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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. jon: jenna and i are back in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ ♪ sandra: this is outnumbered, i'm sandra smith, here today, kennedy, also from fb, this, the co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis, fox news contributor leslie marshall is with us today, and today's #oneluckyguy, we want to rehind you, you are so luck -- remind you, you are so lucky, charlie, charlie gasparino. you are outnumbered on this friday eve in harris -- >> that's what my mother -- harris: friday eve? sandra: family show. what's going on?
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all right. we're off already. [laughter] charlie, thank you for being here and, leslie, good to have you as well. new developments on those newly-released e-mails which suggest hillary clinton's state department was doing favors for donors of her family foundation. earlier this year the justice department reportedly decided against an investigation into the clinton foundation after the fbi requested the agency look into allegations of corruption. but the doj's public integrity unit, we are told, declined to pursue the case citing insufficient evidence. donald trump with strong words about the report that top clinton foundation donors got special access and vip treatment facilitated by secretary clinton's top lieutenants at state. the gop nominee saying it's the kind of corruption that has put politicians in jail. listen. >> what came out yesterday, reported today -- right? be pay for play. called pay for -- you're not allowed to do it. it's illegal.
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it's illegal. and i would imagine other things are going to be coming down the pike, so let's see what happens. sandra: clinton's campaign denying there was any be quid pro quo, saying, quote: the right-wing organization behind this lawsuit has been attacking the clintons since the 990s -- 199 0s, and no matter how this group tries to mischaracterize these documents, the fact remains hillary clinton never be took action as secretary of state because of donations to the clinton foundation. all right, i was going to go to charlie first but, melissa, you're outraged. melissa: that's exactly what they did, was take action in the state department as a result of the money that was given. raise your hand if you believe somebody that was convicted of money laundering in another country who's not american, who's a billionaire would get access to the state department and have kind of access and content -- sandra: referring, obviously, to the lebanese billionaire.
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>> i'm raising both my hands. kennedy: i assumed you were saying someone who was convicted of money laundering, the clinton foundation was a giant money-laundering suck pot, and someone like that is going to be magnetized and be drawn to -- >> is anybody here a lawyer? i'm not a lawyer, but i've covered this sort of quid pro quo alleged crime stuff -- kennedy: i watch a lot of perry mason, buddy can. [laughter] >> i can tell. is that the guy in the wheelchair? melissa: you don't think that document is quid pro quo? >> no, i actually -- listen, i think the clintons are sleazy, they have this stuff down to a science, they know where the legal line is and they never really cross the legal line. this is not an indictable offense -- melissa: i'm not be talking about indicting. i'm just -- >> okay. [inaudible conversations] >> news flash, the government -- melissa: she's selling the government.
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kennedy: amen. exactly right, health saw francis. >> news flash, the clintons are sleazily. sandra: i want to get leslie in. leslie: first of all, the correspondence is not between the former secretary of state hillary clinton -- >> yeah. leslie: what we see is a former aide of bill clinton talking to an aide of -- kennedy: the head of the foundation talking to the state department -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: when does he go from presidential aide to -- >> he talks about george h. bush saying, hey, this is my son, george w., can you hook him up and get him a job? he specifically writes about that -- sandra: all right, hold on -- melissa: special to us. he gave us a billion dollars. sandra: charlie, hold on just a second because i want to bring this back to the election. an editorial in "the wall street journal" talking about an october surprise saying, quote, we know mrs. clinton didn't turn over some 30,000 e-mails that
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she claimed were about personal matters. if those e-mails do surface, she will try to blame donald trump or vladimir putin or wikileaks, but the fault will lie with mrs. clinton's willful deception about handling official state business that have left her wide open for an october surprise. >> she's right. not she's right, but that's right. here's the thing, this looks really sleazy. i don't think you can indict on that -- melissa: not saying that. kennedy: talk to judge andrew napolitano -- sandra: he did. i saw him talking to him today. [laughter] >> he'll say you can't indict over this. but this is the way -- kennedy: no, judge andrew napolitano. >> yes, he would say you cannot be indict over this -- kennedy: no, he actually says that the clinton foundation shenanigans are much larger than the e-mail server -- >> really? kennedy: he said that on my show on fox business, weeknights at 8 p.m. eastern. >> i know. you should get your laws straight because the law on the
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other stuff is much clearer. you cannot -- kennedy: okay, but here's the difference. >> politicians have been doing quid pro quos for years. kennedy: okay, but that is not -- melissa: and they go to jail. kennedy: that is not a justification -- >> yes, it is. it's called the business of government. t not indictable. sandra: one at a time, because nobody can hear anything you're saying. kennedy: tens of thousands of documents -- >>'s the indictable offense? [inaudible conversations] kennedy: if they do that before the election, then we will have much -- >> i got that. i read "the new york times" today too. kennedy: good, charlie. isn't that great? oh, my goodness, you're out of those -- >> you do me a favor and tell me where is the indictable offense? kennedy: paying for access. >> that is not an indictable -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: when she has signed a document saying -- sandra: let's, let's -- >> not indictable. kennedy: perhaps it is, charlie.
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sandra: we need to talk about this, meantime, hillary clinton responding to donald to trump's second amendment comments that set off a firestorm at a rally on tuesday. trump said clinton would threaten the rights of gun owners by appointing liberal justices to the supreme court, adding supporters of the to second amendment could stop her from doing this. some critics accused him of inciting violence with clinton saying trump was way out of bounds. >> words matter, my friends. [applause] and if you are running to be president or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. [applause] yesterday we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that crossed the line. sandra: last night "on the record," trump once again tried to clarify his remarks saying he was only talking abouting the
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power of the ballot box. >> talking about political power. there's tremendous political power to save the second amendment, tremendous. and you look at, you know, you look at the power they have in terms of votes, and that's what i was referring to, obviously that's what i was referring to. everybody knows it. sandra: i just turned down the volume on my -- [laughter] got way too loud in that last segment. leslie, let's start with you first on this -- melissa: what a good idea. [laughter] leslie: a couple of things, first, maybe that was his intention, okay? but the problem is the inference when you look at his history. you talked about punching bloomberg in the face, paying for the legal defense of a man who -- kennedy: he's from new york. [laughter] leslie: i lived in bay bridge, brooklyn, can i do that? [laughter] i think it's inappropriate. in addition, what he's talking about hillary clinton has said, and it's been outlined again and again what she wants to do, and
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that is not to take away the second amendment. as a matter of fact be, the things she's proposing are favored by the majority of american people. universal background be checks, you can't fly, you can't buy. you're a domestic abuser, a severe mental illness, you're a felon, you should not be able to have a weapon. >> this is not a -- hillary, let's be clear -- >> that's not taking away the second amendment. >> everything that the democratic left wants to do will whittle away -- kennedy: exactly right. >> so you want somebody on a terrorist watch list -- >> of course not, that's a canard, come on. [inaudible conversations] kennedy:you're put on a terrorist watch list and there's no transparency and you don't though how you got on there, how do you get off? leslie: well, i like that you have that, because there are a lot of people in this country that have names that may be similar, including my husband, by the way, to 2,000 people, and they may put all of them in. but eventually they do --
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[inaudible conversations] >> syrian refugees -- kennedy: oh, that's fantastic. sandra: all right. so let's -- but let's talk, melissa -- [laughter] let's talk about his handling of this controversy. and we're getting pretty close here. he's been saying for so long i've got plenty of time. how is he handling this when we're so close to the election? melissa: i think what's really interesting is since that blew up, the second amendment comment which, in theory, we hear he wasn't even aware it was such a big kerfuffle, the speeches you've seen in the succeeding days, his tone has been very different. you listen, he's subdued, he's quieter, he's much more careful. now, i'm not saying it's probably too late -- >> you sure you got the same guy? [laughter] melissa: we in the building watch every single minute of all of this every single day and people out there, i hope, don't watch every second because they've got other things to do in their life -- kennedy: no, they don't, they watch fox news and fox business
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24 hours a day, and god bless them. melissa: his tone yesterday was quieter, it was subdued. we've all seen him personally, he was that guy. >> he said obama created isis. he was the founder, didn't he? i kind of agree -- [inaudible conversations] there are. kennedy: charlie, to be fear, to be fear he hasn't been lobotomized, but melissa's absolutely right. the monday speech was the pivot that he has promised -- >> partial lobotomy? kennedy: yeah. it wasn't a frontal. it was an occipital lobotomy, which is very different -- >> i'm glad you know the difference. kennedy: i do, absolutely. and the location -- melissa: next to each other in the future, for the record. kennedy: but then, of course, he made the second amendment comment x now he has to go back to the manafort in shock collar -- >> what's that? kennedy: well, paul manafort, clearly, tries very, very hard to redirect his big feelings so he doesn't express them on stage in these impromptu --
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>> i finally understand donald trump now. thank you. sandra: wonderful. well, we've done that at least. [inaudible conversations] and remember, you can chime in on this conversation on facebook and twitter and overtime, we'll continue that discussion. all right, intelligence officials accused of intentionally misleading americans and even the president himself. a new report from congressional republicans finds reports were altered to downplay the threat and paint a rosier picture of the isis fight. plus, donald trump stepping up his war of words with president president obama, calling him the founder of isis, as charlie just mentioned. as the terror group has spread under his watch. over the top or do voters want to hear that? and right after the show you can catch more from the couch. you can join us live chat by clicking the overtime tab at you can also find overtime live on facebook, i would give you the unfiltered version, but i think that's already started on our tv
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kennedy: fox news alert, a house republican task force releasing a bombshell new report, finding u.s. central command be leaders skewed intelligence on isis to
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make the military campaign appear more successful in their fight against the terror network. the report saying whistleblowers felt bullied by higher-ups to downplay the isis threat. retired four-star general jack keane says this fits a pattern. watch. >> the president of the united states has had a tendency to minimize the threat from our adversaries and to exaggerate the progress that we have made against them. and that has been very consistent, and it happened just as late as last week when he was talking about the progress being made against isis and we've got them on the run and they're contained when, in fact, they've expanded from nine countries to 24. kennedy: now in response, a pentagon spokesman saying, quote: these analysts who develop these assessments are vital to our experts who
9:18 am
sometimes disagree on these vital national security topics. charlie, is military strategy really that subjective? >> you know, it is sometimes. weapons of mass destruction, you remember that. kennedy: sure. >> there weren't any. george bush lost a lot of credibility for that, and president obama should lose a ton of credibility for the way he's handles isis. he called them the jv team. he says they're on the run. every time he says they're on the run, they expand somewhere else, they kill someone here or overseas. kennedy: yeah. >> you know, president obama has no credibility left. he deserves the same sort of reproach on isis that george bush got on the weapons of mass destruction. kennedy: all right. this is specifically about centcom commanders, and there were many staffers who filed this saying that it was a stalinist environment, they were bullied into painting a rosier picture. leslie, do you think that any of this came from the white house? do you think there's a direct connection seeing as though president uttered some of the
9:19 am
better picture that had been painted for him by centcom commanders? >> no, i don't. i think that the pentagon, i think that the military -- although certainly part of our nation, and he's commander in chief -- i think they give him their reports. everything that i have found is they had not only a lot of staffing changes, that they were getting their information from combative forces instead of getting their information from more objective intelligence officials. in addition to that, one of the problems i have -- i love transparency, okay? but one of the problems i have is you don't show your hand when you're playing a game of cards. kennedy: yeah. >> this is a big game of cards when you have life and death and terrorists. you don't say to isis, oh, today we're getting our butts whupped. you call them a jv team, you put them down. melissa: i agree with you. it's one thing to say to the american public even though i don't love it, downplay it so people don't panic. i'm not sure i believe in that, but i think this is even worse. i mean, this is behind the scenes they were bringing him a hedge that they felt pressured by others -- a message that they
9:20 am
felt pressured to bring him, that he was saying dumb down -- kennedy: where's the pressure coming from, melissa? melissa: it's coming from the top. i always compare it to a ceo. you know when they're overly insulated and you're going to get fired if you don't bring that message, that's very dangerous because the ceo starts making the wrong decisions based on bad data of people who are -- kennedy: going into the environment that these analysts -- sandra: charlie, these 50 analysts, daily beast first reported this -- >> suspected -- [inaudible] sandra: they said they felt they're working in a hostile, toxic office what they felt bullied, not supported by facts, but the house committee cannot directly punish people, so i depress the question is who's held accountable? kennedy: exactly right. what do you do next? you've got the department of defense ig, you've got the house report, but how does this change? and those are the two main questions. where is the pressure coming from? because it's coming from somewhere, and it certainly benefits the president who has
9:21 am
tried to paint a more optimistic picture of isis than the second one is when and how will people be held -- >> hasn't leon panetta answer that question? the former cia chief? he says president obama is surrounded -- paraphrasing what he said -- by a lot of these political types that put pressure on the bureaucrats that are trying to do their job. the only caveat here is this: george w. bush wanted to invade iraq. we know that for a lot of reasons. be -- was a that prism of his wanting to do that and some of his advisers also believing in that, looking at all the information of weapons of mass destruction through that prism, did that force him to go too aggressively into that country? this is bipartisan. happens in every administration. kennedy: there's no doubt about it but, again, it doesn't justify what's going on. and you saw pete hegseth and general keane on this channel say that it can compromise not only intelligence, but american lives. melissa: meanwhile, donald trump
9:22 am
blasting president obama and hillary clinton for their handling of radical islamic terror threats, saying this: >> in many respects, you know, they honor president obama. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. okay? he's the founder. [applause] he founded isis. and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. melissa: charlie gasparino is roaring with laughter, to i have to go to him first. >> that is so good! that's where he's on his strongest grounds -- melissa: wait, wait, i came to you too quickly. hold on. just this morning trump doubling down on his comments. let's listen again. >> even better. [laughter] >> the government has unleashed isis. i call president obama and
9:23 am
hillary clinton founders of isis. they're the founders. in fact, i think we'll give hillary clinton the, you know, if you're on a sports team, most valuable player, mvp. you get the mvp award? isis will hand her most valuable player award. sandra: oh, my god. melissa: we got the message. the white house refusing to comment on mr. trump's remarks, but house minority leader nancy pelosi lashing out with choice words of her own about the republican nominee. >> for him to turn around and say what he did about the president and the secretary is so bizarre. it's reminiscent of demagogues who want to be in the press no matter what they have to say. they make their verbal pooh-pooh any place to get attention. kennedy: oh, nancy pelosi.
9:24 am
melissa: meantime, clinton campaign is calling trump's remarks a, quote, false claim and says it's another example of the gop nominee trash talking the u.s. should i go back to charlie? [laughter] i mean, they're laughing, it's not funny. founder of isis, yes or no? >> see how subdued donald was? melissa: founder of isis, yes or no? >> i think this is hyperbole that's within the bounds. this is good stuff. president obama needs to own what happened with isis, and to point that out the way he did it, listen, if he was tougher with isis, isis wouldn't exist. thus, he's part of the founding of isis -- leslie: charlie, sorry. >> this is really good stuff -- sandra: all right, let leslie speak, please. leslie: first of all, you saw what he did there, okay? he said obama created isis. they applaud. it feeds the beast and the ego, and he says it again and again and again -- >> so whatsome. leslie: because they applaud more. the reality is that is not what the truth is.
9:25 am
isis was created over 20 years ago -- >> right, but -- leslie: -- by a madman, by a fanatic. it was not created by bush or obama or hillary -- >> so obama -- sandra: hold on, charlie. leslie: he can't be held accountable for that. and at that time we, in 2003, we disbanded the iraqi military. >> right. leslie: and when the iraqi army had no need, had no money -- and i'm not suggesting it's a good thing to sign up for terrorism -- but if you're starving and satan hands you a sandwich, you might think about -- sandra: hold on, but charlie -- . [inaudible conversations] doesn't trump saying he's the founder of isis, doesn't it distract from facts that he could use to show, as general jack keane was pointing out, that they have grown under president obama's two terms in office? exponentially? they've spread? >> hyperbole -- [inaudible conversations] sandra: hang on, let kennedy start. kennedy: i don't think the timeline is as important as you laid out there.
9:26 am
i think what had to happen in order for isis to spring up is you had to have a number of power vacuums and so much instability, and you're absolutely right, when those people no longer had a directive, when they no longer had a message, there was something there to fill its place. and that thing actually grew because there was no security. >> the country, and they were -- in the country, and they were able to rob the coffers and take guns and gold and whatever else they needed which also allowed them to expand. and when you have the continuing wars in iraq and especially afghanistan, our nation's longest war, it only gives them more impetus to -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: it doesn't matter -- okay, you're right, because saying he is the founder, yes, that goes back to the beginning. but isis, what it is right now, wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for -- leslie: oh, i disagree. [inaudible conversations] kennedy: both administrations -- [inaudible conversations] sandra: one at a time, guys. >> we pulled our troops out, and
9:27 am
what was a jv team became what it is now -- kennedy: that's a mitigating circumstance. you answered your own question -- sandra: time to pay some bills guys. melissa: hillary clinton is having her turn at giving a speech on the economy, and she is taking her message to the same part of america hit hard by the recession eight years ago. can she rally blue collar voters into her corner? plus, clinton trying to get republican voters to switch over. is it a good strategy? ♪ ♪ ♪
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because my eyes are everything. sandra: fox news alert, we're awaiting a speech from hillary clinton in the next hour where she hopes to sway blue collar voters at an auto plant outside of detroit. her campaign says clinton will rip donald trump's tax cut proposal while laying out plans of her own including tuition-free college for the
9:32 am
middle class. insuring workers share in profits they create and making wall street and the wealthy pay their, quote, fair share. clinton will also slam trump's plan as, quote, regurgitated trickle down economics claiming it would be destruct i have to the economy and only benefit trump's wealthy friends and businesses. all right. i teal like i want to give this to our business gal, melissa francis. tear it apart for us. melissa: the details of her plan as we've seen them so far, it is to a tee what president obama promised and did. she says she wants to spend $275 billion on infrastructure. guess what? president obama has spent $800 billion. i have no idea where that money has gone because the roads and the infrastructure in this nation are a mess. she wants to give away college. she's going to pay for that by a new 4% surtax on the rich and raising $1.3w trillion in taxes elsewhere. that's just about everybody out there. she's voted for 235 tax
9:33 am
increases when she was a senator, she's happy to raise taxes more. and she wants to create green energy job withs. the only way you do that is with incentives to companies like solyndra. so she wants to do exactly to a tee what president obama did, and if you like your pocketbook now, you'll love it if you vote for hillary. sandra: all right. as far as the polling is concerned, clinton is leading trump in various polls both statewide and in this county where she'll be speaking, a head to head matchup, 51-30% in mccomb. kennedy: i think it would be really interesting to take elements of each of their speeches and compare them, because i think they're quite similar. i have -- >> trump is similar with hillary? kennedy: on the poppe be limb, i absolutely do -- populism, i absolutely do. >> not the policy. kennedy: yeah. when they talk about infrastructure, neither of them are going to cut government spending, certainly not entitlement spending, and we are on a collision course for disaster -- okay, go ahead and
9:34 am
let me finish, honey. thank you very much, dear. tuition-free college is going to get so much more expensive. it's also not within the scope of the federal government, nor are the, are these massive federal plans for creating jobs. if she would calvin coolidge it a little bit which is a dream come true for conservatives and libertarians and let businesses create jobs -- sandra: amen. let's get leslie in here. all right. she's expected to claim this is supposed to be a major economics speech as her campaign is touting it. she's expecting to claim that trump's version is trickle down economics, as i mentioned, also wildly unrealistic and destructive. leslie: well, even the gop doesn't think his plan can work because it's simple math. it doesn't add up. >> who? he's let's even newt gingrich said this is preposterous.
9:35 am
>> no, he didn't. leslie: yes, he did. it's very rare that i would agree with him. candidates on both sides make many promises, the reality is the president can only set forth a plan, the congress has to do the work to -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: you're absolutely right. they all make these big promises and -- [inaudible conversations] melissa: trump, he wants to reduce business tax to 15 percent. that's small business. hang on -- >> actually, that's not small business. melissa: yes, it is -- >> no, it's not. [inaudible conversations] kennedy: corporate tax rate, she's right. melissa: small business which has not grown under president obama, they are the number one job creator -- [inaudible conversations] sandra: okay, charlie, go ahead. >> headache my point, lowering the corporate tax rate is going to help business more than small business. they get helped in other ways by the trump tax plan. they get helped by the fact that
9:36 am
he come presses rates and closes loopholes because a lot of small businesses -- melissa: he said verbatim he's going to reduce -- >> well, that -- melissa: verbatim before we came on the air. >> i looked at his plan. the corporate tax is going down to 15. that affects mainly big businesses. where the small businesses get helped -- kennedy: take a deep breath. okay, very good. that was great. excellent. sandra: speaking louder doesn't make it right, charlie. she wants to tout that making the wealthy, wall street and corporations need to pay their fair share. it's one of those things, leslie, it's hard to hear her tout that message when she gets so much of her funding from wall street, and she's accepted all those tens of thousands of dollars from wall street for those speeches that she still won't deliver transcripts for. leslie: to be honest, you guys know me. i may support her, and i may vote for her in november,
9:37 am
however, i know the reality here. and part of who she's speaking to are bernie people. she's speaking to the bernie people that aren't sure they're even going to hold their nose in november to vote for her. sandra: all right. hillary clinton going where few democratic candidates have gone before, appealing to voters in the reddest of states. this isn't sitting well with liberals. is she taking them for granted, and could they desert her in november? ♪ ♪ ♪
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9:42 am
this involves reaching out to hour monos in a state that hasn't -- mormons in a state that hasn't voted democrat since the beatles went big. clinton's campaign also step thing up efforts to win over republicans and dependents with a new initiative out yesterday called together for america. here she is in iowa yesterday. >> we may not agree on everything, but this is not a normal election. and i will work hard for the next three months to earn the support of anyone willing to put our country first. [applause] as a young man said to me in florida the other day, friends don't let friends vote for trump. [laughter] kennedy: all this and washington post reports some liberals are upset about clinton's outreach to republicans, saying she's going too far and is taking them for granted.
9:43 am
now, charlie, if i were a bernie sanders supporter and i saw hillary clinton reaching out to republicans and independents, i think i would be deeply offended. >> yeah. i think it's a kind of smart strategy if you think about -- kennedy: that's the ultimate triangulation, if is it not? >> that voice, oh, man, i don't know if i can listen to that lecturing, hechtering voice for four years. it's horrible. it's like nails across a blackboard. but her strategy is smart. try to get trump's campaign -- which doesn't have a lot of money, they're starting to raise it now -- try to get them to divert to utah and texas, can you imagine that? that could be a really big problem if donald needs money at the end. but, god, i can't imagine that's going to sell anywhere but in new york. kennedy: i know, dear. let's talk about utah a little bit because according to mia love's data, she's been doing some polling of her own, it's a three-point race in utah not just between donald to trump and hillary clinton, between donald trump, hillary clinton and libertarian presidential
9:44 am
candidate gary johnson. >> you had to say that. kennedy: no, it's within three points in the state of utah which certainly puts that state in play. how strange is this election? leslie: definitely, it's a strange election. but we have to keep in mind the reality -- and, again, it's just numbers. everybody says, look, trump needs to win every state romney did plus some of the big swings. if you can flip just one, and utah is a mormon state, mitt romney is a mormon, he's loved there, he's been very anti-trump -- melissa: to say the least. leslie: trump has stuck his foot in his mouth mouth, other states with georgia and -- kennedy: arizona as well. leslie: i think we're going to see and certainly i'm happy about it being a blue democrat as i am displaying today that we are going to see some of those states turn blue. and i wouldn't be surprised if johnson does better in some places like utah. kennedy: no, i don't know if the polling has been entirely accurate. millennials are flocking to
9:45 am
them. donald trump is their fourth place choice right now for younger voters. but, i mean, she's trying to put together a winning strategy. she seems to be doing better on the electoral map. what do you -- sandra: so are you agreeing that utah's up for grabs? he's let's definitely. sandra: so she's name dropping a lot of mormon leaders, but then she says you don't have to take it from me, listen to mitt romney, she drops his name. the solution to the threat of terrorism. i mean, the whole -- i found instead of telling us why she was the person to vote for in that state, she just spent a lot of time bashing trump and his plan. >> yeah. i mean, i just wonder who in utah would vote for gary johnson? are -- are there a lot of libertarian pot smokers in utah? he's very left. kennedy: it's so important to them that they realize liberty extends beyond -- >> do they want somebody that
9:46 am
far out there and they're going to risk hillary clinton getting elected just -- kennedy: i think someone who's a limited government constitutionalist who ran a state, who's running with a vice presidential candidate who also ran a very large state -- >> look at his policies. he will legalize some wacky stuff. kennedy: and i hope one of those happens to be marijuana which helps cancer patient, epileptics and those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. thank you so much, charlie. [laughter] more criticism of donald trump's second amendment comments, the major paper that's calling for the republican nominee to call it quits and what trump's running mate is saying about the media. stay here. it's "outnumbered." ♪ ♪ i'm terrible at golf.
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first to jenna lee with what's coming up on the second hour of "happening now." jenna: hey, sandra. donald trump at a speech in miami beach repeating a familiar line, now blaming hillary clinton and president obama for the rise of isis, even going so far as calling them its founders.
9:51 am
mr. trump also slamming the democrats for years of what he's calling failed economic policies. this comes as we await a big economic policy speech from hillary clinton. she will name the members of her economic team and will call for a massive increase of spending on infrastructure as well as some tax hikes as well. we're going to have that live. and at least two now confirmed dead in an overnight explosion and fire at an apartment complex this maryland. three firefighters are among the 34 taken to local hospitals with injuries. no exact cause is known yet for this fire, but an investigation is ongoing. we'll are the latest and a live report on that. sandra? sandra: all right, jenna, thank you. melissa: so the haven stream media wasting no time in pouncing on donald trump after his second amendment comments. the new york daily news running this cover less than 24 hours office mr. trump's remarks that critics say advocated violence against hillary clinton. nice. all right, in an editorial the paper writing, quote: donald trump must end his campaign for the white house in a a reckoning
9:52 am
with his own madness while praying that nothing comes of his musing about an assassination of hillary clinton. the daily news adding that if trump refuses to end his campaign, then those in the republican party must abandon him. meantime, governor mike pence talking about the media's double standard on hannity last night. >> it's incredibly frustrating, but it's also telling to see the way the media has the capacity to major in the minors, to take, to take a comment as they did and take it all the way to the cable airwaves and make a controversy when, in the very same week, the father of the terrorist who took 49 lives in orlando attended a hillary clinton rally. melissa: all right, sandra, coming to you first. so the daily news thing, i mean, on one hand, their trying to sell papers. you put something dramatic on the paper. mike pence does have a point when he talks about which
9:53 am
stories networks choose to put first. saab zap tuesday night -- sandra: tuesday, it was covered more than seven minutes of coverage total. the fact that omar mateen, the nightclub shooter's father, was sitting behind hillary clinton, that unbelievable image, just over a minute's worth of coverage on broadcast networks tuesday night. i'll let you decide. i mean, that was an unbelievable image, to see him sitting there k. and i'm not saying that means hillary clinton had something -- >> she had nothing to do with that. he did have -- i would say, the daily news, some of these commentators, and it's not just the daily news which has gone far left, you read some of the stuff in "the wall street journal" where you think if donald trump became president, the next day they would die. they're so over the top attacking him on every single thing he says. listen, i'll point out his problems, particularly on his economic plan which i think there's a lot of issues with it, but, you know, they make it -- they're, like, deranged. there are members of the left and the right who have trump derangement syndrome. they go absolutely nuts on
9:54 am
everything the guy says. i mean, i'll tell you, that thing that he said about isis, about obamaing obamaing obamaine founder, i thought that was funny. that was a good jab. sandra: kennedy, what do you think? the treatment, the number of minutes spent on the story, where you put them in the broadcast, the more subtle ways that they influence the news that comes out. kennedy: no, it's true, and it's something that we don't always think about. and, you know, we take for granted how the news is presented, but there's absolutely something to it. and, you know, i'm still so curious why it took the cell phoneton campaign to long to comment on and disavow the fact that sadiq mateen was in that audience. because, you know, we still don't know the foreknowledge that he might have had of some of his son's terroristic leanings. leslie: she's not that stupid, and neither is her campaign -- kennedy: then if she didn't know -- leslie: i'll tell you why he was there. they thought he looked arab, and he had a big pro-hillary sign.
9:55 am
they put him behind her -- kennedy: and there's no one in florida who -- leslie: in my opinion. [inaudible conversations] in addition to that i want to speak about the press, you know, very briefly because we have very little time left. you know, i have a master's in broadcast journalism, and i don't say that haha. what i was taught is when you are a journalist, you report the facts. it really bothers me whether a network, you know, liberal networks are calling them are not doing that. it's different if you're opining. i'm opining. i'm supposed to. >> excellent point. leslie: that's what i do. my understanding of that, i agree with you selling papers, front page, yeah, you've got to get the money coming in the door. it was based on an op-ed which is opinion. but you do have outlets admitting this is something we feel strongly about and then lastly, mike pence and donald trump need to stop complaining about the media was he is very close to hillary clinton. he's not a double digit behind. so if the media is hurting him,
9:56 am
they're hurting him very well. >> he's getting tons of free publicity. melissa: it's negative now though. all right, more "outnumbered" this just a moment. we'll be right back. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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10:00 am
right here for outnumbered overtime on the web, and you can find us at we are back tomorrow p at noon eastern with lots more fun. you never though who our one lucky guy is. won't be charlie. [laughter] >> ever!


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