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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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there for the hour with a "hannity" exclusive. and until then, we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. donald trump in the no spin zone. the republican presidential nomineeins us now by phone from orlando. now, mr. trump, i want to first ask you about this sound bite from yesterday that's been getting a ton of attention. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. set founder of isis. okay? he is the founder. [cheers] >> he founded isis. [cheers and applause]
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and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> and he doubled down on those comments in another view earlier today. but just a few hours ago, hillary clinton suggested you were just repeating vladimir putin's talking points. >> well, i didn't know about putin saying anything about it but everybody knows that first of all we should have never and i have been saying from the beginning we have never got into iraq. once we were in, we should have never left the way we left, eric. we just left it open. and that's when isis really came about big league. and now they're in 28 different countries. the president has been trying to play down isis like it's not that big of a deal, like they are not as powerful. we should knock them out. we should knock the hell out of them. is he not willing to do that. as far as i'm concerned, and i will say it and i will say it to anybody that wants to listen, he is a founder of isis. they must love him. because without him you wouldn't have the threat,
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the horrible situation going on around the world. >> some say not founder but enabler. >> i call him a founder. isis could have been knocked out and knocked out pretty swiftly. the way he got out. we shouldn't have been in iraq but we shouldn't have gotten out the way we got out. he gave a date this is when approximately and even in detail when we're leaving. look, he has been as a president a disaster bad judgment. but really bad judgement as said by bernie sanders bad judgment is mostly cloudy hilla. bernie sanders says she suffers from bad judgment. she certainly does. you can throw libya into the puzzle and meant of other things into the puzzle. the two of them have been catastrophic for our country. he is the founder and she is right there with him. >> let's move on to another
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subject. we have a lot to get to. hillary clinton keep saying email scandals are old news yet we keep getting more and more information thanks to foia requests more emails in this latest round tieing the clinton foundation to her tenure at the state department possibly quid pro quo. your thousand? >> well, the email scandal is such a disaster that if it was anybody else in this country other than her, they would have been in prison a long time ago. she got rid of 33,000 emails. it's unheard of. whoever heard of that. talked about a wedding and yoga class. got rid of 33,000 emails and whether they were deleted or clean, the server, the whole thing is corrupt. and, frankly, i think anybody else other than her -- look at what happened to general petraeus. look at what happened to so many other people for doing so much less. anybody other than her would have been put away a long time ago. >> you know, and some of these emails are coming through foia requests which
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take insane amount of time to get these things released but also some hacking. some wikileaks, whatnot. do you think there is an october surprise via email for hillary clinton? >> i really don't know. but i can tell you when somebody loses 33,000, it's unbelievable. the number, the shear magnitude, the number of emails and to have nothing happen when something like that happens, so i have no idea. we'll find out, i guess. but i have absolutely no idea. >> hillary clinton earlier today unveiled her economic policy plan. we have a little piece of sound. take a listen. we want you to react to it. >> i'm running for president to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. and. [cheers and applause] based on what we know from the trump campaign, he wants america to work for him and his friends at the expense of everyone else.
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>> your thoughts on that? do you want america to work for you and your friends at the expense of everyone else? >> well, it's totally false, as you understand. we are going to create jobs. we are lowering taxes. we are lowering business taxes. so that businesses instead of leaving the country and going to mexico and every other place you can imagine they will stay in the united states and employ more people. we have to lower taxes. our business taxes and our taxes are the highest in the world. now, can you say for the major industrialized countries. but most people would say period the highest in the world. we have -- so we have among the highest taxes in the world. we are losing our companies. we are losing our jobs. people are being laid off all over the place. guy through every state i'm all over. i had being at new york city. i look at -- new york state. devastation in pennsylvania and ohio and michigan. look what's going on with the car companies building these massive plants in mexico.
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and laying off people in michigan she doesn't know. you just read the "the washington post" from two days ago front page story what she was going to do for upstate new york and it's turned in to be total devastation. the only one that benefited was her crony friends that made money off of it. she was a disaster in terms of jobs for new york state. >> i read the thing and it reads almost like a socialist manifesto. tax the makers, hand out to the takers. couple of things. free college. expanding obamacare to a full public option for healthcare. assist stance to unions. it goes on and on. how in the world is s. she going to pay for that? have you looked at her plan yet? >> you will have to double up taxes. people have to pay twice what they are paying right now. we already have the highest taxes. what she is doing and it's going to be a terrible plan. it's going to be like obama where he say you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor. this is going to be a
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terrible plan. and all it's very simple. you have to pay more than double the taxes you are paying right now with the kind of goodies she is throwing out. she will throw out goodies on the table. what she doesn't say is that your taxes are going to be doubled. you will end up having nothing but heartache. now, we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. people are going to pay much less money. they are going to pay so much less. they are going to have such a better plan. it's not working. obamacare is too expensive for people. look at what's going on with premiums. premiums are going up 17, 20, 25 and texas through blue cross, blue shield it's gone up almost 50%. by the way, eric in november new numbers come out on obamacare they will delay it. >> bend the cost curve down. boomeranged the other way. next top people i want to
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get to. open letter penned by some 70 republicans suggesting that reince priebus pull back funding maybe even pull back data from your campaign. you have talked to ryans. are new contact with the rnc? any truth to any of this. >> sure, there is no truth. but i'm the one that's funding. i'm the one that's raising the money. other people are getting to use the money i raise. i'm putting up money for my own campaign. as i did in -- as you know, i funded my own primaries and i'm putting up money for my own campaign but i'm raising a lot of money for the republican party. you know, there is actually, if you think, i mean, sometimes somebody will say well, we're not going to support trump. they are not going to support because these are not the people i want. lock at the mess. eric, look at the mess our country is in by using these political hacks. >> i want to get to this though. have you been in contact? >> yes, i have. he just put out a press release. he just put out a tweet saying it's untrue. and i mean, if it is true, that's okay, too.
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because all i have to do is stop funding the republican party. i'm the one raising the money for them. in fact, right now, i'm in orlando. i'm going to a fundraiser for the republican party. so, if they want to do that, they can save me a lot of time and a lot of energy. >> true, donald. but one of the big things about the rnc is they have this whole infrastructure of data and contacts and email lists and mailing lists and phone numbers. that is something that is important to your campaign. that's not at risk. >> i don't know. i will let you know on the ninth, on november 9th. meaning the 8th is your election and the 9th is when we find out whether or not that is all good. i think we have tremendous voter turnout. we have tremendous turnout from the evangelicals, from the miners, from the people that make our steel, people getting killed by trade deals from. unemployed people that have been just disseminated from the military who are with trump 100 percent. from our vets because i'm going to take care of the vets. they haven't been able to
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take care of the vets. you have to see the obama veterans administration is a corrupt enterprise it's so bad. so i mean, you will see what happens. i don't know that we need to get out the vote. i think people that really want to vote, they will just get up and get out and vote for trump. and we're going to make america great again. >> one more question before i let you go. i know you are on a busy schedule. a lot of people are asking on the left to see your tax returns, want you to release those. people on the right, also, want to see hillary clinton's medical records. that's been bubbling up in the news lately. your thoughts on both very quickly. >> well,like, i'm in a routine audit, every lawyer tells you including greta who is a lawyer, she said when you are under a routine audit, you don't give your tax returns. and when the audit is finished i would be employees to do give them. you are not going to learn. i have put in over 100 pages of documents. i have built one of the greatest companies in the country. i have put in over 100 pages of documents. some of the great assets of the world. and they already have that.
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you don't learn very much from tax returns. when the audit is done, i have been under audit for 15 years straight which is ridiculous because other people don't get audited. i know many rich people that are never audited. i have been audited for i think it's 15 years straight. so we have another one and when it's finished we will be glad to. >> what about hillary's medical records. do you want to see those or you don't care? >> no, i don't want to get into that. i think it would be inappropriate for me to comment. >> we'll leave it right there, mr. trump. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next on the run down, reaction to interview with donald trump. dana perino will be right here right after this. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies.
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in the impact segment tonight, reaction to our
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interview with donald trump. joining us now dana perino, my fellow co-host of the five. dana, welcome. >> thanks. >> i want to drill into this economic plan. now, donald trump talked about -- >> -- skip over everything else? >> no. we can. >> i have all these notes. >> we can hit your notes. did listen to hillary hillary clinton's econ plan. >> sure, i listen to do her speech. >> amazing. the amount of redistribution of wealth in that speech, in that policy plan is astounding. >> you know they have stacks and stacks of her policy papers some people complain donald trump isn't detailed enough hers are are so detailed. i thought it was a little bit of a wash. she gave the free college piece is interesting to me. her plan would go up to $125,000 a year for families. that probably isn't henning the poorest people. also a case to be made that vocational training that we should maybe focus on that a little bit more. i think that's where some
8:16 pm
place donald trump could focus on that would show a little bit of a difference and a little bit of a difference to are more fiscally responsible. >> quickly to move on to some of the other interesting stuff. honed in on tpp i am against tpp. remember terry mcauliff she is for tpp when she becomes president. she flip flopped on that. >> actually, there is precedent for saying candidates will be against trade until they are president and then they realize that trade is beneficial for lots of different reasons although there are harms, of course, but geopolitical reasons, et cetera. i think what she was trying to show to the bernie sanders voters that she is not going to turn a blind eye to a lame duck tpp vote. so she will be against trade possibly until she is -- >> let's get to some of those notes. we have a lot of time. >> here is the thing, it's a great opportunity to come on prime time television, especially cable news for an audience that probably really likes him. he didn't add violence the ball on anything. he didn't break any news. these are opportunities
8:17 pm
where you could use to try to wrap up the day and drive into the next day. i don't think we actually learned anything new except for his poi doesn't want to see her medical records. >> that was very interesting. have been asking about that. >> i think that both candidates in october, if they follow tradition, will release full physicals from their doctors or, as has been suggested, there should be an independent panel of doctors that locks at those medical records and then puts out of statements. probably perfectly healthy and fine about the same age. >> he stayed with the barack obama and i can't remember if he included hillary clinton. i think both of them were still the co-founders or founders of isis. your thoughts? i feel like everything is saying is accurate except for the founding part. that's the part is he sticking too the most. >> i gave him an option. >> enabling. i wrote it down. enabler. complacent. bad judgment. also ignored the advice of
8:18 pm
the military. ignored the advice of the foreign policy experts. although he might not like those people either. i think when he got caught on the founded issue. and then the reporters come after him on that and he digs in his heels even more. he said he was dependence the iraq war at the beginning. there is a videotape or audiotape of an interview that he did at the time with cnn where he does not say that and nobody pushes back on him on that when they do interviews with him. >> they are going to go. running out of time. u.s. senator calling for hillary clinton to do time in prison over her email scandal. he will join us to explain. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it.
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in the personal story segment tonight, holding hillary clinton to account, senator rand paul has been aggressively pursuing that. >> recently you launched a
8:22 pm
campaign to hold hillary clinton accountable for her crimes. how are you going to accomplish that? >> we're all for it. i think an indictment would be a good idea followed by a prison sentence. >> joining us from bowling green to elaborate senator rand paul. you are the first senator and maybe the only senator to say she should be locked up. why do you say that? >> i'm a big believer in equal protection under the law. whether you are rich or poor, white or black, everybody should be treated the same under the law. i represent a lot of soldiers in kentucky fort campbell and fort knox. every one of those soldiers know they can't take classified information and have it on their computer there are not any exceptions. prosecuted put in the bringing and stripped of their rank and booted out of the military. i don't think it's fair to hold our soldiers many of then enlisted men and women to one standard and then say to hillary clinton oh well she can do whatever she wanted. i think anybody else in this situation would have been
8:23 pm
prosecuted, including general petraeus who had a similar situation where classified information was not where it was supposed to be, and other people had access to it. they didn't do anything to give him a break. he was prosecuted. and so no i think it's very unfair that hillary clinton wasn't prosecuted. this is one among several reasons why i think that really her dishonesty should preclude her from really being considered as commander and chief. >> why do you think fbi director james comey did not recommend her for indictment to the doj? >> you know, interestingly, my own personal theory on this is that i think he wanted to indict her. and i think he feels guilty that he didn't. i think that's why you got this long detailed explanation of how dishonest she was. you know, she didn't actually lie to the fbi during the testimony, but she lied to the american people on multiple occasions. and he pointed this out in specific detail and the fbi doesn't have to do that. so my sort of personal theory is that comey feels a little guilty about not indicting her so therefore
8:24 pm
he spelled out for the american people so at least the voters can find out that she did lie many, many times to the public about whether or not she had classified email out there. you know, one of the classified emails that judge napolitano has pointed out was the schedule for ambassador stevens in the last two days of his life. can you understand why ambassador stevens wouldn't have wanted the jihadist to know where he was when he was and it was inexcusable that hillary clinton would put it out there and not put it in a secure place. >> do you think intent mattered? we have been hearing up until the comey decision she intend to do send the classified or receive classified. it mattered that it actually happened. apparently comey says it mattered in this case. legal detail a lot of laws you have to have intent. you don't have to have intent extremely careless.
8:25 pm
that's exactly what comey said she extremely careless. many of us who aren't lawyers but do believe words mean something, how is extremely careless different than grossly negligent. yes, i think she did violate the statute. more importantly, she showed that her convenience was more important than national security. that, to me, is inexcusable and goes to a great deal of her judgments that i think show her not fit to be president. >> you know, the term is above the law. is she above the law? >> i think often the clintons appear to be. for example, bill clinton made millions of dollars giving speeches that had business before the secretary of state. so one business want to do sell electronics to iran in violation of the sanctions. bill clinton got $750,000 from them at the same time hillary clinton was deciding whether or not she would let them sell things to iran. same way with the uranium company, bill clinton got 750,000 $ from a bank that
8:26 pm
was negotiating the purchase of a north american uranium company. just so happens hillary clinton had to vote on that, also. so the conflict of interest just goes on and on. and i think it's indictable. i think she should be in prison for it but, short of that i think every voter in the country needs to know that the clintons are in it for themselves. they are in it to make money. they will make hundreds of millions of dollars if she gets in the white house because they will sell themselves to the highest bidder. every voter in america should know that. and they should make a sincere judgment on whether or not you want somebody who is in it for enriching themselves or someone who actually would defend the country. >> no doubt. senator, there is some let's call it this, there is some potential breaking news out there. julian assange who has wikileaks says there is some emails that pretty much tie hillary clinton about knowing to some weapons that may have been going through libya to some of the isis fighters. let's take a listen to what you asked her back in 2013,
8:27 pm
benghazi hearing. >> it's been in news reports that ships have been leaving from libya and that they may have weapons. what i would like to know is that the annex that was close by, were they involved in procuring, buying, obtaining weapons and were any of these weapons transferred to any of these countries? >> senator you have to direct that question to the agency that ran the annex. and i will see what information is available and. >> you're saying you don't know. >> i do not know. i don't have any information on that. >> now, if weeks, in fact, does have emails proving that she did know, what does that mean to you? >> it's a felony to lie to congress. she can get five years in prison. we can't continue to say that the clintons are above the law. i do believe that the cia annex in benghazi was procuring weapons some of them to get away from jihadis in libya some to ferry through turkey into
8:28 pm
syria. there have been many, many first-hand accounts. "new york times," "washington times," "l.a. times" -- london times have reported on this. the secretary of state is very aware what the cia is doing. i can't reveal what i have heard from him. he is aware what the cia is doing in syria. i find it hard to believe that hillary clinton who all the news reports said she was the biggest advocate for arming the rebels in syria. many of whom turned out to be enemies of ours some turned out to be isis. some of them turned out to be enemies of israel as well. >> all right, senator. we have to leave it there we will be waiting to see if weeks does in fact have those emails that tie her to knowledge of the question that you just asked her where she said had no knowledge. senator paul, thank you very much. up next, rudy giuliani will sound off on new clinton email revelations and his new gig with the trump's campaign presidential debate revelations.
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in the factor follow-up segment tonight, the new problems for hillary clinton over her email scandal and what to expect from the presidential debates jing us now former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. first, mr. mayor, thank you for joining us, first as a former federal prosecutor what's your reaction to round of emails foia tieing
8:33 pm
hillary clinton to the state department? >> i say they prove to me quite clearly that the state department became basically a funding operation for the for the clinton foundation. the clinton foundation was raising the money and then they were getting special access to the state department in exchange for the money. special access meaning getting to see the american ambassador to lebanon that cost 1 to 5 million. getting to -- get special benefit for ubs, that cost something like 2 million, you can go on and on and on. basically, here's the way i look at it the clinton foundation is a fraud. 10% goes to charity. 90% goes to who knows what. i would if i were a federal prosecutor investigate it as racketeering enterprise. >> senator rand paul was just on. he said she should be
8:34 pm
indicted and he also said went further and said she probably should be in prison. >> well, she certainly should, i believe, have been indicted. i never predict putting people in prison but my record was about 9 5%. i think. and i don't think ever lost a ricco case. i'm the first one to actually use ricco. first against the mafia and then against white collar criminals? >> this is classic ricco? >> this is a classic ricco enterprise. do you know what this is? this is the big league version of what the clintons did in arkansas where they used the rose law firm. you had to hire the rose law firm. hillary got paid by the rose law firm. never showed up for work. and then you got contracts with the state of arkansas. that was class aaa. this is now major league. >> pay to play quid pro quo pay to play. >> if de blasio has a pay-to-play system in new york, that's minor league compared to the pay-to-play system. so, basically, hillary clinton turned the state
8:35 pm
department from a state department into a pay-to-play operation for the clintons. >> i come from the business world. do you know what this is akin to? this is akin to insider trading. if you have access to information or can buy information that the public can't get, that's an insider training scheme. this is the same thing, is it not? >> first of all, it's a clear violation of the federal law against conflict of interest, which carries two years in pri every count. and i believe it's a racketeering enterprise. i believe the crime -- the core crime here is bribery. and. >> is bill clinton on the hook for this, too? >> why do you think she got rid. >> player in it, right? he wasn't at the state department at the time but he was the carrot that they were dangling. >> yeah, she told us she got rid of the 35,000 emails because they were about yoga. well, 35,000 emails were not about yoga. the 35,000 emails were about the connection between the react material enterprise which racketeering enterprise and the clinton
8:36 pm
foundation pay to play. >> anyone clinton foundation could be on the hook for indictment. >> i believe there is enough evidence now to warrant a full and complete racketeering investigation. i believe that the destruction of the emails could be argued as evidence of guilt. that is a typical argument you make in court, by the way, when you prove intent. and i believe this crime is even more substantial than the email crimes they let her off the hook for, which they never should have let her off the hook for. >> so hillary clinton, bill clinton, uma abedin, susan mills -- >> -- you got it. >> the other operatives? >> the whole group. >> how does uma abedin get to work for the state department and also for a private corporation? i never heard of that. >> yeah there was -- someone signed off on that. someone did sign off on that. maybe they should be looking into those records. >> well, the justice department has been turned into a political operation
8:37 pm
for the obama administration. so we got a pay to play state department and political operation in the justice department which, to me, as a 15-year member of the justice department, to me, it's heart breaking. heart breaking. >> all right. mr. mayor, before we run outs of time, the debate negotiations. you are on the committee that's going to talk on the side that says here is what we want. in trump will participate in all the did he baits? >> mr. trump is anxious to participate in the debates. he believes that he can get his point across a lot better. directly to people than being completely distorted by a press that is against him. by the way the press is against the american people. they are not delivering the truth to the american people. the real people that are being hurt by the mainstream media are the people of the united states. they are not getting the truth. >> you know, this business about going up against the nfl, that's not going to become an issue? he is done? >> is he going to be there
8:38 pm
for the debates. what we are going to negotiate is, we're not going to walk into a candy crowley situation after all woe are new yorkers. we are not suckers. >> that's your right. that's typical debate negotiations that go on at every level, primary level as well. it's a give and take on who can moderate? is that it? >> i participated in 11 primary presidential debates and we negotiated the size of the podium, how much time you get. >> moderators? >> this time we're going to negotiate moderators because we're not going to fall into the trap that romney fell into with crowley when she announced that obama was right and romney was wrong and it turned out the next day it was the other way around. we're not going to have some moderator do that to us. >> i always said romney should have had that in his back pocket to know she was wrong. mayor giuliani thank you very much. a damning report accuses the u.s. central command manipulating intention to down play the isis threat. newt gingrich will analyze that in just a minute.
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but thanks to to everything turned out perfect. [crying] weird, but perfect. [flute] thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for boyle. and in the unresolved problem segment tonight, did u.s. central command down
8:43 pm
play intelligence about isis? according to scathing report from a house g.o.p. task force, intel gathered by central command was purposefully manipulated all to paint a more optimistic picture about the u.s. military's progress in the fight against isis. congressman mike pampao detailed the findings. >> what became very clear is senior analysts were providing data up to the very top, the top of the intelligence community inside of centcom and they were changing that data, politicizing it, manipulating it, making it look like america was being more successful against isis than we really were. the results of that for our soldiers on the ground are potentially deadly. if we don't understand what's really going on, you can't fight this war properly. they were manipulating intelligence in a way that put our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines at risk. >> joining us now from washington with reaction former speaker of the house newt gingrich. mr. gingrich, mr. speaker, mike pampao says they were politicizing the data. how did they do that?
8:44 pm
>> well, i mean, to set the stage, remember that you had 50 career analysts 5-0 sign a letter saying that they had been pressured to give false information making isis look weaker and less effective than it was. now, think about that implication. 50 people who are paid professionals who are telling you that the power structure above them wanted only good news, even if it was a lie. i think in part this is the natural result of an administration which has been lying at every level from you get to keep your doctor, you get to keep your insurance. $400 million in cash is not a ransom payment. hillary clinton did not, in fact, lie about benghazi. i mean, at every level, the obama administration the clinton culture has become
8:45 pm
dishonest. what's frightening is it's now penetrating the career military and you are beginning to see symptoms of the same corruption which is very dangerous for our national security and very dangerous for our safety. if we're being lied to by the people who are supposed to be protecting us, then what's the ground truth? how do you base policy on anything real? >> you can't. maybe that's the reason why you hear president obama saying isis is the jv team or they are on the run. i don't know, maybe he didn't know. maybe whoever is forcing these 50 to politicize the data is telling the president don't worry, it's working, mr. president. >> what you can't tell is how much of this is driven by clinton and obama and others putting pressure downward to say bring me good news and how much of it is driven by people in the middle, excuse me, who think that they are somehow pleasing the president. that it will improve their career. that they will get promoted
8:46 pm
faster. >> mr. speaker, when you down play the data or politicize the data, you put people in harm's way because if you make it look like things are working out, as a commander and chief, you don't push more assets to help out. you don't push more assets to help people who may be struggling or who may need more security in a consulate in libya. >> look, first of all, as you know, there were 600 requests for increased security in libya that were neglected or ignored by hillary clinton. 600. so there is an example where the people who are saying it's dangerous were being told oh, you are exaggerating, don't worry about it, until we had four americans killed, the ambassador for benghazi. isis is an organization which ultimately wants to attack the united states. excuse me. so not only are we putting our troops at risk, we are putting our country at risk. if you are getting false
8:47 pm
intelligence about north korea, false intelligence about pakistan. false intelligence about iran. how you can possibly have an effective national security policy? this is a very serious problem. >> it went all the way to the top, and i'm trying to figure out who is or what is the top, mr. speaker? >> apparently, and, again, this is all based on as we see with this administration over and other over, very slow walking. the inspector general has been stalled. the analysts who are being brought in actually had -- their superiors were in the room watching them testify. so imagine how intimidating that was. but at a minimum it goes up to the general who has now been transferred to the pentagon and given a different job. if this is really true, if he was instructing people to lie, i don't see how they avoid a court martial and bring him out in terms of -- or get him to resign. because you cannot have a deliberate imposition of dishonesty in a military
8:48 pm
organization. it will sickens the whole organization. >> do you think state department got involved as well, defense and state with the pressure? >> we don't know. i mean, all we know is they felt they were being directly pressured and in the central command in tampa. and i have not seen any evidence of beyond that. my personal view is that the state department is sufficiently diluted on any given day it doesn't matter. their view of the world is so out of touch with reality that they don't have to actually instruct anybody to give them false information. >> mr. speaker, why now? why are we hearing about this in 2016 when this was, you know, a while ago? >> well, i think what's happened is these 50 professionals filed the letter. waited for something to happen, nothing happened. they then became whistle blowers and, again, it's pretty -- if it's 1 or 2 or 3 people i would say yeah.
8:49 pm
i had friends who were in the business who were retired army who were telling me a year ago that the information was increasingly false and that you are being pressured to say things that were not true. several of them, in fact, retired because they simply refused to give false information. it's been going on for a while. my guess is it got worse and you now have a pretty large enough block hard to say 50 people came together as professionals and all 50 are telling you a falsehood. >> mr. speaker, leave it right there. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. >> when we come right back, a view from the left. get ready for me to go man get ready for me to go man mano a mano with geraldo real is touching a ray. get ready for me to go man mano a mano with geraldo
8:50 pm
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in the back of the book segment tonight, an idea we may
8:53 pm
come to immediately regret. letting geraldo rivera respond to any part of tonight's show he wants to. my pal and eternal sparring partner. >> you know i love you. >> you too, brother. >> what turned you on today? >> let me just say -- and i don't mean to start in a contentious tone, but you said that i would be the view from the left or the liberal side. i'm not a liberal. i'm a moderate. and to be to the left of you is very easy since you're to the right of atill la the hun. lovingly, and you know i'm a big fan of a best selling author and media phenomenon. i want to point out much more substantively, you had the candidate, donald trump, rudy giuliani and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. all of you were wrong about hillary clinton being indicted over the e-mail scandal. i saw it coming, and the reason
8:54 pm
i did and you and speaker gingrich and senator paul spoke about it was that these are crimes of intent. you have to intend to violate the securities laws, the intelligence laws -- >> not according to rudy giuliani. according to rudy, he says she should have been indicted under rico. >> but he was wrong, and i have suggested that the mayor was wrong, and jim comey at the fbi said he was wrong. why don't republicans just swallow their pride and say, okay, we were wrong about that. now let's move on to something where there is a probative value in terms of like the clinton foundation? that, to me, is fertile territory for exploration because even though the clinton foundation has been getting decent, quote, unquote, ratings from the various agencies -- >> terrible ratings. >> no, no. they get genuinely -- >> they can't even figure out if it's a foundation or not. >> i understand critics of the clintons say that, but i'm talking about the actual
8:55 pm
agencies that review charities give them decent ratings. >> it's called -- they're having a hard time figuring out the money going here, this pocket, that pocket. >> that is exactly what i'm saying. let's probe that. there is real substance there. >> senator rand paul said if julian sands releases the e-mails that he says he has that tie hillary clinton to knowledge of weapons and arms going to isis, she should go to jail. >> going to isis. what about the arms going to turkey? i believe -- >> well, she denied knowing that too. >> i believe in my heart of hart, what was that large cia annex in benghazi doing? i believe they were collecting sophisticated arm amentes that the idea they would be -- i think that's also a valid issue to probe. >> but she denied that too.
8:56 pm
lying to congress is a felony. >> she didn't lie to congress, though, eric. we have been over that and done with that. why don't you argue on the merits? why don't probe -- >> because we have a tape of her saying, i have no knowledge of that, and according to assange, it's not out yet, i get that. >> let him put up or shut up. >> then we'll come back and talk about it? if that's true, you'll come back and we'll do this again? >> yes. >> i think it worked out. >> there's no evidence her e-mail was hacked. >> geraldo, thank you very much. up ahead, she may be the only olympic athlete giving michael phelps a run for his money in rio. the amazing feat that should make every american proud, next. at tracfone, we believe that you should keep what you buy. that's why your unused talk, text and data never expires with active service. some major carriers say you can keep your data. but when you read the fine print, your data does expire.
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before we go tonight, michael phelps' lifetime olympic gold medal count is probably
8:59 pm
insurmountable. but if one athlete stands a chance of topping it, phenom katie ledecky may be the one. she led the women's team to a finish in the 4x200 meter relay last night. >> now she's a full second ahead of australia. the united states will win the gold medal here. >> katie ledecky is just too much. you've got a 16-year-old down there in lane 7 trying to challenge, but it looks like canada is going to get the bronze. >> ten meters left for katie ledecky of the united states. as expected, the u.s. women win go in the 4x200. and la deckedecky has her third of these rio games. >> you heard that. the third gold for ledecky, and she'll have a chance to store one more tomorrow night. the 19-year-old certainly has many more olympic games left in the years ahead of her and maybe, just maybe, she'll even give michael phelps a little
9:00 pm
reason to sweat over his gold record. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, a stunning new congressional report backing up whistle-blowers in the u.s. military intelligence who say their warningins over the growt of isis were buried because they didn't fit the white house narrative. this is a story fox news has been following from the beginning. it broke wide open last year when more than 50 u.s. military intelligence analysts blew the whistle, claiming their reports on the fight against the islamic state were manipulated by senior officials attempting to paint a more administration-friendly picture of a successful campaign in the fight against isis. some of those


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