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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 1, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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$800,000 each. what would you do and with an extra $800,000. >> mark. bill: it would make for a pretty good week. we are halfway home. good to be with you. we will see you tomorrow and we will see what we get today, everybody. have a great day and "happening now" starts right now. jon: the early polls show hillary clinton getting up booze from the democratic national convention, good morning. i'm jon scott andwelcome back . somebody had a couple of babies. jenna: more than i did when i left. jon: a littlebit of a shock . jenna: i'm jenna lee and i love what you did with the studio when i was gone. is this what happens, you redecorate when i leave? at least the crew is still the same. we have new numbers revealing hillary clinton's approval rating has gone up. still dodging criticism over the fbi investigation into her email practices. the campaign in nebraska, a
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state historically republican getting help from several high-profile business leaders there who say they support her economic plans over donald trump. mike emanuel is live in omaha nebraska with more for us today. reporter: nebraska is a conservative state but there is an opportunity potentially to pick up an electoral vote if hillary clinton can win one of the congressional districts here in omaha. clinton will have help from a big business name in billionaire warren buffett, that after she campaigned over the weekend with businessman mark cuban and former new york city mayor mark luber spoke on her behalf at the convention. clinton speaking out about the controversy between the con family, a muslim american lost a son interact and donald trump. >> to launch an attack as he did on captain con's mother, a gold star mother who stood there on that stage with her husband honoring the sacrifice of their husband, i don't know where the balance
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are, i don't know where the bottom is. >> the new cbs poll suggest clinton earned a four point out of the democratic convention, the survey has quit bleeding from 46 percent to 39 percent. then there'sthe controversy over clinton's emails and what fbi director james coley said about them. in a fox news exclusive chris wallace noted home he said what clinton told the american people was not true and clinton disagrees . >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i said is consistent with what i have told the american people. that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails. reporter: that claim earned clinton for pinocchio's from washington post fact checker.
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in nebraska, republicans say clinton is wasting her time and money by coming here. still, she's going to give it a shot. jenna? jenna: did you get a chance to eat anything in omaha, i hear they are known for that? reporter: all part of the research. jenna: you deserve it mike, thank you very much.jon: donald trump is also hitting the campaign trail this week with 98 days to go until the election. according to the new york times, mister trump's campaign will focus heavily on ohio, loretta and pennsylvania, three of the most crucial battleground states in the race. this is both candidates faced sharp criticism for their comments over the weekend. here to discuss it, bret baier, host of special report. hillary clinton and her running mate were in ohio and pennsylvania over the weekend and spent most of their time not talking about their plans but talking about donald trump. >> and it's going to be the focus i think, john. good morning. i think you are going to see the clinton campaign try to
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make trump unacceptable. i understand both of these candidates have high negatives. add hillary clinton's honest and trustworthy numbers are upside down. she is trying to focus on donald trump because if you can make him unacceptable in the eyes of especially moderates, disaffected republicans along the edges they are, they think they can pick up the numbers they need. on the flipside, donald trump is trying to make hillary clinton unacceptable so what does all that equal? a verynegative race for the next 98 days . jon: echoing that, and urine rights in today's washington post that many democrats have included more the election is framed as a rejection of trump the less voters are likely to focus on the particulars of their discomfort and dislike of clinton. these are two candidates with very highnegatives , the question is , you are supposed to spend time talking about your own achievements, right?
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can they eat essentially focus on a negative race, trump and clinton focus on the negative race and still win? >> yes, i think they can. it's like the old story about how can you outrun the bear? you don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun the guidance next to you and i think that's where we are in that they are going to try to be the less "happening now" to make the other person less appealing and that's what were going to see. in these debates, first on september 26 there will be efforts to get them on policy and specifics and questions on policy and specific issues. but in the interim, you are seeing what the clinton strategy is. they're going to blue-collar places, fighting on trump stir which is white, noncollege educated males and trying to make little incremental steps that they can move some numbers. that's where she's hurting the most.
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jon: pennsylvania is an interesting choice. it's not traditionally been a republican state but donald trump inks he can win it. ohio and florida, always battlegrounds but does he stand a chance in pennsylvania? >> it's not just donald trump who thinksthat. former democratic governor ed rendell thinks that trump can win pennsylvania and thinks he's already made headway in registration numbers , especially with that specific block of union households. he's probably going to get a lot of union people who traditionally go to democrats who will turn and go to trump. i heard that when we were at the convention and i think that you are going to see some surprising shifts in the demographics but hillary clinton and khizr kahn believe they can take off a little sliver of that and end up being the margin theyneed to win . jon: they were just talking about this on america's newsroom but the challenge
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for clinton is that this country typically does not like to elect a third, well, and the keys to the white house to the same party three times in a row. with barack obama wrapping up his second term, she has to persuade voters that she would be more than a third term of barack obama, right? >> that's what you saw the focus at the democratic convention that she is a change maker, she's the person who can get things done, she never stops, she's always fighting and that she's not status quo. that's a hard argument you make when you listen to president obama say she's the person who should carry the torch of his two terms forward. and that's why you're the trump people saying hillary clinton is a third obama term. she has to shake that. she has to, that's why he's fighting on this battleground of making it about trump and a referendum on his
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leadership or lack thereof. jon: typically in any election the economy is issue number one. we got some bad economic news or very soft economic news on friday. the headline in the wall street journal said we are in the worst recovery, the slowest recovery sense 1949 in this country. that's something that the clinton team is going to have to battle against. >> definitely and the obama administration can talk about numbers all day long and they can talk about this data's and the unemployment rate even though large numbers of people are no longer searching for work, it is how people feel around the kitchen table about the economy and about their economic situation and that's why you are seeing some of these really close and they probably shouldn't be considering the amount of coverage , negative coverage donald trump has received and coming off this democratic convention bounce. jon: two candidates with very
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high negatives. it's going to be interesting to watch over the next 90 days. bret baier, we will see you tonight. jenna: overseas to afghanistan where a deadly terror attack in their rock the capital. i'll bomb blast into a hotel in kabul before three gunmen opened fire there and the attack killing one police officer and wounding four others. the taliban now claiming responsibility , following this story with our mideast bureau. reporter: the northgate hotel has long been a target for the town man, last attacked three years ago in july of 2013. this was a massive bomb that the taliban and tried to get past security. it was heard and felt across all of kabul early this morning, about 1:30 or so local time but despite its size only one police officer was injured, three others injured, none of the actual guests at the guesthouse which mainly is security contractors, police, military contractors from the european union and also from america and also civilian organizations, ngos and the
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software injured but it does raise concerns about the instability and the security situation and kabul that the taliban and were able to get such a large bomb past police checkpoints. they did it late at night according to minneapolis, that's while the security officials were fairly confident in battling the taliban fighters after the bomb went off. the town man still have the ability to get these big bombs, past security checkpoints particularly at night and according to many analysts the real concerned with the security forces in kabul and across the country is how they are seriously focused on preventing large attacks. they are fairly good at responding to attacks at this point but not good at preventing them.
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the white house has announced they will keep some 8400 or so us troops in countries to help mentor and train the afghan security forces. that's up from 5500 or so that were originally scheduled. the bigger question jenna is what will us troops do? the last year or so there's been a criticism of us strategy there that there are a lot of troops to help train and mentor but with security analyst sadie troops need to be doing is going on patrol and push the afghan security forces up enough for two to the point where they are not only good at responding to attacks but also good at preventing attacks. that remains the big question about whether the us and their troops that are there in countries in the next year or so, what type of mission they will have in afghanistan. jenna: connor, thank you. jon: bullets fly at a crowded hotspot, killing one woman and wounding four others. the latest in the investigation for the person of interest emerges. plus, the electoral path to winning the white house. three states that could make all the difference for donald trump and hillary clinton. karl rove ways in just ahead. >>
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jenna: the big question we've
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been asking over the last several years is how is the united states taking the fight to isis? we're getting headlines that give us an idea of what's happening today. according to the pentagon the united states has had airstrikes in the area of art, a key area of libya that isis has dominated on the coast which makes it strategically important and as you can see not far from tripoli but apparently according to the information we are getting from the pentagon the un government in libya which is still a newly formed government asked for the united states to come in and make these airstrikes. whether or not that's the whole story we are going to hear more about it around 1230 eastern time when we get a briefing from the department of defense and pentagon but that's what's happening today. us-led airstrikes in the area of sirte against isis. jon: right now some crime headlines we are following. makes murder trial begins
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today with the rap mogul facing charges in connection with a deadly hit and run accident in 2015. suge knight's attorney tried to get the addresses corporate several key witnesses before the trial started but the judge denied that request more than a week ago. court action for the ohio man accused of plotting to attack the us capital in support of isis. christopher lee cornell initially pled not guilty to charges stemming from his arrest at the beginning of 2015 but he is expected to change his plea today. in texas, police now looking for a person of interest in connection with the deadly shooting over the weekend. it happened in a crowded entertainment area of downtown austin. one woman killed, four others wounded. jenna: now taking a focus on the electoral map and what's ahead in politics today.
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we take a closer look about what this means for hillary clinton and donald trump. here's a look at the map where you see republican state in red and the solidly democratic states in blue and there are some tossup states as well in yellow. florida, ohio and pennsylvania are the keyto the white house because without winning them donald trump would have a difficult time eating hillary clinton or so says an article in the new york times over the weekend. karl rove , former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush is our guest. is it really about those three states? >> it is and incidentally welcome back and congratulations. i bet you're happy to be back at work to get a little bit of rest. jenna: it's a great break although i made sure to keep the kids up on politics because i want them to be informed . we have to make sure they're good citizens so as they grow older although they are 17 years away from voting, in the meantime for those of us who can vote, is it about pennsylvania, florida and ohio and that's it?
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>> i would add one more stayed in there, north carolina because let's assume donald trump starts with the states that mitt romney won. that would give him 206 electoral votes toward the 270 that needs but that assumes he wins north carolina which barack obama narrowly took in 2008 and which mitt romney narrowly won in 2012 but assume for a moment that he does that. that means he would have to hundred six electoral votes. if he takes florida that would give him 235. he must win florida because if the democrats win florida and the states they taken in the last six presidential elections, they will have 200 and 71 electoral votes, one more than needed so he needs to win florida. ohio would get him to 253 and the easiest path to 70, by winning one state would be when pennsylvania which george w. bush came within 2 and a half points and of carrying in 2004 and which has seen direction, roughly 200,000 votes shift toward the republicans and away from the democrats in registration
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totals since 2012. he still needs to convert about 100,000 democrats and independents who voted for obama or didn't come across but that would give him two 773. jenna: let me ask you about the 200,000 because it sounds like a big number or small number and no republican according to the nework times has on the state of pennsylvania in nearly 3 decades so to get those hundred thousand, how difficult is that to do? is it an impossibility, is easy, is it possible? >> it's either easy or impossible. it is possible but it's difficult to do. you have to look at the dynamics of the last four years. take florida. there's been a 3000 votes shift toward republicans. with increased republican registration and declining democratic registration there's been a shift of 300,000 in that state which barack obama won by 94,000 votes. in pennsylvania there's been a smaller shift but distinct toward republicans with
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accommodation of newly registered republicans and democratic conversions outnumbering republican conversions in the democrats and the decline in the overall number of registered democratics in the state of 200,000+ soit is possible but it requires you to get votes . jenna: let me ask you about that. people can be registered on political party or the other but they still have to show up and vote and at the end of the day that could be affected by whether or anything else that happens on that date for that particular individual. according to the new york times the trump campaign is not intending to match hillary clinton when it comes to ad spending for example, the commercial that people see. what you think about that? how does donald trump break through and get people to not only vote republican but show up for him? >> i think there are two things. he is not engaged in advertising and while the republican national committee has a gigantic get out the vote operation in ohio and florida and pennsylvania, that effort is stronger when the presidential campaign buys into it and integrate
8:21 am
their efforts into that get out the vote efforts, particularly by recruiting volunteers for people to show up and donald trump rallies. that's not being done effectively. the trump campaign says their unconventional and they don't need to do those things. these are two gigantic debts. we don't need to run television at because were donald trump, we don't need to integrate and get out the vote operation because we didn't have a get out the vote operation during the primaries and we won. these are two very large unconventional bets. if he wins he's recast politics. if he loses this is going to be one of the ones on the list of 10 reasons why. jenna: where is your money today? does he win or lose on that? >> the underdog. he's got a very narrow path to victory. democrats have an easier path to the victory in craddock presidential election. that's why we only one in 2004 since 1992 and you have to have a comprehensive effort to get there. can he win? yes. is she had today?
8:22 am
yes. are these two people disliked? yes. do we have a large number of undecideds that are going to make their minds up late? the answer is yes and we are going to be watching this for 90 more days. jenna: all the more exciting to watch. call, great to see you as always, welcome back. jon: raging floodwaters in maryland sweeping away cars and anything else in their path. we are live on the ground with the latest. look at that. now judy doesn't think that she'll be able to retire until her mortgage is fully paid off. this is mike. mike is also 65 years old. his monthly mortgage payment was $728 a month. now mike thought he would have to work for another 12 years until his mortgage was paid off. and then mike heard that a reverse mortgage may help him. he called one reverse mortgage to get the details.
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jenna: right now different search for missing fun four-year-old mold baby girl. ohio police scouring the state today, issuing in an endangered missing child advisory for kaylene this morning. they believe she is in serious danger and kaylynn was reportedly taken from her dad car in a parking lot in southwest ohio. anyone with additional information or questions should call loveland police at the number on your screen. jon: severe flash flooding in maryland kills at least two people. the fast-moving waters searching through one historic town sweeping away cars and leaving total destruction behind. dot away live in maryland right now, doug? p6 john and what a terrible tragedy this flooding is because helicon the city the historic part is truly an historic oasis in the suburban sprawl between washington and baltimore so it's very tragic to see that happen. if you look at the topography around this area you get a sense of why the flooding was so bad. on the other side of these buildings to my left is a very steep hill. on the right side here also very steep hills and the main street upon which we stand has directly down the hill to
8:27 am
the downtown area so what happens when you get six inches of rain in only two hours? witness the video you have right here. water rushing down the street, streets eroding, sidewalks eroded and many water rescues including this human chain where these brave guys managed to coax this woman out of her car. she could well have been a dollar if she stayed in that car. two people were killed as they remained in their cars. in the immediate aftermath of the flooding we saw some of the damage in the stores from these still pictures taken by governor boyd rutherford who came saturday night after the flooding had subsided. you see how the damage came from behind. behind these buildings as if the tiger river that pushed through the windows and the back, which windows from the front and carry it furniture and any belongings people had inside. it could be months before this village recovers. hereis boyd rutherford, lieutenant governor of maryland . >> devastating for the community, for the state, for
8:28 am
the county. these are all small businesses that are here. there is not the change, not the franchises so it's going to be a challenge getting them up and going and there's a lot of infrastructure that has to be repaired as well so it's going to take time and hopefully a lot of patients. reporter: this area is prone to flooding. there have been seven major floods since the city's founding in 1772, the worst of which was right after the civil war . where 12 holes were washed away and as many as 40 people died. the economic damage, immediate concern for the people who work and live here is not devastating for the county, broward county maryland or the state of maryland because most of the shops damaged our trinket shops, tourist shops, a few restaurants here and they are, some artgalleries so the damage will not be devastating to the state of maryland at all. john, back to you .
8:29 am
jon: dot away, what a mess. jenna: both donald trump and hillary clinton blasted in the press this weekend. why one journalist says the mainstream media is biased against mister trump. the media weighs in on that plus a new issues about safetyfrom the pilots union. why the group says american airlines is asking too much of its flight crews . >> i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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jenna: a quick look at what's still going to sarah
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"happening now". the pilots union speaking out against american airlines. white said the carrier is making unfair requests to flight crews and could lead passengers in danger. us at zika outbreak hitting florida. we will talk to doctor many alvarez about what you can do to stay safe. plus, details we are learning today about that deadly hot air balloon crash in texas that killed 16 people over the weekend. jon: both presidential candidates facing media backlash with donald trump getting hit from both sides of the aisle. journalist lynn greenwald writes quote, the us media is essentially 100 percent united vehemently against trump and preventing him from being elected president. let's bring in tammy bruce, radio talkshow host in the fox news contributor. aniline coles is host of the
8:34 am
alan cones show syndicated by fox news radio. those who don't remember glenn greenwald's howard cursed describes him as an over liberal journalist. he's the guy involved in helping edward snowden release all of the top nsa circuits so when he writes that the media is 100 percent in the tank for donald trump, what does that say to you? i'm sorry, for hillary. >> i think americans can see that on their own. they can see, look at the washington post editorial page about what they're focusing on and we've seen that cycle after cycle. it's not just for hillary, it's whoever the liberal is so we see that in our daily experience. what i think the mistake the media is making is still gazing at their own navel. it's their cocktail parties, their friends, their coverage and they like politicians are completely disconnected from the american people. we are aware of what's going on. the one years, the lowest rate of homeownership in america in 51 years. a reduction of the gdp for three quarters, they gone back and reduced it down. you got an economic situation
8:35 am
that is obscene. americans experienced this on a daily basis, we don't need the media to tell us. when we hear about firestorms theyare usually contrived, it's what the media wants to be a firestorm and the american people know the difference and we can reject it . jon: all these reporters writingthese stories all have jobs, obviously. >> conservatives are embracing glenn greenwald all of a sudden . everything that tammy just said is an argument that donald trump should be making because that's the kind of statement that would help him maybe get some traction but instead he's busy attacking, disparaging a gold star family, that became the story of the weekend. rather than talking about the gdp or the economy, rather than talking about whatever issue one might have with hillary clinton he's continuing tweeting out and clearly showing no information in his head about what's going on in ukraine. his lack of knowledge, the gerald ford 1976 in his
8:36 am
debate talked about no influence of russia in the middle east and that ruined his campaign. donald trump does not understand that russia went into crimea and is still there and that seems to be okay. at what point does he lose supporters to mark. >> allen's response is exactly what we've been experiencing. donald trump has been addressing those issues but you don't hear it because the media has been moving this other issue because it's what they want to have in the front. with hillary clinton in the meantime with a chris wallace interview and remarkable things that the media is not really parsing or seems to have no interest in whatsoever. jon: she did get for pinocchio from the washington post for what she told chris wallace over theweekend . >> the problem is republicans are supporting a candidate who's ignoring that and is creating his own, he keeps digging. >> asked about hillary. >> they want to make, you want to make it about hillary. if donald trump was smart you would focus on hillary but he's focusing on a family and you got mike pence putting
8:37 am
out a statement that the opposite of what donald trump said. >> this becomes a game of telephone. it was a george stephanopoulos prentice, he was responding to a george stephanopoulos question about what you've done. he was not attacking the family.just a minute. he praised the family. then it becomes this game of telephone of what the media wants it to be. >> he didn't praise the family, he attacked the family. >> this is a lie. >> only after the fact. >> this conversation, alan. [overlapping conversation] >> they wanted to be like this so you don't think about the homeownership rates, the recession. he is and this is the kind of emotional outburst. [overlapping conversation]
8:38 am
>> you can't blame the media for donald trump. jon: let's get back to glenbrook greenwald. is the media supposed to be picking winners? >> no, of course the media doesn't pick winners. the media is reporting what's going on. donald trump says oh, when stephanopoulos says he's already in ukraine and trump says in a certain way. what does that mean, in a certain way? needs to be held accountable. >> when you have to go back to gerald ford in 1976 to try to make a point about ukraine you are losing. this is why, this is why we see what the media is doing. it's a perfect display of what itis. >> unbelievable. jon: that quote from glenn greenwald, the us media is essentially 100 percent united against donald trump . >> and he's excited about that. >> conservative attack for the first time with glenn greenwald. you can't blame the media, he's a terrible guy. [overlapping conversation] jon: media are not supposed
8:39 am
to pick sides. >> they are reporting, they're reporting the mistakes donald trump is making. doing on first errors here about the con family as recently as this morning. do you think it's appropriate that he keeps repeating the story rather than . [overlapping conversation] [overlapping conversation]. >> you can also juxtapose the statements which are lies to chris wallace and you've got one story and its well, who cares. >> i think the email story is older at this point.>> that's history. it's old, it's history. perfect,thank you alan . jon: hillary clinton is trying to sell herself as this master of policy who swept all the details and yet she's using this homebrew server. >> which she said was a mistake. at what point do we move beyond this? do you want to keep beating her over the head with the server, that's the only thing
8:40 am
republicans have without a positive message on their own, they're going to lose. >> it's fascinating. every single thing donald trump says or does have to be parsed for 12 months hillary puts national security at risk, major issues regarding that server and it's like that's old news, we got to move on from that . this is for the american people, you can see this playing out in the media. how it is covered and why they are covered and this is what, look, if donald trump can run the world he should be able to overcome this kind of garbage and i believe that he will . >> really, okay. can't wait to find out the one we're going to wrap it up there. a rare peaceful moment. alan colmes, tammy bruce. jenna: a new plan encouraging pilots to fly faster. why some are saying the new proposal is causing american airlines to reduce safety margin. what you need to know before flying next and a dramatic
8:41 am
development involving zika. we got a headline that the cases going up in florida. we will have that breaking news and doctor manny here after the break. i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck.
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jon: the pilots union that represents american airlines is saying american is changing flight plans dangerous tactics. those include encouraging pilots to fly faster. the union also says the carrier is trying to avoid flight cancellations by pushing it screws to the limits of their legal work shift. those shifts can be anywhere from 9 to 14 hours long. pilots could face sanctions if they sign off on an unrealistic white plan and then an accident occurs. >> we have become the first state to have a local transmission through mosquito we will continue to put every resource available to fighting the spread of zika in our state. if it becomes clear more research is needed we will not hesitate to following
8:45 am
today's news i am directing the department of health to begin contracting with commercial pest control companies to increase spring and mosquito abatement efforts in the impacted area. jenna: rick scott talking about zika in his state and we got a new headline moments ago that the governor announcing there's at least 10 more cases so bringing the total number to 14 people who have contracted the virus area apparently from local most mosquito bites. doctor manny alvarez is editor of, part of our medical team and i say inamerica because previous cases have been through travel or other situations and not necessarily from getting a bite in the united states . >> we have over 1000 cases of people that have traveled and gotten infected in other countries, a couple cases where we don't know exactly how they got zika. a healthcare worker for instance in the middle of the country got exposed and we don't know the type of transmission yet so the bulk
8:46 am
has been either central contacts or people traveling a blog. jenna: are you telling her patients not to go to florida? >> right now, it's not going to be florida, a lot of the states down south are going to maybe see cases of zika because this is the mosquito season, the rain season is coming up on us so we're going to see this happening more and more. if you don't have any travel plans to go to florida, don't do it especially if you are pregnant. if you already have plans, don't cancel them but be aware that you have to be very careful about mosquito bites. jenna: there's still so much we don't know about zika. how long it stays in the system, how afraid we need to be even if we are not present or pregnant. >> as a high risk concentration we've been publishing a lot of this in our own hospital. we are learning every day how problematic this virus is for pregnant women. at all stages, in the beginning and first trimester if you get infected you may
8:47 am
end up with microcephaly which is a deformity of the brain and that's illegal, problematic thing for a newborn. we are also seen cases where babies have been exposed in utero, did not get microcephaly but now are showing signs of seizures and disorders so this is a virus that has a high affinity for placental tissue, has a high affinity for the neural tissue in the newborn and it's going to create a lot of problems. jenna: that would be a shift, even in the time i was pregnant a few months ago until now, first morning for pregnant women was at the beginning of your pregnancy but you are saying at this point ... >> every day we are learning new things. jenna: you look at the mosquito repellent section, there's so many different mosquito repellent out there, how effective is it? >> repellents are affected maybe for an hour. they are all good, usually they all have the same chemicals. ifyou want to learn more, go
8:48 am
to foxnews health , we have more information but at the end of the day you have to use it repeatedly. fumigate your home, make sure you follow instructions and if you live in south florida and you can afford it, i would get a private exterminator to go and create a plan, especially for the next two or three months to eradicate your mosquitoes. jenna: the governor is asking for federal dollars. >> this is something that congress should have paid attention to. i think they should have passed legislation to beef up the dollars they need for vaccine research because this is the only way to fight this problem. i personally, the president put in an ebola scare in the day, you need some sort of federal regulator now to take state because a lot of communities do not have the resources to eradicate mosquitoes. jenna: as you point out, the mosquito that carries this virus is found in the southern part of the united
8:49 am
states, not just in florida it's two types of mosquitoes, both related. but they do have a vast geographical exposure . jenna: a few days later we are at 14 cases. at what point do you say this is over the tipping point of cases to where i'm not sure were going to be able to get ahead of this lexmark are you already at that point? i think we are. i think we are a little over the tipping point and this is time to build concentrations and find vaccines, put concentrations and put in resources, don't we waste resources because that's what happened with the bola. jenna: final question for families. what aboutyour young kids that you have already . would everybody get the vaccine, parents and children or would it just be parents? >> it's too early to tell how the vaccine is going to be tested and distributed but this issomething we have to pay attention to . jenna: we will be watching
8:50 am
this, john? jon: elon musk is the biggest shareholder of electric car maker tesla, also a solar panel company. now there's a billion-dollar deal involving both of them but what must is saying to those who raised questions about his motives . plus the investigation into that deadly hot air balloon crash, the worst of its kind in us history. what we are learning about the pilot and the previous arrests area wide with that. wa. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents? of course, they say... as long as you pay extra for it. with a liberty mutual base policy, new car replacement™ comes standard. and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. learn more by calling at liberty mutual, every policy is personal, with coverage and deductibles customized just for you, which is why we don't offer
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jon: we are seven minutes away from "outnumbered". sandra and kennedy, what do you have? >> growing criticism after hillary clinton double down on her claim that she's been truthful about her emails and the head of the fbi agrees
8:54 am
with her. plus, donald trump accusing hillary and the democrats of ridding the presidential debate casual, pitting two of them up against nfl games but is he right? and where college students got suspended and have to take adversity classes for same all lives matter. that, plus a half tag one lucky guy coming up on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. welcome back, jenna. jenna: thank you. more information on the deadliest hot air balloon disaster in us history after 16 people were killed in texas over the weekend. casey eagle live in texas this morning. >> jenna, we now know the pilot had a previous arrest. it was in the year 2000 in missouri and it was for driving while intoxicated. two years later he did plead guilty. we have not been able to find however any additional criminal activity and friends have identified the pilot even though ntsb and federal officials are not but friends say 49-year-old skip nichols was at the controls. the ntsb says he did have a commercial pilot's license but only a rating to operate
8:55 am
hot air balloon. federal officials say they are currently digging into his record. the balloons maintenance paperwork and the company itself, part of texas hot air balloon rides initial findings show the balloon did indeed make contact with powerline before it crashed only eight miles after it launched. the unknown is whether a problem arose before hand causing it to hit those lines. what's more, the excursion started late and the feds want to know why. >> the planned launch time was at sunrise which was 6:49 but for some reason they didn't want exactly at that time. we will interview the ground crew to see if we can find out if there was any particular reason why the launch was delayed by as much as 20 minutes. we want to find out if there
8:56 am
was anything going on there. >> surprisingly there is little regulation when it comes to hot air balloons. in fact, just two years ago the ntsb recommended the faa-the restriction and safety procedures of this industry but the faa rejected that request and said it was quote, unnecessary because the risks were too low. it's unclear now whether the faa, federal aviation administration would re-examine that request in the weight of what is now considered this country's deadliest hot air balloon accident on record. jenna? jenna: thank you. jon: coming up in our next hour of "happening now", new questions about the death of chandra levy in 2001 after prosecutors dropped charges against the man facing a new trial for her murder. and a massive california wildfire puts thousands of homes in danger near big sur. why it could be another month before crews have this monster under control.
8:57 am
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time you sat in the chair. three candidates on republican side. two on the democratic side. just like riding a bicycle. you jumped in. >> still feels like some. questions we're asking are still the same though, right? jon: you have more important things to worry about. we're back in an hour. >> looking forward to that. thanks, everybody. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ sandra: welcome, it is monday afternoon now in new york city. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here is today the host of "kennedy" on fox business's kennedy. liz macdonald mcdonald is here. radio talk show host meghan mccain, and host of the david webb show on sirius xm channel, david webb. he is revved up. >> i am ready to go. no coffee needed. sandra: in the green room we had to strap you down. buckle up.


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