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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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time you sat in the chair. three candidates on republican side. two on the democratic side. just like riding a bicycle. you jumped in. >> still feels like some. questions we're asking are still the same though, right? jon: you have more important things to worry about. we're back in an hour. >> looking forward to that. thanks, everybody. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ sandra: welcome, it is monday afternoon now in new york city. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here is today the host of "kennedy" on fox business's kennedy. liz macdonald mcdonald is here. radio talk show host meghan mccain, and host of the david webb show on sirius xm channel, david webb. he is revved up. >> i am ready to go. no coffee needed. sandra: in the green room we had to strap you down. buckle up.
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less than 100 days to election day. hillary clinton in nebraska today and donald trump in ohio to start the first full week of the general election campaign. clinton coming under fire today after she insisted in an exclusive interview on "fox news sunday" that her answers regarding classified e-mails were truthful and the head of the fbi agreed with her. listen. >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i have said is consistent with what i have told the american people. that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails. sandra: but fact checkers at "the washington post" gave that answer four pip -- pinocchios its worst rating. there is evidence that she said she didn't lie to the fbi but that is not the same as telling the truth to the american public. >> she conflates two things.
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she lied in testimony to congress. that is clear, that is now on the record. with the clintons, what do you see and what you read, don't believe it, it is not so. here are the numbers. they matter. of all of them eight chain stop secret, 36 secret info, eight chains classified. 2000 had to be recovered. when you look at the clinton trail of lies when it comes to the classified emails, remember she is the highest classification authority at the state department. she has both the responsibility, whether it is marked, whether it contains or not to make sure that that information is handled and the emails now coming out in wikileaks and emails we've seen before from "judicial watch," say remove the markings or find a way to work around it. so we're talking about a trail of lies and frankly, she may not have lied to the fbi if the question was not asked correctly or the question asked did not lead to a lie but different than overall lying. sandra: you are nodding your head.
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accusing hrc of cherry-picking comey's remarks. facts around the investigation. interesting the way she put it down with chris wallace. meghan: when i watch interview, i thought two things. number one, doing clintonian spin making something really simple complicated this is not complicated issue. you did something highly illegal. you put our national security at risk. now you paid the price. i thought chris wallace did a great job in the interview. if you're so worried about being hacked by russia and yoga and chelsea's wedding what is the big deal. i keep thinking. nothing in here, doesn't matter. what are you so nervous about. sandra: she did say in the interview, liz, the fair, the questions the american public has over issues of trust with hillary clinton. but she did seem in that interview to appear to blame others for those trust issues. listen. >> every time i run for an office, oh, my goodness, all
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these caricatures come out of nowhere and people begin to undermine me because when i left office as secretary of state, 66% of americans approved. >> you don't think there is any legitimate reason people would have doubts about your, to use the phrase in the polls, honesty and trustworthiness? >> well i think that it is fair for americans to have questions. i hope you will ask donald trump why he is so untrusted by the american people. sandra: i can't wait to get kennedy's take. trying to jump in. liz, you first. liz: we're in the homestretch of the elections. i don't know if you start putting yourself in the homestretch of the elections by top spinning and overly technical answers. there is big question mark still hanging over clintons. that is the clinton foundation. were any emails about the clinton foundation were among ones erased, 30,000 plus. the hot-button issues, or clinton foundation, hillary clinton and donald trump's tax returns. that is where they both derail. sandra: kennedy?
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kennedy: creating a caricature of donald trump the entire time. if you don't like it, don't do it. maybe she had a 64% approval rating. it wasn't 66% as she claims because people were so happy she was leaving the state department. every time her campaign rears its head once again and people have more questions, it is the dishonest answers that she gives, either, she thinks that people are so that they don't understand that the director was giving a very narrow scope of where her honesty lied and that was, he thought she didn't lie to him while he was questioning her for three hours. she applied that to every broad statement she had made since the server controversy came to the fore. people understand the difference there. either she thinks people are super, super, dumb or has a mental illness which makes it impossible for her to understand or tell the truth. meghan: says a lot about a
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politician when they throw their staff under the bus. the buck should stop with the leader. she continues over and over again to blame her staffing. that tells her everything you need to know about hillary. sandra: go ahead, david. >> talk about throwing staff under the bus, look at history of the clintons as a whole. everybody gets thrown under the bus. if clinton foundation usaid does something wrong in haiti it is somebody else's fault. it is always somebody else. they take no responsibility or claim accountability. who will you believe me or your lying eyes, ears, whatever it is. we have them lying in this case hillary clinton. there is vp already picked. it is not tim kaine. it is bill clinton. face it if she gets into the white house he is effective vp. liz: when she gives answers like this her trustworthiness goes down. kennedy: if she wants to help her case and shore up those numd
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unfavorable -- >> she can't. kennedy: she has to give better answers than this. >> there is nothing to shore up, because the fact is the record exist, video exists, emails exist. now she can only preach to the base and reinforce the lie. if you repeat the lie enough times maybe more will believe it. and short-term memory. liz: fact is no other secretary of state put email server in the basement of her home. sandra: 100 days until election day, august 1st, what does 100 days look like? >> august is rough month for political campaigns and october surprise. kennedy: can you imagine what that could be this year? meghan: i know. donald trump is thinking he will go to the mattresses an gloves off and come swinging. i things will get much more dirtier and aggressive. they're neck-and-neck, both of them when it comes to women in the country and female vote, they have a lot to flak. sandra: they have a lot of work
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to do, kennedy. hillary clinton in nebraska. donald trump in ohio, first full week of the general electric, general election campaigns. a lot of work cut out for both candidates. kennedy: they do. very serious time. one of these people, they're both pretty widely disliked. i don't think too many people stepped away from the convention, you know, i'm deeply inspired and picture is so clarified. they do have so much work to do but unfortunately what i think they will get do, get sidetracked to attack each other time to time. people are hurting economically still. how does that allay their fears? we still have a lot of national securitize. two of them going at it like a ferrell hogs in a small place is not a strategy. >> for trump he needs a good surrogate team out there. second thing, we can't have 140 character twitter campaign.
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donald trump needs to stop making unenforced errors. liz: unforced errors. sandra: should he cut back on tweeting? meghan: 100%. get off twitter. >> there are times to respond by calling the press and issuing a 90-second, two-minute statement to the press. he has that ability because he has media clout. but trump needs a good team of surrogates to work in these states. it is boots on the ground that wins the election. rnc has over one how staffers out there around the country. augment that, build it. you have to win the key states, florida, pennsylvania, ohio. liz: i don't know why truck feels need he feels is assault on him? >> that is what i'm talking about. liz: we have the worst economic growth, worst, growth since the nixon administration. worst economic growth since fdr. >> make the economic argument that can literally resonate with everybody living reality watching now. you haven't gotten a wage.
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wages are stagnant. somebody lost a job, part after job. you're making decisions at kitchen table. go to the american people where it matters. talk to them about the personal economy and to emac's point lay out what they're living with. sandra: are you listening? are you listening, hillary and donald? >> i will tweet it to i am. sandra: you want him to stop tweeting. 2016 race about to take a turn. donald trump is done playing nice and ready to make the gloves off in his battle with hillary clinton. what this may mean. plus, we can can expect even more drama when clinton and trump face off in person this fall. trump accusing clinton trying to rig the debates. we'll explain why, what those debates might be up against that might cause a loss of viewers. right after the show catch more from the couch. join our live chat by clicking overtime tab at find overtime live on facebook.
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♪ kennedy: battle lines being drawn with less than 100 days to
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go until election day. donald trump warning hillary clinton he is done playing nice. and it's gloves off time! got the foil underneath. trump telling a crowd on friday after hearing the quote, lies at the democratic convention, it is game on, watch. >> i've been nice but after watching that performance last night, such lies. i don't have to be so nice anymore. i'm taking the gloves off, right, yes? [cheering] take the gloves off. right? just remember this. trump is going to be no more mr. nice guy. [cheering] kennedy: he has been such a sweetheart, such a sugar bear. emac, is this what we need to see from him? do you think this appeals to -- liz: what was he doing all along? kennedy: female voters a couple of groups that he -- liz: we're all flabbergasted. kennedy: the look on your face is everything right now.
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liz: i have a face totally uncensored. i'm just astonished. what was he doing? was he playing mr. nice up until now? so will it work, that is your question and which segments of the population will it work with? kennedy: we know who appreciates it the rhetoric. liz: working class voter loves it. kennedy: people that show up to the rallies. liz: that is exactly right. here's the thing. here is, he doesn't need to derail himself, getting needless fights about whether or not who called the koch brothers with the nfl, with the saying that, with putin, raising national security concerns about his comments about russia. just focus on the economy. no incumbent has won, no incumbent party won with 1% growth. that's it. we should be 2 trillion or 3 trillion larger in terms of economic growth than we are now. something happened in 2009 where the u.s. economy went off the rails. the wheels wept off the recovery. kennedy: that is when obama took over.
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liz: this is not the immaculate recovery. economic recovery has not been so state-of-the-art under obama administration. that is all he needs to focus on. kennedy: david webb, does he have the ability? that is the most important thing. does he have the ability do you think, to focus and take that message and lay out a logical path to victory for, not only himself but for the economy and american voters? >> look i think he has the ability but does he choose to use it? look, we've seen different versions of donald trump come out. they're all donald trump. he comes out, gives a great speech at rnc he focuses on key issues that matter to the blue-collar folks. he is the billionaire gets blue-collar and i get that, but what he has to do ask show a little bit more restraint. pick your targets, talking about hitting back in negative campaigning, pick your target. kennedy: who should he target? >> instead of "crooked hillary," how about clarifying her lies. see what i did, clarifying her lies. you have something where lies
9:18 am
have been called out. sandra: aren't you saying change strategy that works with him all along? he can get tied up -- >> here is what you do. you don't change who he is. you incorporate. he won the primary going to the base with that fight you talked about, the blue-collar gets. now you're in the general. work what incorporates into the general election. meghan: i came out. convention in cleveland, not feeling terribly inspired. new gallup time, first time republican voters are less likely to vote for nominee postconvention. that is first time to happen. this is not resonating past the base. >> i have to disagree a little bit. meghan: i gave you a fact. that is not subjective. >> gallup did a poll, but i talk to millions of people every night. >> i also talk to millions of people. meghan: i also -- liz: talking radio show. meghan: i host a radio show. frustrating for me. i had a very long weekend with
9:19 am
things donald trump said in the media as sister of veterans. he needs to switch his messaging, like you said, focus on economy, focus on issues and hillary clinton. he seems so undisciplined. >> that is the issue. kennedy: that is the ultimate question, sandra. fbi director comey although didn't indict hillary clinton, we talked about it many times on the couch, he layed out a argument for how she is pathologically untrustworthy. he told about the lies he told. seems pretty simple. if donald trump says nothing but that in regards to hillary. and to emac's point, talks about how to grow the economy. >> yes. kennedy: what is means for people and things he can pragmatically do. sandra: so far gotten by in the primary, saying i'm going to make it better. you're hurting right now. i will make you better. i will make your family better. historically speaking, meghan, to your point, stat you cited coming out of the republican convention, members of the republican party less likely to
9:20 am
vote for nominee convention, how different is that historically you need to say message going into general election. meghan: i don't think he needs to change his message per se. needs to stop getting unnecessary fights even most patriotic american will have problem. it is about messaging and keeping narrative on point. he is not doing it this is game time. there are less than 100 days yet. i'm petrified at idea of hillary clinton becoming president. i continue to not understand who is in charge. like you said, we laid it out real simple on the couch. is he listening? kennedy: to your point you talk about the people uninspired by both candidates. i think a lot of people, democrat and republican, a lot of independents walked away from those. now these extra party candidates, third party candidates, gary johnson and jill stein, the green party, they are enjoying 10 times amount of support they had four years ago, hold on, when they both ran. liz: here is broad perspective on that. the country is in such a foul mood because of lackluster
9:21 am
economy. we have the worst economic, we talked about it umpteen times. we've never seen recovery like this. this is historic. it is so bad. kennedy: administration would like to sell it otherwise. liz: people are in a foul mood they will listen to socialist, listen to third parties. listen to demagoguery. that needs to be tapped on to. kennedy: mitt romney is think about endorsing libertarian candidate who is anti-mitt romney. >> pointless exercise. kennedy: not a pointless exercise to guest candidates on debate stage. >> not going to happen. kennedy: could happen if the cpd changes criteria. >> core libertarian support on this country will not move need el in general election. kennedy: talking about two former republican governors who have a lot of republicans -- >> still don't have it. kennedy: constitutionalists disgrunt welled the status quo looking saying these are not typical libertarian freakers
9:22 am
with boots on their head. they are people who have experience, executive experience running big states. >> that is not resonating with a big enough base. kennedy: it has not because they haven't gotten on presidential debate stage. sandra: kennedy has last word. meghan: gary johnson is lot less isolationist than people realize. for moderate republicans like mitt romney is he easier fit than some people realize. kennedy: bill weld, he has shared that former governor of massachusetts title with, very intriguing to them. but we will see. don't you forget to tune into hannity tonight, and sit down with donald trump to ask him questions. first full week of the general election season kicks off. that is 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. there is a new twist in the race for the white house, if you can believe it. now donald trump accusing hillary clinton of trying to rig the presidential debates. so they're up against two major nfl games. is it just a coincidence or is
9:23 am
there more at play? plus, why hillary may be shifting her strategy hoping voters less on her and instead turn outrage on trump. will that strategy work? we will discuss right here on the couch. it isout numbered. >> this is not normal election. donald trump is not a normal presidential candidate. [cheering]
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at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ sandra: now that the conventions are over and we all woke up in our own bed this morning, the focus is turning to the next major battle in the 2016 race, the presidential race this fall. donald trump suggests hillary clinton is trying to limit the tv audience they reach. trump tweeting, quote, as usual hillary and dems are trying to rig the debates. two are up against major nfl games.
9:28 am
same as last time with bernie, unacceptable. but hillary's camp denies that, tweeting this is more trump debate malarkey. we will be at debates set by bipartisan debate commission and expect he will to. the idea behind trump saying this, david, accusing hillary's camp to trying to put the debates on when people will be watching something else because it would benefit him more. >> tweets are great. tweet bite or sound bite if he says it but you have to put it in a better light. hillary clinton benefits from low debate viewers she has air campaign. she to kennedy's point, push out of the narrative what she needs to put out there. the republicans have to counter this. nfl schedules are made well in advance. they're adjusted, with emac on tv, what really pisses me off i planned to go to the green bay game because i want to go to lambeau field. i'm giants fan. i'm really irritated because i will have to do the debate. what trump has to do is turn
9:29 am
around and republicans have to run effective campaign, it matters when you get the first 60 to 70 billion viewers before the replay and messaging and narrative begins in the second half of the debate. they have to counter it. forget about it. so many football games. it will have conflict. sandra: debate commission says they started working on this 18 months ago. kennedy, they have things like federal holidays, relidge just holidays they have to work around. enormous professional sports schedule. chance of this getting lined up against a major event like nfl game, it can happen. kennedy: three nights a week of nfl games. saturday can't put debate on because of college. there are college games all day. what are they, communists? it is unfortunate, especially if you put up it against big games. they're absolutely right. i wouldn't be surprised to his point if debbie wasserman schultz -- commission on presidential debates is a cartel. >> it is not exactly bipartisan
9:30 am
or non-partisan. kennedy: it is there to keep the two behemoth parties in place. that's why you don't see any other parties getting in since ross perot since 1992. having said that, he has to show you, do his best. nfl is not wild about it either. they want as many eyeballs. sandra: shouldn't complain may be coincidence. meghan: problem it is believable as we all saw. the debates with bernie and hillary in a parking lot at 1:00 in the morning on atation -- >> not busy parking lot. meghan: on a station i couldn't find this is not out of the realm and possibility or rationale this will get absolutely enormous ratings. everyone will watch. if that he is worried about ratings i don't think there is a problem but it is believable to your point, in 2012, byron york brought this up, obama-romney debate, had 59 million people watching. that was night of nfl game and world series for the major league baseball.
9:31 am
>> by the way, think about this. trump is a huge media figure. so he has the ability to draw. he can draw people. yes, you're going up against the nfl. he can go out there and say look, come and watch the debate because he has platform like no candidate. sandra: for the record the commission which you refer making decisions said they did not consult with any political parties or campaigns in making these decisions. we at least hope they were fair in all of this but is it going to be a problem? >> we don't know that. we do know, sunday night football, "monday night football" have been around a lot longer than commission will dot debates. you know when it happens, sunday, monday, two days of the week. meghan: will you watch? liz: totally watching. kennedy: so many variables in this debate. people will, everyone will be watching. everyone has picture in picture now. hello? >> scrolling on the side. meghan: with i'm interested more than anything if gary johnson makes the at 15%. kennedy: that would be
9:32 am
fantastic. i want gary johnson and jill stein up there. she will hold hillary's feet to the fire like no other candidate he is in the high 20s in utah. he is 3 points behind leader donald trump in utah. one point behind hillary. it is three-way race in the state of utah. liz: that side of the couch wants four. hillary clinton is on the campaign trail, it looks like mrs. clinton may be shifting her strategy. instead of selling herself to the voters, she is now targeting donald trump. "the washington post" pointing out by doing so she is casting the election as a referendum on the republican nominee. watch just a few examples. >> everything he makes he makes somewhere else. shame an you, donald trump! shame on you. let's cut through all of the
9:33 am
hype and the rhetoric, and understand that we're dealing with somebody who has a history of stiffing people, making things somewhere else besides america. and, whenever possible, hiring foreign workers. i personally think that donald trump poses a serious threat to our democracy. kennedy: the paper explaining quote, many democrats concluded the more the election is framed as a rejection of donald trump, the less many voters will likely focus on the particulars of their discomfort and dislike of hillary clinton. so, here's the thing, sandra. hillary also said mr. trump is not normal candidate. is it effective. sandra: for me as voter i want to hear specifics. her main message how she will add jobs. tell me specifically how you are going to improve this very rough
9:34 am
economy as you described many times for us, brought it down during the show. i'm just joking. she has a huge task to do, to explain to the american public how she will improve the situation. in my opinion we still do big things and we can do more big things we said in that speech. she said we'll not build a giant wall. by nature of that statement she was more specific about what she is not going to do referencing donald trump than what she is going do do to improve the economy. kennedy: david, what do you think? >> this is strategy one for emdemocrats in in every election. paint the republican candidate to run away from. realized this worked for them for decades. hillary clinton can not put out specifics. the minute she does that you can counter how you're going to do it. can you explain the economics behind education, that you want to do it at state levels when states will have up 3 to 400 million per average they will cut when their budgets don't balance. can't face the economic argument.
9:35 am
emac, you and i for years, on the business channel we talked about this. if you can't provide foundation, guy sitting at dinner table with his wife or, is sitting there going, this doesn't work for me because i can't afford this. kennedy: she does have a lot of specifics. if you go to her website and you have insomnia, go ahead and read it, she will bore you to death with vague specifics. because she doesn't really say anything. she says things like we'll have a federal bank and we'll seed it with federal money and private investors will come in and dramatically have bridges. >> that is not specific. she mentioned we'll build roads, bridges, tunnels and airports. kennedy: so it is going to be a great economic and money. meghan: i haven't talked yet. i have a theory because she is not getting specific because she secretly gone all the way to bernie sanders. moderate blue dogs democrats find out she became a socialist to kowtow to his people, you
9:36 am
know what will really break loose. that is the theory. >> while hillary clinton won the battle as juan williams wrote, bernie won the war. party pulled way to the left. let's debunk for the american people this infrastructure project. kennedy: not a unified party by the way. >> difference between us and china which is argument they used to use under obama, china spends 10% on infrastructure to nowhere. they're in different stage. they're still building roads. we have roads that need repair. we have bridges, electrical grid. infrastructure that needs repair. you will not take people and put them into a job digging ditches when professionals, technically, the people who are in those fields already build the roads have no new jobs. there are no jobs. sandra: how she will differentiate from obama in the last several years. kennedy: more of the same. to quote margaret thatcher who said, politicians and economists take infrastructure. you and i take the rail or the train. a little wit at this system there.
9:37 am
hillary clinton tried to portray herself as change maker but our very own chris wallace asked her that and whether she is offering tweaks to president obama's agenda. her defense and whether it is enough to convince voters to send her to the white house. ♪ i have asthma...
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different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at ♪ >> she is natural leader. she is a good organizer. and she is the best darn change-maker i ever met in my entire life! [cheering] meghan: that was bill clinton presenting hillary as agent of change in the democratic convention. saying she is never satisfied with the status quo and leaving things as they are. so chris wallace asked her about that and whether she is offering a dramatic shift or just building on the obama agenda with a few tweakses. listen. >> i think what i'm offering are
9:42 am
proven results. what i am offering she wan build where we are. we have dug ourselves out. we're standing. we're not running. i'm not happy with the status quo. i said that repeatedly. >> but you're offering more government programs, more spending. more entitlements. more taxes. more tax penalties and credits. >> but let's unpack that. what i'm offering is the biggest job creation program since world war ii. i hope to be able -- >> but it is infrastructure. that is what obama did. >> but he didn't get to do enough. and he didn't get enough support from the congress. meghan: okay. i heard you laughing, david. i want to get your take. >> i want everybody to roll the tape of president obama saying shovel-ready, paraphrasing wasn't so shovel-ready. remember my infrastructure argument in the last block. minutes pay attention to that. it's a farce. hillary clinton is deflecting. the fact is, if obama fixed things as the left claims, then what does she need to fix?
9:43 am
sandra: if last seven 1/2 years we're so great and everybody is so great, why is he coining her as agent of change? >> the waters will roll back, skies will open, flowers will. if he did it what does she need to do? she has to maintain it. hillary clinton has very little to run on. big government doesn't work. ask venezuela, greece, italy, look at "brexit". italy, holland they're getting ready to leave. look at failure of big government. they don't have a bank. what the bank is? you, you, me, you, and everybody in the studio and everybody watching. that is the federal government bank. meghan: not going to debate you on that. kennedy: trying to have it both ways. that was chris wallace's point with the question. you can't be change maker and advocate of the status quo. she talks so glowingly about president obama. the whole point of the
9:44 am
democratic convention was to sell this rosy picture of america which for a lot of people are hurting at home, it doesn't ring true. so what are you going to do to change that, if you're a revolutionary change maker. she is not revolutionary. she will say whatever it takes to get elected. why she is straddling the two positions hoping that is just enough to ride her all the way to the white house. liz: something happened in 2009. the u.s. economy lost ability to grow. that is when the u.s. government started to i mistake activity for achievement. we'll do all the things. reagan, first term, first of three major collapses. huge banking collapse in '81. reagan administration said stimulus spending. the money poured in five years later and u.s. economy was back into recovery mode without the infrastructure and -- >> tax cut and packages put together in the reagan era that led to that they tried to humanize hillary at the democratic convention.
9:45 am
they painted her as the mom, grandma. bill clinton told us when her water broke. did we need to know this? this is what they were trying to paint hillary as something. kennedy: nurse the economy back to health, get out of the way. that is one thing we learned with every program and stimulus and and health care. too much government bogs down the economy. sandra: obama will be out there campaigning with her. he cleared his schedule. >> in october. sandra: you are going to hear him over that course of period of time, you will hear him, liz, tout the strength in the u.s. stock market, the record low unemployment rate in this country. liz: that's right. sandra: donald trump will have to be prepared to tell everybody why that is not such a great thing. liz: that is tough sell and bringing in global economy we're the tallest midget in the room and people coming into us as a safe haven. obama is protecting his legacy. via executive actions, three dozen, 41 of them in 2009 to
9:46 am
unwind george w. bush's accomplishments. he moved to shut gitmo. moved to stop oil on public lands development and fracking. so, he is, president obama has vested interest here in protecting his legacy. >> politics to your point exactly what it is, protect the democrat legacy. protect his legacy. meghan: no matter how much they spin it is a third term to obama. she will not be able to run away from it. a college leader forced to attend diversity training about a post about all lives matter. what is so wrong saying all lives matter? i'm terrible at golf.
9:47 am
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jon scott with what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> hey, sandra. new polling from cbs and gallup. hillary clinton appears to get a bump in the polls and unfavorability. the question, is it enough to overcome the trust deficit with the american people. we'll get into the numbers. donald trump tweets up storm, slamming his critics as he prepares for a big town hall this evening. we have the latest on his fight for the battleground states. plus wildfires raging in several western states.
9:51 am
california most hard hit with dozens of homes already destroyed. we have a live report ahead. "happening now." sandra. sandra: thanks, jon. kennedy: student government representative at the university of houston is suspended from her duties beginning today. she must also attend diversity seminars after criticizing the "black lives matter" movement on line. the student body vice president sounded off on facebook in the days following the dallas police killings. this is what she posted. forget "black lives matter." more like all lives matter. she has since apologized for that post and the statement was deleted but the student body president who handed down the punishment says it will stick, explaining in a letter, it is a fair point one ignorant social media post alone may not warrant such sanctions, however serving in a public role means we're held to higher standard and rightfully so. due to the situations and
9:52 am
actions since the post, the situation has escalated where the organization news take a strong stance. am i reading -- is this post out of north korea? >> so, let's -- kennedy: the collective decided your individual action will not stand! >> can i throw a little bit of common sense and dose of reality in this? okay, does the student government accept in any school except the student and. is they removed stipend of $700 a month. she was accepted by university, they created harm to her because of the right to speak her mind. think about this logically. if i'm a lawyer watching, this call woman, because, student government made a decision contrary to what the school gets to to decide and her stipend is now removed. you know what they call that in court? demonstrated harm. liz: penalty was so harsh. dear student leader who handed down this penalty. exactly.
9:53 am
it has like six parts to it. she has to make a presentation to the student body on why she was wrong. she has to attend diversity training, go to cultural events through march, three a month. she posted that message on facebook, okay? so, what are we talking about? student leader, the president says, yes you jail people, you don't go to jail for first amendment violations but she deserves tougher sanctions. who is this guy? the he should be tossed out of his job. >> i don't understand why saying all lives matter is controversial. don't understand why you can't have empathy and understanding for black lives matter movement and think all lives everywhere including by the way, you know, in the womb also matter? i still, very -- >> it matters because the left is pushing this narrative. you all know this. meghan: you can get fired now. >> this farce start the on a lie. this is flat-out lie. violent movement with many involved in it, anarchists,
9:54 am
leftist, i gone to all the rallies. not all but a i've seen this play out. we have to stop arguing black lives, all lives. attack the movement. kennedy: it is a false movement. it is so offensive you're not saying, when you say all lives matter, you are not intending to say for most people but black lives don't matter but that is how it is taken. when moment of silence held for fallen police officers at democratic convention, everyone was silent and people chanting "black lives matter"? were they arrested? should they have been arrested? no. it was really poor taste. >> not just poor taste but deliberate. meghan: i will also say i went to columbia university, maybe the most liberal college in the world and you can say anything you want about republicans and conservatives. they certainly said that about george w. bush when i'm in college. i bet someone could go off on trump and say the most horrific disgusting threatening things there would be no recourse. you say this. all lives matter and you get
9:55 am
demoted and job taking away. liz: should ask for her tuition back. >> by the way the democrats are pushing this. the dnc considered all lives matter forum for the candidates in the primary. they bring up the mothers of the "black lives matter" of the movement, the mothers of movement on the stage. where mothers of police officers killed in any way in this country? where were children of police officers killed? this has sanction -- kennedy: they actually did that later in the week at dnc. >> they were called on it. if you look at original schedule it was not on the schedule. sandra: you guys talk to millions of people on your radio shows every night. is there absolutely just no open discourse? can you just not have a conversation on a college campus anymore without someone being offended or having to delete a facebook where somebody shares their opinion? >> yes. part of the problem, when somebody says i'm offended, a lot of people try to avoid the mess by backing down. well you know, i'm for not
9:56 am
backing down anymore. you can take your safe space crowd, it doesn't exist. this is college. this is supposed to be expansion of our minds, not contraction of our ideas. kennedy: safe space right now and we'll be back with more "outnumbered." >> i'm getting a little passion maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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sandra: thank you to david webb. we will keep it right here. there will be more fun on "outnumbered overtime" on the web. on our overtime. >> live on the webb. sandra: facebook you can join us as well.
10:00 am we're back on tv noon eastern. last word, david webb to you. >> worldwide web on the couch but i love it here. sandra: unfiltered. "happening now" starts right now. tnch is america ramping up its fight against isis? we are covering all of the news right now. deadly flash flooding sparking incredible acts of bravery. raging water sweeping cars away and leaving complete destruction behind. >> it was going to burn and i was going to watch it burn. hundreds evacuated from the path of the flames, what firefighters are doing to contain the inferno.


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