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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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bocerra. we'll ask senator tom cotton about the $400 million payment to iran the same day u.s. hostages were released. was it ransom? that's "fox news sunday." on the record with greta van sustern up next. is donald trump about to shake up everything in wisconsin? trump going into wisconsin. house speaker paul ryan is facing a primary battle this tuesday and who trump has said nice things about? ryan's opponent. trump has not endorsed house speaker ryan. trump is so unpredictable, he seems to love surprising, maybe even shocking the voters and the media. john roberts is live at the rally. >> you're right, greta. donald trump does like to shake it up. the plan that existed at noon, often doesn't exist by the time
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7:00 rolls around . i checked with the campaign and told everything is on track for donald trump to throw his endorsement behind paul ryan in his republican primary next week. how this all came together was a matter of what donald trump did earlier this week. the ryan campaign, the republican national committee, had never sought out donald trump's endorsement of the house speaker. after he gave that interview in which he said i'm just not there yet when it comes to supporting house speaker ryan, the rnc thought he has to do something about it. because he is now made a non-issue an issue. so people were coming to donald trump's campaign saying you've got to do something to fix this. it looks like he's going to try to fix it tonight by supporting paul ryan. in addition to that, the trump campaign has made some midcourse corrections here. kind of rebooting their message. staying away from all the things like not endorsing paul ryan and talking about the khan family or some of the other things, john
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mccain, trying to stay on message. talking about hillary clinton, they were given a real gift today, i got to say when she, before that forum of black journalists and hispanic journalists said she short circuited when she was answering chris wallace's questions about what she told the fbi and what she did with her e-mails. watch for them to hammer that. they believe after a bad weekend and bad beginning of this week, gaining some momentum going into the weekend. donald trump has a speech in detroit on monday. they think they can capitalize that. the polls going hillary clinton's way they believe will begin to snap back the other way. a fluid campaign, twists and turns almost every second. we'll keep watching it for you. >> in 2004, john kerry was running for president he called lambeau field lambert. that was a mistake. brett favre goes into the nfl hall of fame, any discussion about that. >> yeah, obvious donald trump
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likes to talk about sports. he'll probably talk about that. everybody here in this convention center tonight is talking about brett favre, i was talking to a fellow earlier today who said we got angry because he went to the minnesota vikings but he's going to be in the hall of fame so he's back in our good graces. >> i'm going to ohio tomorrow for it. john, thank you. all right. donald trump's likely endorsement help speaker ryan on tuesday? what about the glowing things trump said about speaker ryan's opponent? the on the other hand political panel is here. josh letterman, and from the "new york post" daniel halper. donald trump took to twitter monday night and said thanks to neil, that's the opponent of speaker ryan. thanks for your kind words he said he's had a good campaign. now he's going to endorse speaker ryan. >> the ryan people i spoke to this week, their biggest concern was paul ryan going to eclipse
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the 60s or the 50s. you know, would he be dragged down that much. they had no question he was going to win. they not it wasn't a close race it wouldn't be an issue. it seems that trump is aligning himself with the winner here rather than trying to shake up the race, the race, i think is probably settled and will be decided next tuesday. >> josh, it's pretty clear to me that trump benefits from endorsing ryan and not the other way around, because ryan is so popular in his district. even it's a pretty democratic district. but does it also indicate that maybe trump is listing a little more? >> that's the exact question we're facing this week. we've heard so many times before finally donald trump is going to get on message, going to stop picking unnecessary fights that don't help him but distract from his message. we saw this morning with him in a rare occasion of actually acknowledging he might have gotten something wrong saying this video of the iranian cash landing in tehran from the u.s.
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was actually video of some hostages being released. so, you know, a lot of republicans hoping that this signals that finally we're going to see a more straightforward campaign that doesn't shoot itself in the foot every five minutes. we've said that a lot of time before and we've been wrong. you just don't know. >> okay panel, here's the question. why does she keep doing this? secretary clinton did it again and it's caught on tape. watch what she claimed the fbi said and then we'll show you what the fbi really said. >> director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. and i have said during the interview and in many other occasions over the past month, that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited it and for that you know, will try
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to clarify. i sent over 30,000 e-mails to the state department that were work-related e-mails. director comey said only three out of 30,000 had anything resembling classified markers. n what does that mean? if any of you have ever served in the government a classified government has a big heading on the top, which makes very clear what the classification is. and in questioning, director comey made the point that the three e-mails out of the 30,000 did not have the appropriate markings. and it was, therefore, reasonable to conclude that anyone, including myself, would have not suspected that they were clarified. so that leads the 100 out of
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30,000 e-mails that director comey testified contained classified information, but, again, he acknowledged there were no markings on those 100 e-mails. and so what we have here is pretty much what i have been saying throughout this whole year, and that is that i never sent or received anything that was marked classified. >> now, here's what fbi director james comey said. >> secretary clinton said she never sent or received any classified information over her private e-mail, was that true? >> our investigation found that there was classified information sent. >> it was not true? >> that's what i said. >> okay. well, i'm looking for a shorter answer, so we're not here lit as long. secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her
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e-mails sent or received, was that true? >> that's not true, tlhere werea small number of portion markings on three of the documents. >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone was that true. >> there was classified e-mail. >> even if it's not marked classified, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it. >> daniel, she had to have known she was going to get asked that. it's the first time she's met the press and answering questions in more than six months. why does she keep stepping in this? >> she made a huge mistake when she told an untruth to chris wallace in an interview last weekend. she's in a bind. she knows everybody doesn't think she's truthful so she doesn't want to admit she didn't tell the truth. she keeps on repeating the same claim. i think it's destructive and not particularly helpful as you just
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showed very clearly, she's clearly refuted by the fbi director, her claims don't -- aren't truthful. they don't stack up with what we know about it. and it's a huge problem for her that she keeps on snowballing because she can't admit she didn't tell the truth. >> there's got to be some way she can put the lid on this somehow. every time she talks about it we have another sound bite. >> if there's a lid to put a li -- on this is not it. if you have to give a seminar to voters, you're losing the battle. the issue for clinton is she's trying to explain how technically what she said is true. but that doesn't seem to be working for candidate that a lot of voters already think nuances the truth to meet her needs, tells part of the truth but not necessarily all of it. when she tries to split hairs it only seems to feed the narrative
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she's creating a truth for herself that isn't consistent with the broader reality. that doesn't to be something the clinton campaign has effectively dealt with. >> one of the themes is trump's unhinged. she called him today xenophobic. he files back and said she's unstable. she's a dangerous liar. there's so much name calling that nobody gets around to the issues. >> it's only august. it's only going to get worse. >> they're both doing it. >> yes, it's equally -- they're both bad to each other in both uncivil to each other clearly. look, it's only going to get worse -- >> i can't imagine it can get worse. use your imagination. >> trump did call hillary the devil. >> the clinton campaign has struggled with how to deal with the combative nature of trump's campaign. >> she fired back calling him a
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xenophobic and racist that's not saying i would disagree with him on job. >> do you speak to his level? >> she did. she did. >> right. at one point you sort of say that's the only way to actually be effective counterargument. >> i look forward to the debates. the presidential debates. josh, daniel, thank you both. and a big day for the press. well, sort of. secretary hillary clinton holding her first news conference of 2016. today clinton asked the press to do something, take down donald trump. >> i think journalists have a special responsibility to our democracy at the time like this. it's a badge of honor when jorge ramos gets thrown out for challenging donald trump or when another news agency gets banned for reporting what he said.
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as jorge said the best journalism happens when you take a stand when you denounce injustice. i hope you'll keep calling it like you see it. >> this will likely add more fuel to trump's claims that the media is biassed against him. >> it's not going to be treated fairly by the press. it's not going to be treated fairly by the press. we're bucking the press. so dishonest, i mean, these are dishonest people. nobody really knows. it's so disgusting what's going on with the media. so disgusting. we just can't -- that's why we have to win. we have to win. we have to win. >> wisconsin congressman sean duffy goes oen the record. >> she has held a disasterts campaign. you have to go back to the media and go help me out even more.
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attack him more than you have because my campaign is a disaster. she's playing into the mindset of so many americans who don't have trust and faith in the media to be fair and impartial and report the news. major candidates are begging you to help them out it's playing to innarrative. >> donald trump has asked for help too. he said russia if you're listening i hope you can find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. he's asked for help from putin. this is getting off the rails. she wants help from the media he wants help from the russians. >> first of all, i think the point on the russians is they already have the e-mails. what the request is, let's release them and see what's in there. that's far different than, looking into the media to help you out more than you already have. look at the last segment you played in the video content of what she's put out there. i think she thinks we live in the 1950's where there's, you
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know, no constant video coverage of what we say and do. she's not aware that this stuff is going to get replayed on you. >> let me replay something, today she was asked a question about the e-mail. let me replay you the question from "the new york times." >> i'm a national political reporter with "the new york times." my question you accused donald trump of using racist and sexist language what does it say about the electorate that so many americans are supporting him? >> that came on the heels of a question about e-mails, there was no follow up that was asked about that. but i might add the next question is what your favorite color color. i have asked softball questions myself. i'm a little bit guilty of that. your thought about a question like that. >> when you interview people you can hit hard and come back with a softball. we see the left wing media they throw out the softballs. when you get a softball couple questions after you guess a
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press statement or a luncheon statement and you can't be honest with the american people, it's troubling. greta, bill clinton, when he was caught with a dress from monica and had the dna on the dress, he came clean. he told the american people the truth. hillary clinton has been caught red handed by the fbi and she refuses to come clean about the e-mails. frankly, if she was smart, she would come clean, be honest and put the story behind her. but again, she's a pathological liar she can't seem to do it and the story stays alive and is great for donald trump. >> i think that -- let me play you ed okeeve said this of the washington post, which is good advice if she would take it. >> madam secretary, thank you for being here. on behalf of all of us we encourage you to do this more often with reporters across the country. [ applause ] especially those news organizations that travel the
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country with you everywhere you go. >> now, that was because she hasn't had a press conference since december, and they were grateful. note thets che notice the cheers because the press would like to ask questions. it might help her if she did respond more often to the questions in news conferences. >> that's how you put the stories behind you. you have to rectify the truth with your prior statements and move beyond it. it goes to benghazi, greta, she couldn't come clean about the e-mail whether it was a videotape or whether it was a terrorist attack. she couldn't come clean about what she did to get an apparatus, whether it was plane, or helicopters to move over 13 hours to go save those men. it's one lie after the other. the question becomes, if she's one person away from the presidency, to have a pathological liar in there like that is pretty disturbing for the most powerful position in the world. >> the american people think her
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trustworthiness is lousy. they also think donald trump's trustworthiness is lousy. how does he change that with wisconsin voters. you're a wisconsin congressman, how does he change that one? >> i think, he'll come on your program, he cagoes on all probls whether they lean left or right. >> what about the wisconsin voters? i'm talking about the wisconsin voters. he's there tonight. how is he going to convince them that he's trustworthy. >> endorse paul ryan. he's been playing the game with paul ryan's challenger. paul ryan is going to win the election, it only hurts donald trump. he can win wisconsin. the northern, central part of the state they love him. if he comes out and endorses the thought leaders of the conservative movement in wisconsin, like paul ryan, like scott walker. he will win the state. if you want to make america great again you got to win the
4:18 pm
election, which means you've got to will wisconsin and stop attacking republicans and start going after hillary clinton and adding to the number of voters you're getting, not subtracting from that number. and so if he comes up tonight, good on him, endorse paul ryan, get behind him, get behind the ideas that have come out of the house and let's win the election. >> we're looking forward to seeing what he has to say tonight. congressman, thank you sir. and the crowds are gathering in green bay, wisconsin. donald trump and governor mike pence will take the stage shortly. it has not been the smoothest week for donald trump. can he get back on track? charles krauthammer is here next. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades,
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we are awaiting donald trump, and in a short time trump will take the stage in green bay wisconsin. back here in washington charles krauthammer just wrote an opinion piece about donald trump. nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> you define trump as a man who defied every political rule and prevailed to win his party's nomination. can you explain that? >> he did stuff you don't expect anybody would do and survive. we called his divide a million times we were wrong. the john mccain the megyn kelly episode. there are so many you can't remember. it was almost as if the idea was to create so many scandals one would erase the one before. he prevailed in a decisive way against 16 other candidates. that is an amazing feat.
4:23 pm
but i think what's going on right now is he's in a general election. the pivot we've all heard about is never going to happen because it's not a matter of wrong strategy, it's a matter of character. he didn't make a mistake when he attacked the gold star father and mother. he was reacting to insults to what he saw as an insult, a slighting, disrespect. that's what he does reflexively. that defines him. anybody else i think would have reflected on this of the damage it would do, it's done tremendous damage. we know that he's been told that. he seems to have stopped. it's a character issue and that's his problem. >> if everyone called for his demise during the primary and he defied all odds, and right now you're calling for his demise now in light of the latest gold star. does this -- >> the difference is -- >> what's the difference is? >> the constituentacy.
4:24 pm
he had about 15 million votes. the electorate is ten times that size. you've got a far different audience, far less receptive to the message he had about immigration, about trade, about nato, about isolationism. it's a very different universe he's operating in. given that he may not have the success he did before. i'm not saying this is his demise he's come back too many times. i think everybody would agree the odds of his winning are a lot smaller now than they were two weeks ago. >> all right. being a candidate is a lot different than governing. how do you rate or assess secretary hillary clinton as a candidate? how is her race? >> i've been saying this for two years, she is one of the weakest candidates i have ever seen. she is probably the weakest democratic candidate at least since 1988. probably longer. >> why? for what reason? >> she's not a good politician.
4:25 pm
her husband is a great politician. he could lie extremely well, look at her performance now trying to explain away the e-mails. she started with a lie when it first happened, a major lie. several layers of lies about why she did it, how she did it. whether anything was classified. she can't escape it. her husband was often caught in those situations, he found his way out. so number one, she is -- look, the fact, it was obama himself who in 2008 was asking in the debate whether she was likable or not. unfortunately, he was right. unfortunately from her point of view. look, she starts her campaign, remember, the first -- when she was launching her book, that was launching of her campaign, she talked to diane sawyer and says my husband and i when we left the white house we were broke. we had trouble paying the mortgages on our houses. well, politics 101, when you're pleading poverty, you don't refer to your domiciles in the
4:26 pm
plural. she doesn't get elementary politics. her style is not attractive. i mean, could she govern? i think she probably could. but as a candidate, she's extremely weak. and she is lucky to have drawn the weakest candidate on the republican side. >> charles, thank you. >> my pleasure. donald trump is caught up in a controversy with a gold star family but another gold star mother who met with trump said trump is her candidate. why? she's here next. we're waiting for donald trump, he's in green bay. as soon as he takes the podium, we'll take you live. hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck
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donald trump is about to take the stage in green bay, wisconsin. as soon as he does you'll see it live here on fox. this week trump found himself in hot water. it goes after trump going after the khan family, a gold star family. he spoke at the democratic national convention. trump criticized the family. on wednesday donald trump met with gold star families for 30 minutes before the rally in florida. a gold star mother whose navy s.e.a.l. son was killed in afghanistan. she goes on the record. >> good evening. >> look, you know, i know what tomorrow is, tomorrow is the anniversary of your son being killed. and frankly it's the hardest thing in the world, how do you start an interview of a mother
4:31 pm
of a fallen member of our military and of course on the eve of the anniversary -- i don't know how to start it. my heart bleeds for you. >> thank you very much. that's enough, thank you. >> i looked at the pictures, you know, healthy, handsome young man. he had a family. you know, it's stuff. even if you don't know him, it's tough. >> yeah. he was an amazing human being, greta. absolutely. he was, he was at the pinnacle of his life, honestly. he just turned 30 years old, beautiful wife, two amazing children. one almost two and a baby on nine weeks old when he left this earth. so it's been a horrific five years, it is what it is. we make it. >> and now, of course, you know, we have you here tonight to ask you questions about the simmering controversy with another gold star family whose family also made the ultimate sacrifice as well. where do you weigh in on the controversy of donald trump and gold star families? >> the thing i've been trying to
4:32 pm
to say. i appreciate you giving me this chance to speak to the nation. what i want people to do is stop, enough with the outrage culture. yes, mrs. khan wants to be offended by the comment she has every right to be. my husband and i were very vocal about what we thought about this administration after our son's death and his rules of engagement. and we took a lot of flack for it we were willing to take it. the khan, family they surely had to expect some sort of blowback from this. you know, when you personally attack somebody from a very, very public stage. so, you know, they're offended. okay, the whole nation does not need to weigh in. they're just one family, families get offended all the time. one thing that i like to say is that because i'm a gold star mother, i don't think that gives me special privilege. i don't think that means people need to bow down in my presence
4:33 pm
and i don't think that if i say something really horrible about somebody that they don't have a right to respond. >> i guess the thing that worries me. i think of us, meaning whether the politicians or media, is that you know, sometimes we use sort of the grief or the pain of others, you know, and i mean, while we're all fighting about this and arguing about, they have real pain, you have real pain. they also raise important issues. it's so complicated in many ways. >> it is. it's the truth. the khans decided to engage politically because they feel they have something to say. it's the same reason i decided to engage politically. because i have something to say. i've been thankful to god for the platform i've had to talk about specifically rules of engagement that have been imposed on our war fighters that have call uprises in death tolls. my husband and i spent the past four and a half years trying to make americans aware of what's
4:34 pm
happening to our war fighters. our son, absolutely died at the hands of terrible negligent rules of engagement, if nothing else. he and 29 other brave fearless amazing americans. >> after meeting with donald trump in florida, are you going to vote for him or not for him, tell me your thoughts. >> i do plan to vote for donald trump. i found him to be an extraordinarily warm, kind soft spoken gentle man. he listened attentively to everybody's needs. i had assemblebed about ten family members from florida for the jacksonville rally. he met with us for a good 30 minutes and just sat at the table, took his time. there was no pressure, no rush. we clearly felt like we had enough time to discuss whatever it was we felt like we needed to discuss. he listened respectfully. and i will say, we didn't spend our time talking about the khan controversy. we spent our time talking about the future of our country. the thing that our sons at that table, our husbands in some
4:35 pm
cases, fathers, and brothers, gave their life for. and that's what was critical to us, to talk about what the end game is in this war. this administration has refused to create an end game for this war and has said negative things about the word victory. and i just wonder how demoralizing it is to our troops. we looked at mr. trump and said you have to win. you have to win. and you have to finish this war. you have to win the war after you win the election. so i'm in his court. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure he does. because the truth of the issue is, the outrage here, is that a woman is running for president who stood over the caskets of four dead americans and lied to their family members. that is so much more egregious to me than the comment mr. trump made. you know, people can be offended by that all they want. they have a right to be if they want to. the egregious thing here is we have this candidate who physically took part in the deaths of those men that -- not
4:36 pm
physically took part. i shouldn't say that. physically had a role to play in the deaths of those men and certainly played the role when she told the family members that it was a videotape that caused the out break there. and then not only that, even more egregious than that. if people want to be outraged, you know, how about the fact that she's still today saying these family members are lying about what she said? so, you know, i'm not -- to me, though, the outrage, the decision about who becomes our next president of the united states is not based on who does the most or least outrageous things. it should be based on who we think can lead the country. we're at a cross roads unlike anything we've witnessed in our nation. we're at a precipice. if something doesn't shift right now, with the quagmire we have washington, d.c., people refusing to get anything done for the people. and what it feels like to the people, to us out in the country, in regular america, is
4:37 pm
that all these politicians care about is reelection. all they focus on is donors, and that sort of behavior. and we've got a country to save. a country that my firstborn and only son died for. and i'm not going to stand by and watch that happen. i'm going to fight to make sure the person gets in office who i believe can be an effective commander in chief and effective president of the united states of america. >> thank you i know every day is tough for you. especially tomorrow for you and his widow and children. i do hope you come back, you know, i know it's lame, but i do appreciate your son and i know everybody else does too. i know that's so inadequate. >> it's not inadequate. it's warm and tender and i certainly appreciate your words. thank you. thank you. and donald trump has said he'll be the best president the
4:38 pm
economy. he announced his team of economic advisors, one of them is here next. we're waiting for trump in green bay, wisconsin. will he endorse speaker paul ryan? the signs point to yes but you can never be sure. offers on our complete line of f sport performance vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event.
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what's in your wallet? just a few moments donald trump will be speaking. house speaker paul ryan is up for reelection. tonight trump is expected to endorse speaker ryan. with trump, you never know. trump released a list of his economic advisors one of them is the ceo of federal savings bang. he go he goes on the record. have you met with donald trump? >> we've met several times. of course he has a big speech on monday and he'll release his policies and talk about his vision for the economic turn around of this country. and i'm sure he'll do that very well. >> are you aware of what his program is, what the plan is? i'm not going to share everything that i know, that i
4:43 pm
know he is refining now and is going to share with the american public on monday. i can promise you it's a speech you won't want to miss. >> is he going to raise taxes on anyone? >> well, i can't imagine that that's in his plan. again, i wouldn't be able to give you any details about his plan. what i can do is share with you a little bit about the diversity and uniqueness of the team he's put together and why perhaps he chose someone like me who is not a wall street guy but a main street guy. >> there's a lot of -- when the list came out today there was a lot of twitter about the fact there was so many guys named steve on it. >> i know. that's a little bit unique and funny. look, i've worked 12 hours today. so i'm out there in the street, i'm a roll my sleeves up kind of guy. i look with every day americans and veterans objen issues like first time home buying and trying to loosen the chains to get cash flowing again to american homeowner. >> we have an enormous debt in
4:44 pm
this nation. that's why i asked you whether or not he plans to raise taxes. how is he going to reduce the debt? you say you can't reveal the program, what would you tell him to do about reducing the enormous debt if raising taxes isn't one of the things? >> sure. well, i won't speak to any of his individual policies he hopes to announce. i will share one of the best ways to help in that situation is raise revenues, raising revenues by raising the income of the average american. creating more jobs. creating more opportunities for more jobs to be created. more revenue comes in, expenses can be paid. debt goes down it's simple. >> we'll be watching what happens. monday is the big speech, we'll be watching, maybe you can come back and we can talk about what he said. >> one shoutout to the gold star
4:45 pm
mothers. want a classy and articulate woman thank you to all the gold star mothers. >> the khan, family, too. >> absolutely, great hero. >> they're all heart broken and have done a lot for the nation. a huge sacrifice. thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. donald trump is just minutes away from speaking, you'll hear him live right here on fox. you don't know this yet but in fifteen hundred miles, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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well, just minutes donald trump is expected to endorse how's speaker paul ryan. trump could throw us a curveball. you never know. right now, one of america's most well-known symbols is being blasted as racist by a postal worker. you've seen the famous don't tread on me flag. why did me think it's racist,
4:50 pm
allen west goes on the record. >> is that symbol don't tread on me on the flag, is that racist? >> well, i just will let you know that when you walk into my home in dallas, texas you'll see the gadsden flag. i have a tee shirt that has the gadsden flag. this is part of our history, this is part of the patriots that stood up a simple message, don't tread on me. >> a postal worker thought it was racist. he filed a complaint and it was dismissed and it was appealed to the eeoc. they say let's do an investigation. this is where we are. now we're having an investigation on this. >> the eeoc should not be getting involved in something as this. they should have dismissed it as
4:51 pm
trivial and as of no consequence. but once again, this is the ideology of political correctness. this is the ideology of people who want to have their little safe spaces. this comes from an administration, greta, that can't even name the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization, yet they want to question one of the iconic and historic flags. as a matter of fact, the united states navy used to fly that don't tread on my flag. >> well, what the eeoc is saying is they're not doing an investigation. they're saying that post office should have -- they have sent the down to the post office to investigate. they didn't just throw it out. the eeoc didn't throw it out. they are in many ways encouraging an investigation, saying there has to be one on this. >> what i find interesting is this is one of those friday stories that i really believe the eeoc was trying to sneak past, but once you have people such as yourself and other news media that caught attention of this, they question them on it, and now they're trying to back
4:52 pm
away from it. >> this whole political correctness thing, look, i'm all for good manners and i'm all for being nice to people, but sometimes i just don't get them. this one i don't get. >> well, absolutely not. and there are people out there, i'm sure there are a lot of police officers who really are offended by a black lives matter t-shirt, but you don't see them going out and complaining, do you? >> kernel west, always nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> and former homicide detective ted williams and katie fang. ted, i'm going to go first to you. is this racist? >> i can't say at this stang whether it's racist or not. i think the eeoc is doing the right thing. they're going to do an investigation. >> you think there should be an investigation? >> i absolutely believe there should be an investigation. and the rationale behind that is unfortunately, there are groups out there that will use something legitimate like the gaston flag for illegitimate
4:53 pm
purposes. if someone is using it in the workplace illegally, i think they have a right to do an investigation. >> hao says it's racist and harassment. someone who was wearing it on a hat. >> again, that's a reason for an investigation. >> so assume they find out a guy wore a hat with that symbol on it in the workplace, is that racist? >> absolutely not. not in and of itself. >> katie, your thoughts. >> i just can't. i just can't. this is ridiculous. you cannot impute racism to an otherwise nonracist symbol. it was a colonial symbol of the american spirit. it was imbued with the american revolutionary ideals of our 13 colonies. i am tired of the hypersensitivity and the idea that because something exists in and of itself, that it lives in some type of space in our world that makes it a racist situation. if you look at the specific facts of the complainant, the person who wore, the co worker who wore the hat, he didn't say
4:54 pm
anything racist. he didn't do anything racist. he wore a hat. so i think this is getting escalated -- it's escalating to a point where it's creating a slippery slope problem we read about in the law and it's going to create that precedent we all have to live by in private workplaces. >> and to the extent they chase down this topic means they're not chasing down, not spending time investigating other legitimate complaints and everything. it's ten seconds. >> i don't disagree. i think they should investigate everything, but there are white supremacist groups out there that will use this for their advantage. >> isn't that something different? don't they look at the symbol by itself. people use the flag and do terrible things with it. >> i wish we could, but i remember black people in the confederate flag and that has been offensive to us. >> i think the confederate flag is offensive. i agree you on that one. that's got a history associated with it. >> we don't know the history here. we have to take a look at it, and they're doing the right
4:55 pm
thing. >> now i'm getting katie's last word. you can respond to him. >> no, you can look into the history of this flag. it does not have a racist, you know, origins. and ultimately, i agree, the eeoc will do its investigation. let's do one that's fair and impartial and balanced. let's make sure it has the right ideals behind it. >> all right, i say let's make it swift and not drag it out. that would be a good idea. to me, ted, the confederate flag is different. thank you. coming up, well, we're told trump will endorse speaker paul ryan, but trump has crazed ryan's opponent. stay tune.
4:56 pm
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will step up to the microphone in green bay, wisconsin, and mike pence just came out on the stage, and there is big news tonight. trump is expected to endorse house speaker paul ryan in his re-election bid. the primary is on tuesday. as you viewers all know, donald trump, he's unpredictable.
5:00 pm
he's praised ryan's primary opponent, so who knows. make sure you stay tuned. see you again monday night, 7:00 p.m. eastern. a live "the o'reilly factor" is next, and go to my facebook page. i have a special off the record there. facebook page. good night. we begin with a fox news alert. you're looking live at republican vice presidential nominee mike pence teeing up donald trump at a rally in green bay, wisconsin, where any minute the presidential candidate is expected to take the stage and announce he's endorsing paul ryan. this comes just days after trump shook up the gop establishment by refusing to endorse the speaker in his upcoming primary bid. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. we kick off this edition of the factor with fox news senior national correspondent john roberts who is at the trump rally in green bay for more. john, we expect about ten minutes or so with pence, and then trump comes up to make his big


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