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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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he's praised ryan's primary opponent, so who knows. make sure you stay tuned. see you again monday night, 7:00 p.m. eastern. a live "the o'reilly factor" is next, and go to my facebook page. i have a special off the record there. facebook page. good night. we begin with a fox news alert. you're looking live at republican vice presidential nominee mike pence teeing up donald trump at a rally in green bay, wisconsin, where any minute the presidential candidate is expected to take the stage and announce he's endorsing paul ryan. this comes just days after trump shook up the gop establishment by refusing to endorse the speaker in his upcoming primary bid. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. we kick off this edition of the factor with fox news senior national correspondent john roberts who is at the trump rally in green bay for more. john, we expect about ten minutes or so with pence, and then trump comes up to make his big endorsement.
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>> that's correct. so it should be if you're looking at your clock on eastern time, about 8:08 or 8:09 he should come out. mike pence warmed up the crowd for him in des moines, iowa, just a short time ago as well. now here in green bay, wisconsin, where of course, speaker paul ryan has a primary in the republican side this coming week. a primary that donald trump was hedging his bets on endorsing him in. and this was because of an interview he did with the "washington post" on tuesday in sterling, virginia. he was asked about speaker ryan, and what a lot of republican officials think was just attempt to be cute, he said, well, i'm just not there yet. remember, that was language paul ryan used earlier this year when ask eed if he would endorse tru or not. the problem is, being cuke or not, telling a joke when you're the republican nominee, your words, according to republican officials i talked to, carry a lot more weight, a lot more meaning when you're a competitor. this creating a firestorm and a lot of headlines over the fact
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donald trump wasn't endorsing paul ryan. republican leaders and close add visors to donald trump leaned on him to say if this has become a problem, you have to fix it. tonight, he's going to come out. i talked to the campaign about an hour ago. they're still on track to have this endorsement of paul ryan even though the ryan campaign wasn't looking for it, the republican national campaign wasn't looking for it, but i tell you, everybody is onboard. look at the e-mail or listen to the e-mail i got from paul nealon, who is paul ryan's challenger for the seat there in the house, who put out a release a little while ago. this is a guy, by the way, who supports donald trump, was very nice to donald trump. and which is why trump also was saying he didn't necessarily want to endorse ryan at the beginning. he says, quote, giving his stature at our party's nominee, mr. trump's decision to support the republican speaker is appropriate and is a display of true leadership. but listen to what he goes on to say, quote, mr. trump's early refusal to endorse ryan sent a
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signal to wisconsin voters ryan is not his preferred candidate in the race. politics still at play even though he's giving his blessing to donald trump endorsing ryan. >> before i bring a panel in, give us a sense of the size of the room, the crowd. how nmany people? >> typical for one of his convention center appearances. probably between 3,000 and 5,000 people. i'm horrible at estimating crowds. but rooms this big, it's usually been 3,000 to 5,000 people. you can typically tell, too, by the amount of noise that comes out of people's mouths when they're cheering on donald trump. i would say between 3,000 and 5,000 here tonight, which is a good crowd for green bay on a friday night. >> we also want to bring in our panel, juan williams, rick is in palm springs, and lisa booth is in d.c. now, when we talk about this earlier on "the five" what do you think? this is a big event, right inthis is big for paul ryan but
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also big for donald trump. >> much bigger for donald trump. it's so interesting to me that this race is not close. when you think about paul ryan versus paul nealon, paul nealon is trailing by more than 50 points. so just for everyone watching tonight, you think, well, maybe this is a close race. maybe the trump endorsement is going to swing this for paul ryan. in fact, nealon is not even close. this was a finger in the eye from donald trump to paul ryan even the language he used, i'm just not there yet, is mocking language because it was the same language ryan used when he said he was not ready to endorse trump. this is donald trump versus the republican establishment saying like eric cantor who lost in virginia, like john boehner who was forced out, maybe paul ryan, it's time for you to be forced out and i have the power as the party nominee, but apparently, given all the other troubles that are afflicting donald trump at the moment, he got the message from his campaign, hey,
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this is not good. we're losing republican support behind your behavior. >> lisa, do you think this has to do with donald trump seeing his poll ratings slipping? there was another poll released this afternoon, it showed it tighter, but his numbers had been slipping. is this donald trump saying, hey, i better bring the establishment people back in? >> i hope so. i do think that's what is happening right now. look, he's arguably had a tough couple weeks. i think this is sort of a show of a reset on behalf of his campaign, and himself as a candidate. look, it's called a base for a reason. he needs those republican voters as a starting point and then to build from there. endorsing paul ryan, showing that good faith effort is a positive step for his campaign. you also look at, eric, he has an economic speech on monday. that's also another great opportunity for donald trump to try to reset the narrative, focus on the economy, that's the number one issue to voters. an issue he has been leading on in the polls consistently, and it's also a huge weakness for the obama administration and
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hillary clinton as an extension of that administration. these are two good opportunities for him to try to reset the narrative and regain control. >> rick, look, the rnc, the convention a couple weeks ago, the heavy hitters, some of the big heavy hitters in the republican establishment didn't even show up. is this enough of an olive branch to bring them back into the fold? >> you know, it's not so much an olive branch to the d.c. establishment types, the politician types. but i do think that it is an olive branch to the traditional republican voter outside of d.c. look, the fact of the matter is donald trump won this nomination by attacking and bashing traditional politicians, both on the left and the right. by attacking washington, d.c. and yet, when you look across the spectrum of who didn't show up at the convention, who all the big personalities, all the big politicians who were very upset about trump winning.
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paul ryan is still the one establishment that now donald trump is going to endorse. i think that says a monumental things about paul ryan. paul ryan is standing outside of the establishment, even though he is the speaker of the house, and he's one of the few establishment types that is getting trump's endorsement. so i think it's a signal that paul ryan is the future of this party. he's young. he's very good. he's conservative. and trump is recognizing that the rank and file republicans want to get behind someone like paul ryan. they don't think of him as the dirty long establishment type that we should avoid. >> john, i'm listening to this crowd cheer. they seem pretty jazzed, pretty pumped up. any different than a regular pence/trump rally? >> no, we were at a rally at a big arena in jacksonville the other night, and the crowd was off the hook. these are crowds you typically don't see until october.
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you're seeing them here now at the beginning of august. we have been in general elocation mode here for a long time. but you know, with all due respect to your esteemed colleagued and the analysis they were giving, this endorsement likely would not have happened if donald trump had not said what he said the other day in that "washington post" interview. again, the ryan campaign was not asking for an endorsement or looking for one. the republican national committee was not looking for an endorsement or asking for one. it only became an issue when trump came out and said he's hedging his bets. i'm not there yet, with this ryan endorsement. that became a headline, and it was one that republican leaders said, you made a real mess here. you have to, as the leader of this party, take responsibility for that and clean it up. and that's a very strong message that they sent to him. so tonight, eric, and maybe with the coverage we have been giving donald trump having second thoughts, i doubt it, but people i talk to say we won't believe it until it comes out of his
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mouth. here's another thing. i talked to trump supporters all across the country. it used to be he could say whatever he wants and we don't care. more and more, people i talk to say we love this guy, we want him to be the president, but he's got to stay on message. he's got to stop going off on these tangential outbursts getting him in trouble and potentially taking the white house away from him. there's a lot of support, believe me, across the country from republican leaders and from his own constituents to get back on message and drive those points home. >> it looked like he started to earlier, as we pointed out, i believe in iowa when he started. he focused that attack back on hillary clinton. one, but this, now, if he gives an interview to the "washington post" and says i'm not there yet, knowing he can get back there by the -- by ryan's primary election, it doesn't hurt him at all, does it? it's a freebie. it's on tv quite a bit. look, probably every network is watching this right now. and it didn't cost him a dime, didn't cost him anything. i don't think it cost him any
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points. >> it might cost him points. that would be m point, that this is really evidence of a republican fracture. so you have this feuding in trump party feuding, and what we see in the polls as the polls have not been good for donald trump this week. a lot of republicans just not buying in. so more democrats buying in to hillary clinton, helping to push her numbers up. fewer republicans buying in to donald trump, some buying off. and i think part of it is, look, he's not standing for the republican brand. obviously, he has huge policy differences with traditional republicans on everything from trade to immigration. but the big issue here is hey, wait a second, you have to back our leadership. you can't just stand apart from the party. >> let me cut you off. we're going to take donald trump entering the stage. he's expected to endorse paul ryan after a few days ago where he said he wasn't quite there yet. apparently, he's getting there. and as he's getting to the
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podium, i'm sure he's going to be there. donald trump. >> so how good is he? how good is he? special. special. he's a special man, a special person. and he's become -- there's a lot of people here. whoa. hello, everybody. your football team is going to have a great year. i watch. i watch. you got the quarterback, the whole deal. i think it's going to be a very good year. and if you get into that super bowl, i'll be going. all right? so you know, i wrote something down before, and i think it's important. because -- i love you, too.
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because we need unity. we have to win this election. this is truly one of the most important elections, certainly in my lifetime. because we're about to go, we lose it, we're in the wrong direction, and maybe it's gone. supreme court justices, always remember that. but so many different levels. and when you see what happened with crooked hillary today, it was a disaster. a disaster. she had a disaster. she lies, folks. she lies. badly. so i want -- i wrote this out. i wanted to say it to this group. you know, i had a really great time when i was in wisconsin. and i didn't quite eke it out, i thought i was going to, but after that, it worked out well. you built me up. you taught me about politics. and when i left here, i said, i think i have learned a lot. so i love it.
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i love the people. i have many friends in wisconsin. and they're incredible people. you're incredible people, i have to tell you that. and we're going to have a lot of fun. we're going to have a lot of fun. this campaign is not about me or any one candidate. it's about america. it's time for a change. we need a change. a real change, not an obama change. remember obama change? we don't need an obama change. we've had enough. it's time to change a rigged political system that works only for the insiders, and to replace it with a government that serves the people. have to do it. and i know both sides. i have been on the other side,
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believe me. i actually like this side better. this is a movement. this is a movement like they maybe have never seen in this country, according to even the political pundits that truly hate me, okay. this is a movement that some say, most say is one of the great phenomenas they have ever seen in politics. some say it's the single greatest phenomenon. though the media doesn't want to talk about it, we've done something -- we, all of us together -- i'm a messenger, only a mesch sengemessenger. we have done something truly historic together. standing before you as nominee for president, and i am not a politician, proudly.
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i'm not part of the system. i ran against the system, and i'm probably better off running against the system. i ran against the donors. i'm my own donor, essentially. i have a lot of money in this deal. this is a very expensive process, i want to tell you. i funded, as you know, i funded the primaries. and now i'm in for over $60 million. and i'm largely funding my campaign as we go forward. in addition to that -- in addition to that, we have raised tremendous amounts of money and much of it from small donors, $61. $61. as a republican, that doesn't happen. it happens because of what you're seeing in front of you today. and if you remember just prior to june, they did a story,
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donald trump hasn't really done too well with fund-raising. that's because i didn't know if i was getting the nomination. i'm not going to raise funds. i would have had enough if i didn't make it. i would have said bye-bye politics. but i wanted to make sure. so i got it, and then i started raising money. for the republican party, and we raised a lot of money. we started really on june 14th, flag day, my birthday. my birthday. and in june, we raised approximately, think of this, $51 million. can you imagine? and those people couldn't believe it. they were really surprised. big headlines. you know, because they don't give me too many good headlines. i can do the greatest things. i do things i think are fantastic. i say, good, there's no way they can cover it badly.
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and they cover it badly. i gentry tell a woman that i love her baby, and let the baby cry, it's okay. as the baby that had a voice that was superior to pavarotti continued to cry, remember, i told her to stay. don't worry about it. after about three or four minutes and i'm trying to speak, and it was in had this massive,. filled up a stadium. and the baby is screaming. so i said, ma'am, i would like to reverse my order. perhaps you can nicely take the baby out. your baby is crying. i did it so nicely. she was happy. even the baby was happy. stopped crying. and maybe you could take the baby out. would that be possible? the whole place is cracking up. the next day in the newspaper, it said trump throws baby out of arena. terrible. now, they're very dishonest. that was the tough one, and i
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just had a reporter come up to me. backstage, a reporter comes up. mr. trump, sir, but why did you throw that baby out of the arena? i said i was having fun. i was so nice, i was so nice. everybody likes me. the baby liked me, the mother liked me. we had a good time. i tried to keep the baby in, but the baby was such -- had such a powerful voice. in fact, i want to find out who that baby is, because i want to sponsor the baby. and that baby will sing some day. in fill harmonica. new york city. so i'm not part of the system. i ran against the system. i ran against the donors because i'm largely my own donor. i'm running against myself. that's sort of -- never thought of it that way. and against the status quo and the status quo we have to get
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rid of because it's not working, folks. the country is a mess. and that's why i put up a lot of money. but while the democrats nominated the candidate of special interests, and really a candidate of total krupshz, i mean, you take a look at what she's doing, the republicans made history by choosing a nominee from outside of this very, very corrupt system. it is a corrupt system. it's a corrupt system. you want something done, they can do it for you. and that's not necessarily, and usually it isn't, good for the country. that's why we're going to be able to deliver real change and real safety and real opportunity to all americans. we have to unite. remember that. everything i have accomplished i have done by putting together a really fantastic team.
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including, of course, governor mike pence of indiana, who has done an incredible job. done an incredible job. my wonderful staff of people that really love what we're doing and they're working so hard. my family, my friends, and it's expanding all the time. but i need a republican senate and a house to accomplish all of the changing that we have to make. we have to make them. right? i understand and embrace the wisdom of ronald reagan's big tent within the party. big, big tent. remember? ronald reagan, great man. great guy. remember, he included reagan democrats and independents and
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republicans. a lot of people. we're going to have the same thing. there are a lot of democrats perhaps in this room. are there a lot of democrats in the room? raise your hands. i mean, i don't think we need too many, to be honest with you. so i embrace the wisdom that my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. ronald reagan. stated by ronald reagan. pretty good. we will be the big tent party. we're going to have a lot of bernie sanders people coming in because of trade. because bernie sanders knew we were being ripped off by trade. trade is a disaster with china, with japan, with mexico. with vietnam, with so many countries, with every country. every country. we don't win at any level with
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anything. and as a unified party, we will lead our country to unity as well. very important. we need the unity. we have to win this election. well, we have to win it. have to win it. otherwise, our big movement was not as big as we thought. and that's not good. that's why november 8th, you've got to get everybody you know, and you know, all those voter i.d., nowadays, a lot of places aren't going to have voter i.d. what does that mean? what does that mean? you keep walking in and voting? so you have to be very careful, very vigilant. you have to be careful. but we will have disagreements. but we will disagree as friends and never stop working together toward victory.
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and very importantly, toward real change. so in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. paul ryan. good man. he's a good man and he's a good guy. and we may disagree on a couple of things, but mostly we agree, and we're going to get it done and do a lot of wonderful things. he's a good man. and while i'm at it, i hold in the highest esteem senator john
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mccain. for his service to our country in uniform and in public office, and i fully support and endorse his re-election. very important. we'll work together. i also fully support and endorse senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. a state i truly love, primarily because that was my first victory, but i love new hampshire. i love new hampshire. one of the most beautiful places. she's a rising star and will continue to represent the great people of new hampshire so very well for a long, long time. senator kelly ayotte.
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working hand in hand, we will grow our majority in the house and in the senate. we need that. we gotta get things done. arm in arm, we will rescue the nation from the obama/clinton disaster, which is exactly what it is. that has bled our country dry and spread terrorism unabated across the world. that's what's happening. you saw just now, maps came out yesterday. they said, isis is far bigger. it's all over the place. it's all over the place. we're going to get rid of it, folks. our military is depleted. we're going to build up our military. we're going to get others with us.
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believe me, we're going to get plenty of others with us. and speaking of others, wouldn't it actually be wonderful if we could get along with russia? wouldn't that be nice? they talk so big and so brave and so tough. they're the tough ones. hillary is real tough. give me a break. wouldn't that be great? we get along with russia, we go out together with others and we knock the hell out of isis. wouldn't that be great? together, we will lead our country back to prosperity, security, and peace. okay? when you look at the world and what's happened, so we have the queen of corruption. she's the queen of corruption. she's a disaster. i said before, if crooked
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hillary clinton becomes president, terrorism will destroy the inner workings of our country. believe me. they are loving it. she wants to have 550% more people coming in from syria and that region. into our nation. and we don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from, really. we don't know if they're isis. some will be. and look at the damage that's done in san bernardino with a couple, probably he became radicalized by her. a couple. and these were friends of theirs. these were people that gave a party in celebration of the birth of their child. and they were gunned down. 14 people killed. many, many injured. take a look at orlando.
5:28 pm
take a look at orlando. how disgusting that was. take a look at the world trade center. and so many other places. go to the probably toughest gun laws anywhere in the world. go to paris, and take a look at that. 130 people gunned down. you know, if people had guns on the other side, where the bullets are flying in the other direction, like you, sir. you, sir. you and you, ma'am. first of all, if they knew guns were in the room, they probably wouldn't have gone there. there were no guns. just sitting ducks. 130 people. in san bernardino, you had 14 people. but in paris, just like this, boom, get over here. boom. get over here, boom.
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130 people, with many still in the hospital. many so gravely wounded it's horrible. and if they had bullets flying in the other direction, maybe they wouldn't have shown up, and if they did, i'll tell you what. you wouldn't have had that kind of carn blg. you would have had people lying on the other side of the floor instead. so hillary clinton wants to do major damage, as you know, to our second amendment. hillary clinton wants to put jud judges -- she wants to put justices of the supreme court, she's going to make them nice and liberal. wait until you see what that does to your rights. wait until you see what that does to your second amendment. you will not recognize it. you will not recognize it. national rifle association, nra, endorsed me. they're great people. wayne, great people. chris, they love this country.
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they endorsed me very early. and it's really -- it's really an honor. i tell you what, they're phenomenal people when you get to know them. they love the country. you know, they love the country. tay take a lot of heat, but they love the country, i'll tell you that right now. and i heard mike, governor pence, talking about 1.2% growth. 1.2% growth. the lowest in memory, i guess, since the 1940s, when you think of it, the lowest. so a lot of differences between all of us. but i thought i would mention, because i have known hillary clinton over the years. i have known her. and she makes statements. yeah. she makes statements, and you know, they're statements coming right out of a playbook. let's see, we can't get him for this, can't get him for this. i always heard i have the best temperament. i have a temperament to win. we have to win, gotta win.
5:31 pm
gotta win. she said, not so long ago, i don't like donald trump's tone. now, she's reading it off teleprompters always. i don't like donald trump's tone. and i said, you know, we need a tough tone today. we have people -- we need a kind tone. we need a tough tone, though. we have people being beheaded all over the middle east and other places. we have crime that's rampant. we have people in the middle east being drowned in steel cages. this is like medieval times, and she's worried about my town. she's worried about my tone. so they chop off heads, and they drown people, and they bury people in sand, and then they ask me, mr. trump, at one of the debates, which they say i won,
5:32 pm
which i'm very happy about. mr. trump, sir, how do you feel about water boarding? i'm saying, chop off heads, drown people, bury them in sand. i say i'm absolutely okay with it, let me tell you. >> there's donald trump, who made the endorsement, the highly anticipated endorsement of speaker paul ryan. but he also went further on to endorse senator john mccain and senator ayotte. so we're going to take a very quick break. guys, our panel will stay with us. john will stay with us. we'll take a quick break with much more analysis right after this. >> and they say water boarding. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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and my results ended up beinge african, european and asian. it was great because it confirmed what i
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knew in my gut with a little surprise. ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. we continue now with breaking news. kt dt just announcing his support of house speaker paul ryan and senators mccain and ayotte. rejoining us from green bay, fox news senior correspondent john roberts who has been covering the trump campaign along with my colleague from the five, juan williams, rick in palm springs, and lisa booth in d.c. john, to you, donald trump opened this endorsement up by talking to the crowd about their hometown football team. a couple moments i'm laughing, he said even the baby was happy when donald trump had the baby removed from one of his speeches. he got a big round of applause when he endorsed ryan, mccain, and ayotte. but a big also round of applause when he said we're going to knock the hell out of isis with russia's support. and now he's still talking.
5:37 pm
he's almost 30 minutes in. >> yeah, and he'll probably go for around 30 minutes as well. this is a different donald trump than we have seen all the way along this campaign trail. and i think that a lot of republicans are looking at this guy, saying where was he a month ago. listen to what he said at the very beginning. he said this is not about me or any one candidate. it's about america. he was reading from notes to really stay on message. he said we have done something, all of us together, i'm just a messenger. he said i need a republican senate and house to accomplish all of the changes i have to make. i embrace ronald reagan's big tent that your 80% friend is not your 20% enemy. we have to win this election, otherwise our big movement was not as big as we thought. we will have disagreements, but we will disagree as friends, and never stop working toward victory, and more importantly, real change. that's what he endorsed not only ryan but john mccain, who he said he really wasn't with just earlier this week because he
5:38 pm
didn't think he's done a good job for vets and he also endorsed kelly ayotte from new hampshire for her re-election. this is a guy who is now tonight become the leader of the republican party on a different level than he's been so far. he sees this idea of the big tent. he sees this idea that republicans have to be together if they hope to win the election, and i think all that talk that he engaged in weeks ago, eric, where he said maybe i'll go it alone, that's all gone now. he's the leader of the republican party. he's embracing the big tent principles. talking about the people he wants to see work with him should he become president. this is a different guy tonight. >> sure. lisa, let's talk to you about some of the things he brought out, some of the lines. he said it's time for a change. the system is a rigged political system. he also talked about it's a movement behind him. he, as john roberts points out, he invoked ronald reagan's name a couple times, then he got into what many people feel where he
5:39 pm
should be focusing his attack on hillary. i think he brought out a new line, a new name. the queen of corruption. that's the first time i heard that, i think. >> i like it, because she sure is the queen of corruption. and look, we do need an on message donald trump to win this election. and also, united republican party to win this election. he needs the republican party not just endorsements of leaders of the republican party but also as a utility, he needs their help as a built in campaign infrastructure. he needs those on-ground staffers, the political team, the communications team to help win this election. another thing that people aren't really talking about is hillary clinton has already spend about $270 million collectively with her super pac in paid advertising so far. that's an area that donald trump really needs to turn to, his paid messaging to get his narrative out because we have seen the media is drastically biased against donald trump. that's a clear cut way for him to reach voters. to get his message out under his terms and not dependent on the earned media, and you know,
5:40 pm
"washington post" and entities like that. >> rick, one of the other things he talk ed, he hit a lot of republican talking points, but he spent some time on the gun debate. fairly substantial amount of time on the gun debate, pro-second amendment, pro-nra, what not. did he -- is he bringing people in? is he just checking the boxes of all the talking points? all the, you know, typical conservative values? >> look, i think that he's got a very difficult path here, that donald trump is the outsider. has to hold that base of support of people who are really tired of washington, d.c. but at the same time, you've got all us pundits who are kind of d.c. and washington, d.c. centric, and we don't get it. we're not in touch with the actual people. whatnot people are saying and you don't have to endorse these old, tired ideas and old, tired politicians in order to get the rank and file, and what i think
5:41 pm
donald trump is doing, he's picking and choosing. he's deciding who is with him and who has this largest message of being for the people, and he's not trying to just say to every republican politician, you're part of the future, but i think the reality is today, because of his poll numbers going down, he's realizing that some of these senators who are in fights, who are more kind of with the people right now, who have an election in november, they need his support. he needs theirs. and he needs to look like he's leading a party. so it could be a marriage of convenience for a short period of time in order to win elections, but i think trump is picking and choosing what works with the people, not so much washington, d.c. that's classic trump. >> juan, i have about 30 seconds. we expected him to endorse paul ryan. the senator mccain endorsement and the kelly ayotte endorsement were kind of a surprise. he had quite a history with mccain. you think mccain was surprised, too? >> the whole thing came across
5:42 pm
as so reluctant, eric. i think this is like richie rich got his hand smacked and his parents said go upstairs, you're not having dinner until you apologize. he couldn't even stay on the script. he couldn't even say, hey, i endorse paul ryan. he has to talk about party unity and then the baby that was crying. he goes on and on with the new name, the queen of corruption. it seems so reluctant. that's why the guy he didn't endorse, he said you know his preferred candidate. >> he said that to save face, though. >> i have to go. up next on this special edition of "the o'reilly factor," hillary clinton tries once again to explain away her e-mail scandal and her controversial interview about it with chris wallace of fox news sunday. chris will be here to join us with some notes and analysis. stay tuned.
5:43 pm
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thanks for staying with us on this special edition of "the o'reilly factor." i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. if you're just joining us, you're looking at a live picture of a donald trump rally in green bay, wisconsin, where earlier today, he endorsed paul ryan in his re-election bid.
5:47 pm
the endorsement is a big deal because it comes days after donald trump told the "washington post" he was, quote, not quite there yet. meantime in our election 2016 segment, hillary clinton finally took questions from reporters at a conference for black and latino journalists today. she was asked about her interview last week with fox news sunday's chris wallace and her insistence that she did not send classified e-mails and that she's always been truthful. i spoke with chris wallace just a short time ago and got his response to this comment from secretary clinton. >> director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. and i have said during the interview and in many other occasions over the past months that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited, and for that, i will try to clarify because i think chris
5:48 pm
wallace and i were probably talking past each other. >> chris, i watched the interview, i watched that today. i'm shaking my head still. do you accept this explanation that, quote, i may have short circuited? i dwesz she was referring to the answer she gave you. >> no, this new answer, and it is a new answer, is positive ly clintonian. i asked her about the fact she had made certain representations about her e-mails to the american people, and comey directly contradicted that. she said, no, comey said what she told the american people was the truth w but he didn't. we remember in the congressional hearing, trey gowdy asked, clinton said there was no classified material, is that true? coma said, no, that's not true. gowdy asked, clinton said that there was no material marked classified. is that true? comey said that wasn't true. she had to walk that back. what she's saying now, and it's different than what she said on sunday, comey says what i told the fbi was true. and we don't know if it was true
5:49 pm
or not because we don't know what she told the fbi, but comey did say it was true. but as for the assertion that what she told the fbi is the same thing she told the american people, instead of quoting comey now, she's quoting herself. she's basically doing it on her own story. >> you're being nice. you said she told you something. she's saying something different now than she told you on sunday. you call that clintonian. a lot of us, including me, might say that's lying. >> well, i'll leave that to you. i would call it clintonian. i think it's kind of parsing words, but clearly, on sunday, she made it sound like comey had given her the good housekeeping seal of approval. he didn't. today, in effect, what she's saying is i give myself the good housekeeping seal of approval. >> okay, let's move on to another story in the news, the $400 million what some are calling ransom paid to iran for hostages. how do you think this plays out? does it go away, does it continue to become a story going into the election?
5:50 pm
is it too far off? >> well, it's not only that it's too far off. it's also that there is no real connection to hillary clinton. i mean, it stinks. you know, you can call it ransom, you can say, well, it was part of a deal. it was part of a deal, but the fact the money was delivered, and it was cash that was delivered, and in unmarked plane the same day the four hostages were released, and according to one of the hostages, they weren't released until the money arrived, it sure soinunds like ransom, but the clinton defense is, look, this happened a couple years after she left the state department. she had nothing to do with the plane or the arrangement. i'm not sure, although it doesn't sound good and trump is going to try to portray it as the obama/clinton iran deal. >> they're eating our lunch. >> well, i understand that. and you can certainly attack her, criticize her for the iran deal, but i'm not sure you can
5:51 pm
criticize her for this specific payment because i'm not sure you can say her fingerprints are on this. >> you can say which candidate if you're an independent voter trying to figure out who to vote for, who will be tougher on iran if you think iran is going to be a threat to you, an inherent threat going forward. >> that's a different issue, but i think it's an absolutely fair question. here's the point, and this is why so many people are frustrated with donald trump over the last few weeks. there are a lot of cases he could make against hillary clinton, whether it's on iran, whether it's on the economy, whether it's on trade. whether it's on the e-mails, on and on and on, but instead, donald trump keeps making it about himself. and you know, russia's involvement in american election or the gold star families or whether or not to endorse paul ryan. if he could stop talking about himself and his own pride and go after hillary clinton, i think he would be in better shape. >> chris, who do you have on the show this weekend? >> we're going to have a debate about this race, about the
5:52 pm
issues, the race, and the state of trump's candidacy. newt gingrich, who was on the short list to be a running mate for trump, and hauvier becerra, who was on hillary clinton's short list, and we're going to drill down into the whole deal about the iran cash payment and hostage release. was it ransom? nobody has been more critical of it than arkansas senator tom cotton. we'll talk to him on sunday as well. >> great, chris wallace, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, eric. >> we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, thoughts from our panel on donald trump's extraordinary rally tonight.
5:53 pm
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biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. this is a fox news alert. if you're just joining us now, we want to bring you up to speed. just moments ago, donald trump announced he would endorse house speaker paul ryan in his re-election bid for congress. on tuesday, trump said he was on
5:55 pm
the fence about ryan endorsement and now it is done. so let's go back to my panel for their take. john, bring us up -- he's still talking, right if he's still talking? >> reporter: and he'll probably go for another 15 minutes or so. he's not anywhere near the wrap-up yet. i told you the last time i was on this is a different guy tonight. i'm getting a little blow back on that on twitter. he's got the same toughness, the same no b.s. but his tone in terms of the paefr party, in terms of unity, in terms of he sees the big picture is very different. don't forget i see him at events across the country day in and day out, and his tone when it comes to those particular aspects of the campaign is completely different. he said arm in arm, we will rescue the country from the obama/clinton disaster, talking about the senate, talking about the house, talking about republican candidates across the country. then he said, i have the temperament to win, which is something that his followers
5:56 pm
believe in, but the temperament question has been one that he hasn't fully answered. i think casting it in those terms, i have the temperament to win, is something a lot of people are going to want to hear from him. reinforcing people who believe in him that he's going to focus on winning this election as opposed to trying to fight every battle that comes along from anybody who says anything not nice. >> juan, let me review. so he also surprised a lot of people by endorsing john mccain and kelly ayotte. we didn't see that coming. but maybe this is a new donald trump. maybe this is the big-tent donald trump that he talked about earlier with ronald reagan, referencing reagan. >> i don't buy it. you know what, this weekend is supposed to be the weekend when there was going to be an intervention by the likes of newt gingrich, the likes of paul ryan, the republican leadership to say, hey, donald trump, get back on message. go and attack hillary clinton. stop with the foolishness. stop attacking the khans. stop talking about this election is going to be fixed. well, donald trump, when he was up there tonight in green bay, he looked like richie rich who
5:57 pm
got his hand smacked. so he says, i'm going to be about unity. but do i believe it? no, i think he's still talking about crying babies and the russians. you know, he goes off and off. it's just very difficult for him, and i think that's why the real story tonight is an imploding republican party with a nominee that so many republicans can't support. >> imploding. i don't know. it looks like it's uniting. we're going to say good-bye to john roberts. he has other things he has to take care of right now. john, thank you very much. lisa, to you. what about it? is this the turning point? is this the back on message for trump and maybe unifying the establishment with his, as he calls it, his organic movement? >> i hope so. i think he needed to learn some tough lessons over these past couple weeks with some of these setbacks that he has faced. and to juan's point, it is way premature and actually dangerous for democrats to think they already have this election. we still have three months until the election. we still have debates. if you remember back for mitt
5:58 pm
romney, that first debate was a turning point for his campaign. there's still a lot of time. and as i mentioned before and i'm going to reiterate, donald trump really needs to go up with paid advertising into these swing states and battleground states because he needs to frame this election in his own terms because there are a lot of issues that americans have concerns with the fail economic policies of president obama and hillary clinton. they want change. they want a new direction, and he needs to put that in his terms through paid advertising. >> rick, i think it's very relevant that he endorsed john mccain tonight. he has a lot of history with john mccain going back to early when he had some issue, called him a loser, whatever it was, and then more recently mccain took a shot at donald trump. and now trump, within days, comes back and endorses him. maybe this is -- is this a kinder, gentler donald trump? >> well, i don't think it's a gentler donald trump. i think that he is a non-politician who really looks at the facts and, you know, learns. he's never going to please
5:59 pm
people like juan williams. he's never going to plead pundits. and i would argue that if he does start pleasing pundits and he tries to play the traditional politician role that political reporters in d.c. want, he is going to lose. mitt romney tried to play that role, and mitt romney lost. we must have somebody who is of the people. let me tell you as a pundit who lived outside of washington, d.c. in new york, people are not paying attention yet, juan. people will pay attention when it gets closer to september, october, november. they love politicians who say that they are not going to be the typical politician, that they're going to bash d.c. they're going to change d.c. >> take a look at the polls all over the country. in the swing states. donald trump is falling fast. >> only recently. >> you know what, guys, we got 95 days and it really is a lot of fun. thank you so much. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching this
6:00 pm
o'reilly factor election 2016 special. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. big news breaking tonight on the campaign trail as donald trump comes out to endorse house speaker paul ryan. and surprisingly, he's not the only one who got the trump seal of approval. in a move that could signal a new phase in trump's run for the white house. welcome, everyone, to "the kelly file." special, the road to november. i'm trish regan, in for megyn kelly tonight. for months the relationship between the republican nominee and the nation's most powerful republican has appeared tenuous at best. but tonight, just days before speaker ryan's wisconsin primary, mr. trump traveled to ryan's home state to declare his support for the speaker. but in a shocking move, mr. trump also


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