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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 8, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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american i don't find this offensive at all. so keep your opinions flowing in on that one and we'll continue to share them. "fox & friends" starts right now. we hope that you have a great week. thanks for joining us. bye-bye. well, good monday morning to you and your family. august 8th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this. it is a fox news alert. it is a total nightmare for travelers all around the world this morning. delta is grounding all its flights this morning after suffering a complete system failure overnight. so what went wrong? we have the breaking developments in just a few moments. in other news, that guy right there, that scientist apparently turned spy exposed on hillary clinton's private e-mail server and he was just executed by the country of iran for treason. his connection to the clinton state department and what this means for our national security straight ahead. and when her father died ten
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years ago, this bride never thought he'd be with her on her wedding day, but the man who received his heart in a transplant walked her down the aisle on saturday. this morning, both of them join us live. we've got an amazing show for you. mornings are better with friends. >> the story is truly heartwarming. >> isn't that sweet? >> welcome back, ainsley. >> thank you so much. i missed you guys. >> we missed you. >> had a great vacation. nice to be back on the curvy couch. >> brian immediately left. it's great to have you. >> all right. a lot of people are traveling this week, right? >> i know. i flew delta yesterday. just in the nick of time. >> it's our favorite airline, and yet a total travel nightmare. delta flights all across the world grounded this morning and systems went down. seriously, thousands of people stranded all over the world. >> absoluty huntsman has been
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following this. she joins us with the latest information. >> if you're traveling today you want to hear this story. outrage across the world this morning as thousands of travelers are now stranded at airports with nowhere to go. delta airlines experiencing a total system outage causing incredibly long lines from london to los angeles. passengers on one airplane about to take off were forced to get off and return to the terminal. it's still not clear what caused the disaster or when flights are expected to get back on track. we want to tell you that flights already in the air are not affected. the airline using social media to stay in constant communication with frustrated passengers saying, hopefully it won't be much longer. there have also been reports of airline reporters checking november customers manually. check the status of your flight before heading to the airport. when this type of things happen, it's going to be a very long day
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for traveling anywhere in the world. >> abby, thank you very much. this happened to southwest in the last week or two. nkts right. >> i heard travel expert on the radio yesterday say white we all be so dependent on our smartphone for our boarding pass, print your ticket out at home so that when you show up at the airport you can say, here's my tickets, rather than, i've got nothing. >> your phone is dieing, you're almost there. >> you're like me trying to get everyone in your family packed, get all of your stuff and your gear together, i don't have time to print it at home. i wish i did. >> next time. >> the night before maybe. >> indeed. three minutes now before the top of the hour and we start the news, heather. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley, welcome back. pete, good morning. fox news alert to tell you right now. there is a desperate search for answers this morning after a horrific tragedy took place at the world's tallest water slide. it's a kansas city water park and it's now closed while
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investigators try to figure out what happened that led to the 10th of 10-year-old caleb schwab. it takes a 168 foot drop. at 65 miles per hour it has a history of safety concerns. it caused the park to delay its opening at least three times. that little boy is dead this morning following an accident there. san francisco police desperately searching for clues this morning after a college baseball star is dead this morning while playing pokemon go. they were playing the game at an aquatics park. the suspect silently walked up, shot him in the back and then ran away. the friend reported someone suspicious watching them from a distance pf this happened. police are now searching for witnesses who may have seen something. team u.s.a. now leading the olympics in rio with 12 gold medals.
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congratulations, team. but it wasn't all big wins for the united states. serena and venus williams losing their first round duo match to the czech republic. they enter unbeaten. in the meantime michael phelps wins his 19th olympic gold medal helping his team swim to victory. he'll try for his 20th gold medal in the butterfly. he has a new baby. >> social media sensation. >> you go to google and you put in olympics you can see how many medals we've won. total of 12 which is so cool. we're on top. >> michael phelps now has 19 gold medals. >> he has more gold medals than we've won so far this year as a country. >> so true. meanwhile, let's talk about the news of the day. it is not good. an iranian scientist who helped the united states of america, reportedly he worked for the cia. was paid $5 million. his name is charam amari.
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he was hanged on wednesday. what's curious about this. remember those e-mails that hillary clinton had on her unsecured e-mail server in her basement? >> yes. >> apparently there were e-mails about this guy and his situation on it. for instance, hillary rodham clinton's aide, roger star, wrote our friend has to be given a way out. our person won't be able to do anything anyway. if he has to leave, so be it. >> so you're saying that we should -- she's saying we should trust her, that she did the right thing, that she didn't break any laws or any rules and she didn't send any classified information but yet this guy that is found publicly in her e-mails is dead? >> that's right. senator tom cotton was on fox news sunday yesterday or, excuse me, a different show yesterday.
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asked about clinton's judgment. this is what senator cotton had to say. >> i'm not going to comment on what he may or may not have done for the you states government, but in the e-mails that were on hillary clinton's private server, there were conversations among her senior advisors about this gentleman. that goes to show just how reckless and careless her decisions was to put that kind of highly classified information on a private serer. >> that's exactly right, reckless and careless. we have people do things to keep us safe. even look at the e-mails. it's all coded language. they knew they were dealing with sensitive material. >> our friend. hello! >> just interesting, too, that all those e-mails were just released and the man in prison
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was set up for ten years who has a young son and he is killed immediately after that. >> we don't know if there's a connection. >> no. >> obviously because we're not on that side. >> right. >> but nonetheless, it's troubling and you're going to be hearing more about that. remember the pakistani doctor who helped bin laden, we endanger them and it's furious. >> the campaign season is heating up. a new ad that hillary clinton's campaign is releasing connecting donald trump to russia. jewel january a saj spoke out to a news agency over in russia connected with wikileaks as you know. he said he's seen all of her e-mails, he's read them. he said there are so many connections tied to russia. he says the truth will come out.
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>> there is a much deeper connection on record with hillary clinton and russia that we are presently aware of. hillary clinton has done quite well strategically to try to draw a connection between trump and russia because she has very many connections of her own. now my analysis of trump and russia is that tlsz no substantial tension. >> expecting more? >> yes. >> what's juicy about this is julian a song knows where he came from. the democrats have been saying it looks like russia leaked them because they're trying to help donald trump but julian assange says there's no evidence that russia was behind the hack of the dnc or anything like that. he says it's simply a diversion being pushed by the hillary
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rodham clinton situation. >> maybe a coverup. >> i think it's just to change the subject. hey, look, forget about the dnc he mail hack. a year ago julian assange had e-mails. we know the clinton foundation has been aiding russia. secret uranium deals. she got $500 million. >> exactly. he's got even more. this is what julian a sides wanted it. it was on fox news sunday between ngt, who is a republican. a xavier from california. thaerp talking about donald trump's wife. it looks like the democrats are trying to say that melania trump is in this country illegally.
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listen to this. >> first of all, we know that his wife had a green card before she met him. she came here -- >> how did she get the green card. >> she came here legally. >> how did xi get the green card? >> for work. and then she came and decided she wanted to stay and work. this is the only immigrant in america you're worried about. i i this it's amazing the one person you want to pick about -- >> it's interesting about how the immigrant barber -- >> he's not an immigrant barbs . she's the only illegal immigrant you guys are worried about. you'll their just start clapping. >> just like the dnc thing with russia. just another diversion because they've been talking about the
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news of the day, you're talking about, hey, is melania trump in this country legally? a couple of lead zwrurs and all of the tam democrats about sanctuary cities. we don't need to secure the border. we don't know how to get the wall. >> the families are killed at the hands. >> got to talk about melania's green cards. still a lot happening this morning and this straight ahead. after a nearly year-long wait, journalist the finally get the chance to question hillary clinton and you see the tough questions they ask. today you were endorsed by former cia director michael morale, do you agree with that? >> what is the most meaningful conversation you've had with an african-american.
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question hillary clinton in a press event but after the long wait did you see what questions these journalists asked? >> madam secretary, your poll numbers went way up this week and yet the e-mail controversy was still in the headlines so i want to give you the opportunity to respond. today you were endorsed by former cia director michael morell. he says donald trump can't be tested. >> what was the most meaningful conversation you had. >> i watched this live. here to discuss we have the weekly sanders/michael graham. let's start the discussion. it was the applause and cheering. somebody they're applauding. i don't get this.
3:18 am
you're supposed to be covering the news. >> she's their candidate. hello? >> even -- i mean, once you give applause, did you see the guy at the end throwing his underwear up on stage and asking him to sign it. i thought that was a little over the line. >> funny you should mention that, because guess what, we have the applause so the audience at home can see it. watch this. >> i had a 66% approval rating so ask yourselves -- [ applause ] >> they tried to expand my musical tastes. i'm going to respect the tone of friendship silence but thank you all very much. >> michael, yeah, you're shaking your head. go ahead. >> i love the fact that journalists pride themselves on we afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. has anyone ever been more self-afflicted and then so
3:19 am
comforted by the press. for example, the question of the questions were questionable. it's at a record low of deportations. the questions were based on false questions. and ann doesn't know the fact that she could answer these. tell us your first conversation with a black friend. >> rick, i lead close references. and i was thinking they would reference tutti. if you are going to get setup questions from preselected reporters, not a press conference, three sets of questions. >> two moderators ask questions and then three prescreened reporters. her first trucker entire of the menst.
3:20 am
if you would have been there, what's the one question you would have asked. >> i would ask her when you're asked direct questions that you can't give the honest answer? can it really be true that caught lying is worse than the truth behind it? my 13-year-old daughter asks the question, i'm not kidding, why does hillary clinton keep saying this stuff. i keep saying to her, well, the truth is so bad it's better to be caught lying. >> i wouldn't call it anything. >> not invited for the next nine press conferences. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you, michael. meanwhile, coming up on this monday morning, donald trump giving his latest endorsement two thumbs up. also see when her father died ten years ago, that bride right there, that he would be with her on his wedding day. the man who received his heart, he's the man joining us live
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it's 6:24. this is your wake-up call. you're watching "fox & friends." isis claiming responsibility for a machete attack in belgium that injured two police officers. officials now identifying the attacker as k.b. an algerian man with a long criminal record. the 33-year-old went on a knife rampage over the weekend outside of a police station south of brussels slashing two police
3:25 am
officers. japan's emperor delivered a special address to his country. emperor akito discussing his age and his concern over his health. many believe he could soon leave the thrown. ainsley? >> thank you, steve. when her dad died in 2006, that newlywed right there had no idea that he would be with her on her wedding day. thanks to an organ donation, jenny steppian's father's hard had a mon had had justen days to live. arthur thomas received the heart and he walked her down the aisle. jenny and tom join us to share the incredible story. good to see both of you this morning. jenny, congratulations. you're engaged.
3:26 am
first of all, how was it? did you have a great weekend? >> oh, my gosh, it was the most incredible weekend. the best day of my life. >> it sounds like it. how did you decide to reach out to tom whom you had never met before? >> we had known tom for almost ten years through letters and e-mails and phone calls and when we got engaged, i thought, who will walk me down the aisle. the first person i thought of was tom because he has my father's heart so with the encouragement of my iffiance i decided to write him a letter and ask him to be an attendant at our wedding and walk me down the aisle. >> tom, what was your reaction when you read that letter? >> i was stunned because it seems like the most perfect thing to have happen, but jeni thought of it, and i had not. of course i had not but when i read the letter i just sat
3:27 am
there. i remember thinking, i'm going to do this for sure, but when i called her i said, i'm not sure i can keep it together. >> jeni, when you saw each other and you put your hands over your dad's heart, what was your reaction? i think we have some video of that. oh, we're seeing your reaction right here. >> oh, yes. oh, my gosh. it was every emotion possible you know. you think about what that moment's going to be like and you think about it for days and weeks and months and then when it finally happens i just -- it was beating so strong and it just felt like my dad was right there with us watching over. >> well, jeni, i know he is with you and he was with you walking you down the aisle there. we want to know more about your dad. how could we -- we want to honor him this morning. if you could just share a little bit about him what he was like as a person. >> right. my dad was one of those people when he walked into the room, everybody looked.
3:28 am
he drew people to him. he was very charismatic. he knew someone everywhere we went. he was an incredible athlete. he actually tried out for the pittsburgh pirates back in the '70s. he was rejected but, yeah, he was very proud of his ball playing skills and he would help anybody in need. if there was a friend in need, my dad was the first one there. >> wow. >> yeah. >> tom, what would you like to say to him if he's listening? >> well, the thing about thinking about him is that i think ten years ago i was given this heart and while i was and my family were thrilled, i have always thought about the sacrifice that he and the family made for that to happen for me. and in those ten years that i was seeing my children, watching
3:29 am
them graduate from high school and college, his family was suffering the biggest loss that you've ever suffered. and, you know, in a world that's filled with selfishness and cruel at this, for this family in their darkest hour to make the decision to give life to a person they didn't even know was beyond understanding. so thank you doesn't come close, but being with his family, i would say to him that your family is wonderful and i met them and i've been with them a while and i would compliment him on just how wonderful his family is. >> that's beautiful. thank you both so much for joining us. jeni, i know 2006 was a tough year for your family when your
3:30 am
dad was murdered. >> thanks. >> but to hear from those of you, it's great to hear how great he was. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. god bless you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. does this picture right hero fend you? because apparently it is so traumatic it has to come down at a college campus. and donald trump set to unveil his tax plan today, so what will it mean for you and your pocketbook and for your family? there's our fox business panel. they're here next to wish dustin hoffman happy birthday. >> for me, my son, my entire family. for me now you've crossed the line, sir.
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host of making money, fox business doing it. >> oh, getting soaked in the middle. >> our new champion. >> oh, my goodness. >> get the man a mike. >> what a sport. look at this. >> oh, no. >> and he stuck the landing. we could not resist. charles, you were such a sport. >> the romanian judge only gave me an 8. >> i was worried about his shoes. >> michael phelps, your medals are safe, man. don't worry. >> a beautiful thing. in real time, a beautiful thing. >> charles and nicole, thank you all for joining us this morning. an amazing fox business panel here on "fox & friends." we'll try to keep you dry on this one. donald trump unveils his big economic plan he claims will create millions of new jobs for
3:35 am
americans. what would it mean for you? we're going to bring in this fantastic panel. fox business reporter and host of fbn a.m., and anthony petolini. give me the basics of this plan. >> listen, it's a three-part plan. the first one is going to be on talks. simplify the code both on the corporate and business level. second part will be on regulations. we'll reduce the regulatory constraints on our small and large businesses and the third piece will be about infrastructure. how we need to rebuild so many roads, bridges, things in the united states that have been under funded for many, many years. that's something donald trump will be very, very good at given his development and real estate experience over the last 45 years. >> sure. some familiar things, simplifying the code, reducing rates. nicole, what do you make of it? >> well, when you break it down, first of all, this is good for american families, middle class
3:36 am
families. they're going to be saving between 1500 and $2,000 between the tax code and how it will change. it will be simplified. bring economic growth back. 1% is pathetic. hillary clinton is not offering anything new at all. so what you want to do is create some changes. he's going to be moving into energy. you'll see more jobs in that area and expand on it all. >> charles, anything unexpected in here? new regulations all important to release. >> i don't necessarily raise an eyebrow. differences for me. donald trump's tax plan is individual centric and hillary's is government centric. she'll tax everyone, including the middle class. she'll point out that donald trump's plan is simple. a gargantuan will take money from them to help out the little
3:37 am
guy. the government the big guy, whast, donald trump has gone back to supply side economics. >> we know hillary clinton's plan will explode the debt and deficit. what will this plan do on debt and deficit? >> in his speech today i think he'll lay out why this will have very little impact on the deficit of anything. over time it will protect the growth. we didn't mention the child care exemption. this is going to be huge for the average american. middle income families are dealing with huge expenses in dealing with child care. >> that will be huge. also ivanka has noted that. she just had a baby herself. when we talk about small businesses, he'll be helping businesses bring that corporate tax rate down to 35 to 15% roughly. with that that will obviously
3:38 am
generate income in small businesses and large businesses. >> does the corporate tax rate reduction get at that? >> it helps. if you're a corporation, particularly the corporations that are growing, don't have overseas entities where they can write taxes off or hide money. it's going to be huge because ultimately they're paying 39% or whatever the highest the rate can be, 35% for corporations. we're talking higher than cuba. it will give a company more elbow room. the child redemption is huge. donald trump's done a lot with women. >> we saw some of our companies here in the states moving abroad to try to get a better tax rate. keep it here. hillary was talking about him making furniture abroad and ties abroad. if he had a better tax rate, he'd be doing it here in the states. >> you know better than anyone else, the repatriation tax be resolved. >> that's going to be part of the speech.
3:39 am
let's face it, mr. trump thinks that we're over $5 trillion. half of that would create 2.5% gdp growth. >> all of that with hopefully an explosion of energy production in the country. we have to leave it there. charles, nicole and anthony, thank you all. check it out on the fox business network. heather, over to you. >> thank you so much, pete. good morning to all of you. fox news alert. a travel nightmare coming in overnight. delta flights around the globe grounded as its computer systems mysteriously go down. thousands of passengers stranded all over the world right now. many of them forced off after they boarded their planes. delta now offering an apology online to its unhappy customers. telling everyone to check their flight status before they head
3:40 am
to the airport. it's not clear what caused that and when they will get on track. by the way, flights already in the air are not affected. donald trump getting backed by a bush but it is still not jeb. george p. bush, that's the son of jeb, asking republicans to support the republican nominee. listen to this. >> he helped make us one and he makes sure we're going places. >> little hard to hear there. the texas land commissioner isn't going as far as to endorse trump. old paintings churned up a new controversy. the university of wisconsin says two individual paintings since the 1930s. you're seeing some native americans on board along with fur trappers.
3:41 am
that's exactly what they are. the other shows a wooden fort constructed by the french. that is wisconsin history. i'm from that area. not sure where the problem is. those are your headlines. >> they're taking them down and putting them in somebody's conference room. >> really. >> you're not offended? >> am i offend snd. >> absolutely not. >> thank you, heather. 19 minutes before the hour. fox news alert. another shooting in phoenix as authorities try to hunt down a serial killer. that's a composite of what people say he might look like, but why is it so hard for the cops to close in? we're live next from phoenix. >> the add wars feeding up with donald trump and hillary clinton hitting each other harder than ever. >> oh, i may have short circuited. >> who is winning?
3:42 am
the woodhouse brothers, we love them, they are here live. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today
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a fox news alert. the search for a serial killer in arizona is intensifying by the hour. >> i don't even my dad come out here at night. >> doesn't make me comfortable, but it doesn't matter where you go. anything can happen to you. me strictly, i carry a stun begun. >> 9 people shot, 7 people dead. now police are on a frantic search. >> joining us public safety and crime reporter for "the arizona public" megan cassy. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> i know you've been covering this for a long time or since it started. the latest shootings, a father and a son, both of them did
3:46 am
survive, thank goodness. why is it so difficult to find this serial killer? >> one of the reasons is it doesn't seem to be a clear-cut motive. the more that we learn about the shooter, it kind of seems that what was the same is a blur. we know he has access to several different cars. some say he was driving a black bmw, others say it was a white cadillac-type of car. there have been different witnesses that say there was one shooter and there are several. we do have a sketch. many of the people that may have seen him may have been killed. >> how are they linking these together at this point? forensic evidence, intelligence or anybody that's seen it? do they have any leads or is this a cold case right now? >> something the police are telling me is they've had about 700 tips so far. about 100 of those tips have been follow immediately. a lot of times they think they
3:47 am
have the person and then they don't, but we do know that they have been connected through amazon. police are riding the line between releasing the important evidence or keeping it close to their chest. there is a link to a handgun. >> is he going after a certain type of group? is he going after one type of a person? >> it seems to defy demographics. there have been all kinds of people shot, men, women, hispanic, black. even one of the victims is 12 years old who actually died. >> very briefly, megan, any guidance to the public in phoenix? those traveling there, are there open concerns? >> you know, not to anybody traveling there but police are just saying remain vigilant. if you feel safer keeping your children in at night, go ahead and do that. but it does seem that it is very random. it started in one area on the
3:48 am
west side, now police have connected it to a couple of different areas on the east side so, you know, especially after that happened when it went to the east side, it did start to bring more to it. >> hopefully they will find him. it reminds me of the d.c. sniper. >> random is almost scarier, too. >> thanks, megan. >> thanks for having me. >> we appreciate that. the campaign ad wars heating up. >> so i may have short circuited -- >> so who is winning. the woodhouse brothers are here next for a fair and balanced debate. then, debbie wasserman schultz breaks her silence claiming russia detracted them. >> apparently she was not using her ears. ♪
3:49 am
[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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with less than 100 days to the election, candidates ramp up the attacks with new tv ads that have a lot of people talking. >> i may have short circuited. ♪ >> putin has been a very strong leader for russia. >> he kills journalists that don't agree with him. >> at least he's a leader. >> okay, so we've got one from each campaign. correct the record president, brad woodhouse and his brother and executive direct earn of the north carolina republican party, dallas woodhouse.
3:53 am
good morning, guys. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing okay. so brad, let's start with you. you -- suddenly you have turned into the movie reviewer. you say that the trump ad on robotic hillary looks like it was made by a third grader. >> well, look, said it was made by a third grader and that was an insult to third graders everywhere. look, i think it's a silly ad. i think it's, you know, not produced very well. but she used the word short circuit in a speech and they decided to try to cram some type of message into it. i don't know what anyone who watches that ad is supposed to get out of it. other than she may in thousands of speeches and thousands of minutes of speeches she may misspeak every now and then. i thought the ad was silly and not well produced. >> and dallas, in that same address where she said she short circuited it sounded like she called donald trump her husband
3:54 am
accidentally as well. >> god help donald trump. >> oh, stop that. >> here's the thing. if hillary clinton can't look good to the american public over 30 years, there's no way anybody is going to make her look good and look like a strong leader in 30 seconds. no matter what the ad is. so i don't think the television ad wars can do a lot for hillary. they can help both by the trump campaign and help to explain some of the policy positions we're just starting to see and we're going to see now with donald trump. so i think he has more to gain by getting up in the air, going forward. >> well, she's running i think $5 million worth of olympic ads. dallas, let me ask you this. what do you make of the hillary rodham clinton ads that suggest that putin and trump are -- they're doing -- they're in cahoots? >> yeah, i just think it's very difficult for hillary to have any standing here when she goes on chris wallace on fox news and looks like baghdad bob talking about her open -- own dealing
3:55 am
with the e-mail situation. saying what the fbi director didn't say. she looks like looney tunes. >> that's because she short circuited. >> i mean, it's just nuts. >> here's the problem. >> i don't think anything on international affairs very hard for her to assert and people to believe. >> okay. >> here's the problem, here's the problem, dallas can't address the issue here. donald trump, you know, idolizes putin. it's pathetic, like a small kid following around the big kid in the playground and he started to favor russia policies over america. get rid of nato, nato is obsolete. let russia occupy part of ukraine. i mean -- >> brad, do you believe that russia is trying to tilt the election in trump's favor? >> well, i believe this --
3:56 am
>> as has been suggested? >> i believe they hacked the dnc and released the e-mails before the -- >> well f the russians got into the dnc e-mails, but hillary clinton's e-mails no problem, didn't get taken by a foreign interest. it is amazing they can get into the dnc e-mails but can't get into the yahoo! aol server that hillary clinton had. >> if you think it's a coincidence that they hacked the dnc e-mails -- >> y'all made that up. i think it's an embarrassment. you know, i don't send the democrats an e-mail. i don't send you e-mails. >> dallas and brad, thank you for a little review of what it's like around your table at thanksgiving. speaking of hillary clinton did you hear this, she apparently has snubbed the biggest police union, choosing
3:57 am
black lives matter over law enforcement. is that possible? sheriff david clarke said it's a slap in the face and he's here next. it's the contact sport sweeping the nation. so we'll give it a shot. we'll see who the last anchor standing is after we play knockerball. real cheese people know how to pack uber flavor into ultra thin. sargento ultra thin slices, the same taste, just thinner and 45 calories a slice. that's 45 reasons to layer, fold, mix, match, beg, stack,
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well, good morning to you and your family. it is monday, it's august 8, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. and listen to this it's a fox news alert, it is a travel nightmare. delta airlines, the entire fleet is grounded over a system outage and now the race is on to get things back and running as hundreds of thousands of passengers are left stranded and pete is flying delta tomorrow. >> oh, the race is truly on. plus, hillary clinton taking sides. choosing the victims of police violence and snubbing officers. sheriff david clarke has a message for that democratic nominee that you're not going to want to miss. the clinton campaign releases a stinging new attack.
4:01 am
>> i really would like him to explain why he paid chinese workers to make trump ties. this is one of them. it's got his name on it, of course. >> okay, so that is what hillary is asking donald trump. but there's a problem. while she was asking that question, it was revealed that the pantsuit she was wearing was made in bangladesh. >> uh-oh. >> can't make it up. live from new york, this is "fox & friends." ♪ >> how crazy is this? we featured knockerball on the program a couple of months ago and since that time this particular sport has tripled in popularity across the united states of america.
4:02 am
>> i was jealous of you watching over the weekend doing this. so you have done this before. where else are you going do it out in the plaza at the end of the show, but what's some advice? >> it was a test to take -- >> you better be in shape. just reckless abandon is my advice. you almost can't get hurt in the thing. >> that's the idea. >> it's fun. >> it's always nice to become a kid again, right? >> yeah, it is. >> i never grow up. >> ainsley, great to have you back. >> thank you, i had a great vacation, i missed you guys. i love my job and i ended up having dinner with a lot of viewers on vacation. it was fun. >> so she handed the vacatn bat baton on to brian kilmeade and pete hegseth is here. >> speaking of traveling, a fox news alert, a travel nightmare overnight. delta airline, many of them grounded because the systems mysteriously went down.
4:03 am
you're looking at dallas, as you can see right there. and just some of the thousands of passengers stranded around the word. >> pilots in one airport telling people to go home and wait it out. >> wow. abby huntsman is joining us live now with the latest. what message do we have -- >> reporter: yeah, a long day for a lot of travelers. this outage is affecting travelers from new york all the way to japan. well, passengers stranded with no yes to go. delta airlines experiencing a total system outage this morning, leaving people waiting in long check-in lines or stranded at terminal. the delays only affecting planes who have not taken off yet. but passengers on board a jet about to take off were forced to deplane and head back to the terminal. we're hearing reports of airline employees manually checking in passengers for the flights but it's still a slow go as you can imagine. it's still not clear what caused this disaster. or when flights are expected to
4:04 am
get back on track. delta is saying in a statement that delta is advising travelers to check the status of their flights this morning while the issue is being addressed and while social media has plenty of posts from complaining. so many are looking at the bright side and one music group tweeting out, the german music musicians are stuck at the airport and out of beer. hey, send free beer. and they're trying to give out free vouchers for food or drinks. and dogs are in the whole mess too which is awful. and we just heard some passengers will be getting a full refund for their flight. we will of course keep monitoring this for you all morning long. as you saw in the tweets i'm sure a lot of extra bloody marys this morning at the airports. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. >> thank you, abby. i was checking earlier about 4:00, the delta app wouldn't load. >> wouldn't work. >> now it's working. >> it's loading.
4:05 am
>> and their website is up. i'm looking at some flights that are leaving in an hour and a half and it says they're on time. >> if you got another seat on another flight, just know your planes are going to be packed i'm sure today. there aren't any empty seats. >> travel nightmare. five minutes after the top of the hour and we start with a fox news alert. >> this is a tragic story out of the midwest. we start in kansas where there's a desperate search after a tragedy at the tallest water slide. the kansas water park is closed as they work to figure out what led to the death of 10-year-old caleb schwab. this slide takes 168-foot drop, going 65 miles an hours. multiple people told local authorities that the harness on the ride was not working before the tragedy. the park not confirming that at this point. this slide has a history of
4:06 am
safety concerns. it caused the park to delay the opening at least three times. more on that as we get it. san francisco police desperately searching for clues this morning after a college baseball star is murdered while playing pokemon go at a public park. pitcher calvin riley and a friend were playing the game saturday night in the aquatic park. a popular tourist area when the suspect silently walked up, shot him in the back and ran away. the friend reported someone suspicious had been watching them from a distance before the shooting occurred. police are looking for any witnesses who may have seen something. heart breaking for that family. well, shocking new details this morning from ohio governor john kasich. the former presidential candidates now confirming that donald trump jr. called one of his aides and offered kasich the vp slot. but he said there's no way that the donald can win the critical
4:07 am
buckeye state. >> he's going to win parts of ohio where people are hurting but i think it's still difficult if you're divided to be able to win in ohio. i think it's difficult. >> difficult, but then he hinted at a trump endorsement saying there's still time. but so far he's refused to endorse him, saying he can't support any candidate that operates on the dark side of this race. president obama plays his 300th round of golf but caught not following the safety warnings especially concerning golf carts. a reporter tweeting this picture of the president at martha's vineyard. see how his foot is dragging on the ground and it's not a good thing to do. that move is the top leader in golf cart injuries. you can get your foot caught under there, go flying off. so not a good reason to do it. mr. president, be safe. >> there you go, good advice. thank you. >> thank you.
4:08 am
let's bring in our friend, sheriff david clarke, milwaukee county sheriff from milwaukee. good morning. >> good morning. >> how about this news of the day, apparently this past week iran executed a former scientist. there he is right there. shahram amiri. what's interesting about this particular man, you know that unsecured e-mail server that hillary clinton had in her basement? turns out she and her staff apparently discussed this guy on the unsecured server, referring to him as our friend. our friend has to be given a way out. our person won't be able to do anything anyway if he has to leave, so be it. do you have a problem with this? are you connecting some dots here regarding this? >> well, i'm connecting the dots, the rest of america is connecting the dots but unfortunately the united states department of justice could not connect the dots when they looked at her and the criminal behavior she was involved in. and if it wasn't for the fact
4:09 am
that our government is corrupt from the white house down to the department of justice she would have been doing the perp walk down her driveway from her home in new york. >> at every level of law enforcement and military, you have sources that provide intelligence and information to you on how to identify criminals or threats. how damaging is it to your ability to recruit or build allies when they're worried that the leaders are exposing them because of their gross negligence or recklessness in handling information? >> it's extremely problematic. if people don't trust you they won't work with you, they're not going to cooperate with you. look, we have to rely on informants. we have to rely on people who, you know, operate in those circles who have information. especially with national security. domestic security as well. we can't get it done without informants. the biggest concern of any
4:10 am
informant they don't want to be outed. but look at what's going on here now. this wouldn't be the first time. >> we have heard over the weekend that hillary clinton was snubbing the biggest police union. she didn't fill out the form to get the endorsement from the largest police union in our country. donald trump is trying to get that endorsement. what was your reaction to that? >> well, it's a huge miscalculation, a huge political miscalculation on the part of mrs. bill clinton. anyone running for public office knows that you want and have to have the support of law enforcement and other first spoenders. she's made it clear she's all in with the criminal element. she doesn't care about victims of crime, she's a straight up cop hater and is rolling the dice on not having support of law enforcement. the problem for her is that middle america, mainstream america does not share her sentiment in having sympathy for criminals. now, let's the a little math here. there are nearly 900,000 law enforcement officers across the united states.
4:11 am
they all have spouses, significant others, kids who are voting age, extended family, parents, friends, neighbors, other relatives who are -- who do support a law enforcement all across the country. you throw them in, throw that together, throw in the firefighters and other first responders and you do the math and you multiply. you're talking a potential 3, 4, 5 million votes that she's willing to risk just to get in bed with criminals and we know many criminals don't vote anyway. it's a huge -- this is a huge windfall for -- >> [ indiscernible ]. >> she made it clear from the convention she's sympathetic. she thinks that the criminals are victims of a racist criminal justice system which is a lie. donald trump has made it clear he stands in the side of the law enforcement officer on law and order. victims of crime and other law-abiding citizen. >> we have a full screen of all the cities that have had at least a 50% increase in crime
4:12 am
since 2014 and 2015. if the anti-law enforcement policies of this choosing black lives matter over the police continues in a hillary clinton administration, where are we going to see the number goes in 2017 or 2018? >> they're going to continue to increase. look, the american police officer right now they're on their heels, not engaged in the type of assertive policing that we need to keep crime and violence in check that led to record lows in crime, violent crime all across this country. because they don't feel like they'll have the support of people like thegeneral, the pre united states and even their local officials. do you know who's paying the biggest price for this? not only law-abiding people, but law-abiding black, brown, hispanic seniors, those people who are disproportionately victimized by violent crime. so actually with her getting in bed with this black lives movement, this dangerous hateful ideology she is taking it out on good law-abiding black people
4:13 am
that live in the american ghetto. they're victimized disproportionately by -- >> when she snubbed the miners the miners were against her. now it will be curious to see how this affects her -- >> the irony is that bill clinton did get the endorsement. >> the last democrat to get it. >> thank you for joining us live from the beautiful city of milwaukee. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. >> well, rudy giuliani remember he was on with us during the convention and over the weekend, he said that she said i don't want to see any police officers wearing their uniforms on the convention floor. >> yeah. a clear contrast no doubt. all eyes on trump as he rolls out the tax plan to get america back to work. what's in it? our own peter doocy is live from the campaign trail next. guess who's ready for her comeback? this morning, debbie wasserman schultz breaks her silence and she wants to correct the record. the florida dellgation never -- delegation never booed her. never.
4:14 am
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we are back with the latest on the race for the white house. >> and trump hoops to reboot his campaign. >> peter doocy is live from the motor city with the latest. peter? >> reporter: and pete, donald trump talked about how if he's president he'll draw on his experience as a businessman to improve the economy and for the first time today in detroit we're going to hear what his entire vision for fixing the economy is. a senior trump campaign source tell us that at the top of the list today is a 15% corporate tax -- that's obviously much lower than the current rate of 35%. also on his to do list letting people fully deduct all child care expenses. a pause on new regulations. and an expansion in energy production and then some better protections for intellectual property belonging to american companies and renegotiation of what he says is a bad trade
4:19 am
deal, nafta, and a withdrawal from what he thinks is another trade deal, the transpacific partnership. that has been a major point of his on the campaign trail for months now. and he called for the end to the death tax and sources with the trump campaign admit that this time last week was rough for them, but they believe trump has righted the ship and they have been teasing this speech as another chance to move away from the controversies that had been pulling them off message. this is not going to be a typical trump rally with thousands of people screaming and chanting and cheering and waving signs. it is a luncheon for the detroit economic club. they'll have some food next door, then they come over here and listen to trump lay out his speech. lay out his vision for the economy. back to you. >> peter, sounds amazing. deducting all child care expenses. heather and i are jumping for
4:20 am
joy. would that include clothes, formula, everything, we have to see. >> we'll have to see, five hours from now. >> thank you very much. a lot of the stuff that people will like. lowering corporate taxes from 35 to 15% and then ending the death tax. >> closing loopholes. >> stand by. you will see it live here on fox later on. meanwhile, hillary clinton received a glowing endorsement from the former cia deputy director who helped her cover up benghazi. our next guest is furious that the liberal media refuses to call him out. something is happening to the french fries at mcdonald's. that will probably change your life. >> no! >> really. >> i'm lovin' it. she spent summer binge-watching.
4:21 am
soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week sharpie singles now twenty-five cents. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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4:24 am
good morning. some quick headlines for you. walmart is declaring war with amazon. the big box store expanding it online reach to buy the e commerce store. and the mcdonald's of the future is here. it includes unlimited french fries. a brand-new high-tech mcdonald's just opened up in st. joseph, missouri. they are giving out as many fries as customers want as part of the promo offer. they have self-serve kiosks and we all agree the best french fries. why do you like them, pete? >> a lot of salt on them too. amazing. wonderful. we need fries. anyway. the former acting director of the cia mike morell who altered the talking points on
4:25 am
benghazi to blame a video has endorsed hillary clinton. the mainstream media reacted by attacking donald trump. >> donald trump facing the sharpest criticism yet he's unfit to be president. a former acting cia director going even further saying he may pose a threat to national security. >> morell who has worked at the cia under democratic and republican presidents and ran the agency under president obama goes so far as to suggest that trump is being manipulated by russian president vladimir putin. writing, mr. putin played upon mr. trump's vulnerabilities by complimenting him. putin has referred to trump as a talented and very colorful person and trump responded just as mr. putin calculated. >> well, turns out, there's side of this story. here to weigh in on that other side is ken timmerman, the offer of "deception, the making of the
4:26 am
youtube video that hillary and obama blamed for benghazi." good morning. that's one example of how they fawned over this endorsement. morell said this is the first time he's ever endorsed before a election. tell us more about his connection to hillary clinton. >> well, first of all, he shouldn't be able to go out in public with a straight face. this guy lies every time he opens his mouth. he's the jack of spades to the queen of lies. he was with hillary clinton to cover up the benghazi story. he wrote the final version of the talking points that were used by susan rice at the united nations that removed all mention of al qaeda, all mention of a cia warning of a terrorist strike in benghazi. and later he lied about it. he was caught out by senator lindsey graham of all people at the end of november, 2012. morell went into his office with susan rice to answer questions about the talking points and
4:27 am
just flat out lied to him, oh, no, it wasn't me. it was the fbi that made the alterations. graham hit the roof. called the fbi, the fbi called the cia and later that day he got a call from the cia, well, it sounds like he misspoke. >> you know, they're always misspeaking. there's always -- you know, there's an innocent reason for everything that happens. and he's currently employed by beacon global strategies a firm run by clinton -- former clinton state department loyalists. i mean, why does the media not report this stuff? you wrote the book on benghazi. how are they able to get away with just selling this as a nonpartisan cia agent or acting chief endorses hillary clinton? >> apparently they have no shame. you know, you look at beacon global strategies, look at who's on their board, managing partners are, it was established by three hillary clinton insiders. people who were really at the top echelons and also who were
4:28 am
involved in benghazi and involved in the benghazi cover-up. in her deception, on the american people. so he goes from the cia, get as nice job with them up in new york. i'm assuming that that that, pete, is a holding position for him. he wants to get back into in the administration. he's vying for a new job under a hillary clinton administration. >> yeah, a lot of people have suggested what you just said. he's -- you might say auditioning for the cia director job. but also, the endorsement from him also means that an endorsement of the foreign policy of the last seven years which has left us with our reputation in shambles around the globe. does she want to wear that also? >> well, apparently he doesn't care particularly about that. he cares about his job. look, he called trump a unwitting agent of russia. hillary clinton and the clinton foundation took money directly from the russian government. i guess that makes hillary a witting agent of russia. >> well said, ken, thank you for joining us this morning. it's hard to imagine anyone
4:29 am
walking away from this alive. check it out. whoa! coming up, the heart-stopping crash that will leave you on the edge of your seat. and guess who's ready for her comeback? well, we have been waiting for it. this morning, debbie wasserman schultz breaks her silence and she wants to set the record straight. but first, we're playing knockerball, knocking each other out. we're going to try to knock someone out i think. on the plaza. don't miss it. i'm gunning for steve. >> good luck. al is touching a r amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close.
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4:32 am
and e-mails that were stolen, stolen by, you know, russian spies and, you know, that really whipped so many into
4:33 am
a frenzy that it became a distraction. >> so there you've got debbie wasserman schultz who is in a primary challenge down in florida, speaking to the newspapers from the ft. lauderdale area. keep in mind, she got fired from her job as the head of the dnc a couple of weeks ago after wikileaks revealed all of -- >> undermining bernie sanders. and everything. >> for her to suggest that russia was behind it, julian assange the guy behind wikileaks has actually said -- he said there's no evidence that russia was behind it and he has said this kind of talk is a diversion by the democrats. >> and he said he's about to release a lot more that's going to prove that the clinton foundation was in bed with russia. >> from dnc chairwoman to contested primary. >> she lost her job the day
4:34 am
before the dnc -- after she was on fox with brian a week before talking about how chaotic the rnc was. >> exactly. she tried to go in front of the florida delegation at the convention and this is what happened. >> -- in history, thank you! [ crowd booing ] >> clearly, you see one guy clapping, but you can hear a lot of people who are clearly unhappy with debbie wasserman schultz. she said, settle down, people. here she is once again talking to the newspaper down in florida. those weren't boos as it turns out, were they? listen. >> there were about 300 people at the breakfast and the overwhelming majority of the people in the room were enthusiastic supporters of me and my message. [ laughter ] >> i don't think so is i don't think so. you be the judge. >> i talked to one of the guys
4:35 am
in the crowd, one of the 300 and he said it was so embarrassing for her because the whole room was booing or a majority of them were booing. >> of course. she tried to say they were not all for the florida delegation, except it was a delegation breakfast and that was the only people allowed in. >> she just showed up. >> booing is the new yay. all right, let's hand it over to heather who is going to start off with a horrific, awful story. >> unfortunately, really is. coming out of california this morning. good morning to you, 35 minutes after the hour. some terrifying moments for a family forced to watch as an 18-year-old first-time sky diver plummets to his death. tyler turner was with an experienced instructor when the parachute did not open. the deadly jump was set up by a well known skydiving school in california central valley. that school making news back in may when one of its small planes landed upside down while it was carrying 17 sky divers.
4:36 am
no one was seriously hurt in the incident. well, you have to watch this incredible video. two cars collide in a heart-stopping crash. watch. well, that silver car was driving the wrong way down a highway in puerto rico. remarkably no one was seriously injured. hillary clinton rolling out a new ad that makes it look like donald trump and russian president vladimir putin are best friends. but could it all be a distraction? the wikileaks founder julian assange, he's the same guy who leaked those damaging dnc e-mails says that it's all smoke and mirrors and hillary is really the one with the connection to moscow. >> hillary clinton has done quite well strategically to try and draw connections between trump and russia. because she has so many connections of her own. >> well, assange has promised to release more e-mails about the clinton foundation and many democrats reportedly fear that
4:37 am
it could lead to the so-called october surprise for the clinton campaign. well, when her father died in 2006, this newlywed had no idea that her father would be with her on her wedding day. that's thanks to the organ donation. jenny stevens' father's heart saved the life of a man, and nearly ten years later the man who received that heart arthur tom thomas walked her down the aisle. both tom and the bride joined uses on "fox & friends" to share their incredible story. >> oh, my gosh, it was every emotion possible. you know you think about what that moment is going to be like and you think about it for days and weeks and months. when it finally happens i just -- it was beating so strong and it just felt like my dad was right there with us, watching over. >> that's the daughter right there. tom, the donor recipient had been waiting for six years for the heart and had just days to
4:38 am
survive. what a wonderful, beautiful story that we're able to bring you earlier today. those your headlines. let's head outside to maria molina. hi, there, how are things looking? >> well, in the northeast it looks like a beautiful day. i want to take you to the southeast, out there, we have been dealing with very messy weather and that is forecast to continue for several more days. we have areas of rain that have been moving across parts of northern florida and the concern out there is that this area of low pressure that's been doing this is just going to continue to linger and that means that the potential for flash flooding. here's a look at the forecast rainfall over the next few days. a number of places can see a foot of rain, some warnings were just lifted out side of i-10 in tallahassee. across the northern plains, isolated severe storms possible. there's a quick look at your forecast high temperatures, another scorcher across the southern plains. now over to steve and ainsley. >> all right, thank you very
4:39 am
much, maria. have a ball with knockerball, the latest contact sport sweeping the nation. we have leah workman and mike can c can can canonzario. describe this for us. >> yes, this is the pvc ball. you have two straps that go on like a backpack, two handles to hold on to when you brace yourself and there's about it. >> like a backpack. >> you go in head first? >> head first. like this. >> lift it up on your shoulder. >> oh, it falls on your body, got it. >> should we try it? ready? >> here we go. >> get it -- >> you guys -- >> oh, my. >> what are you doing? >> right from behind. >> takedown. >> since you have been on "fox &
4:40 am
friends" this has been taking off, just last year? >> almost tripled since last year. we have 300 affiliates all over the united states. we're international. >> i'm asking pete what the secret is? >> what's going on? >> like a roller coaster ride in a bubble. >> what's the secret? do you go and have fun? >> the secret is do not care and get destroyed. >> here we go. >> if you want you can buy your own if you want for your kids in the backyard. go to if you want to find it in your own state go to and find the nearest facility. >> pete was in the military and -- >> i don't know if he made it five minutes. >> a lot of your business is you rent -- a small rental business, camps, colleges, birthday parties. >> yeah, we have different customer bases. organizations are very loving of the knockerball. we give discounts to churches,
4:41 am
to military. to schools. anywhere where team building and team sports would be great and also where you might have some aggression you want to get out. >> speaking of thinge aggressio we have seen pete blindside some people. is this dangerous at all? >> it's a full contact sport so obviously anything can happen, but we haven't had any serious injuries. the ball protects most of your body. >> except pete's hair. >> yeah, you can be aggressive and not have to worry. >> we have kids that are as young as 7 or 8 years old. >> wow into the sign. >> you were saying in the commercial break we need to make football helmets out of this. >> is it illegal to gang up on somebody? >> that's the best part. go knock them over. >> are there facilities -- >> yeah, we're mobile. most of our affiliates bring them right to your location. we bring them to your house, local park, anywhere.
4:42 am
you can buy them and still play around in your backyard. the kids love them. >> everybody, okay, will you do me a gaver? there's pete right there. everybody, get him, get him! >> we do a lot of company events too. team building. >> all right. well, thank you so much for being with us. we are going -- at the end of the show, we're all three going to do it. steve and i are excited about joining pete. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. imagine if you're driving down the road and then all of a sudden you lose control. >> two, one. >> [ bleep ]. >> the only problem, the driver wasn't in control because guess who was? the hackers were in control. kurt the cyberguy with what you need to protect your car straight ahead. you know how hillary clinton wants donald trump to make his clothes in america, right? >> i would like him to explain
4:43 am
why he paid chinese workers to make trump ties. this is one of them. it's got his name on it of course. >> however, if you looked at the label in hillary clinton's clothes, not made in america. the irony coming up live from knockerball central. pete, good job. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. blue the dog here for propane. you know, i'm just a humble dog. i didn't attend the elite boarding kennels, but i do know that nothing beats the freedom of living out here with propane, people can live where they want,
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but thanks to to everything turned out perfect. [crying] weird, but perfect. [flute]
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4:47 am
according to brian crabtree at the hill, clinton was wearing one of her pantsuits which range in price from $3,000 to $15,000. usually made by armani, ralph lauren and suzanne of beverly hills who manufacture most of theirs in china, bangladesh, ind -- india and sri lanka. joining me is the power of "relentless" wayne allyn root. good morning. if she's going to talk about donald trump's ties being made in china, shouldn't her staff have made sure she was wearing a pant suit made in america? who dropped the ball here? mr. well, i think the media dropped the ball. i guarantee you the only place discussing this is fox. i guarantee you on cnn and msnbc and every national newscast they'll mention that trump is a hypocrite, but never mention the second half of the equation and that's the problem i have got. this media bias, this media --
4:48 am
what appears to be a conspiracy to take down donald trump. they only mention one half of every argument. there's no mention of the lies told by hillary or obama or hillary/obama because they're the same person. she's running for a third term. the lies about the economy and the fact that aren't good jobs, the gdp is worst in history, the worst than when hoover was the president. we don't have a good economy, we have a horrible economy. they're worried about where donald trump's ties are made. by the way, the whole point of donald trump's ties if they're made out of the country is that everything is made out of the country because obama and the democratic party have taxes so high and regulations so high and they want minimum wages to be at levels that no business can stay in business. that'sing is made
4:49 am
out of the united states. that's the whole reason donald is running to change that. >> you're right. business owners don't go into business to fund the government. they go into business to make money for themselves and other families here in america. that's why donald trump is coming out with his tax plan. he says he wants to drop corporate tax to 15%. it's now at 35% under this current administration. companies cannot survive here in america. >> yeah. i'll tell you the two problems i see. i love what donald is saying. i saw a preview of what he'll come out with in detroit today, with his economic plan. yes, one of them is to drop the highest corporate tax rate in the world. to a good level that we can afford to bring jobs back to america. but a second one is the best news i have ever heard. a freeze on regulations. the only thing i want to hear more than a freeze on regulations is i want to hear a roll back, a repeal of regulations. and a repeal of obamacare. because not only could we not afford any new regulations, ainsley, we can't afford the ones we've already got. they're driving every businessman in america out of business. it's a disaster out there. the numbers are so scary and
4:50 am
it's the first time in history by the way, more businesses close each day than open. that's never happened in the history of america. and obamacare, high taxes, massive regulations, climate change regulations and lawsuits are driving every business man out of business. >> wayne allyn root, thank you so much and congratulations on your book. if you at home want to pick it up, "the power of relentless." imagine driving down the street and all of a sudden you lose control and it's not even your fault. it's a hacker breaking into car while you're in the driver's seat. kurt knuteson is here with how to stop this from happening to you. but first on this day in 1981 survivor was topping the charts with that hit, "eye of the tiger." ♪ she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
shocking new video shows two hackers taking control of a jeep. >> two, one. [ bleep ]. >> well, that suv veering off the road and into a ditch and this is the second time the pair successfully hacked into the jeep. auto experts warn this could be the beginning. kurt the cyberguy is here to explain. he's in the back seat. that's where the hackers work. >> now, this is a different kind of a four-door jeep. the one that was in the video that they have done and you remember these guys. this is a year ago that they showed us how they can remotely do this wirelessly. >> right. >> and then what they just pulled off is shocking everybody. >> because the hackers were in the back of the car, and somebody was driving.
4:55 am
>> so you have these two hackers. you're let's say charlie miller who is one of them. i'll be chris -- i'm in back of the car hacking in. so i have hard wired it from here. we're going down the road and what they're proving is not just for fiat chrysler branded cars. but they're saying this could happen to a number of manufacturers. that suddenly i take control of this car and that steering wheel goes flying right out of your hands and we go into the ditch. >> i get the idea that maybe they could change the channel on your radio, but they're able to stop the car. able to turn the car. how? >> and let me just tell you this. they know also can have the car accelerate and they can slam on the brakes while turning the car at the same time. >> unbelievable. >> this is something they were not able to do last year. they were only able to control the car at speeds under 5 miles an hour. you have a car, it's got the same sort of security inside of
4:56 am
it. because no one has ever really been down this road saying our car is vulnerable to hackers and they are. >> how do we protect ourselves? >> we have to simply apply pressure to the industry to raise the security standards inside automobiles. and until that happens, you're going to start to see more and more recalls, steve. like we have seen before of the jeep cherokee. in 2014, jeep cherokee that was extensive and an embarrassing moment. 1.4 million automobiles were recalled. >> but jeep says they've fixed it. >> jeep said they fixed that and that these guys would have to hard wire it. and they'd have to be adept at doing that. these guys argue and say that's not necessarily true. they're encouraging other hackers. there's more online. we'll show you some other video of some crazy stuff they did with that car. >> today the cyberguy is the scary guy. thank you. delta flights grounded all across the globe, we have the very latest and it turns out
4:57 am
there's one immigrant who democrats are willing to deport. we're talking about melania trump. we'll be right back. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma
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5:00 am
good monday morning to you and your family. it is august the 8th. yes, you're right. steve pointed out it's 8-8 at 8:00 in the morning. a fox news alert. if you're traveling, listen to this. it is a nightmare, a computer glitch grounding every single delta flight across the world, leaving thousands stranded. we are live with the latest. this iranian scientist turned spy for us was discussed in e-mails found on hillary clinton's server. now he's dead, just executed in tehran. and illegal immigrants committing crimes have been living in this country for years under president obama's administration as we have found out.
5:01 am
but we just found out one immigrant democrats are willing to deport. that woman right there. melania trump. live from new york city on this 8-8 at 8:00, "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't want to work, i wanna bang on the drums all day ♪ >> what's it like being inside a bowling ball? >> called knockerballs. pete was in it this weekend and earlier on the show. you took him out. >> just cheap shot. >> no kidding. >> so this hour, ainsley and i are going to suit up. we're going to rye -- we're going to get the other people. we're going to gang up on people. >> you should have been paying attention. >> get ready. get ready. pay back is you know what. >> you know, you can buy those for yourself. >> yeah.
5:02 am
>> about 200 bucks. >> they are? >> i'm thinking about it in the backyard. >> you have to get two. >> so it's 400 bucks. >> or rent them. >> or you can go and go to one of the facilities and try it. >> wear them out in a hot second. >> you said you did it for five minutes -- >> that's my entire workout for the whole week. >> pete, great to have you here, brian is off. fox news alert, a travel alert. delta has cancelled flights all around the world. >> we have learned that a massive worldwide glitch is due to a power outage in one city -- in atlanta. >> wow. abby huntsman has been following this all morning long. abby? >> reporter: good morning. this is a story that everyone is talking about this morning. we aren't just talking a few airports. but this meltdown is affecting travelers from new york all the way to japan. passengers stranded with nowhere to go, all because of that power outage and delta headquarters. the airline is trying to ease frustrations the best they can.
5:03 am
rebooking passengers or canceling delayed flights free of charge. the outage happening around 2:30 this morning eastern time. well, the airlines suspending departures around the world until they can fix the problem. the delays only affecting planes that have not taken off yet. but in los angeles passengers on board a jet were forced to deplane and head back to the terminal. delta releasing statement just minutes ago, large scale cancellations are expected today. we are aware that flight data systems including airport screens are incorrectly showing flights on time. social media has post, many are choosing to look at the bright side. one suggested hitting the slots during the long wait and one asked delta to send free beer while they wait. we will of course keep you posted on the delays coming in this morning. i'm with you. you might as well get a bloody mary while you wait at the
5:04 am
airport. 5:00 somewhere. >> why wait until noon? >> we'll find the party. >> thank you. you know, so frustrating but there's nothing you can do. you have to wait, shave a drink or try to book on another airline or wait until the -- >> you're flying tomorrow. >> yeah, they'll have it fixed for tomorrow. >> walk. >> over to heather nor headlines. it's four minutes after the hour. a desperate search for answers this morning after a tragedy takes place at the world's tallest water slide. this happened in kansas city at a water park there. it's now closed while investigators work the figure out what led to the death of a 10-year-old boy. caleb schwab. you can see him right there. well, this slide takes a 168-foot drop at 65 miles per hour. multiple people telling local media outlets that the harness on the ride was not working before the tragedy. the park though is not confirming that at this point. that slide has a history of
5:05 am
safety concerns. and caused the park to delay its opening at least three times while they worked to fix tho thothose. we'll keep you posted no san francisco police desperately searching for clues after a college baseball star is murdered while playing pokemon go at a public park. calvin riley and a friend were playing the game saturday night at an aquatic park in the area. it's considered a popular tourist area. the suspect silently walked up, shot him in the back and then ran away. that friend reported that someone suspicious was watching them from a distance before this happened. police are now searching for any witnesses who may have seen something. and donald trump is getting backing from a member of the bush family, it's george p. bush, george's son, asking him to support the presidential nominee. listen. >> -- a bitter pill to swallow,
5:06 am
but get back up and you help the man you want. you make sure that we stop hillary clinton. >> you help the man that won and make sure you stop hillary clinton. however, the texas land commissioner is not going as far as to endorse donald trump. and team usa now leads the olympics in rio with 12 medals. among them michael phelps for his 19th olympic gold. he'll go for his 20th just a few hours from now. so far, team usa has three golds, five silver and four bronze. china is in second with eight medals. usa will look to add to that count later today. those are your headlines. pretty exciting. >> exciting. we won our first gold medal with the gun rifle -- >> air rifle. >> i guess gun and rifle is an oxymoron. >> i don't get how the air rifle works. >> i don't either. >> is it a puff of air? >> i guess. i should know, but i don't know. >> it's gold medal no matter what. >> indeed. let's talk about this this
5:07 am
is a big story. as it turns out, a -- an iranian by the name of shahram amiri, a scientist, he was executed on wednesday, by the country of was an american spy. you know, there are a lot of stories out there today about what he did for the united states. apparently it sounds like the cia paid him $5 million -- >> he was a top nuclear scientist, letting us know what they were trying to do. >> sure. it's terrible that they executed him. but here's the part that's making news. you know on hillary's home brew unsecured e-mail server up in chappaqua, apparently her and her aides discussed this guy, referred to them as our friend. our person won't be able to do anything anyway if he has to leave, so be it. so his name as our friend was on this unsecured e-mail server for
5:08 am
anybody who could hack into it to see. >> that's right. they were using clearly coded language. they didn't mention him by name. >> i can break that code. our friend. >> of course. but that means they knew it was sensitive. it could have been otherwise interpreted. >> so she saying you should trust me because i did everything right in the e-mails and guess what? he trusted her, she put in the e-mails our friend, she knew about the e-mails and passed them along on her unsecured server and he's no longer alive. >> tom cotton was asked about this, her judgment as it pertains to this case and this is what he had to say. >> i'm not going to comment on what he may or may not have done to the united states government. but in the e-mails that were on hillary clinton's private server there were conversations among her senior advisers about this gentleman. that goes to show just how reckless and careless her decisions was to put that kind of highly classified information
5:09 am
on a private server. i think her judgment is not suited to keep this country safe. >> the people we rely on to do dangerous things for us, require one thing from us -- not to reveal their name. that's the national security implication of the private server that's unsecured. that's why we look at snowden and say he's not a hero, but he's a traitor. he put lives at risk. you can get people killed. >> we don't know if this had any impact on it. but he was there. >> it's just curious he lost his life after the e-mails are being released, but we're not sure if there's a connection. you know it's something we have been talking about for years. the immigrant problem in this country. so many people have come here illegally and yesterday on one of the chat shows -- i believe fox news sunday, newt gingrich
5:10 am
squared off against xavier ba serra and they're concerned about the immigration status of one american and that one american happens to be married to donald trump. >> first of all, we know that his wife had a green card before she met him. she came here -- >> how did she get the green card? >> she came here legally. >> how did -- >> she applied for the green card. she didn't know donald trump. for work. then she came here and decided she wanted to stay here and work. this is the only immigrant in america you're worried about. i think it's amazing that the one person you decide to pick on happens to be the wife of donald trump. >> it's interesting that the immigrant basher didn't explain how his wife got -- >> he's not an immigrant basher. his wife and his mother are legal immigrants. he is only concerned about
5:11 am
illegal immigrant. >> only concerned about one legal immigrant, yet they're fine with the sanctuary cities and not putting a wall around america. >> when backed into the corner, he said you're an immigrant basher. no, we have laws in the country. we welcome immigrant just like melania trump. like others. but we have laws that we need to enforce and newt gingrich as he often times can -- >> that was a great point. it was a great point. i watched that interview and we all -- my family we were all just like oh, my gosh, a great response. >> we welcome immigrants. just sign the guest book. >> right, exactly. exactly. she did it the right way even without knowing donald trump. he had nothing to do with it. >> okay. we thought we'd bring that on a monday morning. meanwhile, it's not just the race for the white house to be watching, but the red states that favor republicans can turn blue in some cases when larry sabato peers into his crystal ba ball. and ten years after she lost her dad, that bride never
5:12 am
imagined she'd be walking down the aisle beside the man who received her dad's heart. you'll hear from both of them coming up. a touching interview. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies. try clarispray. new, from the makers of claritin. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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well, the presidential race has taken center stage, but what about the 469 congressional races this year? with every house seat up for grabs, and 34 contested senate seats in this election which party could wind up controlling congress? good question. larry sabato is here to break down some of the most critical congressional races. he joins us from virginia, the day after his birthday. happy day after your birthday, larry. >> thanks a lot. i appreciate that, steve. right on time as usual. >> you didn't get the cake? >> i did not get the cake you sent or anything else. >> all right. i have to talk to one of my children who was in charge of that. >> okay. >> let's look at the down ticket races. for instance, in the house, are republicans going to lose control of the house, yes or no? >> probably not.
5:17 am
because republicans would have to lose 30 net seats and it's hard to do that, but i have to tell you speak ryan's getting a little nervous. >> about his own raise or abo about -- own race or about the others? >> not about his race. he'll do fine in the primary. this is about november. he's worried about coattail, but it's august. so i always tell people, don't worry. >> yeah. exactly. that's what rudy giuliani said yesterday regarding donald trump's poll numbers. okay, come on, everybody needs to calm down about that. when it comes to the senate, 34 seats are up for grabs. currently 54 republicans and 46 democrats. what do you think could happen here, larry? >> steve, this is kind of a set-up for democrats to take control if hillary clinton wins the presidency. if she wins, she's going to have some coattail especially in states where republican incumbents are vulnerable. the republicans are in tough shape, steve, because of the 34 seats that are up, 24 of them
5:18 am
are republican. so they're very vulnerable and of the ten democratic seats just one in nevada is competitive. so you can see this is a -- this is a tough map for republicans. >> okay. of the seats that are currently held by a republican, which ones do you according to your crystal ball there at the university of virginia look like they could actually turn from red to blue? >> the two that most people bet on are in illinois and in wisconsin. those two are probably going to turn from red to blue. >> okay. and then we just put up another map. those are of the tossup states including nevada, indiana, ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire and florida. does it surprise you that any of those are tossup states when you thought they'd go into the election cycle they probably were not? >> the one that's the biggest surprise is indiana because nobody calculated that former senator and governor evan bayh
5:19 am
would decide to get back into politics and run for the senate seat that he held up until the 2010 election. that's the big surprise, but the republicans have a good candidate and mike pence being on the republican ticket might be able to help young. but that's a very close race. so are the other ones that you mentioned. >> okay. larry, before you go since it's the day after your birthday, let's have a $1 wager here. do you think the senate will fall from control of the republicans? dollar on the line. >> you put me on the spot in august. what did you say in the beginning? you said in august you can't depredict those things. i'm deeply angry at you, and i'm going to run out the time in this fashion. >> listen, the whole reason for that was so that you would forget i didn't get you a birthday card. >> all right. i'm upset. >> i have a year to get over it.
5:20 am
dr. larry sabato, thank you. and happy birthday. meanwhile, the gadsden flag is an icon of the revolutionary war and now it's being called racist. and elizabeth warren is furious with hillary clinton. wait until you hear this. trust me, no one saw this one coming. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy.
5:23 am
we have some quick headlines for you. game over, the nfl canceling the hall of fame game between green bay packers and the indianapolis colts in ohio due to poor field
5:24 am
conditions. both teams were worried that the artificial turf was too hard because they used the wrong logo paint possibly posing some safety issues for the players. and president obama played his 300th round of golf, but he's caught not following the "new york times" safety warnings. a report tweeted out this picture, riding with his leg outside of the golf cart. something not to do. pete, you play once a year. >> i think my swing might look better, playing once a year. >> of course you do. it's the gadsden flag, many of us have one in our homes and an icon of the revolutionary ware. is it racist? well, the equal employment commission said it could be. the agency looking into after a black federal employee filed a complaint.
5:25 am
he said he was offended by the insignia on the coworker's ball cap, because the man who designed the flag owned slaves. well, so did george washington. here to debate is the cofounder to 2020 leaders of america, ashley bell and commentator lisa durden. thank you both. a lot of passionate opinions on the issue. the gadsden flag, a symbol of the racist symbol? >> under this same logic, a hat that said proud to be american could be racist because the constitution was signed by slave owners. this is pc gone amok, it's not even pc, it's bs. >> it's not pc, it's bs. >> absolutely not. well, you opened up by saying most of us have a flag like this in our home, not me. i don't think any black people have the flag in their own, other than the guest. when in doubt, cut it out.
5:26 am
i don't want to go to work and see somebody with a slave ship on their hat. when in doubt cut it out. >> and when in doubt, cut it out when does that stop? as he -- as ashley mentioned our founders many who signed the constitution were slave owners. by that logic should we should cut out the u.s. flag? >> no, because it's overarching. there are many positive things that happened under the flag -- >> many positive things happened under the gadsden flag. like the revolution -- >> go ahead. >> exactly my point. the gadsden flag is representative of the american revolution. i bought one after the obamacare overreach. and people put it in the context of the tea party but it has no racial context what ever so. my friend would like to see the tea party has it, so it's racist because they don't like obama. the problem with that logic, if harry reid and nancy pelosi went
5:27 am
to the tea party would go to a rally they'd get a standing ovation because they're white. that doesn't work. >> that means in the eeoc which never cares about racism, well, it's on the bubble then it tells you why don't we go to work and work. you don't need to have your politics at the job. save that for the barbecues. >> well, you know what, that's not what the eeoc wants to do. they're asking the post office to go back and do some investigation and put some facts behind it. that investigation is called american history class in middle school. i don't understand how we can spend taxpayer money -- >> when a worker is having an issue with emblems, just like jewish people don't believe in christ, we don't need to have bibles and say god bless when you hang up the phone in the workplace. go to work to work. >> here's what the eeoc while the flag originated in a nonracial context it's since in
5:28 am
interpreted to have racially tinged messages in some context. >> ashley? >> you make anything racist. if you want to play the victim in this country you can find a way to do that. >> when in doubt cut it out. if the eeoc is having a little doubt and the co-worker is saying take it off and the organization -- >> so you're offended by the american flag? should people not wear american flags? >> passion is big. >> you can't do it. >> i know our viewers have opinions on this. e-mail us about it. let us know. >> thank you. >> thank you. well, this iranian scientist turned spy was for us and he was discussed in e-mails on hillary clinton's server. now he's dead, executed in tehran. plus, michael flynn, well, he's here to react. then debbie wasserman schultz breaks her silence and
5:29 am
wants to correct the record because she's got a tough primary coming up. she wants -- she says she never got booed at the dnc. [ crowd booing ] >> maybe that's spanish for boo, i don't think so. how does she explain that? there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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5:32 am
welcome back to america's election headquarters. and the latest on the race for the white house. >> donald trump hoping to reboot his campaign today with a major speech outlining his plan to grow the economy. >> peter doocy is live from the
5:33 am
motor city with the latest. good morning to you, peter. >> reporter: good morning, ainsley. in the last hour we have seen an outline of the speech that trump plans to deliver to the detroit economic club later on this morning. the big thing on his checklist, to fix the economy is a big cut to the corporate tax. from 35% where it is right now, all the way down to 15%. campaign also says that they want tax reform -- the most significant since reagan was president and part of that would be a big streamlining in deductions. senior trump campaign official says that the things that trump would pitch today is way to let families deduct the cost of child care, a moratorium on new regulations, an expansion in energy production that is very coal friendly, very keystone/excel pipeline friendly and a renegotiation of the nafta as well as a withdrawal from the transpacific partnership. that's something that occurred a lot -- trump mentioned a lot on the stump all fall, winter,
5:34 am
spring, and now summer. last but not least on the list from the campaign, trump is going to pitch getting rid of the death tax. he has talk from the beginning of his campaign, day one there at trump tower, about how he'd apply the things he learned in the business world at the white house and his vision, what he'll lay out today will reflect that. trump will be very clear he thinks that his policies are the only ones that would move the country forward. he thinks hillary's will keep the country the way it is right now. back to you in new york. >> thank you, a preview of big speech. >> being able to right off the child care expenses that would be nice. no death tax. >> it's something that's not marginal tax rates, it hits people where they're at, if you can't afford to pay for child care, tough to get ahead. let's talk about the news of the day. joining us right now, former lieutenant general, michael flynn. the former defense intelligence director and the author of a great book called "field of
5:35 am
flight, how we can win against radical islam". >> how are you doing? >> very good. apparently hillary clinton's server had e-mails discussing this iranian nuclear scientist, there he is right there. his name, shahram amiri. he was executed by iran on wednesday and he was discussed by hillary clinton's aides on her unsecured e-mail server. do you have a problem with that? general? >> yes, i have a lot of problems, not only with this, but as has been described hillary clinton's extreme carelessness in the use of private devices and a private server has placed u.s. national security at high risk. and there is going to be a cost to that and i believe what we are seeing in -- with this
5:36 am
iranian nuclear scientist who was hung by a rope in the last couple of days here, it's just sad. it's tragic. we will see more of these kinds of things come up in the -- you know, in the coming weeks and months, just because of hillary clinton's extreme carelessness and what she did. she's placed our nation at high risk. >> general, you have been involved in the direct operation as the head of the dia and you understand how important it is to protect the sources and information. would something like this, would it affect in realtime the calculation about whether to take on certain missions or activities or work with certain sources? how dangerous is this really? >> how dangerous, this is really for everybody. i mean, every single thing that was disclosed in hillary clinton's e-mails which is a lot, is going to have to be reviewed. most of it stopped, changed. there's going to be an economic and a human cost to that. we're probably seeing it in the
5:37 am
latest guy killed over in iran. so there is an extraordinary cost to our nation's security and all sorts of other issues that are going to come up with this. not to mention what we don't know that she also was using in terms of the other 30,000 e-mails that may have something to do with other security issues that surround our country. so i mean, this is an unbelievable issue. frankly, like i have said in the past, anybody else would be in jail for this to include myself. >> general, i know that you're a registered democrat. you were on donald trump's list to be one of his -- you were one of his vice presidential picks on that list. now, michael morell who is a former cia director, he wrote an op-ed piece in "the new york times" on friday and i wanted to get your reaction to this and he's endorsed hillary clinton
5:38 am
and he said that trump is unqualified and might pose a threat to national security. >> yeah. so i read that. and i know mike morell and, you know, in that article he talks about i'm not a democrat, i'm not a republican. itch worked -- i have worked for a bunch of administrations. i worked for a bunch of presidents myself. what i cannot take is people who are standing up for someone who is a patent liar. i mean, hillary clinton is just unbelievable. look at what she has said just even recently in this whole issue with trying to walk away from what she did with our nation's security. so for mike morell to stand here and apologize in a way and to talk about donald trump, i just think that it's -- you know, it's wrong. he can do what he wants but he basically showed his true colors. you only have to look what mike morell's role was in benghazi with talking points and also when he came in and he apologized after the fact. after he got out. he apologized for hillary clinton's actions again in front of congress. so i mean, people can do what
5:39 am
they want. we -- our country is going in the wrong direction and donald trump is a guy with a big vision and i don't have any issues with donald trump at this stage with the kind of things that he's talking about. he is in a political knife fight. he's acting as a -- you know, as a politician at this point to try to fight some of these attacks that he's being hit with every day. but i'll tell you hillary clinton who is running on the other side has placed this nation at high risk and she did it while she was a secretary of state of the united states of america. that to me is so bad and that's what people need to be talking about. >> that's what we're talking about with you. general flynn, thank you very much for joining us from houston. travel safely. i hope you're not flying on delta today because i think all the planes are stopped today. >> not today. >> okay. thank you, sir. let's hand it over to heather. >> good morning to you. we start with a fox news alert.
5:40 am
the sprint car driver and three-time indy 500 starter brian clausen has now died. two days after suffering a devastating crash. the 27-year-old was leading a race saturday in kansas when his car climbed the guardrail, flipped over, stopped on the track and then another driver hit him. this is hard to watch. he could not pull through. he was hospitalized over the weekend and that's when he passed away. he was surrounded by his family and friends when he died. he was engaged to be married in february. our prayers go out to his family this morning. brian clausen. the search for a serial killer in arizona is intensifying once again. nine people in total have been shot. seven of them dead. now police are on a frantic search for that shooter. take a look all of these sites and incident there is. public safety and crime reporter megan cassidy talked about why it's so hard for comes to close in on this guy. >> he has access to several
5:41 am
different cars. police are, you know, kind of riding the line between releasing the important evidence to the public and keeping their cards close to their vest. but it has been linked by a handgun. >> still not clear if the victims were targeted or just shot and killed at random. a mother and her young daughter were among those who were killed. well, there is trouble in liberal paradise. senator elizabeth warren furious with hillary clinton over her response to the dnc hack. the massachusetts senator telling a local television station in boston, quote, what happened over the democratic national party should not have happened. warren also says she doesn't understand why clinton has given the former dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz a role in her campaign. this is one incredible story. when her father died in 2006, this beautiful bride had no idea that he would have a role escorting her on her wedding day. thanks to the organ donation,
5:42 am
jeni steppian's father's heart saved the life of a man and this past weekend, arthur thomas walked her down the aisle. both joined us on "fox & friends" to share that incredible story. listen to this. >> i was stunned because it seemed like the most perfect thing. >> you think about what that moment is going to be and you think about it for days and weeks and months and then when it finally happens i just -- it was beating so strong and it just felt like my dad was right there with us, watching over. >> what a blessing. well, tom had been waiting six years for a heart and we're told just had days left to survive. what a beautiful sight, them dancing together. i love that. >> it was so nice, a great interview. it was so nice that she asked him to be there. >> i know. she put her hand on his heart when she met him for the first time. they had been in contact for ten years.
5:43 am
but she met him for the first time and put her hand on his heart. >> one of the stories that gives you automatic chills. >> a part of her dad was there at the ceremony with her. >> incredible. >> now they start their honeymoon as of today. >> isn't that sweet of her? she wanted to wake us with us this morning and share her story right before her honeymoon. >> congratulations. 17 before the top of the hour. >> coming up next, a fox news alert. delta flights across the globe grounded. the trouble all started in one city in atlanta and we are live there next. and guess who's ready for her comeback this morning debbie wasserman schultz breaks her silence and wants to set the o will be the last anchor standing? i don't know. i have already got shell-shocked. coming up, getting inside these knockerballs and it's not going to be pretty. >> you're right about that. >> oh.
5:44 am
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5:47 am
fox news alert moments ago. delta airlines tweeting that a ground stop -- that's when all planes stop has been lifted in the city of atlanta. their big hub and flights are resuming after planes around the world were grounded due to a computer glitch and power outage at 2:30 this morning. >> that's right. mark tyker in has an update for us from atlanta. mark? >> reporter: well, certainly good news to hear that planes are finally going to be taking off even if it's in a limited capacity. unfortunately the damage already done here in atlanta and really all over the delta system. thousands of folks are going to find themselves either cancelled or dealing with severely delayed planes. a power outage being blamed on causing a computer failure at 2:30 in the morning here in
5:48 am
atlanta is the problem. and we can tell you making matters worse, the fact that when folks show up a at the airport they're not even sure if their planes are going off and when they're going to take off. that's because the flight status board has been wrong. so they're just telling all the passengers to head to the gates and when they get to the gates they'll find out what the actual status for the planes are. good news to hear that they are actually putting planes up in the air. it's going to take a while though for those planes and for everything to work its way out through delta. reporting live from hartsfield jackson international airport in atlanta, i'm mark teichner for fox news. >> the busiest airport in the united states, but not today. >> it reverberates everybody. minneapolis, a delta hub. people get cranky, but hoping it's moving. speaking of cranky, debbie wasserman schultz was probably cranky a week ago when she got fired as the head of the dnc. remember that? it was because the wikileaks released some very unflattering
5:49 am
dnc e-mail. it cost her her job. >> it sure did. now she's running for re-election. she's a congresswoman she has a primary in florida. she's trying to correct the record. she wants to correct the record that, no, she wasn't booed at the dnc. >> that morning at the florida delegation breakfast -- >> no, those were cheers of support. >> about 300 people at that breakfast and the overwhelming majority of the people in that room were enthusiastic supporters of me and my message. >> yeah, very enthusiastic. >> you can feel it. >> okay. >> look, she's got a -- she's kind of in a tight spot. got fired in the last two weeks. she needs to get rehired by the people of the district of florida. >> she has the power of incumbency. in the room, not a lot of love. >> all right. coming up, it's game on. who will be the last anchor
5:50 am
standing? we're getting into those knockerballs coming up next. that's right. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming at the top of the hour. >> looks like fun. good morning to you. today we hear trump's economy. what's in his message this morning from detroit? we'll have that are to you. and what's the short circuit comment from secretary clinton? and more on the iranian spy who was executed. what we're learning about that. and a young boy dies at a water park. see you in ten minutes, top of the hour. big monday morning.
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>> i think i can use a little air conditioning in here. >> getting up is what's so hard. >> oh, pete. >> it's just getting up that's so hard. >> getting up is hard? how about going down? >> that is a workout. wow. it's getting up that's so hard. >> are we done? >> oh, are we still doing it? >> are we? i think we're done. >> we're done! knockerball, folks. >> that was a workout, you're right. >> is it? >> yeah. >> yeah. i just had a hard workout on vacation. and my legs are so sore from that. trying to get up. getting is up the hardest. >> we'll be right back. i have asthma...
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bill: the ground stop has been lifted. but there could be a major mess at airports around the world. delta airlines is resuming departures after it grounded flights due to a massive computer failure that stretched to every corner of the globe. abby: it's a story everyone is talking about. outage left thousands of passengers stranded around the globe'.


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