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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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see tiny details that typically get washed out with other low-resolution footage. more to come, stand by for more. >> have a good wednesday, "happening now" starts now. bill: the debate over presidential debates, what donald trump is saying about future face-offs with hillary clinton. jenna: the republican presidential nominee, all three general election debates, is saying he may object to the commission's choice of moderator. trump telling time magazine he wants to debate linton, quote, very badly but explained he may have to renegotiate the conditions in much the same way he did for the primary debates. this after he initially
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complained the debate schedule was, quote, rigged because two debates conflict with nfl games. kristin? >> reporter: one day after clinton announces all three debates, trump says he will be there but he is reserving the right to pull out if he doesn't like the moderator, quote, i would say certain moderators would be unacceptable. i look forward to the debates but i want to have fair moderators. i will demand fair moderators. trump is no stranger to making demands about debates, during the primaries he claimed he single-handedly renegotiated the length of one debate from 31/2 hours down to two and 10 days ago he said the upcoming debates, two of them were at the same time as nfl games. >> it is against two nfl games, i got a letter from the nfl
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saying this is ridiculous, the nfl doesn't want to go against it. it would be massive from what i understand. >> reporter: the nfl debated any such letter was sent. if he skipped out it would be unusual but not unprecedented. last time a major party candidate back down was jimmy carter in 1980 and before that after nixon's disastrous debates with jfk there were no more debates for 12 years. in the modern era, they are almost mandatory. the next step is for the trump campaign to meet with the commission to hash out terms and that is expected to happen in the next few days. jenna: we will see what terms are negotiated by both sides.
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john: controversy over event in north carolina when trump was discussing what would happen if hillary clinton became president, here is what he said. >> hillary wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick -- she she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i tell you what, that will be a horrible day. john: elizabeth harrington, a staff writer at washington free beacon and aaron blake, senior politics reporter at the washington post. i know you two come at this with differing views on what you heard. what was that from donald trump? >> it seemed to be him maybe trying to make a joke, a call back to what he said earlier
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about her wanting to abolish the second amendment. the campaign's defense has been this was a call that people should vote against hillary clinton. in his comments trump seemed to be talking about a time in which hillary clinton was already the president, nothing you can do at that point before making the remark about the second amendment people, i think his campaign has chosen to double down on it, not even saying it was a bad joke, basically that this was a call for people to go vote which like many things over the course of this campaign seems contrary to what he was suggesting. john: democrats pounced on this as beyond the pale, chris murphy from connecticut, he says don't treat this as a political
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misstep, it is an assassination threat, uping the possibility of a national tragedy and crisis and elizabeth warren who likes nothing better than to spar with donald trump says donald trump make death threats because he is a pathetic coward who can't handle the fact that he is losing to a girl. there you have that. how do you see it? >> this is being blown way out of proportion. at most, second amendment boilerplate you see conservative saying democrats are coming for your guns, and to call this a death threat is over the top. the difference is the media pounces on republican gaffes, they did it with romney, they are doing it again but the difference is now you have republicans on the right who also go after trump for everything so it becomes both
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sides, it is a distraction because for trump he should be more precise in his words but the way the media, republicans and democrats are pounding it is distracting from the biggest news that came out of the rally yesterday which was omar martin's father was at hillary clinton's rally supporting her. it went under the rug, omar mateen's dad supports the taliban and. they needed to come out with a short statement saying we denounce his report. this really prevented that from happening. john: omar mateen, father of the orlando nightclub shooter. 10:21 eastern time, put out his own tweet regarding this saying media desperate to distract from clinton's anti-second amendment
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stands, pro-second amendment citizens must organize and get out the vote to save the constitution. take a look at the battleground state polls where hillary clinton is leading in pennsylvania, she is up 48-37%. in ohio 43% to 38%. in iowa she is beating donald trump 41% to 37%. it doesn't matter so much what the numbers are nationally, national numbers don't look good for trump either but in those critical states you have to win if you want to win the electoral college, it is not even all that close. >> we see a clear picture across the country that hillary clinton is generally leading but interesting that she is not ahead by as much in states like
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iowa, ohio, the polling we have seen in florida in recent days as we have seen in national polls where it was by double digits. that is a reinforcement of the fact that we are very polarized country. hillary clinton is not a beloved candidate. her unpopularity will keep this thing at least close enough where republicans are not going to throw in the towel. this is something we will see in swing state polls, perhaps this isn't as lopsided at the national level and that will get trump's campaign an opportunity fighting, the polls we saw over the last week, something they need to be arguing at this point. john: those remarks about the second amendment does trump gain anything from those remarks? will second amendment voters look at that and say donald trump gets my vote?
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>> the thing about the trump campaign's statement, the second amendment building block is powerful, that is why you have seen gun-control legislation has not been able to get passed in congress. it is a powerful voting block and it does benefit him in a way that if hillary clinton wants to run on a gun-control platform it is very unpopular and that will move voters to support trump and that could energize things. john: elizabeth harrington, aaron blake from the washington post, thank you both. jenna: breaking in germany police arresting a second man after a series of anti-terror raids. the operation triggered by the arrest of a syrian man accused of plotting an attack. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg cal cut joins us with more. >> reporter: big crackdown in
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the last 24 hours in germany waking up to a growing terror threat, homes and offices in five cities in northwestern germany were targeted by stemming from earlier arrests of asylum-seekers said to be linked to isis, another arrest today. overall going after recruiters, supporters of isis and those getting down in the strict trenches to commit the act, this after a spate of attacks in germany which included two refugees suspected of being linked to isis which left a dozen casualties. the german government once a sweeping new group of anti-terror measures. their fears which the government had seemed to be confirmed. among those 1 million refugees they let in last year from syria
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and elsewhere, notable cuts severely this year but some blowback along with laws extending police powers. it is recorded that authorities want to deport, reject asylum-seekers in instances of problems from asylum-seekers sticking around in the past few weeks in germany. germany has dodged the literal and figurative bullet regarding terror in the last few years but it is coming home to roost. john: a 21-year-old army specialist on trial for allegedly killing his girlfriend's mother. what her attorney says is responsible for the gruesome stabbing death. a new setback for donald trump according to the latest polls. where he is falling further behind. can he make up the difference?
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do you think donald trump's the commencement controversy is being blown out of proportion? he says it is. live chat is up and running, go to to join the conversation.
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john: a judge is weighing whether to try 16-year-old girl as an adult after a teen died in a fight in a delaware high school bathroom. cell phone video shows the victim on the ground as she's been. the judge says he will make the ruling by the end of next week. in pennsylvania the attorney for 21-year-old soldier accused of getting his girlfriend's mother says the girlfriend did it and his client helped clean up the crime scene and buried body. the trial of caleb barnes underway, the girlfriend pleaded guilty to murder and will be testifying against her former boyfriend. a rapist back in custody after
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failing to meet the terms of his relief. christopher hubbard was convicted of a series of sexual assaults and spent 20 years in a california mental hospital. officials are not saying how he violated terms of his release. jenna: hillary clinton gaining ground in several key battleground states. clinton leads trump nationally, 48-40.3%. the impact of these numbers is up for debate. there is a string of editorials that echo the wall street journal, reading, quote, barring a dramatic change in voter perceptions of the presidential candidates or an event that reconsiders the particular playing field donald trump cannot win the 2016 election. karl rove is former senior advisor, deputy chief of staff to george w. bush, fox news
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contributor. what is your reaction to that statement in the journal today? >> a little bit overwrought i think. donald trump was the underdog going into this race. he had a reasonably good convention, clear politics average by 29 july, he moved ahead on real clear politics average but he had 2 bad weeks, started to get his footing on monday, had a bad day tuesday. he has between now and labor day to study the ship and close up these races. having said that, let's put this in context. he is down four points in ohio. quinnipiac has them don't we to points in ohio. that is an achievable number. florida has him down, tied in quinnipiac. he could take florida. numbers are bad in pennsylvania,
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that is a state democrats a won the last six times. of trump were to keep all the romney states, florida and ohio and when pennsylvania he will be president. if he doesn't win pennsylvania he has to cobble together 17 other electoral votes in smaller states like iowa, nevada, new hampshire. jenna: at least an important question at this point in the campaign, what is the most important number or numbers to understand where the race stands? >> national numbers tell you a sense of the direction of the campaign. if you look at the last two weeks, 27 july the race is move towards hillary clinton. she had a better convention than he did and he had a disastrous two week starting the day after the convention, he spent his first postconvention news conference reminiscing how bad he thought ted cruz was and attack the goldstar family and so forth and so on.
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the best numbers to look at our individual state numbers and looking at a composite of individual state numbers, look at the critical battleground states. mitt romney carried 306 electoral college votes which of those dates three are generally thought to be at risk for donald trump the most important of which is north carolina where he trailed in some polls and the other two are arizona and georgia where he has been slightly ahead. we get back to familiar states, the number one important status florida. if hillary clinton wins, the 242 electoral votes, the democrats are carrying in the last six presidential elections plus florida she has 271 electoral votes regardless what happens in the other battleground states and she is president. jenna: that would be game over for donald trump. that make you a strategist for both campaigns. you the last two weeks for donald trump not so good, what
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would you say to his campaign to right the ship and what would you be telling the hillary clinton campaign and where they stand to continue their momentum? >> i wrote a column about this in the wall street journal. for trump, be focused and disciplined with a message calendar that works for the balance of the campaign. have an idea what you want to say to keep on the offense every day from now to the election. second, somebody monitor what hillary clinton says so you can quickly respond when it is advantageous to do so in third, get control of the twitter account, get control of your language. the second amendment issue was self-inflicted, need not have happened, clean it up quickly and get it right and move on. for her, she is not a good candidate. she will never be great on the stump. tactically they are doing the right thing. they announced they are sending field staff to arizona and georgia. that doesn't mean they are serious about arizona and georgia but they will a the predicate for potentially being serious about it because they
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will -- the ground game and decide if they want to go with advertising, digital, network and cable to pry away the states and put trump on the defensive but they are focused on keeping him on the fence about running $140 million before labor day and advertising in traditional battleground states and the amount of advertising by the trump campaign, near zero with super pacs running ads nationwide on cable tv and nobody matching the sustained purchase she has got in digital, network and cable tv. jenna: she is investing there and the twitter account, taking a look at yours, not bad, not as interesting as donald trump but not bad. >> deeply grateful that you look at it. jenna: i encourage everyone to look at it.
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john: delta is predicting it will be back this afternoon despite having to cancel 100 more flights today. the company has had to cancel 1700 flight since monday because of computer outages that stranded tens of thousands of passengers all over the world. the founder of the, a member of frequent travel university. a good expert to talk to about
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this. we come to think of it is routine that you put a couple hundred people on board a vessel the way the couple hundred tons and you take off and get where you are going. what happened to delta shows that it is anything but routine. >> the airline industry is one of the safest modes of transportation but it is vulnerable, as far as flying the plane anything can go wrong behind the scenes as your home computer can crash. delta had a backup system in place but those systems didn't kick over when the equipment failure happened and there was a domino effect to further cancellations and delays, they couldn't manage their itineraries, check-in systems and it was a domino effect one after the other. >> they are canceling 100
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flights today, that would be a lead story but that is almost good news. if you are one of those passengers on one of those canceled flights what are you supposed to do? >> delta is being proactive giving a voucher for canceled flights that are delayed over 3 hours but travelers need to anticipate this has been in the media several days, folks need to anticipate the cancellation and to know their options, whether it is delta or another airline. phone times will be very long so social media is a fantastic way of getting hold of a delta agent quickly. used twitter, use facebook, don't sit on the phone for three hours but know your additional options. john: twitter and social media
8:28 am
are a way to get a hold of delta and reroute your self? >> the delta twitter team is one of the best in action, you can text a reservation number and do seat assignments, they will back you up on additional flights under their medallion members because they will reach out to them proactively and you could message them with a simple request and they will get it done in a matter of minutes. maybe a little longer. it is certainly the fastest way like texting a friend or family member. john: delta went to other majors and said we won't honor reciprocal ticket arrangements because we don't think we need to. here's a situation where americans could fly delta passengers but if they are holding delta tickets they are out of luck on american. >> they are. there is a possibility to get on a united flight, low-cost
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carriers are out of the question, southwest, jetblue and all those others. delta got themselves in a little bit of a bind, delta raised the price of that feature and american wasn't willing to foot the bill for those cancellations. that agreement didn't work out but this is a 1-off incident, hopefully not repeating itself and after this week they will stick with delta. john: i hope it is a better travel day for everybody. jenna: violence spiraling out of control in a major american city where the murder rate hit a 10 year high last month and growing fears about death threat against police. we are alive with a story that is important for us all. >> it has been 40 years since
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the space shuttle first flew in america and enterprise was the first to take to the skies. a history of the shuttle program and how it is still shaping america's future.
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jenna: growing concerns about getting death threats against police in chicago and violence continues in troubled communities and the highest murder rate in a decade.
8:34 am
matt finn has more on this. >> reporter: the chicago police department is warning its officers three gangs put together an alleged plot to kill police in retaliation for the fatal shooting of a black teen by chicago police officers. these are clips captured by body can video shows the moment surrounding that shooting. it shows paul o'neill speeding toward police, the officers fire the foot pursuit. when they catch up to the black teen in a nearby yard, it was bleeding out, he eventually died. the officers have been placed on desk duty, it is under way. the video has sparked outrage but rahm emanuel says he does not warrant a plot to kill police >> totally unacceptable that
8:35 am
gays our meeting and talking about targeting police officers in the city of chicago as victims of violence given they spend their lives protecting the rest of us from any crime or violence. >> chicago police say since the dallas shootings officers are required to be in two cars, in chicago it skyrocketed. 65 people killed, and 9 people murdered, the deadliest in decades am a 430 people killed so far, the department of justice released information, and to express and you desire to kill a federal officer, it would resonate louder than killing other police officers.
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jenna: thank you. john: 50 years ago today space shuttle discovery set off on a mission to the international space station, here's a look back at other moments initial program that was inspired four decades ago. >> liftoff, the final liftoff of atlantis, america will continue the dream. america's space program hitting two major milestones. we are approaching the 40th anniversary of the shuttle program, the spatial rolled out in 1976. millions of americans celebrated the 240th birthday on 4 july nasa's space probe juno entered jupiter's atmosphere 5 years after its journey began. even if you watch this, orbiting jupiter, snapping pictures and conducting research.
8:37 am
>> jupiter going into orbit around jupiter, telling us a lot about that planet and it will tell us about our planet. there are only a few questions left, where did we come from, why are we here and where do we go afterwards? >> how did it get started? the enterprise shuttle took to the skies nearly 40 years ago. >> we will keep exploring. >> we decided to pay a visit. it sits inside the intrepid air and space museum in new york city. we have a front row seat in 2012, the enterprise piggybacked on a 747 in the background marking the end of an era. >> this ship glided but never flew. >> space shuttle enterprise was the first space shuttle and the only one that didn't make it to
8:38 am
space. it was only used for test flights to test the thermal protection system. >> liftoff of the space shuttle columbia with a group of international -- >> reporter: the enterprise played an important role in 2003 when the space shuttle columbia disintegrated over texas, and reentered earth's atmosphere killing all 7 crewmembers. >> this is the ship that got the space shuttle program off the ground but also got it back in the air after the columbia disaster. >> it was used as a test article after the columbia accident investigation, trying to figure out what happened, enterprise was called back into service and parts were used in testing to put together a protected story to see what happened
8:39 am
engineeringwise in the accident. >> 40 years later tourists and locals can come face-to-face with the enterprise shuttle. >> the last flight, the last couple days space shuttle atlantis, we know the shuttle program was coming to an end and i looked out on the nose of atlantis, i thought to myself this is the coolest spaceship ever built, it launches like a rocket, becomes a space station for people to live on, we were able to service the hubble, build the space station and land on a runway like an airplane. look at the size of it, it is gigantic. i don't think we have anything quite as cool for a very long time. >> i believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> the eagle has landed.
8:40 am
>> reporter: and we did. apollo 11, the first space flight that landed on the moon on july 20, 1969. >> that's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. >> when the alarm strong locked on the moon, that caught my interest as a young person. as a college student in the early 80s when they started flying the shuttle. >> liftoff. >> the space program grabbed me again. it was an incredible vehicle. the shuttle was really representative of the future, where we are headed as a species. >> reporter: 40 years later the shuttles are grounded will likely enterprise at the intrepid sea air and space museum. the contribution they made to america's space program lives on.
8:41 am
in our next hour we will take a closer look at the intrepid in the future in space. >> of the punch in the gut when you say the shuttles are grounded. >> when you are up next to one of those things on westside highway they are monstrous. you could put a school bus in the cargo bay. >> it is good to know something is coming in the future and we will see what is next in the next hour of "happening now". the questions being raised about what critics call a possible pay for play scheme with the clinton foundation during hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. with these newly released emails a revealing next. and the death of a little boy on this waterslide is more people come forward. if you have medicare
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questions about the clinton foundation and its relationship to the state department during hillary tenure. it appears to suggest the cherry works to reward donors by providing access and influence at the state department. mrs. clinton denied any link between the two. a republican pollster, worked on 7 presidential campaigns in congress. we take another look, a big piece on it today. >> if you read the contents of the emails what is most distressing is it is so par for the course for how washington operates. we have a system where the state department will.people to be ambassadors because they were a donor. this is how washington functions and this is what they don't want
8:46 am
anymore of. these emails in the grand scheme of things, underscores why 61% of americans, think hillary clinton is untrustworthy. and dragging down the campaign when donald trump is giving her so many things to talk about. >> later in the debate. >> secretary clinton having a separate email server was a mistake and if she went back she wouldn't do it again. it is not the email issue that will have a big impact, and talk about a smoking gun and people
8:47 am
who are pro-gun rights might take it out on president clinton and the secret service is looking at this problem. email is a big difference like there is a difference between clinton and trump. jenna: there are other things going on in the campaign and she doesn't want this news, other news is more advantageous to her. in case -- there is a major donor putting contact with an ambassador in a country he had interest in. are these connections par for the course, it is not ethical or are they illegal in any way it is this the email issue clinton has to confront after the fbi chose not to conceal the answer? >> as with so many things with the clintons the lines are blurry, things are messy and
8:48 am
that is the problem she is dealing with. clinton turned over a certain portion of emails and we got rid of these other emails, they were about yoga routines and personal stuff. this was a batch of emails that was not initially disclosed, it is another round, was she telling the whole truth by saying the clinton foundation and state department were file world from each other, and just adds more of a cloud of messiness to the clintons which is the opposite of what they need. jenna: we had all the stories about emails and if you look at the polls it doesn't appear to have much impact. is this different? >> the emails were between staffers. secretary clinton was not involved in this discussion. here is what the american people here about hillary clinton in
8:49 am
this issue, emails, emails, it is baked into this election. it won't change the direction of this race one way or another. jenna: i hope they hear something different in the segments but it is disappointing, that is all they heard. it is great to have you both, big story today and we are waiting for more reaction and we will continue to watch, thank you. john: more people reporting problems on this massive waterslide after a 10-year-old boy died. what they are saying about experiences dating as far as last year and thieves stealing credit card information without having to show up, how they are doing it. t offerslexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months
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john: "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. jenna: donald trump denies advocating violence against hillary clinton, where his comments misconstrued? should he choose his words more carefully? emails indicate disturbing -- big clinton foundation donors. >> will smith suggesting we should cleanse our country of support for trump. and he got blacklisted. is this a 1-way street in hollywood? one lucky guy, spoiler alert, it is geraldo. "outnumbered," top of the hour.
8:54 am
john: i will be tweaking my mustache. jenna: this may have been smuggling cards into mexico, covering technology, and still customers credit card information and the person is not even there. >> reporter: these are sophisticated criminals. these guys are using laptops to break into cars to stop them. the module, and the software and shut off the car so along those lines the same software could be used to have your card stolen. >> surveillance video scott both suspect in the act in houston and investigators trying to find out if they were part of a bigger reagan.
8:55 am
we know from authorities they smuggled 100 cards to mexico before they were caught. they were using pirated software to manipulate fiat chrysler cars, they are working with investigators and urging people to lock their cars. >> he has the ability and knowledge to steal your car, there's not a lot you can do about it. >> another example of technology making you vulnerable, thieves have been putting bluetooth in the gas pump so you are not on the premises, authorities in dallas are urging people to pay for cash and use their credit card. >> more questions being raised after a 10-year-old boy was killed on a waterslide, and stay
8:56 am
shoulder strapped or popped off during their rides and safety restraint when he was working in july and reported to workers after they arrived. another man went down the slide and the strap came completely off but he did not file a complaint was the park has yet to comment on the latest claim. jenna: a devastating wildfire sweeps through a tourist destination killing three and destroying a 5-star hotel. how the shuttle enterprise contributed so much to what is happening at nasa. do you think donald trump's second amendment controversy is being blown out of proportion a rightfully paid attention to? we have a conversation. when this busy family... a cracked windshield...
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...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. . .
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♪ jon: in our second hour of harping now we'll look where the space program is standing now,
9:00 am
where it goes in the future and what you can see not just a couple blocks away on the westside highway at the intrepid sea, air, space museum. >> i'm looking forward to that. because the shuttles are grounded doesn't mean the space program is over. >> we're still flying. >> "outnumbered" the starts right now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. also from fbn, co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis is here. former national security councilmember and veteran of the bush and obama administration, gillian turner. today's #oneluckyguy. host of geraldo rivera reports, veteran correspondent geraldo rivera. he is outnumbered. >> i am. delighted to be so. sandra: you have anchors on your socks. kennedy: "anchors aweigh". big navy conversation at end of the show.


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