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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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pacific weston intimately involved and in fact triggered the process because we started the p4, the sta on which the tpp falls and has become important, the economic argument for the tpp in terms of trade that the president has presented eloquently what thebenefits are to american companies , it's a deal in which the countries have negotiated, each one providing market access on their side in terms of gaining market access on the other side. each one committing to moves in exchange for the other side committing to rules. it's a hard-fought bargaining process. the negotiators spend many trips, many nights, many dawns and pointed out but actually at the end of it everybody must decide is it a plus or minus for them. >> mark and i think in your
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case, mike froman did a very good job. our variou they could bring back something which the political leaderships could stan by and support. it is achievement that all the members of the tpp are still with us and nobody has dropped out of this. so obviously there is something in it for each one of us and i think we should also look at the other side of the economic benefit which is not the producers. i'm making, i'm exporting. therefore i'm earning a job but also i'm spending, i'm consuming, i'm importing and because it is freed up trade i'm getting a wider range of products of services, of opportunities, which will improve my livelihood. people talk about walmart, products come from all over asia. who benefits? walmart? many people in america not just exporters, people living in the rust belt, people living in the
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midwest. these are all part of your everyday invisible standard of living yet it is real and it is have youable. in terms of the economic benefits the tpp is a big deal. i think in terms of america's engagement of the region you have put put your reputation on line. this is the big thing which america is doing in the asia-pacific with the obama administration, consistently over, many, many years of hard work and pushing. and your partners, your friends, who have come to the table, who have negotiated, each one of them has overcome some domestic political objection, some sensitivity, some political cost to come to the table and make this deal. and if at the end waiting at the altar the bride doesn't arrive, i think there are people who are going to be very hurt, not just emotionally but really damaged
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for a long time to come. mr. addy, for example, several of his predecessors thought seriously about and decided not to participate in the tpp they came very close. they prepared the ground, but they walked away. but mr. abe came through and decided to commit. he wants his country to benefit and open up his markets and this is one way to do it. if you don't do this, this hurts mr. abe, one thing, hurts relationship with japan, your security agreement with the japan and japanese living in uncertain world depending on american nuclear umbrella will have to say on trade, the americans could not follow through. it is life and death, whom do i have to depend on? this is absolutely serious calculation which will not be said openly but i have no doubts will be thought. i think if you go beyond that i
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would like to link up the t. question with an earlier question from nicholas, which is where do we go the next 50 years? and that really depends whether we go towards interdependence and therefore peaceful cooperation, or whether we go for self-sufficiency, rivalry, and therefore higher rick of conflict. asia has tried both. the world has tried both. in the 1930s with the, with smoot-hawley, with depression, with a very difficult international environment, you went for protection it policies. you had a rivalry with japan, which led to war. after the war, because america was open, because you promoted trade, because you encouraged investments, and encouraged other countries to open up, therefore the asia-pacific has been peaceful and the packs
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americana has been a pax, and not a war. if over the next 50 years you continue to work toward interdependence and cooperation and mutual prosperity, then 50 years from now we can say these are been peaceful years and we have made further progress together. but if you go in the opposite direction, and you decide that this is a big pacific but big enough to split it down the middle and one ching is mine and other chunk belongs to the other nations or china, india or japan i think that is very different world. one of the reasons why you have a manageable relationship with china now because you have trade with them. it is enormous, it is mutually beneficial, both sides want to maintain that relationship. if you didn't, would be like the soviet union during the cold war, when you negligible trade and, while you still had to find ways to work together but it is
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much harder. the tpp doesn't include china although some people think it does, but a tpp points the direction towards the world, towards the whole orientation of your society and if you set the wrong direction, maybe in the next 50 years sometimes you will turn around but it will cost you many years and the world will have to pay quite a high price. >> yeah. >> my name is -- from the business times in singapore. good afternoon, president obama, prime minister lee. questions. first is just follow-up to the tpp everyone says, everyone knows what is at stake but what is the future of the tpp if it does not get ratified by january, the lame-duck session? what, the fear is that if things wait too long, and it might need
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to be reopened up for renegotiations and that will probably kill the deal. what is post-january, how can we reassure the tpp nations and the people that there is the political will to get this done as soon as possible? the second question is for president obama. we are almost at the end of your eight years in office. i would like you to evaluate the progress of the u.s. rebalance to asia. what is, what is something that you're most proud of? is there something you would have done differently and what is your message to your successor whoever he or she may be to continue to engage singapore, southeast asia and rest of asia-pacific. thank you. >> well, with respect to tpp i thought that prime minister lee's point were right on target
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and, this is an economic agreement but what we've learned in history is that you can't separate out economic interests and issues and security issues. and interests and the prime minister is absolutely right. we have benefited from enormous peace and prosperity around the world. an unprecedented period where the great powers were not engaged in conflict, in part because of growing interdependence. if you think about those parts of the world where we still see conflict, where we still see high levels of violence, they're typically places that are less integrated into the world economy and there is a reason for that.
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so, i think there is a powerful economic case, just a basic bread and butter case to be made why this is good for american workers and good for american exports and ultimately good for american wages, if it is structured properly. but i also think that there is a strong security component to this. and what i also think is important is for people to recognize that the alternative is not tpp or some imaginary circumstance in which suddenly we're able to sell goods around the world wherever we want, but nobody is able to sell goods to us, where we can operate around the world under fair rules but they can't operate here in that fashion. that is not, whatever is being
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imagined as is not the alternative. the alternative is what we have today. a situation where we don't have as many protections around labor and environmental issues as we would like. a situation in which there are countries like japan, that sell a lot of goods here but that keep pretty restricted access for u.s. companies and u.s. workers to their markets. and prime minister lee is right, hat prime minister abe in japan, for example, has taken some significant risks because he knows he needs to make his economy more competitive. as a consequence is willing to open up access we haven't seen in the past and that's a big market. still one of the top three economies in the world. so, the last point i'd make around this is, china. as prime minister lee mentioned, china is not a part of tpp but,
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if we don't establish strong rules, norms, for how trade and commerce are conducted in the asia-pacific region, then china will. china is already engaging all the countries in the region around its own version of trade agreements. and they're sure not worried about labor standards or environmental standards or human trafficking or anti-corruption measures. so you get a low standard, lowest common denominator trade deal, and if america isn't creating standards, china's rules will govern in a vast part of the world. that is bad for us economically
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and also bad for security interests. its bad for interests promoting norms against child labor or human trafficking or making sure everybody is working harder to raise conservation standards. that is the alternative. that's the option. so i think it is very important to get this done in terms of assurances. nothing in life is certain but we've got a pretty good track record getting stuff done when i think it is important. and i will say this. that, that you know, this is actually not just an obama administration initiative. this concept began in a republican administration. we pushed it through. we made it happen.
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we made sure that things that i care about, in terms of labor and environmental standards were incorporated into it but historically this has had strong bipartisan support. so, the bottom line is, we'll go out there and we'll make those arcments and ultimately i think we're going to be successful. in terms of my rebalance legacy, across the board we have just in the game. we are focused on asia in a way that we weren't when i came into office and the countries in asia have noticed. our alliances are stronger. our security are arrangements are deeper, whether in australia or the philippines or singapore. our defense budgets reflect our commitment to things like maritime security in the region.
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the, the continuing efforts around building the east asia summit architecture means that there is the kind of day-to-day interaction around a whole range of issues, whether it's disaster relief or public health issues or counterterrorism. there is consultations that are taking place today that were not taking place eight years ago. so, i think on every dimension, we are in a much stronger position to engage, influence, and learn from our asia-pacific partners. the thing i probably enjoy most has been our young southeast asian leaders program, just because whenever i meet with the young people from asean countries i am inspired.
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it makes me very optimistic about the future and what's going to happen over those next 50 years because if you ask them about the future that they want to see they very much committed to an interdepent dent world, a world where people are learning and engaged in scientific and educational exchange and a world in which people's different cultures and backgrounds are a source of of strength and cooperation as opposed to conflict and fear. that is true in southeast asia. that's true in africa. that is true in latin america. that's true in europe. a lot of this fear, the choice proposed by prime minister lee and interdependence and self-sufficiency not achievable
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and ultimately rivalry and conflict, those who opt for rivalry are folks who are looking bark wards. you talk to young people around the world, they understand that interdependence is the way that we're going to assure peace and prosperity for the rest of us in the years to come. that may be something that has some of the most impacting. in some of the town halls i meet future prime ministers, and presidents an business leaders and not-for-profit leaders that will do great things and i'm glad to have been able to play a small part in that. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> that was the president joined by prime minister of singapore. president obama with some of the
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harshest words yet for donald trump. saying the republican nominee keeping he is proving he is unfit to serve as president. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. host of kennedy, on fox business, kennedy. national review reporter, katherine timpf. #oneluckyguy and host of "after the bell" and "forbes on fox," david asman. it was supposed to be a joint news conference with the prime minister on a landmark trade deal. you heard him talking about it. pp. president obama taking a detour from the international trade to presidential politics. when asked if donald trump is ready to assume the highest office in the land in the wake of recent controversial statements involving the gop nominee, here's what president obama said. >> yes, i think republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week and he keeps
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on proving it. the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, in the middle east, and in asia, means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job. >> and then president obama went on to say that trump's controversial remarks are not just a one-time thing. >> this isn't a situation where you have an epsoddic gaffe. this is daily. and weekly where they are distancing themselves from statements he is making. there has to be a point at which you say, this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. >> this comes one day after donald trump called hillary clinton quote, the devil. he has hinted at this insult in
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the past. now he is getting specific. watch. >> talking about bernie, because he made a bad deal. he should have not made a deal. he would have gone down as done something really important. once he made that deal, and believe me, he has buyer's remorse, if he would have not just done anything, go home, go to sleep, relax, he would have been a hero. but he made a deal with the devil. she is the devil. he made a deal with the devil. [shouting] >> couple things i want to point out before we go to you, donald trump is speaking at a rally going on for more than a hour. if you were flipping around looking for two oppositional things you might have found it there with the president. >> sure. >> it is interesting the president would take him on. he was asked the question but got very detailed about donald trump. >> i think the president knew well donald trump was speaking elsewhere and directly focused on him. but i would just like to say something about -- he specified why he thought donald trump was unfit for the presidency and i'm
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going to quote him here. people depend on the white house for getting stuff right. >> right. >> you think of all the stuff that this white house has got wrong, pulling troops out of iraq despite all the generals telling president not to do it. supporting the muslim brotherhood during the arab spring which was disaster. turned out to be disasterous for the middle east as a whole. turned out to be disaster for egypt in particular, our ally. how about not following the constitution. he accused the donald trump not following the constitution, not having proper respect for the constitution. that is why he is unfit. a lot of people would say the same level could be level at president. >> why? >> because of all executive decisions he made, many which tend to go beyond the bounds what could be plausible, what you are allowed to do within the boundaries, creating these massive regulatory institutions, based on the department of this or the department of that. >> interesting. >> going far beyond what the founders wanted the federal
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government to do. >> when you look at number of them just on balance though, he did put forth, fewer, what you're talking about the substance of those executive -- >> quality, not quantity. it is quality, the impact of his executive decisions have had been far more extensive than impact of previous presidents. >> catherine, i want to get your opinion what it means, donald trump gets elevated. he did this in the primaries, president, gets elevated when the current president takes him on. this isn't like hillary clinton taking him on. >> absolutely. this is supposed to be about tpp he was asked the question, went on and on makes same mistakes over and oaf again. hillary clinton makes same mistakes over and over again. had a horrible week. polls are not reflecting it. trump needs to focus more on those things, rather than callinger had the devil. it is funny. she is little less powerful than the devil. so not really accurate. kennedy: right now. >> right now. say something headlines, make sure on message and policy this
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week was so bad for her. we should, talking about but he said something kind of mean. >> his surrogates will do it, what do you want to see come out of his mouth? >> when she is i looking saying that the fbi director said she was telling truth, lying about telling the truth is pretty funny. jobs report is awful. connected herself to the obama family. >> clinton foundation. >> of course, constantly clinton foundation. you're so close to putin. we didn't sell one fifth of our uranium to russia. suddenly have $145 million. talk about that. these are things we need to talk about. trump said something mean. sandra: what was going through my mind watching president obama slamming, dig after dig against the gop nominee, is wow, these debates will be interesting. we know that president obama cleared his schedule in october to campaign for hillary clinton. but we got the announcement of those four presidential debates coming up, wow. if that wasn't a taste of what
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we're going to hear. >> i love "monday night football" to watch the debates. kennedy: tom brady has a few mondays free and sundays. what i'm interesting, president shouldn't get so caught up in emotion, shouldn't get so defensive especially having international press conference. i realize he is in washington, d.c. he does the same thing in joint press conference with david cameron, devoted way too much time to donald trump. but what he is doing here, he is suffering from his own self-induced panic because the first 100 days of his presidency, he wrote so many executive orders undoing george w. bush's legacy. he realized how powerful that pen was. he used it throughout his presidency. now his greatest fear donald trump will win and do the exact same thing. he he is in legacy preserving panic. that is why he is fighting so hard for hillary clinton to get elected so donald trump doesn't have the ability to do what he did when he first assumed
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office. >> what is interesting about that, it is not just the subject matter but i agree with kennedy it is timing when he used that executive pen, those first 100 days. on balance, look at number of times it is competitive with other presidents but when you factor in the timing of it and substance, it really makes it very powerful and point of criticism. go ahead. >> "wall street journal" had a big piece today how a lot of executive decisions that he made recently carry into the next administration because they are so sure that hillary clinton is going to win and carry on with these executive decisions. >> immigration, the supreme court stopped him on that. >> more than once. >> right. you know one thing and i know this is in the wheelhouse of you and sandra and i said during this, i said well the president is down with tpp he likes that trade partnership agreement, hillary clinton doesn't. at least this version of hillary clinton. sandra: go back to what he just said. what was his defense of it? right now i'm the president, i'm for it.
9:25 am
that was verbatim from his speech. this concept began in republican administration. this is not like a raving endorsement. >> in fact, you have an -- this is hillary clinton's book, which i'm sure everybody read. kennedy: some times. >> 600 pages long. there are only two pages of tpp in the book. they are fulsome in praise for tpp. kennedy: gone in the paper back version. president only talks about the aspects of tppp for him in the bernie sanders era. talking about environmental regulations and worker protections. >> talking about it and loving it. >> the point of free trade it lifts people out of poverty across the globe. it is better for people to have more choices. better for us to have more trading partners and lower tariffs. as you were pointing out during the sweep, smoot-hawley passed in 1930, had direct impacts on -- >> that sense i think head of
9:26 am
singapore. it did have direct impact on world war ii. sandra: while the president was speaking, donald trump was taking to the podium. you are looking at live picture of him right now holding a rally in ashburn, virginia. this is just outside of washington. the republican doubling down on his claim that the political system is rigged. remarks that echo what he told fox's sean hannity, when he said there may be something more sinister at play in this election. watch. >> and i'm telling you november 8th, we better be careful because that election will be rigged. i hope republicans are watching closely or it will be taken away from us. sandra: all right. i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged. what do you make of him pushing this? >> already happened to a certain extent. look what happened in virginia. terry mcauliffe, lifelong clinton ally, allowed 200,000 ex-cons, felons to suddenly become voters in the election. 200,000 votes is nothing to
9:27 am
sniff about. you can already in open, in daylight it is rigged in hillary's favor, allies by hillary clinton around the nation. that is one example. i like to hear, sometimes put something out there, doesn't have all the facts to back it up. and gets the facts later. >> look what bernie sanders supporters just went through. >> that's true. >> at the convention last week in philadelphia, i mean, their anguish and sadness was palpable. we still don't know how the majority of those people are going to vote. i talked to many people on convention floor were absolutely planning on either not voting considering what else is out there. maybe a third party. kennedy: jill stein. something else interesting is happening here. do you realize how hillary clinton allies in the press are not talking about jill stein at all, but they're really ginning up gary johnson. the hope is mainstream outlets start to talk about libertarian nominee gary johnson pulling away votes from donald trump. they are not giving equal access
9:28 am
to jill stein. >> she is also a woman. kennedy: takes someone away from hillary clinton and going after hillary clinton exciting gary johnson supporters. >> they agree on a lot of same things except of course economics and how money works and those minor details. but in terms of coming from outside the system and in terms of, even second amendment type of things, civil liberty abouts. so i don't think it will necessarily be, if it don't vote for trump, only vote for gary taking away from trump. they will take votes away from hillary. sandra: talk about the trend in the polls up until now. latest convention poll, hillary clinton debt get a bump postconvention, 53-43%. that is 7-point bounce postconvention. 16% of poll respondents could change their minds. that is what you're discussing they're all going for.
9:29 am
>> two facts of this election. there have never been more negatives about a candidate as they are now. two, i don't think there have ever been. undecideds. democrats generally they're voting for. republicans know this they're voting for. 1/3 ever the american public are genuinely undecided. >> did conventions change any minds to the point they feel like they know who they want to vote for? >> not in the end. temporary yes. that is the poll sandra is alluding to. temporarily they got a solid bump up. we're a long way. you mentioned it is debates. sandra: just heard you call me sandra. then you went back to sandy again. i noted david since 2007. that is first time i heard you say sandy. >> can you call me dave? >> call me anything. when i first asked, do you mind if i call you sandy. fine. davie, no.
9:30 am
kennedy: you doesn't think so. unless you're talking about -- sandra: it is 242 days and counting since hillary clinton held a formal news conference. now the democratic nominee addressing a convention of minority journalists. will she take questions or is there too much at risk for her campaign?
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9:35 am
a pollster told abc news, we'll have a press conference when we want to have a press conference. how wonderfully convenient for them. harris: i know where i would start? >> where. harris: take off my inline skates, trying to skate after her, catching up with her after 200 days. how do you feel about the president right now, libya is some of his biggest regrets and mistakes when such a part of your biography. >> she won't take those questions. what is your favorite thing about being a grandma? kennedy: reading good night moon. >> take no questions. so, you're a woman. elaborate on that. harris: i can start there. you're a woman. and the president has been saying that among his biggest, could still work, has nothing to do with the answer. >> she will answer all the questions, i'm a grand ma. kennedy: don't she look at donald trump, seems like recently donald trump is getting himself into a little bit of trouble when he holds extended press conferences which are wildly entertaining but
9:36 am
sometimes he goes off message. harris: at least he takes questions. >> i will say that -- kennedy: part of the reason he does that is -- >> his biggest problem right now is the question fielding from george stephanopoulos, who wasn't at a big pre conference. i didn't see the one today because we were watching singapore prime minister. the last press conference he did last week was pretty good. totally off-the-cuff. right during the middle of the -- >> talking about condos. >> it was pretty good stuff. it is, his problem of course is when he loses sight of the target. the target is hillary clinton. the target is not anybody else. certainly not gold star family. the target, target is hillary clinton. he focuses on her and he is going to do okay. sandra: 242 days and counting, tough questions at a press conference for hillary clinton should surely, the economy should surely be included in that. what do republicans say, is primarily how she is describing
9:37 am
her economic plan, raising taxes and infrastructure spending, right? so, we need to dive deeper into that. >> been there, done that. sandra: how are you going to differentiate yourself from the obama economy white house touts wonderfully but main street isn't feeling that? how will you tell them, to reach out to those voters to say things will be different? >> we said it before. we're really not getting a solid debate until there is a debate until you see those go individuals on stage. the first question we heard with the press conference with the singapore prime minister was a gimme to president. what do you think about. you will hear more questions like that of hillary and not tough questions, hey, mrs. clinton, your numbers don't add up. harris: she knows that is not going to be the case. she knows she will have to face at least a few tough questions, otherwise might have seen her in the video. she has done hundreds of sit-down interviews. wouldn't it be interesting, reporters said you know what?
9:38 am
, no more sit-downses until she does a news conference. sandra: good luck, harris. >> what her and bill do on dates, hard-hitting. single issue voter, like what you do with your husband. what you guys like to eat for dinner. that is how i make my choice. glad they're talking about it. kennedy: this is hard-hitting stuff. >> totally. kennedy: questions about whether donald trump and house speaker paul ryan still have fences to mend. what speaker ryan says. trump's tweet, and what it may take to get the establishment fully on board with the republican nominee. is that possible? we'll discuss from the couch when "outnumbered" returns in a moment. stay here.
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9:43 am
donors in colorado. ryan told audience, quote, we king the moral high ground showing conservative ideas in practice. it will help us retake the soul of our own party which we have our own challenges with these days, end quote. ryan never mentioned trump by name but referred to him a unique and different kind of nominee. trump fired back sending a thank you tweet to the republican challenger, trying to unseat ryan in next tuesday's primary. he said this. thanks for your kind words. very much appreciated. >> oh, boy. >> i love that phrase, unique and different. when you go to an art gallery and you see a work of a friend of yours and you hate it, you say, well it is unique and different, isn't it? >> that's different. >> you get the sense these guys don't like each other. harris: does it matter? >> i don't think so. in fact if donald trump becomes president of the united states, i would kind of like it if he didn't get along with speaker of the house. i like tension between the executive and legislature.
9:44 am
when republican presidents have republican congresses, generally they just spend more money. look what happened in the bush administration. kennedy: absolutely right. they can't control themselves. they feel that is their job to get in there. they're all a bunch of busy bodies. i love the political passive aggression. it is wildly entertaining. you wonder if paul ryan will unendorse him. i don't know if his primary challenger is giving him fight of his life. >> trump is talking him up. kennedy: several contests are so close. trump factor could be deciding one. interesting to see how ryan plays this. if trump loses, paul ryan wants to run for president in 2020. he is walking quite a tightrope. harris: my mother told me, sandra, if you can't say something sincerely, be quiet. sandra: a wise, wise woman. harris: to kennedy's point, i don't think he has to unendorse. he can be as disingenuous as possible.
9:45 am
>> called him a racist and didn't unendorse. sandra: based on what we heard out of the president's mouth, i will reiterate from hillary clinton campaigning entire month of october, challenging gop leaders, if you to repeatedly say hashtag what trump said, fox news, repeating this, why are you endorsing him? he followed that up, with what does say about your party, this is your standard-bearer. hillary clinton and donald trump are going to use, continually use paul ryan and other gop leaders reluctant to openly support him. harris: as you were saying that. why? it's a rigged system and everybody knows you have to endorse the candidate even if you don't agree with him? that actually benefits donald trump. look, i this guy to endorse me. he doesn't really want to, but he has to. >> you lose either way. pull a ted cruz, people are mad. you do endorse and have problems with it. pulling a ted. people are mad or you pull a paul ryan and do endorse. have issues people are mad about
9:46 am
that. basically the lesson here, no matter what you do you're always wrong. harris: wow. >> not complicated. nothing we've ever seen before. nobody knows what to do. they're doing their best. trump says some things are difficult to stand behind, party unity is more important than some people. harris: i've been saying this from the beginning back in the primaries when donald trump started winning when there were 15, 16 people in the race, why didn't the party get with him then, or at least say, look, if you turn out to be winner, we'll work with you on your messaging. we'll work -- >> they didn't think he was going to win. i talked to a very big person in the republican party, just a couple of months before he got the nomination, he said donald trump will never, never, ever, ever, be the republican party nominee. they really didn't believe. >> it was unfunny. all fun and games. oh, wait, never mind. harris: i would love to see a crystal ball break. >> not always. i like it when that happens. harris: hillary clinton is working on winning over one
9:47 am
group of voters she is struggling with, white working class men. how she is planning to do it. will it work?
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
harris: i haven't seen my friend in months, jenna lee.
9:51 am
jenna lee. get that "outnumbered" out of the way and go to jenna lee, coming up in second hour of "happening now." haven't said that in months. >> great to see you, harris. office hall buddy i do miss. we'll have to catch up. president obama, as you know, wrapped up a joint news conference with the prime minister of singapore. we watch that together. president insisting congress pass tpp trade deal, despite opposition of hillary clinton and donald trump. the president also slamming trump saying he is not fit to serve as president. we'll see that sound played throughout the day today. at same time donald trump is holding rally in virginia. he is slamming hillary clinton again and says she doesn't have the strength to take on vladmir putin or russia. so there is all that. meantime hillary clinton enjoying a postconvention bounce in the polls. several new polls out. leading "real clear politics" average by about four points. can she hold on to it. we'll see you on "happening now." harris: looking forward to
9:52 am
seeing you again and jon of course. sandra: hillary clinton reaching out to one group of voters she is struggling to connect with, white men. during a two-day bus tour of rust belt swing states she appeared with her two top ambassadors to that group, husband bill and till kaine. dropped female pop music to motown classics. once she was out there, she talked football, food and jobs. >> my father, plus one of my brothers played football at penn state. so -- [applause] it is always a joy for me to be here. i started eating hot peppers back in '92. i'm still eating them. and i'm still standing. and i'm still ready to go to the white house! i have specific plans about how we're going to get the economy working for everybody. we are going to make the biggest
9:53 am
investment in new jobs since world war ii! sandra: hot peppers and football. does that work for you, kennedy? kennedy: pandering so embarrassing. continuing with the hot sauce pandering. harris: i don't get it. kennedy: what was she wearing? harris: pop that with a white -- kennedy: tim kaine is so goofy, sitting there clapping. group of men who have seen their manufacturing johns evaporate. they're worry ad lot more employment will go overseas, south of the border and tim kaine is, speaking to them in spanish. >> listen, white men, i too have heard of this football. i heard, same thing what she tries with millenials to use the "pokemon go" to the polls joke, that made me want to hit myself in the space. there is no subtle way to connect with people. okay, white guys like football. i will go up there and say
9:54 am
football,. >> when she said she left the white house in poverty and struggled up from nothing. kennedy: went to get a manufacturing job and went to trade college. >> kennedy puts their finger on it. whoo it middle class people in the country, particularly those who lost their well-paying jobs, feel like they're working stiffs, that everybody else gets advantages, they get nothing but buptkus. they are working harder, making less. i don't think it will work. it is insincere with all the other platitudes she tripped over making. harris: the problem for hillary clinton, this used to be the base of the party, rural whites. particularly in places like virginia. when you bring up point about tim kaine and track record with jobs, that is a point you're not seeing many in the media really hit. it is something that counts. something that counts. maybe he has got an answer how he would fix it. he didn't do it there. but maybe he thinks he can fix it at another level. >> i don't want to say donald trump is just like
9:55 am
ronald reagan he is not. very different people, but what happened when ronald reagan was elected, he got a lot of working stiffs that used to be a part of the democratic party. he got the endorsement of the teamsters union, ronald reagan did. donald trump is appealing to the same group, particularly after what hillary said about coal miners and about all these people who are losing their jobs specifically because of the policies she not only wants to keep in place but accentuate. harris: i would ask if he is going to do that, sandra, should he focus less on her, and focus more on the message of making it better? sandra: you never hear me argue about focusing more on economy, to woo women or white male voters. just in general, that needs to be a topic of conversation. do you think she is spending too much time targeting donald trump? >> yeah. i think so, but again, what does she have other than donald trump to be for? she's much more successful being against donald trump then she is for a policy that is not clear in as far as just continue wages
9:56 am
of what obama did but on steroids. so you attack the guy a lot of people don't like, rather than defend something that is not that defensible. kennedy: i want to hear someone ask him, tim kaine, about his support for tpp when she is so dead-set against it. that is big issue voters need fleshed out. sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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harris: okay, so david asman already telling us what we should talk aboutout numbered
10:00 am
overtime., click on overtime tab. >> 78 nieces and nephews. tell you about it on overtime. harris: doesn't have any children. facebook live. do the math on that. sitting between the math expert. shoulding really exciting and other stuff online. "happening now" now. hi, jenna.


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