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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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money on the fox business network. i try to live up to the title of the show. before that, check out the next show, the five. those guys are next. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. the folout after the bombshell report on intelligence regarding isis which says top pentagon officials may have been cooking the book to make it seem as if the terror group was less of a threat. some warn that the scandal could tarnish the president's legacy. steven explains the gravity of the stunning news. >> i think this is the single biggest scandal of the obama
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administration. and when the history books are written about this in 20 or 30 or 40 years and we see these declassified files and we learn what was in the osama bin laden document cash, people will be appalled at what was withheld and what the american people didn't know as they had to make important decisions about the country. >> earlier, james wooldsy slammed those who skewed the intelligence on isis! if you're in the intelligence businesses and cooking the books, you're worse than worthless. you are helping move government in a direction that is in tune with as they put it, the narrative and making the facts fit the narrative, rather than trying to understand the facts and help the government devise a policy to deal with the real factual situation. >> okay, fallout from this and
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what do you think of james' comments? he said history books will be written about this. no. because this is an issue that angers conservatives and not liberals. if this were a conservative government, then history books will write about this and not only that, hollywood will make movies about this. when ever there is corruption, michael clayton was about pharmaceuticals, china syndrome was about nuclear power. erin brockovich about the corruption of corporations, but this is you know, this is president obama. he's the leader. this will not be written about there will be an eternal moritorium ond histories and films about any kind of scandal. i wish people would take this seriously. >> interesting. what do you think of the fallout for? >> amazing. the department of defense says this is swrus the initial
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report. there's more to co. there's an attempt to distort suppress the intelligence. distort and suppress the intelligence. if that's the case, that means assets weren't delivered to the places they needed to be in time. maybe to save people's lives. >> talked about that yesterday. >> this is insane. the facts on the ground didn't match what the said com was saying. so, okay, so the department of defense. they make the recommendations to the white house and the white house says go a i head, move that there, don't. we don't and again, libya. benghazi. looks like it's not safe. chris stevens has been asking for more support for months now. our reports say no, everything's okay there. no risk of terror activity taking down the consulate. >> is this something trump can
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capitalize? is it is wrong president associated with this, meaning it stings and sticks with obama? does it translate at all to hillary clinton? >> where did they say things were better? did anyone die? >> i agree with that second part. that's why i'm curious you brought up benghazi, libya, when you didn't know. >> if there's a cultural of doing that, and understood under hillary clinton's tenure there. >> it raises more questions. >> was it the white house? you don't know. >> there's tension between the obama administration and the -- >> this is the hypocrisy of the left now. if this were a republican administration and this had come up, they would be screaming bloody murder. he's been saying it's the jv team. we had five terror attacks last month. isis is growing and the fact they were trying to change
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information in order to protect his legacy is agree jous. this is what a they accused bush of doing and it's the hypocrisy of the left media. people would be screaming if dick cheney were involved. >> come frg a family that has a history, a legacy of dedicated military service, still serving as we speak in a family members, what do you think touching on what he mentioned about committing assets. having accurate intelligence that we can make sure those we send abroad are protected and have the right resources? >> unfortunately, this is very important. my brother was in iraq and i think for a lot of people, when president obama decided to pull out immediately and then obviously, isis me tas sized and turned into the evil that's spread globally today. a lot of the efforts and work of so many great men and women in the military, i know they feel because i've talked to many of them, that it was for not and this is the failed leadership and i actually do agree with
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steven hayes that of all the things president obama has done, this will be a legacy and there's blood on his and the administration's hands right now. zpl i disagree. i think the legacy will be president obama's summer music list. did you see it, it was released. there was a collection of pop music, hip hop and rhythm and blues and so, it's nice to know how cool our president is. i'm sure those families that are fleeing war torn cities and watching journalists get beheaded go, at least president obama, he like it is best music. >> i would like steven hayes to suggest to us what the source of this information is and why e he believes it is so definitive, that's the largest of all scandals within the obama administration. i would assume pulling out of iraq in 2011, i was on the last combat. >> you've been an inbed as well. look at afghanistan. president obama wabted to draw down afghanistan down to nearly nothing.
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and it was the military who objected, the military dug in their heels and kept the forces in. afghanistan and at least minimal. >> he's sending 8500 and they asked for 20. i want to point out one political -- >> interjected, it's not a different issue because if you're cooking the books and saying isis is contained, they're not a threat, then the military thinks we don't need it. >> you say if they are cooking the books. >> it's not. >> what is here? it is a task force of the republicans. i don't believe anything a task force of the house republicans, the house democrats, no, i believe the inspector general. >> he just said, there's more to come. he's just beginning his probing. all you're repeating now -- >> it's why islamic extremism has continued to spread.
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ask the five terror attacks that happened last month. they said it was the jv team, said it was contained. he didn't listen and now, he's cooking the books. >> to say he's cooking the books has come to a conclusion based on a political task force opp e opposed to the administration. a republican house task force that hates the obama administration. >> that is such an irresponsible statement. >> why do they have a bipartisan -- >> because they're getting worse. because there were five terrorist attacks last month. >> care about patriotism, why not have a house, democrats and republicans. >> highly irresponsible. >> we're out of time. >> i think you may be right. >> yo yes, so right now, it's house republicans, however, the inspector general is that body. >> i agree. >> if this independent body comes back and says, yep, then
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you can use definitive language! what about the jv team? it's not just these reports. it's the language and climate of the administration and it's why isis is growing! the spresing thing. there's a common thread to what geraldo and megan are talking about. you're talking about the pull out of iraq which was a mistake. they have to do with the danger of ego. president obama's egoprevented him from admitting those troops should stay because that was a decision not made by himself. he couldn't believe it was actually working. he couldn't admit he was wrong. in this case of the books, the people working beneath him realized this is a personal thing for him. this is his ego. he needs to know he was right about isis. these two things have one thing in common. it is the fact that president obama is is so insecure about being seen as fallible, when it would be helpful for him to admit he's wrong because when
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you admit you're wrong, you save liv live. >> the left wing media wants bury it. >> the defense department knows that president obama wants that narrative, knows they'll be treated better, if they come back saying guess what, boss? everything you're looking for, that's happening. we're kicking isis's butt. >> who's going to say that. >> it exists in every administration and i think what you suggest is more plausible to me than they were -- >> no one's going to say that. there were five attacks. nobody's going to say it. like, yeah, we got isis contained, it's great. >> because all the facts point to the contrary, so there isn't, pattern to support the false narrative that the administration has put forth, let alone, the suppressing distortion of the administration. >> i will tell you, people will in order to achieve approval of your hire ups will kind of make things look better like you're
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winning. >> i don't disagree. i think that that may be the case. there's no time in the white house yet. >> i think come lg around obama -- >> it's not like we're placing top shelf boos as a bar with well drinks. difference if price. >> that happens. >> you fabricate intel, you're create iing a toxic recipe, but shows you how corrupted language has become and how we're trying to recon figure what evil is. for example, we keep talking about how the surge worked. in the old days, war was a constant surge. the reason a surge is valuable is because we aren't surging, so we end up in a consistent state of nonwar when we should be obliterating. >> that's the biggest scandal of the obama administration, that they allowed them to ma tas size and have a country to perpetrate
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the most savage atrocities and only gradually escalated the effort against him. >> i can agree on that. >> i disagree with both of you. >> all right. this is a hot one. i don't know. what happened. >> i was very later this hour, g your questions on this facebook friday, so go to our page and post them now. up next, the mainstream media's jumping all over trump for calling president obama and isis founder, but remember when they had no problem with hillary call ing trump an isis recruiter? next, when we return.
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donald trump has been under fire by mainstream media for calling president obama and isis founder, yet why wasn't the same standard apried to hillary clinton when she trashed trump as an isis recruiter? here's a flash back. >> he has hess becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> i think it was said just this
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week that the way donald trump talks about terrorism and his very insulting language toward muslims is making him the recruiting sergeant for isis. >> this morning, donald trump said he was only being sahr cast tick, but at a rally this afternoon, he said he wasn't being that sarcastic. >> one of the things that's frustrating about his candidacy is the imprecise language. he used three words when he needs ten. clearly, the conditions for isis were created by a series of decisions that obama and clinton made. he'd be 100% accurate. it would be very understandable and when you instead compress them into obama created isis, i know what trump has in his mind, but that's not what people hear.
2:18 pm
>> founder, she says isis recruiter. what's the difference? >> just a double standard and annuity points newt points it out there. trump's trying to do it in three instead of ten. always look tog nail it down, get it done. he knows what he's thinking, but it's about now being very careful to choose your words to make sure they don't misconstrue it. you've seen a concerted effort, like the most ununholy partnership of all time between the obama administration, trying to bait trurp into saying something that will side track him and then the mainstream media refusing to cover the same things when hillary says it, which is difficult to catch, like 240 plus days before she did a press conference to answer a question. they're protecting her to make sure they're safe. they're in a safe space for hrc and trump is answering questions
2:19 pm
every day. if upg about the abomount of prs conferences, well, this is a question or a problematic moment. >> geraldo, founder, recruiter. a difference with distinction or no? >> whoa is us, the world is unfair. i think that is absolutely irrelevant. what's relevant is that donald trump allowed the media, giver them enough ammo that they could you know, exacerbate his self-inflicted wound this week. he made a great speech about the economy on monday. tuesday, he should have come back with more on that. should have been his week of the economy. instead, he's talk iing about president obama is the founder f o isis. grow up already. that's absolutely a distraction that hurts his campaign. he's losing time. he's burning, it's now less than 90 days. he can't afford to waste a week saying he's founder, gets cute
2:20 pm
this afternoon, being sarcastic, not that sarcastic. inn i think this is a wild and erratic and undisciplined candidate. >> i didn't see this constant drum beat of hillary clinton called donald trump an is recruiter. on an on again the way we see this sound bite that we played too many times. >> when donald trump says things, it offended people sometimes and can be controversial, but when hillary makes miss take, people die. this iranian scientist who was an informant for the cia and a spy for us, he was killed by the mullahs and his name was released in hillary clinton's remails, the e-mails that had yoga and chelsea's wedding in and then, he was killed. why weren't we talk iing thabt? the fact shet put our national security at risk. i actually agree with donald trump and this is one of the least controversial things he's
2:21 pm
said according to me. i think there's blood on o obama's hands for pulling us out of iraq and the damage that's been done with isis. it's so agree jous. this is real life information about our cia informants being murdered and it's getting no coverage except on this channel. >> absolutely not. i make my bread and butter complaining ant media bias, but the benefit has been in trump's. he's gotten four or five. why? he says shocking things f. you live by the sword, die by the sword. he's lying to us and we know that he's lying. however, he point, what he's doing is he's stealing the liberal playbook for the longer time, the liberal playbook has been about making your adversary a threat. you are a threat to the planet in you're republican. you're a threat to the
2:22 pm
constitution if you're a conservative. you're a threat to the universe if you don't believe in science, if if you're like a religious zealot. he says they invented isis. however, this isn't is worst thing he's said. the other day, he said the -- >> second amendment. >> he said if i lose, i go back, i got a pretty good life. that would piss me off as a supporter. i don't want the guy who's running talking about losing. that, to me, is offensive. there's a lot of people out there living and breathing for him and if saying if it doesn't work out, i've got a pretty good life. zpl put it all on the line. >> he was asked what will you do if you don't win. he said i have a good life, go back. meaning i'm not going to be a politician. >> different way to answer that. because they cut it. problem is, they cut the bite. >> spoiled child.
2:23 pm
he can rely on you xwi guys to explain. isn't it exhausting? >> he never did rely on me, never one. i will say though, the news stream i'm talking about, you're talking about a double standard in the media and there really is one. that being said, he doesn't dp need to give them more ammo. >> 87 more days. that's it. >> a ping-pong player that continues to return a bad serve. if wrou you let hillary make the m mistake, you're up 1-0. >> when you think back to the second amendment, he didn't mean he wanted gun people to go assassinate hillary clinton. it was several days at least distraction on the news cycle. then you've got to latest gaffe in the obama's the founder of isis. he has to grow up and use the same discipline he used to build
2:24 pm
buildings and to be so successful, where is that sophistication? >> we'll leave it there. it's another example of clinton corruption. the clinton's corruption paid for a play scandal, so just how deep does this goo goh and where will it end in? we examine that, next. she spent summer binge-watching.
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zblncht. stunning new developments in hillary's e-mail scandal. according to reports, long time clinton aide held job interviews for the clinton foundation while working as a senior official at
2:29 pm
the state department. the campaign incests there was no conflict of interest. >> it was dealing getting favors for the people who were contributing to it from state department. now, this is so obviously, it may not be illegal, may not be able to prove a quid proquo, but this sort of use of the foundation and then working with the state department, whether it was hillary personally or not. does not matter. to get favors is a form of corruption. at the least. >> kimberly, how agreenlgous do you think this is? >> it's like shut down automatically. when you look back at the history and relationships that have been forged over the years. which the clintons are specialists at. loretta lynch appointed by
2:30 pm
president obama, fast forward to the plane. fast forward to the bizarre comey press conference where he laid out the case against hillary clinton, but no charges. the whole thing, it just smacks of just corruption. of helping one another and with the clintons being teflon, no matter what they are. but this is very important because we've been talking about the two aspects. the pay for play. yeah, he even agrees with us. see if you do, geraldo, that this is really, pay for play with the clinton global initiative and why aren't they investigating this? >> are you as offended by this? >> i was involved in drugs for octopus. it was squid go blow. >> did you just make that up? >> i was just thinking about it. it's like, hillary, hillary use
2:31 pm
ed -- >> just like recovering now. >> hillary used mills, she works at the stapt state department and then uses her to do personal work for the clinton foundation. that's like me stopping dr. mark seeing until the hallway and asking him to look at the mole. you're mixing the political and the professional and it's not good. this is supposed to be about a foundation, but it's like a fund-raiser for the bill and hillary charity fund. you know when you see those commercials for poor kids in third world country, except it's bill and hillary trying to get funds for their third house in the hamptons. >> your best example is dr. seagal looking at people's moles. >> yeah, don't act like you haven't been in his office. >> i find no evidence there's a joint fbi doj investigation into the clinton foundation. there may be, but nobody i know knows about it. >> dupg it was weirds that mills was interviewing someone with
2:32 pm
the clinton foundation, do you think that's a conflict of interest? >> let me answer more broadly, that i do believe that the clinton foundation in all its labyrinth and it's size. the it's various tentacles and ties to other nonfor profit. i think that it is rich territory, fertile ground for investigation and probing. i think a fair person would say they have to be absolutely trans parent to that. now, in terms of someone who's a dear friend from here or there, doing this or that, i don't know how that works. i'm not, to me, there has not been any evidence that's any quid pro quo. >> except for the e-mails. >> those e-mails, the guy says i need access to that lebanese guy. >> that's not what the e-mail said. >> of course. >> this guy wants an
2:33 pm
introduction to the ambassador to lebanon. that's nothing illegal. >> except for the part and this guy. drops cash. >> have you been in washington lately? do you think this is intended? >> it's okay if it happens a lot. it mean that is the -- >> every day, all day. >> the clintons have no problem doing this. and they've never had a problem doing it. >> they're really good at doing it. they're varsity. >> you go, jeremiah. >> you can't prove quid pro quo because there's 33,000 e-mails she won't turnover or abandon and likely, those are the ones that are the proof between the clinton foundation. >> assange. he promises an october surprise. he promises. stay right there. because facebook friday is coming up next. >> yay! my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance
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time for facebook friday. >> that was dark shadows. this is from michael krrk c. if you could have excelled at an olympic sport -- >> i was terrible at sports. swimming? >> doesn't have to be that kind of sport. >> i wouldn't have to be on a team. it will just be me. >> stand there. >> swimming. what about you? >> i'm going to go around this way. eric. >> my turn? >> it's no longer an olympic sport. baseball. how can you take baseball out? >> they took women's softball because women were always winning. >> but if i could replace it, boxing. >> geraldo. >> boxing. my brother was golden gloves.
2:39 pm
i fought for 25 years. i dream of that. >> is that why we keep having this? >> he's on fantasy island. >> all you need is mr. roarke, recreate the moment. >> i would say gymnastics. i useded to be a gymnast like dana parrino i still consider myself swhaf of a gymnast. >> i would pick the shot put because an usually strong right arm. yeah. >> so we'll remember that five years from now. >> shot put. >> and my left. this is from paul k. what subject would you rather be cussing than politics? >> i mean, 100% national security. foreign policy. one of my favorite things to discuss. >> that's kind of in there. >> it can be. >> cop out kimberly.
2:40 pm
>> then the law. does that make you happy? >> he does not call me that. >> geraldo. >> i think right now, will be discussing in the next segment, special k. i love sports and the olympics is the epitome of sports and i just love talking it out and later on in a couple of minutes, we'll be talking about it here, but i think sports. also, children. we have five kids, you talk b about kids. they get that job. get this. you talk about your kids. >> sports, also. this olympics has been amazing. i didn't think it was going to be that good, but boy, it's been pretty amazing. seeing that american flag up top of the medal count, it's awesome. >> that's our next segment. >> since you're in the jasper chair, we won't have to say -- >> i don't have a dog.
2:41 pm
is that sacrilege? i guess pop culture. i watch bad reality shows and all that stuff. i guess it's a good ice breaker for like a ewan vuniversal conversation. >> you can take about it on the bus you take every day with a regular people. zpl i take the subway. >> the. >> reporter: train. >> i would, i wrote down artificial intelligence. no, no, we're all going to have to deal with this. with combination, artificial intelligence. when we die, we will immediately be reborn as somebody else, but it will be the death of a self. >> we have to do segments on autopilot on cars. this is really blowing up. >> because a car's going to make moral decisions. when a family is in a car, the car has to decide, hit the dog or go off the cliff and kill the family. a car is going to make that decision.
2:42 pm
>> you have to be a stoner to talk about that. >> i don't have to be. >> having a pull mmonary em dl s dlrks -- >> do you find comments from viewers mostly supportive, helpful, entertaining or insulting. >> all of them. really, get the gamut. i used to answer the insulting one, mean ones and it got old. >> it creates a adrenaline of a fight. >> it's a herd mentally. oh, he's responding to that. >> i've never blocked more people. >> i topped doing that. >> i don't block anybody now. >> not to say you're older, different generations. >> i am older. >> you didn't have to deal with this thing, so it must seem alien that people care. >> well, i started twitter and facebook late. deep into 2011 and i was shocked
2:43 pm
at the negative comments and shocked at how insulting and add homonym they were. you're this and this, your family -- just really horrible. >> they can't say it to you face. >> these are the people in the basement, the trolls that you know can't get out of mama's shadow. >> a lot of them were from me and you've accurately portrayed me. >> when greg goes on twitter, watch out. >> you send a lot of images. >> i keep box security, super full time busy and they launch investigations. it's pretty amazing. this picture you received is not actually that person's bla bla bla, but they got it from the internet. thank you so much. cracking investigation team. i don't mind the comment, to be honest. i'm like, whatever. they're going to say what they're going the say. just got to rise above it. i don't have a panic attack about the twitter. >> i'm with you.
2:44 pm
just all people love you, hate you, but kimberly can attest when your a woman, there's a lot of weirdos. there's a lot of people that tweet me about kimberly. i don't have access to her personal life, so i can't help you if you want to date her. just putting that out there. >> you don't have to like one thing. except my cousins. my brothers. >> people with information that means they know you well enough that they can make a joke or know something about you. i like that. you can tell somebody's watching enough to understand you and they'll do a subtle thing to you that no one else does, but they get you. >> dana manages her twitter the best. she's really interactive and writing things back and forth. >> who would say anything mean to dana? >> people who don't like george bush. >> really? what does she have to do with it? >> it's not her fault. up next, it's an incredible
2:45 pm
story of redemption. michael phelps winning his 22nd gold medal. >> that was smooth. you both have a
2:46 pm
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gold rush for team usa last night. first, the much anticipated duel in the pool between two of america's greatest swimmers ever. michael phelps blowing away ryan lochte in the 200 meter medley. winning gold and becoming the first olympic swim iming to winn event for the fourth consecutive time. the fourth consecutive olympics. phelps struggled to hold back tears on the stand, later saying his comeback has been a dream after a downward spiral including the dui arrests in 2014. another grand moment, manuel becoming the first to win in swimming and the other, so adorable from the u.s., simone biles, winning a huge day for the women's gymnastics team.
2:50 pm
winning gold in the all around with a dominating performance that had many hailing her have right now is the greatest gymnast of hasten to add, laurie hernandez of puerto rico decent. >> our sister from another mother. >> puerto riconeens unite. >> i think it's super exciting and i love watching the gymnastics division, the competition. i really think the superstars that we've got here on the u.s. team, it's an really historic moment. i think a lot more to come in the years. and also, michael phelps, very happy for him, for like pulling his life together and has a beautiful child. >> how about this kid? >> she's unbelievable. >> and there he is, in a moment of -- like 22? >> eric mentioned how she feels kind of verclempt when you see the u.s. on the medal podium. you feel a little more cynical.
2:51 pm
do you dismiss it as vacuous patriotism? >> not at all. i don't watch the olympics anymore, for a very depressing reason. every time i watch the summer olympics, it reminds me i'm four years older. as you age and have more years behind you, the four years actually go faster. so the olympics keep coming at you -- that's what i'm saying! i'm like david wooderson about "dazed and confused," like how he gets older, but everybody else stays the same danger. the olympics, everyone else stays the same age, but i'm going to die. >> megan, you must be inspired. >> who isn't? >> he isn't. >> simone biles is like not human. it's like watching someone out of the matrix being able to fly around. >> she really is, right? >> and i'm not like always huge on the olympics, but she's absolutely incredible. and honestly, this is a little ridiculous, but leslie jones, this actress, this comedian, the funniest twitter feed possible,
2:52 pm
so entertaining, commentary on the olympics, they sent her to the olympics and i think no one is more excited in the world than she is to be there. and it's a really good twitter follow. >> the cold wars was fought out in the olympic stage, do you see it as a political, geopolitical -- >> i'll take the politics out and i'll remember president obama said, you know, american exceptionalism -- we should be downplaying it, not highlighting it. here's the opposite. this is what it's all about, winning, winning on a global stage. i've got to tell you, with last night, seeing simone manuel win, and she tied. they literal tied for the gold medal. she looked up and her face, there was such shock in her face. when she started to cry, i'm like, welling up, bawling on my couch. >> and to watch it with your kids is so -- >> so, so proud of the american athletes. again, simone biles. they came up with the name, the final five, you know -- our one more thing should be called the final five. >> and alley ricemali reisman's
2:53 pm
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time now for one more thing. this is a really great story. it's one more thing that dana gave me. it's men and women who undergo lower limp amations and have a lot of challenges, in terms of being able to find a prosthetic
2:57 pm
that works for them, that's not painful. now something that's very unique to females, as you can imagine, is we dress up and want to wear our heels. what are the alternatives? well, john hopkins was straight to the cause. engineering students have developed a prosthetic foot designed specifically for women who want to wear shoes with heels with an ankle can that adjust to accommodate many heel heights. if you want to wear a low heel or a kitten heel. the prosthetic foot can be adjusted and fit to heels over 4 inches. you love the science, you love the innovation here, and for making people's lives feel whole and complete again. very cool. and also please join me tonight on greta. i'll be in for my friend, on the record at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and mr. bowling is up after me. and hi to my neighbor leslie. i'm glad you're feeling better. i was happy to see you today. very seat. >> okay, 10:00 tomorrow night, i
2:58 pm
got governor gary johnson. we're going to talk about a lot of stuff. i've also got ben, rick gurnl, a blowout of a show. but more important, i haven't banned a phrase in a while. this phrase is, what you're about to see may not be suitable for young viewers, you may want to leave the room. in the history of television, no one has ever left the room. instead, they go like this. >> that's the whole point. >> we should say that at our tease now. wait, who's after me? what megan is about to say in her one more thing may be shocking and you might want to leave the room. never happens. >> okay. >> awkwardly now. it's bowling. >> i really want to hear this, right? by the way, your squid pro blow is the hysterical line of the day. very quickly tonight at 8:00, o'reilly factor, special 2016 election special. but you've been great all week. thank you for watching and thank you for sticking around and dvr that show. >> great ratings.
2:59 pm
>> my one more thing. sorry. my one more thing, my parents are watching this live in sedona, arizona. they have been campaigning throughout arizona. i think i have a photo, having pretty much the best time of anyone campaigning ever. that's them being attacked by a deer. it's a joke. it's a prosthetic deer. fake deer. >> hello, mccain family! >> the greatest athlete at the olympics, surprisingly, is a 68-year-old grandpa. he was on the subway. someone offered him the seat in the handicap seat down there, you know, that subways have, in the rio metro there. instead, he stood up, put his hand on the bar, and look what he did. that's wayne mcentire, 68 years old, he's a dentist in amarillo, texas, and his grandson, britain barker, sent us the info on him. my brother, craig -- >> that's the best pole trump has seen in a while. >> oh, my goodness. >> isn't there a picture of you doing this somewhere?
3:00 pm
>> exactly! with like castro or something. >> by the way, i also had rob o'neil on tonight, as well. we're excited about that. >> he'd kill it. >> that's it for us. have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. "special report" is next. donald trump is having serious problems in battleground states while ripping the media for taking him too seriously. this is "special report." good morning and welcome to washington. donald trump said he was being sarcastic, sort of, when he accused president obama and later hillary clinton for being responsible for the rise of isis. this comes as trump's people meet with republican officials increasingly worried about the nominee's poll numbers, and what that could mean for other republican candidates on the ballot.


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