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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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underneath. 60 feet in length, could have swallowed that boat. liz: a whale watch her's dream. imagine. >> "happening now" starts now. sandra: fox news polls shedding light on the race to the white house. i am generally. heather: i am john scott. there are serious concerns for the trump campaign, attend decaliter for the republican rival 49% to 39% thanks to a postconvention bounce, very bad week for the trump campaign. let's go to the university of virginia center for politics, managing editor of larry's
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crystal ball. >> it is mentioned quite often and those not familiar with polling might get the info as to why. these numbers are outside the margin of error. what does that signify? >> hillary clinton got a bounce out of her convention bigger than the one trump got out of his. the fox poll showing clinton up but other poll showing clinton up 6, 7, 8 points, this might be a high point for clinton that will fade a little bit but she is leading in this race and trump has a lot of work to do to catch up. john: the numbers are set in concrete at this moment in time. >> yes. the 10 points, no ambiguity about that. however off the pole may be the clinton is leading. we have seen this backed up by
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other polls after the democratic convention. john: this is about change, not continuity, donald trump is trying to seize the mantle of the change candidate but doesn't seem to be being successful. >> challenger running against not an incumbent but hillary clinton running for barack obama's third term. and the incumbent party making the election about them. and the senate wins in 2014 elections about the democrats and president obama but what trump is doing is making the election about himself, trying to relitigate controversies from the past, has new controversies including his confrontation with the con family. clinton is unpopular with the american public but trump is even more unpopular and can't get out of his own way to make
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the case against hillary clinton. a short time ago, it has been a bad couple weeks for trump. heather: numbers suggest 70% of americans think the country is on the wrong track. if that is the case why is there an appetite for continuity as represented by hillary clinton? >> a lot of people are looking for change but these elections you have to pick between the two major party alternatives and the bigger problem for trump is some voters are looking for change, trump has not convinced a majority of the electorate he is qualified for the job and that has i think the country would be ready for the right kind of candidate to take the country in a new direction but so far has not been able to make that case convincingly be on
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one of the things he says is look at the size of his rallies, he gets thousands of people turning up at his rallies, get turned away at the door because the venues cannot fit in. hillary clinton typically tends to have smaller crowds. he points to that as a sign of his success. how do you see that? this is a long-standing to the tradition in american politics talking about the size of crowds and it goes back as far as 1972 when a lot of reporters thought george mcgovern had a decent chance to win the election because he was getting huge crowds. of course the government killed in that election and you remember more recently mitt romney held a really big rally in greater philadelphia at the end of the 2012 race, maybe some people thought pennsylvania was in play, obama won by five points. i don't think large crowds are necessarily indicative of anything jon: when you have a country of 300 million people getting a couple thousand folks at a rally is not necessarily a sign of success.
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kyle condit with the crystal ball giving us a look this thursday, thanks very much thank you. a clinton in the battleground state of nevada today where a few hours he will hold a rally with union leaders as he focuses on the economy and job creation but before that she weighed in on the controversy with the white house's multimillion dollar payment to iran. live in las vegas with more on hillary clinton today, jennifer? reporter: i jenna. we are in las vegas now, president heading to the pentagon and the news that the white house paid $400 million to iran on the same day that goes for american hostages were released is still swirling around and as you mentioned a clinton was asked about it yesterday by local news affiliate in colorado. she said the news was not new and this is not a hostage slot and of course she was not secretary of state at the time mister place and the around the oath was not really her deal she does ac
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supports it now. she is in las vegas campaigning today. this is a state that has the second highest unemployment rate in the country after alaska. real household income has fallen 19 percent for the recession in 2008, economic recovery has been among the flows in the country, hit hard by the housing market crash. it also has a large latino population among the hotel industry and she is pulling well among latinos, 50 points ahead of trouble. there are 328,000 eligible voters who are latino, they represent 17.2 percent of all nevada eligible voters. the latest thought six: yesterday shows are meeting trump overall like 10 points and in key battleground states she has a double-digit lead in pennsylvania and new hampshire. according to the latest possible clinton is winning
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among the so-called obama coalition, the key voting block that secured his rate we election. she stated among women by 23 points, my black 83 points and voters under 30 by 18 percent. las vegas has thousands of unionized hotel and construction workers jenna and here today at the international brotherhood of election workers, hillary clinton will speak and they endorsed or not long ago. >> we will continue to watch, thank you very much. jon: fox news alerts, an american woman is murdered in a brutal night on the streets of london. five other people are injured as police reveal new details about the suspect, benjamin hall live at the scene with the latest. reporter: i john. this whole city, whole continent is on edge at the moment and in particular places like this where the attack was last night. this is the very heart of the city, tourist hotels everywhere from the british museum area is what we know.
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at about 10:23 in the evening, a somalian norwegian man 19 years old brutally murdered an american canadian, this is what police are calling a random and spontaneous attack. he wounded five others including another american, and australian, and israeli and a brick and fled just after but was captured in only six minutes. he is in custody and is being charged with murder. today police went to great lengths to say the attacker no signs of radicalization and mental health was a significant factor in the attack but as yet there is no clear motive that a given us and the connection to terrorism in particular here is strong. the attacks took place yards away from where in 2005 islamic terrorists blew up the bus, leaving 26 day. this day still wants the city as well as the attacks around europe and it's because of these attacks but police response is so far. police announced yesterday 600 armed cops would now be
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deployed to the streets of london, something rarely seen in the country where the police don't carry weapons and again the police say there was no signs of radicalization but offer no other motives for the attacks we've seen inthe last few months . it has to be on the table and people still here being very worried, very concerned. over the murder of a six-year-old woman yesterday obviously why they are so concerned, benjamin hall in london, thank you. jenna: a bank robbery for my robber herself. what she told the judge after leaving the bank with her hall and waiting for the police to get there. plus, purchases by shell companies expanding, why it matters to you and why the government is tracking luxury real estate sales and we want to hear from you. you think telephone will turn the iran deal around about what some are calling ransom and the administration is not. is it a campaign issue? go to to join the conversation. >>
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jon: look at crime stories, police in georgia arrested a 20-year-old man in the shooting deaths of two teenagers. jeffrey inglewood charged with two counts of murder, the bodies of the 17-year-old boy and girl were found behind a supermarket in roswell georgia. the so-called barefoot bandit, remember him? he is about to get out of prison. there is more became notorious for robbing homes and stealing vehicles while wearing no shoes. he then became known for his facebook following and eventually a movie deal. the barefoot bandit was caught in 2010 after crashing a stolen plane in the bahamas. linda thompson pleads guilty to robbing a bank, saying she did it so she could go back to prison. thompson arrested last month
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after robbing the bank in cheyenne wyoming , then tossed the cash in the air outside and waited for police. she told the judge going back to prison was like going home. jenna: a new look at who is buying what when it comes to high-priced real estate. the government expanding an investigation into the luxury home market after the new york times raised questions about buyers using shell companies to remain anonymous. the treasury department plans to expand its tracking of luxury homes after finding that more than a quarter of those transactions are being looked at for suspicious. one of those reports on the times series in this story is joining us now. we talked when your series came out and it was such a shocking series to think about who is behind these big purchases of these multi-million-dollar apartments in new york city. why did you start looking into that in the first place? >> it started with a project on illicit money around the world, where is it going and i started writing about the british virgin islands and as i dug into it and people have looked into this, they said go to this
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place, it goes through panama but it ends up here in the us because this is where you want to be so in what here, they said a lot of its real estate. that's when i dug into a bunch of watery buildings in new york, most specifically the time warner center and i got behind all of these shell companies and i found a big number of the owners have been involved in law enforcement investigations around the world but their money had come here and it was in these 30, 40 million-dollar houses. jenna: why is that an issue? >> it's an issue for a few reasons. first of all, someone would say it's not right, people should be able to steal money and hide it there. jenna: using the money here in the united states. >> right, and its people around the world but more locally you know very well rent is expensive in new york, it's expensive in los angeles, miami, these are all places the treasury
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department is looking at with these expanded programs and part of the reason is there's been so much foreign money that's come in and among this money there is a real percentage of people trying to hide money here, they are hiding behind shell companies and sometimes they got that money through illegal means. jenna: and its elevating home prices for everybody else. somebody paying taxes here is not necessarily able to afford the real estate and this money isn't necessarily from people paying taxes in the city they are buying . >> any of them don't even live here so they are buying these 40 million-dollar condos , maybe they come for a week but most of the time, a prominent real estate firm in new york told me these condos are safe deposit boxes so these treasury programs which now require that the buyers using shell companies and paying all in cash in a number of cities including los angeles, new york, miami and san antonio, they have to give the names of the realtor behind the shell company to
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the treasury department because this is a huge change in real estate where secrecy has been allowed to be pervasive. jenna: we are talking about something like an llc . the median home price in this country is a little under $200,000. if i wanted to set up an llc and purchase a home under that llc so no one knew it was my home i could do that legally, right?there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with setting up an llc, but what it does do is the more people you use them, even people using them or privacy and legitimate purposes, there's this secrecy that makes it difficult for the department of justice and other law enforcement investigators to find the dirty money that's in thereand that's why the treasury department is asking for this information from everyone buys i price properties , most of the people that get the names, there will be an issue within those people's names will be
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kept private by the treasury department but at least the treasury contract down once they see also have suspicious money wires and other things. jenna: the treasury department does have oversight into the banking system but it doesn't exist in the real estate market until now. the real estate market, you spoke with the brokers on our program, the big agents for the big ticket items don't love this. they're not happy, why? they make a lot of money on these transactions and now the treasury department is in title companies have to find out this information. look they asked. they asked the brokers so the brokers have to do more work, they have to tell the title companies and that can make buyersuncomfortable and it will lose some of the business for them . jenna: how does it feel, you get a series and now it's affected real change in the country and you found some shady characters the program that also a couple weeks ago, the department of justice came out with a $1 billion case involving that family of the prime minister of malaysia and those were people call the tower of
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secrecy project, people can read and sometimes at work you see change and it does feel like okay, we're actually doing something right. jenna: something good hopefully and especially with this malaysia case, it's something for our viewers to look at. you realize this family, where they were putting their money and why there is such outrage about it. congratulations with the big report, john? jon: what a story. new fears that a dam could give way any second with a break growing bigger and bigger, raising concerns about major flooding downstream. also, new polls in the race for the white house showing voters feel both nominees are flawed so why does one have a double-digit lead over the other? >> so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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news poll that showed a majority of voters seem to think both hillary clinton and donald trump are dishonest and untrustworthy. with clinton still holds a double-digit lead over trump, 49 to 39 percent. a few weeks ago the race was much tighter with just a six point difference between the candidates. joining us now, a.b. stoddard, associate editor and at real clear politics, christine's deputy editor at the weekly standard. 80, how do you explain the sudden surge, well, the difference between them from six points to 10 that all about the convention? >> i don't know if the convention bounce really means, you didn't have the tips and scandals and mess ups, i don't really, i don't really know much as you look at those numbers in the polls
8:24 am
and trump is really underperforming with people that he has to over perform with and that's white voters without a college degree. he's doing worse than romney by 10 points at this point and he's going to lose women and nonwhite voters in better numbers in that department and they both have terrible honesty, trustworthiness, they pretty much except i think trump beats her by a point or something but they're really the same, it's just that even if he beats her on the economy, beats her on terrorism or defeating isis, all strong points for him, she has such an edge with him on knowledge and temperament and the handling of things like this so it leads you to think thatpeople even more formally in his coalition are starting to worry about who is commander-in-chief . the one you brought up a couple poll numbers we want to flag for our viewers attention, when asked whether these two candidates are honest and trustworthy, in
8:25 am
fact they are tied, clinton and donald trump both get 36 percent in the yes category, they are honest and trustworthy, 61 and 62 percent respectively say no, they are not and then if you go to the question of whether or not they have the temperament to serve effectively as president, hillary clinton wins big here, she gets 64 percent yes, donald trump at 37 percent yes so nearly 2 and in three voters that he does not have the temperament to serve as president, does not explain chris why this 10 point swing exists, this 10 point margin exists between the two of them? >> that's one of the playthings about holes is what you can get 50 numbers from these things to explain but the rebels are bad. let's take another one, 43 percent of respondents in this latest foxhole said that donald trump is going to represent the kind of reformation of government
8:26 am
that is going to restore the public trust. hillary clinton comes in with the same number, is one of the big reasons people vote for donald trump so voters seem to be straining for a reason to vote for him right now and we see that in the underlying numbers that a dimension with white, mitt romney had 10 points better in 2012 that donald trump is doing now so these sorts of things are going to have a significantly if he comes in 14 percent inthe last three fossils that we've seen . >>. jon: does the country now have doubts about this guy that the republicans nominated, 80? >> i think that certain disaffected republicans that were never going to vote for trump in the primaries and still refuse to ourrallying , your democrats supporting her at 57 percent and republicans by 78 percent. needs to consolidate that number strongly, it looked like he did after the convention than that just
8:27 am
disappeared and i think these polls, i think they will change again. i don't think he's going to win my canada i don't even think he's necessarily going to win but i think it shows him that he has work to do. like i said with certain voters, he semi-something like 23 points, the only teacher with men my five and gaining on him with men better than she was doing just to go and those are people who need also i think has work to do, i don't think it's a done deal here but it shows especially in knowledge and temperament that people within his own coalition and then with within the middle are deciding that he might not be able to make the cut in terms of what it takes to be a commander-in-chief. jon: is seniorcommunications advisor was on fox and friends this morning, i wanted to play this for you . >> donald trump had a nice bump coming out of the convention, hillary clinton had a ball coming out of her convention but there's one stat i think is most important right now and that's the fact that 70 percent of the american
8:28 am
people want a change in direction so it's hillary clinton and tim khizr kahn of embracing that the return of obama, that's a dangerous place to be but they are holding on and people know theyrepresent the status quo . jon: but a 70 percent water change in direction chris, they are not showing it in these polls. >> that's exactly right, the take away there, 70 percent do on that change but that into do they trust donald trump to be the guy to deliver that change? we have seen with the temperament and the knowledge lessons of policy and handling nuclear weapons and the volatility from trump campaign that we have seen on the trail the last several days, voters are going to have those kinds of doubts and wonder is this person we want to take a chance on and that's what trump has to sort of restore with these voters that i am the guy that can work it out chrissy, i'm sorry from the weekly standard, 80 stoddard is with real clear politics, thank you both. the seven major developments concerning the obama administration controversial multimillion dollar payment
8:29 am
to iran, just as he ran for detainee americans earlier this year, with senior justice department-ish official toldthe white house prior to the deal and what the presidential candidates are saying about plus police and one major city asking for the public's health to find a serial killer on the loose . (lionel) ♪it's peyton...
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this hour of "happening now". a serial killer on the loose, what police in arizona are saying about the latest leads in the case, keeping many residents on edge and the national weather service issues a flash flood warning for one community after heavy rains trigger trigger a massive dam break. what local officials are saying about this slow-motion disaster. plus major developments concerning turkey's failed coup, what the government is demanding from the white house and why analysts say our key nato ally is moving dangerously close to dictatorship . >> breakingnow , new details about that bombshell report from the wall street journal that the obama administration we sent $400 million in cash to iran in january, the same day tehran released for detained americans. a general reporting today that senior justice department officials raised serious concerns about the timing of the deal because they thought it could send the wrong signal about us policy to these hostages. let's bring in fox news middle east terrorism analyst
8:34 am
and advising donald trump on foreign policy in a moment. we talked through the years about perception, about our understanding of what our government is doing and also the understanding overseas about how it's perceived in issues like iran. how do you think this $400 million payment is perceived there? >> well, the justice department was right. what we see in the region and from the enemies of the iranian regime, they feel that we are weak. more importantly, when we contract them in this action and then do anexchange of prisoners or hostages with money , while we are signing an agreement with them it means for a rack that we are weak and we are not going to oppose the next aggressive movement from the region and that is why what has happened is dangerous not just forthis administration but the next one as well . jenna: the state department told bill hemmer yesterday who are you going to believe? are you going to believe the fulton around that are
8:35 am
calling this ransom or believe us? how do you answer that question? the boat inside iran because they are the ones misbehaving on us, not congress. they are the ones imposing these signings. they had those hostages a long time. they decide when we engage them in this exchange of hostages, they did it for those sailors a couple of years ago so it is important what the iranian regime is saying because it's not just against us, it's against the arabs and other members of the middle east society. jenna: what impact does it have? >> this is going to have the following impact. they are going to understand that the obama administration four months remaining, they're not going to oppose them but they're going to understand something else, we are in a position now in that region that even our partners are not going to be in solidarity with us seeing what we are doing. they are partners that we have to have seen us go in secretly not just for that
8:36 am
exchange but for the entire iran deal so this is a loss of trust in the region. jenna: interesting thatyou are bringing up the point we haven't scored yet, we talked about what our government is saying but it ran a saint but haven'ttalked about what our error partners are saying and you're saying there's damage there to those relationships . for them were also reading this knows as we are . >> if you look at the era media and tv or radio, 80 percent of the exchanges on the issue of the us and iran are very unfavorable to us. they believe this administration since the beginning, since the letter that was sent by the president in 2009, they perceive us as having abandoned them and i'll say it one more time, when we negotiated the iran deal, we did not negotiate with our allies. it should have been israel, turkey and the arab world p7 there are those who say it isn't a big deal, the administration says it is an issue, we have full confidence and for others like you you think it is so how do you suggest we fix it mark and are you advising giving advice to donald trump
8:37 am
western mark. >> the administration is always making the stain statements after every single incident that this is not a big deal but it's one of many things that are not a big deal is a big deal.trump campaign, talk was very clear in his statement yesterday or the many statements he made that he does not trust this leadership and he wants to work with allies in the region, these first not in the world because of the media. jenna: why do you think that he, unlike your thoughts on this current administration would be able to handle these sort of relationships in the middle east that are quite tenuous? >> because i heard him, i met him, we looked at maps, i heard what the partners are saying. he can mobilize and remember one of the problems that president obama had and he's in the last few years of president bush, to not mobilize any more american components against the threat
8:38 am
that we have been immobilized, he can mobilize them as long as he has the right support he can do it better than others. jenna: it's interesting to see how it plays out on the campaign trail, something we are talking about right now. great to have your expertise and why you have confidence in mister trump. in the meantime reactions pouring in on this story from. yours, hillary clinton seems to be downplaying the obama administration just as they released more americans, let's see what she had to say. >> the white house has addressed this and i think actually this is kind of old news. it was settled seven or eight months ago as i recall and as far as i know it had nothing to do with any kind of hostage swap or any other. [bleep] for tat. it was something that was intended to as i am told payback ran for contracts that were canceled when the shot fell.
8:39 am
it's all part of this same picture but the most important thing is that we have in my view prevented it ran from racing to get nuclear weapons whichis very much in america's interests . >> $400 million put in an airplane and blown over to it ran and ... folks, how stupid are we? that probably was state department money donald trump trying to suggest that hillary clinton was involved in the $400 million payment to around and of course the factors have verifiedover the course of today that that happened, that transaction someplace more than a year after she departed . >> so she doesn't support that? >> i'm not saying that. >> why would you say she wasn't part of it? during the course of today, the illustration. >> she supported the iran deal. >> you absolutely did.
8:40 am
washington editor of the national review and james purchase, correspondent for the daily. an interesting how this story has evolved on the campaign trail over the last 24 hours. changed, the this array has lasting impact on the campaign trail or do you think in a few days maybe not. >> i think it's also was a normal candidate would but he doesn't seem to be very interested in running against hillary clinton. he seems interested in attacking the parents of a soldier who died in iraq, interested in attacking john mccain and paul ryan, interested in attacking crying babies at his rallies. he's not really capitalize on the whole line of possible tax that he could use against hillary clinton so i'm not confident he's going to seize on this. jenna: you are saying because you don't believe he's being effective it will be an issue moving forward. >> one, i don't think he has the temperament or the attention span frankly to use this issue but i also think hillary clinton has some plausible deniability.
8:41 am
she was not secretary of state when he ran the oath was negotiated and signed and in fact the process of negotiations on your annual target in the summer of 2012, two months before she stepped down so she will be able to over the course of the coming months be able to pick and choose perhaps what aspects of the iran deal she wants to endorse. she can say i don't support more controversial aspects of it prophetic because you can look at this as sort of a case study to see will hillary clinton really be wedded to the foreign policy of this administration, what do you think? you think this is something she is distancing herself from because it is controversial in some circles or you think it is something he's going to have to confront or the next several weeks leading up to the election? >> it incumbent on donald trump to make her confront this and if you were smart he would be prosecuting the case against her area he would be saying that hillary clinton is running or a third obama
8:42 am
term which is what many republicans running for the senate are out there saying he would be saying it is hillary clinton's chief of staff and her top allies who began making the opening to a ran in the years before this deal was concluded but instead, was leading the news was not the news of this $400 million that went to a ran on the same day that the american prisoners were released but rather donald trump attacking his fellow republicans instead of attending lori clinton on some of her chief weaknesses. jenna: you have a similar perspective to that, whether trump can hold attention on this. i'm curious your opinions on it as well, whether or not you think this is a story the american people should care about or if you think this is really old news the administration for hillary clinton is saying, that is going into the obama team that not the next commander-in-chief. >> i think this is absolutely a crucial story although we should keep in mind these
8:43 am
were technically two separate deals, this was, this involve money that was held by the united states in 1979 when the shot fell, they were making plans to block by arms from us and we held that money ever since. obviously if more than a coincidence this money was returned on the same day that we got our hostages back and that there if there was a republican candidate who was capable of making a real detailed case against the arambula and why it's strong and why this administration has a policy that many americans might disagree with and that republican candidate would be doing it. i don't think donald trump has enough death or interest in making that case. he's more concerned with his bitter personal attacks against his fellow party members. jenna: how do you feel about it? >> i think it's absolutely true. the repeated polls show dissatisfaction, broad
8:44 am
dissatisfaction against the american people are particularly with the obama administration's foreign policy which hillaryclinton was the chief architect of the and donald trump , where he running a constant campaign, your latest poll jenna shows donald trump down 10 points. were you running a competent campaign he would be calling on hillary clinton to account for the administration's foreign policy but what we are seeing is he's not doing that, instead he's creating self-inflicted wounds day after day which is why the republican party is increasingly in crisis. jenna: it's a good perspective to have both of you on and we also heard from marlene who was looking into the issues of terrorism and has confidence in donald trump so it's good to have all these opinions and we will see where the story goes politically from here. very much. we will be right back.>> hey, honey?
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jon: police in phoenix looking for a serial street shooter. here's a sketch of the suspect they say they're looking for, tied him to shootings across the city that have killed seven people and injured two. obviously it has residents of phoenix very much on edge. william is live with more from our la bureau. reporter: nine shootings so far, fortunately the most recent one was not a fatality but just by inches. the shooter missed a man and a young boy sitting in their car but here is the tough part. police believe the suspect has access to two cars, one white, one black. the shootings appear entirely random, black, white, hispanic, old, female, no prior context. the nine shootings and five months and 55 square miles. seven of the nine happened in northwest glendale but two were miles away in central phoenix. most of the victims were standing on the dewalk and several were in their car so here's a sketch again of the suspect, a lanky light skin hispanic or white male in his 20s around six feet tall, pleaseconfirm the latest
8:49 am
shooting yesterday . >> when the shooter, a street shooter shot at their vehicle, fortunately neither one was injured as a result. >> witnesses say the suspect drives a white candy or a lincoln and a black series bmw. he is using a semi automatic handgun and sometimes gets out of his vehicle to shoot, get back in and bail. police have increased the award now to $50,000 and think someone knows this guy who will come forward, back to you. >> but so that sketch works, william liza ness, thank you. jenna: new fallout from turkey failed military coup with word of an arrest warrant for the us-based cleric, the government their police masterminded the whole thing, we are live with that coming up next. >>
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jenna: fox news weather alerts with a flash flood warning for parts of misery after a break in a dam. water started flowing through the break after a rainfall and that dan is in your golden misery miles west of st. louis and is holding back the 30 acre lake. emergency managers say the situation isn'tcatastrophic yet but the break is growing and they say flash flooding will occur if the dam fails completely . jon: new information on the failed coup in turkey with word the country issued an arrest warrant for the american muslim cleric the government blames form that the military uprising. this fears turkey is heading toward a dictatorship. john honey following that story live from our news bureau injerusalem . >> john, tension between turkey and the united states continues to grow by the day
8:54 am
with turkish presidents erewhon's rhetoric becoming increasingly hostile toward the united states . i say this because erdogan this week accused the west of supporting terrorism by standing behind those who plotted last month's failed to in turkey, and in particular when he figures that muslim cleric bolin and his supporters, he's been living in proposed exile in pennsylvania since 1999 and denied any involvement in the attempted takeover. still, president erdogan demanding his extradition to turkey and about to shut down any businesses hiding gulan saying his organization has quote, blood on his hands and the arrest warrant is mentioned in the intro out for gulan. erdogan's rhetoric is raising concerns among us officials about the growing anti-american narrative in
8:55 am
turkey and erdogan's continued government purred and along those lines last night, austrian chancellor concurred warned there are signs that turkey is headed toward a dictatorship. he questioned a sense of continuing negotiations with turkey over european union membership that that is shared by other world leaders. secretary of state john kerry in the meantime john said, he is planning a trip to turkey later this month and depending on the exact date and timing that would be more than a month after that attempted to. john? jon: serious situation, thanks very much. jenna: new next hour "happening now", a former dc transit officer back in court or second day on charges he tried to help isis. our legal panel takes up the case and more than two dozen wildfires raging across the west you'll by high winds and bone dry conditions. the latest from the weather center. >>
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jon: be sure to tune in for an important special. do not miss fox news reporting zika, anchored by trace gallagher, taking a close look at the growing crisis in south florida and what it means for the spread of the virus nationwide. that's coming up saturday, 8 p.m. eastern, and again on sunday at 10 p.m. right here on fox news channel. jenna: seems every day we have a development into that story, so it'll be interesting to see everything at the end of the week summarized at the end of one place. jon: aren't you glad you are no longer pregnant? jenna: really concerning. a story to watch. jon: all right. we will see you back here in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ harris: welcome on this friday eve. this is " outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, monica crowley, democratic strategist julie roginsky, veteran of both the
9:00 am
bush and obama administrations, gillian turner, and today's #oneluckyguy, we have a first time on "outnumbered," former army green beret officer and veteran of three tours of duty in afghanistan, bill collins is here. ben, rather, excuse me. i was going to say your outnumbered, but i think you're used to it. >> certainly at home. i've got a wife and two girls, and all of our pets are actually -- [laughter] i'm definitely outnumbered. >> you're at home. >> i am. i've got a 2-year-old boy, and i'm trying to get him to back me up, but it's not working. harris: he knows where his bread is buttered, so he goes to mom. forgive my flub, i know that you're ben, and i'm glad that you're here. >> thank you. i'm excited to be here. harris: let's get to it. 100 days and counting -- actually fewer than that now -- until americans will vote for president. and hillary clinton is leading donald trump by ten points. trump's republican allies reportedly urging him to focus


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