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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sandra: any last thoughts, sir? >> my last thought -- sandra: five seconds. >> donald trump can turn it around. sandra: we'll keep it right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web and find us on facebook at"outnumbered" fnc. we'll continue the conversation back on tv tomorrow. "happening now." we start with a fox news alert. u.s. backed troops have secured a coastal city. >> it is the terror group's bastion in the war- torn country. >> nearly a year after the disaster, investigators recover the dat recorder from a doomed cargo ship. the ntsb hopes to solve the mystery of why the el faro ran into a hurricane and sank and killed all 33 on board. a summer heatwave sparks
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a deadly fire in a tourist destination and we'll tell you where. nasa celebrates two major milestones. >> we have the fourth anniversary in humans and space. a look back at how it all began and what is in the future of america's space program. it is all "happening now". but we begin with tromp tromp trying to walk back remarks that many interpreted for a call to violence against a challenger and he insistses he did not mean it that way after igniting a fire storm. welcome to second hour of "happening now". ndonald trump fire storm. never heard it. it seems that way today. donald trump is casting blame on the media and accusing sdmem us of genning up the story instead
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of focusing on new revelations of hillary clinton. he declared that clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. john roberts is there where we are waiting a trump rally and paraphrased what happened for us. john? >> reporter: yeah, let me start off that donald trump is on friendly territory in the virginia high lands community county and mitt romney won with 70 percent of the vote and donald trump handedly won it in the primaries and will focus on the energy independence and economy and manufacturing and coal has suffered here. he will meet an hour from now. which is an hour before he a pores before the hour. and heavy second amendment territory. he's fighting back against
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criticism in north carolina at the rally in the university of north carolina some people thought he suggested that second amendment supporters might want to use violence to stop hillary clinton from appointing activity judges. he said that was the furthest thing from the truth and only talking about the political power of people supporting the second amendment. >> this is a political movement and a strong powerful movement, hillary wants to take your guns away. there is no other interpretation. even reporters told me, give me a break. >> virginia is a battleground state of florida. he has a rally in ft. lauderdale and he will go hard on hillary clinton on the fact that madean is sitting behind her in the rally and new connection with
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jenna and the state department. we are learning more about the process and presidential debates that start on the 26th. the trump campaign will meet to hammer out conditions surrounding the debates. it is always a negotiation. one of the things is donald trump is concerned that the moderators are fair. look at what happened in 2012 and wants to be sure he will be treated fairly in the presidential debates. >> thank you. >> there are big changes to the electoral landscape. they have moved three states from what used to be toss up to leaning democrat. new hampshire, virginia and pennsylvania and changing georgia from leaning republican to toss up. and that leaves seven states in yellow characterized as pure toss up states where either
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hillary clinton or trip could win with the votes at state. and georgia on the battleground map. 13 states where they are actively being fought. and we'll talk about this with pete snyder. and a fox news contributor. and jessica, former candidate for congress and a democratic strategist. as a loyal republican, i don't suppose you are happy with the color changes on the map. >> when you go to half-time you would like to have a three touchdown lead. but there is it plenty of clock left in the game. things will start after labor day. it is not a great couple of weeks for the trump campaign. but hillary clinton is so unpopular she should be blowing him out. joe biden would be up three touchdowns against trump. this is going to be close.
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>> if she wins solidly democratic states like new jersey and new york and plus states that are leaning democratic, she gets 273 elector andy you only need 270 to win. she could stop right now if she wanted to. >> we are still three months out. there are many different things that could happen, but the momentum that we have seen in the week following the convention and going forward. things for her favor and trump is not helping himself at this point. the states that you mentioned georgia, and arizona, and even in places like north carolina where you have georgia, has a large number of african-american voters and arizona has a large latino and hispanic population and trump is not doing favors with the voters. not only that, a large number of independents and women out there who his message is not playing
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to it them and even with his financial program that he put forth this beak, it hasn't been giving him the bump he needs to win the election. >> florida is an undecided state. that is one of the big prizes out there and it seems to like trump. and trump said he might still win states like pennsylvania. >> i think florida is in play for donald trump and my home state of virginia is in play. trump, heart of coal country as you showed earlier and people will come out in droves. >> what about the preens of tim kaine. now doubt he is popular in virginia but don't take it off of the map. donald trump will contest virginia and rack up the vote in southwest virginia. and hillary clinton is a known quality in north virginia and
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she will not do as well there as barak obama did. and that is a problem for her. and the irony is that donald trump is critical of the campaign that mitt romney won and some of the states he's not doing that well. >> his campaign is a general message to getting narrower every week and where there is smaller states in pennsylvania where he's hammering on the message that appeals to white male voters, but missing a huge situating of the manages and it is interesting to see what happens. we need a turn out the vote on both sides and aggressive vote getting and making sure people go to the polls. and as a floridian, i know hillary is only up by three points, but you have to win florida. fine to talk about virginia and other states, but the next
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president has to carry the state of florida. hillary clinton has boots on the ground and people turning out to make sure that voters go to the polls on election day and trump's campaign is falling short. he has support here. florida varies wildly between north and south and central florida. we'll see a huge push by the clinton campaign to make sure she takes florida, and ohio and missouri. >> trump's campaign has hardly spent any money on television advertising. but could tv ads make the difference in the states? >> of course, it cocained. that's why i don't put the credence in the polls. imagine when he has more paritty on the adwars and on the ground. donald trump has not run a traditional campaign.
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and this thing will tighten up and i think it will be like 1980. people wrote off ronald reagan and in the closing weeks he blew it out. >> pete and jessica, thank you both. in the mean upon time, developments in two high profile police involved shootings and we start in ferguson, missouri. that's gunfire erupting in a protest in the protest of michael brown. he was shot by a white police officer. no one was hit by the gunfire and it was otherwise a peaceful demonstration and there is fallout from the justice department investigation in the baltimore polices department after the death of freddie gray. the police commissioner making it clear that bias law enforcement tactics will not be
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tolerated. and this comes a couple of weeks after all charges are dropped in the six officers in the freddie gray case. freddie died from a broken neck and the doj blasted the baltimore police department for routinely discriminating against the blacks, the baltimore pd is more racially diverse in the country. new concern for the white house and capitol hill worried about downed ballot races. some are getting tight and one in particular is getting more information. donald trump is lagging behind lesser party candidates when it comes to one thing and what it is and will it change as we get closer to the election. do you think that donald trump second amendment controversy.
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go to to get your thoughts in the conversation.
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the press plays in the hands of these sxeem they are an extension. the press is an extension of hill phil the democrats and people see it. >> that's donald trump taking aim at the media in the wake of the controversy over the second amendment comments and as he blasts the coverage he receives. of all of the candidates for running for president he spent the least on the campaign ads. he hasn't run a second one. is that going to change? we have our manager from martin o'malley and and mark la rson. mark, why not go on the offense. if he doesn't like what the media is doing, why not going on
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the attack and put out his own television ads. >> he's doing that with millions of followers on twitter and social media and getting what h look at today. five times the amount of network coverage of the mainstream networks of the trump controversy compared to the mateen story about the orlando gunman's father in the crowd and the he's getting plenty of publicity. republicans spend too much money going at each other in the primaries and not enough left in the general. maybe he is smart to keep his powder dry. >> look. donald trump subscribe to all press is good press. and that's why he doesn't spend monomedia. the vast majority of the press is negative. which is why we see his numbers
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going down in the polls. we are in the general election and that is very different than the republican primary. you can't spout hate behind the podium and to see that work nothing the general electorate. it will not happen. >> do you think it is smart, mark, for him not to spend money right now putting out his own message when he is outspent by hillary clinton or the libertarian voters that are taking voters? >> it is interesting, anything he said is a problem by the way he gets met to the media. the democrats are are good and pounced on the second amendment comment and he could run a new campaign talking about his family and touchy and feely and make the expertses feel good about it and it would be like donald trump is trying to do this. >> you are saying no matter what
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he does it is negative, mark? >> he could say good morning and they are going to challenge that. >> and mark seems to have a point, anything that donald trump is it. even at this point, getting down to his mannerisms are examined by the media and one wonders what that is all about? >> here's the thing tis not the media that is doubling or tripling down on attacks on a gold star family. it is not the media that is calling mexican rapist, >> come on, it is the media. >> it is not. he's saying those things. >> they are amplifying it. >> mark, there is a lot of the money and money can be spent in a lot of different ways and hillary clinton can spend it in operations like arizona and georgia. karl rove said it is not necessarily about winning this
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time around but infrastructure are in the states and looking ahead for future races. what do you think that donald trump is doing with the money. do you think he's coping his powder dry for something in the future. >> yes. >> what is it about? >> i think he's coping his powder dry for the election. it is what it is between trump and hillary clinton. one thing we can agree on careen, it is is unconventional year. and all of the conventional predictions are not working out. maybe he is the smartest person in the room. >> your quick final thoughts. he's run a nontraditional campaign; will this be any different? >> it worked in the republican primary but not the general electorate. he has to build a coalition and can't go after the 13 million people. he has to go after
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african-american and latinos and that's why he has problems in arizona and georgia and north carolina and he's not building that coalition. it is a public for him. >> hillary's negatives are are up there, too. >> bfth of them are. >> that is a fact. >> we'll see what happens as donald trump did in the past. we'll see if this is the case. great to have you both. thank you so much. >> more than a thousand people evacuated as a fire rages against a popular tourist destination. >> and investigators are recovering the data recorder from a doomed cargo ship. our next guest shares what it might be be able to tell them about the final moments before the el faro went down with 33 crew members on board. for lower back pain sufferers,
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a has mat situation after a train carrying one car loaded with sulphuric acid derails in kentucky. the resident of the small city, 2500 are told to shelter in place as the situation is underway. it happened 11:40 eastern time. the train derailment. one car with sulphuric acid on board. they are trying to figure out if anything is leaking. we'll bring you updates as the information comes in our newsroom. right now, three people are dead after a forest fire on a portuguese island in a regional island and tourist destination.
10:25 am
wind- whipped flames destroyed 40 hopes and a five- star hotel. all throw victims are believed to be elderly folks whose homes caught fire. this is one of several burning in the island territory. it is so bad the government is calling on other members of the european union to help fight the flames. >> and ntsb finally recovered the data recorder from the el faro cargo ship that sank near the bahamas last october. investigators hope that the discovery will give new information on the final hours before the ship went down with all 33 members on board. captain, we talked about the story and a devastating story, what will this data recorder tell us? >> the voice data recorder known
10:26 am
as black box for ship will contain 12 hours of the ship information position, speed and radar information and most importantly voice recordings from the brig before the ship sank. >> what do you think they are listening for? >> they will listen for the conditions they were facing at the time on the vessel including trying to evacuate which can after one of two hearings, it appears they attempted to abandon the ship and were unsuccessful. >> we might find that based on how they were talking about it; is that correct? >> that's correct. >> this data recorder was found 15000 feet under the water. do you have information on the condition it would need to be in to make sure the information is
10:27 am
recoverable. >> the voice data recovery is about the size of the football. they sent out the navy owned uss apache because it was equipped with a deep ocean recovery remotely operated vehicle. and it is operated by men and women on board of the vessel and lowered down 15000 feet. and it had to be detached using special tools from the wreck and brought back up to the the surface where it sits now. there were incredible pressures down there and it remains to be seen if the data is intact, from the first appearances it appears so. >> that would be good news, there are lingering questions about why the captain, the ship's captain made the decision to continue to sail. there is question of whether or not he had power at the time and able to make the decisions one
10:28 am
has to in this situation. 60 minutes in the piece investigators were tearing up because of the horrible conditions they were imagining the crew faced. i am wondering, captain sweeny, how does the information impact the way cargo ships sail in the future? >> i hope that it does. i hope one thing will change that the el faro was equipped with old open lifeboats, relics from world war ii that are impossible to get into in a hurricane. they should have been equipped with a modern covered lifeboat and if they were, they could still be here today. >> wow. >> and they had two hearings already. one thing that has come out captain davidson received out dated weather information from a weather advisory service that he relied on for the hurricane.
10:29 am
one advisory official said it was a computer glitch that caused him to get 12 hours old information. i think that was a major contributing factor to this disaster. >> we'll hopefully find out more about the conditions they were dealing with. and try to solve this mystery for us. especially the families impacted. captain sweeny, thank you so much. >> nice talking to you. >> new hampshire septemberor kelli ayotte in a fierce battle for the senate seat. and that could have expectations of what to expect in november. >> and a floating piece of history. the uss intripit. home of space shuttle enterprise. and what is next for america's
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races. high profile senate race in new hampshire. the democrat is close nothing on kelli ayotte, the republican. here's more from rick on this race. >> reporter: jenna we are in the college where the senator ayotte is hosting a forum on veteran issueses and a part of the vigorous campaign as is facing a tougher challenge from governor hassan. and hassan is benefitting from hillary clinton's lead over donald trump. and ayotte gets a similar boost and doing better than trump here and distancing herself from him and hasan is endorsing hillary clinton. >> i support hillary clinton because we are expanding middle-class opportunity and helping our small businesses and keeping our country safe.
10:35 am
>> i will be voting for him. i am not endorsing him. i have disagreements with him which i am vocal about and i will continue to do that. >> both candidates are flooding the air waves with tv ads funded by out of state donations and most expensive political battle in new hampshire's history. hassan has a one point lead with 90 days left until the election. we are hearing that this one will go down to the wire. >> all the more reason to watch. >> rick, thank you. earlier in our first hour of "happening now", we took you through the history of the space shuttle program started 40 years ago. and now we continue the tour of the intrerp trepid sea air and what is next in the space
10:36 am
program. new york city. a tourism hot spot. rich in history and featuring the country's best museum and one of the biggest is still something of a surprise to many. birthed on the east bank of the hudson river. the intrepid is now home to sea, air and space museum. once on board you can inspect the legendary aircraft and take a journey through america's recent history including the space program. >> the end of the sea drama. rescuers head for the firm deck of the carrier intrep pid. >> i remember watching the intrepid plucking astronauts out of the water. >> recovering two space capsules and murkry and gemmin i.
10:37 am
and maybe you have scott carpenter lounging in the water as they come to rescuing. and they are some of the first people who were ever in outer space. since 2012, visitor ones can see the enterprise. >> we got it here, we don't have very much. as far as the space program here in new york city. and so many people are here and kids that go to school here. that is so many visitors from other countries that to have an artifact like the space shuttle is great because it is one of the only things that nasa has here in new york city. >> today all shuttles are ground. discovery retired on march ninety-ninth, 2011 and followed by endovor on june 1st of that same year.
10:38 am
the final shuttle mission completed in july 2011, as millions watched atlantais final journey home from space. >> this bird and her sisters are not flying anymore. but what about the conversation to the america space program. >> it could not have been accomplished without the space shuttle. you have a laboratory on it. and round the clock for the last 16 years we have had people on the space station. >> we have build up knowledge of what it is like for scott kelli being up there for a year and what it is like to keep people in space for a long time. >> now we await more discoveries as juny orbit. >> they will find things they never expected and someday what the atmosphere is like in
10:39 am
jupiter and answer questions of how jupiter got there and how it formed and how we relate to it and why earth is different than jupiter. that study is going to be exciting over the next few months. there will never be a manned mission to jupiter? >> euoppa is one of the moons, and identified as a place that would be interesting to study as a possibility of supporting life and maybe that is more likely. >> we have come so far just in my lifetime, the first manned mission into space that barely got into space. and now year's long mission on the international space station. what is next? >> the next step beyond lower orbit that we have explored for the past few decades with people to go beyond lower are orbit.
10:40 am
nasa is looking at that. the goal to get and go somewhere else. mars, go to the moon or asteroid. somewhere other than just circling the earth. >> for now there is an unmanned space mission to euronna in the 2020s. >> the gravity on the big planets like jupiter is intense and you would be crushed. we'll not do manned missions there. >> and to gather the information, just to answer simple questions like why are we here and what are we doing. >> those are easy questions. >> and thank you for that. and thousands of of soldiers are grappling with extreme conditions in epic conditions. and we'll tell you what it is. four decades after a husband's unsolve issed murder, the prosecutors are pointing the
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he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. >> right now with the olympics taking place in brazil, russia is hosting the international army games. and china and iran are taking part in competitions. and first time the events are held in kazakhstan. >> new developments on a very cold case stretching back decades. an illinois judge set a trial for jacqueline grecco.
10:45 am
her husband was shot in his home. and all of that changed more than 30 minutes later when authorities uncovered a phone conversation between grecco and her sister in which she said it was stanged as part of a murder plot. we'll bring in windy and brian claypool. crim nam defense attorney. welcome to both of you. the story here. it reads like something out of hollywood. the victim's husband. and they show up at the family house and wearing nylon masks and tie up the soon to be widow and her three small children and when the husband comes home they take him in the basement and shoot him to death with his own gun and run away. that is a weird story. she's not charged with murder,
10:46 am
wendy, why not? >> warming up upon a cold case involve involves reexamining the facts and circumstances from the very beginning. it is a conspiracy theory and something that has been suspected over the years and remember, no one actually charged her before now, before 2013 when prosecutors had a second look. and 1979. we were listening to the bee gees and that's how long ago murder is occurred. and in all of the forensics and all of the rev lougz that happened with the technology and statements is going to help and that's why it was set for trial. >> the plot gets thicker. apparenty on the night after her husband was murdered in their home she had a poll party and one of the people attending was a chicago detective who moved in
10:47 am
with her a week later and married her four months later. they have since divorced and he's not charged and not made any comments to the media, but i don't know, brian if it walks like a duck, maybe? >> first of all, i was listing to spode wagop and not the bee gees. sorry wendy. jon, this is not cold case justice. this is save face justice. this is a police department and prosecutor who couldn't solve a crime and you have 30 or 40 years and couldn't find the two killers that killed her husband and now they are trying to manufacture a charge 40 years later. and this is like a political playground for prosecutors that are playing roulette with innocent lives. if you don't find anything under the onion. there is no evident that links
10:48 am
her to the crime. wendy made a point. she will be charged with a conspiracy, jon. you need an evidence of an agreement and her and grecco and two killers to prove a conspiracy. if you can't find the two dillers, you can't prove an agreement. this is it a manufactured charge to it save face for the prosecutor. >> that is the name of the chicago police detective she was dating and rumored to have an affair with at the time. he moved in with her a week after the killing. and the plot gets thick, weppedy when you you hear the recording in which she implicated herself was just made in 2013, something a statement on the lines of i will have you killed like i did my husband. why would they make a recording? they had to get a judge's okay to tap her phones, right? >> you know, it depends on whether law enforcement did it
10:49 am
or private citizen. theive us are not privy to all of the facts. we'll get to see more evidence. and we'll watch it closely and words matter. wa can they say to be interpreted several ways and prosecutor need to make sure there is enough evident to prove guilt and they are not allowed to bring a case unless they prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. we'll see more and more evidence that they have in addition to the tape this we are hearing so much in 2013. >> her late husband described as a hot tempered and high rolling commodity trader. and her children are standing behind her. and she is charged and we'll keep an eye on the case. on t. thank you, both.
10:50 am
>> thank you, john. breaking news from the fox news alert, we are getting word of bomb warnings on board two planes that are scheduled to land shortly as brussels airport. we are getting this way of reuters, citing a belgian broadcaster. we also have a fox broadcaster on the ground saying officials are taking this seriously. there's emergency personnel standing by. of course, it's the same airport targeted by isis in late-march. 32 people died in the attacks at the airport. so all the more reason to take it seriously. one bit of information we don't have at this time is where these two airplanes are coming from. that is going to be key. when we find that out and get more information we'll tell that to you. but we have two planes with bomb threats on -- these two planes are bound for brussels airport. so breaking news as we get more information we'll bring it to you right after the break.
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hi, everyone. we are awaiting a press conference involving a 73-year-old that was somehow shot and killed during a citizens training exercise with police. how on earth did this happen? we'll have the details. plus, for the first time ever a pentagon unclassified report detailing the suspected terror backgrounds of more than 100 detains at or recently released from gitmo. we have that report. and a mom on a mission to track down what is happening in the secret service. what she uncovered and how she did it on "america's election headquarters" coming up in just a minute.
10:55 am
officials say the industry is booming and no longer needs incentive, but homeowners who paid thousands of dollars to install the solar panels disagrees. we are live with claudia who disagrees. >> reporter: every year homeowners spend $16,000 to subcy died 17,000 customers who put solar panels on their roof. but not much longer, the state is now phasing out the subsidy over the next 12 years. solar customers are blasting the state's decision to phase out the reimbursement of customers at the retail rates by the savings generated by the rooftop
10:56 am
panels. >> the governor has gone against supporting us, the little person. >> reporter: many homeowners say without the credit they wouldn't have shelled out thousands of dollars to go solar. and they blame the nevada public utility commission for what they call a bait and switch. >> we don't hate solar. >> reporter: paul thompson head of the pui says the net metering perk was unfair meaning homeowners who didn't have solar panels were subcy disidizeing t who did. >> as the solar panel industry has grown larger and larger, we saw this as a way to kick-start the industry. now 18 years later it's time for the industry to stand on its own two feet. >> this warehouse used to be completely full of solar panels. >> reporter: but many companies are downsizing and several including solar city have stopped doing business in the state eliminating more than 600 jobs. solar activists are now fighting this new policy in the courts. it is a legal battle that is being watched closely by other
10:57 am
sunny states including california and arizona. jenna? >> we'll watch it, too. claudia, thank you very much. we'll be right back. picking up for kyle.
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oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. thank you so much for joining us, everybody. >> "america's election headquarters" starts now. hillary clinton is in the battleground state of iowa at this hour with the e-mail scandal hounding her campaign to take the potentially dangerous new turn. hello, i'm heather naurt. thank you for joining us today. new e-mails have been released showing a possible link between the clinton state department and the clinton foundation. they are about to hold a briefing. we are going to watch that live. the e-mails between


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