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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  August 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a not so smart arsonist sets himself on fire while trying to torch a barbershop in kentucky. if you want to know who he is, cops want to hear from you. >> karma. "america's election headquarters" starts now. good afternoon. the 2016 race for the white house heating up in two key battleground states. hello, everyone, i'm heather nauert, and welcome to "america's election headquarters." right now donald trump is back on the campaign trail, about a to hold a rally in north carolina, a state considered crucial to his chances of winning the white house. this as hillary clinton continues her swing through florida. mike emanuel is following the trump campaign today.
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john roberts is with hillary clinton's rally in wilmington. >> reporter: donald trump, as you said, would certainly not only like to challenge hillary clinton here in the tarheel state but also bring one home for the republicans. currently in the real clear politics average she is leading by about a half a percentage point. there is a new poll out there in the last couple of days that has trump now ahead by four points. we're likely to see this go back and forth between now and november. donald trump this afternoon before a crowd that will number in the several thousand, as many as 6,000, no doubt will be hammering home his economic plan he outlined yesterday in detroit where he proposed job creation and an economic boom by the virtue of tax cuts and lowering regulation. also contrasting with plans with what he says hillary clinton promised people in new york when
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she was a senator so many years ago. here's trump. >> when she was a senator, she was going to rebuild new york, okay? it was a big thing, a big ceremony. never happened. upset new york is a total disaster. jobs have left. we lost 47% of our manufacturing jobs under her, when she was a senator. >> reporter: trump is battling back today against new accusations that he is unfit to be president. a group of 50 national security officials all signed a letter saying that trump, quote, lacks character, values, and experience to be president. among the 50 people who put their signature on that letter, michael hayden, who is the former head of the nsa and the cia, michael chertoff, and tom ridge, both former secretaries of homeland security. john negroponte, the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. and two u.s. trade representatives. trump said this says merely the failed washington elite looking to hold on to power. here is what he told maria
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bartiromo this morning on the knocks business network. >> i hadn't planned on using any of these people, because i like to speak to a new group. the old group was not doing it. take a look at the middle east, the problems that we have. the last people i want are the people who have been doing it for the last long period of time. >> reporter: donald trump says he'll agree to do all three presidential debates against hillary clinton. the first one is scheduled for september 26th, although donald trump says he wants to have a look at the conditions. and the trump campaign has not given up on this idea of pushing the commission on presidential debates to move a couple of the debates, the ones that now conflict with nfl football, heather, on sunday and monday nights. i don't know if they're going to make a point of fighting it. i think they just want to convince the commission that other dates would be better. the commission so far has got its feet dug in.
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>> so he will participate in those three debates, that was the issue hillary clinton brought up earlier today. we'll talk about that with our political panel. nice job competing with the beautiful music in the background, i love that song. >> reporter: it's loud in here. >> sure is, what a crescendo. john roberts, great to see you as always. meantime, hillary clinton is hunting for votes in the crucial state of florida, visiting a health care center on the front lines in the battle against zika. our senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in miami. >> reporter: hillary clinton is expected to say zika is a serious public health threat and more needs to be done. an aide tells fox she will call on congress to return from its august recess to do more about emergency funding for the zika virus. the house passed a $1.1 billion compromise but it got stuck in the senate with democrats blocking it. secretary clinton gave us this preview. >> i will be visiting health
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professionals on the front lines down in miami who are confronting the zika challenge, because washington cannot keep ignoring the needs of the families of florida. >> reporter: we got some reaction from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's spokesperson who says, quote, if senator kaine, hillary clinton's running mate and his fellow democrats want to pass a bill, they can end their fill i buster and simply give unanimous consent to the conference report and send it to the president. hillary clinton is visiting a clinic on the front lines of the zika fight, health of her. >> mike emanuel, thanks so much. while hillary clinton is addressing zika in florida today, the first zika-related death has now been confirmed in texas in harris county there. officials in houston speaking about the case earlier today at a news conference. listen. >> a child who was born to a
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mother who was in a zika-infected area in latin america and traveled to harris county in her second trimester, the child unfortunately died shortly after birth. and so again, this is a travel-associated case. >> goodness, a newborn, shortly after birth. officials say there is no sign of local transmission of the zika virus in that state but that texas is prepared if an outbreak occurs. hundreds of homes are being evacuated today as a wildfire continues to grow out of control in california. it's called the pilot buyer, burning in the san bernardino national forest. it's already grown to more than two square miles since it started sunday north of los angeles. actually that's the big sur fire we're taking a look at, a separate fire.
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the other fire, more than 5,000 firefighters are fighting the pilot fire, which began with an illegal campfire. the 2016 race is about to enter a new stage today. hillary clinton campaign issuing a challenge to donald trump ahead of the presidential debates this fall. our political panel will weigh in. plus new details after a freak accident at a county fair. think of how often you bring your kids to these in the summertime. three children fell from a ferris wheel. witnesses describe the horrifying scene. >> they were little kids, you know? they screamed a little bit, then they just hit the ground and lay there. i don't know these little girls. they were so little. i hate seeing that. equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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welcome back. ten minutes after the hour. we go live to wilmington, north carolina, where donald trump is holding a rally right now at the university of north carolina in wilmington. rudy guiliani, a big supporter of his, is speaking let's listen in. >> i imagine no one called you up about a poll, right? so let's have a poll. how many are for donald trump? [ cheering ] how many are for hillary clinton? [ audience booing ] [ crowd chants "lock her up" ] no. here's why we're here today. we're here today to bleep her and keep her out of washington. we're here today because we all
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want to be part of this movement. this is historic, what's going on. this is a real revolution. it reminds me of the revolution that ronald reagan brought about in 1980. [ cheers and applause ] it's a peaceful revolution. but it is a revolution nonetheless. we want to kick out of washington all those insiders who have been controlling the government for their benefit and have been hurting you for years. [ cheers and applause ] it's a tight little crowd in washington. i worked there for president ford and for president reagan. it's a tight little crowd in washington. and they protect each other. now -- and they don't care about you. they care about themselves. they go into government, they come out of government, they
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come into government, they make a lot of money. and they take a lot of your money. and hillary clinton wants to take more of your money. [ audience booing ] hillary clinton is the bought and paid for candidate of the washington establishment. she is part of the washington rigged system that excludes all these good people in wilmington, north carolina and in places like wilmington, north carolina. she doesn't care about you. she cares about the $150,000, $200,000 speeches that she gives to wall street. she's thinking about the $1.2 million that ubs gave bill clinton when she made a call to
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the irs to try to help ubs. in the old days, when i was a prosecutor, you went to jail for that. [ cheers and applause ] no, no. but, you know, what we have now is timing is everything in politics. and timing has always been the most important thing for our country. this is the right time for a man like donald trump. this is what we need right now. we need a man who isn't bought
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and paid for. we need a man who has been enormously successful in business. we've already tried one who wasn't. and look what we have. we got 70% of the american people believing we're going in the wrong direction. you elected somebody who hadn't done anything in his life. he never built a building. he never created a project. he never built a golf course. he never built a tremendous worldwide business. well, this is what we need right now. we need a man who has done those things. and i can tell you this from reforming new york city. we need somebody to come in with a broom and clean the damn place out. [ cheers and applause ]
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clean it out! hillary clinton -- >> oh, there you have it. former new york city mayorguilii guiliani, as only he can do, sweep it out, he says, as we wait for donald trump to speak. guiliani a big advocate of donald trump. let's talk to someone about this very issue. new independent candidate for president, you probably haven't heard of him before, she's now throwing his hat into that ring. his name is evan mccollum who joins me now in studio. rudy guiliani saying, president obama has never built anything, never built any jobs, we need this kind of change. doesn't he have a point? >> oh, he certainly does. we need more jobs in this country, that's absolutely true. i find one thing about what
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juliguiliani was saying very curious. this is a line that trump likes to repeat too, that trump isn't bought and paid for. the truth is that donald trump is bought and paid for by vladimir putin. let's make that very clear. donald trump has struggled to raise money for his real estate deals since 2004 because of his poor creditworthiness. he's had to turn to russia and to investors there, oligarchs that are close to putin. >> he says that is not true. >> i'm told it's true, i believe it's true. he is absolutely bought and paid for. the troubling thing is he's bought and paid for by putin. this is another thing about donald trump. he fancies himself one of the greatest negotiators based on his branding deals. that doesn't prepare you to deal
11:18 am
with an ex-kbg officer like putin. trump is being played by putin and doesn't even realize it. that should be alarming to every american, especially every conservative in this country. he poses a risk to our interests by virtue of the fact that he's been manipulated by vladimir putin. >> he certainly has not fought back against putin on the issues of crimea and nato as well. i want to ask you about your running for president. who are you and why are you running? >> i'm a cia veteran, i served overseas under cover, most recently i served as the house republicans' chief policy director. i'm running because i believe that both hillary clinton and donald trump are woefully unprepared and unfit for the responsibilities they seek.
11:19 am
and i believe that the country is ready. their negatives are so tremendously high. and americans feel like this country isn't headed in the right direction. that number hovers around 70%. with both of their negatives so high, the country is yearning for something new. >> why you, evan? and it's only a hundred days, a little late to be getting in now. >> indeed. several months ago i hoped someone else would enter the race, someone with national name i.d., a conservative elder, if you would. that didn't happen. >> did you like any of the candidates? >> i would have supported any of them over donald trump. i really would have. they all had their attributes. i would have supported any of them over donald trump. donald trump is the one that i think has misrepresented himself. i think he poses a danger to our economy and a danger to our security. >> okay. but how are you going to get on the ballot? the deadline has passed for so many states. you have to get on the ballot to do that. >> there are many states where
11:20 am
you can still get on the ballot with petitions or paying a fee, it's fairly straightforward. my team has studied this for several months. this has been a project in the works by them for quite some time. we have prepared a multi-pronged effort to get on ballots across the country. we expect to have broad ballot access in this country. and to be able to compete. and i'm confident that we will. we're excited about that. we're going to be basing our headquarters in utah. we'll be doing a kickoff event there in a day or two. we're very excited. but it is clear to the country that these two choices are terrible. these are two candidates who put their own interests before those of the country. and we can do better. >> evan, i want to have you back to talk about what you would do about isis. >> i would lot of to talk about that. love to talk about all those issues. >> best of luck, you better get after it, not much time left.
11:21 am
evan mcmullin, good to see you. we'll go in depth on donald trump's economic plan with one of the stevens. hillary clinton was talking about that, the six stevens who helped shape it. >> he's going to expand our military. [ applause ] she will continue obama's policy of shrinking our military to pre-world war ii levels. i'm terrible at golf.
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welcome back. another jogger has been murdered in broad daylight, this time it happened in massachusetts, and
11:25 am
it comes just days after a new york city woman was found dead just feet from her favorite jogging trail. our trace gallagher is live with more. trace, do investigators believe there is any connection between the two murders? >> reporter: right now, no, heather, investigates say there's nothing that connects the two cases. but they are certainly comparing notes and cross checking all the facts to make sure. the latest victim, a 27-year-old, works for google in new york city but was visiting america mom in princeton, massachusetts, about 40 miles west of boston. she went for a walk sunday afternoon and never came back. her body was found later that night in a wooded area about a half mile from her mom's house. she was found without clothes and with burns on her feet, her hands, and head. police say it's unclear if she was targeted or if this was a random act of violence. she graduated with honors from boston university in 2011. those who knew her say she was much-loved and much-respected. a few days before her death, a
11:26 am
30-year-old woman was murdered during an evening jog in the new york borough of queens. she was found by her father face down in some weeds, about 20 feet off the jogging path, in a queens park that is known as a dumping ground for trash and bodies. she had been sexually assaulted, strangled, and beaten. so far police have no suspects, no persons of interest, but possibly some dna evidence. the victim's mother addressed her daughter's killer directly. watch. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece of filth that you are. >> there is surveillance video that shows her jogging into the park but there are no cameras in the park itself.
11:27 am
again, no connection to these killings. but police are checking, heather. >> terrible. trace gallagher. ladies, stay careful out there. it's been a big day on wall street and continues to be, stocks moving higher on the verge of another record day. we'll take a closer look at the markets and how it all breaks down. then donald trump is taking the stage right now. and the economy is at the forefront of his presidential campaign as he works to try to get that campaign on track, as both clinton and trump lay out their economic plans. >> the people outside that can't get in, i said, rudy, you think this is bad, go take a look outside. so i just want to thank pat and rudy and i want to thank everybody for being here and we're going to have a good time. we love north carolina. for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding.
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welcome back. we start off right now with a fox news alert. we are watching live as donald trump holds a rally right now at the university of north carolina in wilmington. the polls there between donald trump and hillary clinton very, very tight. our john roberts is there on the scene. let's listen in to donald trump right now. >> ultimately they have the path, a beautiful path, they'll get way, way earlier than that, they'll get nuclear weapons. if you get trump, you'll see a lot of changes to that deal going to happen fast. [ cheers and applause ] you're going to see some big changes. and really, i mean, i saw where president obama said the $400
11:32 am
million in cash was not -- had nothing to do with the release of the hoss tavenltages, right? it really doesn't work, does it? does it? remember obamacare? you're going to keep your doctor, you're going to keep your plan, over and over again, you're going to keep your doctor. it was a lie. in fact if he didn't make the lie, he would have never gotten it approved because many of the democrats didn't want to do it. it was only that that got them to sign it, to approve it. and it was a lie. and the $400 million, and from what the rumor is and from what the reports are, the hostages couldn't leave the airport until this other plane arrived. they don't know why. but i think we all have a pretty good reason why. it's all a big lie. it's all a big lie. and it's so sad to see. and let me tell you, hillary clinton is going to be four more
11:33 am
years of obama but maybe worse. maybe worse. going to be four more years. four more years of isis. four more years of high taxes. you know, yesterday i had -- a big event, really, turned out to be a big event in detroit. good event. very good. [ applause ] and we got wonderful reviews and a lot of good comments. but the thing i'm doing, i'm cutting taxes big league. especially for the middle class and especially for businesses. because businesses are dying. and that means small businesses, businesses period. businesses are leaving our country like they've never left before. they're going all over. they're going to mexico, that i can tell you. mexico is like the eighth wonder of the world. you know, i've been telling a story, a friend of mine, good friend of mine, good guy, he
11:34 am
builds plants, for cars, for computers, where they make them, massive plants. i said to him, how are you doing? and he's worked in north carolina, by the way. i said to him, how are you doing? he said, phenomenal. he's like i think the biggest at the world at this, that's what he does, great guy. he said, you've got to see mexico, donald. it's the eighth wonder of the world. what we're building there is like never has been built. we've never seen anything like it. i said, how are we doing in the united states? i'm more interested in that, okay? it's okay, right? we're allowed. america first, folks, america first. right? america first. [ cheers and applause ] >> donald trump there in wilmington, north carolina, rallying the crowds, talking a little bit about his economic plans which he announced earlier this week. there are some folks who really liked it on the republican side. let's talk about that and the upcoming debates in the fall
11:35 am
with jessica and larry o'connor host of "mornings on the mall" and editor at large for jessica, donald trump has made this something of a movement. he's down in the polls, of course, right now. but he's talking about the things that many americans feel. economic anxiety, anxiety over isis and terror attacks. is that enough for him to turn his campaign around and potentially win in november? >> yes. i am one of those democrats who says there is always a chance that the clinton campaign, when they send out those e-mails that say he can still win, mean that. this is an electorate that is not fond of either candidate. donald trump has created a movement. he's talking about the issues that matter to americans like the economy and national security today. but all of last week he talked about all the wrong things. attacking a gold star family, the conspiracy theories about the election being rigged,
11:36 am
bringing up, you know, the issue about that mitt romney didn't get any votes in those 52 or 59 counties in philadelphia which has already been checked. things like that which i think detract from his message. so if he carries on like this, i think it will be a close race. if we see the donald trump of last week, i think clinton could win in a landslide. >> mm-hmm. larry, let's talk about the upcoming debates. there has been concern that donald trump may not show up. hillary clinton baiting him on that point today after donald trump had said that it was rigged. newt gingrich even wrote go on twitter saying, hmm, makes me think this is rigged, i'm talking about how the debates are up against some nfl games, including a packers game. donald trump announcing today according to our john roberts that he will in fact do those debates. larry, how do you think that will go down? >> listen, i think the hesitancy is understandable. he knows that in many case -- listen, let's face it, i think the debates are rigged, because the person who is the moderator is always someone from the
11:37 am
mainstream media, usually an identifiable democrat. let's have talk radio hosts be the moderators, let's have hugh hewitt and mark lev in, and i'm free those nights. hillary clinton has not answered, she's continued to dodge, wouldn't answer chris wallace when he asked right here, she continued to lie about it, keep asking that same question until she gives a straight answer. hillary clinton, did you lie to the american people about your e-mails. guess what? the answer is yes. >> but whether or not you like hillary clinton, one thing we can agree on, she's good at baiting donald trump, getting him to respond to things. >> did you watch any debates? i know you'll say oh, it was just her and that old socialist. >> oh, no, and martin o'malley, that was tough competition. she's very robotic, not very
11:38 am
warm, memorized. >> come on. we know that one of donald trump's great weaknesses is he lacks specificity when he talks about his plans, i'm say oh, check out my website, even if he thinks to say that. hillary clinton is a self-described policy wonk. it's one of the reasons that her speeches and her rallies don't appeal to as many people because they think, oh, we're just hearing all these facts and figures. but at the end of the day, we need a commander-in-chief who knows the facts and figures, who has the temperament -- let me finish. >> not if they reach the wrong conclusions. >> donald trump's conclusions are totally wrong. >> four years ago everybody said barack obama won the debate when he said to mitt romney, oh, russia is not a global adversary, the 1980s are calling, they want their foreign policy back. guess what, mitt romney was right. >> hindsight is 20/20. we'll have to leave it there, thank you so much. >> no, i want to keep fighting with jessica. >> they'll keep fighting during the commercial break. i love it.
11:39 am
let's look at some of the things trump is now proposing in his economic plan. he wants to lower the corporate tax rate to 15%. we've got some experts here, by the way. he wants to slash the number of income tax brackets and bring down rates to 12, 25, and 33%. he says he wants to renegotiate nafta, withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership, the childcare deduction. a lot of parents like that one. hillary clinton dismissing the entire thing and calling out trump's economic team. >> he announced a few days ago he's got a dozen economic advisers. let's see. he's got three wall street money managers, an oil baron, a former chief economist at one of the big banks at the heart of the financial crisis. he's got six men named steve. >> he really does have six guys named steve and we're going to talk to one of them, the one in the bottom middle, stephen
11:40 am
moore, the economic adviser for the donald trump campaign, and a visiting fellow at the heritage foundation, hi, steve, one of the steves. >> good to be with you. i was on the plane with donald trump yesterday when we were going to detroit for the speech, and we were finalizing some stuff, and there were about four or five of us with him and he would say, steve, what do you think we would do? we would all turn our heads. there are a lot of steves. >> at least they aren't vinnie, no offense to vinnies. let's check in with charles payne, one of my favorites around here. charles, donald trump makes his first stab at this economic plan. a lot of conservatives are liking that plan for what he stands for, saying it's truly conservative. some bringing up ronald reagan's name, associating it with that. can he now stay on message? >> he better, that's the way he
11:41 am
wins. there was an electric mood in that coliseum. he hit all the points, we're going to cut taxes, get rid of wasteful spending, have a pro-america policy. when you talked about the corporate tax rate of 15%, that's going to apply to every small business in america, charles. so a lot of the small and medium-sized businesses will benefit a lot from that. that contrasts, what he has to do, guys, he has to contrast what he wants to do with what hillary wants to do. i want to cut taxes, she wants to raise them. i want a pro-america energy policy. i think that's how he wins. >> charles, what would this mean for the economy and that idea of having 15%? i assume he means for independent contractors. a lot of businesses let that income flow through them. >> that's where hillary's war on the rich that begins with the -- if you make a million bucks, she wants you to pay 30% minimum.
11:42 am
if you make $4 million, there's a heavy, heavy penalty. hillary clinton doesn't have an economic plan. it's a redistribution plan based on the notion of fairness and the idea that this is no longer a country where people can pull themselves up by the bootstraps. take a look at ronald reagan, look at the new entrepreneurship under ronald reagan. under president obama it's the lowest it's been in the last 15 years. some would argue that even bill clinton was more reaganesque than what hillary clinton is going to debut on thursday. the country is still in the d l doldrums but still in our dna to be great. >> what do you expect when hillary clinton speaks on thursday? >> she has a big problem. charles put his finger on it. first of all she trying to give this morning in america speech at her convention speech out in philadelphia. and i'm like, what country are you talking about? yeah, for very rich people who
11:43 am
get $250,000 to give a speech, it's a good economy. if you just talk about to average people on the street, they're nervous, financially stressed out. it's almost insulting to say to them everything is wonderful. the second thing, the second problem she has is, all of the policy prescriptions, charles, are exactly what we've heard from barack obama for the last seven years, more minimum wage, more government spending to stimulate the economy, more taxes on the rich. we've tried that already. it didn't work. >> we're going to have to leave it there. "the wall street journal" says not having economic growth elements in her plan except for increases in government spending. we'll watch this one on 30. stephen moore, one of the stevens, thanks for joining us. also charles payne from the fox business network, always great having you here. house speaker paul ryan facing a primary battle to keep his seat in wisconsin. voters headed to the polls as we speak. we're live from there. drop.
11:44 am
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. .
11:47 am
. shepard smith on the fox news desk. we'll speak live with a former national security official who signed a letter calling donald trump unfit and dangerous for our nation. we'll also hear donald trump's response and what he says about the calls to change his strategy with 90 days left to the election. that plus tebow plays baseball. really? and not only can he fly, he's back i hoosegow for 14 years. bloggo, speak to us, will you? shepard smith reporting. see you then. some shocking police body cam video has been released when
11:48 am
kentucky police fatally shot a suspect. we want to warn you, the video is graphic. >> drop it! drop it! [ gunshots ] >> three officers there were responding to a domestic violence dispute, that's in louisville, kentucky. cops say that the suspect came out armed with a knife and what appeared to be a hand saw. officers told him to drop the weapon but instead the suspect allegedly charged at them. the suspect died at the scene after they opened fire. the incident is under investigation. it is decision day for paul ryan in wisconsin. he is in a battle for his seat in his home state there against fellow republican paul nehlen. things haven't gone as expected for the house speaker. mike tobin is live with the latest. mike, that's where my peeps are from. is there pressure on paul ryan right now? how are things looking?
11:49 am
>> reporter: you have to keep in mind, heather, a sitting speaker of the house has never been dethroned in a primary. paul ryan has been crushing his challenger 17-1. you still have trump-infused drama, refusing to endorse the speaker of the house, then reluctantly endorsing the speaker of the housing. if you remember back to that other primary, trump doesn't draw much water in southern wisconsin. >> southeast wisconsin where the paul ryan congressional district is, did not vote for trump. it voted for cruz. it was overwhelmingly for cruz. wisconsin was overwhelmingly for cruz. >> reporter: now, paul nehlen is a political newcomer. he blasts ryan over the tpp, over immigration, criticizing him for opposing the border wall but having a backyard fence at
11:50 am
his house here in janesville. nehlen is running ads that show him on a harley with his tattoos on display. his very energizedized and on the street, heather. >> what does it do with paul ryan, does it hurt donald trump in the general election? >> it certainly doesn't help him in the general election. paul ryan is conservative with those especially keeping scott walker from the reat all. the people who support trump are anti-establishment and ryan is viewed as part of the machine. >> trump is definitely an underdog in wisconsin. on one hand, he thinks it might be a decent state for trump because it's whiter than the national average. there are a lot of noncolleget indicated whites in wisconsin. people to hoo would support trump. >> what you have is a wound that doesn't heal between the top nao
11:51 am
nominee and republican in the house. >> while you're there, you have to get some cheese curds and spotted deer, all right? -i told you i'm from that area. another war of words. lily king and russia's swimmer. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. the summer of this.
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the olympic games in full swing and america leads in the medal count. an american swimmer is now making headlines for calling out a russian competitor for doping and then beating her in a race. trace gallagher is live with more on that because that's what he does. he gets to sit around and watch the olympics all day. hi, trace. >> hi. down in reyorke the month-long doping scandal that led up to
11:55 am
the olympics that's not been forgotten by lilly king when russian swimmer yulia efimova -- try that five times -- she wagged her finger indicating she was number one. well that didn't sit well with lilly king who called her out for doping. and then king took another swipe at her russian counterpart saying, quote, it's incredible just winning a gold medal and knowing that i did it clean. but lilly king could have just resorted to using the michael phelps death stare. minutes before his 200 meter butterfly the most decorated athlete ever was being antagonized by one of his rivals. while la clos was dancing around, they dubbed it the death stare. phelps will, by the way, swim
11:56 am
again trying to capture his 20th gold medal. finally, the men's usa basketball team got off to a slow start. in the second quarter, venezuela, venezuela, turning two points. kevin durant, carmelo anthony turned on the juice and ran away with it. team usa has a reputation for playing selfish basketball instead of team basketball. but it's pretty clear, heather, when it comes to olympics, the american basketball will dominate the globe. >> trace gallagher, thanks a lot. and how did this woman end up parking on the hood -- yeah, on the hood, of this brand-new ferra ferrari. that's a mercedes are and a bmw coming together. we'll tell you about this and where it happened. when we come back. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family.
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virginia coffeehouse. take a look at these cars, a mercedes driver backing into a ferrari only $300,000. it happened as that driver was trying to parallel park. her mercedes ended up on the farrar's hood. how do you do that. more republicans are turning on their own party's nominee. today, how donald trump responded as divisions in the gop get wider by the day. new polling gives donald trump devastating news. exactly 90 days before the election now there's a southern state that's now threatening to turn blue for the first time in a quarter century. and then taking the fight against isis into their own hands. american military veterans getting back into battle, teaming up with other groups to take on the terrorists. plus, the situation on planet blago is not bleak and golden.former lieutenant governor will learn


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