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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 1, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> here from 1996 at the dnc, hillary clinton. ♪ >> oh, wow. >> that was a fun time. yeah. >> amazing. >> see you tomorrow. >> thanks for having me. bill: morning, everybody. a critical new phase in the race for the white house. in both campaigns dealing with drama today, seemingly of their tone creation as we say good morning on a monday. i'm bill hemmer. welcome back. reporter: donald trump facing a bipartisan backlash for his response to the father of a muslim-american killed in iraq.
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bill: wallace cornered clinton on her issues of trust. >> every type i run for an office, all these caricatures come out of nowhere and people begin to undermine me because when i left office at secretary of state, 66% of americans approved of what i did. reporter: you don't think fair maps would have questions about according to the polls honesty and trustworthiness. >> you should ask donald trump why he's so untrusted by the american people. reporter: i have. bill: there is a lot more to that interview. i hope i found the laundry room when you got home. let's do the kahn story first.
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>> it's not through playing out at all. the kahn parents were on a morning interview just a few minutes ago. i spoke to newt gingrich last night and he suggested trump should go after the press, believing there is a press feeding frenzy. but the problem is the clinton campaign recruited khan to attack trump at the convention. then trump made it worse by attacking kahn and his wife. i think it will be a few days before it plays out. bill: she was on with her husband on the "today" show earlier today. this is the first time we heard her talk after she did an
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editorial over the weekend. >> why did not i speak? because i think it doesn't what to do anything with my religion. my religion doesn't prohibit me to do whatever i want to do for the goodness of mankind and the goodness of myself and my family. bill: that was a direct response to donald trump. in the meantime of all this meat on the bone from the chris wallace interview from hillary clinton. reporter: f.b.i reporter: f.b.i. director said none of those things were true.
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>> that's not what i heard. there were classifications made retroactively to certain of the emails. bill: the "post" is handing out a -- the washington both is "was handing out a bushel full of pinocchios. >> comey said very specifically virtually everything hillary clinton told the public about the people situation was untrue. that it was marked classified at the time. the reason why she did it, juste about the email affair were simply not true. for her to blame her credibility problems on years of republican attacks, that's something she has done for a long time doesn't
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quite fit the story with the email situation. >> bill: is there a bump out of the democratic convention or is it only man dane too early to say. >> we do have polling conducted friday, saturday, sunday after the convention and it indicates hoik has gotten a bump. she popped up several points in a few polls. a lot of people believe once this bump is done, the race will get back to being essentially where it was before the conventions. bill: thank you, byron york with your analysis. liz: donald trump says the democratic debates were essentially rigged.
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trump sparking controversy with this tweet writing as usual hillary and the dems are trying to rig the debate. both are up against major nfl games same as last time with bernie. unacceptable. the national campaign said they began choosing dates two months ago and said the nfl didn't have any influence on the debates. bill: two things on that. you note sanders-clinton thing, they were buried. it's difficult to find an open slot in the month of december because it gets so busy after labor day. liz: flash flooding in maryland
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flooding streets. we are seeing incredible acts of bravery as several menling arms to rescue a womb - a woman trapr car. unbelievable. those raging floodwaters sweeping cars and just about anything in their path in a trail of destruction. people shocked as they get a look at the damage. >> it looked like a war zone.
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or a set from a disaster movie. >> it's heartbreaking. >> the governor declaring a state of emergency in one county. doug, what are you seeing this morning? >> it's a terrible tragedy. this little hamlet is an historic oh i is in the sea of suburban sprawl. it's sad to see what happened here. if you look at the topography it gives you a sense of why this happened. this is an historic church on the top of this hillside. the entire hillside he roaded in the rainfall. if you pan back in this way, you can see where the worse damage is, further down this hillside where the trucks are going to
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clean up all the mud that lingers down here. there was 6 inches of rain in two hours of time. given the topography, it's like a canyon. it created a wall of water that washed through the city. roadways washed out, sidewalks eroded away. the human chain that resulted in the rescue of that woman in her car. the clean yum could cost hundreds of millions of dollars. >> it's devastating for the community, for the state, for the county, these are all small bills that are here, it's going to be a challenge getting them back up and going. there is a lot of infrastructure
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that has to be repaired. it will take time and hopefully a lot of patience. reporter: it's remarkable only two people died in this flooding. in 186839 people died -- in 1968 39 people died in flooding. both candidates barnstorming through the swing states including virginia. tim kaine holding an event hopes to hold the state for hillary clinton. donald trump's path to the white house said to be possible but narrow. four states are must-win for donald trump. liz: would you jump out of a perfectly good air plane without a parachute on purpose? there is a good reason the stunt
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has never between tried before. we'll show you how it turned out.
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>> we are going to the hospital right now. 2 is hit! bill: "new york times" reporting the trump team has narrowed his path to 270 to only four states. to win trump must carry three states representing where president obama won twice, florida, ohio and pennsylvania while keeping virginia red. how are you doing, eric? just on the faces of it, florida, ohio, pennsylvania,
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virginia. the "times" saying you have to win all four. >> i think trump will take all three those states and retain north carolina. bill: you can agree or dispute whatever you like. on the electoral map we have the 12 states that are in gray that are considered battleground states. democrats 217, republicans 163. for the sake of this argument. while give you georgia. you take pennsylvania, you take ohio, you take until, you are still short. then you take north carolina,
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that gets you to 272. that's the rowsiest scenario in terms of winning the white house. >> if he wins those states which i expect he will, this might be a wave election. i think you will see so states in the midwest within west go in his favor. the energy and enthusiasm are with donald trump. we didn't see that with hillary clinton. we saw that with bernie sanders. i think we might see more states in the general. but one thing for certain, we have to be on the ground and turn the blue states into red states, and i think we'll do that in november. bill: i might have been generous there, too. you take away pennsylvania and. jo ling: and you see how difficult this mountain is to climb. i watched that primary vote
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where trump won every county except for one. i tam not sure if that portends -- i am not sure if that portends anything about the general or not. >> i think he's going to state florida, basically his home state. you will look at pennsylvania andio. i don't see how with hillary clinton's rhetoric, how she is going to outsource her jobs that are going to other places. there is no bigger discrepancy between the two candidates. i think florida will be in the "r" couple and i don't see how she wins pennsylvania tore ohio. bill: let me show, pennsylvania
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hasn't gone republican since 1988. you go to 2012. this was a state barack obama won by 4, 5, 6 points. 2008, it was even a greater margin than that. what here on this state of p.a. allows donald trump to say i can win there now? >> it's a state that cares about two things. national security and jobs. he's right on both of those issues. on national security he's talking about protect our border. from our sand standpoint i think pennsylvania, he ran as a change agent. i think you will see pennsylvania swing back, the pendulum will swing back. bill: you go to the presidential race, this is close with romney.
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2008, the margin was greater with obama beating mccain in 2008. what is happening on the ground in ohio when clinton brags about her grounds game. and trump really hasn't gone that way. trump -- >> one of the things we are doing at the pac, we understand you have got to win this game on the ground. joe ohio is a turnout model state. we accumulated millions of trump supporters. now they have to get out to the polls and get out the vote. some of these voters have never voted in past elections. you have to turn those voters out inio in november. i don't think you will win this by having the best commercials
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inio. that's something we are going to do at the great american pac. bill: according to the "new york times," he can't match ms. clinton's spending on tv ads. >> it's a change election, a wave election. trump has to turn out these unique voters to the polls and he will win in november. bill: come on back and we'll discuss it more. liz: when we come back, a deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. the worst such disaster in u.s. history. what investigators are pointing to as the likely cause. >> i think the pops i heard was the balloons connecting with the lines. by the time i looked it was already on the ground and the fireball went up.
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authorities in texas working to find out what caused the deadliest balloon crash in history. they say it probably shut tourr power lines bit of the went down. >> it heard a pop and shooting. it sounded like a gun going off. then i looked over there and we saw a huge fireball go up. i was just praying whoever was there got away from the thing in time. liz: casey stegall is in maxwell, texas. reporter: the ntsb tells us it
6:26 am
recovered 14 electronic devices from the crash site in that remote field behind me. we are talking about 10 cell phones, an ipad and three cameras, all belong to the passengers. we are told they are badly damaged. they are being sent to the lab in washington, d.c. for analysis. the hope is technicians can extract video or photos from those devices to get a sense of what happened on board because balloons don't have black boxes like airplanes. thought it has not been ruled as the official cause. investigators say there is physical evidence the balloon hit power lines. whether there was a critical problem beforehand causing it to hit those lines. that is the big unanswered question at the home. >> the power line trip was reported by the utility company at 7:42 and the first call to
6:27 am
911 came in approximately one minute later. the accident site is 8 miles from what it took off. reporter: local officials say they will have to use dental records to positively identify all the victims. liz: casey, what can you tell us about the pilot? reporter: the ntsb said he did have a certified commercial pilot's rating with a balloon rating. he could not fly airplanes or helicopters but he could fly hot air balloons. he was identified as skip nichols. police say he was arrested in 2000 for driving while intoxicated in missouri and fled guilty two years later.
6:28 am
but those remembering him describe nichols as a all-around good guy who loved to fly and loved sharing that experience with other which is why he loved to take people up in these hot air balloons. bill: the taliban striking again targeting foreigners in the heart of the afghan capital. hillary clinton slamming donald trump over his relationship with vladimir putin. trump firing right back. kt mcfarland breaks count back and forth in a moment. >> she is a very dishonest person. i have a winning temperament. she has a bad temperament. i have a strong temperament.
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by a truck bomb blowing up
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outside a hotel in kabul. the taliban is claiming responsibility. conor powell is reporting. what do we know? reporter: this was a massive bomb hidden in a large cargo shipping truck. it was a blast heard and felt all around kabul. it left a huge trail of concrete and debris. only one person, a police officer, was killed. several others were injured. the taliban launching the attack at 1:00 or so in the morning. the afghan police battled after the attack was launched. the sun came up in kabul. only this one police officer was injured. the hotel which bills itself as a compound for foreign military
6:33 am
and $civilian organizations were injured. this is the second time this facility has been attacked. it's a fairly well secured facility. as we have seen in the past. the taliban continue to try to attack it because it's close to the airport and it houses a lot of foreigners. but as we have seen again, it's a secure site and facility there. bill: is the situation there getting better or worse? >> i have spoken to people that paint different pictures. what they say is the afghan security forces are better able to handle the attack. but the basic security, the intelligence gathering, the ability to prevent the attacks, those are something the afghan security forces are struggling with. now, the white house said it will leave roughly it,400 u.s.
6:34 am
troops in afghanistan the next year or so to help with the training and mentoring of the civilian and military forces. but there is a lot that need to be done there. the question is does the u.s. patrol with afghans or do they send the afghans out and go and debrief them when they come back. one of the things that's needed according to most analysts is they need to be on the ground with the afghans out patrolling. that's something they haven't done in about a year and a half or so. >> we know russian intelligence services, which are part of the russian government which is under the firm control of vladimir putin hacked into the dnc, and we know they arranged for a lot of those emails to be released. and we know that donald trump has shown a very troubling
6:35 am
willingness to back up putin to support putin. but i think laying out the facts raises serious issues about russian interference in our elections, in our democracy. liz * hillar -- liz: laying out russia role in the dnc hack. but a recent report raises questions about hillary clinton's relationship with the kremlin. kt, i feel as if we have been here before. why is this a slippery slope when she makes comment like this. >> she is saying maybe there is a putin-trump connection. these reports of her friends in the media said he's the manchurian candidate. he's a russian stooge. he's an agent for putin. at the same time secretary
6:36 am
clinton and the clinton foundation, there is no connection. her connections as secretary of state. i would think she wouldn't want that investigation looked into too carefully. >> we heard from peter schweizer, the author of "putin cash." he said her evident to reset relationrelations with raises ss questions about her record. mrs. clinton's evident in this area may -- efforts in this area may have substantially undermined u.s. security. we know for a fact there was tens of millions of dollars invested in this that would have been a russian silicon valley essentially. where is that conflict of interest damaging to her? >> the serious question about the clintons is public
6:37 am
corruption. when the clintons left the white house secretary clinton herself said we were dead broke. then they set up the clinton foundation. she was the senator from new york. donations poured in from foreign governments, foreign corporations and foreign wealthy individuals as well as american corporations and americans. but then certain decisions were made that favored those who donated to the foundation. the children tons say that's just a coincidence. >> i would like to see the books. was there a connection between decisions she made as secretary of state and donations she made as secretary of state? if that's the case, what happens when she is president? show the books to make sure there is no public corruption or
6:38 am
secondly close down the clinton foundation if she becomes elected. liz: you made the point she is so critical of the trump camp, but the clinton global initiative hasn't been transparent and it's a global initiative. >> there was a watchdog that looked at all charities to see if they are keeping their books right, are they actually a charity or are they a way of funneling money to individuals. they put the clinton foundation on the watchlist as well as the al sharpton foundation. we wanted to have a better look. for secretary clinton come out and say somehow vladimir putin is trying to rig the american election in favor of donald trump. that's a serious accusation. if the russians are trying to
6:39 am
interfere with the american election, we could say if you interfere we'll tear down your cyber wall. we'll sit back and let you explain to your people what you are doing. liz: bill? bill: check it out. >> there is your champion. a major champion for the first time. bill: love it. jimmy walker winning the pga championship. he battled down a threat with jason david. he came out after a rain-challenges tournament. they packed two rounds sunday. jimmy walker, cool guy.
6:40 am
he's a great player. he likes photography and astronomy and he will take his cars out to the country in texas and take pictures and tweet them out. congratulations. well done. liz * democrats portraying hillary clinton as a change maker during their convention in philadelphia. but some say she would be a third term of the obama administration. reporter: you say you are the real change agent in this campaign but some would say you are building on the obama agenda, you are not rejecting it. you owned your car
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chris: he twice the's not a dramatic shift. >> what i'm offering is we can build on where we are. we dug ourselves out. we are standing but not running. i'm not happy with the status question. chris * you are offering more government program, entitlements, tax penalties and credits. >> limits unpack that. what i'm offering is the biggest job creation program funding since world war ii chris require's infrastructure, that's what obama did. >> he didn't get support from congress and didn't do enough. bill: chris call has argued it
6:45 am
will be just be more of what we have. 98 days. katie, is she the real agent of change? >> no, of course not. there is a reason why president obama fully endorsed her, that's to protect his legacy. when hillary clinton says i'm going to offer the greatest jobs program from world war ii. that's just more of saying i'm from the government and i'm here to help. even president obama admitted the jobs program fiel failed. that shovel-ready jobs weren't shovel ready. people like clinton who have been in for 40 years are telling everyday americans things are better. we are tread water and barely
6:46 am
doing that. there is a lot of people in the country who feel like they are drowning. >> that whole stimulus money went to the state to shore up jobs. it was designed to build roads and bridges. how would she govern differently? >> the anger fueling this election is people want better jobs and better wages and she want washington to work. that's what matter's here. the plans for the infrastructure of our one to get them back on track. the energy grid and the internet is what everybody wants. she has a record of working with republicans. you heard that throughout the convention in her pick with tim kaine. when you look at fact the democrats should win the senate back, i would not want to be a member of congress in
6:47 am
pennsylvania oreo or michigan because they will lose their jobs in 2018. look at her senate record and her plans to rebuild this country. bill: she touched on that. i don't know if that's what was highlighted coming out of last week. i keep coming back to the question. trump made his policies clear. and they are very different from hillary clinton. >> yeah, which means they are different than president obama's. if you look at the details of how hillary is going to pay for her new infrastructure and create jobs it, the private sector that creates jobs, not the government as hillary clinton wants you to understand. if you look at her plans for paying for the infrastructure, she is paying for it by proposing a tax increase on businesses. what do businesses do? they create jobs. if they are paying more in taxes, they haveless money to pay salaries, benefits and less money to pay for obamacare which
6:48 am
is a huge problem for the economy and tour recovery. bill: mary anne? >> we have to make investments in roads and airports and rail. most of this country doesn't have high speed internet. that's a fact. the energy grid needs to be reformed. those are the kinds of things everybody benefits from. when you realize there are still people, democrats still fighting to get money for the first responders who testified and tried to rebuilt new york in the wake of 9/11 because republic can't won't do it, that's when we lost the public good. from there businesses will only do better. >> it's a drop from the sky. when wallace talks about 69% of the american people think we are on the wrong track.
6:49 am
examine that question. katie, you start. is that dissatisfaction overall? is that a general answer about how washington works or does not work? how does that fit into your analysis of the level of discontent? >> people realized all the promises president obama made in 2008 and 2012, the government was going to make things better from washington. it just wasn't true. is a mentioned. people are sicken tired of people in this city where i am saying things are better when we have anemic gdp growth. bill: you buy the number then. >> absolutely. you go out and ask people, they will say things haven't gotten better. they are being told they are. bill: quickly, mary anne.
6:50 am
>> i buy that number and everybody knows washington is broken. people want washington to work again. bill: that's where trump sees his opportunity. keel see you in a week. nice to see you last week, mary anne, in philly. liz: how crazy is this stunt. a skydiver jumps out of an airplane without a parachute and he did it on purpose. >> my whole life has been dedicated to skydiving and pushing the boundaries. you doyou'll see whatet but in you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings.
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6:54 am
the page on a new franchise. the timing is magical or commercial or inventive. the new book picks up nearly 20 years where the last novel left off. it's also the script of a hit play about the potters which is currently running on stage in london. liz * an american skydive defying death in a loss of gravity. aiken land in a huge net built 0 stories high in simi valley, californ carly, set the scene for me. how long did it take him to get from 25,000 feet to that net? >> he practiced the stunt for
6:55 am
two years and two two minutes to complete it. he used air current to guide himself toward the 10,000-foot net. it went perfectly. thank god he can live to talk about it. liz: we are talking about father here. 24 hours before he made that jump what he was told he had to wear the parachute. doesn't that sounds like a great idea? he said it would add an extra layer of complication. but minutes before the jump he got word he didn't have to wear the parachute. liz: is there a reason yes wanted to do this?
6:56 am
he's a stunt man. he comes from a family of skydivers. liz: when he was told he didn't have to wear the parachute, did that change his calculations? >> no, because he had practiced it. he expertly land on his back. seconds before landing on the net he flips over and land on his back. his wife and young child ran over and gave him a hug. one person who wasn't watching was his mom. bill: the campaign trail getting hot and fast. hillary clinton and donald trump hitting the pavement in three critical states. hillary clinton claims she didn't do anything wrong with the email and the server.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
bill: donald trump, hillary clinton, getting down to clinton, getting down to . how is this going to go. brand new hour of "america's newsroom." back in studio j. martha has time away. >> imelizabeth prann. trump sparking a ruckus about the debate schedule. >> two of the three are against the nfl. i'm not thrilled with that. i like three debates. i think it is fine. somebody said one debate. i would rather have three. i think they will be very interesting. >> we have fox team coverage. john mccormick, senior writer for "the weekly standard." but we begin with peter doocy live in columbus, ohio.
7:01 am
peter what did donald trump have planned for today? reporter: elizabeth we'll hear to the counterargument to the pitch that hillary clinton made in columbus, ohio, yes. trump spent part of his weekend calling out for bill clinton economic policies that hurt the rust belt. bill clinton is relevant because hillary says he would be in charge of he revitalizing the economy if he wins. for trump, ohio is the day's first step stop. the second is pennsylvania. this will be the first pay of events since behind the scenes drama in another swing state colorado. donald trump was reportedly stuck in hotel elevator for half an hour on friday afternoon. reports are that trump and 10 others were only freed from the hotel elevator when the fire department actually lower ad ladder into the car and everybody climbed out. nominee included. >> big topic of conversation. trump now clearing up his comments about ukraine?
7:02 am
reporter: right. trump is trying to make clear this morning he understands that putin has already used military force to invade crimea, which is part of ukraine. and this comes after trump took heat over the weekend for not being clear about that in an interview with abc. trump just tweet ad little while ago. when i said in an interview that putin is not going into ukraine, you can mark it down. i am saying if i am president already in crimea. that is what trump said. trump said this weekend, he heard the people of crimea would rather be part of russia than be part of ukraine. if he becomes the 45th president, he will look into possibly getting rid of sanctions that were levied against russia for invading two years ago. elizabeth? >> peter doocy reporting live. bill: for more on this, we want to bring in john mccormick, senior writer for "the weekly standard."
7:03 am
that place must be a ghost town? >> no traffic today. bill: where do you think this raise as of today, stands, john? >> couple new polls suggesting that after trump got his bounce from the republican convention, hillary clinton getting a bounce. "cbs poll" showed hillary clinton up seven. in "real clear politics" average is up two points. u have to see how the dust settles in this race. give it a week or two. the latest round of controversy at the convention we'll see how that shakes out. we have the debates. a lot will depend on that. even if is 2-point race one or another. there is decent shot whoever is down will end up winning. bill: do you think it is razor tight? do you think it is 50/50, 41-49? >> not quite yet. hillary clinton will get a bounce. we'll get more post-democratic convention polling showing she
7:04 am
has substantial lead. when hillary clinton was up five or six points, trump still had one in four shot of winning. one in four shot of winning winning a couple bucks off the scratch-off. not like hitting a jackpot or powerball. if this race is in the single digits you have to keep your eye on it. bill: you mentioned the debates, what do you believe as you analyze this now could decide this race? >> you know, i think that hillary clinton's argument to disqualify trump, she is trying to make the argument, non-idealogical argument that he is unfit to serve. trying to appeal to independents and given a number of controversy. comments about john mccain. comments about the federal judge, paul ryan called textbook definition of a racist attack. latest controversy over the parents with the fallen soldier, captain khan. you go down the list, you they are not idealogical.
7:05 am
people for reasons of character and temperment, listen i can't get on board with that. if that argument resonates, if she disqualifies him that will cost him the election. bill: look at philadelphia and cleveland further in the rear view mirror. did these two conventions change anything or clarify anything or not, john? >> i think it clarified one thing. donald trump is not going to pivot. he will run as donald trump. donald trump of the primaries. i think there was some idea out there among the republican establishment, maybe he was being bombastic in a way that would win the republican primary and pivot to the center and be more presidential. we've seen over last week or so, trump ran a very, in his convention itself was, it was very much in the mode of how he had campaigned, being very tough, aggressive language. talking about, shutting down the border, getting control of illegal immigration. very pugnacious demeanor, dealing with a parent of a
7:06 am
fallen soldier, with captain kahn talking about how his mother may have not been allowed to speak. suggesting that the father had no right to speak. this is trump we haven't seen before. trump doing it his own way. we'll see how it shakes out. bill: i wonder the folks in pennsylvania feel about all the attention because it already started. when you look at pennsylvania, florida, ohio, how do those states break if trump is to win. >> i think trump needs to win all three of those to win. pennsylvania, in particular it has been difficult for republicans. while you have the conservative working class outside of pittsburgh, you have a moderate group of republicans or group of independents outside of philadelphia. can trump appeal to people? i don't know. he was much more popular with moderates in the republican primary than conservatives. that is the big question. how does trump play with moderate republicans with independents, in the philadelphia suburbs.
7:07 am
bill: centrist democrats too outside of that. northern, western part of the state. thank you, john mccormick. come on back. live there in washington today. thanks for the analysis. seven past. liz? >> vice president joe biden's term is winding down. don't expect him to disappear. biden is not ruling out running for office again sometime in the future. >> i always judge people who spend a lot of time in public office say they care about things. the day after they leave, they no longer talk about them. i don't think they cared much about them. i care deeply. there are many opportunities. >> you run for something again. >> i don't plan on that, george. i learned a long time ago you don't say anything for absolutely certain. >> biden has served in public office for last 46 years. he will continue to fighting cancer, reforming tax system and other issues he is passionate about. bill: he still has the energy.
7:08 am
good for him. chris wallace cornering hillary clinton on fox news sunday whether or not she lied about sending classified information on her personal server and email. >> fbi director james comey said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> chris, that is not what i heard directly comey say. i thank you for giving me the opportunity to, in my view clarify. bill: so did she hear james comey differently than the rest of the country? we'll talk about that in a moment. >> plus donald trump hitting the campaign trail with less than 100 days to go until the election. how he is planning to win come november. we'll break down the state of the presidential race. bill: wicked wildfires threaten hundreds of homes in the american west. bill: firefighters are fighting tooth and nail trying to contain these fires. >> people's lives are at risk. all we do is say prayers and hope the lord can intervene. we have the lot of people working that hard.
7:09 am
hopefully it will be all right. pray for everyone involved and pray for the best. for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. whether it's connecting onef or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. campuses. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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7:13 am
questioned his mental health but a judge ruled in april he was competent to stand trial. ♪ >> i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. there is no classified materials. i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time. i had not sent classified material nor received anything marked classified. bill: so all three of those comments there were given last year over a six-month period. that was hillary clinton repeatedly denying she sent or received classified email on her server. well, now she is doubling down on theathathathathatzatzatzárej
7:14 am
. >> i heard her continuing to maintain the facade she has been telling the truth. for example, she said the fbi told me, i heard director comey say i was truthful. director comey said as far as he knew he was truthful in her three hour unrecorded secret interview with the fbi. director comey said the opposite
7:15 am
what she told the benghazi committee and what she told the american public. she repeatedly told the house committee investigating benghazi and repeatedly told the public you just ran the clips that she neither sent or received anything classified. she sent or received over 110 items that were marked secret or top secret. of that five were select access privilege. that means, she had to enter a continuously changing alphanumeric code in order to receive and send and open. each time she received it, each time she sent it, each time she open the i had. it is inconceivable she could have done that not knowing to intend to receive or open it in her non-secure, non-government issued mobile device, via her non-secure, privately-owned server in her home. bill: sap, right, special access privilege? >> yes. bill: everyone in government knows it's a rare breed who has
7:16 am
the access to it, correct? >> so secret the fbi agents investigating her to not have clearance to see what it was. they had to bring in people from the intelligence community to open these things, read them and tell them what they were. bill: hold that. i have one specific question for you. to the governor, now, what is your sense what this matters in a political sense for her campaign now? does it bother her, bug her or is it over? >> it is not over. it is going to continue. it will become clarified. the judge did a great job of pointing out technical flaws and people will put it in a political context. she is now lying about lying. it goes back to the real old saying we have often heard, liar, liar, pantsuit on fire. bill: in manner of speaking. what you're reflecting on though, governor, is this trustworthiness, that, does not rate high with hillary clinton.
7:17 am
do you, do you see that number changing or has the voters solidify in his or her mind what they already think of her. >> they may not have solidified but they certainly have come to grasp the reality of the fact that she is not telling the truth. if the republicans reinforce that, in the campaign, and if they get some ads out there that shows director comey, for example, saying that what she said was not true, it will reinforce it all the way between now and election day. it is her biggest problem and she is going to have to deal with she is trying to deal with it by discrediting donald trump. bill: fascinating interview chris wallace did yesterday. she has not held a press conference in what more than 200 days, 240 days, whatever the number is today. can she win in november and not hold a press conference? >> in this election cycle,
7:18 am
anything can happen. i suspect at some point she is going to have to hold a press conference, but in an odd way she my opinion beginning to hurt herself by not holding a press conference, because that is an easy factoid to throw out to point out she is afraid of confronting truth and questions from the press. bill: got it. back to the legal, on her first day in office as secretary of state, what did she do, what did she sign, what did she agree to. >> she received a two-hour tutorial from the fbi agents from the national security division which they explained to her the lawful and proper and required handling of state secrets. at the end of that two-hour tutorial she signed an oath. this is public document, publicly available, which she agreed as the secretary of state receiving the highest security clearance that there is, it is shared by the president and second, head of the cia and only
7:19 am
half dozen others, she had the legal obligation to recognize, secret and top secret information whether it was stamped or marked secret or top secret or not. this is very important, bill, because she told chris wallace yesterday that if she sent something that was, that was secret in her email, it was marked secret after she received it and after she sent it. that is baloney. she had the obligation to know it when she saw it. bill: last point f all this is true, she understood it as a lawyer first she is, right? >> yes. bill: any opportunity to evade this agreement would be deliberate? >> absolutely. and any statement made under oath like what she told the benghazi committee would be worthy of a justice department investigation. if we can trust the justice department for pure perjury or misleading congress. bill: we got to run. governor, thank you you as well. john sununu, andrew napolitano.
7:20 am
thank you, men. liz? elizabeth: great conversation. donald trump facing backlash over can sear khan, but why is isn't anyone talking about this. >> she lied to me and called me a liar. i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. elizabeth: clinton basically calling the mother of a benghazi victim a liar. we'll talk about coming up. bill: founder of wikileaks saying he is far from finished. what new information we might learn about the dnc. ♪ ladies, why just dream of worry-free nights? i'm linda, and like millions of women worldwide i trust tena. and with new tena overnight underwear i can now sleep worry free all night.
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7:23 am
bill: the founder of wikileaks refusing to give up source for
7:24 am
more than 20,000 hacked dnc emails. they appear to favor hillary clinton over bernie sanders and led to the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz at last week's convention. julian assange says not the real issue not source of the emails but rather their content. >> we have published proof election campaign of bernie sanders was sabotaged in a corrupt by debbie wasserman schultz and others in the dnc we can say that categorically. bill: stand by for more on that. timing of email release sparked speculation that russia was behind the attack, the hack, rather, in effort to tamper with u.s. election. as sang says there is more to come. ♪ >> she looked me squarely in the eye and told me a video was responsible. [booing]
7:25 am
since then i have repeatedly asked hillary clinton to explain to me the real reason why my son is dead. i am still waiting. elizabeth: we all remember that. that was pat smith, mother of sean smith who was killed in the benghazi terror attack. as donald trump faces backlash over his response to a gold star family, not many news outlets are talking about hillary clinton's response to mrs. smith. listen. >> i don't hold any i'll feeling for someone who in that moment may not fully recall everybody that was or wasn't said. >> i think there has been a confusion in the minds of some and exploiting that confusion for the advantage of others. elizabeth: pete hegseth is iraq and afghanistan rhett van as well as a fox news contributor. thank you so much for joining us. we just heard from secretary clinton on "fox news sunday" but this isn't the first time that
7:26 am
she's made reference to pat smith. what was your reaction to this? are you surprised we're not seeing it splattered across more headlines? >> of course i'm not. media, left-wing mainstream media has a clear bias for hillary clinton and against donald trump. so even though she continues to deny what has been proven that she told her daughter, her own daughter, hillary clinton told her own daughter chelsea she knew it was terrorist attack and then days later told families another story, lied to them, fact it was about internet video. when questioned about it and denies is impugns memories of not just one gold star mother, a mother of fallen but "earths" as well. doesn't get any scrutiny. they don't want to tell that story. they're over that. they think benghazi is right-wing crusade. when donald trump has exchange with mr. khan at dnc. they blow that up on front page of every newspaper. very clear double-standard.
7:27 am
we should continue to expect this 98 days from the left-wing media. >> i want your reaction to trump's comments, first and foremost, you don't foresee this double-standard changing anytime soon. >> of course not. elizabeth: in the near future why is it important for people to remember her reaction and also her remarks after the attack? >> because it speaks to her true character. why would we hand over keys of commander-in-chief woman who is willing to lie over coffins of americans who were dead? died because they didn't have the necessary security. we didn't respond way we should have. the cover-up afterwards was completely political. the best way to judge an individual is in the most difficult times. hillary clinton did not step up. then she played political card as opposed to doing what was right as secretary of state. this goes to the core who we should be as commander-in-chief. that is consider we should have the conversation but she doesn't want to have it. elizabeth: i want to get your reaction to trump's comments, the dnc could have put up a number of gold star families.
7:28 am
they chose this family if particular a muslim family. should he have been more aware, perhaps seen there could have been backlash if he made comment such as this. >> sure. he could have articulated differently but what the dnc and left do, they play identity politics. i will take nothing away from the gold star father. he and his wife given everything to this nation. my greatest respect goes to every gold star family out there. they have the right to say whatever they want. we should be very clear about that the way we respond to that should be nothing but respect. at the same time, .002% of gold star families are muslim families in this country from iraq and afghanistan. .002. they cherry-picked based on identity politics one couple knew would say what they wanted about donald trump. doesn't take away from their faith or whoer this as americans, just a fact the left does. we fall over that and fall to the trap, without pointing that they're drawing all distinctions and attacking donald trump and policies in untruthful way.
7:29 am
you can praise them and their courage and their son who was a hero and created a distinction and be honest about the fact that they were attacking donald trump politically on the stage. that is honest thing to say. think we could be little more artful how we confront that. elizabeth: pete hegseth, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. bill: 29 past the hour now. this a horrifying scene. [shouting] flying debris sends fans to the hospital at a demolition derby. we'll show you how this played out. donald trump clarifying his remarks on ukraine. we'll talk about the national security policy adviser, rear admiral chuck kubic. >> mark it down, put it down, take it -- >> he is already there. >> he is there in certain way. but i'm not there yet.
7:30 am
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elizabeth: two people are dead and more than 100 had to be rescued after torrential rains caused flash flooding in maryland t happened saturday night when more than six inches of rain fell in just two hours. officials in ellicott city said it is the worst devastation in more than 50 years. multiple businesses and homes were left damaged. the governor declaring a state of emergency. witnesses say the wall of water came out of nowhere. >> flash flood. and i literally came here. i thought we were going to have dinner. within five minutes, there was panic and my friend pulling someone out of there. i never seen anything like it. >> the water got up where we were standing here t would have been waste high here. >> all i can say. i'm happy i'm alive. elizabeth: you probably seen this dramatic video from the storm going viral. shows several people forming a human chain to rescue a woman
7:34 am
being swept away. names of two victims deceased have not been released. bill: horrible stuff. trump back on the campaign trail. he will be in ohio. taking questions on foreign policy. in fact, in the last few hours, trump was on twitter addressing that. retired rear admiral chuck cubic, foreign policy advisor to donald trump. how are you doing sir. thank you for your time. >> i'm doing fine. good morning, bill. bill: i want to play a clip from abc, george stephanopoulos talking about ukraine and putin. if i have a listen. watch. >> just so you understand he will not go into ukraine, right. you can mark it down. >> he is already there, isn't he? >> well he is there in a certain way but i'm not there. frank lay that whole part. world is mess under obama with all the strength that you're talking about and all the power of nato and all of this. meantime he is going -- he takes crime, he is sort of -- >> you said you might recognize that? >> i'm going to take a look at it. bill: cut through that.
7:35 am
what is he saying about a trump administration's relationship with vladmir putin, et cetera? >> well i think, bill what we're saying is that the cold war is over. we have to kind of put that behind us. we have to look at the new reality. we have to look at how nato needs to evolve. also how our relationship needs to evolve with, with russia and with other countries in the area. and so i think what mr. trump is saying is. it is time to take a clear look at what's going on in the ukraine, and basically use negotiating powers, negotiating skills, economic power to be able to resolve that so that a free and independent ukraine can ally with whoever it wants to in terms of trade and military alliances. bill: they have a vote in that country. hour ago. with all the obama tough talk on russia and ukraine they have already taken crimea and continue to push.
7:36 am
that is what i said, exclamation point. here is another one. when i said in interview putin is not going into the ukraine, you can mark it down, if i am president. already in crimea. does that clarify it? >> well i think what he is saying here, that we have a status quo situation. it is a new status quo. it needs to be addressed and we don't need to address it in a way that doesn't look at the democratic will of the ukrainian people. that will take negotiations with russia, with europe, with the u.s., with ukraine but there is a solution to be had there if we work to get it, rather than just trying to stir up, you know, old cold war sentiments. bill: what would be that solution, sir? >> you know, i don't think it is for me to say today because it has got to have input from a number of different parties. but of course the bottom line is, that we want a solution that is respected and instoriesed by
7:37 am
the ukraine -- endorsed by the ukraine people, that recognize the rights of majorities and minorities in the ukraine. bill: in a bigger sense does the trump team see vladmir putin as dangerous? >> well i think that, yes, you know he has proven to be dangerous in the past, but that doesn't mean we can't reconcile our differences with us. we rec kyle aisled differences decades ago with japan and germany. they were truly dangerous. we're reconciling different in vietnam. it is time to reconcile differences to reduce danger and threat. i think it is possible with mr. trump as our president and commander-in-chief to do. bill: what you're describing for us is a new world order, right? >> or a different world order. i don't know that i like the term new world order but one evolving given the threats and alliances that are part of the new reality. bill: fascinating stuff. we'll see what donald trump has to say about this today in ohio if it comes up.
7:38 am
we're watching twitter feed for more reaction a bit earlier. chuck, thank you for your time, sir. we hope you come back. >> thank you, bill. i enjoyed it. bill: thank you, sir. elizabeth: now to a story we've been following. dry weather and gusty winds fueling raging wildfires out west. hundreds much people are in evacuation out in california and montana as fires threaten hundreds of homes and businesses. firefighters are desperately trying to contain the flames but some people are already lost everything. >> i went through a single family fire with my first assignment and woman there had lost everything. we handed her a care kit, a comfort kit, with a wash cloth and shampoo and she cried and we cried with her. she finally owned something again. that is why we do these things. elizabeth: william la jeunesse live in los angeles with the very latest. heart. reporter: hello, elizabeth.
7:39 am
26 large uncontained fires are burning around the united states. the most expensive, with unheard of 5300 firefighters on scene at the 62 square mile fire burning south of san francisco in big sure. big sur. the cost there, 44 million. driver of a bulldozer with a containment line was overtaken by the blaze. the good news the winds shifted away from the coast and expensive real estate. bad news, it is headed back to wild high country. after a week only 57% contained. some homeowners still refuse to surrender. >> this is everything you work for. all your stuff. you don't want to go. i don't want to go. i wanted to stay here and it was going to burn, i would watch it burn. i would do everything i can to stop it. reporter: but there is no stopping a new fire in western montana, not a brush fire, but a deep, dense, forest with heavy
7:40 am
timber, 200-foot flames and fire began sunday. mandatory evacuations are underway. >> you can see all the winds still. you can see what the winds are doing to the fire. it is just pushing it all the way down the face into the fuel. it's, i never seen anything that happened that quick here. reporter: so the fire in montana is called the roaring lion fire. it has only burned 3,000-acres but they called in a type one management team. that is the highest risk category ever assigned to a fire. it means, elizabeth, there will be crews and resources from around the country pouring into mon tran that, a -- montana, likely to burn for days if not weeks. elizabeth: unbelievable. william la jeunesse. thank you so much. bill: flying debris leaves spectators injured in a demolition derby in the state of utah. [shouting] you see that? that could kill you. the event director saying part after truck broke off and flew
7:41 am
into the crowd. that debris weighed 50 pounds. injured two women and a boy. they will be okay. director said all vehicles were inspected before the event. nothing seemed out of the ordinary. once you see a demolition derby you don't know where it can go. that incident is being investigated. wow. elizabeth: the general election season gets underway with hillary clinton and donald trump hitting the campaign trail. what they need to each do with under 100 days before election day. we'll break down where the race stands. bill: miss teen usa is accused of racism. what she did years ago which spark ad national outcry. ♪ you didn't read your car insurance policy.
7:42 am
7:43 am
you just stuck it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. until a dump truck hit your pickup truck and now you need a tow truck.
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7:45 am
speaks contending a racial slur were found on her twitter account. she admits using language. she is not proud of it. quote, several years ago i ad many personal struggles, and found myself at a place who i am a person and thanks in large part to education and sisterhood i have come to know through pageants, i am proud to say i am today a better person. elizabeth: all right, with the conventions behind themp donald trump and hillary clinton are looking head to november and the election less than 100 days away. right now "real clear politics" average has them in tight race. hillary clinton 44%, and donald trump 42.7%. lisa booth contributor to the washington examine ear president and founder of high noon. which have marjorie clifton consultantto the obama campaign and principle at clifton
7:46 am
consulting. thanks for joining us. i appreciate it, ladies. >> hi, elizabeth. elizabeth: first and foremost, wash on r "washington post" had a great piece, five takeaways where we are in the election. first one i want to bring up there is no trump 2.0. you may both agree with this, but i'm wondering lisa, maybe if there shouldn't be a trump 2.0? >> donald trump is donald trump. we've seen so far he will be who he is. what donald trump needs to do this election cycle is continue to reach out to those disaffected voters who are disenchanted with president obama's policies. because look, president obama did win in 2008 and 2012 but his policies were rejected by voters with historic margins. he lost 900 state legislature seats. 12 governors races. 13 senate seats and 69 house seats. voters, historically rejected his policies. so donald trump needs to reach out to those voters who are feeling the pain in the pocketbook. who have seen the fact they haven't seen pay increases throughout president obama's
7:47 am
policies and they're making less under president obama. so those are voters that donald trump needs to try to appeal to. elizabeth: i want to move to the second bullet point. marjorie i want to give you a chance to respond to this. hillary clinton will play it safe. do you think that is correct statement, especially with her attempts to attract progressive voters? >> i think exactly, works in tandem with the first point which is donald trump will dig his own grave in many ways with a lot of electoral, a lot of electoral college and electoral votes. what he does very well is putting his foot in his mouth. not only that, doubling down when he offended people. doubling down when he is perceived to step in it. i think what hillary clinton needs to do, in some ways hold and steady and true to her messages and allow him to keep talking to make points he makes. that is one of the things he is saying. 70-year-old man who has been successful in business, perceives hes has arrived and will never change. he is who he is, that is both and good and bad thing. good, you know what you're
7:48 am
getting. bad in what you're getting to a lot of people both offensive and not appropriate. elizabeth: but the same can be said for hillary clinton as well. >> sure. it is about what flavor both repels you most and what flavor you're drawn to in other ways this is more for voters. elizabeth: okay. i want to give you a chance to respond but, in light of timing i do want to move on to the third point and lisa, i will start with you. this one, trump has a very narrow he electoral path but that doesn't go for hillary as well. >> it absolutely does. hillary clinton's problem she needs to rebuild the obama coalition. look, african-american voters turn out in higher margin than white voters did in 2008 and 2012. they were voting for the first african-american president f those voters turn to 2004 turnout in partisanship levels she would lose florida and ohio and virginia, margins in ohio and virginia would essentially be cut in half. you also look at millenial voters that president obama did
7:49 am
so well with, and hillary clinton's image with them at all-time lows. hillary clinton will have a really hard time connecting with these voters that propelled president obama to history. look history working against hillary clinton, in the sense it is very difficult for a party to win the white house three consecutive terms in a row. last president or last time that happened was in 1988. it will be very, very difficult for hillary clinton to do that and rebuild the obama coalition. >> i want to bring up the last two points. marjorie, they really go hand in hand. the fourth one clinton and trump may be only people that each other can beast and fifth one, next three months will be incredibly nasty. those two will go hand in hand. >> at 100 days we're usually much further in the election cycle. what i'm saying we've already seen a lot from both these candidates. i think public sort of believes, we've seen what we're going to get. what is there left to talk about? unfortunately what is dominating
7:50 am
news cycle has been a lot of negativity. what we're looking at more of a culture war i think than a policy war. what do we fundamentally believe from a persona, from a values standpoint is important and how are these candidates resonating. this election cycle is nothing like anyone ever seen before. everyone i talked to in history. what it is going to call on, when this election is over, what is going to do to completely rehab the party that loses because i think it is a call to what american people care about and what people are thinking about, what is really on their mind. it is emotional at end of day. elizabeth: lisa, you have 10 seconds. we have to wrap it up. >> no, you look at excitement for donald trump in these blue-collar and rust belt states. ohio had the biggest discrepancy with registration for the primaries than they ever have in modern history for them. one million new republicans that registered to vote for, to vote in this primary election. you also look at is 12,000 democrats that -- 112,000
7:51 am
democrats switched over to republicans for the primaries. elizabeth: i have to cut you off in effort of time. thank you both for joining us. we very much appreciate it. bill: hillary clinton dropped news on chris wallace. guess who watches fox in her family?
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> i'm jon scott. coming up in six minutes on "happening now," less than 100 days until the election. hillary clinton and donald trump furiously pounding pavement. bret baier and karl rove on states to watch. also asking if hillary clinton is getting a convention bounce? new polls on that. plus the zika virus hits florida. and the return of jenna lee, next hour, "happening now." bill: that is big news. jon, cool. see you in couple minutes. hillary clinton revealed news, interesting with chris wallace, turns out her late mother was an
7:55 am
avid watcher of the fox news channel. here is how that went. >> she was a big fox viewer, i will tell you. >> really? >> yes, she was. and i -- >> why didn't you take that from her? >> well i once said to her, she would getup set, i will be honest with you, would getup set, people you had on say terrible things about me. that was when i was senator running for president and first two years of secretary of state. mom, if it upsets you so much, why do you keep watching? i like some. people and i have to know what the other ones are saying so i can understand and be against it. so, i think she had a very strategic reason for watching. elizabeth: bill, i bet you the only show she watched with bill hemmer. bill: no doubt. i thought wallace's comeback was pretty good. why didn't you take that from her. very good, chris. well-done. elizabeth: hillary clinton and donald trump on the campaign trail today but each has obstacles to make it to the
7:56 am
white house. we're live on the trail coming up. ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you >> ...
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. martha: one very lucky person is $487 million richer. that sounds nice, doesn't help? powerball officials say one winning ticket matched all six numbers for saturday's jackpot which was the fourth largest in us history. the ticket sold at a circuit market in new hampshire but who bought the ticket is a mystery. >> i think it's one of the most exciting things that has happened . >> i hope whoever wins it really needs it but i'll be honest, i'm kicking myself right now. martha: three powerball players also won big in california, matching five numbers for a price of about
8:00 am
$800,000 each. what would you do and with an extra $800,000. >> mark. bill: it would make for a pretty good week. we are halfway home. good to be with you. we will see you tomorrow and we will see what we get today, everybody. have a great day and "happening now" starts right now. jon: the early polls show hillary clinton getting up booze from the democratic national convention, good morning. i'm jon scott andwelcome back . somebody had a couple of babies. jenna: more than i did when i left. jon: a littlebit of a shock . jenna: i'm jenna lee and i love what you did with the studio when i was gone. is this what happens, you redecorate when i leave? at least the crew is still the same. we have new numbers revealing hillary clinton's approval rating has gone up. still dodging criticism over the fbi investigation into her email practices. the campaign in nebraska, a


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