supporting it himself. now he says he's against it, but at the time, when he was interviewed, he supported it. so, he has to try to kind of align that fact. but certainly hillary clinton's