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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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so we're closing in on 2 million twitter followers @megyn kelly. why don't you help us go over the top and we will happen tode and it won't be related at all. tonight -- >> here's a woman who's a total thief. i mean she's a crook. >> donald trump hammers hillary clinton on the campaign trail. >> she lies more than any human being i've ever seen. >> and the gop nominee is warning that the general election could be rigged. >> we better be careful because that election is going to be rigged. >> former speaker of the house newt gingrich reacts to all of this. >> i think this is something that was obviously blown hugely out of proportion. >> then major media bias in the covering of khizr khan and that story. and the left in black lives matter ignore the out of control violence in chicago. sheriff david clarke and geraldo
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rivera respond. all of that plus laura ingraham joins us. welcome to "hannity," and tonight donald trump is pounding the campaign trail, ramping up his rhetoric against hillary clinton. let's take a look. >> did you see over the weekend fox, chris wallace, where she lied? where she said the fbi director said, like, everything was just perfect. it wasn't exactly -- i mean she lied. she pure and simple -- she only knows to lie. we have people that don't know what they're doing. hillary clinton will be worse. she'll be worse. you know, she wants to play the tough one. she's not tough. she's not tough. i know tough people. she's not tough. i mean she's -- she's just -- she's doing the -- the handlers, they push her from place to place. she's going to keep obamacare. she's going to let people continue to pour into our country, and we have no idea who the hell they are. she's going to let the syrian refugees come in, and we don't know if they're isis. we have no idea. it's going to be the all-time
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gre great trojan horse. they calm in by the thousands. therefore i can't imagine the people of loudoun are going to be voting for crooked hillary clinton. >> the mainstream media is now hysterical after donald trump says bernie sanders made a deal with the devil by supporting hillary clinton. here's what he said. >> he made a bad deal. he should have not made a deal. he would have gone down as doing something really important. once he made that deal -- and, believe me, he has buyer's remorse. this guy has buyer's remorse. he looked at that, and he was so angry when they were talking about him, and his people are angry at him, and they should be. if he would have just not done anything, just go home, go to sleep, relax, he would have been a hero. but he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> here with reaction, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i'm going to play hillary
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lying on fox news sunday late. you just can't miss the opportunity. but playing it or not playing it, even a cnn poll that came out, do you think hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy? here are the numbers. 64% say no. 34% say yes. i don't know about the 1% that have no opinion. but how do you get elected president and have two-thirds of the american people surveyed think you're a liar? >> well, i think what she's got to do is with barack obama's help is try to shrink donald trump so that he becomes smaller. she can't build herself up. she's not going to convince most of that 64% that she's honest. so she has to convince them that trump is more dangerous than she is, that while she is -- somebody said earlier that he's dangerous because you don't know what he's going to do. and you know she's stable because she's a crook, and she's a liar, but at least she's a stable crook and liar.
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i think that's sort of their -- their whole game plan is to make trump unacceptable so people reluctantly vote for hillary. >> all right. now a war of words has broken out between the president, who i would argue in every measure, we have the lowest homeownership rate in 50 years. we've got one in five american families, not a single member in the family working. he's now accumulated more debt than every other president before him combined. millions more in poverty, millions more in food stamps. the former community organizer who went to the church and hung out with arison dorn, he said trump's unfit to be president. we'll play that and trump's response. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, in
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the middle east, in asia means that he's woefully unprepared to do this job. >> all right. trump responded, and he said the following. he said, obama and clinton have single handedly destabilized the middle east, handed iraq, libya, and syria to isis, and allowed personnel to be slaurted at benghazi. he further goes on to say that then they put iran on the path to nuclear weapons. then they allowed dozens of veterans to die waiting for medical care that never, ever came. and he continues, hillary clinton put the whole country at risk with her illegal e-mail server, deleted evidence of her crime, and lied repeatedly about her conduct, which endangered all of us. and then he said, they have betrayed our security, our workers, and hillary clinton has proven herself unfit to serve in any government office. is it a case where it seems that now obama is more invested than
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ever, desperate almost to engage trump? the one thing he seems to like to do is give speeches and get in political fights. >> well, i think that the left, whether it's the news media, the clinton campaign, or obama -- the left thinks they have a chance now to define trump around this whole khan issue and make him unacceptable. and this is, in a sense, we think back to senate races. this is their todd aiken moment. if they can define him into a box, then he can't get out of the box and he loses the election no matter how bad hillary is. the problem for the president is -- and i hope that trump will take him head-on about this -- this is a president when he talks about not knowing things, he didn't know that you couldn't keep your doctor, that he was lying. he didn't know that the red lines in syria were going to appear. he didn't know that the russians were going to take crimea. he didn't know that iraq was going to collapse. he still doesn't know that 3,400
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americans have been killed in his hometown of chicago since he became president. you go down the list of things that barack obama doesn't know, and it is astonishing the arrogance and the demagoguery of this man in just sweeping away others. i think the obama presidency will be looked back upon as one of the great failures in american history. >> you know, i love your historical background and the context and texture. you run everything through the prism of the knowledge you've accumulated. in your mind, frame this election and what's at stake. i have the way i frame it, but i'm more interested in how you would frame this entire election. >> well, we're going to end up with two really very different choices. we're going to have an establishment figure who bears all of the corruption, all of the inside dealings, all of the baggage of an establishment that's decaying, and we're going to have an outsider who has all
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of the challenges and the weaknesses of somebody who is truly outside the system but is the only real hope of shaking up and potentially profoundly changing the current system. now, that's about as big a choice -- this goes back to andrew jackson probably in 1828. in some ways it goes back to lincoln versus the old order in 1860. maybe fdr versus herbert hoover in 1932. i mean this is a huge -- this is a bigger choice than reagan versus carter in 1980. >> i get the list. look how profoundly different they are on the issue of supreme court justices. look how profoundly different they are. one wants amnesty and no immigration laws for the most part whatsoever, and one's going to build a wall. one is going to increase refugees 550%, and one is going to make sure we can vet them properly so what happened in belgium and france doesn't happen here. school choice, send it back to the states.
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obamacare, eliminate health care savings accounts. radical islam, even acknowledging it for crying out loud. there's such a profound difference. i just wonder, you know, where the public is on this. in other words, i heard a lot of cliches and platitudes at the democratic convention and i heard a lot of reality at the republican convention. >> look, i think what you've got right now -- and you saw a bounce for trump after his convention, then washed away by a bounce for hillary after her convention. what you have is an enormous news media bias. think of it as a head wind against a sailing ship. they're going to do everything they can to stop trump. they're going to do everything they can to exaggerate every mistake he makes. and they're going to interpret everything in the worst possible light. and they're doing that both to prop up hillary and to try to slow down trump because they began to realize this spring, this guy could really win. and if he wins, he really will change their world. it will be very different than
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it has been for the last half century. >> democrats have told me there's a lot of sweating going on in democratic ranks. they too believe that trump could win. i would argue that this whole issue of mr. one of those examples where the media takes a side because we could see the coverage the week before the republican convention, and pat smith, she got 70 seconds. the networks gave the whole khan story nearly an hour's worth of coverage. you know, you can't give that away. you can't buy that amount of coverage. and similarly, the families and mothers that spoke about their children killed by illegal immigrants because we don't fix our broken system, they were ignored by the media. this khan issue, donald trump said, number one, this kid was a hero. he said that he had no issue with the father. he said he was not talking about the khans when he was talking about vetting refugees. how did it blow up into this? >> i think one of the lessons ronald reagan learned was you
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cannot give the elite media an inch, or they will exploit it, and they'll reinterpret it in the worst possible light. and reagan over time became very careful by focusing -- he came back and focused on jimmy carter. he came back and focused on the big issues. and trump is going to have to learn that every time he gives the media a chance, they're going to hit him, and they're going to keep hitting him. so he needs to go back -- >> is the answer focus on jobs, economy, immigration, refugees, and issues and protecting the homeland only? is that the answer? >> the answer is wanting to stay with issues. and, two, it's okay for him to fight with obama or with hillary because they're the same level. >> got it. >> don't fight with people other than obama and hillary. but i hope he's going to be very tough with obama because what obama said today, in the white house, standing next to a foreign leader, i thought was pretty despicable for a
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president of the united states to be that harsh about his potential successor. >> well said. >> i mean talk about undermining the united states of america. barack obama potentially did that today. >> powerful statement. we'll continue. we'll have more with newt gingrich right after this break. also comiing up. >> that election is going to be rigged, and i hope the republicans are watching closely or it's going to be taken away from us. >> donald trump said he thinks the democrats will rig the election in novemberme. i have some evidence he could be right. i'll explain. also tonight -- >> my advice to donald would be very simple. i'll tell you the advice i'd give him. you have one person to attack, hillary clinton. >> rudy giuliani with some advice for the gop nominee. we have more reaction from newt gingrich. also laura ingraham will be here. that and more as we continue. i've been taking fish oil from nature's bounty to support my heart. eating better, keeping healthy.
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another prominent republican is siding with hillary clinton. she is endorsing the democratic nominee, saying it is time to put country first before party. whitman calls trump a dishonest demagogue with rankless positions on the economy and foreign policy. whitman adds she is making a substantial contribution to the clinton campaign. so far, no response from the trump camp. a deadly wild fire that continues to spread near california's scenic big surfs, was started by an illegal campfire. it started in a park where campfires are prohibited. no arrests yet.
10:16 pm
the massive fire has so far burned 67 square miles and destroyed 57 homes. ffgs don't expect to have it out until late this month. now back to "hannity." i'm telling you november 8th, we better be careful because that election's going to be rickgged. i hope the republicans are going to be watching closely or it's going to be taken away from us. >> donald trump right here on this program talking about how he believes that it's possible the election in november could be rigged for hillary clinton. earlier today on "fox & friends," former new york city mayor rudy giuliani shared from advice for mr. trump. take a look. >> my advice to donald would be very simple. i'll tell you the advice i'd give him. you have one person to attack, hillary clinton. and barack obama because it's the obama administration. let all of us, myself, gingrich, christie, his whole army, let us attack everybody else. that's always been my rule in
10:17 pm
politics, which is you're running against one person. don't run against the world. >> we continue with former speaker of the house newt gingrich. let's go back to the earlier issue of trump saying, we've got to be careful, that it's rigged. we did learn that the dnc rigged a system with super delegates, and the dnc was fully behind hillary clinton the entire way, and the e-mails proved that. here's an interesting statistic. the philly inquirer one week after the 2012 election pointed out that in 59 separate precincts in inner city philadelphia, that mitt romney did not get a single vote, not one. and according to the cleveland plain dealer, there were nine precincts in cleveland alone, again, not a single romney vote. not one. now, maybe i'm conspiratorial. maybe this is a stretch. but 70 districts in two cities? 70-plus districts, not a single
10:18 pm
vote for romney? is that possible? >> sure. look, my first real presidential election in terms of being involved and paying attention was 1960 between nixon and kennedy. and i don't think any historian doubts that the democrats stole illinois, and they stole texas, and that was the margin election. just straight out theft. people in chicago who had been dead for a long time managed to still miraculously vote. people in parts of texas where lyndon johnson could deliver them voted even if they no longer existed. i think there's a long tradition on the part of democratic machines of trying to steal elections, and that's why what really matters is for republicans to recognize that and organize enough republican attorneys and republican poll watchers to offset it. i mean you have to assume the other side -- and this goes back to everything that trump has been saying about hillary. i mean if you assume that she's a crook, as he says, if you assume that she lies as he says,
10:19 pm
why would you expect her to have an honest election? but the job, then, is for the republicans to recruit enough poll watchers and to recruit enough attorneys that you can go nose to nose with them everywhere in the country and not allow that to happen. >> you know, you have pointed out many times on this program that trump represents a clear and present danger to modern-day washington, to the establishment, to the infrastructure, if you will, the incestuous relationship between lobbyists and congressmen and the staffs and the media. i think you're dead-on right. i've watched, for example, paul ryan, lindsey graham, even jeb bush, who won't endorse trump, and john mccain. all these people are out there, and they seem more critical of donald trump than they've ever been willing to speak out against barack obama or hillary clinton. now donald trump has said he's not supporting either mccain or paul ryan in their primaries.
10:20 pm
i think they've earned that distinction from him. what are your thoughts on it? >> well, look, i think that trump's got to figure out sooner or later, as rudy giuliani was saying a while ago, how many fights does he want to get into. paul ryan is the speaker of the house. he's a very smart, hard-working guy. >> he said he's not quite there yet, so it sounds like he might. >> look, i'm just saying i think trump's got to be the leader of the party and shame on those who don't endorse him, or he's got to be a random guy who goes around picking fights he doesn't need. john mccain has a long record of serving this country in the military, as a p.o.w., in the house, and in the senate. he is a superb chairman of the armed services committee, and he deserves the support of every rational republican in the country. paul ryan is -- paul ryan right now is the heart of the house republican party. he has very high approval among republicans across the whole country, and these are -- you know, a agree totally with rudy
10:21 pm
giuliani. you've got one person to beat. it's hillary clinton. you beat hillary clinton, you're president. you beat 23 other people and lose to hillary clinton, you're not going to be president. focus on the main fight. >> yeah. not bad advice at all. all right. we have a debate commission. one of the co-chairs is a guy by the name of mike mccurry. what did i do to make you laugh so hard? what did i do? >> you have brought out my favorite current topic. >> i know that because i've been talking to you recently. all right. so mike mccurry, former press secretary for bill clinton. so of the three presidential debates, one is up against sunday night football, and the other is up against monday night football. i'm thinking, okay, that's pretty stupid. let's see. what am i going to watch? football or hillary? probably hillary versus trump, but i'm not the -- i love football, but that's a dumb decision. why did they do this, and what can be done to stop it? >> well, everybody should contact the debate commission
10:22 pm
and tell them move the two debates. i mean the fact is -- and i have a personal interest in this because the falcons are the sunday night game, and green bay is the monday night game and i have an interest in both those teams. so i would like them to move the debate. here's the thing that's crazy. we have had monday night football since 1970. we've had sunday night football since 1987. the notion that this elite, hidden-away group of washingtonians couldn't figure out those two dates are dumb dates -- >> doesn't it sound like what hillary did to bernie sanders? they tried to bury these debates on a saturday night when everybody is out of town and nobody is watching them? it seems like a strategy to me. >> look, it's a bipartisan commission, folks who have been around a long time, and who are self-appointed, and they think of themselves as the debate gods. and i think they made this decision 15 months ago. but let's just start out with a simple notion. this is early august.
10:23 pm
the debates are late september and october. they can change it. it ain't that big a deal. >> good point. >> the american people -- one poll saw 86% of the country wants them to move the debates. >> move them. >> that's what a populist rebellion is like. >> mr. speaker, good to see you. thank you. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> here's a woman who is a total thief. i mean she's a crook. she's a crook, and she lies more than any human being i've ever seen. >> donald trump unloading on hillary clinton for flat-out lying about a private e-mail server scandal. we'll check in with laura ingraham with reaction. also later tonight. >> i think this is something that was honestly blown hugely out of proportion because he first of all said the khan family looked like amazing people in that interview. >> donald trump's son, eric trump slams the media for its biassed coverage of khizr khan. we'll expose the
10:24 pm
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here's a woman who is a total thief. i mean she's a crook. she's a crook, and she lies more than any human being i've ever seen. and she's got no gravitas. and by the way, she's got a bad temperament. she's got a temperament of a loser. >> that was donald trump going after hillary clinton earlier today on the campaign trail, calling her a thief and a crook. joining us now with reaction, laura ingraham. also a nationally syndicated radio host. you know, what's amazing to me is all the evidence we have, and even a cnn poll, 64% in that poll think she's dishonest, untrustworthy, and still it's sort of like if we had hillary on video shooting somebody, you still would get that 45% of americans voting for her saying, well, the guy probably deserved
10:27 pm
he's on the offensive against hillary. obama does this big, he's unfit for office and so forth, and trump keeps staying on the offensive. he has to keep doing that. he shouldn't get side tracked with all this criticism and all the side issues like the khans. he should focus right on what is happening to the american people today and the service of our soldiers should be extolled and elevated always. but he has to focus on the american economy and a strong forward-looking foreign policy. he does that, he's going to win this election. if he gets sidetracked, he's not. you.
10:28 pm
i think if he stays focused on jobs, the economy and protecting the homeland, stay away from all this other stuff -- and by the way, there are surrogates that one him to win. i want him to win. you want him to win. but let me give a visual example of the fbi director -- first we'll play hillary from fox news sunday totally miss characterizing what james comey, the fbi director said before trey gowdy and his committee. and he just says, lie, lie, lie, and still people are supporting her. let's play them back-to-back. >> fbi director james comey said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> chris, that's not what i heard director comey say. director comey said that my answers were truthful and what i've said is consistent with what i have told the american people. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails either sent or received. was that true? >> that's not true. there were a small number of portion markings on i think three of the documents. >> secretary clinton said, i did not e-mail any classified
10:29 pm
material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. was that true? >> there was classified material e-mailed. >> secretary clinton said all work-related e-mails were returned to the state department. was that true? >> no. we found work-related e-mails, thousands, that were not returned. >> secretary clinton said her lawyers read every one of the e-mails and were overly inclusive. did her lawyers read the e-mail content individually? >> no. >> five separate lies, laura. >> yeah. i mean and that's only -- that's only scraping the surface of hillary's lies about the e-mail server, of course the sitting by while the lie about benghazi was told, lying to the benghazi mother who i guess the media doesn't consider a legitimate victim of this current environment because i guess she doesn't like hillary. so she's not a legitimate victim. but this is just the way the clintons do business, sean. you and i have been talking about the clintons since the
10:30 pm
mid-1990s. like we know what they do. so for all of these people, oh, trump mischaracterizes his relationship with putin, you know, i'll grant you trump has to be a lot more careful with his language. but he was not secretary of state, selling mischaracterization, the misstatement, or the down right lie. >> i've always said that the number one contributor to hillary's campaign is going to be the main extreme media. now we have some evidence. pat smith, she spoke at the republican national consequence and mrc did a study. 14 days after a speech, the networks gave her a whopping 70 seconds. since this guy mr. khan spoke, well he got 55 minutes and 13 seconds. what a r
10:31 pm
the decline. they have no defense over the substantive arguments -- >> it's got to be jobs, the economy and protecting the homeland. so we have more resignations over at the dnc. now, these e-mails revealed a
10:32 pm
lot. racial slurs, gay slurs, misogynistic language, and an entire anti-semitic strategy for democratic voters in kentucky and west virginia. you and i both know if trump did this -- >> forget it. >> -- or the rnc did it, it would never end. how does hillary not only skate on i think if trump were doing something like this, they'd be at the front door of the trump tower. they'd be demanding a resignation, media exposes, further disassociation from the trump campaign, but in this media climate when they all are cheering for hillary, they are -- trump's got to get used to this, sean. other than your show and a few others, this is not going to really be covered. this is going to be swept under the rug. he'll get some glances coverage,
10:33 pm
but it will not be the sustained drum beat that they give to issues such as the khan family or the russia running -- the trump campaign. it's so transparent to most people. i really think in the end, people see through most of this stuff. i really do. you. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> i think this is something that was honestly blown hugely out of proportion because he first of all said the khan family looked like amazing people in that interview, which for whatever reason never wants to get reported. >> donald trump's son eric, he's calling out the liberal mainstream media for its obsession with the khizr khan story. and later chicago is now seeing a massive surge in violence, but liberals and the black lives matter matter movement, they're completely silent all of a sudden after july represents a ten-year high in violence in chicago. we have the numbers. sheriff david clarke, geraldo react. that and more tonight right here on "hannity." you owned your car
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i think this is something that was honestly blown hugely out of proportion because he first of all said the khan family looked like amazing people in that interview, which for whatever reason never wanted to get reported. he called him a hero at so many different times. and again he's not -- he wasn't talking -- this isn't a muslim thing. this is an isis thing, and this is also an anti-immigration, anti-syrian refugee thing coming into the country because he doesn't want to see more americans dead. my father is a great patriot. >> eric trump earlier today saying the feud between his father and the khan family has been blown completely out of proportion by the liberal media. joining us with reaction, fox news contributor rick grinle, and a.j. delgado. a.j., this is very frustrating to me. he called the son a hero. he want against that war. hillary was for it.
10:40 pm
he said once you go to fight the war, you got to finish it, and we know what happened by pulling out early. when you compare pat smith's coverage to khan's coverage, the disparity is nearly an hour to 70 seconds by the main extreme med -- main extreme media. my question is why are they disporting and what does it mean if. >> eric is absolutely right. what we're seeing here is the media is not even pretending anymore that they're not in hillary's camp. let's see what happened here. we had headlines saying that donald trump had attacked mr. khan, and the truth is not only did donald trump not attack mr. khan, he praised him. he said this was a nice man who seems like a nice man. the attacking came from mr. khan, who viciously, heinously, for no reason said -- and i quote -- that donald trump had sacrificed nothing. not only was that an unnecessary, ugly, toxic insult in what could have been a beautiful speech about his son's
10:41 pm
heroism, but mr. khan insulted most americans when he said that because he's saying someone who is a parent like mr. trump, who's raised five wonderful children, can do that without any sacrifice. what about school teachers? what about firefighters? all of these people sacrifice daily for this nation, and he's saying essentially that unless you've lost a child in war, you have sacrificed nothing. it was really a shameful speech. >> our director of intelligence james clapper, director comey, cia director brennan, our assistant fbi director steinbeck. general john allen and committee chair mccaul all said, like belgium, like germany, like paris, like europe in general, that isis and radical islamists will infiltrate the refugee population. that's where his policy is coming from. until we can vet them and make sure americans are safe. he wasn't talking about the khan family. he wasn't talking in any
10:42 pm
pejorative way about anybody. he's talking about keeping americans safe. why does the media take it to that level? >> these are a bunch of young reporters who are really easily manipulated. and when you look at these reporters who are just re-tweeting and repeating and reposting stuff on facebook, no one is really taking the time to look at the evidence. there's looking at their colleagues. they're looking at their twitter followers, and they're just repeating this line. it's a group thing, and it's a very young reporter thing to do. >> it's not just group think. it's also cnn and nbc and cbs. the disproportionate coverage, especially when you compare it to pat smith, it's daunting. >> yeah, it is daunting. look, we're on the fifth day of this or sixth day, talking about trump's comments. "the new york times" puts on their front page, above the fold, how other politicians are reacting to the donald trump statement.
10:43 pm
meanwhile, what's happening today is the u.s. is bombing isis and libya because hillary clinton's failed judgment has brought us to the place where isis is growing into another country. i mean why aren't reporters focusing on what's truly happening today, things that matter, rather than the six-day coverage of the khan story? >> as we just pointed out in the last segment, a.j., and hillary lying on fox news sunday easily provable and her characterization of james comey. >> this is why this all comes together. we're going to see a fake controversy against mr. trump almost daily. why? because the media wants to keep the american public focused and distracted on the fact that hillary clinton hasn't had a press conference in over 200 days. they want to keep us distracted away from the fact that the clinton foundation was basically a pay for play organization, and all of these other issues. so if they can keep manufacturing these fake controversies, they figure the american public won't pay
10:44 pm
attention to what hillary clinton's record is or what she's doing. but we're smarter than that, and we will. >> thank you both for being with us. appreciate it. great points. coming up, last month -- get this. last month, 65 people were killed in chicago. that makes it the deadliest july in chicago in the past decade. by the way, do you know any of the names? why isn't the president, why isn't hillary talking about it? where's black lives matter? are they talking about it? are they trying to stop this out of control before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing,
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welcome back to "hannity." now, according to the chicago police department, last month was the deadliest july in a decade for the residents of the windy city. tragically, 65 people were killed. the city was rocked by over 360 shooting incidents, which led to a staggering 441 victims. so where is black lives matter? where is the protesting about this violence? what about secretary clinton? where's barack obama? is anyone going to meet with leaders in chicago and find a solution to all this turmoil? joining us now, joining us now, sheriff clark and geraldo riviera. sheriff, before this, 3470 people in chicago have been killed since obama was president. i bet most americans don't know
10:50 pm
the names of one of them. why does he only weigh in on freddie grays, michael browns, trayvon martins and never talk about his own home city, where thousands were killed and shot? why? >> because this is a political construct. this black lives matter. i hate the destructive ideology. it's never been about black life. look at this manifesto. it reminds me of a 9-year-old kid who says he's going to hold his breath until he gets to watch cartoons. listen to the things there they want climate change address. and they want deportation of illegal immigrants. they want a reparation for slavery and end to capitalism. this has george soros written all over it. it's always been a political construct. blacks have been thrown
10:51 pm
overboard by this movement and i think it's a shame. they can't look to chicago and this black on black crime because they'd have to look and say do you know what? our policies have cause destruction of the black community and they'd have to take responsibility for it. so they mask it over with a phony idea that black lives matter to them. >> you and i have been friends many years now. i know how important race issues are to you. immigration, you and i battled. this isn't a game. we don't know any of the names. can you name a person? >> no. and i think broadly, this is is the reason there is so much friction between me and various activists on the streets as i did in philadelphia. black lives only matter to these activists when a blue life takes
10:52 pm
a black life. if black falls on black, there is 0 interest and that is the most pro found issue in america today, the violence against young black men against other young black men and brown men. statistics pale when compared to st. louis, detroit, new orleans, newark and so forth. there is a utter failure. unless it's a high profile case, it a narrative, the president is absent, missing in action. to me, that says, and tell me, he's not caring about lives. if he cared about lives, his ass
10:53 pm
would be in chicago. >> i don't disagree with anything you've said. look at the cities i've named. what do they have in common? they are run by politics of entitlement. not a single vote was cast for mitt romney. why is that? why don't republicans offer an alternative? charler schools, push an antigang law enforcement initiative to stop all of the -- >> and put cameras on the cops. >> look. here is what is important to the black community. i'm there all the time. they want safer neighborhoods.
10:54 pm
they want better schools from kids and they want meaningful choice. donald trump made it clear he's going to bring meaningful jobs back to the united states. the only way out of this situation is stop voting en masse for democrats and give everybody else a chance. coming up, a very important question on
10:55 pm
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time for a question of the day. do you think the general election can be rigged? in philly, 59 districts not one vote for mitt romney in 2012. nine districts in cleveland, not one vote from mitt romney.
11:00 pm
mathematically, it's impossible. we want your thoughts. let us know what you think. unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here, tomorrow night. >> tonight and only "on the record," ivanka trump, now ivanka and i have been talking about sitting down for a long wide ranging interview for months. so we set a date and today we sat down and throughout the hour you will get to know donald trump's daughter ivanka trump. she is a top executive at the trump organization. owns her own fashion line business. but one job she is very proud of being a mother to arabella, joseph and theodore. right now ivanka trump on the record from the trump park avenue. >> ivanka, nice to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> thanks for sitting down with us. >> oh, my pleasure. >> about two years ago we talked and i asked you whether or not your father would run for president said a number of things you said the political life is a challenge. has it sort of born out what
11:01 pm


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