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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the answer is 13% say yes, 87% say no. see you tomorrow night. up next, "the o'reilly factor." go to my facebook page and like it. good night from washington. hi, america, i'm filling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. our top story, the topsy-turvy presidential election. a new fox news poll shows hillary clinton increasing her lead against donald trump. in a head to head matchup she's up by 10 percentage points, 49-39, compared to a 6-point lead a month ago. in new hampshire, a wbur poll has hillary with a 17-point lead over trump, 51-34%. and in pennsylvania, a franklin
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marshall college poll shows hillary leading with 49-38%. even from the criticisms trump has still endured, trump says things are still untra tracon t his campaign. >> the campaign is doing very well. it's never been so well-united. we started on june 16th. i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. >> joining us now with reaction from washington, kris wilson, and from little rock, arkansas, sarah huckabee. sarah, mr. trump finds himself in a very unusual position, second place. >> look, trump got a bump out of his convention. hillary got a bump out of hers. this is going to be a very close election. as we move closer to it,
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americans are going to get to decide on one big thing. do they want to keep our country safe and friday or do we want to lose it? when the time comes to cast a ballot, the choice will be clear, and they'll pick donald trump over hillary clinton and he'll become the next president. >> sarah, they both had their conventions, and the hillary clinton lead a month ago was six and now it's up to ten in the fox news poll. so she got a bigger bump. >> donald trump was up seven after his. there's a 13-point shift, much bigger than the lead hillary clinton has right now. she just came off of her convention. again, i think the biggest things we have to look at in this race are what are the big issues that people are voting on. the economy and national security. and who does better on both of those issues? donald trump, on both of the two biggest issues that actually are going to decide this election. that's why i think hands down he's going to beat hillary clinton. >> the talk of the week is there may be some sort of gop
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intervention going on. is this a good idea if you want unity to the party? >> when there's smoke, there's fire. when you hear trump saying there's no problems at all yet he's fired at least two people that i'm aware of this week, it makes me believe it's probably not true that there's no problems, because you don't fire people if there are no problems. >> who did he fire? >> a couple of people from the carson campaign were let go, his north carolina state director was let go. there continues to be turnover on the campaign trail. we're moving into the fall, coming into the conventions, you should have your core group around you. back to your original point about the polls, the challenge that exists for the trump campaign, sarah is right, usually there's a sugar high polling effect after conventions. the challenge is hillary got a bump off of hers and she's continuing to see it grow as you just pointed out. it's not just national numbers. it's the state numbers. when you're looking at the sort of deficits he's now facing in new hampshire, in pennsylvania, in ohio, and pennsylvania and
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ohio are states demographically that his past victories, he's got to win. when you're trailing in those, that's a big problem. >> no doubt. i'll throw some shade on the fact -- this idea that it's all over for the trump campaign. sarah, $82 million last month raised. >> absolutely, that's a huge number. a lot of that is from small dollar donors which means he can go back and raise from them again. another poll that people aren't talking about is that 70% of americans say they want a change in this election. donald trump, this is the year of the outsider. there's no bigger outsider. i don't care who you are, nobody can argue that donald trump isn't the ultimate outsider. hillary clinton is the corrupt, washington insider. you contrast that, as we get closer to election day, again, that's another point in donald trump's set, another hand up. this is a fundamental place where donald trump wins. >> does he pivot? there are high profile people in his camp who say, hey, mr. trump, you need to get back on focus, notably newt gingrich for one of them, and rudy guiliani,
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another one, saying hey, let's focus on the attack of hillary clinton rather than these satellite issues. he seems to be in agreement with that. but will he? >> i think it's a good question. sarah saying he's an outsider is exactly right. if he can make it back about him being an outsider, he'll be in a position to win. unfortunately right now he's getting into fights with the khan family were 70% of americans say he was out of bounds. he's making fun of babies at his rallies. he's got to get back on the message that got him the lead in the republican convention. if he does, you'll see the numbers start to change. romney trailed by a big margin until he went into the first debate, which he won against obama and the numbers flipped overnight. >> debates change the landscape completely. sarah, should he listen to newt gingrich, guiliani, and some of the others when refocus the message on i guess attacking hillary clinton?
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>> absolutely. any time you're attacking hillary clinton in this election, you're winning. she's probably one of the most flawed candidates we've ever seen run for president. she shouldn't be running for president. she should be probably in prison for breaking the law and putting national security at risk. and so any time he can focus on that, and i think we're also seeing him do that at his rally today, aggressive contrast between he and hillary clinton. i think we'll continue seeing that over the next 97 days until the election. >> chris, we're making all this hay, the media is making a bill issue of these poll numbers. i get it, maybe it's a little too early. but when you say the rallies, daytona beach yesterday, thousands and thousands of people come out and they are very energized. >> romney had the same effect. romney tells a great story about when he got off the airplane the last time, they didn't even announce when he was landing and thousands of people came out to greet him. rallies don't necessarily have the overall impact.
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if this election is about hillary clinton, donald trump has a chance to win. if not, he doesn't. one important number is he's only getting 17% of republicans to vote for him. that's the problem. >> ran out of time, we have to go. chris and sarah, thank you. next in "the rundown," whether the u.s. paid ransom to iran to release hostages. the reporter who broke the story, moments away. can you hang back a sec? ♪ you wanna tell me about the boy in this painting? i dunno...maybe nobody understands him. well, if he were here, i'd say that being different is what makes him special. just like our discounts -- each one is unique, but together, they help save our customers a lot of money. okay. pop quiz, who's my favorite student? gwen? yeah! it's gwen. yeah, gwen's the best.
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get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ in the impact segment tonight, the uproar over america's $400 million payment to iran at the same time iran released american prisoners earlier this year, raising questions whether the money transfer was really a ransom payment. the white house denies paying ransom but didn't rule out the
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idea that iran would use the money for nefarious purposes. >> we know that iran supports terrorism. we know that iran supports hezbollah and the assad regime. it certainly is possible that some of the money that iran has is being used for those purposes too. >> hillary clinton is being pressed about the controversy as well. >> this is kind of old news. it was first reported about seven or eight months ago, as i recall. and so far as i know, it had nothing to do with any kind of hostage swap or any other tit for tat. it was something that was intended to, as i am told, pay back iran for contracts that were cancelled when the shah fell. >> joining us with reaction from washington, jay solomon, the "wall street journal" correspondent who broke the story.
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he's the author of "the ran wars." the latest today we're hearing is that some officials i believe it was at the department of justice said they were a little concerned with this money transfer. what are you hearing about that? >> yeah, we actually had a front page story today on that issue. i think basically the concern at the doj is, you're sending money simultaneously to the release of these four americans, eventually five. even if the intent is not some quid pro quo, that's basically how it will be seen. and that's how the iranian government will spin it. and that's exactly what they did. you had senior iranian generals at the time saying this was basically a payment for the release of the spies, as they called them. i think some in the doj kind of agreed with the state department that they would eventually have to pay back this money that was being arbitrated in the hague, there was evidence that this claims procedure that had been going on for 30 years, the u.s.
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would eventually lose it. but there was a sense that the timing of this is terrible. and the idea of sending in cash, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars of cash is just going to perpetuate this idea that this is a ransom payment. >> so you do the math on this, the money allegedly was put into a trust fund in 1979, that's like 13,500 days. and these prisoners were held for some collectively 5,000 days. for these to occurrences to happen at the exact same time i think would be like getting struck by lightning in the morning and winning the lottery in the afternoon. >> yeah, i mean, the timing of all this is critical to understand what's going on. the white house's position in the last two days has been, well, you know, this is really nothing new, we've said in january that we were paying them back $1.7 billion, which is true, that was announced. but it was very vague. i think myself and a lot of other reporters didn't know that
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much about this arbitration process. maybe the money was put into some escrow account where it would sit and the iranians would suddenly get it. the idea that that money was put into cash and shipped exactly at the moment these americans were released was a very different story than what was initially portrayed. and what is still not being divulged, and i was watching the state department briefing today, they have been getting grilled on the idea, did this money arrive before these americans were released or after? and they won't answer that. and i think the more of the mechanics that come out about this transaction, the more questions are raised, because it does seem, it appears that this was coordinated, i.e. those americans were probably not going to get out unless that money arrived. >> let's talk a little about the mechanics. why cash? one of the answers would be because you can't trace cash once you turn it over. and, you know, obviously even josh earnest said some of this
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will end up in the hands of terrorists. does that have something to do with it? >> well, yeah, first of all, the american government can't do dollar transactions with iran at all, because it's the law. but the sanctions put in place really does make it extremely difficult to wire money, to do any sort of transaction in a quick period of time. i guess it's conceivable to americans that the president could have issued a waiver and they could have wired the money directly. the message from the administration has been we needed to do this transaction quickly and cash was the way to do it. and, you know, this is where the message gets a little unclear. they'll say the iranians wanted something kind of tangible that showed that we were kind of living up to our obligations, and cash was the reason to do it. >> why are we answering to the iranians' demands? shouldn't they be answering to our demands? doesn't it seem we're
5:16 pm
flat-footed in our policy here? >> that's been the criticism over the iran policy. it's incredibly complicated. the u.s. government did do an incredibly job of getting iran on its financial heels, cutting off its oil exports. but once the negotiations both on the nuclear issue and also on the hostages or the prisoners, they were extremely adept at somehow maneuvering the americans in ways -- it's been interesting, since the agreement was implemented, the americans actually purchased heavy water from the iranians, part of their nuclear program, to basically keep them in compliance with the program. it fits into this idea. and this is a big part of the book. this is a very transactional issue and relationship. >> i'll tell you, great story, jay, great job breaking that story, it's a big one, thank you very much. up next, the obama administration says isis is losing ground. but a new report says the terror group is actually expanding rapidly worldwide. we'll be right back with that.
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in the factor followup segment tonight, the fight against isis. a new report from nbc news paints a disturbing picture but where things stand. >> reporter: this map received by the white house dated august 2016 from the national counterterrorism center. it shows the worldwide expansion of the islamic state. in 2014, there were seven countries in which isis was operating. by 2015, that number was nearly doubled to 13. today's briefing map indicates 18 countries where the islamic state is fully operational. >> that report contradicts numerous statements from the obama administration that isis
5:21 pm
is losing ground. with the isis threat looming, president obama met with his national security team at the pentagon this afternoon for a preview of that campaign against the terror group. defense secretary ash carter folks with fox's bret baier today to define what's being done to defeat isis. >> you have to destroy safe havens for terrorist groups like isil. they have to be destroyed and defeated in iraq and syria, that's where the whole cancer started. but as you say, it's not enough, because it is spread to afghanistan, it has spread to libya. you notice in recent days we've begun air strikes in support of ground forces, local ground forces in libya who are fighting isil there. we're obviously doing the same in afghanistan. and we're going to need to do that anywhere the cancer metastasizes. >> joining us now to analyze from washington, sebastian gorka, author of "defeating
5:22 pm
jihad: the winnable war." dr. gorka, when they talk about going from seven countries to 13 countries to now 18 countries, that's kind of defining a caliphate, is it not? >> it's incredible. this map the station managed to acquire from the ntct, it includes countries like the philippines, afghanistan. think about that for a second. isis now has its own affiliate in afghanistan. it's not just the taliban or al qaeda. this is incredible. the narrative that they're on the ropes and wear winning has been broken by the administration itself, because they've doubled in size. >> durabo you believe ash carte correct that we can be to stamp out isis in syria and iraq in order to defeat them? you pointed out it's like a cancer. hasn't the cancer already spread? >> it has. this is the false wisdom of the
5:23 pm
administration, that if we just send a few more bombers, if we send a few more trainers to iraq and syria, then we'll win. in the last two months, eric, outside of iraq and syria, there has been a jihadi attack every 84 hours. that's outside the war zone. look at france, look at the uk, look at turkey, look at saudi arabia. this is a worldwide phenomenon. >> i'll tell what you, we have someone in d.c. trying to help isis and someone in north carolina as well. let me pivot to this, because this ties in. the $400 million payment in small bills, unmarked, sent( or by airplane to iran. josh earnest, the same day this gets exposed by jay solomon, "wall street journal" reporter, says yes, some of it will end up in terrorist hands. what are we doing, dr. gorka?
5:24 pm
>> it's part the chaff, let's get rid of the noise and the chatter. only two things we need to focus on. the president of the united states and the secretary who makes the official determination every year have both stated recently that iran is one of the greatest sponsors of terrorism in the world today. we gave them $400 million. and at the same time, a d.c. police officer was charged for giving $200 to a group he thought was associated with isis. this is material support of terrorism, number one. secondly, this strange argument that, well, this was the shah of iran's money and he gave it to us in 1979 and we're just giving it back, let's tease that out for a moment, eric. imagine if the weimar republic of the 1920s, the german republic, had given us a million dollars, and the deal went sour,
5:25 pm
and it sat in u.s. banks. after 1939, when hitler takes control and declares war, would we have been okay with giving the weimar republic its million dollars back now that hitler is in charge? >> i'll give you another example. if a drug dealer is caught with cash assets and a business, those can all be confiscated by the government. we know and they're admitting, the white house admitting that they're dealing with terrorists in iran, why would he give this money back? there's a case to be made that it's not your money anymore, it's ours. >> and one last thing, this is the most heinous of all. there are court decisions outstanding today to pay the victims and the families of victims of terrorism $43 billion because of iranian actions,
5:26 pm
including the beirut bombing in the 1980s. $43 billion outstanding owed to american citizens for their suffering. and we give $400 million to iran? how does that work? >> i have no idea. i don't know what they're doing. jay solomon, who was on the program just a little bit earlier, said well, it was because iran really wanted to money quickly, that's why they got it, they were demanding it very quickly. what grounds do they have to demand money from us? >> oh, but when they know that this is the only legacy that obama and kerry can point at, they knew exactly which buttons to press and they knew they would get the pallets of cash. the iranians have treated us as the weakest negotiators in the history of negotiating. they knew the administration was desperate. >> it's amazing, okay, small bills, in an unmarked airplane.
5:27 pm
drug dealers are shadier than that -- it's shadier than some drug deals. you can transfer that money anywhere without tracing where it goes. >> if you read this episode in a tom clancy novel, you would have said this is absurd, exactly that, this is what drug dealers do. this isn't what the american republic, the united states does. it happened, it's real. >> and so now this money, does it find its way back -- just take us quickly, a half a minute or so. we send it to iran, it finds its way to hezbollah and maybe others? >> to hezbollah undoubtedly, and the irgc, the republican guard. >> got to leave it right there, dr. sebastian gorka, thanks very much. still ahead, some high profile republicans say they'll vote for hillary clinton and not donald trump. but does it actually matter? stay tuned.
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in the unresolved problems segment tonight, gop defections from donald trump. some big name republicans are so antitrump, they say they'll vote for hillary clinton. among them hewlett-packard's meg whitman, former deputy secretary of state richard armitage and long time presidential adviser brent scowcroft. others like illinois congressman
5:32 pm
adam kislinger won't go that far, but he won't vote for trump. >> he has crossed so many red lines that a candidate for commander-in-chief should never cross. >> but does any of this matter in november? joining us, republican congressman charlie dent, who is also refusing to vote for trump. welcome, congressman. let me start off with this. you've heard of the buckley roll? >> i didn't hear your question. >> the buckley roll is that we're obligated as conservatives to vote for the most conservative candidate. in this case it has to be donald trump. >> my immediate response to that is i agree with my colleague adam kinzinger who said a lot of red lines have been crossed. my reservations about donald trump, the republican nominee, is that he has made very
5:33 pm
disparaging statements about pows, john mccain, muslims, women, the david duke debacle, the indiana judge, and most recently the khan family did you say dust-up. these issues have caused me a lot of concern, including lack of foreign policy knowledge. i'm absolutely opposed to hillary clinton, i think she disqualified herself. >> i understand that, congressman. another part of the problem, adam kinzinger comes from illinois, donald trump wouldn't have a chance there anyway. you come from pennsylvania. people in your district voted overwhelmingly for donald trump. >> believe me, i understand that. but we're talking about a general election now. we're not talking about a primary election at this point. but -- >> but don't you represent the people of pennsylvania? don't you represent the people of your district? your district alone encompasses
5:34 pm
lee high valley. lehigh valley went 57%, i believe, for donald trump. >> let's face it. a lot of the congressional districts did go for donald trump in the primary. >> all of them. all of them. not a lot of them. every one in pennsylvania. >> i believe the one in philadelphia actually went for john kasich. i had endorsed john kasich in the primary. >> i'm pretty sure every one of them. i could be wrong. we'll check it. >> i believe that one in philadelphia. nevertheless, as i said, look, like adam kinzinger said, i'm concerned about statements, like this week on russia, donald say the russia wouldn't go into ukraine. they annexed crimea. >> maybe he didn't know, maybe he made a mistake. do you realize the supreme court is 4-4, and if hillary clinton gets elected you'll have a
5:35 pm
liberal supreme court, and if ruth bader ginsburg retires she will be replaced by yet another liberal. >> eric, you mention the supreme court. look, i want to make sure that we put somebody in there that embraces our values on the supreme court too. then why would the nominee be picking a fight with john mccain and kelly ayotte? >> you say he's picking a fight. how about immigration at the supreme court level? how about gun control at the supreme court level? how about minimum wage at the supreme court level? these are things i worry about, my 17 or 18-year-old son has to worry, not whether or not donald trump fights with john ma cacca. >> eric, we need to maintain the senate. fighting with john mccain and kelly ayotte, two senators in difficult reelections, that's not going to be help maintain s.
5:36 pm
>> how does not voting for donald trump help you win the senate? how? >> my priority in this election is to maintain the senate and to maintain the house. like i said -- >> so saying sitting this election out is the way you'll maintain the senate or the house? congressman, it's backward logic. it's the reason the american public is so tired of business as usual in d.c. >> the american public, i agree, the american public is sick and tired of business as usual in d.c. they're also very disgusted with this presidential campaign. many americans that i speak, with whom i speak on a regular basis are telling me they're very unhappy with the choices that they have right now. and candidly i feel the same way, based on all the comments i'm hearing. >> i think you and kinzinger need to rethink this and sit down and say, the supreme court is vastly more important than these satellite issues. thanks for joining us. straight ahead, donald trump
5:37 pm
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thanks for staying with us. i'm eric bolling in for bill
5:41 pm
o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight, the media and donald trump. during an event in florida last night, trump let loose on the relentlessly bad press he's been getting. >> cnn's "new day" covered antitrump stories 200 times more than the iran story today, according to the media research center, which is respected, i think. you know, they cover me constantly, story after story after story. mostly bad. you know, mostly bad. what would they do if i wasn't involved in this campaign? they wouldn't cover hillary much. that's boring. that's very boring. what do you have to do with the media? you just bull your way through it, just bull through it, and you do the best you can with the horrible misrepresentation that's given me by the media. i mean, "the new york times" is
5:42 pm
disgusting. the good news is it's failing. it will be out of business within three years. that's the good news, okay? >> joining me now with reaction, my co-host, dana perino. trump is right, he did get a lot more negative attention than the other story, 200 to one i guess it was. >> he talks about the bad press he's been getting but it's also in my opinion the bad press he's been earning. that's something only he can change. when there were 17 candidates in the race, it was great, it didn't matter if the stories were good or bad, he was in the stories all the time. now there are only two candidates. he gets 100% name i.d. he keeps giving them something to whack him with. i think the iran store, the campaign says, wait, that video thing was not accurate, okay, good, they responded. but four hours later, he repeated the same thing. he is not helping himself. the media is looking for any
5:43 pm
sort of process store to go after him. >> he said himself, media is media, press is press, good or bad. there's a theory out there that people forget the story and just remember seeing someone talk about. >> that could be true. he got a bounce out of the rnc convention but kept stepping on his own lines. hillary clinton was able to get a foothold. she has a superior organization. she's pulling out of virginia with ads, which guess what, it means they feel like they have virginia. the path to get to 270 electoral votes is difficult. attacking the media is fine, but that's not going to win the election. if you want good press, give them something good to cover. the best thing that hillary
5:44 pm
clinton could have right now is more attention on donald trump. she's happy to take a back seat and let him take all the attention. that is a conundrum for him. she's happy to sit there and say, please, cover donald trump. and he's obliging it by bringing so much attention on himself. but there are ways for him to drive the message. i think one of the problems is that he has too many interviews. he says something in the morning on the morning shows that gets a lot of attention. at noon he has a good event where he attacks her and is great, and that should be the news of the day. and at 5:00 he does something else that changes that news story. he's doing too much media. >> i think hillary clinton raised $90 million, trump raised $82 million. what do they do with it? >> on the hillary clinton front she will probably again try to blast the airwaves. she has some states she has to worry about, florida is very key for her, ohio as well. pennsylvania is the great white
5:45 pm
whale, everybody wants to try to get. republicans haven't won it since 1988. i think donald trump has a possibility of that. but see, he's gained in blue-leaning counties, but he's lost in the suburban accouncounf philadelphia and pittsburgh. >> what does he do with $82 million? >> they only have 60 staffers compared to 600 staffers on the hillary clinton campaign. you could make a case that her campaign is bloated. i think that's all true. but 60 staffers is not a national campaign. so i think that some of these states where he could possibly win are begging for resources. so whatever those people -- >> ground game stuff. >> if they say i need radio ads, great. if they say i need more people, great. >> does he have enough staff to do that? maybe he needs more people. >> i would definitely say he needs more people. >> preorder dana's new book, "let me tell you about
5:46 pm
gentleman's tellejasper," and when we come back, a surprising new poll on what american voters are saying, moments away.
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in the back of the book segment tonight, trump versus clinton on the issues. the new fox news poll has some unexpected results in a survey of registered voters. when asked who do you trust more on immigration, 51% say hillary clinton. 44% say donald trump. on the economy, more trust trump at 50%. clinton is at 45%. on terrorism, it's all tied up at 47% to 47%.
5:50 pm
on making decisions about nuclear weapons, hillary clinton leads donald trump 56% to 34%. and on trump's response to the khan family, 77% of those polled were familiar with the controversy, and 69% of those who knew about it said he was out of bounds. just 19% said he was in bounds. joining us now to analyze from washington, republican pollster kristen anderson along with democratic pollster margie oh marrow. kristen, so this big bump or a relatively strong bump that hillary clinton has gotten since her convention, do you say it's because of the convention, or as we're seeing this khan controversy? >> i think some of it's from the convention, but i think a lot of it is because the conversation about this race has moved away from the issues where donald trump is the strongest. you said it yourself. you know, the economy is the issue in this poll where donald trump has the biggest advantage over hillary clinton, really the only advantage he has. but the last couple of days haven't been focused on the
5:51 pm
economy. it's been focused on the fight that's been picked with this gold star family and a host of other controversies, all of which are pretty secondary in the minds of most voters to what's going to happen with the economy. i think if trump can get the conversation back on that topic, he'll be playing on much more favorable ground. >> he hasn't really done this, though. he's a year and two months, three months into this campaign, and i haven't heard him talk about the economy too much. we heard a little bit about some tpp issues, some stuff about jobs and applying tariffs on company that want to put products into america, but he's really stayed on these satellite issues. he's had controversy after controversy. he has said it doesn't matter what kind of pressure you get as long as you get pressed. is this a smart tactic? >> i guess you could argue that it's working for him in the sense he's only ten points down despite showing what republicans -- you don't have to take my word for it -- demonstrates a clear, you know, not being well suited at all for
5:52 pm
the job, not having a basic understanding of world events. i think this particular fox news poll which shows clinton ten points down -- i mean ten points up, it's not a surprise that that advantage extends beneath the surface, not just on the overall vote but also advantages on things that are historically republican advantages like foreign policy, nuclear weapons, terrorism. those things have moved, have moved in clinton's favor, and it's a result of what we've seen from trump from the last couple weeks and things that haven't moved are things that show a real gap in his ability, his fitness for being a president, whether it's qualifications or temperament or knowledge. those numbers haven't moved, and they're not very good for trump at all. >> sure. kristen, on the economy, he's always done well. he's still leading on the economy. on terror, he's always done well. he's still leading on that. one of the areas that i found striking in this poll, what's this about this immigration where hillary clinton actually flipped the script on him now and she's leading him in
5:53 pm
immigration? >> this is going to be really tough because immigration is one of the issues that he has made a centerpiece of his campaign, talking about building the wall. and while that has played pretty well within a republican primary, now we're talking about a general election where you've got voters in the middle who certainly want to see our immigration system fixed. but don't necessarily look at build the wall as the number-one thing they want achieved. so he really has not, coming out of this republican convention, made that pivot to having a message that is more broadly acceptable beyond the voters he's been talking to for the last few months. and he's running out of time if he wants to make that pivot and start winning over voters on things like the issue of immigration with these last 90-some days before election day. >> margie, so one of the areas he's clearly deficient in is the women's vote. i'm not sure he has time to make that up or pivot has kristen says. but the area that he really has an opportunity here is the independent voter. what's the topic? what are the issues that the independent voters are most tuned into? >> well, independent voters are
5:54 pm
very much like a lot of other voters. you know, some of them are republican-leaning. some of them are democrat-leaning, but they want to see a candidate who really understands and gets them and cares about their life. and that's not something that -- >> what does that mean, is there someone that -- either one of these candidates indicating they don't care about the independent voters' lives? >> well, it's a -- you know, i guess it's looking at whether the candidate is talking about voters and talking about directly how they're going to impact your life. trump spends a lot of time talking about himself. it's also just showing also compassion, and that's something that trump lacks. >> are the two area that trump leads, aren't those the most important to the independent voter on the economy and terror, kristen? >> the economy and terror are absolutely the two issues i think will define who wins this election. the problem trump has is we haven't been focused on those issues. as we're talking about all these controversies, and is trump siding with people in his own
5:55 pm
party, i think he's got to get back to issues if he wants to try to repair this deficit that he's got. >> got to leave it right there. thank you very much. a reminder to check out our new podcast called the contributing factor on and itunes. the latest episode features a professor who gives trump an 87% of winning the election. > hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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5:58 pm
of course we all know biden is the intellect of the democratic party. >> and now eastwood is speaking out about the 2016 presidential campaign, telling esquire magazine that, quote, i'd have to go for trump, you know, because hillary has declared that she's going to follow in obama's footsteps. there's been just too much funny business on both sides of the aisle. so eastwood is boarding the trump train. meanwhile the empty chair declared it's voting for gary johnson. finally, don't miss this weekend's new episode of "legends & lies." it takes a fascinating look at the duel between alexander hamilton and aaron burr.
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>> present. >> best of luck to you, colonel burr. >> hamilton! >> i'm a dead man. it's a mortal wound, doctor. >> the episode airs sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on fnc. don't forget about the companion book which you can get for free if you sign up for a premiere membership on bill o'reilly dom. and remember my book, "wake up america" now in its fifth week on "the new york times"
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best-seller list. and that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling. please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. after days of campaign trail turmoil from battling a gold star family to rehashing old controversies, donald trump's closest advisers say big changes are coming as a huge haul of new polls give us a revealing new look at the state of this race less than 100 days out from the election. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. exactly seven days after the end of the democratic national convention in philadelphia, hillary clinton is seeing her biggest polling bounce in nearly six weeks. and that is not all. in multiple battleground states, critical to winning the white house, new polls now show mrs. clinton is leading. in florida, she's up by six points. in pennsylvania, a


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