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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 10, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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so you never miss an episode of "the five." >> 8:00, don't forget, if you want the latest on the e-mail scandals and trump's second amendment issues -- >> and i'll be on megyn kelly's show. "special report" is next. >> oh, we are not done. one more chapter the story of hillary clinton's e-mails. this time questions about the overlap between her state department and the clinton foundation. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. did hillary clinton, as america's top diplomat, give special treatment to people who gave big money to the clinton foundation? that's the question tonight following the release of more e-mails. clinton's team did not turn over to the government last year. correspondent richard edson on what critics are calling a pay to play arrangement.
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>> reporter: clinton political donors and officials pushed the u.s. state department for meetings, favors, and jobs for associates, while hillary clinton was secretary of state. this, according to nearly 300 pages of work-related e-mails secretary clinton failed to initially surrender to the state department. and just released as the result of a successful lawsuit from conservative group judicial watch. >> they extracted these promises from mr. clinton to stay out of foundation business, they have a bright line and wall between the state department and the foundation. they were communicating with the state department to take care of associates and in juan case, a major donor. >> reporter: doug band is a long-time adviser to president bill clinton. he led the clinton global initiative and in 2009, he forwarded to hillary clinton aides an e-mail from an associate looking for a job entitled "a favor." he instructs them the matter was
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important to take care of. abedin responds, we have all had him on our radar. personnel has been spending him options. the state department refuses to identify the contact or say if the person in question received a job, only adding officials are confident they followed all the rules in this case. a few days later, "we need gilbert to speak to the substance person regarding lebanon, adding the issue was very important." he's a nigerian businessman from lebanon, and a long-time supporter of the clintons. the clinton foundation says he's donated between $1 million and $5 million. the clinton campaign claims in these e-mails band was acting as an adviser to former president bill clinton, not as head of the clinton global initiative. in a statement --
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>> reporter: clinton defenders say the former secretary of state engaged in no wrongdoing. >> these e-mails were between staffers, this was not secretary clinton involved in this discussion. second, here's what american people hear about hillary clinton in this issue. e-mails, e-mails, e-mails, bla, bla, bla. >> reporter: this afternoon, judicial watch released more e-mails, including one from 2012, showing officials informed cheryl mills. they were asking for the number of e-mail addresses secretary of state clinton used. chris? >> rich, thank you. donald trump is not backing down, insisting his comment yesterday that some interpreted as a threat to hillary clinton was nothing of the source. and he's hoping gun rights
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supporters will have his back. carl cameron is with the trump campaign in sun rise, florida. >> reporter: trailing in virginia polls, donald trump, who says hillary clinton would abolish the second amendment, dug in today. >> we have to protect our second amendment, which is under siege. remember, it's under siege. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, trump's attempt to rally those he calls second amendment people to block clinton from appointing liberal judges dominated the campaign trail. >> yesterday, we witnessed the late nest a long line of casual comments from donald trump that cross the line. his casual inciting of violence. every single one of these incidents shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. >> reporter: trump's facing
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bipartisan criticism for this remark yesterday that some thought could incite violence. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> reporter: trump insists he was calling voters only to political arms. >> you look at the power they have in terms of votes and that's what i was referring to. >> reporter: the national rifle association immediately announced a $3 million blitz of attack ads on clinton. >> protected by armed guards for 30 years, but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. >> reporter: the nra backs trump. susan collins of maine, the sixth republican u.s. senator to denounce trump, said she took the remarks as a rally cry to activism. house speaker paul ryan said it was a failed attempt at humor.
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former director of national intelligence, the former secretary of commerce, and others, are now touted on the clinton web page under the banner, together for america. this afternoon, cnn reported that the trump campaign and secret service had had a conversation about the remark yesterday. and that the trump campaign said that there was no intention to incite violence. donald trump himself afternoon tweeted no such conversation has taken place, and the secret service maintains only that they are aware of the remark. chris? >> carl cameron with the trump campaign in florida, thank you. house speaker paul ryan easily defeated his primary challenger last night in wisconsin. ryan pulled in 84% of the vote. the challenger received a boost near the end of the race with a positive mention from donald trump. a federal appeals court is blocking a lower court order, allowing wisconsin residents who have trouble getting a photo i.d. to vote, after signing an
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affidavit affirming their identity. civil liberty groups say it disenfranchises vulnerable citizens. a second court ruling remains in effect, but it's also being challenged. hillary clinton is focusing on the midwest. she made two campaign stops today in des moines, iowa. tomorrow, a major economic speech in detroit. senior political correspondent mike emanuel sets the scene from the motor city. >> reporter: hillary clinton is back in battleground iowa with an eye on expanding the electoral map in november. in des moines, she toured a t-shirt company owned by mike draper, emphasizing small businesses are the engine to our economy. >> i've been talking a lot in the weeks about the need to get more good jobs with rising incomes for more americans. but part of that has to be helping more people like mike start and grow businesses, and create the conditions in which
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they can be successful. >> reporter: the latest poll has clinton leading donald trump 41% to 37% in iowa. in ohio, clinton holds a five-point edge in that survey. and in pennsylvania, clinton is ahead by 11. it's worth noting, clinton and tim kaine went on a bus tour of pennsylvania and ohio right after the dnc in philadelphia. so clinton is actively trying to sweep the rust belt from trump. sthz is one of the big differences i have with donald trump. i have many big differences, but one of them is that he makes all these things, he doesn't make any of them in the united states. >> reporter: clinton is looking to compete in arizona and georgia, which are typically red states. the campaign is seeking to hire staff to put those states in play. she's also eyeing utah, which hasn't gone for a democrat since 1964. she made reference to the constitution and religious freedom and mentioning the 2012
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republican nominee, listen to mitt romney, who said trump fired before aiming when he decided a blanket religious ban was a solution to the threat of terrorism. clinton continued that gop outreach at a rally late today. >> i am humbled and moved by the republicans who are willing to stand up and say that donald trump doesn't represent their values. >> reporter: this sets the stage for that big economic speech by clinton here in michigan tomorrow. just days after donald trump gave one in detroit. clinton will try to convince those frustrated by their economic opportunities that she understands and has solid ideas to help him. chris? >> mike emanuel reporting from detroit. thank you. donald trump says he will participate in three debates with hillary clinton this fall. but he's not happy about some of the arrangements. correspondent kristen fisher tells us why. >> reporter: the last major
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party presidential candidate to back out of a debate was jimmy carter in 1980, refusing to share the stage with independent candidate john anderson. and after richard nixon's disastrous debates with john f. kennedy in 1960, there were no debates between republican and democratic candidates for next 16 years. but in 2016, for republican nominee to bail on the debates would be a gamble of historic proportions. >> donald trump needs to be at those three debates, because from an electoral college stand point, he's starting out from a position of catching up. so he can't afford to miss one. he's got too much ground to make up. >> reporter: trump skipped one debate during the primary and claims to have renegotiated the length of another debate from 3 1/2 hours to down to two. now trump tells "time" magazine he'll "absolutely do three debates" and he wants to debate "very badly but wants to see the conditions first." he also said he's reserving the right to pull out if he doesn't like the moderators yet to be
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announced. earlier, he said he didn't like the dates because two of them were at the same time as football games. >> hillary clinton wants to be against the nfl. like she did with bernie sanders, where they were on saturday nights when nobody is home. >> reporter: the clinton campaign says it's not clear if he's trying to avoid debates or merely toying with the press to create more drama. either way, our campaign is not interested in playing along. we will accept the commission's invitation and expect donald trump to do the same. that commission is the same independent, nonpartisan commission that sponsored every presidential debate since 1988. >> these debates are set up over a year in advance and there's really nothing that they can do, that they're not in a negotiating position. >> reporter: as of now, the commission says it has no plans to meet with the trump campaign, though that could change. what is in the works is a meeting between the trump and clinton campaigns, and that should happen over the next few days. chris? >> kristen, thank you. this highly unusual
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presidential race is having a trickle down effect, another big contest in november. case in point, the new hampshire senate race. an incumbent republican is having a hard time in her bid for re-election, and a lot of people are blaming donald trump. rick leventhal reports from new hampshire. >> reporter: senator kelly ayotte fights for her political future against the democratic governor. >> i know we can do better and i want to bring the kind of work ethic and commitment to problem solving that we have. >> i wake up every single day with a sense of purpose to work as hard as i can on behalf of the people of new hampshire. so there are always challenges thrown at you, but it's worth it. >> onward to victory in november. >> reporter: three months before
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the election, polls show the race is a dead heat. but ayotte is doing better than trump here and trying to distance herself from him. >> i support hillary clinton, because she and i have been working for the same thing, expanding middle class opportunity, helping our small businesses, keeping our country safe. >> reporter: ayotte is walking a fine line. >> i said clearly i'm going to be voting for him. i'm not endorsing him. i have disagreements with him that i've been vocal about. >> reporter: her reluctance towards the republican nominee hasn't stiped his attention. last week, he said, she's given me no support and implied she's weak. both are treading carefully, because neither presidential candidate is well liked that their home state. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are the two least
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popular candidates that have ever run for president in the 20th century. and in new hampshire, their unfavorables are about the same, 60% have unfavorable opinions of both candidates. >> reporter: andy smith says this race is simply too close to call and will be the most expensive political battle in new hampshire state history with millions pouring in from out of state donors, hoping to influence the outcome. chris? >> rick leventhal reporting from manchest manchester, new hampshire. senator ayotte is sharing an unclassified report she got from the pentagon about the militant back grounds of the detainees still housed at guantanamo bay. she says president obama is planning to release more dangerous terrorists. the administration is set to transfer 34 of the remaining 76 detainees to other countries. well, as you may have seen, a man is right now climbing up the outside of trump tower in new
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york. let's go to shepard smith at the fox news desk for an update. >> chris wallace, we've been watching this all afternoon. of course, the moment you come to us, the picture goes down. about 3:45 this afternoon, a man started climbing the outside of the trump tower building. some guy walks through the lobby, tells security there's some guy climbing the building. by then, he was at the sixth floor. they put inflatables down. our friends at abc 7 report that they saw in his backpack some paperwork that had donald trump's name on it. he's just taken the backpack off. he's up at about the 15th noor now. the police have been negotiating with him, they've knocked holes in the wall and pulled the glass out and been saying to him you've got to come down, trying to negotiate an end to it. they say they're going to wait him out. if we panned up about two stories, the police have removed
3:16 pm
a window, just waiting for him to get there. the question is, will he go around the side to avoid them? there are the two police windows have that been opened up. this is the south front of the building. chris, 2 1/2 hours later, he's still climbing. if anything changes, we'll come back. up next, pulling the plug on solar power subsidiesubsidies. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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these are dark times for the solar industry in nevada. a recent court ruling is shaping up to cost solar customers big money. but our correspondent explains people who do not use the power of the sun say it's about time. >> reporter: every year, nevada homeowners spend $16 million to help subsidize 17,000 customers who put solar panels on their roof. but not for much longer. in a controversial move, the state's public utility commission, or p.u.c., is phasing out that subsidy over the next 12 years. >> let's hear it one more time for solar. [ applause ] >> reporter: solar customers in nevada now blasting the state's decision to phase out net metering. the incentive program that
3:21 pm
reimbursed customers for excess power generated by their roof top panels. >> the p.u.c. and governor have back stabbed us and gone against supporting the little person. >> reporter: according to solar activists, the new rules mean some will end up paying more had they not gone solar. many say they shouldn't have shelled out thousands to install the panels if they had known they would be hit with higher fees and blame the nevada public utility commission for what they call a bait and switch. paul thompson, head of the p.u.c., says it was unfair, because it meant homeowners who didn't have solar panels were subsidizing those who did. >> we've seen this subsidy grow, what started as a policy to kickstart the industry, now 18 years later, it's time for that
3:22 pm
industry to stand on its own two feet. >> this warehouse used to be full of solar panels. >> reporter: as a result of the new policy, many companies are having to down size due to a lack of customers, and several have stopped doing business in the state, eliminating more than 500 jobs. activists are now hoping state lawmaker also allow customers who went solar before the decision can keep the rates they signed up for and they're fighting the new policy in the courts. sit a legal battle other states are watching closely. chris? >> claudia, thank you. a maryland hospital is transferring babies from its neonatal intensive care unit while it disinfects the unit following the discovery of a deadly bacteria.
3:23 pm
the nine transfers were take on the a hospital in washington. an official with the group that owns the maryland hospital say the bacteria bases are not related to the recent deaths of two infants there. the dow lost 37 today. the s&p 500 was down 6. nasdaq dropped 21. the justice department comes down hard on the baltimore police department. what happens now? we'll have a live report. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. (announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. the justice department says police in baltimore routinely discriminate against blacks, use excessive force, and are not adequately disciplined. that finding comes in the wake of last year's death of freddie gray, an african-american man in police custody. correspondent doug mckelway is in baltimore tonight. >> reporter: the department of justice investigation found the baltimore police department
3:28 pm
engaged in a pattern of discrimination and denial of constitutional rights, subjecting african-americans to disproportionate rates of stops, searches, and arrests. >> many of the resulting stops lacked constitutional justification, and many of the arrests were simply street clearing activity. >> reporter: blacks were arrested for drug possession at five times the rate of other ethnicities, despite similar rates of drug use. the mayor asked for the doj investigation after the death of freddie gray. the report blames no one in particular, but baltimore's zero tolerance policing began in 1999, under then democratic mayor martin o'malley. arrests soared to a high of over 108,000 in 2005. equivalent to 1/6th of the city's population.
3:29 pm
>> the police department's street enforcement strategy became a quest to produce large numbers of enforcement actions. pedestrian stops in particular. >> reporter: community leaders say a wholesale culture change is needed. >> when you have a wound, you just don't throw a band-aid on it. you have to put some antiseptic on it. >> reporter: the city of baltimore and the justice department now enter into an agreement in principle which sets in notion numerous reports, including better training, equipment and community relations, monitored by doj observers. the police commissioner welcomes the change. >> those who choose to wear this uniform and choose to blatantly disregard someone's rights should be uncomfortable, because we are not going to tolerate it. >> reporter: but none of this will come cheap. in other cities where doj has
3:30 pm
imposed these types of reforms, costs are running between $5 to $10 million a year. and there's another cost, the so-called ferguson effect, where the fullback of aggressive policing has resulted in an increase in violent crime. chris in >> doug, thank you. the other side of the equation is the targeting of law enforcement officers by criminals. in chicago, the police are being threatened by gang members. correspondent matt finn has more. >> reporter: chicago police on high alerts after reports local gangs have put together a plot to kill them, in retaliation for last month's fatal shooting of an 18-year-old black teen by city officers. caught on tape by police camera. police say the teenager was speeding towards officers in a stolen car. police fire shots into the black
3:31 pm
convertible. [ gunfire ] later, the video shoes o'neil bleeding out in a backyard. the video is sparking outrage. >> they shake your hands, smoke a cigarette, i didn't see no remorse. >> reporter: chicago mayor rahm emanuel says the video does not warrant a plot to kill police. >> it is totally unacceptable that gangs are meeting and talking about targeting police officers in the city of chicago. given they have spent their lives protecting the rest of us from any crime and/or violence. >> reporter: this is the late nest a string of controversial police videos in chicago showing officers killing black teens. to date, all ruled justified except for the shooting of 17-year-old akwan mcdonald. the officer in that shooting awaits trial. bloodshed is skyrocketing in the west and south side.
3:32 pm
in july, 65 people killed. in 2016, over 2,000 people have been shot in chicago. over 430 people murdered. those who back police say officers put their lives on the line patrolling chicago's streets. >> every cop is not the same. some cops want to protect and serve. >> reporter: the department of justice warning that a high ranking gang member here in chicago has expressed a sincere desire to kill a federal officer, arguing that would resonate much louder than the murder of a local police officer. chris? >> matt, thank you. did hillary clinton's state department do favors for a clinton foundation donor? we'll ask the panel when we come right back.
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to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. this is a fox news alert. new york city police have just stopped that man who was climbing the trump tower in new york city. they've arrested him safely. brought him inside.
3:37 pm
let's go to shepard smith for the latest. >> chris, it happened just less than a minute ago, the man is climbing on these suction cups, and a police officer just reaches out and grabs his arm. i think we can turn the video around for you. this happened a minute and a half ago. gave him a little nudge there and dragged him into the building. it happened very fast, and it was over just like that. the police were a bit annoyed. as it turns out, this guy has put a video message on youtube, to donald trump. it was posted yesterday. we believe it's he. where he says, donald trump, here's why i'm climbing your building. i want your campaign to know some things. i'm going to get word to your campaign, but it's essential that we talk. so i don't know, is this a guy with a legitimate message or a whack-a-do? there's no way to know. but for 2 hours and 45 minutes,
3:38 pm
he climbed trump tower in midtown manhattan. here's the video of that as it went down. just grabbed his arm, the one cop did. they've been talking back and forth. he's trying to stay away, but that wasn't possible to do. and chris wallace, it's all over. >> and shep, just a question again what they did is they took out the window there on what is it, about the 17th floor of the trump tower. >> 21st floor. >> that's how they were able to get access to the climber? >> on the left side of your screen, that's the west facing front of the building, right on 5th avenue where the sun's setting. they have window washers there on ropes and cops on the window washer scaffolding. then they opened up windows all around it. he could have gone down, but there was no more up opportunity for him. he appeared to go along that window thinking the cops won't reach out. that was the wrong thing to
3:39 pm
think. they did so in quick fashion. but 2 hours and 45 minutes later, he's got to be tired. probably glad to have a place to sit down. >> shep, thanks so much for the latest. >> we'll continue this on facebook live, because the police are going to have a news conference. thank you, chris. >> you bet. let's bring in our panel not to talk about people climbing towers, but to talk actually -- well, let's see them first, then tell you. charles lane from "the washington post." laura ingram and charles krauthammer. we're going to talk about hillary clinton, the clinton foundation and the question whether there was some kind of a pay-to-play arrangement between the foundation and hillary clinton and her top aides a t the state department. laura, this nexus between the fountain and the state department has never gained the political traction of say the e-mails or benghazi.
3:40 pm
does this change that? >> well, one would think it should under current federal corruption law, where it states that if a federal official receives anything of value in exchange for changing federal policy or action, you could be held libel. in this case, perhaps we'll learn more with other e-mail releases. but one thing that's clear, when you give $1 million to $5 million to the clinton foundation, you can cut through the bureaucracy fast. that mr. chaudhry, he was able to cut through all the way to huma abedin. they were able to connect him with the assistant secretary of near east affairs, and apparently it went from there in a phone conversation. now, what happened in the phone conversation, we don't know. but it's clear that the clinton foundation was a conduit for
3:41 pm
influencing federal officials at the state department. to what extent? we don't know. is it just to get a job, a meeting, a hearing on a future project? this is what we always thought was at the heart of this clinton foundation e-mail issue. >> let's give you an example of what we're talking about. here is an exchange in 2009 between doug band, a top official at the foundation, as well as president clinton's personal aide. band -- we need gilbert chagorry to speak to the substance person in lebanon. abedin -- it's jeff feldman, who is the u.s. ambassador. i'll talk to jeff. band -- better if you call him. chuck, big deal, small deal?
3:42 pm
>> i think it depends on what was so important and what was the matter involving lebanon that was so urgent that, as laura suggests, the usual bureaucratic hoops would not do, that you had to go straight to the hop in this way. of course, another thing that would make a lot of difference is whether hillary clinton knew about this or got involved directly. so far there's no evidence of that. it's interesting to point out that doug band and huma abedin are in business together, if i remember. >> they weren't then. >> but they are later on. this is a very interlocked group of people. one of the things that the clinton campaign tried to say in defense of this was that doug band in all of this was just acting as an adviser to bill clinton. that was the hat he was wearing, not as in his role in the clinton foundation. >> that explains how complicated this is. they're making a distinction
3:43 pm
between doug band adviser to the clinton fountain. >> what difference does it make that the president is the husband of the former secretary of state? it's all one big ball of mush. >> the clinton foundation and even basically in effect in an interview with me, about ten days ago, secretary clinton said that that's never been proof, there's never been a smoking gun or evidence that she did anything quid pro quo, made any decision as a result of any foundation gift or any speaking fee to her husband. here is the reaction to the latest batch of e-mails from donnie fowler, a former official in the clinton administration. take a look. >> these e-mails were between staffers. this was not secretary clinton involved in this discussion. second, here's what american people hear about hillary clinton in this issue. e-mails, e-mails, e-mails, bla,
3:44 pm
bla, bla. it's already baked into this election. this isn't going to really change the direction of this race. >> charles, i never thought i would ask you this question, but bla, bla, bla? look, i don't th is whistling in the dark. this can be quite ominous. there are two questions that have been outstanding forever. the first is, what exactly does the foundation do? i know what the gates foundation does. it is obvious that it was a huge networking operation, giving jobs to the entire clinton retinue. and the second question is, why does she have a private server? i have always speculated here, and i said it was pure speculation, that the real stuff, the reason she had to hide all this, obviously she meant to hide things, was because there is something having to do with the
3:45 pm
foundation. and that's where you would put all the so-called private stuff. it wasn't yoga lessons or wedding invitations. if there was anything about improper connections, and we see them here. this is just a few e-mails, what was in the 30,000? if anybody gets their hands on them, russian or not, they could come spilling out stuff that could destroy her candidacy. she knows what's in there. but if anything, it's the connection between the foundation and what she did as secretary of state. whether there was a direct quid pro quo is irrelevant. we're talking now not about criminal activity but the political effect. and it could be devastating. >> laura, as i said, secretary clinton and all of her top campaign officials and aides from the state department say look, there's no smoking gun here. there's been a lot of investigation. a fellow peter swizer wrote the book "clinton cash," there's no
3:46 pm
quid pro quo. does that make a difference? >> again, it probably could be somewhat persuasive if there weren't so many missing e-mails. if she hadn't lied to, you know, when she discussed turning all over her e-mails, so maybe if we had all of those e-mails and all that communication was in the public, we could take her at face value. but the big question now is, what was in those e-mails? maybe we'll know, maybe we won't. >> panel, we have to take a break. next up, the debate over presidential debates. staying in rhythm, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. in three delicious flavors.
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i don't think they should be opposite nfl games and i want to see a fair moderator and whatever else we'll look at. but certainly i want to do the debates. >> donald trump telling greta van susteren for "on the record" tonight he agrees to participate in three presidential debates but with some conditions. and we're back now with our panel. so, chuck, this is interesting because trump sounds like he is going into negotiation, the art of the deal. but the fact is the commission on presidential debates, which has sponsored every debate in the general election since 1988 says it doesn't negotiate, that it names the venue. it names the date. it names the moderator. there is no negotiation.
3:51 pm
question, who is going to blink? the commission or trump? >> well, i don't know what leverage donald trump has. if you are going to negotiate successfully, you have got to have leverage. he claims to have negotiated successfully in the primary debate because he was the guy who got all the ratings. right? these debates in the fall do not have commercial interruptions. there is no ratings issue for the people who are sponsoring them. you can't sell more air time for commercials based on whether or not donald trump is in it. furthermore, he is losing in all the polls. and usually the loser is in no position to dictate the terms who needs the debate more. i'm mist find as to exactly where he thinks he has got the upper hand here. >> one of the things that trump is complaining about is the fact that two of the debates is going to be up against nfl football games. given the fact they are on sunday, monday, thursday is pretty hard to avoid a date when there is an nfl football game. let me show you, in fact, because this has happened before, in 2012, the last
3:52 pm
obama-romney debate was up against monday night football. the debate got 59 million viewers. football 10.5. the second debate that year 2012 between obama and romney up against baseball 65 million to 6 million. and in 2008, the third obama mccain debate up against baseball 56 million to 8 million. so, laura, there is really not much competition. presidential debates beat sports. >> clearly. maybe he doesn't want to miss the games i don't know at this point he is football fan. i think the more interesting question here, chris, is what the republicans have been concerned about in the past. remember, romney in the national poll average. i was looking back at this before the show was six points ahead going into that candy crowley debate. everybody remembers yeah the transcript candy moment on benghazi and people were furious candy crowley said romney had a good point except in the warning what he said about the active terrorism. >> let me point out in the debate she seemed to side
3:53 pm
with obama. >> that infuriated republicans and some people believe that really turned the tide against rom anymore. i don't know if it did or didn't. republicans have had a lot of concern about and mitt romney said this himself with you last year, he said focus on issues highly divisive and end up having people pull away from us, he was referring to the republican primary dewaits. that's why they limited the scope of their debates. i don't think there is any big, you know, surprise that someone could raise an issue. in this case unlike the preprimary debates, there really isn't much room for anyone to run here. >> charles, i want to get back to chuck's point. i wonder about the leverage. i mean, if you are going to make the deal and as i understand the art of the deal you have to have leverage over the person you are negotiating with. he is behind in the polls. he is down in the swing states. you know, it seems to me if he were to huff and puff and say well maybe i won't participate, hillary clinton and the commission would say go ahead.
3:54 pm
>> but this isn't like the negotiation of a real estate deal. whether it's going to happen or not. i think what this can do for a republican for trump, in particular, is to influence how the debate commission goes about in the one important issue, it doesn't really matter if you are up against the nfl. that's a side smoke screen. the real issue is who moderates. and the candy crowley moment i don't know if it was decisive one. it was shameful. she clearly took the side of obama and she was wrong, which made it even worse. so, i think it's very important for the commission to think very hard about who would be acceptable to both sides. generally speaking the media overwhelmingly liberal. if you are going to take a random sample you will get liberal moderators try to be objective in the end it's hard to be. i think it's important to make the point that we are going to be watching very carefully hot moderators are and if they are unacceptable, you can say i'm not going to participate unless we get somebody else.
3:55 pm
ask a bunch of respected, retired judges to be the ones who choose. >> retired judges like the john surika case. >> don't have a stake in the game. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a different way to view the 2016 summer olympics. for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do
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3:59 pm
is our friend jimmy fallon figures it, the rio summer games have their pros and cons. >> pro-watching hussein bolt smash the record in the 100-meter dash. con because there was a mosquito chasing him the entire time. got to get motivated. got to stay motivated. >> a win is a win. [ applause ] >> pro-donald trump tweeting go for the gold. con to his makeup artist. >> pro: vladimir putin's biggest fear olympic drug testing. con: donald trump's biggest fear mexican pole vaulting. we are not putting on the other side. no way. that will never happen. >> he's got that down. and that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. no online show tonight. "on the record" with greta van susteren is next. and she's got donald trump. ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert.
4:00 pm
a man with suction cups just arrested for climbing the trump tower. he made it nearly 20 floors up the building. finally, just before "on the record" he was pulled inside the window in a moment donald trump, he will join us. first, fox news correspondent bryan llenas is live at trump tower. brian, what happened? >> hi, greta. can you hear me? we are on the north side right now of the tower. left side fifth avenue. around 3:30. a man, a climber divide to do climb the southeast corner of donald trump tower here on fifth avenue, new york city. as he was climbing over the hour, the nypd went in and they essentially what they tried to do is break through


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