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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 5, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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either a plane or something to come in. >> that's why if you don't get fox business, what should you do? >> demand it! >> that's right. thank you so much for joining me. have a great weekend. see you on fox business 3:00 p.m. eastern. hello, i'm eric bolling with juan williams and dana perino and tom salih. this is "the five." donald trump caused a big stir this week when he said he wasn't ready to endorse house speaker paul ryan or senator john mccain for the re-election bids. but in a few hours, ryan is expected to get the backing of the republican presidential nominee. sources tell fox news trump is going to endorse the speaker at his rally tonight in green bay, wisconsin. yesterday, ryan appeared on a radio show and suggested his own endorsement of trump isn't written in stone. >> up in of these are blank checks. that goes with any kind of race. but right now, it's important
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that the voters -- you know, he won the delegates. he won it fair and square. it's that simple. we came out of our convention and yeah, he's had a strange run since the convention. you think he'd want to focus on hillary clinton and her deficiencies. >> paul ryan and others have been encouraging trump to get back on message and it appears he may have done that at a rally in iowa a few moments ago. >> we're going to be talking about the queen of corruption. hillary clinton lacks the judgment, temperament and moral character to lead this country. she's a dangerous liar. i was the first one i believe to use the word unfit in referring to her. now they pick it up and they use it on me. i always thought i was extremely fit. in fact, all of my life i have been told you have the greatest temperament. if we don't pull this off, i'm blaming iowa. if we don't pull this off, i'm
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going to say i wasted a lot of money, time and energy. that i can tell you. >> all right. let's start with the endorsements. back and forth with the two of them, ryan and trump. are we going to finally see a little unity? >> i don't know. i think that -- i think what trump did earlier this week either said the instincts was off or the strategy was off or the consultation with pence was off. something. it was not good. and also this comes after -- do you remember ryan said this is about two months ago, i don't know if i'll be able do. he gets there and he says okay, i'm in. i want to endorse him and then trump did that to him. well, okay, my endorsement not a blank check either. it reminded me of when ryan was saying that in the sound bite about how things could change. remember when todd akin in missouri said the ridiculous thing about rape and almost all republicans including opinion journalists here at the network were like, whoa, we're done with that guy. because things could change and
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things happen that way. think about the trump endorsement tonight of ryan, i think it helps trump more than it helps ryan. trump lost ryan's district in wisconsin by 17 points. paul ryan is up 66 points over his primary challenger in his district. so when trump said he was not quite there yet, quite a dis to ryan. well, that means you don't want to win paul ryan's district in wisconsin. if you want to win wisconsin, you would have to win that district. i think it actually probably at this point trump is trying to help himself more than ryan. ryan doesn't need his help in his district. >> david points out that donald trump he used the same words. didn't he use the same words, i'm not quite there, which is what paul ryan said about endorsing trump. is this some unity? >> i took it as mocking paul ryan. i thought he was playing games. i'm the nominee, paul ryan is like a puppet on the string. you're the establishment guy, i will eric cantor you. remember what happened to him in
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virginia and remember what happened to john boehner. if you don't play along with the revolution from the grass roots of the gop you will be out. guess what? you know, i think this is so clear now. that paul ryan didn't back down. paul ryan didn't take away his endorsement. but he did say as you played in the tape, eric, it's -- that nothing is a blank check. i don't think it was so much that he was saying i want to pull my endorsement of our gop nominee but he was saying, listen, you are doing some things that are not only damaging to your effort, you are now damaging the republican party and down ballot candidates. so dana's number about paul nehlen, the guy running against paul ryan, that's not a contest. not even close. not like oh, donald trump's word going to make a big difference in that race. that's in donald trump's head. >> yeah, i'm not sure that trump thought he was going to endorse nehlen, he would beat paul ryan. >> i hope not. that's not realistic. >> feels like donald trump is using -- using a little bit of
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leverage, playing a little game at the last minute he ends up endorsing him. on message does he get back on message now, attacking hillary clinton? >> he has to. not only just getting on message and attacking hillary clinton, but how he attacks her. this idea that he thinks he's going to win over independent voters by calling hillary clinton names, even crooked hillary which is an accurate description of her i don't think is really going to change a lot of people's minds. both sides have decided that both are untrustworthy, both somewhat corrupt. they're going to say how is donald trump or hillary clinton help me or my family. going back to what juan said about paul ryan the republican party for the last probably four years has actually done a lot of hard work, especially in ohio reaching out to the communities they didn't win over in the 2008 and 2012 elections, minorities and women. paul ryan with his statement about not issuing a blank check
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isn't pulling his endorsement but he's making it clear to everyone throughout the country that donald trump's statements are donald trump's statements and not a reflection or statements of the republican party. because he doesn't want the brand to be as damaged as it could be especially if donald trump loses. >> so dana points out that the donald trump endorsement of paul ryan good for donald trump. is it good for paul ryan? >> i don't think it matters. i think it's a little bit of silliness. trump was teasing him. they're poking each other. ryan poked back -- he's had kind of a strange run. ryan didn't have to they. i think they like to do this. i think it's a macho thing. i think the only problem for trump he shouldn't be talking about ryan. he should be talking about hillary. he was talking about ryan the other day when he said i'm not there yet, that was a story. you know, i think he should just say, yeah, i'm endorsing him and now i'll attack hillary. the less he talks about ryan the
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better. >> the ryan thing is different. i think because ryan is so far ahead in his district. he's won that district up every term since i don't know. 1994 or something. it's been a long time. so he always wins that district. that's his. he would never lose it. but senators ayotte and mccain and a few others are actually in a lot of trouble in their district. in their state. so new hampshire being one of them where i thought that donald trump would actually perform a lot better there. but the recent polls are that he's down by nine or 11 points. guess who else is down by nine or 11 points? kelly ayotte. if you really care about the future of conservatism and you want to make sure you care about the supreme court you have to have republican majority in the senate. and if all of these senators are going to go down as the ticket continues to go down, then you're not going to have any of that. maybe ryan doesn't matter, but not supporting the other candidates is a problem. >> can we talk about this a little? i know they want to move on to the next sound bite.
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this is what i keep hearing, if donald trump loses badly, it will be horrible down ticket. but not a lot of proof of that. there is a stat that someone pointed out to me yesterday or the day before yesterday that two times a party has won 49 out of 50 states. both of those times -- that's a land slide in the presidential election. both of those times the senate only moved by two seats. >> yeah. that could be -- that would be a good outcome for the republicans at this point. but i think that the way that it was described to me for the last three months or so the national republican senatorial committee has said, well, looks pretty good actually. like everything around us is saying you know we should change our course and direction, but our senators are doing well. that includes portman in ohio. toomey in pennsylvania and even ayotte until recently. the numbers are troubling for them. he -- if donald trump wants to be the head of the republican party he can't just run for himself.
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that's why i just said that the instinct or the strategy to not endorse ryan or to play like the word games and mock and make fun of him, it's silliness, but it's having real world impact. >> i don't think it's silliness. what we're having this week is a debate among republicans. so as an outsider let me say what you see in the poll numbers the republicans are buying off donald trump. so let's say you're a republican who wants to vote for the republican nominee. i think in some cases you might say, i'm uncomfortable with trump so maybe i don't go to vote. >> again, i have a big old fight with a congressman from pennsylvania last night on that issue. he said i can't endorse donald trump. i turned to him on air and i said, but pennsylvania went every single district in pennsylvania went donald trump. he won every single one. in a primary. of course. but this guy represents the district. right? >> also won in new hampshire. >> this is a bad precedent that republicans are saying i don't
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agree with donald trump fighting with mccain or ryan. therefore -- >> or ayotte who might lose a senate seat. i mean n a state that he won the primary in. >> katie, the next president going to put at least one, maybe up to three supreme court justices. >> i know. >> federal and -- >> and dana said you can't do it without the gop controlled senate. we'll see what happens. >> just vote for the republican again. you have to. or you're going to get a hillary. >> let me just say, what is the paragon of conservatism, mr. cruz said, vote your conscience. >> he's another one. >> some people, eric, are thinking, you know what, my conscience can't abide someone who behaves -- >> i can't trust my conscience. >> i told you to -- >> you know the buckley rule? >> yes. yes. but this guy can't win if you look at the polls. >> the most conservative
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candidate is the one you're supposed to vote for. >> is that what we did? >> the most conservative. >> is that what we did? >> i don't know. >> is that what we did? this is the most conservative candidate that can win? >> you have two. you have a choice of two. either hillary clinton or trump. >> the buckley rule is about supportering the republican. >> that's what we have. >> if that's the case, you might have had john kasich or jeb bush. >> you have to weigh this, katie, i'll throw it to you. yes, federal judges and supreme court justices on the one hand. or i just don't like the way he talks to other people. >> it's not about -- not just about the way he talks to other people, but the fact his policies actually don't line one a lot of the conservative principles that have been exwhite housed for -- espoused for generations that's brought people out of freedom. i think -- >> what's the choice here? >> when donald trump won the primary, i wrote a column about how this is not a race about
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republicans versus democrats. not republican nominee versus democrat nominee. this is a democrat primary 2.0. donald trump has policies that line up with bernie sanders and who has supported people like hillary clinton -- >> your only other choice is hillary clinton. >> their politics are similar. >> it is somewhat interesting to look at the conundrum that people are in. if you warned early on about the possibility of trump not being able to win in general election now you're being blamed for the result of showing that oh, you were right. >> that's not what i'm saying. >> maybe not you, but -- >> but i'm saying if you're a republican, you don't vote for the republican because you don't like the way his attitude, you don't vote, you're in essence electing hillary. >> can i make one -- >> but if -- if he can't -- this is his to lose. that's what i said last night on "the o'reilly factor" to you. he's making this bad stuff to
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him. he the change. we'll have chance to talk about what else could he do, how could he get back on offense and put hillary back on her heels? there are ways you can do it, but it's been a tough three weeks since the convention. >> no doubt. here's what it looks like to me. he's running for himself. he's running against the republican party. and sticking his finger in their eye at every opportunity. >> that may be at the case, but at this point in the game -- >> but you have no choice? >> you don't. you just don't. >> in other words, to hell with the republicans who have been laboring -- >> you don't have them. they're they're gone. not one of the choices. >> it is up to trump to unify the party and it's very clear at this point that he's now endorsing paul ryan because it's beneficial to him and because it made him look as juan said he's in it for himself. it's up to him to negotiate in a way that gets people on to his team. he has made it impossible for many republicans in these tough
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districts, in these tough states to do that because they cannot afford to be tied to things he said and the poll -- >> they don't get a pass. gets a pass, sometimes what he says is so hilarious. it's funny in the press. but if you're kelly ayotte in new hampshire and you -- if you said something like that, you would be buried. like he's unique. he wants to lead a party of politicians who they're like regular people. >> okay. i think they're wrapping me but i can't hear a thing in my ear right now. later this hour we'll take your questions on the presidential race. please go to our facebook page. post them now. but up next, brace yourself, hillary clinton actually took some questions from the press today. 241 days it's been and then this happened. >> everything else that i think they're owed here in america. when i left i had a 66% approval rating. so ask yourselves --
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hillary clinton did something very rare today. she answered questions from the press. she was at a joint convention for black and hispanic journalists and took the questions. she was asked about her claim on fox news sunday that the fbi director backs up her e-mail story. >> i was pointing out on -- in both of those instances that the director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. i may have short circuited it and for that, i -- you know, i'll try to clarify. because i think chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. because of course he could only talk to what i had told the fbi and i appreciated that. >> she went on the defensive when asked about her honesty. >> every time i have done a job
2:20 pm
people have counted on me and trusted me. i recognize that i have work to do. but when i started running for the senate in new york, a lot of the same things were said. i won. i worked hard for the people of new york. and i was re-elected with 67% of the vote. i served as secretary of state and when i left i had a 66% approval rating. so ask yourselves were 66% of the people in new york wrong? were 66% of the american public wrong? >> katie, she got four pinocchios from "the washington post" on her answer to chris wallace. >> she did. >> now she comes back and says, well, actually, chris and i are talking past each other. what i'm saying is that the fbi director, jim comey, said that my answers to the fbi were true. does this satisfy you? >> well, actually, what i saw reported was that fbi didn't actually do an investigation of whether hillary clinton told the truth in her interview with the fbi and my understanding that it
2:21 pm
wasn't recorded. so she continues to lie about this issue. but this is the problem. hillary will never admit that she is wrong. she will never admit that she has sent or received classified information. if she were to do so she would be admitting to crime. so she has no choice than to double, triple down this. she's going to be continually about it. donald trump's numbers on trustworthy are actually above hillary clinton, meaning they're worse. i don't know how that happened but it did. so she's not going to have is a lot to lose on the issue moving forward. >> so her honest and trustworthy numbers are upside down and chris wallace' interview didn't help out at all. what did she say? i short circuited my answer. what in the world does that mean? >> well, what it means she's saying she was responding to the idea that she told the truth to the fbi and the director
2:22 pm
confirmed that. but in fact, chris was talking about public states that she -- statements that she made. >> how convenient. five days later, she's cleaning up that mess. but i think -- so her honest and trustworthy numbers have been upside down for more than a year and a half now. doesn't seem to matter. she's still leading in the votes. so the public is still willing to vote for her. >> both candidates are in the tank when it comes to trustworthy numbers. so i think that the republica republicans -- they can continue to press on this if they want. i'm glad she was asked the question, i thought the applause by the group is unsavory. another reason that a lot of people in america don't trust the media. because they're applauding a presidential candidate who's talking about how she's trustworthy when they asked her a question about how she was not in a recent interview. i think the republican party -- i'm not saying move on, but you have to figure out a way to get on offense. you have to change the story line. i would start with a really concentrated effort with every day just hammer on the economy, economy, economy. and you're going to have to accept that people think she's
2:23 pm
untrustworthy. but they baked that in. on all the categories on experience, temperament, judgment. what can donald trump and his team do to change that dynamic? they don't have a lot of time to do that, but there's enough time they can try to force something and i would start on monday with something really different. just make it look different. don't give the same speech in the same podium. go out and do something that would give the media a reason to change the story. >> dana, that was fascinating. you think it's baked in? >> definitely. >> well, how about the issue that the press is in the tank for hillary? i mean, trump should pound that. she gets better response at this press conference than sheoes at her own rallies. i mean, you never see applause lines at her rallies. >> buys journalism. >> she was a guest of two organizations. it wasn't just a pure press conference. >> well, to be fair she didn't rope the journalists in this time. they got more freedom -- they
2:24 pm
were free to do. >> nice to see she's dispelling the idea she's robotic and short circuited. human beings don't short circuit. >> wait until greg get backs on that one. next, the president insists that the $400 million money to iran is not ransom money and some still doubt it. we'll debate it next. ♪ he wrecked the rec room this summer. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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president obama addressed concerns yesterday about the timing of that $400 million cash payout to iran on the same day four american hostages were released in january. >> this wasn't some nefarious deal. it wasn't a secret. we were completely open with everybody about it. we do not pay ransom. we didn't here and we won't in
2:29 pm
the future. what we have is the manufacturing of outrage in a story that we disclosed in january. and the only bit of news that is relevant on this is the fact that we paid cash. >> but not everyone is buying that. including charles krauthammer. >> they were actually going around the law, going around sanctions. and they had to do it illicitly, clandestinely at night the way it's done by gangsters. this is not new news, it's highly embarrassing. >> people are weighing in on this, including the former attorney general to the united states, michael mukasey who said that $400 million is legal but not right and that why cash and why in an unmarked cargo plane? we have the spectacle of the state engaging in conduct that would expose a private citizen to the risk of jail. now, eric, you dug deep in this
2:30 pm
last night with the one who had broken the story for "the wall street journal." some are wondering why did we did this with cash? >> and he said that it's difficult to do an electronic transaction with the iranians and maybe should have done it with -- with another banking institution. he said, no, you can't do it. but krauthammer makes a very good point there. they're willing to break the sanctions by negotiating with the iranians but didn't want to break the sanctions by transferring u.s. dollars over there. it's completely inconsistent. don't forget pastor abedini, one of the four people released for the $400 million i guess or at the same time said they were told they couldn't leave iran until the $400 million arrived -- the plane arrived. >> he said until another plane arrived. he doesn't know that that was money -- >> he was on "o'reilly" tonight, i'll ask him that.
2:31 pm
was it $400 million or another plane? we'll work it out. >> what other plane could it have been? >> unmarked cargo plane? >> whether it was the plane or that, the odds of the two occurrences, the statistics, you multiply the number, the 13505 days by the number of 5,000 days the likelihood of that happening is astronomically -- >> president obama's posture and tone yesterday -- i was going to call you casey, he was basically saying there's nothing to see here, folks. i won't bother to explain this to you because you're too dumb to understand it. >> right. i thought the president's demeanor was extremely inappropriate given the consequences and this we were talking about human lives in this situation. i don't think the president is doing a service to the american people or the world by not addressing this in the serious manner. this looks like ransom. we all think it probably was. maybe not juan, but even if the administration says it wasn't ransom, the state department
2:32 pm
says it wasn't ransom, it sure looks like ransom. the iranians have more american hostages in captivity. and it also means that bad state actors and terrorism groups are looking at this, sure looks like ransom to me, let's try it out. it's not a good thing for people's -- who have family members working overseas or traveling in not so hostile nations like europe. >> juan, when you look at this, what does your news judgment tell you? when obama says it's not news at all, but krauthammer said it's news, what does your gut say? >> like to follow money. remember woodward and bernstein thing, follow the money. money on planks, raw cash being shipped overseas to a country hostile to the u.s. people are like what's going on? i think it's the case as has been explained by the president, one, we still have hostages being held by foreign nations and we don't pay ransom to any
2:33 pm
of them. that's why you know their families are upset with the united states government. because some of the european countries do pay ransom and get their folks back. including israel pays ransom. we do not. but so there's -- i mean, eric was making the case to me earlier. well, the money comes on the same date. pretty peculiar. oh, you think -- i agree it's pretty peculiar, but i'll tell you what, as i said to you, because they had channels of negotiations open with iran because of the nuclear deal. >> something else came to light today. i'm looking at this. if 52 -- the 52 hostages that were released day one of president reagan's term were released after the $8 billion payment was made that same day. so for everyone who is saying we don't do this, it happens on both sides. both republicans and obama. i think they have negotiated for hostage releases with cash. >> wow. i don't think ronald reagan would agree on that. >> well, we released
2:34 pm
$8 billion -- >> well, on this particular story. so michael mukasey says it was legal, he was a former attorney general of the united states. it's like they have the legal right to do it. but not the right thing to do do you think this story will continue on for a few more days? >> well, i don't know if it's legal or not. obviously it's ridiculous and obama the way -- he as a way of laughing through his answers to dismiss. it's really annoying. we knew about this in january, it's cash. it wasn't somebody's wallet, but a pallet of money like a scene from "breaking bad." it's ridiculous. >> it's a different currency. >> i think why does it have to be cash? because they could. because they said, let's make these guys put cash on a plane. i mean, it's like it's raw negotiation. let's see what we can make the americans do. then we can see what we get next. >> but look at how much money we saved you.
2:35 pm
it could have been much worse -- >> i don't think we should be paying back the money in the first place. we took the money. we should have taken it. all right, next a lot of american voters are not happy with donald trump or hillary clinton. could third party candidates have a chance this year? we'll debate that. facebook friday still coming your way. stay tuned.
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looktry align probiotic.our digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. welcome back. hillary clinton and donald trump both have high unfavorability ratings with american voters. as you can see in this fox news poll, and there are two choices for people who don't want either of them. one of them is the libertarian gary johnson. >> if either trump or clinton are elected that things will be more polarized than ever. neither side is going to get along with the other. perhaps we do encompass the best of what americans are supposed to be about which is smaller government and they don't do a good job at that.
2:40 pm
perhaps we're really good at civil liberties, something that democrats haven't stood up for mandatory sentencing. >> and the other is green party candidate jill stein. here's colonel west endorsing her. >> we understand who trump is, we understand who clinton is. but think for yourself. raise your own voice. i'm going with jill stein. yes, i'm going with jill stein. well, the democratic -- in hillary clinton, they don't own my vote. they don't own my voice. they don't own me. i'm a free thinking man. >> it's time to bail out the millennials, the young people. yeah! >> yes, colonel west is always very exciting. eric, to you first. the argument historically has been that third party candidates hurt republicans but this this case don't you think the third party represents those who have
2:41 pm
an option to vote and if they weren't voting for the third party they would stay home? >> i think the polls show that with four in there it hurts trump. his numbers go down more than hillary's. i'm at the dnc in philadelphia, a lot of the bernie supporters who felt disgruntled, felt left out, who are mad, were looking at jill stein. the people who can't pull the lever for donald trump will go with the libertarian versus -- because in their opinion i think it's closer to their beliefs than the democrat in many ways. i think they're going to vote -- they'll siphon some of that. we're 90-plus days out. 20 days ago donald trump was winning so things can happen so fast. >> well, dana, this polling also shows that millennials in general and the generations after millennials are highly dissatisfied with both parties. so what do you think that means? maybe not for the third party -- >> i thought gary johnson's answer that we just played there about being the best of
2:42 pm
conservative ideals and the best of democratic ideals that you could find that in the libertarian party. i don't think they've been as persuasive as they could have been, because imagine if senator rand paul had decided to run as a libertarian. i think he could be getting 20, 21% of the vote right now. >> i think people will like gary johnson, he's like a shop teacher. he has this kind of attitude. i think the jill stein -- i think the hard left really doesn't like hillary. they don't care. they really don't care -- they're thinking i'd rather deal with donald trump. because they're about grass roots social movements. those -- their time comes when they're someone like trump in office. they think they can organize. they could catch fire. i think they see hillary as a total nightmare. so i think jill stein is going to do well with the hard left.
2:43 pm
>> juan, jill stein, what do you think? >> i see gary johnson and the polls are very important here, because if he gets to 15% then he's on the debate stage. if he's on the the debate stage he's a real factor in the race and when you think of ross perot and ralph nader making a difference in the tally. the thing that struck me, young people don't like either party. >> right. >> i'm really shocked. i'm shocked in this sense. you're laughing at me, tom. >> i don't know why you're shocked, tom. >> i thought when they specifically asked young white people and i thought they would say, you know, given that whites prefer the republican party in general, i thought it was going to be a bump for republican, but no, they don't like the republicans. they don't like the democrats. they don't like any party. >> yeah. millennials are 90 million strong. speaking of millennials, because coming back, facebook friday is up next.
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it's friday. you know what that means. here on "the five" it's facebook friday. today we're going to answer your questions on the presidential race. i have got some right here. the producers probably don't respect my intelligence. look what they started with.
2:48 pm
would they have done that to greg, start here? >> there's why it's there. >> okay. question number one from rory c, do you believe the veep selections have helped either candidate so far? katie? >> i thought that mike pence would help to fight hillary, but polling is showing that tim kaine is more topable. not a good sign. >> does he help hillary, eric? >> no, i don't think either one has helped either candidate. i think they both picked the wrong v p. >> i think kaine helped hillary in virginia because reported her her team has pulled out of doing ads in virginia, and they don't need to, because they think they have it locked up. i think kaine thinks he's helped her enough and spend money elsewhere. >> you want to get one state out of the vp, one? >> you know mike pence initially
2:49 pm
seemed to help with the party establishment. they know pence. there was a hope that the koch brothers who support mike pence would then agree to support donald trump. but that didn't happen. you know trump went after that meeting and didn't get the talk with them and all that. so that didn't happen. but you know, mike pence is a known quantity in republican circles. maybe that could help. >> next question, what do you think is the most important quality in a presidential candidate? dana? >> character. 100%. >> that's it? >> yeah. >> oh. character. do we all agree? >> that's just mine. >> i won't say honest and trustworthy because neither one is doing well in that. but i will -- for me, change. someone who can go in there and make change. that's kind of what i liked about trump. i also liked about bernie sanders on his side. >> juan? >> toughness under pressure. you know, then maybe that's another way to go back to what dana said.
2:50 pm
character. i want, you know, when things are bad, and things don't -- our enemies are on us, that someone in that moment makes the right decision. >> like obama? >> i don't know -- >> well, that's the point. he's shown he can't make the right decision. you supported him. >> what are you talking about? >> there you go, he's got you, juan. i don't get that at all. >> isn't this the guy who made the call on bin laden? recession? >> i would also say character. i would say integrity, as well. because when you're a president and i think you're either a democrat or a republican, if you have those two things, you'll make the best decisions, that affect real people, rather than focusing on yourself. >> okay. i think that was an easy one. question three, susan w., if you could ask one question of each candidate, what would it be, juan? >> well, you know, this week, i was getting calls from people saying, hey, is there any chance trump actually just decides to leave? i don't know -- i don't think so, but people seem to -- i think republicans are having
2:51 pm
trouble with trump. and so, on the democratic side, right now, i guess, it would be, try to get some distance between hillary and obama. and i would say, you know, what about your military -- you know, position. what would you be doing right now with the terrorists that obama is not doing. >> i think she would avoid that question, juan. >> i would want a contingency on both of them answering it. so donald trump, release your tax returns and hillary clinton, release the transcripts of your speeches you made to wall street. >> those are good, even know on. dana? >> no, donald trump -- >> this is not "jeopardy!"! >> i would ask both of them, what keeps you up at night? because i think that gets to what their anxieties are and maybe they sleep like a baby. >> i already know the answer for trump. his twitter feed, right? that's what keeps him up all night. >> and for hillary, it would be bill. >> i doubt it. >> katie?
2:52 pm
>> what?! >> one question of each candidate. >> i would ask them both the same question and i would ask them who they are going to put them in their cabinet. >> one thing up next. i've got a good one. (lionel) ♪it's peyton...
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♪it's peyton on sunday mornings.♪ (peyton) you know with directv nfl sunday ticket you can watch your favorite team no matter where you live. like broncos or colts. (cashier) cool. (peyton) ah...18. the old number. ooh. i have got a coupon for that one. (vo) get nfl sunday ticket - only on directv. and watch live games anywhere. . all right time for one more thing. i'm going to kick it off. president obama turned 55 yesterday. and tonight the white house confirms there's a big birthday
2:56 pm
for the president, including invitees, beyonce and jay-z if usher, kendrick lamar, magic johnson, steven wonder, ellen degeneres and others will be attending. i want to do something. tipped to send president obama a present. a birthday present. i'll send him my book, because i dedicated the book to president obama. the whole book is dedicated to him. i'll send him a birthday president and i wanted to thank him, because second week in a row, "new york times" best seller. >> i want so celebrate another birthday that took place this week, tony bennett. one of new york's most iconic artists. ♪ san francisco ♪ above the blue >> tony bennett turned 90 this week and we had a big celebration this week here at the empire state building. here is bennett with his
2:57 pm
56-year-old wife, susan crow. there was also a special guest, lady gaga. a third of his age at age 30, but the music's timeless. and they're talking about doing a second album together. tony bennett shows no signs, by the way, of slowing down. still out performing concerts. he says, i'm 90 but i feel about 35 and i'm just getting started. happy birthday, tony bennett. >> that's a great one. >> we did not coordinate this, but i have a birthday to announce, as well. william chase turns 6 years old today. i think we have some pictures of him. all he wanted for his birthday were two things. he wanted to dress up as luke skywalker and to have jasper with him all day long. they're up in massachusetts. he has jasper with him, as his play date. and they're apparently everybody's safe and having a great time. and happy birthday to him. william chase. >> related to -- >> not related to me, but my good friends, they're up in massachusetts for the weekend. but they got to have jasper. >> what is jasper -- >> this better be good.
2:58 pm
>> a good one. >> look, i went on a whale watch and there was no whale. and i've been angry ever since. and now i'm even more angry, because i saw this video. it's amazing. look at this footage. they're on a whale watch. not only did they see a whale, look at this whale. >> i would never, ever -- never would i do that! absolutely not! think why i don't go! >> we're going to need a bigger boat, right? >> why i tell peter, i will not go on them, because how does the whale know not to tip over the boat? >> he went under the boat. >> not for me. >> but you weren't on that one? >> i'm going to go again and there'll be no whale. >> where did you get that tape? >> i don't know, the internet. >> do you know what part of the world the whale was in? >> the water. >> the water! >> they're all the same! well, speaking of water and being in the water, do you like carpool karaoke? the usa swimming team sure does.
2:59 pm
♪ hands up, they're playing my song ♪ ♪ the butterflies fly away ♪ nodding my head like yeah ♪ moving my hips like yeah ♪ put my hands up ♪ they're playing my song >> juan, we know that you have a camera in your car. what's your favorite song? >> well, i like dance music, but i like the stands. we're talking about tony bennett a moment ago. but this kind of thing with your friends, wouldn't you like some jayz -- >> some miley cyrus. apparently, during that -- >> katy perry go? >> apparently during the miley cyrus song, michael phelps, who is the most decorated olympian in olympic history, his mother called him and he said, mom, i'm doing carpool karaoke, i got to call you back later. >> i love the olympics. >> it's great. >> my friend ann bremmer tweeted a picture of this south korean gymnast with a north korean gymnast and they were there together, sort of bonding and taking a picture together. so that really is the spirit of the olympics. >> are you naked when you're
3:00 pm
karaoking in the car? >> i don't like carpool karaoke. somebody's going to get hurt! keep the hands on the wheel. >> we've got to go. don't forget, 8:00 tonight, o'reilly and juan's going to be on as well. have a great weekend, everyone. special report, right now. donald trump tries to heal the split in the gop by finally endorsing the top republican in congress. this is "special report". welcome to watch. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. what would normally be a show of force by republicans in wisconsin tonight may, in fact, show just how divided the party is over donald trump. the republican nominee and his running mate will be in green bay, shortly. but the state's top republicans will not. even though trump is trying to make amends with a sudden about-face. we have fox team coverage, jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign here in washington. but


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